Month: May 2017

an education

It is fair to assert and describe:  that an education is a good thing/ so long as you use it to protect, defend, identify, and create the values that give existence a blessing, from your knowledge, understanding, or wisdom.


        An education is consistent with, the ability to be free/ as reality;  unless it is very simple and easy because nature provides everything without work:  demands, either do it correctly or suffer the consequences.

        To know the difference between a decision that will become a blessing or a curse; is in fact, a very valuable wisdom.

        To know through the existence of evidence, the realities we do or we will face in our future/ gives us that right to prepare and change what we can in fact change:  to achieve a better tomorrow.

        To understand respect, so that we can achieve a balance to our lives and our society;  grants that there will be peace and harmony for all.  If we remove the hatred, discard the want;  and choose to let truth decide.  Only truth conceives of wisdom, and only wisdom precipitates harmony or peace, through respect.

        Discipline constructs a system of values, by which we create the boundaries and limits we set for our own individual lives.  Without distinct boundaries, it is possible to be drawn into temptations that will then confront you with tragedy and disgrace.  Without distinct limits, that you accept as your decision:  there will be failures, that can only be endured, if possible.

        Order is the translator of why, how, when, where, who, and what. Because order achieves the steps from which we deliberately act, and fundamentally behave:  all other transitions through the living of time are about want or hate/ and they will lead you into chaos.

        Balance conceives of life, by distributing the grace of everyone is important/ even every life, that is not consumed by hate. Given that truth, the foundations of an education must recognize:  when we take more than we need/ we remove those possibilities from someone else;  causing grief or unhappiness, because they have needs and desires too. The arrogant will say:  “I don’t, & I won’t care about anyone else/ those who do ARE FOOLS”.

        REALITY says:  every time you fail to share what is honest and true, thereby contributing to the love that builds a society, and creates the harmony we would have achieved/ you then do the opposite, and create hate. Every love lifts another life, so they can lift another life.  Every hate destroys another life/ so they can use violence and tragedy to influence more.

        An education is, the value of life itself, understood as a gift:  because all knowledge grasped, and led by reality,  proves life is  a miracle. ANYONE discarding that truth, is a born liar/ that lives only, to discard life itself into a tomb.

        An education is:  the fundamental assertion, LIFE EXISTS because of the laws which sustain it. The truth which guides survival itself, into the ways that give us comfort and time. A catastrophe is:  the lies which form an abyss of want, into which people fall, because they can never get enough of anything for long.  Causing life itself, to be degraded into “something measured, and failed/ or too arrogant to survive, or achieve love”. 

        An education is:  what we earn within ourselves, IF the value of what is being taught, is real.  An education that is not of value, seeks only to steal from you, and make you worship & obey them. 

        An education arises from the inside, because nothing less than your own commitment to acknowledge and then share what is true;  becomes valued/ unless you are a thief.  An education arises, because the disciplines learned, give life its opportunity to become even more than it is today. More means:  an ability to help. Less means, an ability to entrap, cheat, corrupt, destroy, disease, or fail life.

        An education is:  the passage beyond self, from which we learn to identify thought, rather than judgment or want.  Thought constructs the essence of life, and it exists only for those with heart or soul. Thought identifies the elements which give us hope, and heals the distance we are from our eternity.  Thought surrenders want, because it is without justice or fair play.  Justice brings peace.  Fair play grants harmony. Love establishes happiness that will not die, unless we share much more than we receive. An education includes the critical truth:  give your soul to   GOD   first/  so that the very best of love and life that is within you cannot be stolen.

        An education is, life meets death:  but time alone claims the body.  What then is life, elevates itself beyond time:  because thought is not consistent with a body, it lives within the soul.  Thought is our translation which says:  I AM ALIVE.  It is not body, which forms the house from which we live in time. A house is not a life, it is merely the place we reside, as we learn to choose.  A life is:  the freedom to choose, because we know, this is more than our humanity presents/ we know, that miracles mean the potential of an eternity.  The critical element:  the heart which is our ability, and desire to care;  forms the transition between a life measured in time, and a life that is sacred (beyond all that humanity can be or do), therefore a gift.


