Month: March 2017

for a better world

In a better world, the foundation of government would be:  NO, you can’t play games with our lives! NO, you cannot make us war! NO you cannot take more than reality needs to protect, so that every life can be happy and at peace.

        In this world, now that we are threatened from every possible horrendous government and university way:  we have no choice but to fight with law, to recover the future from extinction. Or it is all life that dies.

        Given that state of affairs, a reality without true compromise:  “we must/ or all life dies”. The opportunities for change are limited.  


        We begin with government itself, to recognize:  that it all goes bad, when people take control over the others by declaring themselves to be “the government”. It all goes bad when the people themselves turn to “the government”, and demand everyone has to pay for what I want; except me. It all goes bad when the people who can, take too much, and leave all the rest without. It all goes bad, when greed controls the future;  as has occurred in  America, and other places, which brings:  today.

        The foundation of government is law: simple as that. We need law to establish a boundary, so that one “species does not invade the other species”. Or more distinctly:  some people have a want, that becomes predation on other people who then become a prey. So boundaries are “good things” when used with dignity and the values of shared respect.  Dignity means:  I have attained the age, accepted the power, to make my own decisions and pay for the reality I did chose. That is my right, and that is my duty to life.  Whereas shared respect identifies the truth:  everyone who contributes to life with peace, truth, love, honest courage, discipline, orderly process, happiness, decent participation; or basically all that makes life worth living/ is entitled to be considered an active and valued member of society.  Those who deliberately lock people out, or intentionally make them sad; ETC:  Proving hate/ have no respect.

        The discipline of government is then law:  the ability to make a boundary enforceable, primarily because the price is too high:  for people to refuse. But that comes with a very delicate reality:  IF YOU MAKE THE WRONG LAW, or fail to enforce, {which includes corrupting the courts, or policing} the right law/ then society will lose its justice, and peace will die. The law is elemental to harmony, without it there is no distinction of the responsibilities we owe each other. Therefore the law is up to the citizens of each nation to declare:  what we believe will be true to peace and life, for us. To do that the law MUST BE LIMITED/ to what can easily be understood, memorized, and taught to every child; so that they become adults prepared and ready to defend society itself. The hater’s will always try to intervene and corrupt. Which means the law CANNOT be changed unless society itself does so. Which does again require:  that society itself, SHALL write its own law into existence. Which does include critical and true control over the courts themselves/ along with the fundamental right to remove a judge by vote.  Which does include: that the policing agencies SHALL provide their own insurance (no more suing the city, etc), which comes directly out of their own paycheck. To cover the costs of mishandled or inappropriate police actions. “when its your own money, it is far less easy to keep those officers which take your salary, because of their failure.

        The order of government is based upon the power that is given to it. Or more simply: you cannot do more than what we give you the right to do for us. That is the foundation of democracy:  we have established the boundaries for our employees/ BEFORE you were allowed to act for our government, we made you swear to OBEY OUR GOVERNMENT.  Which is the constitution itself! Or more critically the constitution holds the power of law/ while the employee, remains exactly like the rest of us “simply a citizen, with a job to do”. The only difference is:  you swore, which means a punishment is inherent with failure/ to obey our government, which is the constitution. The value of that statement, or more correctly that form of government is:  the employee has no right to make decisions that are contrary to our agreed upon acceptance of these limits and duties and rights, that are applied to every single citizen, and more. It is these rights, limits and responsibilities that make us united;  that make us a nation of our own, thereby it is functionally declared in time “as sacred”.  Sacred means:  without this, everything we need to survive, falls apart. As is sacred: the body of life/ the environment/ nature/ resources/ water/ oceans/ life/ peace, love, and value of existence and beyond.  Consequently when the rebellion, whether that be a university that plays god intending to destroy everything so they can “be god”/ or, (greed is a rebellion) tries to destroy the very constitution that is government. The foundation of it is, open and deliberate anarchy against the nation itself/ even the world of life.

        With “one hundred” short, clearly understood, simple to memorize laws created and enforced by the citizenry:  WE THEN OWN THE NATION, and it is ours. NOT theirs! More simply, the value of a democracy is not in its voting for someone to vote for me.  But in its own individual vote on the law itself. When we know the law/ THEN WE CAN enforce the law. When we create the law ourselves, we WILL know it as our agreed truth. There is nothing that a fair and legitimate boundary cannot hold out:  or stop, or control in the course of fighting for life. What must be decided that is not clearly within the laws that have been chosen: MUST WAIT, until the next election of laws. A time declared;  when we the people decide if changes must occur.

        Order is:  by its own definition the ascension of values, or the need for deliberate disciplines to create the structure by which we rise; to a life intended.

        Order is:  the development of what we accept as true.

        Balance is:  the need to assert and make true, that every individual DOES OWN, a right to the freedoms which life itself has promised, by simply understanding “I have a choice”.  That is not your choice/ rather it is my choice.

        Liberty understands:  that together we must accept the responsibilities required to sustain and discover what we need as a united people;  to believe the future will never be taken away. That we are literally “we the people”/ NOT just whatever you want, for you.

        These are foundation principles, and they begin with limited capitalism:  the right to limit every individual income, to a maximum, and a minimum per year/ for those who work.  By periodic vote, we make it true:  that we are “in this together, and no one has the right to play “god” over life.

        The second principle is:  everyone who chooses to work, is owed a fair and legitimate income; through a job. Because a job is functionally required to survive in peace, and with realistic harmony. The price of a job for everyone is:  nobody gets rich, to any true degree. The unfortunate reality of humanity is:  nearly everyone wants to be rich.  What happens in a world governed with grace (we share), is a reality of time being given to all participants for whatever they wish to pursue.  What happens in a world that wants to be rich is:  a war, with ever growing competition fighting to gain “it all”/ which means, I have no room for you; unless you make me rich. It is a choice.  But it is not without a rule (to control the individual, even though a law would not be right). That rule is: while I rest or pursue my own values in life/ NOBODY gets to sneak in and try to steal my life;  not with competition or other.  As a reality that becomes:  every business, and employee gets graded according to what they do.  So that those who are “the best, or somewhat less” can be known to every individual employer (as does include all those who need work done).  The listing of work to be done, shall then be described by the community itself:  open to all.  The realities of a contract to do the work;  shall be open for all to see, and every part or purpose shall be as clear as possible: with no misinterpretation accepted.  The realities of people who are worked for, shall be graded as well.  Summarized, this becomes “if you are within the top tier of people who do the work well”/ then your ability to  get a job, is relatively stable:  your grade proves you can do the work, and will. The community provides opportunities with the work that comes to them for distribution and controls the contract for what will be done, and how this will be paid. They can choose as is done today; freedom is important/ the courtroom can be used. Through the community however must be:  we the people, do establish:  THE REALITY of justice, consistent with FAIR PLAY for us all. That is functionally different than the legal definition of courtroom justice; it is a choice.  The people who pay shall be identified (graded) for their contribution to a peaceful society and a pleasant helpful and realistic participation in the work we shall do, for you. Those who deserve each other/ will get each other.  Limited capitalism keeps everyone “within the limits of shared competition” {dependent upon resources} selected by all of society.

        The third principle of society is:  when resources have been plundered, humanity must do something else. That presents one of the three causes for war:   WE DON’T have enough for ourselves to survive, let’s take theirs.  (2)  WE WANT MORE, let’s make them slaves to our want.  (3) POWER, is useless;  unless I can make someone else cry or fear!

        Removing war thereby means:  to reduce or remove these causes, by confronting their reality and resolving with world law and policing;  what those others can or cannot do to us. World law is controlling the leaders, with law, declared as a world;  NOT warring against the nation itself. This functionally removes the power of leaders, when enforced for a legitimate cause. The reality of slavery (I don’t want to work myself/ let them) is a desire for wealth, or just plain laziness and a thirst for power over you. Limited capitalism controls the majority of this, because it enables justice by the simple means:  if you don’t share the work and blessings of society and life with us/   then we will take some of your income away (making YOU, more like us).  The protection of resources is always the first thing to go, whenever greed overtakes reality. It is then, of the utmost importance, that every child should be educated in the realities of what their own futures will need. Given the power to rise as “protectors of their own future”/ by that education. Establishing to every elder: YOU MUST, answer these questions/ YOU MUST, identify these costs.  The possibilities will be met with the certainty:  “you CANNOT take ours, for yourselves”. This ain’t fair!

        With world law (we the world have made this law), and international policing (we the world will provide, defend, and support this enforcement of our law).  THEN no further weapons of mass destruction need to exist/ and that includes all forms. Militaries will decrease, and the money and excuses they use will be distributed to life, rather than death.  WAR cannot be decided by leaders (you defend, the border/ not advance);  only by society itself.

        Justice is a decision by all of society, to enforce a law that is fair. Justice is not consistent with laws that are unfair. Therefore whosoever makes the laws and understands them:  determines the life society will live. The purpose of a jury trial is very simple:  YOUR JOB, is to prove this is, or this is not what we the people have declared to be “our rights”, as a free society, with responsibilities to the rest. The job of the judge is to determine the law, and apply it to an honest purpose that is justified by the decision of society, under the direction of the constitution. All are judged at the end of trial, so as to prove to the society at large, “we did do, the best we could do”.

        Education is access, therefore it is important and valued by every individual who accepts:  their life, will be determined by what they are able to do for themselves or someone else.  It is not money, which is a description of what I can get others to do for me. Rather education is about the preparations necessary to do for myself. Therefore what is to be taught: shall be confined to this description, and not dedicated to an assumption of “university knows”/ worship them. Primary to every society, is the ability of the people to BE FRIENDLY AND RESPECTFUL to each other.  Therefore a major concern of every educational parameter must be dedicated to establishing that opportunity and duty:  as is RESPECT demands acceptance rather than judgment. Primary to every individual, is the ability to know and accept the values of family, the ascension of love, the purposes of truth, the disciplines which teach us order, the miracles that are life, and the  potential that is eternity itself. Not religion/ but the investigation that lives in truth, by examining everything that went “right” for life on earth. Little of that is human caused, in this day. The reality is primarily defined by what is sacred:  which means without this we die, or never lived. Without this, our world would be a very different place;  RESPECT ALL LIFE/ and everything life needs to survive.


Discipline requests:  that I remind you of this very simple truth, excess money does not make you happy/ it only makes the vast majority very proud; a fact that can destroy your own eternity. Or more simply, consider the truth:  even if you had “everything” you can imagine, would you be happy in a world that contained no life? If you had a billion dollars, and not a friend in this world/ would that make you happy? We live, and we die on the inside alone:  unless we own love. To own love means:  “my heart” lives through you/ my soul knows, this is my destiny.

In an orderly world, everyone knows:  that the addition of, another one of us, protects a species/ but the realities of death, regardless of the cause, protects a planet and its environment. It is not more complex than that.

        Balance states,  without the integral need of called HONEST questioning, of everything asserted to be “true”/ there is no protection from lies.  The consequence of that is, where lies rule life/ life fails truth, and everything lied about dies.  A liar demands:  “you must pay for me”.  While truth commits, if you obey and learn from this law: there will be a path forward, that refines life to become a greater destiny than what you are today.

        Life or death for this world, becomes the questioning of what is or has been done/ taught/ chosen for the future/ or created from the past. That fundamentally requires of the vast majority of humanity:  that you question everything the universities have been teaching you. That critically recognizes:  IF YOU DON’T stop the lies from consuming our relationship with this planet and all its nature:  WE THE PEOPLE, will soon be extinct. Because the cycles of our existence, cannot survive a lost world, or a complete crisis of extermination, caused by university delusions.

        I reiterate

  1. We cannot survive the ignition of atoms on fire, as is the sun fire; universities and governments are trying to create. No matter what they call it, their decision is to ignite a ten million degree fire, with flames ONE MILLION MILES LONG/ right here on earth. Depending entirely on the theory, that fire “will just extinguish itself”; because there according to them:  there, is not enough gravity here on earth, to sustain the fire. So it will just evaporate into spaceWRONG IS THIS PLANET BECOMES A SUN!  for real/ no gimmicks, and no second chances. Because we cannot remove atoms as used for fuel.  Clearly fuel on the sun, because nothing else could release the energy or sustain the fire longevity we know to exist.
  2. We cannot survive the destruction of nature itself, by mutilating the instructions which build every body of life on this planet. Which is exactly what universities around this world are doing. As religious zealots, they literally do proclaim:   we are just going to bring back evolution, to prove it is so! By DELIBERATELY,  injecting CHAOS into the bodies of life.
    1. CHAOS is destruction of everything complex, down to its most simple form. That is the definition of chaos.
    2. Evolution asserts: the body builds itself, and separates itself from all other life forms, and feeds itself, and reproduces itself, AND FORM AND COMBINES  “SIX BILLION instructions” to make just one human body:   WITHOUT A BRAIN, OR A TOOL, OR ANY VERSION OF INTELLIGENCE, or food supply;    “its magic”, as their witchdoctors dance and use masks to declare it is so! TAKES A DAMN FOOL, does it not. because not one shred of evidence exists, TO PROVE evolution in any form or reality.  Adaption is merely proof of perfect design “I knew it would be needed, so the mechanism was in place (a bit like adding a spare tire, for your vehicle)”.
    3. Geneticists world over, are deliberately crossing species boundaries in a deliberate and concerted effort to create “a new species” thereby proclaiming themselves to be “god”. CROSSING SPECIES BOUNDARIES, IS THE MOST CERTAIN WAY, TO CREATE A PANDEMIC THERE IS; a proven fact, already in existence.  The failure to stop them is without doubt, the reality they will become “god as in destroyer of this world”. It’s called SATAN, religious or not, it does fit perfectly.
  3. The reality of this time on earth is VERY SIMPLE; your great brains, so they call themselves, with a university diploma.  Have declared this world extinct decades ago.  Because human over-population will consume us all, and that is true; not a game/ it is reality.  Some tried in the early sixties to stop that rise, created by antibiotics and other methods of change which the universities all claim as “they did it”/ even though much they did not, or it was just an accident noticed; as antibiotics were.  Nonetheless, it was absolutely true:  PEOPLE WOULD NOT LISTEN/ WOULD NOT CHANGE/ WOULD NOT RECOGNIZE REALITY FOR OUR FUTURE.  And the university graduate GAVE UP, AS DID many others:  and they all chose to TAKE EVERYTHING THEY COULD, as fast as they could /discarding the future as lost.              THE REALITY OF THAT HOWEVER IS OUR OWN EXTERMINATION FROM THIS LIFE AND PLANET/ THE ASSASSINATION OF EVERY CHILD, AND EVERY FUTURE CHILD;  because of what we did, and did not do. 
    1. Reality now states this game of I won’t care/ IS OVER! Or the reality of what you, and so many others DID CHOOSE, which is the end of life on earth; is literally going to erase us from this entire CREATION. 
    2. NOTHING can be so certain as is: this life, and this planet, and this everything other than what the freedom of humanity has caused:  IS A TRUE MIRACLE.  Which means, “it ain’t no accident/ and we certainly did not build ourselves or anything else that is life, by one piece at a time”.  You CAN’T survive without all the pieces your body needs at the very same time:  think about it!  What good is your heart, without blood, or muscles, or a brain.  What good is your bones without joints, or the critical links which tie them all together;  the list is endless, literally!  Yet your “big brains” at the university can’t see it/ because they want to be god over you. So to do that, they have literally tried to destroy everything but themselves as god. What better way to play god, than to make you entirely dependent upon them FOR EVERYTHING.  What better way to do that, than to remove all your options in life or survival.  QUICK go beg them, “for a breathe of air”.  It’s called DAMN FOOL!

PLAY TIME IS OVER;   LIFE OR DEATH FOR THIS PLANET NOW LOOMS CLOSE, and forever.  Your ability to choose for life, will soon pass the point of no return. Which means “cry, pray, beg, fight, kill, mutilate, plead,  worship rocks or whatever it is:   WON’T MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER/ this world is dead.

And to all that, this world of humanity says:  I CAN’T QUESTION THE UNIVERSITIES, cause they are  like gods, (they can talk better than me, and win). Or more distinctly, THEY ARE AN ARMY OF FOOLS, whose only purpose in life is to protect their EASY existence;  from anyone who claims, “they aren’t god”.  By controlling communications, they propagate “we can’t be wrong”. By controlling governments, they counterfeit money, to produce any toy, weapon or trophy they want. By discarding education, and making it  “BE LIKE US”/ THEY PRODUCE SLAVES, not individuals. By threatening:   WE CAN kill this world, with just the release of one biological weapon/ they are SATAN.

               And who can defeat satan, right?


               The critical choice is:  WHY, should HE?   Are these not your choices, did you NOT follow them, refusing life choices/ the destruction of everything, IN FAVOR OF MONEY!  And so much more, under their disguise of lies.

  CHOOSE BETTER, or you will die, and all this world with you. This moment in the history of this earth:    is literally, that simple and plain.

               In case it ain’t clear:   YOU CANNOT SURVIVE THIS TIME ON EARTH,    WITHOUT    GOD  HIMSELF!  Because the reality is:  your universities have in fact created doomsday machines, any one of which can end life;  because just a few conspired and made a decision to destroy our world.  You literally CANNOT stop them all.

               Which means every single one of us:  IS ENTIRELY DEPENDENT UPON     GOD    intervening on our behalf/ while WE literally attempt, to resurrect our future.  That is our job.  Keeping us alive, while you try to do it:     can only be done by      GOD HIMSELF.

 It is that simple.  Our reality is that plain.  “look at the evidence”!

i am just the messenger, reality proves it is delivered:  YOUR CHOICE begins.

NO second chances allowed, this is it.




I have delivered the message I came to deliver:  that this entire world can die, because of what the universities have done. Threatening all life, with their intent to play god.

  1. To ignite sun fire here on earth, fully knowing it cannot be extinguished.
  2. Deliberately trying to destroy nature itself through DNA mutilation.
  3. Deliberately trying to “create evolution” by removing disciplines, balance, order; and demanding chaos must control life; through DNA manipulation. BY MIXING species together.
  4. Deliberately altering every food species, and attempting to alter every livestock form: no food.
  5. Deliberately trying to recreate the “big bang”; single most destructive event in the history of this universe; right here on earth.
  6. Deliberately destroying resources through their leadership, ending the future for all life. Quote “humanity uses more resources in ten years/ than throughout all of human history preceding these days”.
  7. Deliberately endangering all drinking water supplies through their leadership
  8. Deliberately endangering all ocean life through their leadership.
  9. Deliberately causing extinction of species, due to habitat destruction.
  10. Deliberately causing global warming with absolute refusal to admit to wrong doing in their leadership.
  11. Deliberately creating weapons of mass destruction to end life on this planet.
  12. Deliberately inviting “even the public” to mutilate life and create biological weapons of mass destruction along the way.
  13. Deliberately invading the oxygen supply for this entire planet, with failed leadership.
  14. Deliberately destroying the ozone, our only protection against sun fire radiation; through failed leadership.
  15. Deliberately refusing the propagate communication that could allow for change.
  16. Deliberately conspiring to deny access to the courtroom, thereby seeking change legally was thwarted. By destroying democracy.
  17. Deliberately removing common sense (life lessons) from education; to imbed fantasies, stories, and delusions.
  18. Deliberately corrupting the money supply to bankrupt nations with “debts don’t matter”.
  19. Deliberately inflating the currency by declaring its “asset increases”; thereby hiding truth.
  20. Deliberately choosing war, rather than installing justice with law.
  21. Deliberately bankrupting the nation itself, thereby preparing people for maximum bloodshed; as they enter into civil wars or more.
  22. Deliberately pouring extreme amounts of toxic waste in every form onto soil and water.
  23. Deliberately destroying with pollution, a wide variety of habitat.
  24. Deliberately allowing the destruction of habitat itself.
  25. Deliberately allowing antibiotics to become useless to humanity and livestock as well.
  26. Deliberately creating “super diseases” with antibiotics.
  27. Deliberately destroying the pollinators, as are responsible for “one bite out of every three” taken for food.
  28. Deliberately destroying justice, through a wide variety of ways; particularly the extortion of medicine/ which kills an entire lifetime of work, for a few minutes of their time.
  29. Deliberately creating billionaires (one billion people owe one person one dollar of their time or resource each) completely unfair.
  30. Deliberately destroying governments with counterfeit money, endless fantasy, and complete collusion to cover up the truth: we are bankrupt, and must start over.
  31. Deliberately making the children pay for your failures; with their future.
  32. Failing even what can be done/ what must be learned/ the information critical to life itself.
  33. Last but certainly not least; the people themselves failing with over-population of the planet with humanity. Another BILLION, in less than ten years. Another million more than deaths, every three to four days. COMPLETELY UN-SURVIVE-ABLE, in and of itself.


The bible does have prophecies that should not be ignored. One is Armageddon:  nature in chaos. One is the apocalypse:  a gun in every hand, bloodshed everywhere/ hell begins.  One is the second death of this earth will be by fire (no survivors, earth becomes a sun) instead of  water“Noah’s flood”(a few survivors, proven true by the realities of fossil fuels). Revelation which is divided into two categories:  first eleven (the planet ignites on fire)/  second starting at 12, humanity changes, and women lead; life survives. Daniel 12  predicts a great abomination will determine the end of days. There is no greater abomination than to gamble this entire planet and all its life:  by igniting sun fire here. This is the great abomination, which destroys the entire planet and even changes the solar system. It is the starting point of the end of days, when the first machine begins its first actual operations to make sun fire here. April 1, 2012

    The prophecy predicts a first death at 1290 days which has pasted. It is consistent with the bible in that the old testament is “the law” will save you:    failed.  The second death which ends in July of 2019, and is “mercy will save you”;  IF, you choose to change properly. No sign of change/only belligerence, arrogance, and a blind cult of believers the university can be “god”.  They are, its called “SATAN”.  The half a time is the period following ignition of the fire; which is enabled by the first part of Revelation, to be as predicted therein.  Ending either life or the planet; in all probability in half the time as is the first death by law  645 days; after ignition.  Judgment follows/ or you change and survive:  by removing all these threats.  Simple as that.  Plain as every threat listed, and there are many more.

    Or more simply:  university leadership has led you into an abyss, of want and want and more want.  Reality says:  only truth survives time or life, therefore choose what your own truth will be. Choose what your world truth, as humanity on earth will be:  LIFE FIRST/  or death, forever.  It’s a choice, that every single one will make.


    WANT, is the basis of every lie/ but you worship it anyway, as your ability to search for a different life, than what you were given! The value of any life, begins with an appreciation for who and what you are; even if someone may have more. You are reminded, that your parents/ grandparents, etc chose that. To discard it, is to discard them.

    The value of living, is happiness, hope, courage, love, respect, thought which grants these things, and a body of life (miracles clearly in evidence of fact) which allows the freedom to encourage the potential which understands, even a tiny part of eternity. Passions, desires in truth, and purposes which are honest and pure, that prove the value of love, is not bound with time.

    I have searched, for a lifetime (work, life, truth); seeking soul, the essence of life itself. I have spent decades searching for the means to inform humanity, that the road you are on will fail/ and the tragedy it brings will be extinction. You refuse to learn, that want is not enough to survive/ that realities which clearly threaten to exterminate life on earth, cannot simply be ignored. That is your fault; many have been told in a wide variety of ways/ you prefer to believe those who brought you into all these traps, and all this trouble; “are gods (protectors, who will never let you down)”.  If that were true, no threats would exist.

