spiritual developments

It is of note, to include the development of more disciplined examples of life, than are found in time. One such conception is:  that existence is life found/ like time after a fashion.  When we find life inside as a human being we have time. When that time is lost, the life inside remains an existence without a home.  Because the formation of controlled energy,  retains its identity even without a mass. So the question becomes:  WHAT can be “a home”/ beyond the elements of time and body that represents our motion, our mind, and our participation in humanity be? Can the existence of an environmental energy (disciplined within these borders) be something else, if not a human identity called body or mass?

       The obvious answer resides in thought; as thought is the existence of a reality accepted. Thought is, the foundation of all “motion/mind/ and participation”. So the critical question is: if the mind does not hold thought as the existence of life inside/ then what does establish thought as the existence of life in a human being;  beyond the mind?  We begin with without a human body/ you are not a human being; simple as that! Herein value comes forward as the relationship discovered which brings life into its own individual being; we call it love. That value struggles inside the fabric interwoven by life itself; to become reality itself. Eloquently it is conceived as “what can we share”?  Because life does not exist alone/ it needs a boundary, and a balance accepted by order.

       When we accept, that life is a fabric disciplined/ ordered/ and balanced:  three things are required to participate in its beginning. As is the constant to common cloth. One strand must go up/ one strand must go down/ one strand must come across:  They then reverse. Each contains the base element required for survival; equality among all strands/ or at least harmony through peace. We conceive of the elements of humanity;  by male/ female/ and life itself.

       Beyond the body, thought remains within the fabric which brought life into your existence as time. That is not for discussion!

 Energy conforms to an environment through the conception of disciplines necessary (are not rocks potential energy/ held together by the interweaving of atoms as energy?); or energy has many possibilities.  Thought as conceived by the potential of energy; is then “the new body, if it is an identity of its own”.  IF you can sustain an identity/ then you can sustain an order and create a boundary within yourself. To do that you must create an identity that will survive in time, and then beyond time:  it is your individual decisions that accomplish this fact, or lets it die.

       Humanity is, elementally speaking:  a two dimensional existence/ based within a three dimensional reality.  Life and male is one existence. Life and female is a parallel existence. To establish discipline as order & to survive spiritual space. Beyond being human, reality says you MUST become three dimensional without time, as spiritual essence.  Three dimensional here means:  life plus male plus female as one.  There is no environment without a three dimensional object/ no elemental boundaries or the disciplines which form because of them. Because there is no substance inside the form. Substance is the creation of character, an identifying reality, defined by its own truth.

       To achieve order in this realm, there must be justice (the law will rule, and you must participate):  as is the existence of balanced achievement. Without balance any test of strength to retain that environment will fail. Without order the demand we will face to build our own destiny beyond time, crashes in disorder. Consequently all participants must be equal, for stability;  and accepted by their own truth. Value then becomes:  the passion of what we own as our belief, that hope can come true.  What you hope for is formed in time, as the basis of your form within the living created for or by you. Those who have more are confronted with pride. Pride leads to the assumptions that truth can be defeated; so that you can take what truth does not otherwise allow. That is want.


       It is noted:  that pride is a murderer, a bully, and a thief; it is also “the creator of want/ which is the mother of lies”.  Beyond body, where death demands you will face your own individual truths:  pride will destroy you.  Where want owns your soul/ that want will lead you into a door, “a truth environment”. Every spirit is a truth. Every truth does not conceive of love, mercy, or things which have value.  That means:  a spiritual door can appear as whatever your want demands/ but want  is always a lie.  The result is:  you will die a second death; without escape. The spiritual world has no mercy:  truth is truth.

       LOVE is a living existence, shared with life.  GOD IS LIFE SHARED! 

 Because love is an individual response to existence:  we chose to care/ we participate in mercy.  Caring presents the value called mercy, and mercy identifies those who can participate beyond time.  GOD  can then choose you; according to your own truth.

       It is of interest to understand:  pure freedom, does not exist unless you have accomplished the three dimensional, goals of reality.  “To be ALIVE, which is beyond the scope of anything human related”/ then transfers the possibilities of a universe to you.  To be male:  which is the development of disciplines that lead to order. And to be female: which is to balance order, and accept the disciplines required for life, by earning the values which make love, beyond self, possible.  They must then be combined as one, to achieve spiritual identity, & justified by equality and care, to earn freedom.


       Many argue “there is no life after death of the body/ just look inside the grave”!  While there is certainly no “after-life” for the body/ the body is not your life.  Thought equates as the conception of life, because without thought, the body is worthless.  Which makes or proves the body is only  a house. 

       We then come to energy; and by the terms of physics recognize:  energy does not die when changed, it is merely transformed into something else. So the question is:  can thought be consistent with energy as its home/ can thought in fact create an environment within energy? The first question,  demands this answer:   what is consistent with life or thought about the gray matter that is your brain? We then begin the secondary question, as in  the true question is:  if life can be transient (able to conceive of motion without a body)/how does it sustain itself?  The question is:  what else can it be; what else can it participate as? Or more distinctly what else, can an individual identity become, if not a body?

       I leave that question to your own heart, a reality of expression, that gives meaning to your own soul. Any such information given would only infect the university cancer worse/ and they would threaten life even more!

 The search, is a distinct part of being an individual;  “good for you”.  Time is your journey, use it for your eternity.

 Time is the eloquent means, to become “yourself”/ by your own decision! Time is the space we need, to understand the blessing life can be, and participate with value. Time is the elemental definition of what change can become, in you or because of you. Time is a participation within yourself, as love that includes all life, even you: it is a choice. Time is the dignity, to make your own decision/ to understand the consequences of that decision and adjust. Time is the truth you assemble as your own identity, proven true. The value of your life/ is the value you accept, as the passions or desires you defined with care. Simple as that.


The unfortunate reality is:  if you have substantial pride, then you must face your pride, and discover what you have believed, that is untrue. The search for your own truth must occur:  Because if you don’t; your eternity will die. My dad was a great man (better than most) in his younger years:  kind, generous, loving, even if not overly so. When he inherited money however, that all changed immediately; and he became proud. It was his tragedy, and I made him face it, at the end: because there was no other choice, for his own eternity. The change came with more time and less stress: “he wanted more people to play with”. So he adjusted his attitude and statements, and then beliefs;  “to fit in”!  That “did not make the others bad”, there is no cause to judge/ their reality is their own; it’s called freedom. Same is true for my dad, no judgment; because it was his right to make his own decisions. It is also true, my dad and mom had to fight to survive “the money” in the early years of marriage. No doubt it may have made him feel a little, like “a loser”, as so many do; undoubtedly someone helped that. So when you get money, that is not needed;  It is very easy to feel proud, “winner”.

I should also indicate, that due to this work; I did not have much time to spend with my dad;  simple as that. and I did what he hated:  continually going to court/ having a long parade of police out to see me/ challenging leaders in government/ proving his money was counterfeited/ challenging “America the great”; and more. Such as challenging his entire group of friends with: “the noise of grain drying MUST be lessened, (tortures me)”, and made a court case out of that: which could cost them money. That would also include, not being like him anymore, and so on. You never know, what life will bring. In the last couple of weeks of his life “he came back to me”; and I know he survived, the essence of death.

Nonetheless: What you believe matters, because lies will force you into an eternal grave. It is then better to face your truth, and remain alive!  So say I. Money is not evil, “it did some good”. What is evil is arrogance, and believing in your own superiority. If asked: was the inheritance good or bad? The answer is:  what you accept as your own decision is either good or bad; the reality which enables it, is not. YOU are the owner of your life! You are the creator of your own decisions.

My advice is:  “don’t be a teenager” at any point in your life. Teenagers believe:  “if I am like them/ then they will accept me, and be friends”. Not true, unless you change you. A reality that is reserved for your own decision, not anyone else’s!  Be yourself, always;  or the price can be very high!

The lesson is:  beware what you wish for/ because the consequences are real. A friend is a friend, because of who you are. A value, is the love that makes life happy, including yours. Learn the lesson of time:  nothing is free.



Our relationship with change is:  either a reaction to what has already been done/ or a diligent developed understanding of the evidence to then order and balance our future by making decisions that are appropriate to our reality  and truth.


        Given that as the substance for which more work should be done. The reality is even though we stand literally on the edge of extinction itself/ because you are so stubborn and foolish, as to not accept anything you don’t want:  we must take the time to discover what you should already know. Depending entirely on  GOD  OUR CREATOR;  to keep life itself alive on this planet, while you fumble and wait for someone to tell you what to do. A truth, that has virtually killed the man inside of me. He would war, and that saves no one from extinction.

        I grant to the man I used to be, this statement of why:  no evidence was enough/ no understanding of consequences/ no removal of theory by truth/ no biblical knowledge/ no evidence of national bankruptcy/ or more simply “absolutely nothing” would pull you back from following your leaders into HELL, that now comes quickly. You wanted what you wanted/ you didn’t want what you didn’t want/ and the only thing desired was greed. Those few who could listen:  ran away to hide;  never once offering “I am here/ I will help/ I will tell the world that is my decision too”. So, the courtroom was depended upon/ and it proved to be filled with liars, traitors, thieves, and terrorists whose only purpose was to protect the powerful, in all matters of true importance.  By discarding democracy and pretending the constitution did not exist. The only true distraction allowed, throughout forty years: was a need to create a tax burden that then forced an opportunity for court. Family nor even pain removed me for long. The endless delusions of a university;  such as is igniting atomic fire here on earth (still no brain)/ or claiming with evolution, what is obviously an outright lie (still no heart).  Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, along with raiding the nation and the world to create their toys, and create their delusions of grandeur;  that are merely enemies of life. Have proven to be too much to endure;  when an entire planet can be lost.  You now know EVERYTHING, you need to know about me!


        CHANGE MEANS DIFFERENT;  so everything that male had been doing, is discarded:  for the purposes that he just could not accept.  Which is to take the time, to begin teaching:  even though this planet and all its life can be lost at any moment in time. That must be set aside;  because you cannot handle the truth.


        WE NOW BEGIN, by the methods more gentle and kind;  creating one last moment within which life or death for this world will occur;  by your decision, not mine.

        TEACHING IS MANDATORY, because you have learned little of anything important to life. Fantasy and delusion is not welcome here. Neither is:  the assertion of leadership, as in “follow me”/ will not be tolerated either. This is:  you must learn to think for yourselves, by NOT listening to your television/ by NOT listening to your universities/ by NOT assuming the group will be right:   but by understanding the evidence, and balancing the reality of that evidence with the true cost of being wrong.  Thereby wisdom may erupt.


        We then need the following elevation of ideas and assertions to be evaluated with dignity and disciplines in an orderly and kind description:  which includes your own solution/ description of a problem to be resolved/ your own position on the consequences of being wrong/ and the potential of evidence that brings you to these conclusions.  That given, we then proceed to the best understanding life can create in people.


        Answers depicted to any problem presented must align with:  “stop this/ start this/ or we need to become acquainted with this reality, and understand its consequences”.  Therefore answers are divided into categories;  which you continue to examine.


        Every definition presented requires clarity.


        A law to be identified as needed by you must be    verified as to why.


        Statements made and the basis of a new discussion:  to demand time, requires substance, “make it so”/ or leave it behind.


        Purposes must include the examination of HOW?  No fantasies or delusions allowed;  reality rules.  The future must be included.


        NO acknowledgment of assumptions such as evolution/ or theories such as fusion shall be expanded. INSTEAD clear disciplines such as I have given already, along with the order of life which proves thought created are allowed. Instead of assumptions and theories:  THE REALITIES which include the consequences of a dead and mutilated world shall be discussed. The propaganda of a delusional media leading society into chaos expanded to inform:  THINK FOR YOURSELF.


        The cost of being wrong IS MASSIVE, and forever. Therefore the primary element in all discussion is to understand:  WHAT IS the cost of being wrong, in these decisions that we make!


        The descriptions of resources being lost and  its effect on the future of life and child;  is a relationship born under the certainty of evidence which will not be denied. That includes:  you cannot assume, or assert something exists which does not. an example is the graviton element theory (an element with an atomic weight over 3,000)  has no basis in fact. It is merely delusional. The assertion of “endless fish in the sea” is equally delusional, and shall stop.


        WHAT, we the people can do with democracy/ the law/ and by actual vote for ourselves;  organizes the journey ahead.  With the values you create beyond simply yourself. Identify and create!


        JUSTICE is the eloquent solution, which brings peace, and builds harmony:  thereby it takes courage, and requires your commitment.


        Education is a job we all participate in/ do it well, or the future can die.


        This begins the search:  for how to bring you “back to life”/     from the tragedy, of a brainwashing cult.  If you cannot participate, its because you don’t care enough to defend your world/ or you are too far gone, to fight back, and regain your mind.  Either way, your decision then becomes:  death to our world.


I remind every single one again:   that “unless you are willing to put your name on it; and do the work involved with that decision”/  reality says, that you are not truly involved. Employment for this purpose, is appreciated: but it is then, a job. NO intent to belittle ANYONE, who has contributed anything to my efforts or this need to inform the world, as was made.  Even so, what man demanded was “fight, with law and democracy”/ has been removed. No longer exists!

 Leaving this decision to “accept the price” as a far less consequential action:  than indicated above.  TODAY that commitment: “is the limited, will you at least discuss, the consequences of being WRONG”?  Communicate the realities of what does threaten our world?  NOT DEMAND I lead/ but discuss:  which applies the truth;  that you must participate to arrive at your own answers/ and then implement them, if that is your choice.  Want is not enough, truth decides; that is the purpose of this work.  If that is too much for you/ then I surrender you to your fate, children and all. Because you did not care enough!


        Considerations for how this is to be done, “with a new site”/  will continue until an answer is resolved.


I WILL add the first two question to be discussed:  from that point, you may take the discussion where you wish/ understanding I am NOT obligated to answer;  this is strictly at my own discretion.  I will keep up my end of this bargain/ but it is by my choosing, NOT your demand.

  1. Can you extinguish a nuclear fire, as is so obviously the reality on the sun? What are the consequences for being wrong?

       2.  Can you return genetic disciplines “to nature”/ because like a disease:  does not once released  spell doom? What are the consequences for being wrong?



To:    “a medical facility”

From:  James F. Osterbur

St. Joseph, IL.

Dated 7/22/17

RE:  Your letter July 19, 2017:  a billing dispute. Your returned billing  7-14-17 is not welcomed here.


          The parameters are:

  1. I called your department of dermatology indicating a potential melanoma mole. Being aware of what this looks like due to my dad dying of melanoma after many years. In this case a mole which changed colors textures, and shapes.  A clear indicator, no further examination of specimen necessary.
  2. The standard and only procedure that you have available is to either burn the mole out/ or cut the skin and remove that piece of tissue from the body.  As this is the only true treatment for this potential disease/ it needs no further determination of specimen:  because there is only one treatment. Which was done, in less than ten minutes of your time. For which you were paid handsomely by insurance and me. End of story.
  3. It is consistent with reality to then demonstrate that you having no other true options that would be considered under the circumstances presented.  It was your decision to use this test for the simple procurement of a billing:  to collect, as an excuse; even more money.  Without any intent to present an alternate treatment: as there is none.  Which means “without my consent, and consistent with my knowledge as provided by you”/ it is an irrelevant, cost to me. In trial, should the burning out of a mole as was done:  be equivalent in all categories to skin removal. THEN YOU will be charged with attempted malicious billing/ a reality of organized crime.  If they are not equivalent/ then I will be demanding why was skin removal not the first line of treatment;  simplifying the process and eliminating the need for specimen.  Or more distinctly:  how dare you risk your patient lives without “first rate care”. Healing is roughly the same/ risk of infection is higher with skin removal. My choice, not yours; but you presented no option to me/ no clear understanding of this choice you made at my, intended expense.
  4. Consent to remove a mole/ DOES NOT constitute:  “do anything you want”!  My body/ my right.  My money/ not yours:  I have a choice. You have a clear responsibility to inform on all purposes, and their cost: that is consistent with billing properly.
  5. The cost of the specimen test does not reflect the reality of your work. Your test does not reflect or remind anyone that the treatment, regardless of its outcome/ shall not change to any degree.  The mole is either cut out or burned out/ same result for both. Which makes your test, not a quality of care/ but an attempt for more money: because it is irrelevant. A cost which I have then refused; as it gave me nothing of value.
  6. True quality of care would have included an entire body search for other  moles, to assemble “candidates of melanoma”:  which was not offered.  Consequently true quality of care is moot/ or proven to be “absent” from your work.
  7. You are free to take me to “jury trial in court, at your convenience” should you believe me wrong. That is your option. This warning is to assure you, I won’t play/ as the reality of organized crime in the courtroom, and in the form of lawyer extortion will be presenting itself, in a direct attempt to steal from me. The conspiracy to deny justice to a nation of people/ and keep them from fighting for justice among themselves is obvious; asserts as part of this trial.  That along with medical billing crimes, will define a collusion to destroy the United States of America. From the inside insurgency, which holds by theft;  “we the people” from defending ourselves through the law.  As is consistent with your intended threat “we will take the money”.
  8. My option is to take you to court: should you attempt ANY form of collection or consequences I deem unwise. Trial will immediately go to “class action status”/ where the war begins.   Wherein that trial shall be to declare:  that healthcare in America is organized crime for the sole purpose of extortion/ not care:  so says the billing of the American citizen.  That will be enhanced:  by examining the current cost of healthcare in America as a whole:  which is  roughly $3.5 trillion dollars.  Which is in a nation of roughly 350 million people;  presents a total of $10,000.00 per year per citizen. Of which I doubt:  that includes the insurance, or social security, and does not cover the military.  Examination of that evidence will reveal:  either a very sick nation, the consequence of chemical contamination and more.  OR A DELIBERATE attempt by medicine to make the public fear. Fearful people are an easy prey (just like a criminal mob uses bodily harm to force its collection and crimes):   the result,  to ravage, rape, and ransack their working lives. As is the intent and purpose:  to own slaves! THIS REALITY OF EVIDENCE (cost beyond reality of care), PROVES a deliberate insurgency has been operating to destroy and defeat this entire nation;  “from the inside”.  We will then turn to the legal reality:   that because this area of medicine affects and threatens the entire nation (see the cost)/ the entire nation must judge. The examination of evidence is WHY.   In support of that constitutional cause, are terms:  that law granting we the people LAW to assemble the evidence in protection of ourselves, already exists as first amendment redress of grievances.  The collection of evidence through trial has been completed:  the reality of courtroom treason a prepared participant in what this trial will be. Medical billing threatens the nation and this people, and it will ascend into trial:  costs prove it is so. That is a small sample, as we proceed from this potential beginning through trial and appeal.  I suggest you visit some of my sites, most recent justtalking6.info  before making any decision. Or any assumption that I will not carry through with these purposes.
  9. While there are conflicts to be dealt with inside a courtroom/  one such irritation:   will be any attempt to refuse the jury information regarding “cost of trial to me”.  That is a deliberate part of any trial, and it is absolute corruption not to include that information. Therefore the judiciary: Will be met with contempt charges lodged against the judge, where corruption or collusion with the medical industry indicates treason. Another extension of trial.  As this will then become, “a trial, set out to describe rebellion;  against the nation” by controlling the court through conspiracy.  Interference in redress,  will be treason:  against “we the people”. The open insurgency against our democracy, by the refusal of constitutional law, or its omission.  Realities to be dealt with in media, will cause them grief/  but should they fail the public.  I suggest to you:  that this case will get attention with or without them, as medicine has bankrupted the nation itself. Media failure means:  I will push, which means there will be consequences/  because people will understand, they have rights. And if national trial, with or without the power media:   I predict your business will then become the image and name assigned:  of exorbitant billing, by the medical industry in this nation. A reality you won’t like, or be able to discard.  Not a threat, just a reality.
  10. Reasonable and customary is no longer accepted: the healthcare industry has formed a monopoly against society itself/ a reality anti-trust laws broken. Which were written to destroy and contain this very thing.  Which puts our governmental leaders on trial, joined to trial as well/ an enlargement of case.  Because they chose the medical industry, instead of “we the people”. As with all “university diplomas”,  their power is, to demand from society: “we shall earn a billion dollars more” than you. When the clear consensus is:  “the university was the best years of my life”.  Which establishes the reality, and enlarges trial as:  WHY should the rest, who had to work, and fight for a living;   pay you extra, for that?  We are enslaved, by counterfeiting US currency (hidden inflation)/ because reality does not warrant your greed.
  11. The place where evidence decides, examines the truth: THIS ENTIRE NATION has been attacked. The summation of medical expenses:  proves it is so! The reality of medical billing proves a conspiracy to enslave by constructing fear:  which is an insurrection (kill them with poverty/ take away their nation and their lives).  That fraud, attacking an entire nation, for the purposes of greed established by medicine:  is an extension of trial. Make your own decision, and proceed accordingly. Bearing in mind, that I will be asking in return from you:   WHATSOEVER you are seeking in court from me. Not a game.  We can however proceed in a courtroom:  for the strict purpose of justice/ and participate in a legal definition that removes all inappropriate billing by your entire industry together:  at no charge by me or you.  Strictly for justice, and public weal. Your choice, this is my preference, and I will not intend to attack you with the law.. [which means to enforce, the VALID RIGHTS, and WRITTEN INTENT;  which the constitution provides.  By extending trial to the constitutional demands, or critical treason against this nation].  Therein limited to: Simple “healthcare justice”.
  12. With regard to my own reality in this matter: I have no interest in going to trial/ as it is too late in so many ways to make a difference in whether this world lives or dies.  But I will, if you insist:  as I see fit.  This letter will appear on my web site above;  without your name. I remind you plainly:   I PAID, at your price/ for the work I requested to be done for me.  I REFUSE your assertion, that you did in fact do anything of value for me;  beyond that amount.  No value equals no right! So begins the prelude to trial:  the direction we will proceed, is now your decision to make.

Do as you wish, but I do recommend simply “leave me alone, and do nothing you will regret”. This world is too far gone, to make me care.  But I will fight legally, if that is your wish. I will push society to be involved, as well.


By extension of the clear definitions set out in these parameters of trial. Your decision to participate enables and agrees to all terms established herein. Should you choose to incur, and accept it/ by your own decision; “to go to trial”.  Otherwise:  back away from me/ but make no decision that adversely affects my life or options in the future.  Or I will make my own decision in this matter.


basic development

Basic developments, the question of our future.


        Time recognizes certain things in humanity.  Men want what they want, and are driven to fight for what they want:  because other men who realize, “this is how to control those men”/ find a way.  When push comes to shove, the focus of men is resolved to be “just one thing”/ because that is what it takes to survive, or attain what is wanted;  even though those who have taken power, made that life into a game. The universities want:  to make life a toy. Every action, every reaction, every purpose in 90% or more of what they do, can be recognized as making the others a toy;  you can only do or be what I want/ when I want/ if I want.  Women want, to be wanted;  therefore they do what they do. When that has pasted, they want other things.

        Given that, it then becomes simple to deduce that want drives our world, to be what humanity believes they want their lives in time to be. The second part of that is “winner, as in pride/ the game to determine who gets to rule, or slave”.  When not treated fairly or with justice, we do become slaves to those with the power to refuse us “realistic equality”. The purpose of a game is:  to make yourself superior to them. So we gain behaviors, from the trial and tribulation that is pride;   competing for a purpose that is little more than fantasy.

        Power is the alteration of life, into a game of thrones. Wherein “the little people” have no say/ and the armies of men or money or diplomas or courts or “pretty” or whatever it is;  exist to insure that remains so.  Governments form around the money, because the money is the easy way to keep the slaves in line.  Governments become by and of the people, therefore not slaves;  when they themselves control the laws. Because laws give us the right:  “to look inside the armies of men” and say THIS ONE, has done us wrong/ and the law must be observed or you the armies of men, are merely criminals instead of warriors for peace. The policing power CANNOT tolerate:  “cowards (their fears rule them, not lawful conduct)/ haters (Nazi “SS” formed here)/ thieves (surrounded by threat)/ righteous (we are gods, we KNOW we can’t be wrong:  which makes you “the trash”)/ or fools (every fantasy has a right).  If they are allowed, there can be no peace; because harmony and hope is removed.

        Harmony exists as “I know, there is room, and acceptance for me here”.  Hope is:  if I am disciplined, and orderly/ then the balance of what my heart desires reality to be, should surely be mine.  If I do my best!

        The future is built, upon every decision that you make. There are consequences to the decisions that the others will make. The sum total of what we do as a world, then becomes the potential of our world.  But nothing exists without a resource to make it so.  Consequently our decisions make the children pay.

        People want life to be easy/ and all leaders want to lead:  so they both agree in principle “just do what has to be done/ and leave me alone”.  Unfortunately the world has changed, and what the public does can destroy this world or nation or state. And what the leaders do can destroy this world or nation or state. And the children pay;  which does remove their right, to a life that is fair or justified by what could have been.

        At death’s door/ which is our current reality given the list of true threats we all face equally:  those methods are no longer to be tolerated.  Because we cannot be wrong;  anymore!