        Of the various elements described by an education are “what/ where/ who/ when/ how/ and why”.  All but why are aligned with order. Why exists within the disciplines of law, and is thereby different. Balance adheres to the bond which completes the question between two distinct possibilities.  Just like there is a bond which holds the opposing energies of an atom together. There is a bond that holds the elements of a life together, called thought.  Thought thereby elevates life beyond time, because it exists beyond the state where energy rules life. The question is:  if thought stands alone, as significant only to itself/ then what is to be conceived of as “everything else”?  The opposing existence of time, conceals the value of thought, by creating or allowing what is not thought, but measurement, thereby judgment standing alone. Yet we live within the confines of time, and sustain an ability to think beyond measurements if we have soul.  Thereby human existence is a participation in-between the extremes. The question is why? The answer is:  love is the most treasured reality of this universe, it makes all life worth living. But love is a true choice, that can never be ordered or caused to exist:  because it is entirely “free-will”.  Within our freedoms, we have the right to choose love; and thereby become within this universe something truly valued for life.  The consequence of free-will is, that the opposing force of measurements thereby judgment is also a choice.  The unfortunate reality:  most humans prefer “to play god, and judge”.

        LOVE requires a distinct truth called purity to sustain itself. Love that fails life, results in “heartache and chaos” for the rest. Therefore love is tested here in this humanity, and given its choice where the consequences are far less dramatic:  to be, or not to be “true”. The values of experience, and the rewards that are expressions of love, mimic the relationships we will share beyond this time. What you can be “within eternity” is determined by your truth.  Where you shall exist beyond time, is determined by your own decisions. Who you shall become, lives or dies with the love you have agreed, accepted, and chosen to share. When we leave this time,  we do enter the purgatory of every truth shall be refined/ and every lie shall be removed. How we complete that journey, is a relationship with soul/ if you do not share that, you will fail life.  As to why life exists, the answer is found within the law. Laws rule reality, therefore reality is determined by the laws which control it.  To change and live according to the law of life, not of men:  is to understand only truth can determine a peaceful and harmonious future. Want never will, that is the basis of every lie. Pride is the seed of every judgment. Power is the alteration of time (as it would be), to play god over the rest.


Within the discovery:  how can life exist “within the light”/ as is consistent with an assertion of;  energy forms the basis of experience and expression.  The question becomes instead, what is the bond that forms a boundary from our own distinctions?  Values limit the translation of time, by testing where would we hold that boundary to be? Love explains who can be loved, within our own grasp of desire. The question of when arises by our own “opening of doors” into the spiritual world, by what will interest you the most. The reality of how, is not to be conceived of within time. But a question of why acknowledges the desire, “to be the best you can be”.  That is a formation which gives breathe, to your soul;  when truth lives with you.

        An education means:  you have achieved the desire of thought, and formed an alliance with thought to achieve far greater things than time. An education is not memorization:  which is simply the preparations to serve or slave. An education is: the shared possibilities of what freedom can mean for you. The proud, the powerful, and the greed called want NEVER share: they want what they want, which is you serve me.  The consequence of that is:  “memorize what we tell you/ and question nothing”. The reality as is proven in this day:  a society built on lies and fantasies which will not survive.  Leaving your only choice, other than death:  accept the price required, to change for:  LIFE COMES FIRST, and don’t look back.

        We approach the gate of HELL in this world, as a consequence of choices that have already been made.  Which means the whole world is involved in this catastrophe; and IT WILL take an entire world of human decisions, to change the future that has already been decreed.  IT WILL    “take    GOD  “  to grant the mercy, thereby time we require to change, and fight for this world.  Anything less is futile.    Love does not sacrifice the children!  You however chose:   just because you said,  “let’s all pay later/ but never did”. A world that can no longer survive.  That, by the reality of the evidence, the decisions not to care; but let university do anything they wanted:  is the truth.


extreme stupidity

        Consistent with this work is:   NOTHING IS SO PLAIN NOR SIMPLE, as the fact/ those who are trying to ignite sun fire on this earth; having built machines for this exact purpose.  Cannot be wrong, or this entire planet dies (burns like the sun), changing the solar system with it.  No second chances, because a ten million degree fire; that does honestly burns (releases) the bond holding atoms together;  as the sun does prove, each and every day. IS NOT, GOING TO BE EXTINGUISHED OR CONTROLLED!