     The future for life on this earth is very simple:  you/ not a single one of you, can survive the threats created by university leadership or your own choices to follow them “just like a cult (can’t question the leaders, just believe what you are told)”. Even though they have set roadblocks to keep you quiet, tempted, and controlled. Reality states:  humanity itself does not wish to pay for truth, and live accordingly.  Therefore it is you too, that threatens this entire creation. Or more simply:  the enemy of this world, is humanity itself/ which means to save yourselves, the only possible way is to change yourselves.  Life must come first, in your every decision from now on/ NOT money, or you the individual. Simple as that,  established by, & with RESPECT.  Failure will be extinction. No second chances. It is absolutely true:  I am NOT the decision you will make/ nor will I be accepted as your excuse. The reality of threats and the consequences of being wrong:  qualify as your decision to make, no one is excused.

    I have purposely tried NOT, to be like your preachers or leaders or others are. No temptation/ no manipulation/ no assertion, follow me/ no assumption of I can’t be wrong/ other.  Rather again and again I have told anyone who listens or reads or hears:  investigate and learn what is true, establish the foundations of that reality, and decide what being WRONG will mean to both you and life on earth.  MOBS are NOT welcome here/ THOUGHT is required.  Which means leave your want behind, and accept the relationships you have with life:  that must NOT be destroyed.  That requires knowledge, understanding, and wisdom:  the kind, that life itself teaches/   NOT the university. Cults cannot do it/ so you lose your life, if they are not disassembled into something true;  or simply dissolved.  

    I AM aware change is hard. To my great surprise, change has been required of me too! Oddly enough, it seems “me first” to some extent. Biblical revelation predicts a spiritual woman, will be seen in the distance/ standing on “something foreign”:  turns out that is me. Believe it or not. It is actually a “good sign” for you. It has been absolutely necessary, to this work; as male alone, could not present a single hope:  that man could fix these problems. This is, the best men did do, the answer of men, to any change; is war: simple as that. Spiritual woman presents:  “with man and woman united and woman in charge” there is hope. THAT is what happened to me; and truth through this message “change or die”;  reveals, there can be hope. CHANGE IS HARD, forced to see life “from the other side”;  really is, a different way of thinking. Forced to endure “even more” offers proof to you, that we live together, and she is in control; some things are not a choice. She is determined to prove:  WOMAN fights for life with me (thankfully, or there would be no hope), for you/ and she will NOT be cast aside or refused participation. Certainly true for me! “It’s complicated”/ don’t know why me.  I do know: without change immediately, there is no hope for life on earth:  ALL THE EVIDENCE OF OUR REALITY, points to extinction, and very soon. Whether you like that or not/ whether you believe that or not; has absolutely nothing to do with what is fundamentally true. NOT A GAME, we are: every single life, and future life;  literally threatened with extermination. Because of what humanity chose to do.  If you cannot see that in anything else, or simply refuse to accept it.  YOU CANNOT ignore the truth of machines and men trying to ignite sun fire on earth. No matter what they call it:   THE PHYSICAL FIRE, is very plain to see/ and your universities declare it to be 10 million degrees F.  with flames one million miles long.  Burns your skin in summer from 91 million miles away.  And your gods are trying to bring that here on earth, every single day:  declaring “that fire, will just extinguish itself:  not enough gravity here”.            Think about it:  WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEY ARE WRONG!          WAKE UP, shake off the damn cult: OR DIE!

Humanity believes:  “with a book or a rule/ then I CAN play god, because I KNOW what is expected or to be done”. That is the basis of every religion; a reality that does move this world, in a variety of ways. So, I wrote you a book/ and give you this rule:  without true different change than what men can provide, there is no future for life on earth!  UNLIKE religion or arrogance, you CAN’T play god. Instead you must let the realities of truth decide direction and value, the essence of every decision you make. Even so, their interpretation is left to women; because women are different, and men have only war. Take another CLEAR AND REAL LOOK AT WHAT A GUN MEANS: TO, Syria or Iraq;  you CAN’T survive the war. YOU CAN’T survive bringing a sun here, or mutilating nature, etcetera:  as men have been doing with leadership! Which means women must decide (with help from men), what truth in reality will become;  if life should have any hope to survive. What is true survives, make that your rule.


soul expanded

Soul, is not a game/ even if, your conception of time is.


       LIFE is a participation with soul, because soul is a participation with energy through thought. Thought then constructs both life and death, by allowing for that energy to be used, or lost.

       So the question is:  by taking apart every detail within the above statement, disciplines arise/ order can be found/ and the balance necessary to participate with respect, thereby doing no damage to the delicate embrace of everything life can be is formed.

       This work is not going to do that for you; your life here in time, is a decision and a distance as provided by you, for the distinct purpose “to search”; for what your life can be!

       Nonetheless, humanity is so infected with the disease of university, that corruption of values has given substance to the horrifying event we now face, which is the end of this entire Creation. THAT, is to your own shame/ unless you have honestly worked to stop it. Very few have.

       Even so;  we must identify the arrogant fool, or life and earth are dead.


       Every leadership decision, particularly in America:  comes from a university diploma. They have locked you out/ stolen your money/ threatened every child, and life and earth, with their own version of terrorism. And failed life itself miserably;  because they choose only for power, pride, want, greed, or selfishness as in money first. Failure first as in the collusion to discard life and religion (we are trying)/ with the infection of evolution;  by taking over all education, and destroying its purpose with slavery to them. As is consistent with all religion, except this one seeks the death of our world. The conspiracy that is university deceit, is fueled by delusions that have no basis In reality. Thereby fantasies created by storytelling so as to pretend there are answers; when in fact there are only guesses, and most are without basis in any truth.

       We begin with the travesty of    evolution:  the claim, “chaos brought life here” (chaos literally means the destruction of everything complex, down to its most simple form)/ the claim, “life can be formed one piece at a time”( it cannot, does your own body not need all its pieces at once)/ the claim, “didn’t need no damn brain, until the end”/ the claim, adaption is proof “everything formed by accidents”(you have seen a car accident, or a house on fire: IS THAT how life forms? You have seen a baby, which means everything is about order and discipline to achieve it) not by order. And the masses in religion, bowed down, and said we will obey evolution as our god. “They have universities too”:  and began to worry “our jobs/ our money/ and our easy life could be lost. So they got on the money train, of university and defiled religion; even though it was far from perfect, functionally ending its true ties with life, for very many people.

       Evolution can be called “Satan’s tool”/ because with it:  nature has been invaded (terrible things have been done with DNA). Genetic mutilation has invaded our world (as every seed, every form of food, and every aspect of life is tampered with, and stands at the edge of complete chaos. Which means the body called life, will soon disappear as you know it. Ending life with terrors beyond description. Because you, AS A PLANET OF HUMANITY;  didn’t care enough:  TO RESPECT LIFE ITSELF. You let them mutilate life. You let them terrorize life. You are letting them play god with energy, and it will destroy this world;  because you “want to play god too”.   Which literally means NO RESPECT FOR GOD!


       The disease of a university brain, seeks to kill this world in every way it can:  so says the evidence of your world called human. As identified:  by creating threats which will defeat you entirely. By refusing to put life itself first, or protect the basis and formations of the bodies called life. Or the energies which make time possible. Every possible threat the universities of this earth CAN create/ THEY DID CREATE. Nothing is left out;  ultimately that leaves us with the only description possible:  INTENTIONAL DESTROYERS, of our world.  Religion calls that  “SATAN”. It fits.


       So the reality of our moment in time is:  UNLESS YOU IMMEDIATELY start fighting honestly for life, with law/ you will get what you deserve. It is that simple.

       The critical question is how? The critical answer is:  by using the three elements of life itself, to re-establish what we need and must respect, to even hope, to survive.

       DISCIPLINE establishes boundaries and limits to control the processes which not only compete, but give us peace and harmony within all the parts and pieces needed to manufacture and survive the chemicals required for living with a body in time. The universities ARE DESPERATELY trying to destroy every aspect of that as fast as they can/ because they ultimately want to claim “they are gods first”. They don’t understand “god of death/ hades for an eternity”;  but as religious (university knows) zealots, they have no ears, they have no brain, and they cannot think for themselves so they are told what they will believe. Pity them.

       ORDER, is a clear set of instructions required to build complex parts and pieces of a structure that will ultimately not fall down, and can be used for purposes beyond “wasted”.  Order builds your bones, and puts them where they belong. Order arranges every muscle fiber in your body, and attaches them so you can move;  if a single one fails, to achieve correctly its assigned place/ so does your body fail. Order hangs your organs where they belong, and keeps them supported while you move. Arranged with all the parts and pieces which make your life possible:  you get to choose.

Order grants a brain with tools to use:  but it is balance which makes it work together, to give you freedom, and that literally participates within the early processes of thought itself.  None of that is chaos. None of that is “anything can be thrown in here”. None of that is less than wisdom: and that is OBVIOUSLY, you know this exists;  TRUE.

Yet the universities control your thought, own your world, and destroy the very things required for your life to exist.  So the question is:  HOW IN THE HELL, of a human brain out of control;  did this happen?  WHAT did you do to yourselves, that made you susceptible to fools, failures, liars, and thieves whoring themselves into perpetrators, constructing death of an entire planet of life?

       The answer is:  “fan worship”. Or more simply,  as is seen when some game is played, all the fans say “WE WON”. Yet none of the fans played the game, which means they didn’t even participate. It’s a want, that turns into a lie. The university diplomas do exactly the same thing:  a tiny few find or recognize something useful, and all the millions who want to say “me too”:  shout  “WE WIN/ or ain’t WE smart”.  Didn’t participate here either; just a few.  Nonetheless, like all religions, the key is:   memorize this book/ and if you do, the leaders of your religion will give you a reward (extremely small or worthless, though it may be).

       So the critical path forward, that will determine life or death for this entire creation and world of life is:   CAN YOU STOP BEING “A FANATIC”?  That requires reality. That insists:  YOU MUST accept truth, NOT stories, theories, assumptions, fantasies, or even desires to help life by gambling with our entire world.  INSTEAD, the price of life MUST BE PAID.  Which means simply LIFE IS FIRST, in every decision: for the planet, and all living things/ NOT the individual.  We are past that, and must face our extinction; doing what we can for life to survive.


       THIS IS OUR TIME ON EARTH, and that is our duty.  Because this is where the universities, and their religious cohorts;  led life to be.  Are they NOT in charge of nations and their choices? Indeed they are.


       Because, the reality of this situation is so bleak & grim; do to the failures of humanity to care and respect life. The extreme failure (only money, power, and pride matter), and fantasy (we can play god) of university. That, The individual life and its eternity must come into view;  thereby abandoning the rest, IF NECESSARY;  to save those who can be saved.

       Dissolving the cult, is nearly impossible;  because people believe whatever they want to believe, regardless of the consequences/ and they rarely surrender that, even to survive. They want what they want/ and that is all they want, and don’t tell me nothing else, because I don’t want that. Thereby want is the cult, just like want forms all the various religions and their sects. Want IS:  the basis of every lie;  because unless you want, or want to hide something;  you otherwise cannot have, you don’t lie!  Who among you is defined by anything other than “I want, what I want”?

       Therefore I discard the liars (choose your own fate)/ and seek what is true, for the few. This is a fundamental, that must be accepted to survive eternity; believe (I try/ I can’t, help me) it:  or not.

       We begin with more fundamentals used to discredit the universities; in an attempt, to bring those who can, back from the cult, as is:   trust them; let them do all the thinking; as in “university knows all”/ they do not.

       To adhere to the questions university poses for itself; and risks all life on earth in the process. Requires us to investigate energy:  how does it exist/ why is the atom formed the way it does/ & nothing more. Because the universities want that information, so they can play god even more severely than they do now. Their purpose is obvious:  to prove they can be god/ and that you cannot;  or more simply “worship me, or I will kill you, punish you, or torture you and those who you love”. There is literally no other cause. Nothing being done is for life/ which does mean for death!

        Energy exists by the bond which creates, and thereby controls it. Energy exists (balanced) after it is controlled (orderly) by time (disciplined). Energy is then described by human time as potential (sitting there with force possible) or kinetic (moving, and demonstrating force, as in something changed). With one exception:  sun fire is chaos controlled, by the disciplines of disassembling an atom. Thereby orderly in its destruction of atoms.

       Energy is formed into time then in one of three classes: orderly destruction/ disciplined motion/ or balanced potential. Energy is released in one of three classes:  bonds being broken/ bonds being crushed/ or bonds being consumed by fire; either atomic or molecular, adds the intensity. Existence is thereby simplified by time into what can we see.


       The question: why does the atom form in the way it does, has been answered in the atomic scale/ but not in the formative relationships which give it a bond. So the question begins with:  WHAT is a formative relationship, & WHAT is a bond?

       We begin with the darkness:  as in IF a light exists, WHY does environment not simply remain “light”. The answer of course is, that energy is being expended to create a light; so we believe. But energy exists in the cold, even more so than the darkness:  which asks the question, if cold has more energy, why is this relationship altered? The critical part is:  cold and hot or light and dark, must intermingle to create an environment which can then be “seen”. Seen, refers to a sensory impact, and thought translation; not a necessity to energy.

       Time says atomic intermingling does that; which  refers to “electrons/ neutrons/ and protons,  having attained energy prior to its balanced state.

       However, if we accept the definable relationships that create atomic environments with order, discipline, and balance;  as a reality the fundamentals of which must already be in existence. Then we are lacking the reality of why that order, discipline, and balance came to exist in the first place.  Order, discipline, and balance are ALL elements of thought; and can be conceived of nowhere else. These three do not arise on their own:  true chaos, nothing bound;  exists instead.  Consequently, prior to the relationships that form the creation of time:  thought must appear.

       Thought constitutes the discovery of freedom (a potential for choices to be made), the disciplines of identity, and the orderly progression from knowledge into wisdom. This is the summation of soul, at its beginning. Soul does not need a body/ but it does need a boundary, whereby the binding of everything possible comes together as one.

       So the question is:  what is possible within the elemental grasp, or beginning of soul:  as is your potential, because of the life inside of you.

       Binding freedom, to discipline, to order; by the development of knowledge, understanding created by truth assigned within that knowledge, and the assertion “I have a choice”;  becomes the path toward soul. Those are in fact, very powerful words:  as is “I have a choice”.  The critical question is then: what will you do with your choice? WHAT will you bind together, to create the “universe (everything) of you”? We need not depend upon realities humanity will never control.  Therefore the essence of what is a bond with energy forming soul; is all we do need to know.

       We do begin with the atom:  if not truly spherical, the proton inside the atom, will not allow energy to be controlled. Therefore these exist “only as dust”. To be spherical in the development of potential soul; the essence is simply:  choose balance.  That functionally means, structured by the decision that gives us love:   “valued because you add to my life/ rather than subtract from my life; and I, same to you.”  Soul requires that level of respect and tolerance to align with a path that is beyond time.

       We then look to the essence of discipline as is consistent with the atom. Or more directly, at the cause and distinctions which allow two opposing forces (hot and cold for simple) to hold each other in a state of bonding, that balances both. Without each, there is no energy contained, by or as an environment; both are needed.  

       We then conceive of order:  in an atomic environment “just one atom” is not substantially order as constructed by mass:  it must join others. And these must then achieve a state of integration that allows for a boundary to construct the tangible results of mass. Or a force to be released, because of change. Chaos is just a human form of behavior that allows the existence of destruction by your own design; establishing consequences for your thought to consider.

       Nonetheless with order confined by the integration of disciplines, into mass.  The electron needle, sews a fabric out of atomic disciplines. Intertwining each atom together, that fits;  into one conceptual and physical element.  Molecules are atoms woven together, instead of sewn. The difference is:  the edges are closed when sown to keep the environment, from unraveling.

       Your lesson in that is:  even though behaviors of humanity can be “like a fire” that hurts you/ it is absolutely important that the foundations of your existence should not unravel themselves when confronted with cause. To accomplish that, requires all three elements of life outside of energy:  balance, order, and discipline;  to belong to you. You must own them to survive the elemental spiritual world called truth, as is the law which governs our universe applied to you. Fail to adjust, and your destiny cannot be more than “mercy”; IF you don’t simply die.  Hades (terror magnified) belongs to GOD, it is not your choice, at death/ it is your fate, if that is what you chose; by being an enemy to life!

       People ask:  WHY can’t, I just be free/ discarding the potential of an eternity; because time is enough for me. TOO DAMN MANY THINGS GO WRONG, therefore I don’t want to live forever. The end result of that is cult worship:  “you make the decisions/ so I, don’t have to take the blame”. The end result of that is a mob:  “I want more, and YOU are standing in my way/ therefore I hate you”. The end result of that is depression, “the future is sad”. The end result of that is violence;  “I can judge you”. The end result of that is “devil: I won’t care about life”/ unless its mine. The end result of that is fantasy;  “I will escape/ reality does not love me”. The end result of that is an abyss called want; which then makes you a slave to whatever form of escape you choose. The consequence of these things is:  you cannot survive truth. There are only three options after death:   to dissipate into nothing, losing life itself.  To enter truth and survive, even participating in the elegant universe, where all living things are precious. Or to be proven an enemy to life; where terror begins IF you have stolen a life from GOD, by your actions.  If you have not stolen a life that would have entered the eternal kingdom;  then you escape, to be dissolved. Because humanity IS free to choose. Terror beyond anything you can imagine, waits only for those who “steal a life from  GOD”.



       It seems relevant, or necessary, that some elements of what eternity can or cannot be must be illuminated. Within that regard, we must identify 3 distinct parallel dimensions (a dimension is the place separated from specific realities by a boundary). Time is a specific boundary, it is a distance, conceived by a journey into choices. The black hole, is another specific boundary; nothing enters that is not torn apart, nothing leaves that is not turned “Inside out”. That leaves the third dimension.

       The third dimension established through the big bang event:  constructs the certainty of an explosion which illuminated “the universe”; with a light that could not be produced in any other way. Just like your scientists say to you, “they see into the universe of time by acknowledging a light they say originated, and traveled from billions of years ago. The initiating light that preceded all effects of the big bang can in fact exist as well/ even though you don’t see it. Because it exists at a different level of energy/ in a framework of destiny that is not consistent with what you know. Boundaries are just that.

       Thought can be considered  “the teleporter” of reality. More simply, thought is not bound by energies/ therefore not limited to dimensional realities. Dependent upon what you can or cannot conceive of. Unfortunately for some, what they can conceive of is violence; a few enter in to violate themselves. They are of no interest in life, only death.

         Thought comprehends life, and gives that life freedom to commit for the purposes and desires called an identity. Thought develops in accordance with the boundaries that are defined by energies, to create dimensional awareness, and thereby the reality of self. Thought also travels within truth;  whereas a brain can travel only in time. The difference is a boundary that can be removed; by excusing the brain, and moving beyond the limits time will impose. The critical envelope (opportunities invited, beyond the brain); exist in two different “universal states”.  One is a fantasy world, wherein lies guide you “the only thing important”; to death or prison. Only what is true survives; all the rest is burned away (removed no matter what the price)! The other is elevated beyond self, wherein truth owned by you, and law establishing a purpose through desire;  create the doors which then provide access to knowledge through your own understanding, or ability to conceive of life itself.

       The elegant third universe, is a delicate assembly “of flowers in bloom”. Defined by grace, the treasury called love exists therein. As is consistent with thought, the foundations of law, and the truth that is RESPECT:    life arises, to become ALIVE. Your desire in love, becomes “your portion” of this world.  “should you arise, through the elegance of your own soul” this far! 

       Each person has a soul, which means each and every person is able inside to achieve their own true desire. If it is love, then you can be invited beyond time as life. If it is less, you will not attend or attain truth, as the best life can be.  Simple and plain, you do understand:  it is your choice, “the reality of you” that decides.  Love in the pure essence of its own truth, is desired here/ anything less is not allowed in.  MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION. How is that not your truth.  Change if you can, as needed; never give up that search.


I- am this

I, am this:   “a reality that is completely unnecessary for you to understand/ EXCEPT FOR the fact, those who want what they want, will always look to defeat you by finding the easiest target to complain. HOW can you believe him?” 

       That is an invalid argument: to any and all threats that literally endanger our very existence as a world/ as a nation/ as life on earth. I simply don’t count: NOT your savior!  What matters is truth, by the evidence reality will submit as: WE MUST NOT, BE WRONG!


       Given that composition, even though it should NOT be necessary whatsoever/ the fact is mobs are very limited factions, that fall for any delusion they can create among themselves.  So the mob is lost/ but I write this, for the rest. Warning you:  discard the idea, that I am part of your decision or discussion/ I am not.  Only the evidence that can be proven true/ or exists to prove we CANNOT be wrong:  matters.


       Oh well literally, we begin with this:   I am not religious. Religion means to me:  to believe whatever you want/ to believe “the book (doesn’t matter whose)” is god. Therefore you can be god, if you just follow the rules and believe whatever you are told to believe.  To believe is:  to accept whatever the book says, regardless of the evidence whether true or false. Religion wants:  a story, because any discussion left untold; is an escape hatch.  So I am not that.

       The bible is the only religious book I have studied; it is functionally significant and fundamentally sound/ therefore it has value. But its value is not “this is GOD”/ RATHER, its value is as a record of human endeavors, and the directional beginning to search:   for GOD HIMSELF. It is not a rule book, it is a human book, for humans, to help them become able to conceive of what can or cannot be true. As best we can: therefore it is not a book of judgment.

       FAITH:  I am. Because faith is dependent entirely upon the evidence, that can be applied to what truth will accept as valid and sure. Thereby faith is identified in miracles/ balance/ order/ disciplines/ thought/ life/ planet; and simply absolutely everything this earth provides for us to live. IT ALL SAYS LOUDLY:  can’t be an accident. Can’t be man, or anything we know that lives upon this earth. THEREFORE IT IS CREATION. Which proves a CREATOR was here!

       As to life itself, there is nothing about any living organism that does not prove:  THOUGHT BROUGHT THIS TO LIFE.  You cannot move or even survive, without thought; it is required. Thought comes first/ therefore LIFE itself is evidence of thought. That functionally proves  OUR CREATOR   uses THOUGHT to construct life. Consequently the elements and foundations of thought are the paths into an eternity. And I have followed these, as best I could, to form an understanding.

       Living is basically simple:  learn first, attempt to communicate, don’t be distracted (bad things can happen), try something else, keep working, because this entire world is at stake. Not hard to understand; just takes respect and determination.

       With regard to this work, I am a messenger. Simple as that.  We are threatened as a planet, with death all around:  change that or die. Is the message.  All things considered, I do believe (warranted or not)/ that GOD does participate somewhat in this message through me:  because humanity is deciding the fate of HIS OWN CREATION.  JESUS stated and testified with HIS LIFE; that we are not abandoned/ therefore  GOD  “is here”. Even though we are free, until death takes us into eternity; each and every single one.