        So the questions are:

  1. HOW do we change governments so that we can survive? The answers are simple:  take away the money from government officials, along with the power to make war. Take the law away from government officials, by establishing not more than one hundred “one page” laws that are chosen and learned by all the people themselves. Judge the judge, and fire those who fail you. Pay the lawyers as a society/ at a rate determined by who proved justice was fair. Educate reality, and prove what happiness can be. Extremely limit the university. Make medicine fair to all;  it is not a game. Choose world law, and govern the leaders as a world. Remove weapons of mass destruction/ no exceptions. And so on.
  2. The next step is, HOW do we change social structures to include everyone as best we all can together? The answer is:  NO you may not make any unnecessary rules/ YES you may zone categories of life style in your cities.  NO you may not pollute excessively/ YES you must recycle as much as possible.  NO you may not submit “charities are the answer”/ YES you must include all the people have a true reality to find work at a living wage, plus a little more. NO you may not risk or gamble with life, planet, or resources/ YES YOU DO OWE YOUR CHILDREN THEIR OWN FUTURE.  And so on.
  3. The power and filth of money is: the accumulation of greed beyond, or by removing all rights to the rest.  Therefore limited capitalism shall rule the world of humanity; giving rights to all the rest. By letting them vote periodically;  on just how much income per year, or property holding;  is fair to any individual or group.  As in “we the people   HAVE RIGHTS AND NEEDS TOO”.
  4. REALITY will govern healthcare NOT doctors; nor the real thieves which are the administrators who make the rules and choose the price.  A realistic education for the purpose shall replace the current situation. Society will pay for the education/ but the medical professional will then return work in accordance with their skill.  All patents for medicine shall be owed by the nation/ no exceptions;  however the individuals responsible shall receive a fair and deliberate compensation defined by its results. The production of Medicine shall be BID contracted by governments/ and then distributed by need. No more free enterprise in healthcare:  society shall “get bids” in its various cities and so forth/ and society shall pay, giving access to all those who need it through these bids. Society provides “the expensive equipment”/ proven skill sets define who can or cannot do the work; and a diploma is not the determining factor.  If you can do, what we need to be done/ then you can be hired. That is true for all categories of work/ but if you lie, and cause harm: there will be consequences you don’t like. KNOW your limits/ ALL, must be fair.
  5. The greatest degree of social happiness, is determined by the greatest degree of personal choice, that is only limited by what you can or cannot do. To achieve that reality:  extremely few large places of employment are allowed. No stock will be issued/ the stock market is closed;  because greed and gambling cannot resist rape/ ravage/ and ransacking society (a proven fact).  Agriculture shall change back, into the day before chemicals, or antibiotics were spread EVERYWHERE. Agriculture will be granted a fair market value:  by asserting there will be only one price on any product, given per working day throughout the year. If you want to gamble on the board of trade you can. But as to the reality of agriculture:  change has come.
  6. The greatest degree of personal happiness is determined by friendship and romance. Nothing is more limiting, or conducive to depression, hatred, etc; to the average person than isolation.  So the critical tool which is to identify hate:  MUST BE cultivated/ that these enemies of life can be removed.  Then peace exists dependent upon your own choice. Your own acceptance of others, as they become “the elements of your time”. Instead of trophies or toys to be thrown away as if it were dust.
  7. The greatest degree of religious happiness is defined by, understanding what is true/ rather than whatever you want “life or eternity to be”. So you will gather that information together as a world, constructing the   test of evidence   wheresoever possible;  and then become a unified world, by granting “this is, the best we did do”/ the best we can do, at this time.
  8. Communication is critical: therefore you will assign the language of the deaf/ as the “necessary words and methods” to be learned by all of humanity.  Thereby replacing the foreign language of men:  with our own words, as selected through every nation;  to become the best we can do.
  9. Weapons of mass destruction are the purpose of leaders, not men. Any leaders who will not comply, shall be assassinated or brought to trial. Any nation that lets its military release these weapons, in any form: shall be dissolved, or destroyed.
  10. WE CANNOT depend upon medicines to protect us anymore, that day will soon be over/ and the diseases the universities have produced, are going to be   Reality then states:  keep your distance, and don’t let anyone move;  so as not to infect the rest.  The easy days are over. You can do this/ or you can face many more A.I.D.S. realities.  That initial case was left to do whatever he pleased/ instead of insisting NO YOU CAN’T;  so that every effort to contain it could be found.  And millions have died/ billions affected.  Make your decision now, because too late/ is just too damn late.  Realities must be confronted.
  11. The list is so long, and your failure is so large; unless you are willing to prove the possibility of life exists in, at least some of you/ this discussion is over.




The critical factor of basic development is:  human existence revolves around two distinct realities.  “I want more than I have, or the others think I can be/ and I need more than I have, or the others will  let me attain.”  Which means unless you can defeat this reality, you will never survive long:  our world is dying/ and you do have to save it from yourselves.   THAT, requires deliberate human change in yourselves.  No excuses allowed.

        The cure is “be friends honestly, and with respect”/ then accept the boundaries of truth, and live within the disciplines nature and earth will allow.  Everything else, can be dealt with realistically speaking;  “as best we can”.


the value of life

The value of life;  not simply happiness.


        We begin with value:  the essence of more, than what is simply the same or without direction. Life is primarily, at its beginning;  a binding to energy that allows for the distinctions called:  love, hate, freedom, decision, and development of choice.  So the essence of more, is a relationship with one or more of the above.  To understand happiness, we must first identify the disciplines associated with that order, through the eloquent dimension that is balance itself.

        Discipline means:  to accept the boundaries that law imposes upon the decisions that you are allowed to make, in the freedom that gives you direction. 

        Order is the ascension of law, beyond the limits and measurements which identify something of value.

        Balance, envelops the destiny of a choice, and constructs the base elements which will become the environment to be created. Truth is a dimensional capacity, that shapes a decision, through its development, into comprehensive reality.

        To understand the function of these things, is to gather purpose, from its desire.  So we ask of purpose:  the essence of a task to be done/ WHY does love or hate exist, as an identity in desire?

        Value enters in as the relationship unfolds to achieve:  in the essence of life itself, nothing is treasured unless desire is formed.  Therefore to attain life beyond a moment;  the foundation event of a direction MUST be formed.  In the essence of life, there are only two directions:  LIFE, OR DEATH! That means by its effect, there are only two distinct choices:  either to love as is the acceptance of a life worth living.  OR, to hate, as is the acceptance of a life worth destroying; as is even your own. The development of this choice, which is literally:  “one choice or the other”/ as they are distinct opposites. Then identifies the treasury of your own heart. People will argue:  “there are many more choices/ we can do this or that or mix them all together”. But that is untrue, because each decision requires an ascension into the next element of your description that then becomes self.  Self is not identified as a truth/ rather self is the description as same:  which then becomes “herd (prey) or predator”.  That elementally becomes the description of “those who hide and run away”/ OR those who attack, and try to sneak up on, from behind. Regardless of which, an identity has not been formed, therefore truth in you;  remains distant.

        We then understand, wheresoever people are alive:  they do try to become more. Because more is required to be an identity, as is the living existence of heart. Unfortunately people try to attain more, by trampling others, using others, abusing others, greed, selfishness, and a wide range of useless or other destructive pursuits.  Because they DON’T want to make a choice that gives them the boundary of disciplines/ or the choices that are limited by laws/ or the balance that is “only one direction (love or hate) is allowed”. Opposites are opposites, and they do not belong together/ they are enemies.

        So let’s examine the living existence of heart. Which is, I have made my decision, and it is love!  Heart then becomes the eloquent definition of what may I do, to extent the values of my love, upon this earth; in an ever flowing respect to the disciplines, order, and balance that I accept. We begin therefrom in the rhythm of a heartbeat:  “I am alive in time/ because realities beyond my comprehension give existence to me”.  That gift grants, that I too may give, as is consistent with my own reality by its truth.

        Happiness elevates truth, into an environmental destiny, by shaping the values defined by heart, into an existence conceived by destiny;  and constructed by love. Happiness is:  the core response, in recognition that I am alive/ and this is triggered, when love responds to me;  either from the inside or the outside.  That element of respect, to enlarge the creation of “my soul”/ adds grace.

        Grace is the acceptance, that I am “special”/ that I am recognized as an identity/ that I have achieved the treasury called love, which opens the door to all desires beyond hate. Hate has been  abandoned, and therefrom devoid of existence.  In this grace, the value of life magnifies itself;  as the essence of our own gift, in return for the life we share.

        Even so, the dignity of life forms from the living. The dimensional acceptance that is neither body or mind/ but elevates itself beyond measurements, into life itself.

        The question is then:  identify the difference between “life and living”/ why are they not the same?  The question reflects distance, as the primary contributor.  Life is a relationship with energy, and its contributor as is thought. While living is a relationship with time, and its contributor as is body and mind. The division that exists between these developments:  shapes the quest for what is truly free/ identifies the decision that will become your identity/ and alters the development of each step in your construction of truth;  by committing you to a distinct direction by its reward:  as is discipline, balance, order, and the elements of measured humanity such as courage, integrity, friendship, hope, happiness, and more.  The values of love remain elusive, because living succeeds in reminding you:  time has a purpose beyond your own self.  That purpose suggests a desire beyond the limits of love, where only the pure at heart may go. Mercy however gives rise to the value of an identity, that lives for love; even if it fails to rise beyond the “limits of what can be comprehended by human”.  Peace elevates time;  because it gives rise to the potential for more than a body can be.

        The path beyond self, is an intricate weave; through the variations that living on earth can be. Its purpose is to confront the development of “less than purity”/ and weave around that, so as to remove it from your path. To weave is to accept the foundations of truth, law, and reality by its evidence. Therefore it is “three dimensional” rather than two/ as is the environment of your heart and soul. To achieve that, you must “think beyond self”.

        The path within love, elevates reality into the shape of things to come. Or more distinctly, the quest to be “more than self”;  forms around the decisions that allow what will be “the freedoms of your own heart”/ by the evidence of your own soul. When love is true, these will see themselves “in the same light”; a value without cost. When love is trusted, between man and woman:  the door into “more than I can be, alone” is open.  How you share, and why you care then become the journey.



        To bind, is to trust the values found in truth and law which assemble destiny itself.

        To rise by love, is to bind yourself with truth, acceptance, trust, and respect.  That value achieves a four dimensional state, which gives construction both an inside and the outside view to our existence as one. The relationship we share is then formed by purity instead of value. As purity distinguishes truth to form spirit. Spirit is the transition beyond time.

You cannot enter into spirit, unless you are true to the identity that you have created. Only mercy is then available, as the middle ground; as the values you have earned through love, which is mercy. That opportunity resides at a distance;  dependent upon your acceptance of the laws granted to human life:  from   GOD  .  How long you can or will reside there, depends upon your acceptance of order and respect.  OR if you have entered the spiritual world of hate, as your only truth: because you earned it/ then to hades (eternal terror) you will go.  If you are not spiritual/ or fail to achieve mercy through love:  then you will dissipate into “nothing”/ by expansion beyond the limits that border your own existence. Simple and plain/ by your own choice:  “eternity beckons”.

        The value of life “is not heaven”.  The value of life,    IS    GOD    .  The treasury that is to know  GOD  through   JESUS   creates the path into a world beyond your mind.


        There is actually mercy for some who hate, and failed love, even entirely:  because eternal terror is so extreme.  That type of mercy is simply;  “to dissipate (it will end)” into the fears you yourself created in others.  This is the effect of “Judgment”.

        With regard to the people who do ignite this planet on fire; a reality that will happen because they can; the book of revelation predicts this as well.   If  humanity itself does not stop them, in all their attempts.  For those who intentionally mutilate life, in worship of their god evolution: If  humanity itself does not stop them, in all their attempts.    There is a different fate awaiting. Dependent upon your participation.  You will remain in the fire you created, both in life and in energy:  until the planet explodes. You will then be drawn into a black hole, and crushed into the cause of atomic fire itself:  forever.  Such is the price of destroying this creation on purpose! Believe it or not is irrelevant:  truth will decide.   CHANGE if you can.  That is the blessing of being human:  the right to change, until dead!

There is one caveat to eternity:  GOD   can end it.  There is one caveat to forever:  “this will not end”.  So ends your lesson in the elemental consequences of life.


find a way

I return to the participation of women, in determining what the future might become. Because believe it or not, “this is, the best men did do/ and we stand on the edge of HELL, AND EXTINCTION”.  No amount of excuses can overcome that reality/ as a consequence “different must be found”. No greater possibility of different exists, “than woman”.  Not as leader/ but as women united to achieve a different world, by law.


        So the question is:  WHAT can you do? The only true answer to that is:  women will decide their own truth!

        Which means:  if you believe you don’t have anything to contribute “to a better world that can survive”/ then this entire effort, and a lifetime of work was for nothing.  A reality established, because no matter what anyone thinks:  men cannot change for any length of time, because they always return to the exact same results that led us here.  Life on earth has changed very little, “other than trinkets, trophies, toys, and war”. Antibiotics changed the biological response, but they will soon be gone;  therefore discarded as no longer significant to life. We don’t need trinkets/ trophies simply get thrown away and forgotten/ toys are irrelevant in a world threatened by extinction/ and war will not let our planet or its life survive, so it is useless to the future. These are the things men do. The universities simply play god, and destroy all life; because they are insane.

        So the constant is:  knowledge is neither friend or enemy of its own accord. However considerable knowledge as attested too by university knows; is either wrong, a lie, a tragedy, a disgrace, or a disease. The end result of fantasies in charge of a nation or world:  is extermination of life.  As is testified too;  by the evidence of this day.

        That leaves us with:  understand the disciplines that determine “friend or enemy”/ protect the order that sustains the living and the planet/ balance reality with truth, so that the best we can do; is functionally and fundamentally real. In that day, the possibility of a future for life and planet might return:  if indeed you choose it honestly and work for life on this planet first. NOT like the universities, which are constantly trying to kill our world and all of its nature, by mutilation/ poisoning/ arrogance/ violence/ fear/ etcetera.

        In that construction:  a university diploma is welcomed/ BUT NOT granted superiority over any other. The value of knowledge is LIFE COMES FIRST, a reality the university as a development by its leadership;  over the last decades, has proven does not exist from them. They are destroyers first/ thieves second/ liars third/ failures fourth/ and insane beyond all measure of existence.  NOT ALL university graduates are to be held as “this kind of tragedy”/ many have value. But NONE are granted “expert”;  because reality proves a very limited value, and generally without life;  in this.

        So we come to the general category of all women as one/ equals without exception:  unless true hate is found. There is no room for hate, destruction has had its day, and must be removed.

        Value asks of women:   “given the stage” to determine what can then be voted upon as a value shaped for the return of life to its future on earth.  Identify, decide, determine, and isolate the values which will improve all of society, and world! That is your job, in this conception:  if you accept it/ then you must prove what the law can do. By defining change, and its progression for our futures together. Bearing in mind, as is true of democracy itself:  that men shall have a vote just like you.  Even so, if you all agree;  there will be an edge granted to women.  That will change your world/ this world.

        The comprehension of a choice, lives or dies with you. As to me, I have tried to organize you, with no success:  I am too literal, “too simple”; and you don’t trust anything you can’t manipulate. The world itself is at stake, change must come or we die. But I surrender, with the statement:  I never tried/ intended/ expected/ or by any other effort;  “was interested in sex”.  My effort was strictly “for the planet, and all its life”.  I failed, simple as that;  if you ask with a valid purpose for my help/ then I will help. Otherwise you may rest assured:  I am done, with all attempts to organize you other than this simple statement:  “someone must help this world to change”. Men cannot change, thousands of years prove that;  so it’s up to women. I searched through the heart of man for an entire decade; demanding an answer/ but there is none in man. Believe it or not:  this is the best he can do/ and while things may look OK at this moment. The evidence proves beyond any doubt: catastrophe is coming from all sides. You can lie/ but you cannot prove truth wrong.


        Find a way to organize. Find a way to communicate with honesty about our world, and its future. Find a way to understand and accept what being WRONG about any threat will mean. Find a way to believe you can make a difference. Find a way, and make the time:  to save our world. Simple as that.



        If you think “the world is fine/ nothing bad can happen/ nothing has changed/ nothing can defeat this planet or its life”. Then consider this:  “a monster is on the loose”.  It kills, it mutilates, it destroys, it rampages and leaves nothing, it poisons, it causes extinction, it rages in war, it even believes “we can play god”, and evolution will fix everything broken.  The monster is humanity, the reality is 8 billion people growing at between 100-120 million more mouths (over deaths) to feed every single year.

        Your “great saviors, as Is university worship”; are like the advertisement “robbers in the bank, with guns/ but the authority figure only monitors; he fixes nothing”.  Or your “great rescuers” of sea or land:  attach monitors to track life, claiming to save. Yet all they do, is make it easier for the fishermen which say “YES, YES tell us exactly where they are” (we want every last one). Or on land, watch everything die/ and pretend making measurements is enough. Or in the public:  “what we need to do, is destroy everything they want/ that will stop them”. But of course “you destroy everything” so how does that make you better than they!

        Igniting sun fire here, “pretending not enough gravity so it will just extinguish itself”/ deliberately mutilating life/ intentionally trying to destroy nature by causing genetic processes to lose their discipline, order, balance and more/ raping resources/ changing the earth/ and in every conceivable way:  deliberately making the future extinct for every child, everything, and that includes even the planet itself. Because turning this earth into a sun by igniting that fire/ will in the end change this solar system as well, and maybe more.

You won’t eat (another billion people will require 365 billion more pounds of food per year @ one pound of food per day) FOOD IS, “OTHER LIFE FORMS”, which also require food, water, etc! You won’t find anything to drink (there is a shortage around the world, and it will soon be severe)/ no resources equals no job for anyone (look again at your garbage: for a future)/ the money entirely counterfeit. “they even counterfeit US CURRENCY GOLD COINS made to look exactly like the real thing”:  because their purpose as leaders, is to remove reality altogether.  Let a cashless society, which gives the few who believe they are kings and queens SPEND YOUR TRILLIONS” ON whatever they want;  “toys, trinkets, and trophies as fantasy desires.  All of that means, over these last few decades:  you were slaves, not paid in reality;  and the consequence is:  now want revenge, with a gun. Weapons of mass destruction, “not our saviors anymore”; a world filled with them. Cannibalism/ rape/ and realities of horror that cannot be undone (mutilating nature everyday);   yet the universities, governments, and policing all discard reality (the sun burns atoms) by pretending the evidence does not matter.  Fantasies rule, and propaganda consumes YOU (the university is god).  No way out soon/ no matter what you then choose;  because TOO DAMN LATE, is plainly TOO DAMN LATE. End of our story, because you didn’t care enough, not even to try.  Truth did not matter, will be your epitaph. Or, the cult of university knows, has won its reward: life is exterminated, because you refused to respect realities you could not undo.

        Even if I cannot lead you, as that leads only too, “kill him and it ends”.  The quest to save this world depends upon you, an entire humanity fighting for our world/  not me.  The reality of evidence declares itself true:   life is in jeopardy of extinction/ even every life on earth. Not a game, a reality of university knows changing nature.


        The list of nations, governments, etc that have tried to silence this site, and my others;  is long. The realities of people who are trying to silence this site is long:  they want what they want, NOT what the evidence will prove. In America, an increasing intent to “strangle the internet”/ and keep it BETTER  controlled;  is continuing. That leaves you to find a way, and communicate a need:  for clear and true change on earth, by humanity. EVEN IF you don’t want change/ without true change, you too, will be exterminated:  so says the evidence of our reality. Not a game, search for yourselves:  because WRONG means you’re dead, and your child, everything you hope for too.  Even greed.

        You’re entire support of my efforts:  to communicate WE ARE THREATENED AS A WORLD;  even though very many people know, is zero.  THE CONSEQUENCE OF THAT IS:   I won’t be going further/ if you choose to die, to assassinate your life and your child by worshiping “university”. Then so be it.  Just know, you did have a choice/ because you did have the opportunity to learn:  this is not a game.



        I have focused on women for change, because men are heavily entrenched in leadership. Which means no matter what the majority would choose/ the reality is, “powerful men and women” are hiding behind closed doors to destroy that change. Because they do know how men think, and can manipulate them with war if nothing else.

        Those same people do not understand women, nor what they would do:  consequently, they can only guess.  The reality of our day on this vastly over-populated earth is:  we have the numbers, to be a true democracy;  IF you can find the discipline required. If not we go extinct; so there is nothing to lose.  Even so, I remind women:  in democracy everyone has one individual vote where truth rules. That means with women organized to vote together, on a law that benefits men too:  that law will pass.  Whosoever controls the law, controls the nation, state, or world. By vote:  women CAN change this world.  By the reality of “men don’t understand women”.  The possibility of changing this world in ways that women want or need, does in fact “loom large”.  This world must be changed, or we die, every single one in catastrophe and HELL. So says the evidence/ prove truth is wrong!  Or accept its conclusion, because things like human population growth;  produce an unmistakable consequence.  NO ESCAPE/ and NO second chances, beyond the point of no return.

MY WORK IS FREE, to the world;  which means you can do with it whatever you want/ there will be no complaint.  You just can’t refuse someone else from doing whatever they want. Take it to your site/ use it to communicate, advertise, teach,  complain or whatever. Donate and I will do more; as best I can.  Or more plainly put:  DO SOMETHING FOR YOUR WORLD.

Still can’t believe our world is in trouble? Well how about this:  we burn a tremendous amount of fossil fuels, that we sell for that purpose/ so we know how much. Heat additions due to forest fire, building fire (insurance statistics); can be calculated with some certainty. . “Don’t forget to assemble the statistics for oxygen consumption/ or, don’t you want to breathe”. The bio-sphere 2 project will help you calculate.   Heat additions due to air-conditioning add more than just the electricity. Heat absorption due to human activities adds more.  Given that reality, to counteract the heat additions we make which are causing all global warming/ we then know:  it takes a cube of ice, several thousand, if not hundred thousand miles thick.  Make your own calculations/ and then add in green house gases.  THEN CONSIDER THIS: once the ice on this planet is diminished to the point it cannot counteract the warming we establish/ the whole planet gets hotter very rapidly, as winter disappears, and so does life.

        Oh wait, I know as zombies (no brain) in reality:  you can’t think without a television, “and their university gods”  glued to your eyeballs, telling you what you think.  Alas, “too bad”.

       Some would argue, that you should add in the heat produced by the bodies of an additional 4 billion humans on earth, as produced by human intervention/ but that has probably been balanced by extinction and death of everything else.



Just for clarity, the term:  “too literal” in me means, why hide in anything/ we can’t escape hell without true change. Why run away, when the whole planet is involved:  there is NOWHERE to run.  So, I am literal, without remorse: which makes me plain and simple to understand, in nearly everything.

        In contrast, “you don’t trust:  means you expect something to go wrong, some detail to entrap. “You, as women expect to manipulate men”/ thereby insuring your safety; rarely works. People lie/ tragedies occur when manipulating people/ people who are manipulated learn, and then refuse to be manipulated later on:  etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera.  You cannot control anyone, without consequences, that are just as unfriendly: it is that simple.

        The fact:  that I need women to organize themselves in a method and fashion that allows for CHANGING THIS WORLD/ that we may all survive.  Makes me trustworthy, believe it or not:  because the reality of understanding our very world is going to die/ is MORE SIGNIFICANT, than anything else in this world to me.  I am not out to “do anything” to women. Changing the lives of a billion people, does not allow for games. Their subsequent changing the lives of the rest of humanity as best we can:  determines life or death for the future. So says the evidence/ prove it is not true.  Remembering this:  WRONG MEANS WE ALL DIE, AND THE FUTURE AS WELL. The biblical time line is:  HELL begins on July 9, 2019/ /without critical change to intervene. The reality of our time is:  on any given day, this world can end, because that is what the universities did choose.  I prefer to believe in the biblical time line, as that adds days.

        There is no middle ground:  university is trying to ignite atoms on fire/ mutilating nature/ mutilating food/ dumping trillions of tons in poison on the water supplies/ humanity adds another human being every 3-4 seconds, over deaths.  Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera, and none of it is a game. None of it will be escaped, without true change.


        As to me, the fact is:  I am being manipulated and controlled, by the spiritual women inside of me (even though that will scare you, because you don’t understand)/ it nonetheless is true. That was a prediction of Revelation 12, in the bible;  believe it or not, is irrelevant.  I simply tell you, in terms of women and their fears:   I cannot harm you/ in fact looking down, there is no escaping “growing tits”;  literally means “woman on top”.  It’s complicated, but not threatening to women.  This came from finding NO answer to keeping this world alive in man, or men/ which became opening the spiritual door to women:  “just to ask a question”.  Trapped! But her reply was:  “let women try”.  As simple as that was;  it was an answer I could not find; until opening that door.

        Regardless:  reality states, with every life at stake/ every future life of everything/ the planet/ and even the solar system itself.   NOTHING ELSE, other than    GOD     .   I have literally given my lifetime, and everything it could have been:  to this work.  “Matters to me”.  Certainly not threatening women in any context.  Revealing to you that we are as a world surrounded by threats/ is not ME threatening you.  It is your own gods, “at university knows”/ your own reality of decisions to follow, or fail.  No second chances, choose your fate.