 There is no such thing as fusion:  which is the claim, “the sun makes helium, with every btu”! The clear and certain reality:  helium is one of the rarest elements in this universe. Which does in fact prove, fusion is a fantasy lie.

        The critical lie, established by university scientists is:  “we don’t have to worry about the fire, because there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”!  That IS the plan, and there is no other.  However their assumption is based upon demanding the sun is made not only of hydrogen/ BUT GETS ITS GRAVITY, BECAUSE OF A MAGICAL  ELEMENT THAT IS FIFTEEN TIMES MORE MASSIVE than lead.  Giving it an atomic number of about 3,000.  There is no such element in the known universe (nothing even close), which means it is entirely a fantasy.

        The reality of solar gravity is made from the fire. The burning (release) of the energy bond that holds the proton and neutron together:  IS WHERE the solar gravity comes from.  WE KNOW this is true, because we know the kind of energy that is released when this bond is broken by an explosion. WE KNOW that an atom of any size is contained in a balanced state of energy/ THEREFORE WE KNOW, that within that balanced state:  THERE IS, an equal or greater opposite inward force (neutron) to contain the outgoing energy. If that is not so, then the outward force simply disappears, and is not contained in an atom:  so it is there.  You can visualize it as a pendulum on a string being swung around in a circle.  Without an anchor center-point, the pendulum energy and string simply disengage and fly away.  The release of that energy causes two distinct effects:  what is outward radiation energy, “burns our skin from 91 million miles away in summer”.  What is inward energy (dark energy), becomes not only solar gravity, but in effect cools the inner mass of the sun.  because balance means an equilibrium exists.  So if the sun produces extreme energy with the release of the proton as heat/ then the release of the neutron (back into the center mass) must by the evidence of balance; and the stability of the sun:  “be cold”.

        The extreme stupidity of believing in “magical elements” that do not exist/ and then gambling with an entire planet of life:   in an effort to prove you can play god over this sun fire.  Literally has no other word for it than   “satan on earth”.  Which means the intentional destruction of everything, by lies.


        The extreme delusions, that are human society choosing to let the delusional rapists imagine they can play god:   prove you are nothing but their cult followers. Who have completely lost the will and ability to think for yourselves!  It is that simple/ and you should be completely, ASHAMED! You are believers, “that the universities can play god”/ and you are extremely WRONG.  Which means unless they are stopped prior to ignition, you and yours WILL BURN;  “just like being thrown into the sun itself”.  Because that literally is, the price of being wrong about anything, with regard to sun fire. No second chances/ because it will not be extinguished.  “steel melts at 3,000 degrees”/ which means you can’t come within one hundred miles with anything. 

        A ten million degree flame MEANS:  THERE WILL, be a tremendous updraft, as the entire atmosphere of this planet is ejected into space:  vacuuming up everything that surrounds the flame, within hundreds of miles.  Congratulations, religion is half right/   people will get a free ride, but not into heaven. 

        Can’t happen, GOD  won’t let it?  Well biblical prophecy disagrees with you.  The most easily identified is  DANIEL 12  it predicts “once the great abomination arises”:  which means something so horrendous now exists;  that nothing like it has ever been seen, nor could even have been imagined. Igniting atoms on fire, just like the sun IS THAT ABOMINATION. Gambling with every life/ every future life/ the planet/ and even the solar system itself:  on the university can play god.   NOTHING could be worse, therefore this is the great abomination.  It rises as reality:  on the first experiment, with the first machine, than can in fact ignite that sun fire here.   April 1, 2012.

        The prophecy then goes:   the first death is like the old testament which demanded “salvation comes from the law”:  but like the past, humanity refused to use the law to stop them. That time 1290 days, has pasted.  The second death is like the new testament:  “humanity can be saved by mercy, if they will just change, and accept the values and respect required”.  That time ends 1335 days after the first death, which is  July 8, 2019.  The prophecy then concludes with “there will be a time (1st death)/ times (2nd death)/ and a half a time (half the second death 667.5 days more)”.  Which translated will become by biblical prediction:  as of July 9, 2019, CHAOS AND HELL will begin, it will be unleashed for 666 days; the last day being judgment day/ and the half day being whatever shall in fact happen to life after that, because this planet will be lost. 