       Tried to communicate with evidence first/ the cost of being wrong: and failed. After seven years or so, quit. Because greed ruled this America.  Decided to “sow seeds” for a few years. Turned to “must change, and start from the beginning”/ so the work is functionally a newspaper, which seeks to tell stories like the bible does: to educate slowly and with purpose. Tired travel, didn’t work not even when you knew the cost of being wrong.  Waiting for a day when greed would not have you by the throat, choking the life out of you. That ended with “9/11.  Began web sites, and turned to the courtroom for communication:  if you won’t help, the law can.  The judiciary interfered refusing law.  Remain committed, although searching for a different direction now;  until April of 2018; the biblical point of no return.

       No relationship survived other than family; at a distance.  “don’t want to hear it/ just that simple”.

       Bad ears, as in functionally disabled where noise cannot be tolerated:  bad decision while farming.

       Became angry about your failures to understand the consequences;  more correctly to understand this is no game!  Searched hard throughout my existence as male for an answer/ none exist. This is the best men did do, because they always return to the exact same path that caused them trouble. Won’t work, and neither will fear. Pushed a man against the wall, lifted his feet off the ground, because he understood/ but walked away. WHY?  His answer while looking away & trembling:  “this is the first time in my life I am making good money/ and don’t you do nothing, to interfere with that”.  Not even fear could turn you; all same.

       So I search for the spiritual door of women:  “DO YOU have a solution/ it matters to us both”? That became a long complicated story;  but the end result of it was:  “let women try/ they are different”; and we must have different, or we all die.

       I am a branded individual:  as the universities of medicine always want you categorized “before they throw you away”. The search inside elemental life IS treacherous;  particularly when you have no idea what it is you will find.  The end result of it is:  caught in the web of “better not take any chances”/ failure resulted.  The consequence:  branded schizophrenic.  It means literally:  you functionally left time, and if you cannot find your way back to the disciplines of time/ you will get to stay “where delusions rule”.   This is the environmental development that precedes thought: or more distinctly the area between searching through time/ or searching through life itself. Required because life itself, can kill you eternally; you must have truth: to survive.

       I leave it to you:  am I delusional/ or sane? You would find me the same throughout the decades; however a bit more disciplined today.  

.  I gambled and lost/ but learned what I needed to know to survive: what is called a spiritual world. Went back and learned; truth is all that matters, NEVER sacrifice anything. Never believe anything, search for truth.

       Not much else to say:  could have tried a different path, to communicate with you. But had I provided “answers you could use”; reality proved you would only use that to be more greedy. So I refused. Other methods were all the same:  “we are one second away from the ignition of atoms on fire”/ as is that can happen at any time.  Throughout the decades, I kept that in mind:  just ONE SECOND too late, and our world is dead. No going back. Simple as that.

Never believed it would take my entire lifetime: to convince you of something so simple as we cannot be wrong! That nonetheless is absolute proof of a religious cult. Because when truth no longer matters, “I believe whatever I want to believe/ REALITY DOES NOT MATTER”. The leaders cannot be questioned. Then truly you are a cult. I can’t compete with a cult, truth does not matter therein!  So, I am killing time, until you prove you can survive. It is that simple, no games intended.


                             JAMES FRANK OSTERBUR.

One footnote:  not gay, never been gay, can’t imagine it; and will never try to be gay:   forever. That does not exist!

  Women are beautiful, however they drove me a little crazy (can’t deal with this anymore);  too many tears/ I needed freedom for this work. Hard to give up, just couldn’t hear “I’m pregnant (not)” again.  Nonetheless, believe it or not “I now live with a spiritual woman inside (the search for answers)”;  she drives me a little crazy too.  “It’s complicated”! Not a game, or a delusion.  It is odd, but reality proved it true:  I DID need “this spiritual woman” to direct me in a different way; altering “freedom for this work”. Strictly as male, I was determined NOT to give you anything that could be used to further destroy life or planet, which is basically nothing of value. Her direction proved “unless that is done/ there is absolutely no chance of helping life or planet survive.” A life as male without female is unbalanced, I expect the same is true for female. Balance is different for male or female/ not the same. The end result is like the difference between male and female in a relationship of love. Male in love admits too “I would die for you”/ while woman in love admits too “I would live for you”. Do you see the difference? When two become as one, someone must have the final say, or a difference of opinion means neither can move. Life has changed, she has the final say, for both love and life;  believe it or not.  THAT has proven to be “an asset for you”. The desire, to help this Creation survive (not a game), has meant it is an asset for me too. The cost is far less, than a lost world.

I have NEVER desired to be a woman/ it is nonetheless true, anger began to override patience: and it was “the spiritual woman inside” of me; that made it possible to complete this work. Revelation 12 “works here”!  I loved being man, “a perfect fit”/ learning about women was not my job. My job: “be a man”. My job, “deliver a message”: stop or die, to you! Today however, I am forced to learn about women: not optional. Humanity must change/ “men must learn”; so I’m told.  Don’t know the ending of it all, for me/ OR why me. That literally does not matter to you; not your life.  It’s just an unexpected price: for not knowing the potential answer was “let women try/ women are different, and we must have different: so it becomes reasonable to do so”. Never once occurred to me, “to let women lead”/ just could not find that answer:  until “forced” to do so. Man has no answer; he will choose war:  I searched ten years, before I gave up; to ask “spiritual woman!”  “Men have no answers. History proves what they will do.”

We then come to your choice: this is your life Threats are threats which must be investigated to determine if they are true/ examined for substance, to establish what will go wrong/ defined by truth to concentrate and identify reality itself. And then a decision made that will determine life or death for our world: because of what you did or did not do. I am not your choice, I am a messenger telling you of threats. YOU are the boundary line, that will either fight for life/ or let it die. Not a game!      Being wrong, is a dead world for real:  that means YOU ARE  “truly involved”/ because that, matters to every single one.


There should be a warning:  “you can believe anything you want, that is your right”/ until you die. You can believe “nothing he says matters/ because he is this or that or whatever: its true I am NOT perfect”. BUT YOU CANNOT ERASE REALITY, and when truth declares the evidence is real, and our entire world is in danger of collapse and destruction from “countless threats”. Then playing god (a university delusion) has become:  WE NO LONGER HAVE A CHOICE. Unfortunately for you:  once you know, because you can now begin to see these threats were true. Then that reality has destroyed all possibilities for this earth to recover. You made the decision to play god/ but like always, the only god you could accomplish as your own:  was “SATAN”. Look into the future with your mind and soul, discarding everything: but what truly matters. No more lies (we can pretend). No more wants (let something or someone else pay). No more pride (life is not a game):  or die (to pass the point of no return, ending all options that matter in time).


MIND:  I will now complete the definition of electricity, as evidence “of an ability to think (to postulate compositions that build from an intrinsic relationship, through discipline, balance, and order”:  even if you don’t agree.

In the previous description we find heat enforced by energy; causing electrons to expand their orbits/ causing the proton to swell due to heat, which then makes the neutron stretch; because it surrounds the proton. A force (the mechanically spinning magnets, in power generation) is imposed by creating a frequency (induced atomic motion): how aggressive that frequency is (“size of the hammer”) against the disciplines of an atomic relationship determines voltage/ amperage is just a matter of the mass involved.  The release of that energy “into a load”(means the electron orbits and swelling of the proton are returned to normal). That means the energy stored in a stretched neutron is also contracted. Like a piezo electrical charge from hitting a quartz rock (common ignition on a charcoal grill).  The contraction of the neutron causes the physical  energy stored or forced onto the proton to be released;  “in an instant”. Which then does become the current. Colder produces less resistance to that current: because the atoms are closer, and more rigid. Thereby transfer of the frequency that moves the atom is faster and easier.

SOUL:  nothing is more simply true, than are lives and planet: are correctly stated as a gift/ that we could never have created for ourselves. Therefore the only question that remains is:  did our CREATOR, simply give this gift and then abandon us?  OR, is there a distinct purpose to our relationship with life and this earth as a moment in time? JESUS is evidence we are not abandoned. In connection with HIS teaching, is love!  As time elapses in us all, the elemental truth of loneliness is exhibited/ the cause of friendship, joy, and happiness emerges. And we begin to see:  “even if you own the entire universe”/ nothing is more precious than love, and the ones who love you.  “think about it”; and understand what you do not know!

One last thing:  death, disease, loss in all substantive ways, identify the “things humanity hates most”. Consequently, when finding cures for some of these “random relationships to existence or death”/ humanity said, “NOW we can play god”; even we are better; believing every individual is more important, is more loving than the reality we faced. Is that not so?

Today, with a billion more people added in LESS THAN, “every ten years”. The reality of an individual loss can easily be defined as protecting this entire creation; from over-population.  Today, with another million human mouths to feed added, over deaths every 3-4 days;  the random “everyone is at risk/ so no one can be said, or claim: targeted”. Without loss, we fail to learn true value. Without the reality of that loss, humanity turns to fantasies and fails;  as is the truth of your existence in time today. Summation:  you thought you could “play god”, and you changed what you could change cheering “we are free”. Today however, the reality of what you did do, as time has proven is:  now you must be god over yourselves, and either stop population expansion completely/ or lose this world.  As is the constant, especially of those with a “university diploma”:  not a single comprehension, for what was and is “most, truly important”:  for life to survive, and peace to exist;  as a world. The game is over; one way or the other.

A moment of caution: decades ago, I built a “tidal wave machine”, for a little group who claimed their desire was to enhance the information that “Noah’s flood” was true.  When the project was nearly complete: their leaders began to talk about how they needed to, & were going to hide their work from “university knowledge (professor, etc)”. NOT the purpose of the work! So I tore down those purposes;  expecting to build better back: they left instead. Or more simply:  commit your work to values beyond yourself/ but understand “talk is cheap”, and it can be changed. Because the end result of everything about change is, it can change your life in ways you didn’t predict; good or bad. The probability of people choosing to protect themselves, is constant. Therefore understand what is true (how many excuses are there), particularly about what can or cannot be lost (family/ others, also involved);  life is not a game. Living requires, “that was your choice”.

The people who believe “they alone” can choose what is best;  are simply wrong. Want (let someone or something else pay) creates pride (I win), pride creates righteousness (I am superior), righteousness demands rules (you can’t deny me or refuse), rules create rulers (nothing matters but me).  Power then establishes violence, because everyone who judges has a cause that is not pure to life/ only to self.

The bible predicts the end of time. Therefore if the bible is to be “believed”/ rather than simple faith: which is to trust truth. Then the prediction of Daniel 12 as it describes “the great abomination” rises.  MUST BE:  that universities have declared, “they can bring the same fire here as is on the sun/ and control it”. The first machine that could do that was at Lawrence Livermore laboratories in San Francisco. I believe their first experiment (risen, from dream to doing) was April 1, 2011;  check for yourself. This is the great abomination because nothing could be more foolish or stupid or insane/ they gamble our entire planet;  believing the fire will just extinguish itself, because “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”.  That’s it, nothing else:  can’t extinguish the fire/ so says reality.  It is a great abomination to gamble with an entire planet, and all its life:  simple as that! “literally nothing could be more arrogant, thereby worse”.

Therefore the prediction now exists as fact. Daniel predicts two deaths:  the first follows the old testament (one time), and declares like it, “that the law can save you”. That failed, you all chose to hide/ every single one. The second death is like the new testament (2 times):  GOD sends mercy through HIS messenger.  On or about April 2018 that mercy will run out:  opportunity for change will be over.  Daniel then says  this world itself, will end in Half a time more:  or half the time of either period above (spring of 202) or half the time of them both combined. Not sure which.  The book of Revelation has two distinct parts: one, first part is dedicated largely, to what happens when an atomic fire is unleashed onto this planet/ and all that will follow. The other begins with Revelation 12, and defines the various avenues that will occur if the initial premise:  which is “spiritual woman, who stands on a man (by interpretation)” makes the world recognize her. And humanity changes, making life itself different:  BETTER (men change), for all women.  It is the women, who then get to try to keep this world alive/ because the men have failed.

Like all prophecy, the substance of it (described in the language of its time) relies upon the constant decisions men have made;  that have occurred throughout time/ therefore predicted to remain the same.  That means, for Revelation 12 to come true, and thereby give life itself another chance:  THERE WILL BE CHANGE IN MEN. There will be truth in leadership rather than want or pride.

As of today, even though Revelation 12 has begun:  no evidence of change in men/ nor responsibility for change has occurred in women. Thereby leaving the future bleak, and short: as of this date.  There is no place to hide, from a planet on fire. No place to run, with a billion more people coming in less than ten years:  every prophecy of horror, by the choices of humanity. Then exist, on the precipice of life itself:   to come true.  That, as of this date in time:  is your choice.  Do better, time can end.  Nonetheless, you will believe whatever you want:  reality will prove whatever is true. That is a fact of life and death, even forever!

While I am certainly aware, that what I teach you is different than what the university professors have been teaching for decades:  their stories do not make their theories true. The consequence of that is very simple:  the opportunity to learn comes from the decision to accept “WHAT can be separated from the story they tell, as proven by the evidence/ rather than the story”.  Same is true of all religion. Because to be considered “special”, you need all the answers:  like religion, they create stories to cover what is not known. Or, like a gossiper, just one tiny little bit of information even if its false at the core; is still enough to write an entire book. Because people want to talk, and to believe:  “with rules (I know), then I win”.  Like genetics; a few are truly involved because they believe “we will help life”. That is in direct contrast to the reality of the majority, who believe they can now play god, and “create new life like a god”.  See the difference? Do you see the threat? Do you understand knowledge is not the enemy, ARROGANCE and a true lack of RESPECT is.  I have created stories as is consistent with a newspaper or designed after biblical architecture;  but they are consistent with the design:  you must think for yourselves, NOT simply believe. That is in direct contrast to all education in America, particularly from high school through the universities wherein:  NO allowance is given for participation in thought. Or more simply like all religious teaching;  “just memorize what you are told/ this is not a discussion”. What we tell you is true, regardless of the evidence or reality:  as always the command is “JUST BELIEVE”.   

The reality of my work is basically then “DON’T just believe”/ search for the truth, identify what cannot be supported honestly by the evidence/ and think for yourself. But bear in mind, “you ain’t perfect either”!  A wise person learns, because that makes us humble: the more you learn, the more life becomes a true miracle/ a gift without compare.


A fool becomes arrogant/ or arrogant, becomes a fool. The tragedy of our time is, that people who believe they can be “god”, have found the power to try. The result is simply;  OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD/ ALL OF ITS LIFE/ EVERY CHILD/ AND EVEN THE PLANET ITSELF, are being gambled with in the most horrific ways possible. That is not a lie:  that is our truth. The critical response is then:  “they will be stopped by law”; because anything less than that is the end of everything. Biblical prophecy gives humanity until April of 2018 “last chance for change”/ all die if you fail!  While that is important, while that has all the evidence of human disrespect and disgrace necessary to accept it will be true. The final word is:  with threats so extreme MANY can end life on this planet, in ways that are in fact as horrific as biblical prophecy predicts/ our reality dictates, the end is only a matter of a short time, before absolutely nothing we can do; will change the truth, life on this earth will go extinct. Fools look away, cowards hide, deserters run.  Duty is duty.

You have been told, after forty+ years of fighting with you:  that reality, is up to you. The critical question:  will we survive? The critical answer:  that is entirely your decision, because it is HUMANITY that causes our extinction. Only you, can change that!  Simple and plain, it’s your choice.

If there is a final word that matters, it’s simply this:  I AM NOT your savior, which means I am irrelevant to the outcome of your decision to fight for this world or not. To communicate a need to fight for this world, or at least investigate the reality of being wrong in so many threats. I can only “help you/ not lead you”;  to understand, what is or is not true. Not your enemy, not your scape goat, not your religious anything, certainly not perfect;  just like you, “we are all going to die together, and take every life with us/ or fix what humanity has broken”. Simple as that!   IT IS your concern, and YOU are truly involved; even if you walk away or hide/ THAT, is then your decision:  For LIFE on earth.


leadership is this

LEADERSHIP is this;   to understand the difference, between knowing “as best we can”; the problems we face/ identifying those problems for a decision by all affected/ and creating the future by design.  ESTABLISHING LIFE COMES FIRST.

       Instead of as in America for the last fifty plus years, and MORE:  hiding from reality/ destroying the nation with corruption/ and terrorizing the world, WITH THREATS;  just because people with extreme arrogance and greed;  want to play god with life.


       Leadership then begins with investigation for the realities and relationships that identify what is true. That leads us, into all directions associated with LIFE MUST COME FIRST.  To accomplish that, every effort must be made to insure, that what we believe can or cannot be true: is in fact the evidence proven by reality, which then becomes the basis and foundation of what we can or cannot depend  upon for our future.

       Discipline forms the boundaries of what can be know. Discipline admits:  IF WE DON’T know enough/ THEN we cannot make a decision which will endanger life or environment: because we cannot be wrong!

       Order shapes our world, because it understands:   such things as, life will not survive without water or food. Therefore DO NOT go, where these things do not or will not exist:  as is our current and probable future for life on earth.

       Balance asserts:  IF WE DO NOT ACCEPT, the limits of our environment or our bodies, or its life/ THEN we have no respect for our living or its desire. Without respect there is only destruction coming. Consequently respect is the fundamental that must live within every classroom, and every life to attain peace or harmony with each other.

       These three basic elements of leadership confront us all:  because there is extremely little discipline/ order/ balance/ or respect throughout the governing of America;  or this world most likely. They failed us all:  because instead of these nature is mutilated/ experiments threaten to destroy the planet/ there is no future for any child/ and they have bankrupted us all, which means war will come.


       Therefore the decision particularly for Americans is very simple:  get your head out of your ass (no more university knows cult worship)/ get off your lazy ass (yes you do have a responsibility to life)/ stand up for life (pay the damn price):  OR finish digging your own grave, and DIE; by continuing, with killing this world forever.  It is not, “hard to comprehend”/ which means you have no excuse. “NOT EVEN YOU”!


       The critical decision for leadership is:  NOTHING from the past matters more, than what is to be done in the future. The past is over, and we cannot change it:  which means continue on as best you can.  Or more distinctly:  CHOOSE TO FIGHT HONESTLY,  FOR LIFE TODAY;  even if you were wrong in the past. Because we need every single one. RESPECT each other, and do the best you can. Whatever happens with your work is irrelevant/ do the best YOU can.  You, like me;  cannot do more:  it is that simple. Communicate and try; until the evidence proves “we are lost”.

       The critical decision for religion is:  what you want most is dead. Therefore what is true, must replace your existence with reality, and the value of miracles: without question a truth! That leads to respect, and respect leads to eternity. Don’t judge/ or you will be judged. Protect this CREATION, as best you can. To date, all but the tiniest few have failed life completely/ and that means “hell”.

       The critical decision for politics is:  do what must be done, to enable a future/ and keep all war, including civil war from coming true, to destroy what can never be rebuilt. The resources are too few. It is not a game, and there is no compromise with less than life comes first.

       The critical decision for business is:  stop greed, or die.  Share because unless we all find some happiness/ shared responsibilities;  only war, followed by cannibalism and “hell” will follow.

       The critical decision for industry is:  UNLESS we share with the future, every child will die/ and you know that is true. Which means the choices to be made are not about money.

       The critical decision for agriculture is:  stop poisoning/ or there won’t be any water; and war will be extremely violent.

       The critical decision for the fishing industry is:  DON’T destroy the future.

       The critical decision for the mining industry is: least environmental damage possible.

       The critical decision for the military is:  surrender power, and choose the grace of keeping world peace/ BY ESTABLISHING LAW, NOT weapons.

       The critical decision for education is:  reality must be served.

       The critical decision for the poor is:  fight without the law, and you lose.

       The critical decision for the rich is:  eternity is watching you/ FIGHT FOR LIFE, not greed.

       The critical decision for the police is:  peace is not an army/ it is a decision, to respect before there is a need to fight.

       The critical decision for the public citizen is:  without responsibility that includes the protection of democracy, and the fight for justice/ there is no tomorrow. You cannot want (we are too many people/ nature won’t survive):  you must let truth decide for life first.

       The critical decision for the university is:  NO more stories, to cover what you don’t know/ NO more fantasies (you can’t have trophies or toys)/ NO more evolution (a fool’s lie)/ NO more extreme experiments or threats to life or planet (no one gets to gamble with life itself)/ NO more stealing (equal, not superior)/ NO more cheating (no more counterfeiting or disrespect)/ NO more manipulation (as is propaganda through media)/ NO more tempting (stop threatening life). Or more simply, the cult is over/ get down off your pedestal & let truth decide, according to what is best for  all life on this planet.  THAT ALONE, determines what is left, that you can or cannot do.


business and taxation

Employed rose by 11%, Not-in-Labor Force by 37% and U6 Unemployed by 57%.  Since the end of the Great Recession in 2010 through 2015, Unemployment dropped by 40% but voluntary workforce departures continued a steady exodus reaching a high watermark of 94 million able-bodied adults who choose not to work.  If this trend remains unabated, Jobenomics forecasts that America’s able-bodied, not-working population could equal its working population by the mid-2020s, or sooner if the United States slips into recession.


       That is a fair assessment of American realities; although it assumes the government statistics are not inflated, and thereby lies. Or more distinctly:  even though people file a tax form/ that does not make them a worker.  Worker means:  I did do something for someone else/ in exchange for money, which is then exchanged with someone else for what I want or need. Instead of that:  tax filers include all people who directly or indirectly, such as social security recipients; who get money for not working. That functionally includes those who invest, and let others decide;  as well/ because they are not contributing, they are using what was taken in exchange, or by theft and corruption; at an earlier time. While you can argue, they are causing others to work/ they are not exchanging that work with their own physical response. Life or death is determined by physical realities, mixed in with mental decisions that are appropriate for survival or happiness, as this is the will to survive.

       Regardless of the little things as are above. The reality of business in any economy is very simple:  EACH form of business provides what I want or need/ in exchange for what you want or need; both to survive and be happy. That is economic reality; and it cannot be serviced to any extent without resources. Therefore the resources and not any other description such as governing:  determines whether the nation or community, will be rich or poor. It is that simple, so long as the possibilities for work are known. It is that simple, until the resources are lost/ thereby the future destroyed.

       There is no labor shortage, consequently the competition is grim. There are robotics and computers gaining on every potential labor front;  consequently the competition for a human job is grim. There are enormous factories taking control over every form of production/ thereby driving resources into the garbage dump; while destroying even more jobs because higher efficiencies and wider distribution: end jobs. There is international trade, destroying the need for a wider variety of workers:  which ends their jobs. There are a billion hungry people around this world today, which makes them hungry to take any job/ at any pay:  increasing competition with venom (one of us, is going to die). There are enormous machines being built to remove jobs, and end entire communities/ because there is nothing left for us here. There are people determined to prove how smart they are:  by deliberately trying to think for you (extreme arrogance)/ so they can prove how important they are; and as a result, how worthless you are (we don’t need you at all, NOW). There are university graduates who have stolen every important job, and keep it for their group, which is “we are the superior ones/ I have a diploma:  I memorized the book”. There are leaders who say we need MORE competition. There are university fools in charge of governments, who spent our money (the effect and products of our work) on their own fantasies and delusions; failing on all accounts, what the future for life actually needs.