        I am not looking for a job/ I am fighting for our world; as should you.  BY LAW, and through democracy!  There is no other way.


One last thing, even though I am sure you believe you could have done better;  particularly over the last forty plus years. I remind you of this:  first you must learn, and educate yourself/ then you must communicate to achieve any form of respect for what you say. That done, the result was:  HELL NO, don’t tell me nothing I don’t want or don’t want to hear/ I only accept bribes.  NOT truth, nor its consequences/ NOT evidence by “scientific proven” fact/ NOT what it means to be wrong, not even death of a world/ NOT cannibalism/ NOT mutilation of life/ NOT mutilation of nature/ NOT a human over-population crisis/ NOT ATTEMPTS TO IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE (a reality that cannot be disproven under any true conception) in an attempt to bring the same fire here as is on the sun.  NOT biblical prophecy. NOT the loss of water. NOT consequences to the planet. NOT what it means to lose the food source we get from the ocean. NOT loss of insects which are responsible for one out of every three bites of food you take. NOT RESOURCES LOST FOREVER. NOT habitat destroyed, or extinction of species. NOT counterfeiting your money. NOT corruption in the courts, and a war against democracy itself. NOT death of every child. NOT even threatening the solar system with this planet turning into a sun;  and more.  NOPE, ABSOLUTELY DON’T CARE/ get out of my way. Not even fear for your own lives; you just ran away to hide.  The constant instead:  WE WANT BRIBES!  And that is the truth.

        Given the fact, that I was able to adequately deliver that message in its various forms; in various ways;  all of which were subsequently accepted by many/ but reality suggests, “it just faded away”; because you didn’t have the courage, to proceed on your own.  So what would you have done?

        I decided like religion I have to build, from the very beginning:   a little at a time; looking for the few who would be able to hear, and attest to what was, absolutely important. Can’t start with important/ YOU COULD NOT hear it. So I started “throwing bread upon the waters so to speak”/ looking for any foundation I could find. Waiting for a moment to appear, when you would not be “so damn arrogant or afraid”.  The end result:  “university knows” owns your heart/ the media control your brain:  and this world dies, because you didn’t care enough to even understand the cost of being wrong.  Given the reality, state of revelation regarding threats that can be found and is known. The only choice left is:   you are a cult/ and university is your religion;  “EVEN believing the delusion of evolution”. Which has no basis in provable fact at all.  Shame on you.

        I remain working:  because this is about LIFE OR DEATH FOR OUR ENTIRE WORLD FOREVER/ and every child, everything that is alive.  Which means NO ONE, has the right to quit/ until it’s over. Simple and plain.

        Yes I do use a lot of words; because you’re deaf, blind, and dumb/ OR, we would not be so threatened.  Shame on you.  And everyone says “he’s just a fool”.  So be it!  But make no mistake, even you can understand:  NO SECOND CHANCES.

        But hey, as the university graduates told me many times:  NOT to worry, “evolution will fix anything they break or destroy, IN A BILLION YEARS OR SO”.  Now isn’t that comforting?

        OR, how about this one:  don’t worry about igniting sun fire here/ there isn’t enough gravity to sustain the fire, so it will just escape into space”!   that is their plan, and there is no other:  WRONG means this planet becomes a sun!    now, isn’t that comforting!


different money

We should talk a bit about money, a reality of exchange that allows each to earn what they want, from whosoever offers that reward.

        Money exists to make things easy, to construct a reality of exchange that is simply more fair, “than giving too much for too little”.  But it is that same reality that allows people to demand too much;  for too little/ and the game of social delusions, and unfair play begins.

        Money simply means:  to exchange. That is all it is/ not wealth, not security, not a trophy, or any other assertion common to society:  it is only an exchange.  What people do with that exchange, alters the concepts and realities of society and life to become the fantasies or catastrophes’ that are its game. It is the fantasies, and their collapse that are the tragedy of society, not fundamentally the money.

        So let’s discuss fantasy:  the obvious example is a university, where fantasy is the illusion of “everything they can touch”. Where the catastrophe assigned by everything they do touch, has literally become horrendous, and leads only to the “road to HELL”.  Paid for by counterfeiting, lies, propaganda, theft, traitorous acts, and betrayed by terrorism hidden behind closed doors:  the worst that society can be, is a university diploma. Because these are the soldiers, who turn life into a garbage dump of decay, corruption, and injustice. Their weapon apart from counterfeiting, political control,  and lies:   we build the weapons of mass destruction that will destroy your whole world!  “so don’t make us mad”!  Counterfeiting lets them hide, in the delusion that “everything is OK”/ until the entire world is lost.

        So the quest for a future for this earth is:  “a fight”/ between those who base their lives in reality, truth, respect, courage, and values.  In direct opposition to those whose only purpose is to take all they can get; and play games with or enslave the rest, in an endless effort to enslave humanity itself. Brainwashing is an unfortunate reality/ the consequence of a public so afraid, and burrowed in cowardice: that they refuse to understand or accept any part or evidence of truth.

        We return to money:  as the exchange of life/ for a bribe to look the other way, and let life die. The constant of American society today;  the absolute end of our world, “tomorrow”.  The evidence cannot be wrong.

        The reality is:  take away the counterfeiting/ destroy the bribe, and return to reality and truth;  or face extinction as a world.  Not a game, and the price is high/ but not nearly what your losses will be, for failure.


        Regardless that is a decision only you can make, and as always cowards cannot make that decision:  because their minds are inundated with endless delusions, fears, and tragedies they believe will come IF ANYTHING;  is changed. No evidence matters/ no truth can be found, because the brain belongs to a cult  (NO, you can’t blame me anymore/ I LET THEM DECIDE).  Alas the cult can’t save you, and letting someone else decide just means they led you into HELL/ and you let them do it:  so you agreed.

        Even so, let’s assume that in your billion to one reality of probable failure;  you actually “win one”.  Unlike evolution delusions:  that does not automatically lead to “another win”.  THOUGHT must intervene, and truth must lead, or reality will die.  Just how it is.

        IF YOU SURVIVE, then we must look at what could be changed to recreate a different world;  with justice, peace, harmony, and hope leading the way forward into happiness.  Money must be accounted for in that process/ but not as it is today, wherein money can become what it should never be allowed to become.  Instead of fate (lies decide the future) in control:  we must assign to money, the very different controls that let society choose for itself/ instead of leaders.

        Government control over money and debt will end:  they have proven “they cannot” choose correctly!  So by vote, the percentage of taxation will be divided into the various categories that people accept as their cost to pay:  for the benefit of all society/ not just a few.  No pensions except social security/ no control over social security, unless it is by the people who receive it themselves. No benefits:  everyone receives an income for their work, and absolutely nothing else/ so that it  is clear.  No assertion this must be done, unless fifty percent of the money required is collected in advance, and reality proves the rest will be paid in time.  So ends the power of government, because without money to spend:  they only make laws. By removing their laws, and making our own as WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND THIS for ourselves;  with broad simple laws (not more than one hundred):  we become a true democracy and take control.

        Money to society is determined by who has it/ who spends it/ and who wants it.  Given these parameters, society can then choose:  the level of value money will have.  Reality states:  IF the consequence of your work is to receive money/ then the reality of that money can be:  NOT ALL MONEY buys the same thing.

        More specifically:  YOUR pay for your work:  can and should become what society designs as the elemental truth of what we want to become. What we all benefit from/ what you benefit from/ what business benefits from/ and what the future will benefit from.

        We all benefit from HONEST AND FAIR government/ not the corruption of this day:  but taxation that is “truth in action”. Not lies buying our own extinction, committing treason and terrorism,   as is today.  That can be simply one part of the money;  as is taxation.  But more distinctly if our money comes in four different categories or types that can only be used as each for a distinct purpose. Then society does take control, as each voter:  deciding what is best for our own nation.

        The freedom to make your own decision is paramount to the value of a life.  Thereby this foundation of existence, requires a fair and justified reality.

        A third form of money:  would be only used by business, “can’t spend this” on anything other than entertainment for instance, or rent or whatever designation you give it.

        And a fourth form of money is only described as for the payment of a pension, or healthcare or as otherwise would be described.


        So the question is:  can we change the money supply to recognize.  Yes you will work/ yes you will be paid/ but no, unlike the bills of today;  you cannot simply discard what you owe, because the money beyond what is designated as “free”;  cannot be used for anything else. You have to spend “business money” on business expense.  Pension money on the future, of your own existence. Taxation goes to its chosen programs by the employer, largely as it does now.

        What is electronic money can easily be so designated. But it is a very bad idea to be a “cashless society”!  The reality of that is “to give the power of your own life to someone else” who can then take it away in an instant.  Your leaders have already made you bankrupt/ but changing government will remove that threat. An electronic account, can simply be erased, and you have no say, or no access, or no possibility to survive “by choosing to spend your own money” if they say no.  Understand the problem?  So cash MUST continue to exist, or you will be very sorry; and destroy yourselves. Humanity cannot be trusted, as life proves every single day. Unless you find a friend/ and university leads you to discard friendship in every possible way;  which becomes even more traitors, liars, and thieves encircling to discard you like the trash. Be involved, protect each other from a bad idea/ but accept value, by its own potential. The difference is, “don’t use leaders:  THINK for yourself”.

        Cash can be designed with “like a silver certificate” of old, that was designed into the money. Four different emblems and you’re done. These will be exchanged (one type for another) between people, but that will cost you; and most won’t.

        More simply:  the questions of how do we take an earth that is now over-flowing with people. Threatened in every way with competition for survival:  and make it more fair for every single one?  Perhaps a category of money that is “just used for food”:  same to all, would begin that process.  Because a billionaire which should immediately go extinct with limited capitalism;  has no greater right to the food supply, than does any other. We all need the same to live, the value of it by those willing to sell “their food money excess”/ can simply be used to defend the poor against those more successful.

        The composition of these things, is left to you. This simply constructs “something different” for you to consider.  Add in, whatever you wish:  because it does require a true democracy, and a vote, and limited capitalism to implement anything different.


four pillars of society

The four pillars of society, and its survival.


  1. We must have a job, to sustain ourselves and be happy.
  2. We must organize ourselves, so that life and living can be free.
  3. We must protect our resources and our lives from threats, or we die.
  4. We must conceive of the future, by law, without lies/ or there will be anarchy.


Of the four, the most elusive is to conceive of the future/ because want discards truth; the righteous discard law; and the desire for more leaves a trail called violence.


        Survival is about happiness, because without happiness, and its wellspring of hope; desire for life and living will fail. To be happy, we must be free. To be free, we must identify ourselves by the securities which allow that freedom. They are:  a foundation called truth/ a relationship called love/ a value called courage/ a discipline called law/ a purpose called order/ and a desire to express life through the experience of our own decision; “without being attacked”.

        We begin the definitions of our existence in society by encountering a job. You must support your own needs, that is a reality, a security, and a design called upon by body/mind;  to succeed. So the question is:  what is fair, in the relationship between an individual life, and society itself? Since we all have an equal need to succeed in this venture called a job/ we all have an equal right, to a job. Therefore by the cause and consequence of society itself:  which is to sustain ourselves by sharing the work required/ the possibilities we can earn. It is fair to say, society does owe each one a job.

        But alas, then comes the competition; and the reality, if everyone is equal, and everyone has the right to a job/ THEN NO one has more than the rest. Thereby a portion of society will always be unhappy:  because they believe themselves to be superior, and want trophies. Trophies are obtained by removing the competition so you can have more/ because “you took their rights away”. Even so, just because you have more does not mean:  a failure to share. More likely it means, you worked harder. Just because you are poor does not mean you didn’t work harder than those who have more/ rather it means, they could do something you could not. Regardless, the competition has now increased. Through factories, and the endless attack on resources:  more is available for all to get/ just look in the garbage. Big stores are more efficient that little stores;  because they hire less people.  Robotics are more efficient than workers, because they don’t have human needs.  Computers are more efficient than people, because their memory is better.  Massive population increases multiply workers, and that leaves the rest fighting for their job.  Welfare buys out, whosoever will leave the workforce, and “live small”.  Universities inundate students with debt, and flood the market;  in order to make them slaves. Universities control the hiring and firing; thereby who gets a job and why.  Universities control “everything, including the news, so the powerful stay in power! Their Counterfeiting (hidden inflation by false asset increases) has replaced reality;  because numbers don’t matter (in the bank) “so long as no one tries to cash them in for resources”.  Healthcare steals! Government employees corrupt. Policing is about fear. Religion panics, “we are being left behind”. And the military grows, because whosoever has the better weapon or strikes first:  WINS.  The leader who has a big military declares war, to keep the people in line/ to be POWERFUL means, “the people get their job, and lose their rights” in the military.

        So the question is, what can we do for life in its every form:  that will return us to happiness/ and stop the march to war, cannibalism, and hell?

        The answer is built, rather than expressed. Which means words won’t fix anything/ you must work for a better future:  by letting truth decide the path. When you make a positive decision about where you choose to go, for a valid reason built on truth itself:  THEN, you begin the journey that becomes your life.  So this method takes your decision, and applies your truth:  to build your future.

        WHAT in terms of a job;  then would truth do for life in society, the securities of this world enhanced?

  1. The first question is value: can society (all of us together as one) value the individual (each one of us, standing alone) more than its trophies?  The answer is plainly no, it will not:  “you don’t want too”. So the alternate question is:  can you fear the consequences of your own failure enough, to make a decision that will bring justice to society? The answer to date is NO:  you want what you want, and refuse to surrender the idea of being rich/ even among the poor. Even when a far greater happiness is the reward!  So you have failed, and cannot get back up, as the lies have accumulated enormously.
  2. The removal of lies is then intrinsic, to the reality of change in society. Or more distinctly before truth will be accepted: the reality of fantasy, delusion, lies, stealing, cheating, traitorous acts, terrorism and so forth.  Hidden by the propaganda of arrogance and intentional deceit. Until truth comes forth, failure will continue: because the onslaught of criminal organizations, throughout society,  is massive. When you understand what is true/ THEN you can decide the direction of your lives, and create a future with your decisions. Until that date, and its acceptance of evidence that is proven real occurs;  nothing will be done to better, or even let the future survive.
  3. Assuming that somehow, you find the courage/ or reality forces you to comprehend what is true occurs soon enough to let you make a choice. The value of a job, is given this assignment: to be its truth.
    1. The critical message to every human being in society is: you are not only worth a job/ entitled to a job/ you are required to accept a job, or you will lose your place in this society.  Your existence as a body, requires work:  it’s your existence/ therefore it’s your duty to do that work.
    2. Society owes each one, the opportunity to accept duty, within a fair and realistic distribution of what is, and what is not valued by each citizen. Therefore it owes an education for that purpose, to all who accept it, and provide the truth, “yes I can”.
    3. Limited capitalism describes the primary method:  NO you may not take more/ if you already have considerably more than the rest.  Educating your competition, as described by society/ may allow you a bit more; as they design.
    4. The competition must not be allowed to win (way more than you). Business and industry must not be allowed to win (way more than us). Government employees must not be allowed to win (we took control).  That leaves the law we create for ourselves to govern what does or does not happen, in terms of society and its work. “if the machine is too big/ or the business is too pervasive/ or the government employee cannot obey his or her oath:    We make a change by vote, to create our own law.  After the initial phase, it becomes harder to change the law we make, each individual time:  to insure no back tracking shall occur.  Make the law, as if your own life depended upon it/ it does.  By our own choices then, we distribute our own jobs, and create our own peace, harmony, & happiness;  or not.
    5. Immigration is: “we are unhappy here, because there is no room for us/ or we cannot get more here”. So they move, to invade the lives of others/ because population increases, and resource destruction have overwhelmed that society. It is a constant throughout history and earth.  America has escaped that resource loss until recently:  because the Indian nation did not assault resources. Therefore the resources existed/ and genocide removed those Indians to create this USA. War comes next, because if you can’t move/ and want MORE; the only method left is “genocide”. The excuse of religion hides or removes the reality:  “we will murder, rape, & steal, if we must”.  Even so, it is what it is!


We move on to happiness, which is the opportunity to share oneself, without judgment. To care for others, because they are valued by us, and we to them. To find joy through love, an expression of binding, the experience that removes all loneliness from our heart. And find in friendship, the cause that is a life earned in peace, harmony, and kindness. With these things we are happy.

Unhappiness is formed by the opposite:  judgment against us by others/ loneliness without relief/ cast adrift by the failure to find friends/ destruction of hope/ cowardice/ constant harassment/ undeserved entitlements/ arrogance/ pride/ want/ power/ theft/ cheating/ betrayal/ corruption;  etcetera.

So the question is:  CAN YOU accept the price for being happy and work to that end for the benefit of all society.  Because the happier we all are/ the happier our society will be. The opposite is equally true:  unhappy breeds unhappy throughout. Simple as that


To organize:  a value expressed as our decision united by a common cause. Criminal organizations have only a few causes:  power/ pride/ want/ greed/ lust/ money/ theft/ corruption/ conspiracy/ violence/ and murder.

To organize by a value expressed as our decision to support, enhance, defend, and protect society as our common cause:  is a very different effort.  The unfortunate reality assigned to each is “organized news”.  The tragedy of organized news is:  criminality intervenes in most anything of interest to them.  The common link:  “just leave out by omission; the information most valuable to society/ or replace it with something that serves just as well as a lie.  To organize for life then means:  TO REPLACE “THE NEWS”/ with real news, instead of propaganda news. That occurs by these methods.

  1. Truth is identified by knowledge. Knowledge is understood by the consequences of what is real. Wisdom shares the existence of that reality, within the conception of what the future will then bring.  A decision follows, that will be determined; according to your understanding of what is distinctly TRUE, that you did indeed choose as your direction.
  2. Communication requires someone to direct our attention to this! Knowledge requires, the evidence of this claim comes from here. Understanding illuminates the claim, as identified by these constructions;  both for and against the assertion of “bad or good”. Communication requires you to think for yourselves;  because there is no value greater, than a society which protects itself, WITH TRUTH BY REALITY.  Or more directly, the assertion is liar/ when want takes control; because to simply believe (this is what I want it to be) is not enough.
  3. Reporters of real news, which provide a distinct benefit to society itself/ are worthy to be paid, for truth. Discarded for lies.  Therefore any story regardless of its originating source, that clearly and honestly reports NEWS WORTHY information to society:  shall be paid by society itself.  In other words all true reporters will be free from the influence of others/ because society makes them free to do their work. DO THEN, what benefits life and society; for a reporter:  so that we know too.  Reality states:  the biggest news story in the entire history of this world, is in fact the people who lie constantly, while hiding the fact, “they are indeed trying to ignite sun fire here on earth”. They hide the fact, THIS IS OBVIOUSLY “THE BURNING OF ATOMS”/ which means upon ignition our planet burns.  Did you hear that in your news? It is the truth, and every life is involved:  yet the only thing reported is propaganda “won’t this be great/ free energy”!  not a word, about the consequences for being wrong! Or the fantasies and delusions being used without a “thread of truth”/ or a reality of sense:  which means the media, university and government employees currently  surrounding this world with threats of extermination, is more than just another traitor to us all.  they have become “SATAN”.  as is “destroyer of a world”.
  4. . It is the biggest story, because even though JESUS changed humanity itself. Igniting sun fire here will change this solar system, and destroy every living thing.  “another sun”!   www.justtalking5.info “down the homepage a bit” helps you understand the risk, and the reality.

It is of note, to identify and correct:  merely being free to do whatever you please, is NOT enough to be happy.  If you live entirely alone, on a deserted island;  you are free to do whatever you wish/ but it is entirely true, “happiness” will not join you there.  So freedom is not a measure of happiness, it is a path to the discovery of what we can be together. Consider that true, and then accept the composition of happiness begins with friendship, enlarges through respect, and conceives of romance, when the heart lives for life.


        Everything on planet earth is a miracle, except for hate.  Given that level of excellence, and the fact our lives are indeed a gift, to experience and express what life can be here.  Sadness comes through want, so remove the want/ and you can be happy, or at least content with being alive;  so long as survival is not harsh. Failure comes through pride;  because life is not a game/ pride makes life a game, and then judges each player as “winner or loser”. Which does have consequences.  Power is a disease, it invades without permission, and takes control whether you like it or not.  greed destroys life, because it will not care. Lust refuses to share (only your body is important to me). Hate consumes, because it cannot stand your happiness/ so the purpose is, to take that happiness away, as in “now you are like me”.  The consequence of that is an assault on everything we need, to destroy happiness for a world. The more who hate/ the more destruction that results.  Where life cannot be attacked (because I can’t win)/ resources are then attacked:  SO YOU can’t have them for yourself.


        The discovery of democracy is:  “we the people can control ourselves by law, through constitutional edicts which we require our employees to obey.” That is the summation of its purpose/ and the reality of its power. The failure to protect the constitution as “WE THE PEOPLE DECLARED THIS IS OUR GOVERNMENT”.  Results in traitors, in our midst; as employees who are in fact an insurgency against us. Because their proven mission is to destroy constitutional law (by court cases I provide), and take over the power to make us do whatever they say.  THE LAW CONTROLS SOCIETY.  AN OATH OF OFFICE controls the employee, when they know: their own failure will result in a penalty to them.  That level of authority over our government officials:  is implemented by REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, a first amendment law. Which gives us as a nation or state the legal right to examine what our employees have done/ and compare those facts, to what our interpretation of constitutional purpose allowed for them to do. To understand, and implement this:  is to begin, as “free, as we have chosen to be”.

        Failure means:  we are attacked.  Counterfeiting means:  an army is marching against us.  No escape, unless we demand truth!


rules for life

Love reveals respect, identifies courage, sustains care, shares the eloquent existence of being alive, and lives to achieve true happiness.


Romance is the mutual acceptance, by both parties:  “I love you”.


Life conceives of joy, but only love can share it, because it is “infinite” in the potential of truth!


Freedom by the very fabric of its nature, means:  I get to choose for myself/ without true interference. That is fundamental to identity.


Without an identity based in the freedoms, chosen by “your own life”/ there is no true “you”. Rather, you are a creature of the planet, instead of a human being.


Discipline speaks, to those who will listen, by the law.  Righteousness speaks, and demands to lead;  because they discard the law, to enforce a rule.


The difference between law and rule is:  law applies to all/ while a rule is used to “single out, and punish,  you or them”.


Value is the search, for more than just time. Therefore it is infinite in its conception, developed by its purity, and designed by its own truth.


Respect arises from truth. Truth arises from reality proven by the evidence. Miracles, as is all of life and this planet:  are realities in truth that prove by the evidence. Every single living thing, has more than the richest person on the planet, because life cannot be less than a miracle presented. None will ever match it. Which means RESPECT, is mandatory!


Violence is the fools treasury, he or she believes they have conquered life, by destroying.  Never once considering:  it is their own hate, that destroys them.


Family dictates:  forgiveness is mandatory, but that does not mean no cost has been incurred. Defend family, because we must, it is a duty. But remember this:  TRUST is the earned response, to the values created by your truth.


Sex defends life from extinction/ therefore it is mandatory, and valued for its own truth. However, reality states:  order must be achieved, before sex finds a balance between you and me. Order, is the ascension of life into “greater things”, than fate (we fell in).


The gravity of changing someone else’s life or possibilities, without their true consent, is severe/ it holds everyone back, or down.


Religion lives or dies in your heart/ because it seeks a decision:  can you live with discipline guiding your soul?


The heart beats with a rhythm/ as does your soul. The value of each depends upon your own decisions.


Time is a measurement, but it was never meant to be a judgment confronting other life. The value of your existence is NOT assigned by others/ nor is your value assigned to them> each stands alone.


Eternity is a closed door;  that only your own truth can open. What is to be, then occurs based upon your own decision:  no second chances.


Happiness lives inside your hope. Therefore what you hope for:  that is true to the realities of your life, determines the happiness you receive. Want destroys hope.


Relationships form the backbone of our existence in time/ they are the elements, from which we will build our participation upon this earth. Cherish all who live with justice, love, and truth. Respect them, even if they aren’t “perfect”.  This is, as in they are:  “your life, in time”/  just like, you are theirs!


Charity and kindness live in your heart, not your possessions. The value of a life is known only by the heart, or its soul.


To be equal, honors the fact:  that our lives are accepted as a gift.  “we did not build ourselves”/ nor did women build life; only body.  We received life in time, not by male.   BY GOD.   What we do with the life we received, makes us “less equal”/ but that accounts for less than “ten percent” of our reality. You can’t build, with what you do not have as a gift.


Money is, or is not:  whatever people are willing to believe.  Until reality proves this is not so!


Law creates a boundary, beyond which bad things will happen: LIFE PROTECTION, the value of thought by truth established in wisdom!  Rules in contrast;  demand a boundary, that will inflict damage on you:  because we want too. They are a whip, even when necessary.


There is only one owner, of a body or its life/ and it cannot be given away, taken, nor enslaved without a severe penalty to come.  You are required to be “the authority of your existence”. You are required to take possession of your decisions. You CANNOT “pray your responsibilities or decisions away”. You are “the person on trial, at its end”.