       The money launderer called the stock market; hides a large portion of the counterfeiting in America/ it will soon collapse;  because lies cannot support themselves. The thieves who stole all the value out of American currency:  the university diploma, whose planning and deception created 9 trillion dollars of increased asset; in the US accounting statement for each year of the Obama period. Are just following the trend for decades of “university driven expenditures”. They bankrupted us with their greed/ they made us indebted without the opportunity to pay that debt, with their fantasies/ they took over government, destroying the constitution from the courtroom (I have proof). They failed life; assassinating the future. The end summation is:  NO HELP HERE.


       So let’s look for what would help us to survive, the tragedy of where we are:  and the world says, “it’s not that bad/ WE DON’T have to do NOTHING”!  THE BRIBES (free money: works don’t it) are working for me.

       Lets review:  “so, if America continues: it’s because you want Russian style communism”?  Didn’t work for them, but lets review.  Only a tiny few people get to decide anything. Only a tiny few people actually have a job, the rest are slaves (you get whatever we choose to give you or nothing). Only a few people own everything (whether on paper or not, its true). There is nothing to buy, because there is no incentive to work (the few take it all)/ little incentive to learn (it’s a closed casket: nobody is allowed in, but us). That ends in tyranny and the overrunning of other nations:  because now we have to steal to survive.

       Unfortunately for the children:  there is no future.  Unfortunately for the elders, there is only war coming to end all life on earth:  because you failed life itself!  So the American leaders and others, are trying desperately to avoid EVERY HARD CHOICE/ and find a fantasy to make everything all better. Because this is exactly what they chose:  to be traitors, and fail life. Alas the lies are dying, and there are no more children to claim “LET THEM PAY”. The excuse “they don’t want to be bankrupt either”! But the facts are buying a reprieve based upon their lives:  DID NOT CHANGE ANYTHING, it just allowed the university leaders (only a diploma decides) spend more on themselves.  OR MORE DELIBERATELY:  THE PEOPLE WHO DEMAND THEY ALONE CAN THINK/ THEY ALONE CAN LEAD/ THEY ALONE HAVE A BRAIN; ETC/ ETC/ ETC.  have failed entirely, proving their “big brain”;  was entirely a lie. Just more sewage underfoot.

       The summation:  CAN’T survive by accepting communism. It won’t work/ never did. Can’t survive by letting others think for us/ we must make our own decisions.


       What will work?  Your leaders say:  MORE TAX/ we must have more tax/ taxation of the poor, that is the answer.  Because the rich have to be rich, or nobody can pay the poor! Now ain’t that right?

       Well lets review:  unless the poor have money, which are the multitudes of humanity/ there are no rich either, because when they can’t pay:  no business will flourish. That means ALL BUSINESS lives or dies based upon how much money the masses, which does include the poor have to spend. NO business, of value to society;  is dependent upon the rich/ that is a lie. Alas however, even if everyone suddenly had the same amount of money to spend: those who are destined to be poor, “would either spend that money instantly (look at me)/ or hide it away forever, failing society by being afraid”. Or, “I can’t lose this/ I just can’t (hide, hide)”. Those who are destined to be rich:  let what is true, decide where the money shall be spent. Reality teaches with common sense (life lessons, about what is, or is not true). Those who are in the middle classes, simply know:  “we can’t spend it all on today/ tomorrow will come, or we die”. That gives them options to explore the future “of me”.

       The summary:  money has no substantive value in the determination of an economy. Resources decide; and then the people who are willing and able to let truth determine what should or should not be done, create a society.  Those who are unwilling to let the honesty of  truth decide:  fail us all/ not less than themselves.

       Real Taxation is:  we all use things, which all of society helps to create. Therefore we all owe a distinct amount of tax, in support of these things. We all need a courtroom; even a poor one is better than nothing:  or guns and crime will rule. We all need a military, to defend us/ not attack others. We all need roads, education, etcetera. That costs money: somebody has to pay (do the work).  BUT we don’t need lies/ cheating/ stealing/ corruption/ treason/ rebellion/ collusion/ anarchy in governing/ terrorism supported against us/ fantasies/ delusions/ HORRIFYING DECISIONS; such as mutilating life or igniting the planet on fire or assassinating the children or military excessive failures. Etcetera.

 We don’t need the lies of taxation:  EVERY political contributor wants a tax loophole.   Apr 15, 2016 – As they rush to file their taxes by April 18, Americans are rightfully frustrated with the complexity of the 74608-page-long federal tax code

The largest source of compliance burdens for taxpayers – and the IRS – is the overwhelming complexity of the tax code.1 The only meaningful way to reduce these burdens is to simplify the tax code enormously. Consider the following: „ According to a TAS analysis of IRS data, U.S. taxpayers and businesses spend about 7.6 billion hours a year complying with the filing requirements of the Internal Revenue Code.2 And that figure does not even include the millions of additional hours that taxpayers must spend when they are required to respond to an IRS notice or an audit. (For a breakdown of hours by tax form and information reporting document, see Table 1.1.1 at the end of this section.) „ If tax compliance were an industry, it would be one of the largest in the United States. To consume 7.6 billion hours, the “tax industry” requires the equivalent of 3.8 million full-time workers.3 „ Compliance costs are huge both in absolute terms and relative to the amount of tax revenue collected. Based on Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data on the hourly cost of an employee, TAS estimates that the costs of complying with the individual and

More distinctly; as is seen in the 1040 long tax form for most US citizens not simply given a paycheck.  The clear intent of that form is to run the citizen through a “rat maze”. As there is absolutely no cause nor reason for the disgrace that it is. It is intentionally, and with clear purpose in mind:  MAKE THEM RUN THROUGH THE MAZE/ to make them trip, and be entrapped, so we can treat them any way we want.  That is a demonstration of criminal contempt. A judiciary in clearly in support of criminal fraud (no NOT necessary).

       So, let’s look at taxation itself. Government employees say:  The most recent Census Bureau data showed that median household income — what people in the exact middle of the American spectrum earn — is $53,657.


   $37,950 to $91,900

$5,226.25      plus 25% of the excess over $37,950




$18,650 to $75,900

$1,865    plus 15% of the excess over $18,650









city taxation

primarily sales tax “10%” and

county tax

primarily real estate taxation, for education “5-10%”


then we get to social security taxation at “15.3%”

add it up, and everyone, with a realistic income, in America pays over 50%.

       Real taxation, allows the taxpayer to CLEARLY UNDERSTAND; every penny of tax he or she pays. The federal government under Clinton removed social security from the federal debts/ BUT KEPT the income from social security in the budget:  thereby declaring “problem solved”; or now we have a surplus. Declaring social security is a debt the people owe to themselves/ not the federal government problem.  Which means they chose to steal our money, when they did not separate the income as well.

       Real taxation:  is very, very simple. You earned this much /minus true costs of doing business= what you have left that you can personally spend. That is all there is to it:  doesn’t need a damn maze.

       Real taxation: is very simple. Business, industry, etc can write their own tax forms, making it as simple, and as fair;  as is possible. Those industries vote on the forms they will file. IF WE find them trying to steal or cover up anything: their tax for that division of the economy multiplies.  So do it right, or be fined!

       Real taxation: is simple. Charities are not allowed to own property (your contributors own it)/ are not allowed to earn more than the median salary for the area they serve. YOU are a charity, if you want money; go elsewhere!


       We then look to LIFE IN SOCIETY, and determine by those facts; what our economies can be!

       The first step is: what did you gain by working very hard/ “rarely a college graduate”? The answer is: I or we, are not living on the street; and I or we have some stuff/ which includes extreme debt. A slave forever/ but, most of society respects you. Unfortunately working hard leaves you physically tired;  women hate that/ even though they are pushing hard “bring more money”.

       What did you gain by not working hard, and accepting welfare? The answer is: I or we are not living on the street/ but we have little options, and no future outside of welfare. Welfare has come to mean:  no husband here! A reality of anger, that easily turns into hate and crime.  No respect: “you” are costing me money! Not working hard, with few options: means unfortunately;  the majority will concentrate on “finding women to fuck”.  Women not satisfied with their husband; just too damn tired/ can be found. Divorce ensues, and the children cry.

       Immigration, what did we gain besides more competition? The answer is, their lives matter;  but so do ours.


IF I SHARE THE WORK WITH THEM/ THEN I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY FOR MYSELF; OR WHAT I WANT!  Even the resources fail, because more means more.

       So, let’s review this story, as a lead into our truth.

       I grew up in agriculture, with family ties. 50’s & 60’s lot of work, but everybody happy, even the old. Average Farm size roughly 200 acres, with livestock:  lots of life around, most owned. In the late sixties chemicals came; ending lots of work for everyone/ just pour it on. Nobody loved chemicals more than my dad:  “hell no, we can drink this stuff”. But chemicals changed everything in agriculture: now the rich man was in control. Average farm size doubled quickly; which meant someone else had to be thrown off their farm. Most farms rented. Didn’t need livestock anymore, it disappeared along with other life, because every bit of ground was now used for seed crops. Didn’t need rural community  America anymore:  because the work was cut to less than half; bigger equipment. Carter administration came:  we will pay this debt and get back to reality/ it will take a long time; but its worth it. Interest rates went high; and there were an  endless parade of people who claimed:  BUY NOW, or lose everything because the interest will pay you back. Many did. Reagan administration came:  “we don’t need to pay no damn debts”/ the interest rate fell; wiping many farmers out/ ending business for rural agricultural communities.   He then gave the currency to “the university diploma: which instantly began counterfeiting, & gave anyone with a diploma a ten fold raise in income, with benefits”. Failing Reagan attacked and sold the gold reserve, bankrupting all americans. Nonetheless, agriculture continued to grow by reducing farmers who now inherited “you can take all the risk”. Average farm around 2500 acres/ and every farmer knows if you don’t go big;  nobody will rent ground to you. Going big requires a million dollars of equipment, plus expenses:  now you get to farm, but earn little in real money terms/ unless you own.  Government employees produced:  tell us everything we want to know/ and we will keep you from going broke. Now these few, control the pricing for nearly all of agriculture. Some went to factory farming:  entirely dependent upon disease control, and will go bankrupt when antibiotics fail entirely (coming soon, for you too).

       Summary:  lots of people unemployed initially. Then lots more affected by tragic government decisions. Then those who were left had to incur debt, and accept all risk;  to stay in farming, making it impossible to be truly economically free.   Then government employees began controlling the price (believe it or not). Then bigger and bigger/ became fewer and fewer; older and older. Then demands for help became ethanol:  a complete failure to life/ and will end without drinking water: thereby war.  We add in mutilation of all seed and livestock as best they can.  There are causes for autism, and more!


       The first lesson being:  bigger is NOT better!

       The second lesson:  government employees SHOULD NEVER, be allowed charge of the currency. Only the constitution can control it.

       The third lesson: change means change, and it is NOT always good.

       The fourth lesson:  life lives in its association with happiness. Happiness lives in its association with freedom, and friends. NOT money.

       The fifth lesson: once the rich man does not need you; regardless of why/ he will undertake to control more. Causing extreme grief in the community from greed (I want yours too).

       The sixth lesson: when faced with reality, employees of government will search to steal/ lie/ cheat/ and commit treason.

       The seventh lesson: you can be forced into situations controlled by others, when all other options are blocked.

       The eight lesson: depending upon a diploma for your future, will cause you to fail.

       The ninth lesson:  too much information in the hands of those who want to control you/ will end up, as they own you:  obey or be economically destroyed.

       The tenth lesson:  running to any government institution for help;  will rarely end well.

       The eleventh lesson:  you can’t make a living by destroying the resources you need for a future. It is insane.

       The twelfth lesson: fear anything the universities give you. The day is coming, when you will know this is true.


       NOW WE BEGIN, within the constraints of our own realities!

  1. WE HAVE AS A WORLD, in all developed areas: TWICE AS MANY WORKERS AS JOBS!
  2. WE HAVE, taken all the easy resources available, and you have thrown them away!
  3. VAST realities of life and living, have been dismantled or destroyed; and must be rebuilt for LIFE COMES FIRST.
  4. Abundance is dead/ and we must repair: which means what you want will be discarded;    because what WE NEED, must be FIRST.
  5. There are no solutions for a future without HUMAN population control.
  6. WE CANNOT allow a few damn idiots fail us, or control us anymore: which means we must take control over our lives and government.  By creating our own laws/ throwing the rest away.
  7. Either you will fight for your future/ or it will die.


Given these fundamentals, realities state:  in similar ways to the “NEW DEAL” created by Roosevelt. To plant forests, clean up the tragedies, create what the future needs for us to do. There is work.  But it is NOT work, that let’s ANYONE; become rich.

    We must fight, to create the tools of our future; which does include redesigning society into much tighter structures so they; as an independent group:  can take care of themselves. Just like life did do, for thousands of years. That requires substantial change throughout society/ and that does mean work. But it is NOT work, that let’s ANYONE; become rich.

    We must end dependency: and that means an education THAT WORKS FOR ME! INCLUDING what aids the life of family, friend, nature, and environment. The list is long; a primary beginning is the insulation required, means taken: to drop energy requirements to less than half. But it is NOT work, that let’s ANYONE; become rich.

    We must save our world, or it will die. That requires world law:  let the leaders be advised OBEY OUR LAW, or we the people; will take you to court, and punish you with our policing as a world. Thereby ending the excuses for weapons of mass destruction/ and endless military spending. But it is NOT work, that let’s ANYONE; become rich.

    We must save our nature:  NO MORE MUTILATING ANYTHING, OR YOU WILL BE KILLED YOURSELF.  No more poisoning the water, which means labor in the field. No more chemical manufacture in urban areas or dumping. What is necessary will be done only in the most desolate of area’s:  if toxic substances are created in any part of the process. But it is NOT work, that let’s ANYONE; become rich.

    We must save our oceans;  or we starve and the world will war!  That means LIFE FIRST. That means like it or not; that dead human bodies will be “prepared for ocean life food”/ as we have nothing else to give them. And we absolutely need, that source of food.  CHOOSE life or death for you too! But it is NOT work, that let’s ANYONE; become rich.


    In other words:  there is plenty of work to do/ but there is no money to do it with. America as are most nations;  is bankrupt/ and you don’t get to play anymore. Reality will be addressed as MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR FANTASIES AND UNIVERSITY DELUSIONS;  or truth will not let you survive/ not even as a world. Limited capitalism will make it fair. Constitutional change and true democracy will solve your problems in society. RESPECT THE MIRACLES OF THIS WORLD;  OR LOSE THEM ALL, including your own life, and every child you see.  Simple as that.


medicine is this

Medicine, in America, exists as this


Data are for the U.S.

  • Per capita national health expenditures: $9,523 (2014) which means each/ every single citizen:  receives that debt in 2014, for healthcare; babies and all.    US population 318.9 million (2014)
  • Total national health expenditures: $3.0 trillion (2014) one trillion dollars= $10,000.00 per each of one hundred million people= $30,000 dollars each
  • Total national health expenditures as a percent of Gross Domestic Product: 17.5% (2014) Feb 2, 2014 – The combined total was effectively $3 trillion. … Annual U.S. Healthcare Spending Hits $3.8 Trillion ..

GDP PER CAPITA    THE INCOME:  $53,O41.93  each person, babies and all. another lie.  consider this:  if a person is a billionaire/ then one billion people owe him or her one dollar of work or resource, each.  Is that fair?

GDP AS A NATION     $16.77 TRILLION DOLLARS (2013)  employees of government are claiming the workers of this USA  150 million (not all joint filers, are workers); have generated this amount.  That equals money generated;  in resources used or sold, work done:  per worker $111,800.00 EACH ONE! a lie.

per cap·i·ta

pər ˈkapədə/

adverb & adjective

  1. for each person; in relation to people taken individually.


So, discarding the lies, liars, fools, thieves, and all the rest; the question of healthcare comes down to this.

It does matter how much money is spent on healthcare/ and that means:  YOU, the individual or me;  CANNOT claim the price does not matter. Because everybody expects to get paid for their work.  “just like you”!


       THAT MEANS CHOICES MUST BE MADE; about who lives and who dies. About everything healthcare can or will be:  because life is not free! Somebody does the work.  NO MORE WHINING/ no more trash; reality wins.

       This produces the single exception to “human generated” reality:  which is the money DOES NOT matter, with regard to who can or cannot pay their healthcare debt. Or more simply; even if you’re rich/ you are NOT entitled to better healthcare or more sympathy than the rest.  The value of a LIFE IS far beyond money. It is that simple.

       IF EVERYBODY GETS THE SAME HEALTHCARE (no exceptions)/ then everybody pays the same percentage of income to receive that healthcare:  as in taxation will be applied, along with a maximum percentage, income based healthcare debts for you personally.

       The second part of healthcare is:  HOW DID A TOTAL OF TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS, SPENT PER CITIZEN (babies and all), become our reality?

       The answer is SOMEBODY IS CHARGING TOO DAMN MUCH!  IT IS simple as that/ or the whole nation is nothing more than a house of invalids.  IF NOT THAT, then the court system and leadership, is so broken:  nobody gets justice in accord with medicine.

       So let’s begin with personal experience.  I have encountered the medical system at various times. Most recent backwards is:  “I, fell over backward/ hit toilet with back”. X-rays taken, bloodwork tested, sonogram of heart; plus pain reliever.  Stayed in hospital overnight (after signing contract), the charge would be about $70.00 per hour.  Don’t remember the exact amounts in first billing  3-5 thousand I believe. Second  BILLING:  $12,685.90 

       We argued.

       2015;  after handling a new glue product for a day; body reacted badly. pancreas affected (chemically induced); Gallbladder taken out;  3 hour operation/ unnecessary due to the interference of glue product.  I chose to examine the cost of healthcare.  Otherwise beyond the emergency room visit, nothing was done, but laying in bed for 4 days.  Around $45,000.00 “ten thousand dollars for the room, per day”. A significant part of our health cost; is directly related to new chemicals in every aspect of our lives. Even tiny amounts/ particularly as medicines which are used because they have an affect. Not all of which are known.

       Legal argument begun on price; interfered with.

       2005 or so:  badly overcome with mold inhalation/ returned to site too quickly.  Needed oxygen to survive. Medical staff assumed heart attack/ and would have so treated (wrong diagnosis); if not time required before arriving at emergency room. Nonetheless, oxygen revived me within an hour. Cost roughly $7,000.00  for oxygen, short visit at out-clinic, ambulance ride, short visit at emergency room.  After the fourth or fifth billing, I took them to court:  where the judge threw me out/ because the power of medicine cannot be questioned.

       The stated question is:  WAS THAT FAIR?  Issues with treatment aside, as I asked for assistance. The question is strictly financial:  is this fair?


       Based upon an hourly rate of one hundred dollars per hour per person deliberately working for me and building maintenance, cleaning, etc.  I am dramatically overcharged beyond this rate.

       Am told, you have to pay for those who can’t! End of story.  My statement is:  UNFAIR BILLING CAUSES people who can’t pay. End of story.


       Let’s begin:  the literal cost of healthcare is! 

  1. Cost of building, transportation, utilities, maintenance,  and tools/ along with medicines and labor.  
  2. Cost of education as is needed to do the work. That is based in “university charges” to the student. It is also based in required courses, that have absolutely nothing to do with this job.
  3. Cost of failing to address problems that can be fixed in a timely manner/ which then leads to far more severe health issues.
  4. Cost of administration and its desire to make money.


These four costs are the basic framework of healthcare.

Let us review:

  1. The cost of a building can be extremely high or extremely low dependent upon what people can afford. It has no other relationship to expense; because the building itself, is relatively unimportant. 
  2. The tools necessary for the work must be replaced or repaired from time to time. Their cost based upon their expected “life expectancy”: versus their usage per patient; determines that cost to healthcare.
  3. The cost of an ambulance or other base level need; can be determined by the public. It should be contracted by the public on bids. The community decides, the community pays. As is true for maintenance, utilities, and so on.
  4. Medicine is NOT a business. Rather it is society trying to mediate bodily dysfunction in those who face trouble. Medicine can affect us all: therefore it is a “government bought subsidy” based upon contractual manufacture for government purposes. It is NOT business/ BECAUSE it can be life or death. But that does not mean:  extreme costs in medicine don’t matter/ they do.
  5. The labor market in doctors and others involved in healthcare is determined by how many graduate, and are thereby enabled to compete for jobs for the healthcare of society. The current university graduation rate in America, when last checked: WAS THE SAME RATE OF DOCTORS GRADUATING AS IN 1960.  Thereby the control over the competition in America/ led to foreign doctors coming to fill the void.  Because the medical industry, led by university degrees;  in America:  HAS BEEN ORCHESTRATING A MONOPOLY, over society.
  6. The medical student, particularly the doctor candidate; has no control over the situation. Extreme debts create slavery:  YOU CANNOT complain, or we destroy your financial life. Slaves cannot complain: being called upon night or day, because no one else is available.  The universities won’t graduate more:  adds years to “you can’t compete here”. Or more distinctly:  the entire education process for doctors in particular,  is to hold them out of the business of medicine;  as long as possible. To make them dependent/ which means they won’t complain, even though they have a right. Extremely UNFAIR, to all affected including patients.
  7. Stupidity with regard to all conditions of medical realities borders on insanity. There is a need to identify such things as AIDS/ and inform the public, (don’t have sex with them). Apply law to anyone who infects another.  Intentionally gambling with their lives by sex or other. And that applies to every aspect of disease, that is easily communicable. It is not a game;  we need to know.  That conforms with:  a patient needs to know, regarding all conditions of medicine. That includes doctor statistics. That includes all pharmaceutical statistics:  with statements by the patients themselves OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.
  8. That brings us to GREED. The primary cost of every hospital is:   WHO GETS THE MONEY, and why?  People do deserve to be paid. People with specialized training can be essential; but that does not make them “hero’s or villian’s”. they are workers like the rest. It is “just a different job”. Even so, those who prove to be valuable:  deserve to be paid better than those who do not. it is simple capitalism.
    1. What is not simple capitalism (everybody works for themselves): is the fact medical realities are NOT CHOSEN by the patient.
    2. What is not simple capitalism: is the fact, when you are not free to determine the cost PRIOR to accepting its price. Nor will the body let you, refuse the price or cost of the work; because it is life or death or the potential of harsh realities even worse than cost.  NO FREE ENTERPRISE EXISTS. Which means capitalism does not exist either. In democracy as is “we the people” decide this: that means, we must choose to remove the business itself.
    3. What is not business is:  the decision, those involved in medicine “can make any amount they can collect, bankrupting without mercy/ or describe their billing, as government pays”.  
    4. What is not business is: investments intended to create more money for me/ based upon someone else’s pain.
    5. That does mean: the administrative costs should be abandoned and removed/ contracted by public bids only. Under a contract designed and approved by the public to be served. The cost of a building, its costs and its tools: owned by the community. Massive increases in those who graduate for medical purposes. Deliberate teaching in high school or before:  making every child a paramedic.  Critical decisions regarding:  IT IS YOUR TIME TO DIE. Participation in pharmaceutical costs;  as is we own the patents, the research, and all manufacturing rights for medicine and its tools across the nation itself. Letting research, and who does it:  be merit based only.
  9. Greed includes: the intent to make money as described by lawyers. The critical failure of medicine for an individual patient: is limited by reality itself. More simply, three things determine what can or cannot be in a courtroom of law.
    1. The law itself which shall decide and determine the monetary price associated with critical failure to the patient. Same for all, who experience a similar situation.
    2. The criminal aspects: was this intentional, etcetera. Penalties which describe what happens to the doctor, hospital, citizen, or staff: as in same for all.
    3. Was the situation dire, which means:  taking the risk to do what could be done, NECESSARY at that particular time. Because if it was critically necessary: then you do have to take whatever you get. In accordance with what reality can realistically offer.
  10. The listing of side effects for medicines or operations DOES NOT negate legal responsibility. Rather thoroughly understanding the risk; REQUIRES, that all those who were badly affected shall be known. They will as is possible give their own statements. The statistic realities of a drug or other shall be set out for public view:  EXACTLY HOW MANY TIMES, AND IN WHAT WAY, did this go bad. Or is aligned with, or believed:  to contribute with consequences other than expected.
  11. The current situation with medicine is:  extortionists rule our reality. Criminal monopolies confine us with corrupt courts. Leadership lets genetic mutilation threaten all our lives. Universities enslave and fail society. “the government pays”;  contributes to our bankruptcy.  AND INSURANCE fails, because reality as to the individual is removed.
    1. REALITY BASED HEALTHCOST, is determined by the clear truth:  THIS IS, what we can afford to spend. Because life and its survival NEED all the rest. That is determined by a percentage of income per individual;  same percentage of your income, dependent upon severity of treatment; for all.
    2. REALITY BASED HEALTHCOST, means if it costs more than reality itself will allow; “because we this society won’t pay”/ then you die.  Reality proves WE WILL pay, for “no one should die for little things”. Whereas we all die, when faced with critical cause; no exception unless the public allows it, on an individual basis. EXTREMELY FEW.
    3. REALITY BASED HEALTHCOST, no risking the lives of the vast majority; to potentially save a tiny few. NO experiments on children:  so they die “a thousand times” instead of just once, with love hopefully.
    4. REALITY BASED HEALTHCOST, is allowed to retain insurance on “the percentage of your income” at risk. Making reality expected in payment: assigned by truth instead of fantasies. Those payments for healthcare costs SHALL go to a state sponsored distribution center:  so that rich or poor, you are treated the same.  Dividing the money collected as determined by the workers;  among those who did the work.
    5. There is no Medicaid: when you can work, you will work/ OR THERE IS NO HEALTHCARE for you. Society will find you a job, or it will pay.
  12. MEDICARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY cannot bankrupt a society; the game & the deceit, is over!
    1. Medicare and social security are combined into one program. Which will be divided as fairly as possible;  into community based situations.  NO government institution. A percentage of GDP in real terms shall be divided up, the same amount to every recipient. And given to the community solution.  In that group, those recipients shall vote to decide HOW MUCH money will be given to them for the purpose of living/ and how much money shall be left, of their own paycheck:  to pay for the services of a nursing home, healthcare, or other. For those who need it.
    2. The community recipients shall decide who is or is not allowed: early participation. But if they choose to install someone who has no legitimate right to collect:  they will lose three times more than that person has received from their income.  Legitimate only!
    3. REALITY BASED HEALTHCOST, INCLUDES:  THIS IS ALL WE HAVE/ and it has to pay for everything else needed for life for the rest as well.