Marriage is the living arrangement between two people who “gave their love”, to each other. Your love is your possession/ and that can be given away. But if you do, that portion of love within you becomes their own; and if it fails, they then own that portion of you. Love grows “like a seed”/ if you nourish even a little bit, it will grow, or grow back;  in you.


Nothing is fair in war. The only thing fair about romance is the trust, that will believe you are true to the evidence you present. Trust binds us together. Lies, tear us apart. These are decisions!


 Responsibility is the acceptance, “my duty is to you first/ our lives depend upon the survival we choose”.  But make no mistake, without survival first, there is no tomorrow here.


Every life has the honor and duty, to respect itself! That means you cannot be led, without your explicit desire to surrender that duty, or destroy that honor. To achieve “being ALIVE” inside, where joy exists. Our search must be for truth/ NOT for a leader.


Understanding identifies the evidence produced by “a path or trail” presented by someone else. A path means:  I will decide each presentation of evidence,  for myself/ not simply believe as a herd believes “all same”.


Parenting lives or dies with listening. If you don’t listen HONESTLY, and with an open mind;  to your child/ then will stop listening or talking to you. Division follows. Be fair, and remember “they can hear you” even when you are not talking to them.


Disease and death construct “time in a bottle”:  we are, as we have been. 


The difference between old and young primarily is:  I now know, “not everything will heal”/ even little things do matter. The loss of friendship, can be severe.


The message of life is, “you only get once, to find your own solution for this experience”.  The reality of life is, to express love lifts us all. To express hate, destroys us all. Because there are consequences beyond each decision.


Wishing your life was different, will not help you survive.  Therefore work for what can be changed, and help those who are “fighting for change” as love. Because love is, the only truth that literally makes life different.


Work is a reality of survival/ all are duty bound. Living is our relationship with time:  justice, respect, and truth design the future. Love is our relationship with heart or soul;  the essence of its value, is a treasury to our life; the foundation of its desire.


Passion defines us, by the moments we express a purpose beyond  ourselves. That desire is born, “when love sees in the distance, a life to be shared”.


Caring constructs destiny. Both time and place conceived by the gentle expression of what truth can do.


Forgiveness, remembers the fact:  “I/we, are not perfect either”. Even if you believe in your measurement/ you are not GOD.  Judgment of an action or reaction is not allowed, except by “justified law”.  Judgment of a life is NOT allowed, unless you give up your own, “to be judged”;  in exchange. Hate can be judged as true or false. Hate that is true, is then determined by law.


GOD   “does NOT live within the pages of your book”.  GOD IS   BEYOND all things human!  Never forget, “to remember that”.  Do the best you can, without judgment of others. Fight for justice, because it is crucial to peace, harmony, and happiness.  Build for tomorrow, it is your job.


        Never forget, that the reality of tomorrow, is decided in this day. The consequences of what will come is determined by your own truth. “university knows”;  is mutilating life, trying to ignite sun fire, destroying every resource as if it were nothing, killing the planet; in every conceivable way/ and it has already stolen all your securities, leaving nations bankrupt;  in  a world filled with weapons of mass destruction that they created.

        The cult of university knows, constantly cries out:  “look at what we did, with our great technological advances/ massive engineering capabilities/ and excellent brains”.  We mimicked nature;  while the chorus continually chants:  “nature is nothing more than an accident/ nothing more than chaos, that didn’t even need a brain to build”! . Ninety percent of everything the cult called “university knows” has been wrong/ by the consequences they created. The reality of benefit is entirely lost: by threats of extinction,  against this entire world of life.  Respect is absent, as is your own brain.  THOUGHT CONSTRUCTED LIFE, because nothing less can.  University arrogance gives you nothing. The lawsuits of medicine establish:  “no god here”/ just a devil, as is consistent with the organized crime called    “medical billing”.

               The future by “university decisions” IS EXTERMINATION FROM THIS PLANET, for every life that is, or could ever be.  So says the evidence called truth. ”!  While ten might be responsible for some tiny tidbit of knowledge/ more than one million will all be shouting:  “we did it (pay us a trillion dollars more)”/ and the media will say “yes they did” as all fanatics do.  Yet the cult worshipers, as they have always been:  “can’t find a brain among them all”. Can’t think for themselves, “it ain’t allowed”. Can’t question reality or conceive of life. Can’t demand an accounting:  because the cult won’t let them/ brainwashing proven true.  Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera.  you are dead, because you           worshiped the university degree/  “you just don’t know it yet”.  but you will.


the rule of life is:  you may learn as you go/ BUT, you may not do, or take risks with;  what you, life, or planet cannot afford to lose! the university plays god, which means they do everything against life, you, EVERYTHING, and even the  planet itself.  RISKING A DEAD WORLD/ and the cult worshiper says nothing; to your shame!

All ice flows will soon be breaking off, due to global warming. Because even a small water rise in the ocean, means a massive shift in weight and torque to anything of size: situated both on land and sea.  Air conditioning is the greatest single contributor.  ALL the life that originates under those ice flows to feed the ocean/ will then disappear too!  All hail the university;  “aint that so”?

Not to worry, destroying the base food chain in that part of the ocean matters little;  “because after all, the university made men efficient”.  Every trawler now “takes them all”/ leaving nothing to repopulate the sea. And of course everything that depends upon that link in the food chain dies then too.  Like immigration itself:  once your home is destroyed by the failure of respect for life, the extreme arrogance of nothing matters but me/ the only thing left is to sneak into the neighbor’s yard, “in the middle of the night” so nobody complains.  So to speak/ now ain’t that so?  When you destroy your own ability to survive, do you not have to steal or take someone else’s “life support”? answer the question. And all men say:  HELL, I WANT MORE THAN THAT.

Thank goodness the university is god;  cause they will just “whip out another billion words or so”/ to entrap you in their spiders web (you can’t fight your way out of this) of deceit (trapped, by words used to destroy rights and reality and justice).  the liars say;  “its great, you don’t need to change NOTHING”/ take your mind off the other worries, like “anything but you”.  But then, as all selfishness knows:  there ain’t nothing important in this life, but you. Insuring nothing is changed until extermination is complete:  is the hallmark or trademark, of a university mind. As has been proven               time and again.   Because nothing is their fault;  so say the delusional, the criminal, and the traitor.

The reality of existence is simple:  if you focus on just you/ then the whole world is meaningless, except for what you want.  If on the other hand, you discard self, for the evidence of life; and accept “this is truly a miracle surrounding me/ within me”.  Then by living among the miracles, even eternity opens up, to conceive of an experience that is potentially beyond time.  The difference is simple as well:  one direction is life beyond true comprehension/ the other direction is limited to, “I want”.

Just for the sake of it, the ice flow could be held in place, before it achieves any more momentum:  by adding rock on a land shelf beneath the ice flow IF, land is within 3 feet of the ice for a sufficient distance. BEFORE the ice gets any more momentum; you can “cable lace it back to land” with cables: it is only the momentum that must be defeated. “dog bone ties” can be cut into both ice masses and then welded together with ice in winter. This method has the potential to shift both ice masses, so pay attention. Trying to harvest drinking water, would prove valuable; but you don’t care “it costs pennies”! large ice flows can be directed by accelerating the melting of ice off the back side. “direct the flow into rivers” which will then cut the ice mass into pieces as time goes by. Just for the sake of it, global warming consumes MORE than the ice flow that has just broke off.  Because the heat released from human purposes, which include the arsonists starting forest fires/ war machines, etc:  is far more than a couple thousand miles of ice.  Calculate it:  “just how many thousand or hundred thousand cubic miles of ice does it take to balance all that humanity does”?  not important you say?  Well consider this:  once that ice is gone/ what then will cool this planet;  to keep you and life alive?  Answer the question/ OH WAIT, I know, “that’s the children’s problem.”  As is the endless excuse for this entire generation:  you don’t have to care/ because the children “will get the problem” after you die.  It’s called deliberate genocide/ even worse that what was done to the American Indian. Of course the Jews were equally savage back “in biblical days”/ the Nazi’s/ the Japanese/  as were so many more.  GEE, I WONDER what our own future holds?  Do you think men have changed, or will their solution continue to be:   “the very same, as seen throughout all of history itself”.  Gosh, what could it be/ isn’t that such a mystery?

You need to start filling the valleys beneath sea level immediately, to counteract your reality.  US death valley, is a good place to start. Generating electricity as you go, is valid.

It is also true, that to confront arsonists you must establish smoke detectors in all areas which call a fire in by wireless means.  You need constant vigilance, with  heat sensing video in the air, towers are best/ but weather balloons will do. And you need airplanes flying or able to get off the ground quickly when a fire is detected;  to assault the fire/ or find the driver trying to get away. You need to create an army of volunteers to fight fire, with better equipment/ and dispense or remove the union method of “protect our jobs/ we DON’T give  a DAMN about anything else”.  Some of that equipment is identified for you in my videos. A link is at the top of this homepage.  No, it is not worth my time to fight to inform you anymore:  cult based children, with their fingers in their ears, mumbling words so they cannot hear/ as is you. Just ain’t worth my time anymore.  Find your soul, and you will find your help.  

. No, the media won’t help you/ as is proven by the fact:  no amount of threat, no amount of evidence, no amount of consequences will deter them from their mission:  which is to glorify the universities as god. After all, this level of failure does indeed prove the university is not  “god”/ unless its devil. Just the facts, and you can’t hear it/ because you worship them too.

World laws, and its enforcement on leaders:  ends military aggression.  Which is why “presidents, etc” DON’T like world law.  A leader without any solutions ALWAYS chooses to “use the military”/ because they don’t need solutions, “just commands”.  Take that away, life will change/ but the endless demand of men wanting more will not.  Until you change the leaders themselves, and resurrect this world by law constructed through women.  Women are different, let them try/ they can’t do worse.  Provide concrete recycling machinery to combat those places devastated by man’s horrific desire “for a gun”. It is the least you can do/ do more.


tired of waiting

Tired of waiting, for women to recognize this is not a game/ and their own lives, as well as everything about this earth and its life; is on trial.

        That brings us too:  participation without organization.  A reality of exceptions, rather than the rule of society.


        To establish change in the economy of a nation, requires control over the resources/ it literally is no more complicated than that. Because whosoever controls the resources controls all jobs, and all wealth. No jobs exist without resources, therefore even you can understand this is true. Not even the ones “in university” who tell stories for a living/ because without a foundation built upon those who actually work for a living;  there is nothing for you to trade. No product that lets you survive.

        So the critical question to removing power from society over the rest of humanity is:  whosoever makes the law/ controls everything else, including whatever resources are available.

        The cost of this reality is very simple:  when humanity has access to unlimited resources, the very first thing they do is throw everything away as if it meant nothing at all/ unless someone considers it rare, and offers more. So to change society, and rewrite the laws that control resources:  REQUIRES more than just “we own it now”.  The rich exist, because the poor could not resist destroying everything/ in a mad, insane dash to demand:  I will become rich, among themselves. Regardless of the consequences to life or planet.

        So again it is human want that erodes and causes the endless grief, that is human existence; in a power struggle with wealth (one saying to the other:  you must be my slave)!

        WANT is a tragedy (truth decides not lies)/ pride is a fool (life is not a game, death and disease remind you of that)/ power is a deviant (the law doesn’t matter)/ arrogance plays god with life (because respect fails).  Remove these and our world   becomes an entirely different place, with all humans benefiting:   beyond hate.

        So changing this world depends upon changing humanity itself!  Otherwise, no matter what you do, reality will shift back to what it has done before.  Because nearly all people want to be rich! Rich has no real value other than surrounding you with trophies/ or making you less vulnerable to the influence of others on your life.

        So let’s discuss trophies:  yes, the garbage dump is full of them. Yes people considered to be trophies are thrown away too. Yes, the future is lost because trophies are not enough. Yes, even eternity is destroyed:  because you wanted to influence the lives of others, rather than own the life within you instead.  So, can you give up your garbage/ can you respect each other, as friend/ can you become aware of miracles/ and can you stop trying to prove you can be “god” too?  All are wants:  so the simple question is, can you accept truth leads life?

        Let’s suppose you can get beyond absolute selfishness, at least for a little while/ the probability of backtracking is horrendous;  because men have chosen these ways for their own reasons. “I want to be considered,  great”. No room for anyone else there;  so the crowd is manipulated, flattered, tempted, lied too, or whatever it takes to herd them together in fear.  You can only herd humanity in fear or want:  so the question is, what do you fear/ versus what do you want?

        Fear supposes an enemy, and if one does not exist/ “like the current N. Korea media expansion of reality into fear in this USA”:  someone or something to fear will be created, so it can be used to herd the population.  If the public gets tired of fear/ then want arises, or violence is used to insist you must fear:  thereby you must herd together.

        Want is the opposite of fear;  by believing whatever you want will come true:  an entire religion of purposes and desires can be exhibited creating an individual triumph.  If you get whatever you want.  So to get people to want, leaders of all types:  use all methods of propaganda to insist:  go ahead TAKE EVERYTHING you can get, it will be great/ you will be great.  As is consistent with this USA over the last decades in particular.  Want works to herd the population, because as is consistent with all lies:  the consequence to all of society will be failure.  Therefore they fear, and herd together.

        We then recognize that it is fear, and want and the control over resources that defines society itself; other than hate.  Which is an element provided by the few, who will never accept love as valued. Hate illuminates itself with violence in all forms.  Love lifts the rest, so we can share the values of living with true caring respect for each other.  It is a choice!

        The development of human existence, is defined and dependent upon those who choose love over hate.  The unfortunate middle ground of human existence is provided by those who refuse to pick one or the other:  but desire both.  Because they want the benefits of love/ but they want the pride and power of hate:  so they try to live within the middle.  A reality that cannot be done:  because love and hate are opposites, and are never found by choice;  together.

        Changing society is then with clarity, the reality of dividing love from hate/ and making those who worship life in the middle:  choose.  Can’t have it both ways;  make your decision.

        So let’s examine reality:  WHAT does truth allow for change?


  1. With limited capitalism we can change the economic reality of any society; by our own vote.
  2. With truth, through the evidence: we can define the future, and make it a destiny we chose, for the children as well as ourselves and all life.
  3. With the removal of weapons of mass destruction, the military might of nations no longer is validated: and world law and its policing of leaders can begin.
  4. With the removal of consumerism (I want it all)/ replaced by the truth: as 8 billion people and rising we have no choice but to share carefully or die.  There is a potential to survive.
  5. With respect for life and each other, the opportunities are as friends, for love. And hate surrounded by violence; for those who have been separated from all those who love.
  6. Society breathes, when everyone has an opportunity to participate equally and honestly. Which means the powerful shall lose their power to control through limited capitalism and law.  Reality decides the methods must productive to a sustainable end.
  7. Disciplines in religion allow for a greater understanding of life. But NOT by believing anything you want can come true; it cannot. Rather the assertion of religion is, the combined accumulation of human understanding throughout the ages;  in the vastness of life;  is stored here.  When separated from all the want that has infiltrated and contorted what can be considered true or at least   valuable:  we then come to a unified religion that will make a difference on planet earth.  That ends the claim of:  THIS IS ALL “ABOUT US”.  When in fact, reality proves what happened “thousands of years ago” was all about them instead. A quest that needs no discussion other than what can be considered valuable and true.


In the vastness of human conflict that everything is.  Comes the reality:  people who are alike, try to control the people who they are not alike. Because as resources dwindle, and competition rises:  “somebody has to lose”.  Most often it is the minority. An economic reality, rather than simply about faces or colors.    In opposition to that is the truth, that independent groups who are happy within themselves:  DON’T want significant  change. Thereby minorities which do consist of a significant change from the realities of who we are/ do construct a threat, that this will make us different. We don’t want that, is underlined with bigotry, race, pride, prejudice and so on.  Not so much a “I hate you/ as it is, I love us, as we are”;  even if you don’t.

    So the question is again:  with limited capitalism changes in the economic structures that govern a society come to power. This lifts the poor, and limits the powerful:  which alters the fabric that holds society together. The weaving of class, initiates control by providing money as a weapon to punish or tempt those who want more for me! Change that, and the immediate rush “to get more” results. 

    So the question is:  where do we begin? Reality states:  NO MORE large corporations, nor all the rest unless chosen by society itself.  In other words neither industry nor business nor any other aspect of economic control is allowed to be “above a certain, chosen by society;  size”.   This divides the work into more and more opportunities/ but it also increases the cost:  because the automated assembly line removes workers; as do robotics and other things.  So our choice is then to control the competition for ourselves; and that includes global competition as well. The opportunity to demand:  ONLY local business is allowed;  is necessary, because whether you like it or not/ the burning of fossil fuels, which is the consumption of oxygen, along with a list of consequences to the planet CANNOT be changed unless you do what is required.  Get out of your cars, is required.

    That is a beginning, and you can complain “except this/ except that/ except me, or whatever you like”:  but you cannot remove the reality of 8 billion people or the consequences they create. You will not survive even the near future, unless you do what this planet needs for life to remain living here.  Wrong is a dead world, and the consequences of what you are doing:  is clearly “absolutely wrong”.  You won’t survive, not even another decade;  so says all the evidence.  Go ahead, prove the evidence is wrong/ OR CHANGE.  JUST With people trying to ignite sun fire here:   you might have a few seconds, or longer.  But it is a guarantee, once ignition occurs:  this world has died.  Or, with all the other threats surrounding us, the end is absolutely certain:  you, those who can make a difference and did not/   became the essence of “SATAN on earth”.  As is defined by “destroyer of a world”.  Congratulations, you became a god;  now isn’t that great?


reality speaks

Reality speaks, and no one listens; because they are absolutely certain “the universities cannot be wrong”. The consequence is a religion:  because only believers, “without a thread of evidence”;  can accept, “we cannot be wrong”.


        So the question presented is:  WHAT could possibly be wrong, about information given by “our universities”?  After all, are they not the best we can do?

        So, let’s review the simple things.  As indicated earlier, we begin with a short list/ and understand, where conclusions are drawn that have SEVERE CONSEQUENCES “for not being right”.  Then the cost of simply accepting:  “if they aren’t right at first/ they will figure this out later”:  CAN BE HORRENDOUS, AND LIFE, EVEN PLANET ENDING.  Such is the truth of things the universities play with today. The evidence cannot be wrong:  failure to be “right” ends in extinction from our planet.

The short list

  1. Being wrong about igniting sun fire here on earth: means the same fire that is on the sun/ NOW consumes our planet.  Because we cannot extinguish the fire, and we cannot remove the fuel.  The sun burns the bond between atoms/ JUST LIKE the chemical fire we know here on earth burns the molecular bond between elements. Similar to the difference between TNT, and the atomic bomb/  you do have an understanding of what that could mean. Everyday, your scientists:  by government money, try to initiate this fire;  by assuming an endless list of fantasies, that even a grade school student should recognize as false. Down the home page a bit justtalking5.info
  2. By asserting evolution is a truth, the universities have taken the right to destroy nature as we know it: deliberately trying to remove disciplines/ order/ balance and more. Because they assume:  once we can destroy it/ then we can figure out how it was put together in the first place; and declare ourselves gods:  by creating different forms of life as we see fit. So the extreme delusion is:  destroying nature which is DNA or genetic structure as is the building plans and all related elements of creating a living body of life/  can simply be undone.  Yet AIDS, and a wide variety of other realities of disease, mutilation, and life in general all prove:  once life has been damaged, it is entirely possible, that it will never be repaired/ and even if, “it won’t be the same as it was”.  So their priest of evolution, use that religion to condemn life as it is:  because they want to play god, and prove they can create “human bugs/ or human fish/ or spider elephants/ or who knows what”.  Because they have absolutely NO RESPECT FOR LIFE, or planet. Simply true;  happens a “million times a day/ across the planet”.  Because the delusion of chaos built this:  is nothing less than religious sewage.
  3. Have you never noticed “if somehow a trivial who cares;  is grown on something or somewhere. Media hype is “the universities are god”.  While if nature itself has been altered in some fashion by chemical intervention or other:  the claim is “nature is at fault”.  Or we designed or engineered a bridge:  the university is god, we are technical  giants who know everything”/ whereas nature created a human being, “that is all by accident, chaos did it;  nothing important here.” Probably a billion tickets for “mega millions lottery” are sold/ maybe one or two winners once in awhile.  Yet the reality of every living thing is a composition of approximately a trillion literal developmental realities that must all come together at once, and through genetic development and its facilities:  EVERY SINGLE LIFE IS BUILT.  So we have a trillion piece working parts, utility gathering,  ultimately “the most complex realities on planet earth/  BUILT in an automated factory as is the living body called female.  And that is just an accident according to university hype, and media presentation.  Add in is the religious teaching of university promoted and maintained by government leaders, and hyped by media are the only possible answer:   demanding this, as in all life;  is nothing more than chaos building life, a complete accident that just kept repeating itself.  Completely discarding even their own conclusion by definition which is:   chaos is the reduction of anything complex/ INTO ITS LEAST complex POSSIBLE:  SIMPLE FORM.  Fire is chaos controlled by chemical barriers on earth.  Fire is chaos uncontrolled on the sun.  IS THAT “the builder of life”? 
  4. University leaders, which do become government officials have only one purpose; because they are ultimately “dead inside”. Their purpose is “I alone, am important”/ so give me everything I want!  That can be identified by the reality of what has been chosen by these individuals, particularly in America for decades. We begin with media, whose true purpose is to control the public, and make them fear wherever possible.  The latest case in point is N. Korea:  “fear/ fear/ fear, so we can do something; and claim superiority/ by proving destruction”. The reality of government officials in all other categories can be underscored by simply reviewing the legal cases that I have presented on these sites:  their proven purpose is to keep the constitution out of the courthouse, and remove democracy from government. The university has only one interest:  “all the money, and power they can get”/ and that includes building fantasies, and playing god with life. Other than delivering weapons of mass destruction;  the entire space program is very little more than trillions upon trillions of dollars spent on, and by university fantasy. Nothing else matters; the constant of university leadership is failure. The constant of university intent is:  WE WILL REPLACE THEM ALL; so we don’t need the slaves anymore.  And table L.5 total liabilities and assets of the USA;  as created by the gov website did identify counterfeiting in the form of about 20 trillion dollars per year during the Obama years/ and that didn’t include the trillions added in debt. Trump of course like them all is too proud to work for life/ and acts and demands:  “I will be a great military leader, by beating up those who I view as no threat to me”.  Like all bullies/ and every leader with a degree;  throughout the decades for a long time:  TO HELL with life/ to HELL with this nation/ TO HELL with this world! To accomplish such things, we have Hidden inflation, as is counterfeiting:  because instead of the entire nation knowing this currency is nothing but added numbers.  Only a few know it’s just added numbers to the currency they hide in asset creation/ and THEY GET TO SPEND IT, like real money;  on whatever they want. Because thieves are thieves, cheaters are cheaters, and liars are liars.   Destroying the public securities in their entirety has already been done;  as is the summary reality provided by the federal reserve site and its numbers before they changed and hid it:   of roughly $28,000.00 per human face on the planet/ in American “dollars”.  Given that, just how valuable is your dollar?  Answer the question/ and go search for the truth.
  5. Leadership hides the truth about absolutely every threat they have made, by producing media which directs you to believe “anything else is more important”: than threats which will make us extinct.  A crisis coming quickly:   in over-population/ a crisis in resource loss/ a crisis in the ocean/ a crisis in oxygen reduction across the planet/ a crisis in food mutilation/ a crisis in healthcare and the creation of “super-disease”/  a crisis in pollinators/ a crisis in everything, and that includes weapons of mass destruction.  Which the universities in particular DESPISE the idea of removal;  because that is literally what brought them all to power; and let them take over the world of humanity. Take the weapons away, and they become unimportant again.
  6. Then of course we have the attack on religion, other than their own called evolution/ and the cult worship called “university knows everything”. Which is an endless dribble of fairy tale stories, simple lies, outright delusion, fantasies without any substance, and a purpose that designs death for our world.  Of their favorites,  the demand for evolution is one:  their design “we built ourselves, by selecting off the shelf pieces;  which we then just incorporated into the body”.  You can’t adapt what has not been engineered and designed to adapt.  Go ahead, make a bird out of a stump:  “its called evolution”/ and it has NO reality whatsoever.  Another is that Noah’s flood did not exist:  that too is a proven reality, by the existence of fossil fuels.  We know this is life gathered together in one clump/ and then buried together all at once.  We know floods do this/ we know nothing else truly does. We know by the volume of fossil fuel:  the event was massive and beyond comprehension truly. We know there is absolutely no other possible conclusion for how fossil fuels that we have found, could have been formed.  That is a fact. But media of course is owned by a tiny few; and only power is important, as in:  KEEP THE UNIVERSITY AS god, let none contest for life or planet. WE ARE god, everyone else is a slave/ because they are worthless to the elite of a university degree. To prove that, the courtroom is guarded by lawyers, whose entire intent is to steal as much money from you as possible.
  7. None in the history of this earth can compare to a university diploma: this entire world is now threatened with true extinction/ and our lives hang in the balance, every single day can easily become our last on earth.  Even the planet is in jeopardy. Every part and piece of nature is being mutilated. EVEN THE SOLAR SYSTEM ITSELF, is being threatened with change:  because igniting this planet into a sun, WOULD do that very thing.  And we have only begun to consider, or describe the cost of “a university degree”!  well, not to worry; they gave you bribes, and made you toys/ and buried you in debt;  etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Is that not enough?  Answer the question.
    1. Oh wait; the doctors are your gods/ and you can’t possible consider pharmaceuticals might harm instead of help. But then we look at the lawsuits against medicine, and find:  apart from the simple things. What they have thrown together that is more complex:  HAS PROBLEMS.
    2. What is an antibiotic; which is the entire base foundation for all of medicine today/ will soon be completely worthless: so says your scientists, because of abuse. Medicine will then die, back to what it was before. Antibiotics; Particularly in livestock agriculture’ are a primary contributor. No worries though, hell what could go wrong with that?
  8. The more critical resolution of problems, instead of constantly dealing with the results of human arrogance; is to create the “news, and appropriate politics”. NOT as it is today.  But as it should be. There are no opinions in news or politics/ there is only truth and reality; the consequences of being wrong.
    1. To accomplish anything in news or politics, it is absolutely necessary to discard “human contact” with the results. That means NO “he said/ she said trash”.
  • Instead reality states a distinct problem must be identified. Then that problem requires a clear and certain resolution of knowledge: “this is what we are dealing with, or need to do”.
  1. Then the realities of each problem connected to a distinct understanding outlines the reality. So that then the development of wisdom can take place.
  2. The values and desires of the public are added in, so as to conceive of the human elements involved. The consequences for our future, and theirs, as in every child.
  3. When you have achieved a foundation upon which a functional resolution of “we can do this”: BY TRUTH!  Not the fantasies of a university diploma;  but by reality, without lies or “make the children pay”.
  4. Then you can have a vote, determined by truth/ isolated away from human wants by reality: which will influence life and society as we all go forward together. Because no matter who you are;  our relationship with truth, as the entire human race.  Our foundation directly tied to truth & reality, will decide life or death for our world. We are 8 billion people, and there is no time left for delusions, excessive sympathy, or just plain stupidity or lies.  Simple and plain, that is the truth.
  1. With simple eloquence, the reality of politics is very simple: who cheated with the money/ who corrupted with the power/ who stole the pride/ who lied?  Anything else is actual democracy when the life, child, and time of peace and harmony for society and world came first.
  2. With critical understanding, the truth of news is: when only the evidence matters/ then where is the truth? That truth is not an opinion, it is clear, simple, honest, and respectful of the reality to be defined:  with a sole purpose that delivers the consequence of being wrong to the masses.  Nothing less is news. In terms of medicine drugs and other/ the statistical reality that proves or disproves what is functionally correct identifies the reality of our risk. Thereby the tragedy or triumph of our time;  which includes what will or will not happen to the future.
  3. The value of a constitution is: WE THE PEOPLE  decide, the relationships our employees have to their work.  We the people decide:  whether through redress of grievances, a first amendment law;  IF OUR EMPLOYEES, have in fact been doing their job for us all.  Or in contrast to that:  simply using us, to inflate and defend their armies of insurrection against this nation, state, or world.
  4. The critical message of truth is: this is humanity, which means there will always be “traitors among us”. Particularly wherever power or money or pride is to be found!  Simple and sure;  just how it is.  Diligent supervision;  clear punishment for not obeying your oath;  orderly redress of grievances;  balanced decisions which allow reality to be served by truth/ NOT by human want. And a “free press” that is completely untethered to “an owner who gets to decide” other than WE THE PEOPLE for ourselves. 
  5. Critical peace is constructed with honesty; that honesty uses “limited capitalism” as the means of controlling society for us all/ by us all, that there will be harmony, with realistic equality.
  6. World law, and correct policing of leaders; removes weapons of mass destruction. Simple as that.
  7. Life begins again, with only one true objective: LIFE FOR THIS PLANET, AS NATURE DESIGNED COMES FIRST IN EVERY DECISION.  Money is no longer “a ruler”/ we choose for a future; because there is no other way; but death.
  8. The failure to amend ways, is just like the current attempts to ignite sun fire here on earth: WRONG MEANS THE EARTH BECOMES A SUN.  “same fire/ why not the same result?  Being wrong is a human reality. NO GOING BACK, the fire cannot be extinguished.  Machines try every single day!   Are you willing to accept WRONG MEANS YOU BURN, along with everything you love?  Answer the question.