Living in a fantasy world;  MEANS THE CHILDREN HAVE TO PAY!  Reality proves, they will be truly “lucky” just to survive. Because those who could, DID NOT CARE ENOUGH. And played games with life itself. Sought the destruction of democracy and this nation;  even  threatening an entire planet, with cult worship of a:   “university knows, religion”. To their shame!


           THE FANTASY IS OVER; OR THE GARBAGE DUMP IS READY. because like it or not reality determines the future for us all.

A footnote:  when artificial joints are put into a body, bone marrow is taken out. People who need a bone marrow transplant, “should benefit”/ without permission required. If it is not already being done.



reality is this

REALITY IS THIS, that our existence as both life and planet are threatened in ways that were inconceivable just a few years ago.

Biologically speaking, although the threats are endless/ the reality of those threats can be constructed by two very easy things to understand.


QUOTE: › Environment › GM

Sep 9, 2001 – Scientists have created the ultimate GM crop: contraceptive corn. ... ‘We have a hothouse filled with corn plants that make anti-sperm antibodies,’ said Epicyte president Mitch Hein. … Contraceptive corn is based on research on the rare condition, immune infertility, in which a woman …

       More distinctly this genetic DNA mutilation allows for one group, to send food starch (bread, cereal, ___) to another group; regardless of the method/ it’s just a matter of advertising to the target group. That causes permanent sperm alteration; sterility. mSaid to “remove the tail from sperm”/ thereby making it unable to move in men. Causing a chemical change in women that will kill the sperm (destroying the tail so it cannot move) once it enters the vagina. Sterility for all or any living creature that has sperm/ or uses sperm for conception. 

       In other words, this one genetic trait, released into nature:   can reduce the creature population of our planet, to zero.  Or more distinctly for you:  “no meat of any kind to eat”.



Aug 1, 2003 – Plants equipped with a terminator gene grow up just like other plants, with one crucial exception—farmers can’t grow anything from the seed …

MORE distinctly to you, the genetic mutilation that can render all plants on earth sterile, means NO PLANT FOOD either. This is very simple math: without seeds that produce seeds, there is no future for the plant/ nor is their food from those seeds growing to maturation to eat for you or anything else.

So the reality of this  moment in our lives is:  the universities have made a doomsday machine out of biology. With just a couple of tiny DNA manipulations in nature; no life left on earth.

Like any pandemic that ever existed:  once released, no one can say for certain “just how far a disease (nature, as is the disciplines, balance, and order of a body attacked) will go”.  NATURE ALONE DEFENDS US, take away nature by destroying its DNA; and we have nothing to survive the future. The children are dead!

Monsanto Company and the Use of Terminator Seeds:  Genetic Use Restriction Technologies could be applied to seeds to remedy intellectual property issues that stem from seed-saving, but the seed industry may never be able to actually use the developed technologies.

That is the blanket statement for the seed producing industry. They say, its never been put into production: as in allowed into the fields

However, my brother-in-law and sister are farmers; and around 2001 I don’t remember exactly when (but do bear in mind, until the media of some kind reports it:  experimentation goes on entirely behind closed doors; and can exist for years before it is known what they are doing). Nonetheless one year they had if memory is correct roughly 80 acres of corn, the entire field in that particular genetics: that did not produce a single ear of seed.  As to the purpose of farming, it was a complete disaster in that field. The seed sellers said at the time that only 97% of any bag of seed is suppose to grow/ 3% is suppose to be inert. At the time it was expected “simply not all seeds will grow; in nature”. However with this, the company said:  the inert corn they mixed in.  Must have all ended in the same bag, instead of mixed. That single statement says:  WE KNOW which seeds will grow into plants/ BUT are NOT going to produce seed.  Which means it’s a choice. 

These farmers got nothing from the seed company; even though they had an entire field of proof. Unfortunately, it never even occurred to me, they would not hire an attorney; contact various types of media in agriculture to insist “your mistake, we will get paid”. Until it was too late; field of evidence gone.  The moral of the story:  IF SOCIETY lets its member FEAR THE COURTROOM AND ITS LAWYERS/ then society gets crushed, and the criminals control.


Lets again, look to the agricultural industry for a lesson:  “to gain more from a single cow, and the beauty contest that is, we like this one better”. Agriculture began implanting fertilized eggs from the beautiful cows/ into the ugly cows:  so you can get a pretty calf cheaper. It worked for the first calf, which bore significant outside traits of the two parents. However when the calf grew to have “children”/ those calves also inherited traits of the ugly cow mother. It has to do with the blood transfer in the womb.

MORE distinctly to you:  the intent to make organs in animals and use them in people is proceeding. The intent to use pigs blood, in humans is proceeding/ as are endless genetic experiments to intertwine every species in some form; by using genetic DNA mutilation.  DNA IS NATURE: THAT IS THE TRUTH.  Consequently as predicted biblically ARMAGEDDON which means nature in chaos!  Stands at the door, and it already cracks open. TRY THINKING for a second;  because the media reports extremely little, power controls them all.


“Not to worry, the university says”;  its like global warming/ or trying to ignite sun fire here on earth/ or playing with the big bang (single most destructive event in the history of the universe) at CERN/ or destroying the ocean life/ dumping trillions of tons of poison onto water supplies/  or using all the resources/ etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Because the universities diploma which runs media, government, business, banking and more:   are all demanding nothing shall be done, nothing shall be stopped, nothing shall be learned about the consequences of being wrong:  UNTIL THE HORROR OF THESE DECISIONS:  CANNOT BE UNDONE! And we all know the universities cannot be questioned or made to account; for their delusions. They want to play god, and they do:  unfortunately for life, “they play SATAN”.

Hell, don’t worry, what could go wrong?  YOU ARE,   “believers in the university, is your savior” aren’t you?  HELL, nothing can go wrong:  we know the universities are way too smart for that.  Even though the majority of the people there, did not know how to get along with society or community or even in high school.  Do you think they might hate “those who did not treat them fairly”?  no, that can’t be it.  Even so, they did bankrupt us all; oh well, “last laugh” and all that.

Well, I suppose in terms of biology:  all their weapons of mass destruction, including intensifying the worst diseases humanity has ever known (nobody lives);  even adding descriptions of disease they made to invade us all.  Or more simple methods, such as Destroying the ozone so radiation makes it impossible to live:  as is the invasion of sun fire “unrestrained” by ozone; from 91 million miles away.  But then without water to drink, who the fuck cares, “right”!  don’t worry, there is always cannibalism/ or you can have the evolutionary answer  “in a billion years” everything will come back/ cause evolution will fix it. “no tools, no sensors, no information, no brain, no food:  “just a robot” in the university mind.  Until they fix it/ but alas, evolution has no fixer;  it’s just chaos. The greatest description of chaos here on earth is the fire on the sun:  imagine that, the universities are trying to bring their “god” here.  Why hell, what won’t religion think of next?

Just so its simple:  the California drought is not over. Your scientists for this area in central IL;  state with certainty, in this area “it takes fifty inches of rain”/ to PRODUCE ONE INCH of aquifer recharge. Therefore anyone dependent upon an aquifer for water, remains in serious trouble: and that speaks only to the upper aquifers, not the really deep ones. Not to forget:  industry has been found in California, contaminating what they claim are dry aquifers, with toxic waste (can never be used again).  What you don’t know, CAN IN FACT; easily cause your complete destruction. “Don’t need to worry”?  Well how about this, without water, your property is completely worthless/ but your debts will remain.

Bringing us all to the question:  HOW MUCH, don’t you know, for real/ investigated by truth and complete transparency. So you CAN honestly understand?


government is this

It is absolutely essential, that knowledge must include the dimensional parameters of government; to attain peace or harmony in society. That knowledge must then be accepted in ways that will create and provide a future for every child.

       The critical cause that destroys peace and harmony in society is:  one of three basic things.

  1. The environment is destroyed, and life or death looms large for each member/ or many members/ or simply a few members; who must now decide: “if this is me or you, that is going to die/ then I choose”! The result is a need for governing.
  2. The resources are gone, which means there is no job here. There is no future here, and we must leave or die. Immigration results, and when large masses of people must move, whether their own fault or not: it results in an army. “can’t pay/ must take”. Again, “its me or you”.
  3. Reality states: some have much more/ and some have far too little, to be happy. Therefrom anger erupts against the “rich”. They respond by hiring or creating an army to control the poor. The poor fester inside and find hate to comfort themselves. One day a mob forms, finding “any cause will do”/ they seek revenge. Destruction follows, for all.


Within these three BASIC realities of human existence, are the fundamentals which must be addressed to conceive of a society at peace. Peace means:  I recognize, that anger will NOT improve my life/ therefore I seek justice.

    Harmony means:  being accepted for who I am, I understand as best a human can be; “that I am not, or need not fear, lonely anymore”.

    Society that finds happiness is:  no cause for fear exists here, we are free to experience and express ourselves, without finding ways to disguise, “what is my truth”.

    So, lets search the basics of environmental:  that means nature, climate, chain of food, and all the things which humanity does not do for itself are  balanced/ disciplined/ and orderly. Thereby no need to fear!  In contrast to that environmental destruction is the opposite. Or more distinctly all the things which life on this earth has provided without cost, have suddenly disappeared;  making this earth, far less habitable, even unfriendly. Society sees this as chaos, and it erupts in fear. Men destroy environment, to be rich; and win the game called pride.

     That brings us to resource:  which means, by using what men can manipulate, harvest or control. Society finds its work, by using anything that has value in nature, ocean, or environment, to trade for something they want for themselves. When those resources are gone, they literally have nothing left to trade, except war. Thereby forced so they believe to kill.

    The rich, are a different seasoning to one or both of the above. To become rich: it is absolutely essential to make the others poor. The richer you are/ the poorer you have made many others. Even so, when men are without boundaries (the rich say no)/ they attack resources without end, and destroy more relentlessly in an effort to be “the rich”. Destroying along with their lives, those who just simply demand “a living; while hoping for peace and love”.  Or, “if I let up my drive/ these others will consume me, or take from me; what I need to survive.” The rich then are not a necessary evil/ they are a fact created by extreme want in men; and the women who push them. The rich are as history proves; the lesser of two evils: let the few control the resources and environment/ OR the many will destroy them all, and end in war. It nonetheless results in various forms of mayhem, with include nearly all crime/ depressions/ and environmental catastrophes as the rich try mercilessly “to become richer (I am the superior one)”.  

    Where leadership has proven to be nothing more than criminals trying to take everything: so they can be rich. The law is revoked, and armies arise:  “to get or take, mine”.  Without reprieve as in the end of war; bloodshed is a way of life/ which means agriculture or any of the means to “make a living, by providing food and water for yourself”; has been abandoned or killed. That intensifies the war to take what I need for myself/ and GET MORE. That functionally does not need a woman or a child; so they are discarded. That functionally leaves the women and children unprotected, in an area of men who are angry for sex. That means rape. That means the women must try to create food for themselves and their children wanted or not/ and the men come to steal it:  “because we got to eat, or we die”. Anything that can be stolen is stolen; because nothing less will buy weapons.


    These are at the forefront of what must be dealt with in order to create a society at peace. A society that can be governed. The failure to attain enough food, work, and water for the people themselves: and society collapses upon itself. So where that is in jeopardy, groups of the rich who govern: hire more and more policing. Granting “Just keep the poor and discontent, away from us”/ and we won’t care how you do it. As society lessens, because resource and environmental  destruction causes fear:  those who have something to lose/ fear those who have nothing to fear, just like the rich. The divide between policing, the courts, and the poor grows deeper. The rich man controls the courtroom; and he hires and particularly promotes ONLY those who do what he wants to have done. That further corrupts government. Leaders then build armies to “contain the violence”. That gives the poor a job and some money, which eases pressure on society. However armies are expensive, and they make society bankrupt;  so then leaders must incur debt. When that fails, the begin to counterfeit (hidden inflation: asset creation that is not more than a lie) or use inflation directly. That ends abruptly:  because society learns, “they have been made into slaves (not paid)”. The money they were paid with, the currency of the nation:  has no value!

    This is at the forefront of what must be dealt with, in order to create a society with harmony. A society that can be governed, because it is happy.


    The dimensional parameter of a working government means: what must the structure used to control;  this “piece of the earth” / to keep humanity from making war on itself or this earth?

    Quite simply:  once people have destroyed their environment with ONLY THE MONEY matters, or  with over-population (nature can’t take this):  producing the decision/ the only thing we have left is war or immigration.  Therefore the search for outer boundaries is extremely simple. DON’T DESTROY the environment (what nature gave us) or “this piece of earth;  its natural processes and means of creating, the chain of life called food” OR water. That then is the structure of government:   protecting the sustained boundary between life and death, which causes the failure called war.  The reality of international protection is then DON’T allow nations to destroy their environment, not even by over-population which means they must war, or immigrate to survive.  Bringing their troubles; their decisions:    across boundary lines, to inflict the same on others. In a world that is FULL of people:  each group must literally take care of itself. To emphasize that reality; consider this. If we take the current population of 8 billion people and put them into one million individuals to a group. Then there are 8,000 groups, each one million individuals strong.  Ultimately, it is likely that nations should be divided into “one million individuals each”. More, is harder to control with international policing. Extreme groups think of themselves as above the law.

    So let’s consider resource destruction:  as is I WANT MORE, than this place can provide for me!  Which means:  I HATE THAT.  The fight for anything that can produce “a dollar”, is constant and harsh; particularly as competition climbs into its current reality:  only the rich get to be richer. The poor get nothing. The more desperate men get to have something they want/ the more destructive they get, to everything or anything they perceive to stand in their way. Such as a future! The common refrain is:  future be damned, I NEED MINE TODAY! So they take every last one, if its worth a penny. And if they have been a bit successful/ then they throw resources away, just to prove they can. Producing garbage instead of a future, shared for life.

    The foundation of government as is protect the resources, then is:  to quell the uprising and insurgency of the rich against all the rest. They must be held back by the construction of laws, and a government controlled by all the people. NOT just a few/ regardless of the method used to employ that few. That is done with a constitution:  the written instructions of we the people, which force our employees BY;  “swear you will obey OUR GOVERNMENT IS THESE INSTRUCTIONS:  IN THIS CONSTITUTION”/ or we penalize you, based upon what you have  or have not done. The rich or those they choose will ALWAYS be in charge of governments; because they can and will seek to do that, with money! NONETHELESS an employee, is never the owner:  rather he or she is told, what they can and will do for “we the people”. The constitution must then be known as THE LAW, and protected clearly and deliberately, to keep that constitution clean and forthright. NO misunderstandings. NO UNCERTAINTY:  whosoever makes the law, (few are necessary) CONTROLS AND OWNS the government of “this society”.

    The critical earnings of government (the future we create) are then:  HOW do we keep the poor, from destroying their own jobs and environment/ IF, the rich are controlled?   That answer revolves around two distinct additions to government by constitutional law:  limited capitalism, as is we the people by our vote/ decide just how rich any business, etcetera;  can be in this society. We are the owners/ we make the laws/ we enforce those laws on each one: simple as that!  More importantly, if the wealthy refuse to share, we the people can reduce their income: by recurrent vote., The second is TRUE democracy, rather than the construct that has been taken away: democracy by depending upon others.

    To vote for someone to vote for me: is NO LONGER necessary. We do have everything we need to vote on the laws and realities of government;  for ourselves. But be careful:  LIARS, TRAITORS, AND THIEVES are everywhere due to the university diploma.  They all believe, “I AM worth a billion dollars”; and when they don’t get it, the plotting and planning to deceive begins.

    To let those who are not going to pay for what they chose, by vote to make me pay. Describing for themselves what they want:  at my expense, is NOT democracy. Therefore stopping those raiders, and the rebellion against order and discipline: as is consistent with the poor.  Who are intent upon taking/ rather than earning for themselves is required. You will know, where you stand in terms of money (limited capitalism); makes a difference.  The primary development of order in an economy is the currency control. That means to achieve order, currency numbers SHALL be tied directly to the population count (so much per person): the number does not matter, society will adjust.  That means to achieve economic discipline:   international currency SHALL be decided upon resources bargained for/ NOT NUMBERS, but realities of exchange. Where numbers must be used, the exchange will be valued in gold or other types of physical evidence you did not lie!

    The government called a true democracy therefrom:  refines the structure of society, by hiring employees who then investigate for truth;  refine and define by examination what our reality is; and report or defend the laws we the people DID MAKE FOR OURSELVES.  No more “lawmakers”/ except for us.  Once the law is done, you will learn It in schools. Therefore true democracy insists:  NOT more words, as law:  than can accomplish that reality. The courts refine questions, and present the decision of what needs to change: to the people themselves for their vote. The judge is judged for each proceeding/ as is the lawyers: and graded for justice and constitutional adherence. The jury decides: is this the society we paid for? The failure to uphold “your grade (the jury says yes: this is the society we made)”; means you will be replaced forever.

    Policing is: “individuals who say, YES I will, stop those who are believed to be doing what society by law;  says, you shall not.”  That does mean, a police officer must face repeatedly offenders who want to do what they are doing/ and commonly resist being forced to change. That can institute violence and hatred/ which then forces “an army of policing”. Every army discards the individual as expendable. Consequently we lose our grasp on policing as a society, when violence and hatred become imbedded in the response:  our laws can be broken. By both sides! 

Hatred is:  “you made me do this to myself, you did this to me; you are the cause/ you are my enemy for life”. True or not makes no difference:  hate discards heart, and chooses revenge. Violence is:  “I have measured you, and found you worthless to me/ THEREFORE, I can do anything that pleases me, with the trash”.

So the question of policing and enforcement, thereby justice and security: is entirely dependent upon whosoever is willing to hate/ or is willing to judge and condemn. The righteous are critically important to this effect of society on its citizens. As the righteous are constantly trying to make rules; “to control those OTHER DAMN people”. As in everyone, but me! The result is rules destroy freedom. Freedom destroyed ends happiness. Without happiness or freedom or opportunity HATE grows. An authority born out of manipulation and controls that cannot be justified by truth: gain violence, and control society by deception. A rule is not a law (to govern us all equally). Rather a rule is:  to govern you/ instead of me; and it makes enemies, causes harm, and fails life!  Choose rules very carefully, or they will harm not help.

We end with education for the masses:  which means, IF YOU ARE NOT giving me something I can and will use in my life/ options to do other things in my future. THEN YOU TEACH ME NOTHING, and control/ manipulate/ tempt/ and prove I have been judged less than these others. Do better! The reason better is not done, is very simple:  those in control DON’T WANT MORE COMPETITION.  “you don’t want more competition for whatever you want/ neither do they”. So they keep competition out, by educating with “only a few matter”/ keep the rest out of the job market as long as possible; and destroy the potential of the masses anyway you can.  Because “we CAN’T all be rich”.


knowledge examined

Even though you don’t accept it as true, the foundation event of our lives is: “the religion, university knows everything. Therefore it cannot be questioned/ it cannot be denied/ it cannot be less than superior to all, but itself.”


       The unfortunate truth is:   none of that written in quotes; is true, except belief in “the university” is nothing less than a religion.

 What is a necessary truth: identifies the fact, that university decisions are threatening our lives/ our world/ our nature, and everything else including the assassination of every child, even every life on earth.

The critical truth begins with what YOU CAN UNDERSTAND.  No one is unfamiliar with the sun shining upon this earth. No one is unfamiliar with fire on this earth. No one is unacquainted with the truth that fire can become out of control and do   great damage. No one is unaware, that people can be wrong. Few don’t understand:  the university professor, is little more than the awkward kid you knew in school/ and does NOT earn the category of trust beyond questioning.  Wherever there are EXTREME UNIVERSITY EXPERIMENTS/ the opportunity to be WRONG, is catastrophic.  Which means, we the people of this earth CANNOT let them be wrong. Because they want their jobs/ their pride/ money/ etc. the reality of that is a refusal to admit it when they are wrong/ a refusal to be truthful, when they know being wrong has horrific consequences to life or planet, even everything. Their ARROGANCE, and GREED; is simply too strong.