examining democracy

Examining democracy!

        NO, there is no such thing as “government”.  There are only employees, hired to obey our constitution which is the government.

        NO, there is no such thing as a vote; when its, to vote for someone who then votes for me. A vote counts, only when you vote for the law or the rights or the reality of society itself:  as one person equals one vote for that purpose. WHOSOEVER MAKES and ENFORCES  THE LAW, RULES THE WORLD, or your society.

        NO, society cannot rule itself by force; not even through laws/ because a law is not necessarily JUSTICE.  Justice is:  the values we set to govern ourselves, as we would be governed if this “purpose or desire” was created by ourselves. In other words, justice is: “do unto others, as you would have them do unto you”.

        NO, society cannot make peace or harmony for itself, unless your vote EQUALS the purpose called “FAIR PLAY” FOR ALL.  That does not mean, everyone gets the same. It means:  no one is judged or dismissed without true “constitutionally legal” cause.

        NO, society cannot tolerate “lawmakers” anymore/ tragedy (a refusal to accept the reality of evidence), disgrace (USA creates war), disrespect (only the diploma has the right to control “everything”), destruction (never for life, not even infrastructure), terrorism (lets bring sun fire here “its just atoms on fire”), traitors (the constitution has been removed from the courtroom), failures (poisons everywhere), fools (only the money matters), liars (“we are being threatened by N. Korea”/ when in fact we are being threatened by all weapons of mass destruction), thieves (let the children pay), cheats (“ten thousand dollars per year per citizen in healthcare costs), whores (buy every election, and make the people slaves; by fucking the law), bastards (put every life in jeopardy;  do nothing about a thousand world ending threats), the insane (adding one billion mouths to feed per decade) , the criminally corrupt (the courtroom is for keeping the powerful in charge), the organized crime (keep the competition out;  educate only a few doctors), blatant corruption (discard the masses with prejudice; for those who mimic and memorize the university religion), common conspiracies (take over business and industry/ destroy private enterprise), absolute tyranny through counterfeiting (over $28,000.00 in US currency per human face on this planet), complete disregard for honesty (not a word about the consequence of university failure in anything), the assassination of life (take every resource/ LEAVE NOTHING), the mutilation of nature (destroy discipline, order, balance and more:  so evolution the liars religion can consume), Satan worship (fail life on earth, just let it die), cult worship of university (they cannot be questioned:  they are gods), propaganda media (BRAINWASH THEM ALL); and a long list of more,  all contribute to the clear and certain:  THIS CANNOT BE TOLERATED ANYMORE. Do you not see why?  OF COURSE you don’t,  “the television didn’t tell you to think that”! Delusions don’t allow for truth or reality.

        IF you could think/ THEN you would know:  “every form of power MUST be removed from the employee of government hands”. Creating for ourselves a valid form of democracy that defines life by determining the law, and the decisions,  that rule our lives, for ourselves!

        NO, society cannot be free anymore:  the debt-makers/ those university decreed rulers, who have made themselves “the new nobles”.  Have in fact created more debt against this society, than you can repay in ten thousand years.  Having destroyed resources these rulers have insured:  LIFE ON EARTH will die.  Having initiated horrendous criminal fantasy experiments:  “they chose, to insure no life can escape their extermination”.  Because once the consequences of what they have done begin to surface:   they refuse to face their own truth/ you must be distracted, or they die.


        The list goes on for a great deal of other failures, tragedies, insanity, and just plain DAMNED TO DEATH realities;  all produced by the people who believe they are “gods” on earth.  “cause they are so smart”;  after all, they built you a propaganda machine “you, are too damn stupid to think”/ a brainwashing device “your friend”/ weapons of mass destruction “your saviors”/ evolution “die brain die”/ and a world living on lies “who can stop us”.  Now who could be smarter than that:  “CONSEQUENCES be damned”?


        Redress of grievances, a first amendment constitutional edict:  which means CANNOT be denied by law or democracy.  Stands ready to change what needs to be changed.

        Redress requires:

  1. You don’t ask/ you simply begin, by assigning to the court: THE LIST of realities, to be examined: that are functionally and fundamentally NOT within GOVERNMENTAL  “constitutional law” REGULATIONS.   
  2. The government is: THE US CONSTITUTION FIRST, and then state constitutions as do apply. Only these words, as applied and accepted by WE THE PEOPLE;  are “our government”.  Those employees, who have not kept their oath of office, are then subject to penalties as defined by the people themselves.
  3. No one gets to hide/ no employee gets to refuse testifying: there is no “fifth amendment to hide behind”: for an employee of the people.  Your oath to obey the constitution takes that away.
  4. We are the government/ NOT our employees. As a government, WE HAVE AGREED as one people:  to adhere to constitutional decree. We are the final say in interpretation of what that means as one people by vote:  because this is our government, not theirs!
  5. We are the military, we are the policing, we own the courtroom, and we determine the future/ NOT “THEM”.
  6. So the decision is: recognizing extreme fraud, lies, terrorism, tyranny, traitorous acts, corruption, counterfeiting and more are all standing in the way of life on earth. These are all standing in the way of our existence as a nation; and must be resolved:  by whatever cost they bring/ THAT DOES NOT include war or violence, beyond the slightest possible means.
  7. All of that, and everything life needs to survive: HIDES BEHIND THE MONEY.  Because the money is your god/ and your god is dead:  counterfeited into delusion, and spent almost entirely on fantasy and university greed. Fail to let the money fall/ and you fail life.  Fail to accept we must begin again, and remove the lies so as to return both life and nation to TRUTH;  and you die.  Fail to do it yourselves; and you become slaves forever.  So reality says:  CHOOSE, a life fighting to survive by accepting the price of truth.  OR, “let’s all continue to lie, the university is god”.   It is a choice, with extremely different outcomes:  EVEN if you can’t see truth.


You establish constitutional redress on the money supply, by using democracy “we the people will now rule this matter”.

    Democracy established is:  “limited capitalism”. Which means by our vote we will determine the maximum income and the minimum income for all working people;  periodically so as to maintain control. That includes a limit on property ownership, corporate realities, etcetera;  so that all can be included, in the rights and realities of a nation declared to be   “WE THE PEOPLE”.

    Given that discipline, order exists as:  US CURRENCY is determined by “strictly limiting currency to so much per citizen”.  Which then gives every citizen the power to see and understand “where they stand” in terms of what is fair. International currency is limited to:  what is real, simple to understand, valid and fair.

    In determining “the new rule of money”:  you take the numbers decided by vote, or you simply use “the average income number for the nation” to supply the number. Then you divide the new currency among the poor first, giving every layer of wealth what is left from what the poor did not need to survive and be realistically happy.  The vote to determine what the levels of wealth are going to be:  occurs within two years beyond that time.

    Democracy GIVES THE RIGHT to govern:  to the people themselves!  Not a group, not a court, not a congress, not an employee.  Democracy means, WE THE PEOPLE made these laws to govern our employees and design our future/ and we called it THE US CONSTITUTION. And we identified its purpose with the “Virginia bill of rights, and the declaration of independence”. No university/ NO expert decides:   that, is why this is called a democracy, as in we the people get one true individual vote, to determine what our justice will be. One true vote on every law we must obey. One critical time:  to change our world, for life! Democracy is NOT voting for someone to vote for me/ it is voting on the laws and rights and realities that become society itself, and our future.  As best we can.


a valuable lesson

A valuable lesson;  includes the truth:  nothing is more important, than what happens when you die!


        Religion uses that as fear, love, or whatever you want it to be/ as does all other forms of human intellect, with a wide range of expectations, “from nothing, to playing god, without any price associated”.  So the critical question is not what you know/ because you know nothing, or very little.

        We must begin, by recognizing what is, or is not true! Because only truth can survive beyond time, and time itself cannot exist without truth.

        The dead brain among you begins with “in a sudden instant called the big bang” all mass was created from nothing.  Even a first grader would know better:  where did the energy for that big bang come from, if there was “nothing” as they say. Delusion after delusion, followed by every conceivable fantasy and story telling lie the dead brain can come up with;  most likely by stealing it from the others.  As to the reality of that event, you will begin with understanding the information that has already been given to you from my sites.  If you cannot comprehend even that little bit/ then no further teaching will help you. So if you want to learn more about energy “go search the past here”.

        The dead brains call life an accident, that just kept reoccurring until:   we got it right- by choosing what we wanted to keep/ and letting all the chaos in life without a brain;  before “value” die.  Without a brain means:  NO POSSIBLE DECISION can be made/ NO POSSIBLE comprehension of value, can be deduced.  Because you have no connection with reality or its expression or its experience or its life. Even a preschooler should know this/ but not “your cult”. To their & your shame;  “you follow them”!

        The dead brains tell you nothing matters/ there are no consequences to anything they do:  “because evolution will fix it all, in a billion years or so”.  Let’s review:   they destroy life, and mutilate it into extinction/ and you let them, because they promise “in a billion years or so;  EVERYTHING will be back to the same as it is now”.  But you can’t think:  proven true, so you say   “OK”.  DUMBASS, even a fool knows better/ so what, does that make of you? Answer the question, do it now piss head.

        The dead brains promise:  sure you can pump poisons in & around/ up & down/ through the water supplies or any other possible way to contaminate it all;  so there is nothing left for life to drink.  Because they are certain, “we can be your gods”. And the leaders DEMAND (as with all things university):  “believe in your gods”/ they CANNOT be questioned!  And you believe them;  even an infant, if he or she could talk knows more than you.  The diarrhea surrounds/ start digging out or die.

        The dead brains give you medicine; and the whole world gets sicker:  so says the evidence of your healthcare bills!  Yet you call them gods, and worship them as saviors, even though they bankrupt you all:  read the evidence, and tell me what that means? Go ahead:  TRY.

        The dead brains say:  the world has not changed/ over-population by humanity will be no problem at all.  Yet reality proves, there are already a billion people hungry; everyday.  While complete disrespect for the truth of our new existence continues to add another billion mouths to feed in less than a decade.  Cannibalism is coming, and only “devils” hide that truth:  so you can be HORRIFIED!

        The dead brains say, “we can bring atomic fire here/ and it will be GREAT”!  NEVER ONCE admitting, there is no possible way to extinguish that fire “just like the sun” once it is ignited.  Not to worry, “it will just extinguish itself”:  says satan, as reality of arrogance so defiled, they are willing to gamble every life on this planet, even the solar system. On a theory filled with absolute fraud.  More information about sun fire, is on the front page of www.justtalking5.info   everyday they try to ignite atoms; even if they call it fusion:  an absolute LIE!  Just look at the sun “like they do”/ and prove that is anything but atoms being burned!  Answer, “you CAN’T”/ and neither can they.  So they literally,  intend to kill our world, on purpose (its impossible to be that STUPID):  and that includes you too.

        Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera.


        IN CONTRAST TO A DEAD BRAIN/ the living brain conceives of life and planet as a miracle, by examining the evidence of life and planet to conclude NOTHING SHORT OF    “GOD”   ;  can do this!  That is not religion, it is, just plain truth.


        Given that certainty, with absolutely no possibility of error:  every associated relationship that begins the journey to a relationship with CREATION ITSELF, aligns through the existence of thought.  Or more simply:  the elements of what is true, all point distinctly at an understanding so eloquent and valuable, that nothing on earth can equal it. Every aspect of knowledge, every underpinning of wisdom as is evident throughout this creation:  SAYS “CREATION EXISTS, BY THE HAND OF A CREATOR”.    So the first question is why, are we here?

        The value of that question is somewhat infinite, as life has no essential measurement. It is ultimately “alive by thought alone”/ even if, our bodies of life give us the recognition called time.

        Because thought cannot be quantified, human reality cannot conceive of truth beyond self. UNTIL you choose, to ascend beyond self, in the search for life itself/ as is intricately woven within thought. Few care to try, and many of these are found dead;  because they could not discontinue their own wants.

        Nonetheless, the question returns to what happens when you die, as the immortal understanding (this is not up to you):  WHAT IS THOUGHT/ WHY DOES THOUGHT EXIST/ WHO PARTICIPATES IN THOUGHT/ WHEN DOES THIS OCCUR/ AND HOW DO WE GET TO AN ETERNAL “ELEMENT OF LIFE”; that is obviously, without a human body?

        Thought is the binding of energy, which gives existence its very mass. That makes creation a participation from all things “energized”. The question then becomes: if thought is in all things/ then what is life? The answer replies:  what comes from the existence of energy released, yet bound into a dimension of its own;  is a source of reality by law, through a different truth. The fundamental value of a life is then formed by this variation of truth, into the foundations that become its own reality. As is an identity which can be shared within existence, as a universal trait. The complexity of where can “I go”, as an independent life beyond body:  consists as to the environment of doors. Where every door opens to your own truth. A dimension that lives or dies by your own experience. Love shares value:   GOD shares life, with those who love, and respect HIS own boundaries.  The value being:  without love, there can be no eternity! Which makes the treasury of your soul, “love alone”.


the disgrace

The disgrace, that is media today recognizes the foundational influence that is:  “disrespect for each other is called funny/ murder is called interesting/ a gun is the answer/ any temptation is good/ plotting corruption, planning infidelity, conspiring to destroy, being unfriendly in every conceivable way,  lying, cheating, stealing, killing, etc;  is life in these united states of America.  And the people watch, listen, and learn to repeat these same elements in society;  destroying values as their priests of a university derived cult demands they do with this constant brand of propaganda and influence over their lives.  The reality of discipline fails. The common cause which is balance and order in society reeks of delusion and sewage. The values of love and life itself as a miracle; which it truly is/ is violently assaulted and battered by fools promoting evolution for their god; which is the university.

        Or more simply, the curse of “university knows” has become so wide spread and influential, because of all the counterfeit money:  that our world is being exterminated, along with all its life executed;  simply because fools cannot be allowed to think/ & only the damned can lead.

        So let’s consider our truth! 

  1. Even though society considers its university a god which saves their lives. Since extreme worship has risen; the current approximate cost of healthcare in America has become $3.5 trillion dollars/ not including social security or insurance costs.  In a nation of 350 million citizens/ that comes to an expenditure of $10,000.00 per year, per American citizen.  So reality says, your gods MUST be making you sick; or this would not be so. How is that not true?
  2. The value of any disease is: “keep them living/ make them fear;  and you can make them your slaves until they die”.  So back to the doctor you go, time and time and time again/ because they say so.  Not to worry however, because as gods;  they get to charge absolutely anything they desire:  so as to bankrupt and destroy society itself.  Making them “the superior ones”/ as all criminal organizations do.
  3. The extreme delusion that is evolution contributes by proclaiming “every life is a random accident/ without the slightest claim to wisdom”. Which of course means;  that the chemicals being produced CAN’T have an impact unless the university proclaims it is so;  after all they are gods. And since they know everything:  the biology of a chemical body needs no order/ no balancing, or distributing or combinations or utilities or anything else that could be considered complex;  because according to their gods “evolution is explained, as just chaos which went awry”.  After all, who needs a brain, or any other form of knowledge; to form ALL the base realities of building a life body? Its just an accident;  until reality looks at the nursing home for instance;  and declares every person in there; an example far superior to what evolution declares “started humanity”. A dead brain can’t think;  “so you just have to excuse the witchdoctors of university”  after all, when your brain extends from your ass, “it gets a little filthy, every single day”!
  4. But let’s not be so simple, and recognize the realities of university is GREAT. After all, “they went to the moon”, and more. By spending literally countless trillions of dollars in this simple delusion;  throughout the decades/  as a means to hide the fact it is all simply about delivering atomic bombs.  But who cares right;  you’re bankrupt, and so is every nation who participated in that purpose to exterminate life from this earth;  but its all worth it right.  After all, who would be SO ARROGANT, as to actually use them;  right?  Surely not ANY leader, or terrorist? But alas, the very worst terrorists this world produced:   are all found in the university itself, and their purposes beyond those closed doors.  Such as is the mutilation of all life on earth;  yep, every single one/ because that, “is what they do”.
  5. Its ok though, because the university elite have bought the government with counterfeit money (inflation hidden by asset generation/ and not reported to the people: SO ONLY THEY GET TO SPEND IT, “like real money”.  With that theft, every fantasy has been encouraged;  so long as it doesn’t have anything to do with living or life.  Rather every fantasy is about “BEING god”/ by proving we can control nature, we can control energy, we can control humanity, and we can control government to religiously teach evolution and other deceit to the children. Thereby making them “good little slaves” who cannot think for themselves;  because they believe whatever they are told to believe.  Making a cult possible, because leaders are then never questioned for the true value or consequences of their actions.
  6. The dead (you failed life) never question the future, because they have none here. So they lie/ cheat/ and steal;  making certain to kill all they can.  The living dead are then the liars and people used to destroy the opportunities to find truth:  when any important reality requires discussion among the living.  Such things as trying to ignite sun fire here on earth/ with nothing but lies hiding the truth:  this is a clear purpose to exterminate and destroy both life and planet; even affecting the solar system.  What greater proof of satan (destroyer of a world) could there be?  Answer, it is the only one required; even before you are dead as a world.
  7. Which brings us to the inevitable translation of religion: as their leaders would say, “just tell us what you want to hear or believe, and we will write this down and make it a rule”. Even so, the history of humanity reveals that an eloquent measure of disciplines must arise, to keep a religion alive.  That form of books “have power”; limits the leader, so the herd can proclaim itself “as wise”.  Which gives the herd a value of its own;  a primary function for longevity.
    1. Eloquent means, “a description and definition superior to the common experience or expression”. Which allows for the development of CREATION AND ITS CREATOR. Discipline requires a level of though which surpasses our reality, as is the clear and certain demonstration of EVERY BODY OF LIFE.  The constant being absolute proof of miracles among us, and as our own existence. Therein religion takes a step forward from human existence:  to recognize unlike the dead cult (no brain) of university knows/  REALITY ITSELF, proves the truth that only thought and a wisdom beyond comprehension did in fact create this world and all its life.
  8. So, let’s look at resources; as a reality of choices made by our leaders/ and their army of whores, whose only true purpose is the money, “PASS ME THE DAMN GREED”. TO HELL, with every other living thing, I WANT, what I want!
    1. In so doing, by generating counterfeit money, the valueless have destroyed economies and societies worshiping an EASY LIFE, without paying anything: “let the children pay”/ they’re dead anyway!
    2. In so doing, the earth is raped/ ravaged/ ransacked/ and destroyed in countless ways; as every slaves tries to join the ranks of “these new nobles” one way or the other. Even if they have to send their children to do it;  making 1.5 trillion dollars of university debt the passion to destroy their future lives too.  Just in case horrifying choices in energy, nature which is DNA (genetic instructions which do build life bodies), and resource destruction aren’t enough.  After all:  “satan’s helpers” don’t want to face an angry world;  so they are taking you with them.  You can’t fight your only possible saviors, now can you?  Of course not, even though they are found to be “THE EXECUTIONER”.  SO, just lay down and die, after you get us some candy.
  9. Not to worry though; you have “pretty little electronic screens and more” to keep you company on your way to hell:  never have to touch them/ unless it’s sex.   After all, “who needs a damn friend, when you got colored lights”? Or why find a friend, when you can have air-conditioning and a computer; damn people anyway, “they should all be FEARED”. NOW ain’t that so?    Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.


the cursed disease

The most cursed disease, a human being can encounter:  is arrogance/ followed closely behind by righteousness.  These two are responsible for a wide variety of human catastrophes.  Hate is a decision, but arrogance is a disease that simply “sneaks in”/ commonly without recognition by the owner of the property (body and life).  Righteousness descends from the game of pride called winner or loser/ and asserts therefrom, that “I can be god over you, because you broke my rule/ or this rule/ or whatever rule I impose”.  I am right, because I have a rule. Which then becomes, I can punish as I see fit/ because this is my rule you broke. The cost and the cast of criminal, is a reality distributed across this world for half the criminal population:  “because the price of your rule was just too damn high”/ you had no right; which then gives the criminal his or her right, or righteousness;  to break your rule. Basically the same individual;  which establishes the righteous as criminal themselves.

        Given that dreary relationship between failure and arrogance, which becomes righteousness when recognized:  because you can’t play god without a rule. The fact of zealous people delivering tragedy and disgrace through their own disrespect is a foundation of tears throughout the world.

The bully is often overrun by rejection. The wimp is commonly rejected, because power and pride needs a force to be reckoned with; and these are not; so they become displays of force, so as to claim power exists. The arrogant bully is different:  being given power from  the beginning, their demand is, “obey me/ fear me,  or you will suffer or die”. They believe they are entitled, and will not be dissuaded:  “they are god, in their own mind”/ until proven, without relief; otherwise.

The purpose of that simple definition is:  all power players are arrogant, and none of them will surrender to truth and reality unless they are forced to do so. Which brings this world into world war 3.