We begin again with truth:  machines are built to ignite sun fire here on earth! A fire that burns your skin from 91 million miles away, or will permanently blind you, if you look at it on a clear day at noon.  That fire, which clearly burns atoms for fuel:  is their goal/ with trillions of dollars spent to achieve that goal.  Their only conclusion once the fire from atoms ignites is:  “it will just extinguish itself”/ not enough gravity here.  If that fails, our planet turns into a sun, with you on it.  YOU DO, in terms of death, by fire:  understand the consequences of that.

So then we MUST question the authority and wisdom of the university, and remove their cult following:  so that truth might just save your lives, and mine too.

We begin with gravity:  the university has no clue. Their knowledge is limited too “a larger mass attracts a smaller mass”. grav·i·ty



  1. 1.


the force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth, or toward any other physical body having mass. For most purposes Newton’s laws of gravity apply, with minor modifications to take the general theory of relativity into account.

  1. 2.

extreme or alarming importance; seriousness.

“crimes of the utmost gravity”


They changed their word & definition with “graviton”

In theoretical physics, the graviton is a hypothetical elementary particle that mediates the force of gravitation in the framework of quantum field theory. If it exists, the graviton is expected to be massless (because the gravitational force appears to have unlimited range) and must be a spin-2 boson.

Like all force carriers, the graviton is a boson. It is presumed to have an indefinitely long lifetime, zero electric charge, a spin of 2, and zero rest mass (thus travelling at the speed of light). The graviton has never been detected. See also supersymmetry. See Table at subatomic particle.

Both words & definitions simply reflect an intentional delusionary attempt to hide the fact:  they don’t know.  So they tell you a story, and hide it in “fancy words or math”, so you don’t understand:  “can’t argue with me now.”


We then begin with simple elements to assemble the disciplines necessary to conceive of gravity and identify the basic principles aligned with how gravity works. Other posts on  & other sites; have established most of the work for this purpose.

We will simply touch the necessary parts.

  1. An atom is made of mass (an object that occupies space, due to its physical ability to move or be moved). That is called the proton, or positive energy.
  2. An atom contains a massive amount of energy in motion, because the atom bomb proves this is so. Releasing that motion in an instant produces the explosion.
  3. An atom contains an anti-mass or “dark mass”/ because something MUST retain that energy in its environment as an atom: thereby BALANCING the energy of motion, so it can retain that energy in place. It’s called the neutron. Or negative energy.
  4. An atom contains an outer space dedicated to electrons; that are dependent upon the weight, and the spherical nature of the atom to hold them in place. The electron can be either created from the spin associated with a breaking anti-mass when it joins the mass to become an atom. Or in rare cases, it can be debris associated with the proton breaking off “a piece or two”, which then gets trapped in orbit. If a proton is not sufficiently spherical, the electrons produce a decay in energy associated with the necessary orbit deflections; as is consistent with radiation.
  5. Atoms form molecular bonds to create complex chemicals instead of simple elements. Those molecular bonds burn off when a chemical fire is initiated here on earth. Those molecular bonds are associated with shared electron orbits, and the ability to share space, or deny it; between different elements. Because the outer orbit electrons are mixed between the shared orbits of the atoms in different weight ranges: which constitute a different element. They occasionally  become lost, making the atom or molecule:  more or less balanced. Losing an electron causes the proton to become slightly more agitated, which adds to the fire.
  6. We confront space between atoms and molecules as a dimensional existence: therefore the question is, “how much space” exists in an element or molecule/ and how much distance will be traveled, before a stray electron is picked up by an alternate atom or molecule? Denser materials (more atoms/ as is more mass; per cubic foot) weigh more. That does not answer weight however.
  7. The critical factor is defined by electron capture; or more distinctly, when an electron traveling at speeds greater than light is captured by an atom or molecule. The energy of that capture must exert a force onto the atom or molecule. “like catching a ball”. That capture of electrons, is then the force assigned or associated with gravity. Even sharing electrons contributes a slight force as orbits are shifted.  Anything that moves, requires a force to maintain its position/ requires a force simply to absorb the frequency: that means weight is transferred. Anything that is captured, proves force has been applied to make it move.
  8. This is weight added, at the atomic level; an attraction that holds one mass to another, because of movement made/ which then requires a response from atomic structure (building the disciplines of mass) associated with order in that movement.

Solar gravity is different, it is assigned by the “burning of bonds” that hold atoms together and release then,  the anti-mass which balances the atomic environment.  It is releasing the anti-mass or dark mass, of an atom;  that causes solar gravity. It is burning the proton (bonded material), and releasing the bond which held the energy of motion  in place;  that causes sun fire. Atoms are the fuel powering the sun/ and you can’t remove atoms to control the fuel source; so the fire burns until the fuel source explodes.

OUR ENTIRE EARTH DEPENDS UPON THEIR DECISION TO BELIEVE:  A TEN MILLION DEGREE FIRE, WITH JUST EXTINGUISH ITSELF;  “because not enough gravity here to sustain the fire.” WRONG is our world dead, along with every living thing. Including YOU.  What is in fact:  wrong or right, THEN MATTERS A GREAT DEAL.


We know look at what it means to contaminate the energy environment of an atom with “university caused” failures in discipline, balance, and order.  As is the reality in both particle accelerators at CERN ( the world’s biggest science experiment,)/ and extreme lasers such as the exa-watt (energy released = one million of the largest lightning bolts all hitting, the same spot, at once).

To grasp the conditions being thwarted with human conditioning, we must first understand electricity.  These are the university definitions.




  1. 1.

a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons), either statically as an accumulation of charge or dynamically as a current.


power, electric power, energycurrentstatic

“cabins with no electricity”

  1. 2.

a state or feeling of thrilling excitement.

“the atmosphere was charged with a dangerous sexual electricity”


The collection of physical effects related to the force and motion of electrically charged particles, typically electrons, through or across matter and space. See also circuit, conductor, electric potential. Electric current, or a source of electric current. A buildup of electric charge.

Both words & definitions simply reflect an intentional delusionary attempt to hide the fact:  they know little.  So they tell you a story, and hide it in math you don’t understand:  “can’t argue with me now.”

So we begin again with the fundamentals

  1. The atomic proton (mass in motion) spins at extreme speeds (kinetic energy)/ but not nearly at electron speeds. Therefore when it catches one, the proton becomes agitated; and reacts with either rhythms (slight shaking of the orbit) created or a movement in the dimensional framework, which holds the atom itself. The electron keeps the proton spinning at a constant rate. Energy decay is related to speed reductions in either state.
  2. Atoms CANNOT be organized into close proximity, unless electron orbits are shared. Therefore the closer those orbits can be, the denser the material is. Weight is further determined by the size of the atom itself/ as bigger brings a different dimensional state.
  3. We again look at the atom itself: to recognize energy in motion DOES NOT stay in one place/ unless it is forced to do so. That means an anti-energy (reacts only, to remain still) equivalent to the anti-mass (not moving, in relation to the proton itself: glued together) reality must exist. That forces balance, therefore the atom proton and neutron; to retain the energy captured, which is opposite of each other.  Functionally defining what is “positive or negative” by charge. A greater movement is positive/ a demand to “stand still” is negative.
  4. Electricity is formed by funneling into an atomic dimension such as elements joined, commonly the atomic nature of the wire:  the force called heat. Electricity is found by creating opposing forces (one is positive/ one is negative), which can then in common application;  be rotated against each other to produce heat, because of the work done.  Heat is movement. Movement in an atomic state of electricity is:  electrons being forced into a higher state of excitement (a larger orbit)/ because the proton has enlarged (mass occupying a larger space), due to heat. Heat is motion that has not remained balanced or uniform in its spin or orbit.  The neutron, is then stretched to oblige the proton, and that releases heat itself into the dimension beyond a specific independent atomic orbit. That then interacts with the nearest atom comprising the structure of the element or molecular dimension itself.
  5. To increase speed and attain higher kinetic energies in the proton, a particle accelerator uses extreme cold to condense the atomic structure of the host electrical materials. They become close together, with less movement or agitation. Each experiment uses a tremendous amount of energy. When cold voltage is applied to the carrier lines, extremely high voltage last reported at 13 trillion volts: makes the electron orbit immense. Effectively destroying their effect on the proton/neutron assembly. The proton/ neutron   will slow. With the heat removed by cold; the proton/ neutron remains stable enough to push down the wire. By bumping it until a tunnel in the atomic dimensional structure of the material is achieved. That tunnel inside the carrier material allows for movement of the proton wrapped with a neutron. The force applied to the atomic dimension by a power plant, makes it accelerate.
  6. So now we have an adulterated state of matter. The proton is enlarged, by heat; stretching the neutron surrounding it. But the cold reduces that effect, by forcing slower rotational speed in the proton itself (it has to give up something/ an action results in a reaction). The neutron remains stretched, and the spherical shape is altered in both, because of extreme force applied.
  7. The explosive chamber (cern uses a one hundred ton door to enclose it) of a particle accelerator, then switches the opposing tracks so the proton/ neutron atomic elements of energy will crash into each other. As the explosion at cern proved;  my previous  prediction once the head-on collision was precise and the energy extreme enough. The explosive power of proton hitting proton was sufficient to stop the line of proton/ neutron portion of the atom in its tracks, or slow it significantly;  and all the atomic nucleus  particles following, crashed into them causing a “backdraft meltdown” like event.
  8. CERN states, their forced speed on an atomic nucleus is essentially the speed of light; which is a great deal of energy. they discard the explosive event, as something simply to tear apart the nucleus of an atom itself.
  9. We now look at what happens to the electrons that have been trying to capture their own atomic environment, during the explosion.

Quote: With increasing temperature, the medium becomes more and more ionized: electrons lose their binding to individual atoms or molecules. In the extreme case, of a white dwarf burned-out star, the electrons completely decouple from the atomic nuclei forming a continuous Fermi liquid. The properties of white dwarfs are governed by this electron plasma which is a perfect conductor even though the initial constituents of the star were perfectly neutral atoms. In modern terminology, the electrons are completely deconfined in this plasma from their low temperature atomic bound state

  2. Electrons amass at the explosive chamber. An atomic nucleus traveling at the speed of light, misses the explosive event (like nascar; vehicles collide, get pushed out of the way, and another car immediately following goes through the hole). That accelerates the proton/neutron to greater speeds, and frees it from all disciplines. Except the “electron cloud” that has formed around the event:  which are now freed as well to follow that escaping nucleus, no doubt devoid of a neutron. The result is a wormhole (upside down funnel effect, in this atomic environment).  The proton races out, and the massive amount of electrons (along with the effect of various neutrons now freed from their proton environment) are following it. They in turn, pull that proton back into the earth; like a spring effect/ that will not stop, if it has achieved an equilibrium. The mass of a proton, crashing into atoms of this earth; causes chaos. Will small effects at first/ they will grow larger.


Disciplines within extreme lasers are similar:

  1. They force proton/ neutron nucleus apart from their electrons with electrical power plants.
  2. They create greater forces by using plasma as an accelerant (greasing the wheels, so to speak).
  3. Their track to increased speeds while funneling force down into a smaller diameter ricochet’s that nucleus freed from its electron regulators back and forth inside the laser itself, until it is lined up like a particle accelerator just before the explosive event.
  4. The particles which shoot out of a laser at extreme energies, can do a great deal of damage to the natural environment. Potentially igniting atoms on fire; to make this earth a sun.


In either machine, the natural balance of nature and planet have been tampered with:  for a purpose that is nothing more than a “university toy”. Nothing usable, or desirable for life will come from either one. They are merely toys EXCEPT for the fact, each can do extreme harm, and could potentially be fatal to this world.

       WHEN WRONG IS A DEAD WORLD/ then those who gamble with all life on earth NEED TO BE STOPPED!

Religion is:  “whatever those who want to believe, want it to be”. Nonetheless, the reality of biblical prophecy is somewhat more. There are elements of religion that can be substantive and true. The book of Daniel 12, has a prophecy for the end of this living  world. It goes something like “when the great abomination rises”;  which starts the countdown. That occurred on April 1, 2011 if memory is correct: when Lawrence Livermore laboratories conducted the first experiment that could have resulted in ignition of sun fire (atoms on fire) here on planet earth; burning all life. Even threatening this solar system. Nothing could be a greater abomination than that/ by a man who lived thousands of years past, and had absolutely no idea of what he was truly predicting. Even so, that great abomination has occurred. The prophecy predicts a first death (you could have used the law to stop this); which humanity did not do. The prophecy then predicts a second death: which by biblical standards is (GOD could choose to stop this with mercy upon us/ IF HUMANITY is sorry they did indeed fail life on earth). If not as of April 2018 time for change runs out, according to the bible. {Biblically; the point of no return}  It then goes:  beyond mercy failed:  half the time allotted for change in either one of these events (less than 700 days) will continue for this earth. Which gives this earth until 2020 before it is dead.

       Beyond failure to change, the second death:  the book of Revelation in the new testament bible, depicts a wide ranging reality of consequences MOST of which are directly related to what will happen, if you let people ignite atoms on fire (sun fire) here on earth. No escape.          Choose better or lose everything, even your world!

       Change and put LIFE FIRST, no more anything else. Life, nature, planet, ocean, etcetera:  FIRST IN EVERY DECISION YOU MAKE. Nothing else will keep you alive but truth. Our world has changed, we are 8 billion people;  taking.


Time Ends

Among the endless disgrace, created by the spoiled rotten children of a university diploma: as are the leaders of everything important on this earth. With the addition of their own languages (which includes “fancy math”), to discard and deny the rest access. These “nobles: as in we are superior to all the rest”/ have played their games with our lives, planet, nature, and future. Demanding we pay for their trophies, toys, fantasies, and failures.


       They want to be “god”. Simple as that, so they deny everything that is true, own anything they want, and rule over life;  to create the lies of their own delusions. A world of university fantasies, (created by only a very tiny few) have formed an army. All growing and committing together, that they agree to everything the others diploma’s want.  So they can take over courts, education, business, communication &  governments to spend your money, for their toys and trophies.


  1. The universities can control the same fire as is on the sun/ adding, “that fire” will just extinguish itself. “not enough gravity here”. The sun is our toy. The national ignition facility has already proven “no such thing as fusion”. The fire burns ATOMS.
  2. The universities can remove the disciplines, realities of order, balance called time; and then control “energy released” by causing extreme contamination of that environment with human interference. One such event is CERN:  “we can play with the big bang/ the single most destructive event in this entire universe.  “it’s a toy”.
  3. The universities can play with extreme lasers; creating the exawatt laser. Energy equivalent too: “a million  of the largest lightning bolts all releasing their energy on one spot, in a single instant of time”. They built 3, and can focus them together. Expected date of the newest laser intended to be double that, 2017.
  4. The universities can mutilate life, and do so by destroying nature itself. Genetic DNA is NATURE;  because these instructions build the bodies of life, that nature is. Their intent:  to make evolution (we built ourselves, one piece at a time: without even a brain) reappear/ BY DESTROYING THE DISCIPLINES, BALANCE, ORDER, AND EVERYTHING LIFE NEEDS TO REMAIN STABLE, and survive. Your university sewage, wants to bring chaos into nature itself, instead:  “to see what they can get”. Questioned, their answer is:  “don’t worry”, in a billion years or so, evolution will fix anything we damage.


  1. Yes the university CAN provide healthcare: so that the one thing humans hate the most, can be avoided. Therefrom humanity has now pasted the 8 billion individual lives on earth mark (or very close), and is adding another million over deaths every 3-4 days/ another billion in less than ten years, and accelerating. So instead of your elders dying at a rate that equaled new birth/ EVERYBODY soon gets to die instead. Including all other living things with them. Congratulations the university “win’s”; for humanity and life. ISN’T THAT SO? 8 billion people standing in a 3 foot by 3 foot area=72 billion square feet of earth COVERED with humanity. That functionally equals “add it up, in agricultural ground”/ minus flood, drought, roads, etc. which means we stand each on about one acre of ground, used in food production;  that must largely feed the other life too: FOR A YEAR. This ain’t no game. 8 billion times one pound of food a day each= just about 3 trillion pounds, required for a year.
  2. SINCE the universities take credit for everything/ the extreme loss in resources that has been going on for decades. Quote:  it is calculated, a decade or more ago/ that humanity has used and sold/ created stuff and thrown in the garbage MORE resources in ten years, than in all of human history before this date.    But you don’t need resources do you/ hell, the children can dig in your garbage for theirs. Ain’t that so!
  3. The universities in charge, like the men whose answer is war: chose for society on earth before them. The universities have only one solution:  Counterfeit the currency/ hide the inflation in asset creation/ refuse to pay the debts:  and demand as leaders, “DEBTS DON’T MATTER FOR US”/ only you.  Let the children pay: “because their future is dead anyway”! Besides we the superior ones should decide how all the money is spent;  “who else can play god”!
  4. With the universities in charge, trillions of tons of chemicals and chemical waste in every concoction possible, HAS BEEN dumped/ injected/ ingested/ leached onto, into, under, on top of, and around the water supplies. Altered the environment and its ability to survive as life on earth;  for decades.
  5. With the universities in charge, all livestock farming as become a factory dependent upon antibiotics to maintain the health of the critters. That failure has resulted in near collapse of antibiotic usefulness (for you too). That failure of antibiotics means: the factory farm will fail, with one single pandemic outbreak in livestock. Ending your meat supply, with absolutely no time to let the creatures multiply again. We die too. Destruction of habitat/ destruction of pollinators/ destruction of the chains of life, and all life;  in all aspects of living environment;  is true. Much harsher disease is coming FOR YOU as well, curtesy of antibiotic misuse.
  6. With universities in charge the attack on ocean life is endless; in all possible ways. So extreme is it, the probability of destruction: to habitat/ food chain realities/ incubating areas/ coral reefs/ ice, which grows a base food source/ and even heating of the ocean IS CERTAIN. And SOON. Not a game. Your food source will then be depleted by not less than twenty percent.
  7. With the universities in charge: the environment itself is under attack. Overheating the earth means summer temperatures will rise/ ending life on the equator. WITHOUT ICE, to cool the planet in summer/ there is NO regulation of the “life temperature” on earth. Every fire/ every motor: you create consumes oxygen from this environment; when the oxygen concentration drops, your ability to breathe ends. Green house gases are NOT the primary cause: your release of heat in all forms is.
  8. With the universities in charge, WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION, have proliferated around this globe. The people who want to be rich/ MUST make the others poor, or there is no “rich”. With every resource being used at its maximum/ and “every” human being wanting MORE FOR ME. While the rich man tries to take control over everything on earth, (by excluding the others) for himself:   WAR IS SOON across this globe.

        A dead world in every number given.


The reality is:  IF YOU AS INDIVIDUAL HUMANS, will not change as needed. BY WHAT TRUTH ITSELF demands we must be and do/ then there is no future in time;  for a single living thing on earth.  It is that simple:  CHOOSE ONLY,   “LIFE COMES FIRST” FOR THIS PLANET/ not just you. Once the planet itself, its nature, etcetera; “goes beyond the point of no return”:  there is no escape. YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE A DYING PLANET!

We must have change. We must choose differently. Man cannot:  THIS IS, the best he did do! Men return to the very same things: every single time. War will no longer help you, “kill a billion people; conventionally”/ their numbers, will return in less than ten years.  Except for the fact, your environment will not! Take another look at Syria. Therefore it is time to let women try, “they literally cannot do worse”. Religion won’t save you: reality is reality.

It is time to remove the university diploma: no more blanket obedience/ no more language to control us. We remove leaders, from their ability to choose anything for life itself. They took over our lives/ it is time to take over theirs. By returning to true democracy:  THE CONSTITUTION IS OUR GOVERNMENT/ you, are the employee who swears under penalty by law:  “TO OBEY, THAT CONSTITUTION”.

 Dividing what from the university:  is valuable and true/ from all the rest, that is nothing more than fantasies and delusions.  Deciding instead of them:  WHAT IS, or is not in the best interest of life. Because clearly THEY DID NOT, DO ANY SUCH THING. They did in fact FAIL COMPLETELY for life and its future;  BY MAKING THEMSELVES “god over us”. And mass media told you little or nothing; even though they knew. We must decide for ourselves, no more “religious university cult knows best”;  and we must do so now, or time itself will die for this earth. Your choice, will then be NEVER.

If you are a child, “young enough to believe in a future for yourself”/ then you must fight for that future. Because your elders no longer see a future for themselves; and that means with one voice, they all say “I CAN’T/      don’t do nothing, I WON’T PAY”.  With the same voice, they all say “I will die before that happens/ LEAVE ME ALONE”.  With one voice they all said:  I don’t want to know, and media listened. With one voice they said:  “it’s too late now, I CAN’T face the reality of fixing this/ LIE TO US, we will believe”.

 THEY ARE WRONG, time has run out for fools! You’re “university is smart” leaders failed; greed and laziness overtook them.

Make your decision, FOR LIFE; and pay the price to survive. I tell you with certainty, “ETERNITY is watching you”!  Believe it or not.

       I am not part of your decision/ I am a messenger telling you:  THIS REALITY IS BAD, fix it or you will die, as a planet.   CHOOSE BETTER!  Understand this as well, your failures are killing this body as well as yours/ your failed decisions are killing everything I love about this creation: just like its killing everything you love about this earth as well. “we sail, on the same titanic”/ and there are no life boats. On a planet we CANNOT escape in time. Your elders took their easy life, for the last fifty years by stealing from the future. However you are their children, and would have done the same; how is that not true.


Oh wait, I know:  “you’re going to escape the consequences of failure, in the rapture (people just lifted off the ground, to go directly into, heaven)” if your religion is, Christian. NO NEED TO WORRY!  WELL instead of that, humanity who has proven to be “free enough”;  to ignite an atomic fire by creating and using machines.  Are you NOT free, to choose to stop them? For decades, YOU said NO; we don’t care. However a ten million degree flame, WILL CAUSE such an extreme updraft anywhere close to the fire “within a hundred miles”/ that the fire itself WILL SUCK YOU IN.  Not exactly heaven, now is it!  Free will, is free will/ doesn’t matter which religion you belong too: is that not true? INSTEAD of concerned for life:  religion has proven throughout the decades, “the university is their god too”. Alas the rest is just for show, and the collection of money. Like all the rest, “this world cannot end”/ no matter what men do. Well, if I took away your water, and all other liquids for a week; you would die. And you know that is true. Take from nature its disciplines/ take from the earth its ability to control heat within a “life range”/ ignite the same fire as is on the sun:  etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, and our world dies. Noah’s flood did exist:  the evidence is clear, fossil fuels (life died) could have been clumped together and buried at the same time:  in no other “reality” way, is this done on earth. Your assumptions fail too!

Humanity itself, must change: or this world will die. Not a hard concept to understand. No more want decides/ only reality shaping what will then forever become:  LIFE IS FIRST/ NOT the individual or money.  How is that not “simple and plain”! A final truth is: we are so many people now, that we will live or die as a planet, because we chose together to fight for life/ or failed. We are literally too many people, who can individually cause too much damage to an environment which barely supports us now. Our world has changed, our future will NOT, be the same. We are simply, TOO MANY!         Believe it or not, makes absolutely no difference to the outcome of truth. What is true, is simply true.        You, have been told.

              JAMES FRANK OSTERBUR   3/17/17



life order

       The question is:  how old is life? A question that is demanded by humanity; because they want to be “god”; rather than respect   GOD   our CREATOR.  People want to be god, so they can make every other human:  DO, what I want you to do, or be. Do you see the conflict arising? Even so, this entire Creation depends upon human change; or it will all disappear forever!


       Critical assembly of the materials to determine that, exist entirely within the dimensional distance called “what is thought”. Because thought does constitute life, whether its most basic form or a complexity we cannot even conceive of. Thought constructs life, because without recognition of existence; there is only mass, space, darkness, or energy. these are then the four directional developments which attest to life, by the elements of their own existence.

       And yes, I have chosen to risk this entire creation by allowing:  more information, that can now accelerate your demise/ unless you stop the insanity and choose for life comes first. NO more, “let the universities or hate” do whatever they want.

       We have examined the development of mass through the big bang evidence, that describes the beginning of this universe as we know it. To go back before the big bang, to conceive of a predecessor universe:  similar to this one/ beyond what has been done; has no particular purpose. The evidence available is too sparse.  Therefore we take what we have been given through the evidence of thought, and apply it to the creation of life; here in this time.

       Space, darkness, and energy are the primary contributors to existence. Which means mass or its counterpart anti-mass arises from the combination of those three.  Without heat, there is only cold. Heat is movement generated by energy. therefore in the initial creation of mass, there must be energy and something which moves. So we ask of both space and darkness:  what consists in you, that will move? Existence of “anything consistent with mass” will push space aside, to occupy an individual environment. Therefore that anything can be moved. We ask of darkness, can you be moved into something else? With light, we get our answer:  yes the darkness will move. Therefore we gain a critical understanding:  darkness HAS an intrinsic ability to occupy space/ just like light has an intrinsic ability to occupy space. Giving us the development of what can or cannot be called either mass or anti-mass:  as is consistent with a functional energy to cause change.

       Change in the environmental relationship means:  there must be an initiating factor. Something real, that can then be identified as true. Truth constructs everything real, that is not disguised as something else by human decisions. The question is then:  WHAT can be real, which causes a change, that becomes a vital law called truth?

       We begin with energy as a law generating truth. Where there is energy (the expressions of force), there is both the potential and reality of change. Consequently, to create a beginning understanding of life: there must be energy. Cold, has an intense amount of energy/ more potential energy, than anything else in this universe. Therefore we know energy existed. So the question is:  HOW can cold: the existence of force, without mass/  be moved?

       Here begins “the internal question”:  nothing is moved, without thought. Because existence is designated as true, by thought. Therefore we ask, _____________________________________ {realities I am not willing to divulge}. Humanity is insane.


       We then begin again, with what can you know: without “opening the door”, to destroying even more than life on earth is trying to save?

       I am going to discard this discussion from this point on:  you’re insanity is too extreme.  I will however add:  as defined by the definitions above/ life as is the existence of thought; begins before mass! You can accept that as fact/ or discard it as useless:  I literally don’t care.



space objects

Because believers question nothing, “but their want”/ reality must be examined to prove:  that questions must exist.


       Of the various claims made by a university diploma:  are the elements they assert, to claim life arose over billions of years/ humanity over millions, just by chance. They claim 14 billion since the “big bang”.  Which was the most severe change, or catastrophe:  this universe ever made. They have made machines, the largest of which is CERN in Switzerland/ France:  to recreate “a small, big bang”; right here on earth.

       So let’s question the university diploma, asking simply CAN the information they provide be true?

       We will start by assembling the information relevant to a big bang; as described by a universe of mass, that is acting as if all the mass we can see, was “exploded out, from the center”.  The deep space image from hubble, taken over time, by exposing the image for a long period. Taken in the darkest spot of the visible universe: reveals that hidden in the distance are what clearly appear to be “other galaxies”. The university says this proves by extrapolating: the time used in photography, to produce the image, that the universe is 14 billion years old; according to the red shift of light.

       The image speaks for itself; make your own decision. However the time frame is entirely errant and wrong, so we begin by asking why? The critical reality of a reorganized universe, by explosive event: asks first, was this a homogenized (everything gathered together, and detonating entirely at once) explosion?  IF it was, then reality states that the center of the explosive event was where no mass is left.  All of it was sent into “other space”.  Or the center of the previous universe, where all the mass existed: is now a “dark space” in the time created by light. That would mean the hubble dark space image:  GOES THROUGH, where that mass would have been.  Substantively cutting their time line in half.

       We ask again:  IF THE EXPLOSION obeyed the laws of physics/ then an action produced a reaction of basically equal proportions in all directions dependent upon the shape of the mass exploding. Therefore we can extrapolate the originating previous universe of mass was a largely circular disk shape. The majority of mass is found in a “single layer dimension”.  We know if nothing was left in the area where the explosion originated:  that before this can happen, the atomic structure of that mass (assuming it was so)/ HAD TO BE WEAKENED. Like demolishing a building: if it is all going to collapse at once/ then you need to take out some of the structure holding it together, so that it does. Therefore step one in the critical disassembly of our pre-universe: is to weaken the mass to be exploded. From the effects of mass accelerated into other space:  we know that whatever true form that mass existed in/ IT DID have a lot of energy associated with it: therefore it was dense in some form or other. In the physical mass we know:  humans prepare that mass for destruction in an atomic bomb by using it in electrical generation. Which functionally tears apart the atoms until they are barely held together by the energy within. Making the ignition of a bomb much easier and its effect more complete. Thereby we can assert, if this was like the mass we know; as is suspect from exploding things ourselves. Then we know that the atoms inside that mass were weakened by removing the balance of energy in an atomic structure prior to explosion.  CERN does that, in the aftermath of its experiments.

       CERN uses particle acceleration to crash protons into protons at approximately the speed of light times the speed of light: like two trains colliding from different directions on the same track. The effect of that explosion of protons is:  some will escape, and be accelerated themselves to an even faster speed:  BECAUSE THE EXPLOSION will follow them/ pushing them:  through the area of energy expansion. A proton released in such a manner, gathers the electrons that have been pushed “to the side” so to speak/ and pulls them along with it, creating what can be called a wormhole (upside down funnel effect). If the electrons can pull it back into the mass it is escaping from/ then like a spring, it bounces back and forth through the earth mass:  destroying the bonds in anything it goes through. A proton is actual mass/ therefore it functions much like an actual bullet. This continues back and forth through the earth, until the energy fails to do so anymore: a reality for debate/ but inconsequential to the question IS CERN weakening the atomic structure of this planet. Thereby preparing atoms for their own “earth BIG BANG”?  THAT, would functionally be realized by knowing whether the proton escapes this earth mass/ OR, whether the electrons disassociated with their protons which crashed and exploded:  pulled it back into the earth like a spring. Then bouncing it back and forth, at over the speed of light. Sanity would stop (can’t be wrong), but humanity at the university level is insane.

       Nonetheless, we know the entire mass exploded at once/ since there is no “great object” left in space to assert otherwise. Since we can view objects escaping from a central location in all directions basically along a dimensional plane. Given that truth: we know the mass was weakened, so that it could explode simultaneously in that single most destructive event, this universe has ever known.

       So then let’s start at the dark (no visible light) area in space;  assert this is the center of the explosive event. To ask the question:  IF an explosion acted according to the law,  “for every action there is a reaction”. Then we on this side of the explosion are going in the opposite direction of what is on the other side of the explosion event. A simple bomb goes off in all direction does it not. Consequently looking back through the center hole:  GIVES US A DISTANCE that is multiplied by the speed we are going/ the speed in the opposite direction “that is going”/ and the change in speed that has occurred since the explosion. More distinctly, speed cannot be determined/ unless you are looking directly at the objects that are traveling at ninety degree angles from us/ starting at the center point, and taking the average speed of all mass known in that area, and the area opposite of it.

       Let’s talk time. Time is the relationship that discipline holds with order, until that order reveals discipline is breaking down. Therefrom no true distinction, “from edge to edge”; begins to reveal itself. More simply aging means the loss of “outer level” compositions/ as the ability to hold those edges in place, becomes lost. There is no such thing as the faster you go, the slower time is:  because those who suggest it, are trying to relate that change in position, into or in contrast with, a different time period. Distance does not matter: disciplines matter.

       To gain ANY true understanding in the disciplines of mass, so as to create an understanding of its order:  we must identify the critical relationships the existence of a sun object creates in our universe. Without light, this universe is a distinctly different place.  So we begin by asking of the previous universe:  WAS THERE, any light?

       Our relationship with that answer, can only be identified by one of two distinctly different answers.  Since the previous universe was largely by the evidence of the explosion:  entirely based in one single mass.  Then that mass either was on fire, thereby creating light. OR, it was not on fire, and the previous universe (there are things here) was dark. Had to be one or the other! If there was light/ then there would seem to be “light out in front of us” to be viewed as evidence of that light preceding planets and their movement outward. Science says there is not.  Consequently I vote for a dark pre-universe. A completely dark universe means with near certainty:  a very cold universe/ BUT NOT without energy available.  A black hole has energy, or more correctly the opposite of heat energy.

       So let’s ask the question: in a pre-universe that was completely dark:  could the existence of mass previous to that event have been spread out, with suns much like it is today. And COULD that reality of existence have been transformed into all mass was consumed by a single black hole gobbling up every mass including other black holes:  to become the mass that exploded into this universe?  A black hole that attained the size of what is calculated to be:  everything in this universe as one thing.  Massive stress cracks  would have been fundamental/ even more than one area of introduction; perhaps exit as well: in the anti-mass (black hole) itself. ANYTHING THAT SIZE, will shift its position creating more stress cracks; eventually running out of “mass to fill the cracks”. The most problematic relationship it had to maintain in order to retain its size was shifting of the whole. Large shifts would have generated heat inside the anti-mass. Heat would have traveled throughout the stress cracks (IT MOVED). Failing to expand (CAN’T move): the only thing left for such a anti-mass to do was catastrophically fail.

       The difference between heat energy (does move) and cold energy (can’t move):  is the position of energy relative to its discipline. Or, what was once anti-energy/ became heat energy, when the physics of the event “changed its direction”. Heat mass versus cold mass (anti-mass); is simply the relationship between a potential energy that can move/ versus a potential energy that cannot.

       The enormous array of “suns with light” in our universe:  begins with the intense area’s of heat inside the originating black hole that became the big bang. They became suns we see, in outer space. An exploding mass contains hot (moving) materials/ which do not adhere well to other mass. Therefore the materials which became planets and things; HAD TO COOL/ prior to any great attachment to each other.  Those suns (the heat cannot escape; so it builds) which originated out of the pre-universe mass: then created the environments needed to put the mass back together into planets and such.

       As with all atomic fire; it cannot be put out/ thereby even small pieces of “atoms on fire” would continue on fire, for a lengthy period of time. Once these pieces of fire, hit a mass of larger size:  they ignited it to form a star.

       As to CERN and the damage they are in fact doing to our planet: the reality is, they have learned little/ and will learn no more of anything worthwhile. It is merely a game with consequences that can “shake this earth”. A fools’ stupidity, and no more.


       Even so, the question of life itself arises. Therefore we look more diligently at the first level of evidence. Before we can have a disciplined universe as it is today/ we must have an orderly atom to build it with. That brings us to the question:  if there was large pieces of the initiating big bang left/ and it was in fact, what is called an anti-mass (not capable of heat) that exploded. Then we would find large black holes in this universe that were NOT made by dying supernova suns.  We do find those so scientists say; at the center of galaxies. As discussed earlier in the demise of a supernova sun: the discussion of how to build an atom already exists.

       We now have order and discipline as “the atom we know”; in this universe of time. Building time for our replacement universe; then begins almost immediately. The question remains:  how old is this universe? The answer to that, is irrelevant.

       The answer to how old is life, is not. That is a different discussion apart from this reminder not all things are as they seem to be.


       In the previous universe: we conceive of anti-mass and anti-energy which holds these things together.  Creating the potential of a universe that was similar to this one/ it then collapsed from age, and became dark.  Reigniting into time renewed.  So the question is:  WAS there life in the previous universe/ and how or what could have survived into this universe of time?

       That question begins the search, for how old is life!


can this world die

Let us examine:  “this world can’t die”! So do, all the people say.


       In contrast to that delirium: is the known fact that all life dies. The only difference between the earth and the individual creation or creature is:  “the amount of mass” available to consider. Life is a mass, constructed within the physical laws of this environment, identified by thought, conceived by the energy available for an individual life to use, or even abuse.

       Given that development of discipline and order, identified by species boundaries, individual traits, environmental balance: the sum total of an individual life is determined by when it dies. The question being:  WHAT, is or was this life?

       Let us expand that identity, to create a picture of this world of life and living within the physical laws which grant space and time/ or realities which  destroy that environment to remove the living, because they cannot survive without “certain things” being true or available to each one. A constant for all life, regardless of type.

       To begin the questioning, requires some type of empathy for life. Therefore let’s begin with humanity, and ask: if something was taken away from you/ WOULD YOU die? Few would argue, “take away my breathe, and I die”. Take away the water, and I die. Take away the food, and I die. Take away any of the endless processes, disciplines, balance, order, brain etcetera, that keeps our body alive: and we die. Disease attacks those things, so increase disease or change disease and we die more readily. If the food becomes a poison or we are allergic: we die. Some people react to wool on their skin, can’t wear it: which means they can’t survive the cold if only wool were available to wear. Some people cannot tolerate the heat, so if the earth becomes too hot, they die. The list is endless/ and it applies to all other life as well. Because we live between a very narrow band of:  without this as it is/ we cannot survive.

       So let’s talk earth, and the fact humanity has been changing environment/ mutilating nature/ destroying food chains/ altering food supplies/ poisoning the area on top of, underneath, around and in all ways affecting the reality of drinking water for decades in MAJOR ways. Taking more from the oceans than they can give. Doing more to the oceans, than its life can survive.  Etcetera, and so on.

       The first question:  WHAT IS, the narrow band of environmental securities, that let us survive?

       We first examine the planets which surround us, as alternate definitions of the same thing: a mass traveling in orbit around a sun. in each of those planets, no habitation can survive. The atmosphere does not allow it/ too cold/ too hot/ “the wind” is too strong/ the chemistry is too toxic; and so on.

       What we learn from that examination of facts is:  before life could exist here, an atmosphere must be created/ an environment more or less between minus 40 [much below this and the molecular bond between materials or gases begins to dissolve] and one hundred thirty degrees F;  of heat [much above and the increased activity in atomic structure itself, produces what is best described as a type of radiation life cannot survive long] must exist in continuum: with the vast majority of time for life, must be spent, in the vast majority of places with moderation of habitation, much closer to the middle than the extremes. We learn from other planets wind velocity there is roughly 700 mph. Consequently a mechanism (something real) must exist, in support of life:  to slow those winds down to an arena of influence, that is less than twenty mph, and never exceeds more than one hundred unless its “short lived”.  We then ask:  what shaped or formed the chemistry here, which allowed for water to be established, and various elements to be separated into resource based/ rather than toxic or benign based environments?

       Humanity is causing global warming; not just by producing green house gases. But more deliberately by the heat that is being released, to heat homes/ cook food/ industry/ electrical generation/ air-conditioning/ transportation/ and so on; including you (8 billion people, each produce heat). NO ICE distributed on the globe means simple:  NO ICE, TO COOL THE SUMMER. Which will cause the temperatures to rise, particularly around the equator. It is a simply law of physics, in energy descriptions:  “for every action there will be a reaction”.  As the poles heat up/ the equator will heat up, forcing the life therein to move. Those plants which cannot move or tolerate the new conditions will die, become diseased, and so on. That is the first price, of global warming. The second is:  the continued loss of trees in particular will cause the global winds to rise. Nothing left to slow the wind (leaves are heavy, when you have a lot), which means the atmospheric attachment of this gaseous environment, will lose its grip on the mass underneath. Any plant or creature which cannot tolerate higher winds; which will only increase through time: will die. The water will rise as ice melts. The ozone layer will disappear entirely, producing radiation that will cause mutations to appear. Ending nature as we know it. The fact then is:  humanity is choosing to change the environment/ refusing knowledge, to escalate the temperature of the planet, and demand the wind must increase.

       The question of water/ air/ dirt/ and resource;  arises in terms of life on earth!  We begin with water; a critical resource for life and living. The human response of today is:  poison everything you can find; make certain the future is dead too. As the evidence does prove! The critical response of humanity today, instead of protecting the water is: prepare for war, when it runs out, annihilation comes/ didn’t like those damn people anyway.

       In terms of the planet itself, absolutely NO evidence exists to conceive of or consider that asteroids brought this (the moon is full of craters, from asteroid hits; very little water); or life either:  pure fantasy. What living thing could survive space on an asteroid or entry into this atmosphere? Answer nothing.

       In terms of water on earth, the clear most likely scenario is:  a large mass, crashed into the earth mass/ a long time ago, creating the moon. When it crashed into what is now called the Pacific ocean; and “blew out the mass” forming what is now called the Atlantic ocean. The impact of that mass nearly destroyed this earth itself. As indicated by the volume of material, and its distance;  which then formed the moon.

We stop for a moment to establish all individual elements on the periodic table, are individual atoms. Existing in an atomic state, not a molecular one. Or more simply the mass of an atom indicates an individual element, because of that mass. A water molecule or any complex arrangement of atoms in different weight classes:  which then becomes a molecule {complex atomic elements, by arrangement}. Is arranged primarily by heat, and pressure.  We know by the evidence of water on earth: a large percentage of hydrogen atoms existed in whatever state of mass presented by this earth/ as did oxygen atoms. Therefore we know that with heat and pressure applied in a containment vessel of some sort:  the arrangement for water could be formed. An impacting asteroid or large mass that hit the exact center of this earth mass: after ejecting debris, WOULD be forcing its way into the center of this earth mass. Reality of forces combining would indicate a rotation in that force. Therefrom an impacting mass would produce a furnace like arena, with rotation in both masses that each acted like a furnace. With clearly the energy needed to produce water;  IF, given the proximity of the ingredients, were where they needed to be. That fact being aided, by an earth mass functionally loosened in mass (by the impact), to present the right pressures/ rotation to produce a shearing effect/ and ejection of the product made;  on the back side of that rotation.  As the mass tightened back up, & the force lessened:  what had generated water/ became a center heat source without rotation or an exit: which then began the melting of rock. By shifting energies into an atomic relationship, instead of simply kinetic energies being released through the exit area.  THIS IS, the primary with little opposing evidence method, by which water (as a molecular association) could, and would arrive on this planet. People still have no respect for it/ unless they are dying of thirst.

As to the air you breathe:  it is the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere, that makes our lives possible.  A little less concentration, and you live on the mountain top/ or die.  Consequently taking more oxygen from the atmosphere than the planet can release is KILLING LIFE; from every fire you burn, in whatever form. We know that it is the planet that releases oxygen, because oxygen is an element of atoms/ not a molecule of elements. Thereby it is not manufactured (assembled), but released by plants or other, from the planet itself. That fact isolates and translates the potential of oxygen atoms, in the mass of this earth is high. As to the atmosphere itself. Impacting the earth mass to near complete destruction:  releases a wide variety of gases, which cannot be re-dissolved, by the planet. Thereby an atmosphere is born, in a very short time.

In addition to that is:  when an impacting mass, nearly destroys a planetary mass, the result is the earth mass largely stops rotating, because reassembly and the force applied by the impacting mass can be in the opposite direction of the planetary mass. That means when the “tiny debris” largely returned to the planet surface, it was capable of supporting “root structure”. An initial step for life.  Thereby we have a moment in space time, that is prepared for something more than just mass. The production of plants produces a change in atmospheric gases, and keeps the planet from increasing in rotation/ even slowing it down more.

A critical portion of the early stage forming earth is:  in order for human life on earth to find resources. Those resources must be gathered together in ways that can then be found, without extreme measures. That did arrive by “Noah’s flood”. We know it existed:  because NO OTHER WAY is known in our reality, that will gather the materials of life together/ and bury them all in bunches:  as in “one place”, without a flood. We know that happens in a flood, because we can witness that in our own time.  Your fossil fuels ARE the evidence a worldwide true flood, did exist. Water separates other resources over time, and creates layering as is proven in the earth’s crust.  Yet humanity has NO respect for resources/ because they clearly throw them all away, ending life for every child. No resources/ no work or life.

The end result of each phase in the destruction of our planet: is then caused entirely by men, and their ways.  Consequently as we destroy the foundation elements of what keeps us all alive:  we learn we are going to die, from what men chose to do. But that is only the beginning.

We now look at the endless catastrophe, that is a university mind.  This begins with the extreme arrogance which is trying to ignite sun fire here on earth. A fire which burns your skin in summer, from 91 million miles away/ a fire clearly burning the atomic bond in atoms for its fuel source.

But lets step back; and consider the molecular fire here on earth. Complex arrangements of dissimilar atomic elements (different weights)/ requires a bond. That bond, which holds different atoms of different weights together:  is then called a molecule/ or a chemical instead of an element. Something on fire, releases heat, and reduces a chemical (molecular bonded substance) into its more basic compound elements. “the ash, in one form or another”. Thereby we know, that fire is basically chaos (destruction) in the bonding energy, which causes the elements to release from each other. To return to a less complex state. So you now know what fire is, and by its energy expression:  you can conceive of, and do experience the energy content of a molecular bonding material. The atomic bomb establishes what happens when the bonding between independent atoms is forced to expand so rapidly (explode), a fire does not ensue. In contrast, the sun produces an energy equivalent, to what does happen when you release the bond slowly, that holds an atom together:  as is sun fire! Does the sun explode, NO/ that would be a supernova event.


We now turn to: the functional development of atoms as they become “recycled into existence”/ from the mass and energy released by “the big bang”. Understanding requires this information/ as the primary intent of knowledge given is to remove the fantasies “storytellers” have used to create a delusion that we the people of earth/ can play with the same fire as is on the sun. It ain’t so/ our planet will become a sun, instantly upon ignition: because the fire cannot be extinguished.

   Idiots and fools say: 1) that the sun contains a mass at its core 15 times greater than any known element or composition (no proof/ in contrast everything we know proves it cannot be so). They say, “that is the gravity” (no proof/ in contrast everything we know proves it cannot be so)   2) that the sun is on fire at the core, which means everything is on fire/ NO FUEL left to consume. (no proof/ in contrast everything we know proves it cannot be so).   3. Not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire; therefore it will extinguish itself. (no proof/ in contrast everything we know proves it cannot be so).    4. The fire on the sun is made entirely of hydrogen combining with hydrogen to create helium (no proof/ in contrast everything we know proves it cannot be so). Even though NO helium of any quantity exits the sun.   5. Hydrogen has no possibility of fuel retention (storage) within the sun for a fire that burns WE KNOW “for thousands of years”.  6. Scientists say:  we have created that kind of heat and pressure as is expected on the sun/ without igniting the fire from hydrogen: NO FUSION exists. They have proof.    7.  A supernova cannot exist, “it grows in size and heat output before it explodes”/ THEREFORE it must access MORE FUEL to do that. We know, that is true.