Massive realities are aligning themselves into war:  over-population/ which will become starvation and thirst for millions, and then billions. Fools rule. Scientists believe they can play god. Universities are whores without relief, stomping on the rest of society by playing god with life. A world running on counterfeiting. And a military surrounding us all, with weapons of mass destruction.  Establishes, there will be no escape/ unless truth takes over our reality, and life by its relationship with nature;  comes first across this planet.  You have a billion to one shot of making this come true;  or more clearly I have pushed for decades in countless ways, demanding life comes first.  Remaining “Just one” for all intents and purposes of today/ while it will in fact take a billion people to notice and accept that philosophy, so they can change the other 7 billion people as best they can:  to keep us alive.  Alas, your herd cannot think/ and your media are merely preachers for the university gods who led you to discard life, “for an easier way/ JUST LIE”.

Nonetheless reality dictates nobody escapes the foundation of their own duty to life; and that includes me too.  So as we search through the endless threats, and horrific tragedies men are creating to exterminate life:  the only thing left to do is disassemble what can be done, so as to buy a tiny bit more time for the children. You made your choice:  LIFE is not worth fighting for/ they did not, and will be crucified by your decisions.  So buying them a little more time is the least anyone can do.

Pride thinks life is a game. Arrogance is absolutely certain:  I AM so close to god, no one should ignore me. Power lives only to prove it exists, in me over you. While violence simply wants revenge, because hate cannot survive without a purpose.

Given that range of failure;  the dead among us (you, by your traitorous acts against life itself;  no longer have a right to any decision involving life) are discarded.

Which leaves the reality what to do, in so many situations of outright terrorism as is the university graduate:  playing god over our lives?  Or concentrate on the tragedy of leadership that is most exaggerated today by the N. Korean leader and Trump fiasco called America [by no means alone]? Or something from the endless threats;  elsewhere?

        We will just end this, as I have explained “igniting atoms on fire, as is the intent of science and governments”: IS THE END OF THIS EARTH.   With a simple compilation:  regarding N.Korea & USA

  1. Nothing is more consistent with reality, than its truth. Consequently the definition of “mind your manners”: is a deliberate understanding of just how bad this will be, if you initiate with  Not hard to do, no holding back:  “nuclear/ chemical/ biological/ etc”.  Because millions dead, initiate millions more will die. Contrary to common military and political wisdom:  NOT A GAME.
  2. Korea believes it is more protected with nuclear weapons/ but they just became a more primary target, and when war begins: they will be annihilated; an entire nation destroyed [most likely with radiation (forever)]. Even without a cause.
  3. USA believes, it is too big/ with too many weapons of mass destruction to be targeted/ so they can do whatever they want, with minimal cost; “other than S. Korea”. But they could not be more wrong;  as it ends the fragile reality of believing these weapons will not be used. And then every nation confronts their own truth:  that “an initiating attack is BETTER, than waiting for someone else to attack us”.  Fools play games/ believers want whatever they want to believe, regardless of reality: and so they act or react without thought.
  4. USA believes N.Korea REMOVED of weapons of mass destruction cannot then attack them. But that is not true, because like all terrorists [you didn’t respect me]. HATE will override the oceans, and like the earlier versions of cold war tactics:  both sides will deliver nuclear bombs or other, into the cities they want destroyed. “just one in one million people” would consider that:  equals 8 thousand individuals.
  5. Other nations believe, “we can’t be involved”: surely nothing truly bad will happen/ and if it does WE DON’T WANT TO BE A TARGET TOO!  But alas, fallout alone will impact you. Horrifying results, will make you weep and moan and believe YOU ARE NEXT/ because revenge proves hatred will not be simply discarded. One world, with no place to run:  equals death for all.  But then just wait, because every indication is:   science will ignite atoms on fire/ and since there is no end to the fuel.  Your world will soon be extinct. Since you eat nature to survive/ surely adding another billion people in less than a decade “can’t kill you too”?  etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  Oh wait, not to worry;  as leaders you can hide in bunkers. Locked in a grave, until your dead;  “just like the fools at another cult from the past (nope, not safe) ”.  I forget their name. 
  6. Your world is approaching FOREVER DEAD, and your best effort is: to consider me a threat!  Blind/ stupid/ diseased/ and without a brain;  as all cults are.    Nonetheless, that is the choice you made/ and I cannot save you.  Only truth, by its own realities/ through decisions that are in fact:   LIFE, for this planet COMES FIRST.  Is your only hope, and soon past the point of no return; which the bible claims (if the math is correct)   is July 8, 2019 ends life on earth. Or more simply :  HELL begins July 9, 2019. 
  7. If you had a brain, you would be concerned. Since you are a cult following “university is god”/ you have clearly failed. Reality will prove your fantasies are all lies! Every single one.

The summation is:  that animals fight for superiority/ while human beings learn to understand, it is life itself as a personal possession, that matters.  Life has no basis in superiority, it is pure fantasy. Which means, the only thing that matters to a human being is what happens when you die. Eternity is real, time is just a momentary glimpse of what truth can do.

    The tragedy of human existence is power. The propaganda machines of media and politics make this worse; by proclaiming “they threaten us”/ when in fact, their threat is less than your own threat to them or the world, in countless ways.  But then propaganda was never meant to be fair, or honest, or true. The term “superpower” simply means:   no longer are we simply going to kill you/ NOW, WE are going to kill this world;  just because we can.  And society says, “this is better than without weapons of mass destruction”/ because they are brain washed and delusional, at best. As always, the current jockeying for “male/ I am god” position is:  KILL THE CHILDREN/ they are worthless to a leader of power.


    Let’s add just a bit more.  The reality is:  the greatest threat & the most intolerable military presence in this world today is America. University leadership took control, and their fantasies and worship of power demanded weapons of mass destruction instead of peace. So it has been since world war 2, when in fact the greatest asset of humanity in that day was US military might.  Power is a horrendous corruptor.

    No one threatens more. No one else started the chaos in the middle east that has led to this day. Which makes bush and that congress war criminals. No one else is claiming a small nation thousands of miles away, is a great threat:  when in fact, they literally are trying to obtain the same as you. Trump is a grade school bully, “I am the greatest”/ same as kim jong un:  “like most leaders”. Trump is very likely to attack the missile assembly plant in N. Korea;  because it seems like “that would be a good plan”. Believing we are too big to lose!  But it rests upon the idea, that N. Korea would not attack S. Korea next;  which is very likely. Because when you have little else than a military/ if you fail to use that military when confronted:  then you, and your generals lose your grip on power. The people say, “we are nothing now/ we have nothing now: we must fight”. Millions will die. The failure of any regime opens the door to chaos, just like Iraq. THE ONLY SOLUTION for regime change is the law. The only law that can invade a nation and take control over the leaders:  is WE THE PEOPLE WORLD LAW. As in all of us agree, these are the terms of leadership for every leader around and throughout this world.  WITH THAT LAW, the reality of taking leaders to court, before the world:  becomes valid and true. With that law, the possibility of assassination against “leaders” becomes valid:  when you refuse to let the law decide as is justice for this world. The law is only WHAT MUST BE DONE across this earth for life.  The law of individual nations; that is under world law:  then becomes subject to the people themselves deciding if their leader should be replaced.  World law     must include:  if the people themselves want their leader to be reviewed under law by our world/ then they shall so ask. And what is world policing,  subject to NO NATION;  shall do the rest. This is the price of survival as a planet. Or more correctly “just one tiny little part”.

    World law is the only solution to weapons of mass destruction.  Leaders refuse:  BECAUSE IT MEANS THEY THEN MUST OBEY OUR LAW/ not we the people, their law. Biblical prophecy is clear:  it gives you two years to change before HELL      erupts.  ANY attack, will prompt military solutions across this world/ as all decide “we must strike first”;  we can no longer respect the idea these weapons will not be used!



hi-rise fire escape



        The foundation of escape from a fire is, “as quickly as possible”/ simple as that. The subsequent reality however is, once the path of escape has been closed:  there are no other options, except “jump or someone else must assist”.

        I think it is twelve floors, that the biggest fire escape ladder can extend: there are not many of these. That ladder can only accommodate a very few people at a time, and they must not error in their own footing:  which means it ultimately has very little value/ because the truck it is mounted on requires a very substantial footing as well.

        So other than retrofitting internal elevators for fire escape by protecting them from fire/ and pressurizing them so the fire itself can be kept out of the elevator passageway (even more):  you must go outside.

        The immediate need is:  for people carriers that can be operated safely/ built cheaply/ and are available in a short amount of time.

        The structural element required for such a lift system is simple:  EXTEND A SUITABLE I-BEAM or other from the roof/ over the edge of the building to the right length.  Then attach a cable to that escape structure, bring it back to the building wall/ enclose it for rust protection in an escape housing when sufficient force is applied.  At the bottom a very simple platform with guardrail, along with a common cable winch;  hooked to that cable from the roof;  and you have a people escape carrier.

        The escape structure located on each corner of the building allows for a “corner rap carrier” which will maintain a reasonable wind control. Alternately if the building is big enough:  two I-beams mounted onto the wall, will provide stability for the carrier on its ascent or descent.  A gas engine to operate the winch with battery backup: it can be remote controlled from the ground. The carrier itself should have “stake pockets” for the insertion of asbestos panels covered in aluminum (only the dust is hazardous). Because a building can erupt in flame as you are going up or down:  this gives you time.

        The operational winch should be onsite and carried with the fire department. When you get to the floor you need to be at:  a small explosion will open the wall.  You will then insert a megaphone, and pipe in clear un-mistakable:   this is the fire department searching for you/ COME QUICKLY. A bigger hole can be blasted if needed.  The building should contain signs on the wall indicating in an emergency this is where the fire department will blast an opening.  Preferably inside and outside as is the use of a pipe.

        The blasting method is simple.  Insert a steel rod, attached to the blast containment cover with the explosive inside into the wall pipe. A suitable retention system should already be in place.  Such as “spider legs” attached to the piping that goes through the wall to distribute force;  and a threaded nut to anchor in the blasting cover. It is then ignited, and a suitable hole is formed to start the evacuation.  Other efforts can then be made. If it is a glass building, a pendulum anchor like device that is allowed to swing from the bottom of the carrier is used to break the glass from above.

        The carriers can be and must be “a part of the landscape” with all parts necessary to complete the carrier close/ and simple to install. No need to be complicated, support cables are simply something to grab onto. The common “window washer” machines, for scaling high-rise buildings;  are a suitable example. The difference is capacity/ and the escape carrier must include a sloped roof, so that people trying to jump onto it from above are thrown off/ so as not to jeopardize the rest.

        It is valid and true:  that in all potential fire traps, which include the three story house/ it would be best if, a cable escape existed in place. That would include a cable anchored into the roof/ or suitable place:  which can be lowered down/ released/ or whatever it takes to provide a structural link to the ground. The harness required for the descent:  should be given out only to those who “take the course (get a license)” about what to do, how to do it, and especially what not to do. Hi-rise buildings can also offer this. a reality which can include if you have an anchor point inside the window of escape/ then you can in fact, “even bring your own cable and harness”.  Those who repel know how;  but with small steel cables, the reality is one time mechanisms which aid braking and descent should be used.


every want

Every want, is the foundation of a lie. NOT a passion/ but an excuse to demand, “I am more important than you”! In the reality of human life, the endless want, is cause;  for the endless tragedy, that is humanity itself. War is the foundation of tears, because it buys nothing but more failure; even if it is necessary, when hate rules life.

        There is no value in hate, its only purpose is revenge or destruction:  “to prove you can, is power”.  To prove they could not stop you, is hate; assembled by violence. To prove you could rampage, rape, and ransack the others is pride:  because you made their lives nothing more than a game. Because you fell into the abyss, “of trophies in time”.

        Love is a destiny, which means this will be earned. The value of love is “everything, that makes life worth living/ anything that nourishes I AM alive, in happiness, through peace”. The legacy of love is a passion to share, a purpose to care, and a desire to bind ourselves with joy:  because we can.  Love recognizes, the only truth that has meaning above the rest is:  loneliness shares existence, unless we learn the value of being together as one. Within that journey, there is hope beyond time;  because love is not simply a value, it is a truth joined to eternity. Love is the binding, that makes life possible/ love is the gift, that makes life valued! The treasury of existence is then, a passion for love beyond ourselves. A foundation for truth, beyond time.

        Human existence is about the body of life, which we inhabit/ UNTIL the day when you are willing to accept and recognize:  “life itself is not a body”. Rather a body is little more than time identified by its own creation, through nature. Nature is, everything thought can become. Nature is the evidence, as truth declares these miracles of earth:  did not originate here!  Thought, and its associations with energy, then arrive as “the value of this destiny;  beyond ourselves, is more than we can understand”.

Energy is the power to change. Order, is the foundation to build. Discipline, is the law, which makes destinies, as is the essence or purpose of order, possible. Balance is the fundamental function, that gives a relationship its truth. Truth becomes the framework, upon which an identity arises. Thought is the creator, thereby “GOD of our soul” {do not be simple}. Humanity does not “think”/ humanity measures; until the day when they rise above want, to conceive of miracles. Love redefines Creation as the treasury of being ALIVE. Passion defines purpose. Truth creates desire. Desire forms the decision that becomes the reality of “You”. The possibilities of our existence arise and fall, based upon the relationships you share, & the value of your care. What is true, determines every future. What is true defines every eternity. What is thought arises to understand:  I am, “a miracle”!

While it is easy to abandon “a life measured by the insanities of men and women”/ the reality of miracles as is proven to be so by nature itself:  knows no “ultimate bounds”.  Therefore understand, the blessing of life is to arise beyond self, and acknowledge “everything you have been given”; is more, than any other will ever do or accomplish. Which makes you equal, regardless of your circumstance (color, gender, etc) and never less:  until hate destroys your soul. Find your passion, even if it fails to be accomplished;  reality will prove, “this is the best I could be”. Because this, and not some measurement of humanity, is my reality! Beyond existence in time, an identity knows only its truth.

You did not build yourself/ therefore you cannot destroy the future, or its eternity;  unless you so choose, by hate.  Life, is more than you recognize. Make your own decision, or you have no truth inside of you;  your identity has been given away. Learn/ repent/ rebuild, and begin again. That, is the path to your own soul!

 The question called justice, comes from the integration of values into living with truth, courage, acceptance, and dignity. The passions of a life worth living. The constant of humanity is:  “I will judge”. The constant of pride is:  “I will win”. The constant of war is:  “I WILL NEVER learn”. The constant of life is, every relationship of substance, shall prove its worth. Only truth survives time. Only love survives eternity.



solutions for medicine

Solutions for healthcare, “the proper way”.


        The foundation of all healthcare is simple:  “we want/ we need/ we are required to struggle with, the values and realities of a human body;  that can need the assistance of others”. In one form or another. That said, the consequence of being human is:  EVERY single one of us is going to die/ and eternity (regardless what you believe that will be)  STARTS THEN.  So death is an absolute, and you cannot avoid it, no matter who you are.  Eternity is also an absolute, and it will be whatever truth and reality demands by the laws which govern it:  shall allow.

        Given that level of reality:  it is pointless to assume or demand, “this human body must live/ therefore all the rest must do whatever you ask”.  Eternity makes this life “merely seconds”. Which means only eternity truly matters! So let’s deal realistically with our reality, as one human being to another.

        In America, the current costs of healthcare are estimated to be NOT LESS than 3.5 trillion dollars; and that does not include social security; so it would seem.  Regardless YOU CAN IDENTIFY the actual paid out numbers, and come up with a true accounting of just how much of a fantasy this is.

        More correctly, in America:  there are about one hundred actual “real workers” employed, plus immigrants and military which are held as separate. Go check, but remember liars are everywhere in government employ; and they are prone to use a joint tax return as two workers, when in fact only one is working outside the home (as in making money from someone else).  Find the truth, and you can know the reality of your own accounting/ if not one hundred million workers makes things easy.  One trillion dollars is equal to one hundred million workers, with ten thousand dollars each.  So healthcare WITHOUT social security is at roughly $35,000.00 paid out, per each worker/ before taxes.  Or if there are 350 million people in this USA/ then each human citizen is receiving ten thousand dollars of healthcare each:  per year!  Every single one:  YOU ARE “truly a sick nation” is that not so? The numbers prove it is/ and that of course does not include those who are turned away from healthcare, or refuse to be bankrupted by healthcare. 

        So the reality of healthcare is:  ORGANIZED CRIME HAS BEEN EXTORTING THIS USA, and all its people for decades now.  To accomplish this fraud and criminal intent:  insurance has been attacked/ BUT PRIMARY TO ALL THE NUMBERS, is the fact that the employees of this USA have been inflating currency;  so that everyone could take whatever they wanted.  And pretend the children can pay later/ because “they won’t”.  Currency is inflated whenever the numbers of “the money is increased”/ without backing or reality.  That currency inflation is hidden within the US CLAIM OF ASSETS, for the nation, which goes up at $20 trillion dollars per year:  a reality of $200,000.00 dollars per worker, in new debts formed. Or roughly, asset claims are  about $30,000.00 dollars of American currency in circulation per human face on the planet.  “pure fantasy”!

        So the game of “we deserve our healthcare at these numbers”;  is a blatant lie.

        What then is true?

        Our reality is simple:  in terms of healthcare, it is the medical industry that has organized itself to claim they are owed these amounts:  as is “ten thousand dollars per citizen/ per year”;  plus the human public demanding social security as well.  All of which is given to the children as “their debt”.

        OBVIOUSLY the medical industry does NOT earn these numbers, along with a long list of others who have been stealing from us for decades:  orchestrated by “USA EMPLOYEES”.  Which began with all forms of university manipulation, and in particular with weapons of mass destruction/ and then accelerated when Reagan turned the entire accounting of the nation over to the university elite; who   gave themselves “million dollar raises”/ and built an army of followers, by establishing bribes.

        Regardless of all the trash, all the pandemic misuse of government, the organized crime of medicine, and “thousands more traitors, who deliberately intend to rape and ravage”; and did indeed do so, in this nation called America. Turning distinctly to medicine, and the consequence of being wrong in healthcare which is:  “the price can easily be too high”; when we don’t do what does in fact, need to be done.

        IT IS THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY, in its entirety, that needs a direct and distinct OVERHAUL/ stripping away their claim for private enterprise.  NO MORE “BUSINESS” in medicine. Which means the government of WE THE PEOPLE must take over control, and tell them what they may in fact charge; because that, is all we can afford.

        THAT MEANS, reality will demand:  NO MORE EXCESSIVE care.  That means, NO MORE money decides/ we are equals.  That means:  we will own and control the patents for medicine and all things medical related.  And contract with the lowest bidder that can do the work correctly:  to fill the need.  That means:  doctor education shall be limited to what is needed for the work/ and nothing more. That means doctor education shall be increased ten fold:  so as to increase the competition/ and draw from the resources in this nation;  NOT stealing doctors from other nations. That means, the young come first/ and the old get whatever Is left over; in terms of money.  That means:  YOU SHALL determine for yourselves, where the line is to be drawn.  Too much for us to spend on you/ applied equally to all!  YOU CAN SAY:  “everybody, regardless of cost”/ BUT ONLY if you pay. NO MORE let the children bear the cost. That means realistic procedures, and no more “doctor gets a house” for an hours’ work.

        Reality will decide the numbers that must be met.  A percentage of income will be charged to every recipient of healthcare as is fair. Doesn’t matter how much you make:  a billionaire at ten percent does not even notice the billing, only the numbers. While a poor person at ten percent of their income, may or may not eat:  so who pays more?

        Insurance may cover the cost of your percentage IF you want this for all. But if you want insurance, then you will make that a tax burden/ and the reality is:  when payment is not from the individual, the insurance agency will be attacked; so it is not recommended. You want healthcare you pay/ but you pay fairly, and with distinct respect for your own situation in life. If you have nothing/ then you will be given the opportunity to work, if that is possible. If it is not possible for you:  then perhaps, society will decide;  you are ready to die?

        What must be decided:  SHALL BECOME CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.  So that it shall not be changed without true cause.  Debts owed medicine shall be discarded:  organized crime should never profit/ is that not so?  Begin again.


rules of life

THE RULES OF LIFE, are values constructed to identify and create the passage between time and soul.

Rule 1:  DO NOT WANT!  Want is given to be, a reality of decision that applies your purpose is: to achieve something other than what life can or will honestly give to you. In the desire to achieve “MORE”, the realities of temptation, depression, manipulation, violence, and other tragedies occur:  because when what you WANT, is not what you would otherwise get/ the decision is to make this happen, and that leads directly to LIES. Every lie is a failure to life and living and time and soul.

        If you want, your focus is on making the others do what you demand/ or invading their space and purposes to violate their decision with your influences. That separates you from reality, and makes your decision about their lives, instead of your own participation in miracles! Choosing want,  functionally makes you a tyrant; which leads to abuse, use, rape, and other methods of catastrophe to the living.  If you want, your purpose is “righteousness”:  because BY THE RULES, I CAN MAKE these people do what I say they must do/ by my own interpretation. “Righteousness (I am RIGHT), or more plainly “THE RULE”, then makes me god;  pure arrogance follows.  ARROGANCE, is the disease used to war against life.

        LIFE IS A MIRACLE; so live that miracle with respect/ and it will reward you with peace, truth, love, discipline, balance, order; and the possibilities described as soul (participating with your CREATOR).  The beginning example of this is:  to understand, that a human body literally builds itself/ must gather all the materials it needs to accomplish this, “itself”/ must manufacture, create the utilities, identify the means, assemble the transportation of particles and purposes, create “billionth of a second instructions”; IN AN EXTREMELY ORDERED manufacturing process. And a billion more realities that functionally and truly eliminate all possibility of definition or potential OTHER THAN THOUGHT to create this truth in reality called “the body of life”/as in all life.  Only a true fool/ a blank hole without a brain;  accepts anything less.

        RULE 2:  DISCARD PRIDE! The definition of pride is “winner”/ which conceives of, and then demands LIFE IS A GAME, and if I win/ THEN YOU LOSE. So for the sake of a few minutes that are completely irrelevant to life or living:  you destroy the foundations of peace and harmony, to pretend “superior”.  Shame on you, LIFE IS MORE than this. Every life is a miracle! A reality which you CANNOT replace or describe as anything more than:  your desire to judge, and claim “I am more”.  Your purpose is:  to claim more, and then be selfish; which is to deny the others what you expect for yourself.

        WE ARE MIRACLES, and because NOBODY creates themselves, or comes close in any possible sense of reality to the extreme conception of that. Our reality as individual lives is:  WE ARE EQUAL.  Accept it, and learn to be friends! Less is a whore (only the money matters to me).

        RULE 3:  JUDGE NO ONE!  Let the law do, whatever it is the law must do, in order to achieve peace, harmony, and freedom.

        When you judge:  which is to determine “another life is less” than me. That reality as a judgment (I am right)/ gives the insanity of judgment its cause:  “you are, the garbage of this world”. Whenever you do that/ whenever or in whatever way you accept that:  then results as your own descent into hate. That hate opens the door, to every form of influence, every reality of violence you can conceive of. That evidence against you, then inflames hate, and you become its tool.  Hate alone can be judged, but by law:  so as to keep you above the influence of righteousness. Neither you nor I “can ever be called RIGHT”/ BECAUSE that asserts “I can play god”.  You cannot/ I would not/ we are not; simple as that. Let the law decide. If you are trapped/ then let reality be your guide;  NOT your hate. Remember as well:  most situations occur, with your own decision to participate/ so if you must judge:  judge yourself. Will not forgiveness follow/ IF you repent?

        RULE 4:  THE VALUE OF LIFE, is found in your heart! If you fail to find your heart, you will never find your soul. If you fail to find your heart, you will never know what true happiness is; because love cannot enter you. Therefrom the question of heart begins:  “where would you choose to live/ who would you accept as friend/ what can we be to each other in life/ when can I cherish truth through love/ how will the expressions and experience of hope exist/ and why am I ALIVE?”

        Examining these as the blessing of time, encourages “every heartbeat” to conceive of what life could be for us/ not just me. The essence of caring/ the reality of sharing, begins in that claim:  we are more than just existence in time, we are LIFE. Therefrom the heart lives for life, and life lives within the hope, of everything it could be “for both me and you, and us all”.

        VALUE is then, a miracle unleashed to be free within the foundations, of a life called love. VALUE IS;  not a single life, not a single blade of grass can be purchased by any human being/ IT IS ALL A GIFT!

        RULE 5:  “man/ woman/ & child”;  the reality of discovering intimacy, intensity, passion, desire, and purpose.  Each is a decision based upon what you choose to accept as YOUR VALUATION of life itself. Every relationship is confronted by the realization:  as a human being, I have only “so much time”:  for me, or you, or them, or this;  and no more. That means we will choose what matters to us the most; as best we can!  That means, when confronted with the realities of survival, the quest of human decisions:  we can be imprisoned by our own want, and face the consequences we cannot truly change without cost.

        The question of intimacy is:  will you judge me/ will you keep me safe/ will you prove to be my friend, and share because you care? Few are worthy, an unfortunate truth.  The question of intensity is:  “will you make me pay for this/ will you, pay for this, for me”?  The reality is  “someone is going to pay”, and cost is cost; not a reward. Passion reflects love, care, and the willingness to share; as these construct happiness and joy. The essence of love is acceptance through respect. The essence of care is, “this value, to life and living; cannot be replaced”. The essence of sharing is; to understand our lives are elementally greater, when we all know and experience and express, values greater than ourselves.

        Desire comes from destiny, the acceptance truth plays in the future of everything. Desire then reaches into hope, and conceives of life, beyond anything yet known.  A reality that searches within the words,  “I AM ALIVE”. A quest, that begins where only love can go.

        Purpose illuminates the question:  “is this important to me”?  Because that question identifies the gate, that separates those who do fight for life and all its values/ from those who do not. If you have no purpose, then you have no soul. Life, is worth fighting for!  Fighting means:  I have found the need to stand up and be recognized, because the law identifies those who are attacking “life”!  within that law, are the weapons:  to search for and find hate. Hate is the enemy of life.

        RULE 6:  SOCIETY is determined by its decision to embrace freedoms, defend law, and identify what is true. Anything less brings chaos, strife, and hatred. SOCIETY DYING OR DEAD, is determined by its fantasy/ delusions/ lies/ cheating/ stealing/ traitors/ corruption/ terrorism/ worship of weapons/ and propaganda used to discard and deny what is truly important. Such as all the university derived threats we do face as a world. Cult worship “these are our gods”; is extinction.

        The quest of society is to be alive within the creation of its own truth. As a democracy your truth is constitutional law, and its acceptance by your employees. The courtroom in America has removed constitutional law, so as to replace it with the common rebellion which is the cult worship called,  “university knows” better.  Therefrom individual freedoms were, and are crucified:  because there ain’t room for two rulers.  So the war to destroy democracy, and erect “the university god”;  has been particularly effective in destroying the reality of:  currency, the economy, the election, the courtroom, communication, and all that has value by doing nothing for the future.  Assassinating life and child, because every cult is the same:  “you can’t question the leader (NO ONE can)”.  The leader/ your god is:  “university knows”. The evidence of life and planet attacked, is:  your leader is SATAN (destroyer of everything).

        RULE 7:   GOD IS GOD,   only a fool and the living dead deny that!

        MIRACLES PROVE,   we did not build ourselves!  MIRACLES PROVE,  the assertion “chaos built life” is so diseased with sewage, cancer, and whoring:  that all who accept evolution as their god, deserve extinction.

        LIFE is not a body, a body is time revealed by existence. LIFE is “being bound” into the creation of an energy, that is not free; but under our control.  We then become free, by expressing that energy to experience its effect. We become free, by understanding the essence of freedom itself, does not survive, “without love”. Love is not a body. Love is a destiny shared with respect. The energy of life is not chemical, it is truth. Truth “cannot die”; it can only be dissipated into nothing. Truth that has value, will be shared:  because that is the essence of all life itself. The essence of life is an energy beyond ourselves. 

The passage between time and soul, is governed by the values of your heart.


reality exists

Reality exists, because it is without any true cause to deny. That fundamentally means:  what we cannot avoid, must be dealt with through knowledge/ understanding/ and wisdom;  because it will not be persuaded otherwise unless we do.


        Our reality is simple:  humanity wants what it wants/ and refuses whatever it does not want/ and hides from all that is true; that does not give them what they want.  Because they believe life can be a game. It is not so!

        Our reality is:  “every three seconds or so, another human being (over deaths) is born, survives, grows;  and demands to be feed.

        Our reality is:  the religious cult worship of “university knows” has gained the power, and taken control over society and life in this world;  to the point of.  They are trying to ignite sun fire on earth/ a gamble with every living thing, including this solar system itself;  “nothing is a greater abomination, than that”.  They rely entirely upon:  “the fire will just extinguish itself/ because there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire so it will just evaporate into space”.  WRONG means the earth becomes another sun:  no second chances, ignition proves what is true.

        Our reality is:  the religious cult worship of “university knows” has gained the power, and taken control over society and life in this world;  to the point of.  Universities and even business are mutilating nature/ so they can control it, and use that control for power to play god over every life. Universities and their religion evolution are deliberately trying to destroy the balance, disciplines, order, and every facet of nature which is “genetic DNA” in order to “re-create their evolution” so they can finally prove “CHAOS builds life”.  Even though the very definition of the word chaos means to destroy everything complex down to its most simple form. Which is clearly NOT life; nothing is more arrogant, than this. And it will be HORRENDOUS/ and cannot be turned back.

        Our reality is:  the religious cult worship of “university knows” has gained the power, and taken control over society and life in this world;  to the point of.  With poisons dumped by the trillion ton across this world;  the biblical prediction “the water turned into wormwood” will come true. How could it not; along with 8 billion people and another billion added every decade be otherwise?

        Our reality is:  the religious cult worship of “university knows” has gained the power, and taken control over society and life in this world;  to the point of.  With mutilated crops/ the destruction of all pollinators/ the end of sea life, because of what humanity has done/ “super-diseases” because of antibiotic abuse/ livestock factory farms which cannot survive because antibiotics are failing (no food for  you)/ the massive extinction of species due to habitat destruction/ the breaking down of all food chains for life/ rising oceans, which move weight to different parts of the world bringing massive tectonic plate shifts, and volcanic activities never before seen/ global warming due entirely to human fossil fuel burning/ loss of oxygen, due to fossil fuel burning/ resource devastation “the building of garbage dumps”/ loss of ozone, to increase radiation/ atmospheric wind destruction (the earth loses its grip on our atmosphere); due to the loss of trees/ or more simply humanity destroying itself, by destroying this earth and all its life.

        Our reality is:  the religious cult worship of “university knows” has gained the power, and taken control over society and life in this world;  to the point of. Taking over the money supply, and making it all a fantasy; through hidden inflation (the assertion that claiming an increased asset; which is currency inflation/  is not inflation). That is counterfeiting, because  IT IS HIDDEN, from public view. In America throughout the Obama period asset inflation was twenty trillion dollars a year/ or about ninety thousand dollars per worker.  Since the workers didn’t receive that money:  SOMEONE CLAIMING to represent government DID SPEND IT ON SOMETHING.   A reality that will cause civil war/ as the common citizen has been buying guns;  because they believe that is their only answer.  “take another look at Syria”/ it ain’t the answer.

        Our reality is:  the religious cult worship of “university knows” has gained the power, and taken control over society and life in this world;  to the point of. Making weapons of mass destruction, designed by universities,  once released; which WILL destroy all life within one hour of these ENTIRELY, human decisions.

        Our reality is:  the religious cult worship of “university knows” has gained the power, and taken control over society and life in this world;  to the point of.  The power of society is:  WHAT, can we do together, to protect ourselves? The reality of that question is:  ONLY BY THE LAW, can you protect yourselves, through its truthful enforcement. OR, MORE SIMPLY:  everything you call government today is worthless:  because it is corrupted and exists only to maintain the powerful in their control.  Consequently it must be rebuilt into a true democracy; or you die. 

        Democracy means:   WE THE PEOPLE, must make our laws for ourselves/ because we do have to obey those laws, and they will determine our lives and our future.  One hundred laws, “one page long or less”/ so that EVERYONE can understand, and defend themselves or their government or their world.  WHOSOEVER MAKES THE LAW, decides what society shall be.  Whosoever enforces that law, determines the level of corruption society is willing to endure. That means:  EVERY JUDGE must be judged, in every trial; by constitutional adherence.  That means:  every police officer will be judged by the “bill of rights” that must be determined through a vote. Giving both the people and the police their legitimate rights and punishments regarding all policing actions.  That means:  the soldiers SHALL also be given their own bill of rights, which will be determined by their own vote. Which will then be reviewed and established through military leadership and public vote; leadership suggests and defends/ the PUBLIC decides. WORLD LAW, AND ITS ENFORCEMENT UPON EVERY LEADER;  removes all weapons of mass destruction from their control. NO ONE IS EXEMPT/ all will comply; “so says the world/ or you die”.

        Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera!


        Or, more simply:  you will discard want, because it is an abyss which removes the reality of miracles to reshape life in lies.

        You will discard pride, because it makes all life a game; and that allows people to believe whatever they want to believe:  regardless of the consequence for being wrong.

        You will destroy arrogance:  because it literally    does not care about anything other than playing god with life.

        You will discard power, in nearly all its forms;  because it judges life/ and then believes once judged this is worthless, and can be treated as the garbage.  LAW IS the only power you need/ CHOOSE CORRECTLY!

        You will identify and remove or separate hate;  because love and hate are opposites, and they never exist in the same place, without a fight/ which means “not in you either”. There is no middle ground:  either you choose love/ or you choose hate; because everything else is either survival, or irrelevant to life itself.

        You will construct a new world order, that is consistent with LIFE FOR OUR PLANET COMES FIRST/ nobody gets to believe otherwise. Money shall NOT rule again.  BOTH of which require new disciplines and dimensions of purpose;  which does mean, “women must rule”.  Or more specifically:  they must as a group of one;  determine what can be done for this world to keep it all alive.  This is the best men did do, and we literally stand at the edge of extinction.  So says all the physical evidence/ and so says the biblical prophecy as well.

        The book of Daniel chapter 12 counts down the end of days. Since it begins at the rise of the “great abomination”. And since nothing can be worse than trying to ignite sun fire here on earth. That date wherein it rose to consequence:  is at the first experiment, with the first completed machine capable of igniting sun fire here.  That occurred at Lawrence Livermore laboratories San Francisco; April 1, 2012.

        The first death of test is the law can stop this/or save you as in the old testament:  and you failed. The second death currently underway is:  MERCY by  GOD   can save you, “IF” you change your ways.  To date, not even a chance. Which means by that prophecy, according to the numbers (add it up for yourselves)  the date of last chance for mercy is July 8, 2019.  The prophecy adds “a time, times, and a half time”.  Which is interpreted as the first time is the first death or test/ second “times” is the second test for mercy/  and a half time is divided by the 1335 days of the second death.  Which gives us 667 and a half day.  Or more specifically then biblical prophecy is  CHAOS AND HELL break out upon this earth as of July 9, 2019. Will last 666 days/ then comes judgment day/ then comes a half day for whatever follows judgment of life on earth.

        And all the people say, “we will wait and see”/ EVEN THOUGH, that means as is consistent with the ignition of sun fire, mutilation of life, etc:  THAT YOU, AND YOU’RE WHOLE WORLD   IS DEAD.

        IF,  you read the book of Revelation correctly;  you will see references that can only be accomplished by the ignition of sun fire on earth/ a reality that is attempted by men, every single day. A reality of energy release, that can only be equaled by accepting the fact:  our sun burns ATOMS for fuel.  And everything here is then fuel for the fire, including  you.  TRY THINKING for once in your life.

        And discard the belief;   GOD would never let this happen.  Because biblically  HE ALREADY HAS. Biblically Noah’s flood is even more proof.  Proven critically true:  BECAUSE FOSSIL FUELS,  by the evidence of their abundance;   could have been formed in no other way.  That flood did exist/ just like the prophecy which is a countdown to the end of life on earth DOES exist today.


        The evidence proves:  when men are in trouble within their societies/ they turn to war, or travel to another country, to escape the consequences of their own actions or reactions. War is NOT AN OPTION;  because you don’t have the planet or its resources to lose anymore.

        When men are in trouble individually, they turn to hate (individual war), or simply escape in some other way.  NOT AN OPTION, because the damage done is massive/ and the reality of our existence as life on this planet is no longer certain. NATURE HAS BEEN ABUSED!

        When men are in trouble they change for the absolute minimum amount of time; and as history proves with only rare exception/ THEY THEN RETURN to exactly what drove them into trouble again. EVERY SINGLE TIME; so says history.  Which is exactly why war repeats itself again and again and again.

        IT IS TIME:  “to let women try”. But NOT as men always do by creating a leader.  Rather as women must do, and band together:  to form the laws which will rule society with justice, fair play for all, and realistic equity for life and its future.  Because anything less will fail, and cause this earth to collapse under the weight and realities of human OVER-population.  Which means one of the first realities women MUST ESTABLISH:  is what to do about child birth/ because “life eats life”;  and there is only cannibalism:  UNLESS WE CHANGE.

        You are reminded and advised:  a vasectomy is not the answer/ because it removes the chemicals that make sex pleasurable for males.  If they don’t desire sex/ then women don’t get sex either:  THINK about it, because you can’t go back.

        LIFE IS NOT A GAME, and this is no test.  Our reality as a world is VERY CLEAR:   university leadership has driven you into extinction.  Change or die.


         You are advised, the reality of men in charge is: to assume power through leadership/ which means all the rest must follow or fight. They assert that power by attacking the individual; thereby making the rest fear this could happen to them.  The reality of women in charge must then be:  to assert power through law, and assemble the governing power by making that law through public vote of the people themselves. NO MORE “voting for someone to vote for me”. You will vote upon all laws, and whatever rules you demand:  as one nation/ or one world. You will then use the law to attack the individual, and enforce the law itself upon every leader, every person the same:  so that life or death or its penalties are as simple as YOUR OWN VERSION OF JUSTICE. The law is an army, public participation is your weapon of choice; with only the bare minimum of “more”. The jury is, and is intended to be:  the judge over whether this courtroom treated the law, this democracy, this people, and this person,  WITH JUSTICE, BY FAIR PLAY AND EQUAL TREATMENT, or not.  That is your purpose as a jury, AND IT MUST include decisions that do involve the penalty to be incurred.

        Democracy means:  WE THE PEOPLE have chosen to govern ourselves by the laws which we do create. Demanding that our constitution is then the government;  and its employees shall be subject to their oath of office, and its true penalties/ as well as REDRESS.  Redress is: The reality of we the people who have decided to take our employees to court/ that we may in fact examine what they do, by our law.  We the people SHALL then be judge over our employees/ because this is OUR NATION;  and we gave it away to NO employee. Our decision according to constitutional mandate, is then the law.

        The constant, that is: we must work to live/ we must work to survive/ we must defend ourselves, and demand freedom.  Conforms to the relationship served by balance, discipline, order, and truth:  as is the governing body of nature itself.  NATURE KNOWS BEST, because it literally puts the value of all life, and planet;  before the individual.  The universities have done their best to insist that must not be so:  and you face your own extinction because of them.  RETURN TO LIFE FIRST for our world;  or die/ because fantasies, nor their endless  fairy tales, and delusions;   won’t save you. The reality of a university knowledge is:  millions of individuals and trillions of dollars have resulted in a few pennies of value to society. But with that value has come a mountain of horrifying realities.  The end result of translating the benefits to life itself of a university leadership is:  “they lied/ cheated/ stole/ terrorized/ committed treason/ failed/ and are literally trying to exterminate life”.  That is their reality, visited upon you:  NOW YOU DECIDE,  “are they worth their price”?   The reality of male dominated leadership over this world is:  a world filled with extreme threats, a reality of humanity ready for world war 3, the consequence that is weapons of mass destruction/ and complete resource loss. NOW you decide;  “are they worth their price”?

        The correct answer is:   ONLY what has value to life, planet, and the living, and nothing else;  gets to survive what they have done. As to medical considerations, the reality is:  no one should die of little things/ but everyone must face reality when it comes to the big things that determine  a  clear life or death decision.  YOU CAN’T destroy the children, because you want one more day:  IT AIN’T FAIR!

        All medical extortion shall be stopped. All access to extreme wealth (as is the demand for slaves, and taking every resources just for yourself) shall be ended:  limited capitalism will rise, and govern the right;  to claim more than the rest. Humanity WILL accept the price required to keep this world alive, and return it all to “a healthy and realistically happy place” for life to continue on. ALL OF IT, is a very simple choice:  DO YOU DESIRE YOUR LIFE/ or will you continue to fail, and die?  Make up your mind/ because past the point of no return;  which by biblical prophecy is “July 8, 2019”.  Or as your reality of evidence explains:  “any second, of any day”.  THERE IS NO GOING BACK,  “you’re dead”.  Either you made an effort to save this planet, or you deliberately chose not too!  That is your choice.

        As to religion, the reality is very simple:  you will examine all religion together, identifying what has value/ so that no one gets to proclaim superiority anymore.  Within that grasp of value, there is a purpose of religion for this earth:  FIND WHAT IS TRUE.

          You will free the slaves;  which means no more credit, beyond what is fair and honest to the benefit of all society. You will examine your prisons, and make changes for life. You will return to reality in your economy/ which means:  no more government credit, counterfeiting, or inflation. PAY YOUR DEBT, the children shall not be your slave. No more encroachment of nature, which means you have literally gone as far as you can go, and will retrace your steps to give nature back to life; as is consistent with reality. No more failures, which means:  YOU WILL prepare for, and accept the realities of;   a  future, you and your children can survive. You will educate for life, NOT the damned/ the dead/ or the disease that is a university purpose. You WILL examine and prove the word MIRACLE exists, and destroy the fantasy called evolution from you. You WILL RESPECT    YOUR CREATOR      or you WILL be surrendered to extinction.         Consider that “FAIR WARNING”.  Because this ain’t no game.

        Or more simply:  the causes and the consequences of university leadership shall be erased/ and the reality of LIFE COMES FIRST FOR THIS PLANET;    THROUGH RESPECT, DISCIPLINE, ORDER, TRUTH, JUSTICE, AND BALANCE;   shall rise by law, and live through fair play for all!  That does not mean “everybody gets whatever they want”/ IT MEANS:  truth decides, because nothing less will survive, or prove happiness exists.


the constant

        The constant, among way too many lives is:  “you should just, look on the bright side;  we are right/ and if we expect to be right, then we should be right”.  So says “god (laws, and realities that form the basis for what you want;  just don’t apply to me).”

        Unfortunately for you, want (optimist) is not enough to survive! Want is just mimicking belief, and saying because I believe that is what I want/ then it should be so. On the other side is the pessimist:  who believes no matter what the truth is, in this matter confronting us/ we will fail, because life is bad, and I am unlucky. Neither decision is valid/ and will not survive beyond time.

        TRUTH survives time, and beyond; because truth itself cannot be changed. Therefore what is true, remains true forever. The question of life, and will it survive to make the truth your life created “valid into eternity”?  Is a discussion, born on the simple phrase:  where miracles exist, the foundation of this world exponentially beyond a chance reality.  The fundamental that is life itself, as is conceived by thought:  because without thought, you do not exist.  Literally means:  if thought makes you alive/ instead of body; then what matters is how does thought originate, and who controls it?

        Fools, failures, traitors, terrorists, and thieves all participate in digesting “miracles as a sheer fantasy”:  they are the sewage of life.  Every life is formed by the compositions that can only be attributed to thought; “engineering, design, autonomy, structure, conception, utilities, movement, senses, and a thousand more you are completely unaware of”  all prove LIFE IS A MIRACLE. And in no possible way, some damn example of what can rocks, make in a mud-puddle. In no possible way has the sun burned for “65 billion years”/ which means every conception that requires the sun to be as it is;  utterly fails.  THE SUN releases energy, which means it consumes energy to release that energy. which means it burns fuel/ and the fuel source dwindles over time.  Which requires a sun that existed 65 billion years ago, MUST have been standing on earth’s doorstep.

        Likewise is true:  bones don’t just make themselves without all the parts and pieces and materials, and “software” that makes building a bone possible.  Neither does it make a ball and socket joint for movement. Nor does it magically lubricate itself. Nor does it tie itself together with ligaments, tendons, or muscles. Nor does it control those muscles without the machinery to do so. Nor does it live once created, without the body. Nor does it have touch or incredible abilities WITHOUT THOUGHT TO CREATE IT, and literally GIVE IT to you.  Only a damn fool would be so blind as to believe in evolution;  the digested carcass of extinction coming.  Because they attack life through nature, and deliberately bring chaos;  in worship of their religion “evolution”/ a pandemic disease, because of the cult religion called “university knows”.


        Regardless, you are not worth getting angry over/ and in truth that has largely faded away.  A  spiritual woman does live in me;  “it was never my intent”/  but she knows anger will do no good, and controls that in me.  See already, you are running from the door, screaming “he must be crazy”. And I don’t care.

        What is clear to me is:  NOTHING has changed in the thousands of years men have ruled human society. The base fundamentals are all the same, the only difference of today is weapons have changed/ and the ability to destroy has intensified to the point no possibility exists for this earth or its life to survive;  without true and dramatic change.  A primary change would be let women try;  because men have tried; and this is the best they did do/ AND WE STAND AT THE EDGE OF EXTINCTION, whether you believe it or not; it is true.


        Back to the purpose of this discussion, which is to examine reality and develop an understanding based upon the existence of thought, as a participation in life.  Thought is not life, rather it participates as life. The difference is more dramatic than you think. Not for this discussion.

        Instead the question is:  as a participant in life, we do not own that life/ but use it within the freedoms, boundaries, and limits available to us as our right. The question is why:  does this even exist? The answer is:  because miracles built life/ not “your science, which tries deliberately to destroy life”.  The reality of why do we exist falls within the element called love.

        Love is a foundation of life/ just like hate is a foundation of death.  Love participates within the laws which govern all truth, thereby it survives.  Hate participates in death, to consume itself forever. Within the boundaries of our existence:  the opportunity to choose love or hate is required of you.  Which means this choice is functional, to the question of why life exists:  or it would not be so.  Love that is true, survives.  Therefore the question is when we participate in love that is true, and is not abandoned at a later time:  do we share in that love, and thereby participate in that potential eternity? Is love a powerful enough intoxicant, to be the value of why we exist;  as humanity, in order to form the critical task of developing those who do love, to share that “forever”?  The answer is yes, love is why we exist.

        So nothing else truly matters, except for this:  every drawing, every picture and face exist in the images of light and shadow.  It takes both to create an image we then recognize as self, or others, etc.  light being the essence of all things discovered (unhidden).  While darkness is the hiding of everything, so none can discover.  Opposites do not attract, love and hate are forever completely different, and cannot be combined except in time.

        So we then turn to the spiritual world, and ask the question:  IS, everything in the spiritual world true, and loving?  The answer is no, because the ascent beyond the realities of being human:  are dependent upon you. Or more distinctly what is not love nor truth, MUST be left behind; or your journey stops, and “here you will stay”.

        This begins the definitions of thought, as they intertwine in a new reality, that is not dependent upon what you want/ but only exists based upon the purpose of your own desire.

        We begin again, by returning to the humanity level, and express the variety of conceptions that are not limited to reality;  as is consistent with human beings, or even animals. The question is:  IF you think, rather than simply want, or believe/ THEN what would be the difference?  The eloquent word to describe this is faith:  which means to accept only truth, and its law;  as your guide. No more want or belief (I want what I want, even if I am being ridiculous).  Truth and law is based in reality, therefore the knowledge of what exists, becomes a participant in that translation of thought. Understanding is your participation as a human being in what you come to accept as true/ by the evidence.  Wisdom, is the development of a journey into thought, whereby the relationship we establish on our path into life itself:  is translated.

        The question of life, and how that life participates in humanity through the existence of a decision:  to enter inside the values that generate MIRACLES.  Grants existence the development of steps. To ascend within wisdom, is to participate in the relationships that give life to humanity. Commonly called spiritual:  the question of body & mind OR life and spirit, construct a question?  Every living thing is a miracle/ every aspect of this planet that exists in support of life, is a different type, but the same basis for a miracle. Thereby the construction of something so intricately complex, that after thousands of years in human history:  “humanity is without a clue”/ as is proven by evolution and more.  Life has proven itself, unfettered by human decision:  as a reality that lives within its own conception. In contrast to that, is the spiritual essence of what life can be, when combined within its own truth. The question is, are we allowed to contaminate “life” within/ or is it held apart, so that when it returns from whence it came:  it will be “pure”?  In addition to that, is the question:  when our spiritual presence, as is a relationship with life itself/ NOT time;   has been released beyond time.  WHAT then will be our reality?

        We begin with the assertion “time and life”, are the essence of humanity/ only when they participate in a spiritual existence. The miracle of our existence is created by “LIFE, time, body and its mind, thought, love, wisdom, and decision”.  Combined these elevate our participation within the journey that completes a destiny. When part of this combined journey is lacking from our existence;  we lose that portion of our participation in a spiritual world. The spiritual world is:  the quest (I will pay) to understand and encounter LIFE ITSELF!  The price to enter is “everything you are, that is substantially  un-pure”/ and there will be mistakes.  Nobody is perfect, in an environment which demands perfection:  that is a problem.

        So the question begins:  WHERE, does thought arise from?  The answer:  remove everything “un-pure”; as best you can.

        The question WHY:  only truth survives!

        The question WHO:  love is the greatest treasure, in this entire universe;  because it makes eternity worthwhile, and happy.

        The question WHEN:  only life itself knows.

        The question WHAT:   relies upon you, and your own quest, to participate in the life granted by miracles, that are true.

        The question WHERE:  every decision for love,  arises from the heart. Every heart is born, and survives, only because your own decision is to share and care.

        The question HOW:  remembers the validity of wisdom, which is “to be more than fate will allow”.



Let us count the ways, “just a little bit”.