With the debris of university delusion excused; we now begin the discussion of what can exist, by using the laws that we do know.

We must build an atom, with the realities that we know exist. Therefrom we begin with what we do have in terms of energy, balance, and discipline.  An atom holds an extreme amount of kinetic energy (movement contained). We know that is true, by an atomic bomb. When the energy is released, it is a massive effect. Therefore SOMETHING must retain the energy of that atom, which has parts moving at tremendous speeds. Like a mass spinning at the end of a string, here on earth/ WE KNOW, that something “effectively acts like a string” to keep atomic energy from simply moving beyond the containment zone. For every action there will be an equal or greater opposite reaction:  in atoms, because nothing less than that can keep the energy contained for release in an atomic explosion or atomic fire. Therefore we KNOW that containment exists: because the atom exists. Therefore WE KNOW that a force greater/ and opposite too, the energy of the nucleus exists.  Because that is what is necessary to contain the energy of outward motion/ therefore opposite means inward motion.  The atom, as a nucleus of energy, exists:  because energy is contained.  That energy within an atom, MUST arise from somewhere/ because it is a physical reality.

The supernova is the recycling engine of this universe/ so we begin there.  That description starts with a burning sun:  clearly slowly releasing the atomic bond between the nucleus (proton) of the atom and its containment energy (neutron) of the atom. Thereby releasing the energy in a regulated order.  So the question is:  WHY, does the sun mass inside the fire/ NOT simply explode, instead of burn? The answer is thermal dynamics:  or more distinctly, the reality is exactly like a candle and its flame.  The heat caused by a fire lifts the fire from the source of the fuel, because heat needs room for expansion.

Thereby the first rule of the sun appears. An atomic fire burns at roughly 10 million degrees Fahrenheit:  it takes a lot of room, to expand that heat. The second rule of the sun is:  to sustain a long term fire, there must be a regulator for the process. The consequence of that is: the fuel source must be spherical. Because once the fire has engulfed the fuel source or mass/ the entire heat release of the atomic fuel is lifted to an extreme distance from that fuel source:  thermal dynamics requires it. Because the heat now pushes against itself. Which means there is no room for expansion outward/ thereby it must go upward. The third rule of the sun is:  for the fire to be sustained, there must be a means to vacuum the surface of the fuel source, to gain or wick up fuel into the fire.

We now look to the mass inside, completely engulfed by flame. the fourth rule of the sun is:  for the fuel source to sustain itself, it MUST be at a temperature which allows the mass to remain stable. As a supernova event declares in truth:  when that fuel source becomes UNSTABLE, and begins to release MUCH GREATER volumes of fuel into the fire/ the fire grows: then the fuel source after becoming completely unstable, explodes. Consequently we KNOW, that the core of a sun is not on fire/ but relatively cool instead. Any solar flare that exists: is clear evidence of more fuel into the flame/ which means the mass of fuel beneath “had a soft spot” which allowed more fuel to be vacuumed up from the surface. Any solar tornado is clear evidence of a “hard spot”/ wherein the mass failed to release, and as vacuum increased (no fire here): that physical variation in the heat release surface, causes energy flow to swirl around.  Because of temperature variation; the combined forces created a hole  for the heat flame to sink in/ releasing the stubborn fuel in that area. 

We now begin the journey into solar gravity and the formation of an atom.

What we know from an atom that MUST be balanced to contain an energy source; is an equal or greater opposite force must exist to form the containment of that energy. Not a guess, we know that is true. You can’t hold a pressurized gas without a containment vessel! You can’t hold energy inside a confined area unless an energy equal or greater than exists to keep it in that containment area. Such is the physical reality of an atom. WE KNOW this is true. We know the proton so-called is the “outward energy, or HOT/ active, energy”. Therefore we know the neutron is an opposite energy COLD/ seemingly passive energy. We can call the inward energy (dark energy “can’t see it”, if you prefer).  Without the opposite energy, an atom does not exist: accept it therefore as true.

When the bond, or interaction between the outward energy and the inward energy is burned:   (a tiny hole, now exists in the vessel to release the pressures contained), so the energy escapes slowly/ rather than instantly in an explosion.

When the energies are released, the outward energy or heat goes one way/ and the inward energy which controlled the heat energy goes the other way: for every action there is an opposite reaction. Therefore the anti-mass or anti-energy which held the atom together; goes into the sun mass as a cold construction.  That release of two opposite energies, constructs the variation:  heat produces outward pressures and radiation output from the sun that travel far. The opposite of that energy as is the neutron or, inward dark energy; draws in the potential  to hold a mass/ but it does not draw in the potential to hold a released energy as is the flame. the difference being a neutron can only work on, or attach too, a mass. Whereas the heat energy released is an energy composition, rather than a mass. The net effect is then that the heat source is released/ but the inward energy is “looking for” a mass to attach itself too. This fact becomes solar gravity, a “string attachment” to planets. The neutron being “cold energy/ as is the opposite of heat energy”; cools the fuel source and keeps it stable.

We now return to the supernova event, and build atoms.

When a sun becomes unstable, and releases more fuel to burn: the flame grows, and so does the instability of the fuel/ until the mass cannot discipline itself atomically anymore. It then explodes.  A large mass, with highly unstable elements at the outer edge of its fuel source/ and relatively cold elements at its inner core:  DOES NOT explode as a “homogenized (all the same) unit bomb”.  It begins by exploding the outer layers, which then causes the next layer of thermally prepared material to explode. Which then traps the inner core materials as they explode. Or more carefully developed:  the outer layers of the explosive event go first, becoming “dust (what will be a proton)”/ and attacking the rest of the fuel source to compress it. Then the middle layers of material explode creating the greatest possible detonation. We now look to the result of that which is for every action there must be an opposite reaction. Because every sun is a sphere/ when they explode the reaction or push outward IS ALSO A PUSH, INTO THE CORE. Dependent upon a small variety of circumstances: that push into the core DOES cause another explosion of the core itself. But because it pushes against the middle and first explosions to release the pressures caused by removing the containment of atomic energies. IF the core explosion CANNOT ESCAPE through the other two explosions/ then it MUST turn itself in the opposite direction to become a black hole. For every action there will be a reaction. if the core explosion cannot escape its atomic release/ THEN IT MUST turn back upon itself and return into itself; thereby removing all space. The energy has no choice.

Critical to a black hole that now attracts mass/ as that is the direction of this anti-energy. Is the fact that, when mass arrives it must enter into the black hole: as that is the description of the energy impacting from an explosion that tears apart the mass fuel source of a sun.  Since there is no space in a black hole: it is denser than any other element “perhaps 15 times more dense”. But since there is no possibility for even light to escape/ that is not the source of gravity in a sun.  instead reality states the only possible method by which the necessary processes are established: is a “tunneling hole” through the center. As anti-mass collects into itself as a black hole: the most vulnerable area is the center. Because the energy of collapse from all around it as this originates from a sphere, is at its center:  where the force of anti-energies smashing into each other, collide. As the black hole enlarges a tunnel is created in the center, and the “dark energy (turned inside out) is removed from the mass/ sent through the center of the black hole. And is accelerated outward into space as a string. That string of anti-energy then at some point attaches to the proton dust of the originating explosion and forms an atom when they combine. The electrons form as the string is broken.

We return to the black hole for a moment:  requiring the shape of a black hole must be functionally spherical  or the energies required to crush mass into anti-mass would cause it to explode itself. In addition there must be a “funnel end” to work the mass into anti-mass/ which means that end will break slightly at its entrance, giving stress cracks to the anti-mass; which then allows it to grow.

Physical mass combines in outer space; as can be seen in “frying tator tots” in hot oil.  The frozen potatoes adhere to each other quickly, and must be forced back apart to fry properly.  Or more simply when cold mass enters a hot zone/ the cold mass will clump together, beginning the process of combining mass into rock, or even gas.


NOW, THE PURPOSE of this discussion is again:  YOU MUST STOP THE TERRORISTS, from completing their delusions about bringing the same fire here to this earth as is on the sun.  OR THIS PLANET/ THIS EARTH WILL BECOME A SUN; and obviously burn you alive. Along with every life and every future life;  forever gone.  STAND UP, AND SAY NO!  Do it with law, and don’t take no for an answer.


Hello world!

The fundamental of every society is:  that together, we can make a difference to our lives, our work, our future, and our environment. In today’s world; the functional reality of that intent/ that description of democracy in action is:  we the people need NOT prove the worst can happen. Rather those who can be described as gambling with life or planet MUST PROVE:  the worst CANNOT happen. By valid and clear evidence, which holds NO possibility for being wrong. Anything less, is the distinct decision to gamble with life and planet, without regard to the reality of being wrong. Being wrong, has no “reverse”/ no second chances:  like cutting down a tree, you can’t be sorry now, and put it back together! Same is true of the water, food, global warming, ocean life, igniting sun fire here (a fire that makes you blind from looking at it: from 91 million miles away:  right here on earth).  Gee, what could go wrong with that theory:  as university machines try to make it so?  Including much more!  Only a cult cannot question its leaders/ or its religion as in,“university knows”.


The question is:  WHY, are people dedicated to the things they memorized, and were told “this is true”?  Answer, they believe/ because they were told to believe. The difference between truth and belief is:  the evidence and understanding, that represents wisdom. Wisdom is not a belief, which means:  I accept this/ because I want to accept this; even though I have no proof of anything “other than a book, or a leader to tell me it is so.”

       Given the state of reality in our world today, which is contrary to the expectation:   “basically everything is ok”. Truth says:  we stand at the edge of extinction as a world/ we stand on the edge of complete insanity overtaking our world/ we stand at the beginning of mass extinction, and complete chaos in nature itself/ we stand on the edge of no drinking water, no food, and no chance to survive as life on earth/ we stand at the edge of biological meltdown, as all the weapons of mass destruction about to be used comes true; and there is MUCH more.  Even so, a cult believer CANNOT believe the evidence;  because the evidence has no meaning to a believer.

       Given the assertion, that this world is in grave danger! Our reality then becomes:  to survive as a world, it is absolutely essential, TO MAKE TRUTH more valuable. Or, more simply:  NO you cannot simply have whatever you want, or believe whatever you want/ IF you belief’s fail life on earth.

       Consequent to that, are the elements which participate in confronting what is believed, so that we can get beyond what is simply want:  and confront reality, by the evidence, instead.


  1. Of the many lies, which permeate this society and world: by university corruption. Is the assumption, or more correctly religion;  of evolution. Its basic premise is: that life came upon this earth out of chaos/ that life was built one piece at a time/ that a brain came last/ that mutilation, engineered and became the separation of species. None of that is true, not one piece of evidence or truth adheres to this simple minded religious (we can believe anything we want) claim. The only thing they have correctly stated is:  adaption is real. Adaption is merely the evidence of “perfect design”; as in “I the creator, knew this would be needed and valuable:  so it was designed within to be so.”
    1. We evaluate the evidence: CHAOS, is in fact the destruction of everything complex/ down to its most simple form. Certainly not life.
    2. Life cannot be built one piece at a time: you need “everything” within your body at once/ or you die.  Got a heart but no blood/ got a body but no lungs/ got a complete body but no brain:  etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Which means you have no life:  we need it all at once, NO “just go to the store, and pick it off the shelf”.
    3. Without a brain (control over the functions/ processes/ and tools) there are no actions or reactions: it is that simple. You can equate it to a robot without software or a computer. Whether completed in every other concept:  without instructions or sensors, etc; it’s just mass, without movement.
    4. The boundaries and barriers of individual species, are fundamental to our existence as life on earth. Not only are they “a great asset” simply for our minds to consider. They are functionally necessary to build the chains of life, that became this world of existence. Every species contributes some type or kind of element: to the manufacture of complex chemicals, that in turn keep the bodies of life in other species alive. Or more simply the chain of food, which grants life from its base level organisms to its complex life forms called humanity:  are all manufacturers of chemicals, which the next species on the chain of food needs to grow or survive. Every plant, and every organism of every kind:  is a chemical manufacturing factory, in and of itself. Those chemicals arise by genetic purity, and when eaten, produce the next level of chemical complexity that is necessary to keep the next step in that chain from becoming extinct. Or more simply:  instead of every organism making every chemical it needs to survive. The reality of shared work in chemistry, by composition: produces the sacrifice or slavery of one version of life/ grants the existence of the next life in that chain.
    5. More distinctly: every educational relationship to truth, identifies these examples of reality: as evidence LIFE IS A TRUE (we cannot do this, NOR did any other organism on earth) MIRACLE/ not an accident. NOT a hard concept;  simple as rain equals water.
  2. With evolution as “god”; the university devil (nothing matters but me) gained access to genetic instruction called DNA; and said:  we can mutilate this/ we can destroy the order, balance, and disciplines in this:  so that evolution will again arise. And make new versions of life, to make living more exciting for us.  And humanity said:  “just leave me alone/ or make my life better; because I don’t care about anything other than me”.
    1. With reality in charge, evolution is nothing more than the sewage running out of a university wounding disease.
    2. Genetic instruction is NATURE ITSELF, as these instructions build every: bodies of life on this earth. We know, that process includes timing by chemical triggers/ and we know those triggers include chemical concentrations of less than one billion to one. Timing is absolutely essential, and with a trillion or so complex calculations and deliberate functions required to complete a human baby:  WE KNOW, that order, discipline, balance, “instructions wired in” and all the rest contains extremely little “by chance”.  Only the composition of looks is different: allowing the integration of “by chance” in that simple section of what does or does not become a value to life itself.  Tearing this apart by mutilation, removes all aspects of survival/ and tears apart even the body, ending species and time for the living on earth.
    3. Altering the bodies and processes and fundamentals of life in a chain of existence dependent upon complex chemicals arising in order so that the discipline of the next level of bodies can survive:  is satan (destroyer of a world) at work.  Religious or not, it is the word used in this humanity of existence to describe a destroyer so extreme: NOTHING SURVIVES.  As is mutilating life on earth.
    4. Humanity being burdened with words created by the university TO KEEP THEM OUT! Has obviously given up their control over society and nations. “can’t speak the language”/ can’t defend yourselves.  It is that simple.  As to the language university creates:  it’s like having ten thousand new words just to describe a hair on your head. Nobody needs it/ but it does limit or remove anyone who tries to intervene in their conversations.  Giving authority and control over that conversation; and like a pandemic disease; over anything that words can defeat you with.  Even so:  the mutilation of life is understood/ ask any soldier without a limb. Ask any parent or  child,  born “without bodily or mental completion”.
  3. That brings us to: medicine proves we can play god ourselves! Or more distinctly to the claim, that doctors, etc;  are “the saviors of life”. They are not! Instead they are workers, using tools created by mental development in deliberate order to form disciplined searches for what is or is not balanced in this particular chemical body of    When they find an imbalance or other type of recognizable “something went wrong with nature here”. They then try to reinstate nature as best they can, and nature brings the body back to life; if they were  correct/ and nature agrees to do it. Antibiotics make this possible because without them:  opening the body to infection, can easily result in death.
    1. So let’s begins with death; an integration with life, because without death/ overpopulation of any species causes the loss of habitat and then environment for a world. As is so obvious today. Without death life does not go on/ because the planet is finite, and so is it’s ability to recreate nature, thereby the food chain.
    2. The massive resistance to “CREATION” itself is: if GOD were here as a loving GOD (stipulated by JESUS)/ THEN why is their pain or death, because THAT HAS HURT ME?  Bypassing religion, without death there can be no new life/ because overpopulation is real. Thereby death must occur:  which brings us to the question of WHO must die and why? The old must die to make room for the new; it is that simple. All those between old and new which do die, represent a reality of “chance/ commensurate with gambling odds”; for lack of something better.  More simply disease for instance can attack anyone/ which means NO ONE IS CHOSEN, for death. You can call it luck or loss of luck; but the end result is to contain population/ IF IT IS NOT DONE, with decision as in direct population control by man and woman. Something else, to limit population:  must intervene to keep the earth itself alive/ to keep all life alive. That is the random reality of disease or accident or other. It is as fair, as death can be. Like it or not is irrelevant/ because without that death, YOU would not be here either. The world would have been overrun centuries ago.
    3. That brings us to the “do-gooder” who wants to keep every baby and every life alive:  WE CAN’T let them die! SO, let’s review:  if everybody  lives/ then everybody dies. Because we run out of water/ run out of food/ cause massive extinction in other life/ deliberately destroy environment; and so on.         Therefore what is important being life is:  that if we all must work and sacrifice to keep that life alive/ THEN WE MUST work and sacrifice to limit childbirth effectively. So that the population can be maintained or decreased. Because there is no other solution to keep our world of humanity itself alive. You must participate, you must accept your contribution, and theirs;  to our world/ or we all die. It is that simple.
  4. Then comes medicine MUST keep everyone alive/ and to do that: they will mutilate genetic structure throughout nature. Throwing every possible concoction into the genetic instructions of life, by body; as they go. And all society says:  YES, LET THEM DO THAT/ in case I need to be saved. DON’T tell them no!
    1. We again come to the purity of genetic instructions are entirely what has brought OUR LIVES AND OUR WORLD into existence as a living work of art, so extremely well designed: that we can as human beings do amazing things of both grace and beauty/ strength and endurance/ life and love. And the world of human beings say:  “lets gamble with all that, in case one person might be saved from death”.  Or more simply TRUE INSANITY RULES! By creating a university curse.
    2. Even the simplest organism is formed by roughly 250,000 genetic elements, inside the form of genetic instruction called DNA. It is not a “23 and me (529 possibilities)” set of instructions.  It is a 23 and 10 x one billion+ set of instructions;  which create a living body that works. DNA is constructed by four chemicals used in combination with each other to form one element of DNA structure, or more specifically instruction. That DNA is held within its own specific environment, and to attain ANY level of participation within the process of chemical manufacture as is a living body:  it must exist within a distinct purity/ thereby lacking contamination. It must be joined to the next segment, so as to be ordered. It must identify and align the different biological entities that make of different organs etcetera in a living body; and make certain those organisms can form independent environments, hung in place, so as not to interfere with the companion biology which occupies the next space. EXCETERA, AND SO ON.  Complexity is an inadequate word.
    3. “creatures with less intelligence than a monkey” believe throwing garbage into that arena of time is a good idea. Or more correctly: like the Roman’s of old/ they have created the new coliseum: in which they throw life, just to watch it die. They know they are too ignorant to create life/ so they mix the ingredients of life, into a cauldron; and crucify;   “claiming to be god now”!  ANYTHING that does not die immediately, must endure what does not belong here. “imagine what that might be”/ when reality knows:  the cursed take parts from insects and put it into human/ or fish or snake or whatever:  WHO THE FUCK CARES, right:   “its science”!
  5. Human behavior is:  I WANT TO PLAY, if I don’t have to work to survive! The consequence of that as a reality in this discussion is:  IF WE CANNOT continue doing whatever we can do/ THEN THE GAME IS OVER, and we must limit ourselves to what we know is true.  Which means NOBODY gets to be the hero/ or even the heel. WE DON’T LIKE THAT, we want to play our game, and pretend one day “we will be gods too”. Therefrom a wide variety of human factors begin.
    1. As in;  “I HAVE A GOOD JOB/ and I won’t give it up for anything”. Not even if I endanger the world of life itself.
    2. As in; “I HAVE POWER AND PRIDE”/ with this job, I am superior to the rest, and can prove it because I make things happen.  REGARDLESS OF BEING WRONG/ I won’t give it up, this is the value of my life to me.
    3. As in:  “I WANT TO BE GOD”/ with these experiments, I intend to not only play god. But find a way:  TO REDUCE THE OTHERS, to mere toys for me.
  6. IN AMERICA, the corruption and conspiracy to destroy a nation; is all but completed by the universities. With words, by controlling mass media communications, and threats which include weapons of mass destruction: they have succeeded in bankrupting the nation. They have succeeded in corrupting the courtroom. They have succeeded in a conspiracy to remove the constitution from democracy; thereby ending democracy, because it is intimately tied to a constitution. They have succeeded in hiding inflation so as to claim “assets which don’t exist”/ to build numbers out of pure fantasy and delusions of grandeur. They have succeeded in creating slavery:  with debts, that can never be paid. They have corrupted a world with ideas shared in conjunction with universities around this world:  such as “debt’s don’t matter/ to the elite (nobility)”;  only the slaves.
    1. The evidence I have provided on numerous web sites and trials; will prove this so.
  7. That brings us to the composite realities of today. In order to hide from the consequences of “numbers are the biggest liars of all”. This nation chose to “let the children pay”. Not enough, “let the grandchildren pay”. Not enough; let all life on earth and environment pay. Alas coming to an end/ and there is nothing left to pay:  BUT YOU.
    1. TO HIDE from reality;  people  accept lies/ believing the cost of truth is   JUST TOO HIGH!  “I WON’T pay”.
    2. TO HIDE from reality: the universities have devised a wide ranging delusion of experiments so extreme/ no one can doubt, there only true intent is to kill a world; before the world kills them, for      “draining the life out of existence”.
    3. TO HIDE from the fact they failed to be “god”:  the universities have united in an effort to prove “YES WE CAN”.  By playing with the same fire as is on the sun/ TRYING desperately to bring that here. To justify, what they could not do. Ignition of that fire will be the earth burns just like the sun.  Because arrogance, could not be bought:  with mere truth!  They worship, their game.

Survival Stuff

The best advice I can give you is:  AVOID the problems. Don’t fight, unless it is absolutely necessary/ don’t tempt fate/ don’t take risks, unless they are necessary.  Try not to get sick, by understanding what your own body needs and why.  Don’t gamble, try to be sure. Respect all life and environment. Don’t be a hero, unless you can survive it.  Rocks are your best friend, in most crisis moments/ the right kind of stick follows that; and then more sophisticated methods.  Including the “rock on a string” shown in the video. You need a rock about 3-5 pounds, carefully enclosed. Remember you may have to swing it for awhile: careful of all obstructions. The primary purpose of a rock on a string is the pack of predators: they will circle if they can/ the rock on a string allows you a weapon behind, if you swing it in that way. Attack them first when they get close enough; to alter their plans with your own. Having a small netting (slightly weighted corners), or making one; produces a useful survival method for entrapment/ fish or other. Fire is a useful method for protection; small fuel sources, with enough flame; that can be thrown under the problem work best. Don’t burn down the forest. Sand works well for cleaning dishes.

As to drowning:  over oxygenation caused extremity shutdown. Being essentially the same buoyancy as water, I sank about 10 feet down/ and then rose to within 2 feet of the top; but then sank again, more than once. Consequently many  drowning victims needs help before they reach the surface: keep it in mind.

It is of note, in this world:  that if you are attacked by someone with a knife/ the first thing to do is run away. If in a crowd, hopefully they will follow/ IF YOU can outrun them: keep going. Stupid does not keep you alive. In contrast to that: if you must/ a man’s belt can help you by swinging it:  aim only for the face (particularly eyes; the belt is not heavy enough for other), be prepared to kick them in the groin. If the opening is real:  hit them hard in the “adam’s apple/ neck”.  A vehicle window should be able to break by swinging a belt with a “realistic buckle.  IF YOU CAN’T run from a gun/ then go right for him as hard as you can:  leave behind the evidence.


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