        The reality is:  university leadership is responsible for, a wide variety of threats that can easily result in our extinction.  For example:  weapons of mass destruction/ deliberately mutilating nature for the purpose of releasing chaos in nature as a direct response to their own cult worship of evolution.  A fool’s paradise; because they believe therein, that nothing they do has a consequence.  They are wrong; as is so extremely well proven with all their claims.  Such as:  biology is the result of chaos, and therefrom endless fairy tales, that life results entirely from “trillion to one chances” happening over and over and over again;  “winner”.  Or the delusion, “we just built ourselves/ went shopping, and picked whatever we wanted to keep for ourselves. It is literally HORRENDOUS, and taught to every child:  because idolatry is easier, when you control everything; as is the constant of media representing the universities as “god”.  Their  god means:  “we have no rules/ the laws can’t touch us/ we will do whatever we want, without consequences”.  But to establish their fantasies, they have built armies; and attacked all humanity to be their slaves.  Slave means:  without significant rights/ forced to work, for what is nothing in reward (as is the theft, of currency in the form of hidden inflation;  a reality that cannot be done without the consent of government/ media/ law enforcement/ and others).  So they took our work and our resources, by counterfeiting claims that are pure fantasy;  and they played games with our lives. One of those games is the ignition of sun fire here on earth/ by building machines which focus energy into tremendous consequences which will not be reversed once the point of no return has passed. Sun fire burns your skin from 91 million miles away; bringing it here is then NOT hard to conceive of as wrong; even an insect can do that. Their claims:  “not enough gravity here to sustain a fire that obviously burns the bond in atoms for fuel”. The sun is entirely engulfed from the inside out at the core:  WHICH MEANS ALL THE FUEL is on fire at once. Their claim: Hydrogen is the fuel, by turning it all into helium/ BUT THERE IS NO HELIUM, in any possibility this is true, and they know it:  therefore a direct and deliberate, LIE. Their claim “a fantasy element 15 times heavier than lead” makes the sun possible;   a more religious FAKE THEORY, as has become a mental disease has never been postulated.

        But not to worry, the trillions of gallons/ tons of poisons produced and dumped upon this earth every single year:  CAN’T possibly have consequences/ ISN’T THAT RIGHT?  Nor destroying the insect populations as is consistent across this globe with poisons and mutilated crops:  HELL WHAT could possibly go wrong with that?  OTHER THAN  INSECTS ARE A BASE LEVEL FOOD SOURCE for nearly all life in one form or another/ GUESS what happens when you destroy the link that feeds or pollenates, fifty percent of the rest of land and water life.

        Hell you don’t have to worry:  TV hasn’t told you what you think today, “DAMN, got to turn that on”!  Ain’t that so.

        Livestock farming has become factory farming, and it won’t survive without antibiotics/ which means one or more pandemics are going to wipe out your meat supply.  While the mutilation of crops across this world,  is GOING TO KILL YOU directly with plant poisons.  As it THIS AIN’T FOOD NO MORE.  But who cares right, after all;  just go down to the hospital and get an antibiotic/ oh wait, your gods, threw them away on “everything”. Which of course led to “super-diseases” coming as one endless pandemic nobody will escape.

        Its ok though, cause you will get all your food out of the ocean:  aint’ that right.  Sure it is, you and eight billion more just like you/ adding another billion every decade.  HELL, WHAT COULD GO WRONG, with 8 billion people starving to death.  Well not to worry, with all the habitat being destroyed, and rampant extinction on the way;  “just because you eat other life to survive” doesn’t mean anything.  You can just go beg “the government”/ and they will give you bribes;  “like always”.  Ain’t that right?  Or go beg the universities; after all, nothing they do can survive of its own/ WITHOUT ENDLESS COUNTERFEITING, AND RAMPANT DESTRUCTION.   Well shit, who gives a damn about that;  “they are gods/ cause they have an endless list of words (about nothing), they made up so nobody can contest with them about what they say”.  Fantasies live forever right/ just like lies, right?

        The sewage of university leadership has surrounded us all with true threats of extinction. Biblical prophecy points to our own extermination from the planet/ and no threat is more clear than trying to ignite sun fire here on earth.  A reality that is clearly woven into the book of revelation.  “its religious” so it can’t be true?  Not so, it is a prophecy that is woven into religion; and what matters is the evidence which translates that prophecy into the combination of evidence that will be seen as consistent with our own reality.

        It is however unfair in many ways to do more than let the words speak for themselves, so the effort to be bland in the video that represents that prophecy here in this work  www.justtalking6.info is dedicated to:   THINK FOR YOURSELF. Because its necessary.  Unlike the universities which demand:  MEMORIZE whatever we tell you, and question nothing/ INSTEAD, pretend our fantasies are true.


value of heart

The value of heart;  the place inside where we come alive within ourselves, by the passage of love.


        To conceive of this, is to explain why some people are “human beings (those who choose love)”, and some people are animals (strictly about survival, sex, and pride, want, or power):  because they do not choose for love.

        So the functional question is:  what is love, why do some choose love while others do not, where can love be found, who is able to love, how do we cultivate these relationships, and when is love too much to ask for today?

        These descriptions are based upon the place we are within our hearts, and the destiny called love we, as a participation with spirit, desire to be. The distance between where we are, and where we desire to be:  “is a passage” for all who are willing to participate in that adventure. It is not for the weak, or cowardly. Those people called animals here, are without a cause or concern for love; therefore absent from all such existence/ and of no interest here.

        We begin with value, and the desire to reap the essence of a life that is worth living, even into eternity. The animal has no such desire. The human being lives within the discoveries of what life can be, for us all/ not just me. As is the conditional respect, to enter into even the slightest phases of love itself.  Love encompasses, “more than one life”{ even if that life is GOD, because the rest of humanity refuses to care or share with you}. Therefore all are able to complete this journey, even if humanity is absent in a spiritual sense from your life.

        The elegant life, is a passage that extends from birth into eternity, because love fills your heart; and the reality that is no love, does not ever exist for you. Parents need to participate in this, and every decision that you make, must conform to the basics of love and friendship through respect to encounter or live this journey.  Few do, including me. My life has been a long and deliberate demand to learn/ that is not done in the elements of human behaviors and more, without mistakes and realities that are less than love.

        Nonetheless, an education proves itself, and participates as best it can.  Therefore heart, which is the decision to construct a home, to be shared;  because we care about life, we live the kindness love allows,  and we do take responsibility for the realities placed before or because of the life we lead.  Life is not a game, and participation Is never limited to “just the pretty or powerful or whatever judgment that separates provides”. Life is about respect, and heart earns that respect, by producing the passage that sees love as our destiny.

        Destiny is a focus diligently chosen, as the truth identified within ourselves, by the values we conceive of that are true treasures to our lives. Which means we are “willing to pay the price” for this destiny;  because our lifetime, as a purpose is worth this cost. Destiny means:  we have indeed chosen this pursuit, and claimed its challenge as our own. A challenge means “an adventure” to some/ an adventure means, you can pay more than this becomes worth, to you. What is true decides the difference between a destiny (chosen by you)/ and a fate (fell into, because a necessary truth was denied).  The difference between someone who succeeds in love/ and those who become a terrorist:  is oddly enough, generally the difference between truth and lies.  While love survives only in truth, few are able to attain this;  therefore love suffers, and for many it dies because you didn’t care enough. In contrast to that, LIES survive only until the truth weeds them out, and then they become abandoned/ OR, they must be reconfigured as “I believe, therefore this must be right”.  The consequence of belief then is:  “I want, what I want/ and I don’t want nothing else; therefore I will do this, even though I know It is ultimately wrong”.  Fate then enters in, and whatever tragedy you have designed as payment for your belief will attack you. The religious zealot BELIEVES, therefore he or she is confident in that belief/ because they are certain “I would not want this so much; if it were not true”. But alas, it is your want/ and your want, “does NOT belong to    GOD  “. It is yours alone. So the lie is, you want something more than the truth will allow!

        FAITH is the acceptance of truth must lead, because anything less will not survive; and therefrom become not only a burden, but a cost to life itself.  Alas we all have wants, and that means on some day, and in some way we do all fail. Forgiveness is necessary, for yourself as well as others. That is called mercy, rather than right. My want turned out to be:  finding myself in a hospital, due to chemical contamination. I allowed my gall bladder to be removed:  considering if this billing is as bad as everyone says it is. I will take them to court; and the end result of that is not only necessary to confront the billing/ but will aid in my quest to MAKE YOU AWARE, we are facing extinction as a world.  Like all wants, it ends badly; as my sisters intervened in the payment: to insure I would not get into court. Failed in all categories/ and I never plan to do so again. Want is failure; want is an abyss, if you refuse to remove it from your life. Truth must lead, or some degree of tragedy will come.

        The place inside we call home, is where life itself resides. Life and body are different/ even though they walk together in this life, and cannot be separated unless by death. In contrast to that statement is the spiritual world, from which life itself originates. That fact identifies, that we have an inherent right to investigate and pursue an opportunity to look back at our own creation, as the means to identify what life truly is. Body and spirit are opposites, and do not share that same journey/ they share only time.

        So the question is:  what is home, that we understand, “this is where I belong”? The answer fundamentally arises wherever we share life, because we cared. Consequently the elements of sharing and caring “are the bricks and mortar” of a home within the human experience of life. The expression of that sharing and caring live, as our participation in love for the sake and blessing of another life; that then gains from a portion of our own existence. When we build together, we find love IF RESPECT is evident and true. Love “shared forever” is not, “simply your choice alone”. Love is your choice/ but living together, sexual participation, or whatever else you may want;  is not.

        When we love, it is because we trust. Trust binds us together, thereby making it the value we can share as one:  each contributing the responsibility called truth. Without trust love will die/ because you did not care enough, to conceive of more than self with me.

        Where we love is dependent upon the purpose we inherit;  as an experience or expression identified with or without the consent of others.  More simply, some will be “expressive with their love, regardless of society”/ while others will be experiencing extreme foreboding, if anyone else should know.  Something more in the middle, is desirable, for the purposes of society. But what you are willing to endure or enjoy, is literally up to you:  if you pay the price.

        Who we love is a description so wide and varied, that it has no true answer;  until the day when everything I need, becomes you/ and you,  me. In that day, the others are no longer needed; and we begin our journey into eternity as one.  In contrast to that, are the many people who can and will be loved by those who desire friendship, and live within the demands for respect, and a reality of truth. Truth demands:  every life, is equal! Therefore only the law may judge/ and that law is “universal by concept”;  rather than simply man-made.  Beware of the difference, and do the least harm possible to any other life. Love requires it. But hate has a price as well/ even if nothing can be valued in it.

        So we ask, what does it mean, “TO FEEL TRULY ALIVE”?  Discipline says, “I have no concerns”/ order says, the treasury of my life holds truth/ while balance conceives, of a time living holds the grace of existence itself, as a blessing in me!  Within these structures, the dignity of being ALIVE is found.  Within true love, beyond the scope of time;  an eternity is learned, or earned.


time is a distance

Time is a distance, to life;  but in that life it is also a passion. Without the development of passion, which is:  to conceive of value, identity, construction, hope, destiny, courage, dignity, discovery, truth, love, disciplines, knowledge, order through understanding, and wisdom balanced by caring and sharing. In contrast to that which is death, by the opposite of passion which is violence;  means to destroy, violate, torture, murder, mutilate, claim judgment, resort to pride and power, discard life as the trash, and assume superiority. Each of these definitions as is the passion of life/ or the violence against life:  is fundamental to keeping one alive inside. Without them, hate arises;  as your excuse to deny that life itself has any value, purpose, or desire to you.

        We then postulate correctly, that two distinct avenues, and one path form the basis of human existence in time. The path is passion/ the road or avenue, taken by the predator is violence/ and the road taken by the masses as a herd, leans heavily to hate:  because unfulfilled want, drives them to destruction. We will not consider leadership here, and how it drives the road from life for so many. Instead we construct the human individual reference which becomes either a predator or a herd animal/ rather than a well formed,  human being.

        And the animals all say:  “kill him, he lies and distracts from our humanity”.  Yet I only repeat what your gods at the university have been telling you in every school room for decades. That you are only animals/ born out of chaos, with no brain, and only the basic evolution from elemental nothing, until your own choices made you what you are today.  Should I not repeat what your teachers have taught you? Should I not repeat, their claim you had no brain, or tools or anything to conceive of “shopping” for what you wanted or needed to survive and “evolve” into a highly complex reality of existence.  After all, constructed as is  every cult who wants to be acknowledged for how great they are:   I am acknowledging the claims of you, as both follower and leader;  glued, corralled, and bound together by the constant that is media. Just like all ”preacher’s, do”.

        Alas every portion and part of life, provided by your worshiping  “we are gods, so say the universities”:  has proven to be false.  So humanity fell into the abyss that is want, and produced hate, violence, and lies, to compensate for the tragedy that is “Murdering life”.  Life is being murdered, and humanity itself is participating:  because you let the universities gamble with this entire planet/ mutilate nature itself/ destroy the oceans, resources, climate, and every single thing they touch;  and yet still worship them as your gods.  EVEN THOUGH, they have robbed you completely, bankrupting America and more:  EVEN killing your children with the consequences of their actions or reactions. While producing nothing, as in absolutely nothing:  that would accept and participate in,   there is a future for life on this planet. There is not, without truly dramatic change.

        But hey, “you want what you want/ and you know what you don’t want; and be DAMNED to anyone who gets in your way!  Now ain’t that so.”

        Hope is the respect we give to each other as an individual identity, through the respect we give to life itself, and honor as our participation in miracles:  which is    so clearly, what we are!  You cannot build one single blade of grass, how much less a human body.  Yet you grant fools the right to mutilate all of life/ a reality that will become “this can never be reversed”.  Because you believe the university is god, and worship them; even though they are traitors and terrorists/ liars and thieves.  Not to worry, once the trinkets and toys stop:  the weapons of mass destruction drop, there is always cannibalism. For awhile.

        Destiny is the difference between finding your own future, with knowledge, understanding, wisdom, respect, truth, dignity and values/  OR falling into the consequences of choices made without any of those honorable things, to override the reality of your ways. Only the university has a brain/ now ain’t that right.  Because you are not invited, “into their fifty billion words” used to hide the fact, they talk well, but hide reality as is the fact of useless information or descriptions:  CAN’T keep you or this world alive.

        Life must come first, is the epitome of hate in a university cult/  it is last on the list of what is important.  Because their only true desire is to play god. Your only true desire, is to pretend “like any fanatic” that you can claim their prize;  because of whatever you pretend to be. Their prize is destruction, but do not worry:  your wish is granted, as you did indeed participate in the destruction of life on earth. Letting them do whatever they wanted; without the slightest investigation or reality called evidence:  they get to lead, life/ into these true threats of extinction. Already identified in my websites  a useful one for that is www.justtalking5.info

        Courage you lack, in every conceivable way;  its hard when you are a sheep/ and you don’t care about anything but you, when you become a predator.  Congratulations, “animal”.

        Dignity discourages such broad descriptions of fact:  because as with all broad based descriptions, it fails many. Nonetheless, it is true for most;  because you are believers. You believe the universities are smarter than you; therefore they must be right.  As in they certainly claim to be, and have made some things without regard to life or survival,  which suggest this is so. But the question is:  IF they are so smart, WHY ARE WE SURROUNDED with dozens of threats, any one of which can make us all extinct?  The answer of course is:  they care nothing whatsoever, about life/ only playing god for themselves.  Which does make you their slaves. They counterfeited your money, by hiding inflation/ and claiming asset generation of 20 trillion dollars every year, is just “real”.  It is not, and you would know that is true; if you were not so sacred of reality itself. Which brings us to your chant:  LIE TO US/ DON’T let us go bankrupt, and MAKE THE CHILDREN PAY!  But alas, lies never survive, and neither will yours or you. That is the truth.

        Love lives in the heart, and sings its songs of joy, by replenishing what we know “makes us feel ALIVE”. It is the value, of everything true, and discovered as the blessing we each are willing to share; because we care.  How few know this, because your leaders “make you animals”/ they know only sex, “is that not what your leaders, at the universities say”?   Therefore love is not for you, and without passion for life, there is only hate or violence.  Welcome to the university world:  they are god/ you are hate. So the question is:  what next?


        Value is a dignity created through the destinies and discoveries of love. Respect comes first. None of that is taught in school/ in fact it is absolutely revoked by university rule; and media frenzy.  Too bad;  “why, its only an eternity you lose”!  so who cares.

        Knowledge understands life exists by the truth of laws governing discipline, order, balance, and more.  Wisdom creates the values of miracles throughout this living world, and that includes this planet itself.  Which means the university has NO WISDOM at all.  NOTHING, that accepts truth is in them/ or they would do differently.  Yet It is “university rule” that controls everything, particularly in America.  A reality that exists only because the lies, cheating, stealing, traitorous acts, terrorism as is the intent to ignite sun fire here on earth/ mutilate nature/ and destroy every possibility we as life or planet could survive.  All true.  Yet you follow your gods anyway, because you love your want, and the universities rule:  brings bribes;  and their control over media and government and education and everything else makes you afraid. So who cares right? So what, they make you beg/ so what they destroy the possibilities of controlling your own future; because they stole everything, and control everything,  with counterfeit money!

 HELL, facing reality, and letting truth decide our future:  MEANS ALL KINDS OF THINGS WE DON’T want to face  will control our destiny. And nobody wants to pay!  So you let the children, and all life/ even the planet itself:  DIE.   Who, could be more selfish than you?  Answer the question,  “because   GOD,  already knows”.  No hiding/ no excuses:  only choices.


an education

It is fair to assert and describe:  that an education is a good thing/ so long as you use it to protect, defend, identify, and create the values that give existence a blessing, from your knowledge, understanding, or wisdom.


        An education is consistent with, the ability to be free/ as reality;  unless it is very simple and easy because nature provides everything without work:  demands, either do it correctly or suffer the consequences.

        To know the difference between a decision that will become a blessing or a curse; is in fact, a very valuable wisdom.

        To know through the existence of evidence, the realities we do or we will face in our future/ gives us that right to prepare and change what we can in fact change:  to achieve a better tomorrow.

        To understand respect, so that we can achieve a balance to our lives and our society;  grants that there will be peace and harmony for all.  If we remove the hatred, discard the want;  and choose to let truth decide.  Only truth conceives of wisdom, and only wisdom precipitates harmony or peace, through respect.

        Discipline constructs a system of values, by which we create the boundaries and limits we set for our own individual lives.  Without distinct boundaries, it is possible to be drawn into temptations that will then confront you with tragedy and disgrace.  Without distinct limits, that you accept as your decision:  there will be failures, that can only be endured, if possible.

        Order is the translator of why, how, when, where, who, and what. Because order achieves the steps from which we deliberately act, and fundamentally behave:  all other transitions through the living of time are about want or hate/ and they will lead you into chaos.

        Balance conceives of life, by distributing the grace of everyone is important/ even every life, that is not consumed by hate. Given that truth, the foundations of an education must recognize:  when we take more than we need/ we remove those possibilities from someone else;  causing grief or unhappiness, because they have needs and desires too. The arrogant will say:  “I don’t, & I won’t care about anyone else/ those who do ARE FOOLS”.

        REALITY says:  every time you fail to share what is honest and true, thereby contributing to the love that builds a society, and creates the harmony we would have achieved/ you then do the opposite, and create hate. Every love lifts another life, so they can lift another life.  Every hate destroys another life/ so they can use violence and tragedy to influence more.

        An education is, the value of life itself, understood as a gift:  because all knowledge grasped, and led by reality,  proves life is  a miracle. ANYONE discarding that truth, is a born liar/ that lives only, to discard life itself into a tomb.

        An education is:  the fundamental assertion, LIFE EXISTS because of the laws which sustain it. The truth which guides survival itself, into the ways that give us comfort and time. A catastrophe is:  the lies which form an abyss of want, into which people fall, because they can never get enough of anything for long.  Causing life itself, to be degraded into “something measured, and failed/ or too arrogant to survive, or achieve love”. 

        An education is:  what we earn within ourselves, IF the value of what is being taught, is real.  An education that is not of value, seeks only to steal from you, and make you worship & obey them. 

        An education arises from the inside, because nothing less than your own commitment to acknowledge and then share what is true;  becomes valued/ unless you are a thief.  An education arises, because the disciplines learned, give life its opportunity to become even more than it is today. More means:  an ability to help. Less means, an ability to entrap, cheat, corrupt, destroy, disease, or fail life.

        An education is:  the passage beyond self, from which we learn to identify thought, rather than judgment or want.  Thought constructs the essence of life, and it exists only for those with heart or soul. Thought identifies the elements which give us hope, and heals the distance we are from our eternity.  Thought surrenders want, because it is without justice or fair play.  Justice brings peace.  Fair play grants harmony. Love establishes happiness that will not die, unless we share much more than we receive. An education includes the critical truth:  give your soul to   GOD   first/  so that the very best of love and life that is within you cannot be stolen.

        An education is, life meets death:  but time alone claims the body.  What then is life, elevates itself beyond time:  because thought is not consistent with a body, it lives within the soul.  Thought is our translation which says:  I AM ALIVE.  It is not body, which forms the house from which we live in time. A house is not a life, it is merely the place we reside, as we learn to choose.  A life is:  the freedom to choose, because we know, this is more than our humanity presents/ we know, that miracles mean the potential of an eternity.  The critical element:  the heart which is our ability, and desire to care;  forms the transition between a life measured in time, and a life that is sacred (beyond all that humanity can be or do), therefore a gift.


        Of the various elements described by an education are “what/ where/ who/ when/ how/ and why”.  All but why are aligned with order. Why exists within the disciplines of law, and is thereby different. Balance adheres to the bond which completes the question between two distinct possibilities.  Just like there is a bond which holds the opposing energies of an atom together. There is a bond that holds the elements of a life together, called thought.  Thought thereby elevates life beyond time, because it exists beyond the state where energy rules life. The question is:  if thought stands alone, as significant only to itself/ then what is to be conceived of as “everything else”?  The opposing existence of time, conceals the value of thought, by creating or allowing what is not thought, but measurement, thereby judgment standing alone. Yet we live within the confines of time, and sustain an ability to think beyond measurements if we have soul.  Thereby human existence is a participation in-between the extremes. The question is why? The answer is:  love is the most treasured reality of this universe, it makes all life worth living. But love is a true choice, that can never be ordered or caused to exist:  because it is entirely “free-will”.  Within our freedoms, we have the right to choose love; and thereby become within this universe something truly valued for life.  The consequence of free-will is, that the opposing force of measurements thereby judgment is also a choice.  The unfortunate reality:  most humans prefer “to play god, and judge”.

        LOVE requires a distinct truth called purity to sustain itself. Love that fails life, results in “heartache and chaos” for the rest. Therefore love is tested here in this humanity, and given its choice where the consequences are far less dramatic:  to be, or not to be “true”. The values of experience, and the rewards that are expressions of love, mimic the relationships we will share beyond this time. What you can be “within eternity” is determined by your truth.  Where you shall exist beyond time, is determined by your own decisions. Who you shall become, lives or dies with the love you have agreed, accepted, and chosen to share. When we leave this time,  we do enter the purgatory of every truth shall be refined/ and every lie shall be removed. How we complete that journey, is a relationship with soul/ if you do not share that, you will fail life.  As to why life exists, the answer is found within the law. Laws rule reality, therefore reality is determined by the laws which control it.  To change and live according to the law of life, not of men:  is to understand only truth can determine a peaceful and harmonious future. Want never will, that is the basis of every lie. Pride is the seed of every judgment. Power is the alteration of time (as it would be), to play god over the rest.


Within the discovery:  how can life exist “within the light”/ as is consistent with an assertion of;  energy forms the basis of experience and expression.  The question becomes instead, what is the bond that forms a boundary from our own distinctions?  Values limit the translation of time, by testing where would we hold that boundary to be? Love explains who can be loved, within our own grasp of desire. The question of when arises by our own “opening of doors” into the spiritual world, by what will interest you the most. The reality of how, is not to be conceived of within time. But a question of why acknowledges the desire, “to be the best you can be”.  That is a formation which gives breathe, to your soul;  when truth lives with you.

        An education means:  you have achieved the desire of thought, and formed an alliance with thought to achieve far greater things than time. An education is not memorization:  which is simply the preparations to serve or slave. An education is: the shared possibilities of what freedom can mean for you. The proud, the powerful, and the greed called want NEVER share: they want what they want, which is you serve me.  The consequence of that is:  “memorize what we tell you/ and question nothing”. The reality as is proven in this day:  a society built on lies and fantasies which will not survive.  Leaving your only choice, other than death:  accept the price required, to change for:  LIFE COMES FIRST, and don’t look back.

        We approach the gate of HELL in this world, as a consequence of choices that have already been made.  Which means the whole world is involved in this catastrophe; and IT WILL take an entire world of human decisions, to change the future that has already been decreed.  IT WILL    “take    GOD  “  to grant the mercy, thereby time we require to change, and fight for this world.  Anything less is futile.    Love does not sacrifice the children!  You however chose:   just because you said,  “let’s all pay later/ but never did”. A world that can no longer survive.  That, by the reality of the evidence, the decisions not to care; but let university do anything they wanted:  is the truth.


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