        But hey:   “YOU, don’t care;  right”!  You are, way too damn smart, to conceive of anything other than   “the university is your god”;   reap your reward, because being wrong DOES have consequences.  Can’t question the reality of it/ can’t question your leaders/ just believe:  IS A CULT.  Accept it or not, its true.


The value of a religion is very simple:  when confronted by realities which cannot be stopped/ thereby requiring a change in you.  The disciplines necessary to achieve a new beginning are formed in religion/ the order that is required to realign your life with “the truth” you have learned/ and the balance essential for that work, is granted by accepting “the religion” has value.  What you believe in that specific religion is determined by what you want for your future.  Regardless of that lessons in discipline, order, truth as created by knowledge formed in life, and the balance necessary for change are all “good things”; if in fact your religion looks at love as the blessing and purpose of life.


        In complete contrast with that, is the religion of university:  it begins and ends with evolution, at that opened the door to mutilating all of life, nature, and believing “nothing matters, about what you do”.  Evolution throws in:  you are all animals, and will be nothing more;  a reality too many people accept and prove today by their actions. But that does not make it true. Evolution ultimately says:  life built itself out of chaos, by picking “off the shelf” whatever they wanted, that turned out good. However nothing in life admits that is more than a very simple lie; other than adaption.  Adaption is a development of change/ and change is an acceptance of knowledge that leads to an understanding which cannot be denied.  That takes mental participation/ and evolution admits:  the brain was last.  Which means all of life was chosen and created without a brain to aid, or a brain to operate the tools, or a brain to construct the instructions of what and what not to do, or a brain with regard to reproduction;  OR ANYTHING else.  As in chaos builds life:  even though the very definition of chaos is the destruction of everything complex:  down into its most simple form.  Fire is one form of chaos/ therefore if you believe in evolution “fire is your god”.  Congratulations, all those who worship evolution are about to meet their god;  its called sun fire/ and the machines men have built, I predict shall in fact ignite that fire on earth.  Your gods will laugh/ until they realize, their brain was DEAD too.

        Regardless, only the most damaged, insane, and deluded of individual life can find a cause to believe in such vomit as is evolution.  Take an HONEST look at your body, accept the basic premise that there are about 6 billion instructions necessary to complete a human body/ AND THAT, does not include the combinations of genetic instruction which are required to complete the task.  Now who in their right mind, can conceive of that as an accident?  Answer, only the dead inside/ all others must be taught in their religious schools:  which destroy truth so as to be gods themselves.  Lies by liars, for the sake of producing more lies and liars. Isn’t the university great. Toys and trinkets aside;  not a brain among them;  about ANYTHING pertaining to life itself.  Not even the value of a dead animal, rotting in the sun:  in terms of energy experimentation.  But hey “SATAN, the destroyers of a world by their arrogance and hatred of others” has proven to be real:  as in “here they are”.

        The universities claim to be so superior, that they not only must think for us/ they must make machines to think for us;  because we are just too damn stupid to be free.  That is why they believe they are justified in trashing democracy/ corrupting the courts/ destroying the currency/ building weapons of mass destruction, and spreading that around the world;  intentionally trying to engage as many people as possible to MUTILATE LIFE/ AND MUTILATE FOOD/ AND DESTROY THE WATER, THE OCEANS, THE OXYGEN WE NEED, THE PLANET, AND A LONG LIST OF OTHER REALITIES WE CANNOT SURVIVE.  All hail satan, so says the university the most prejudice places on earth:   as if you are not one of them, then you are worthless;  is that not so?  Ask them again.

        You accept the university as rulers “aren’t they so great/ their propaganda teams (media) certainly think so”.  Nothing is allowed to dispute that, or question that; and that includes the courts. The constitution is thrown out of the courtroom; as I have many trials to prove that true. But of all foundations in failure:  the one most prevalent and destructive is the counterfeiting of currency. Hidden inflation is counterfeiting; and it allows the tiny few to create whatever numbers they want; and make the others pay with their lives, and their life’s work.  Because you do expect “a dollar, to mean it is worth a dollar”/ and yet the currency rise as claimed assets,  in America is over $200 trillion dollars  or roughly $30,000.00 per human face on this planet.  Without counterfeiting, the university is dead; and the nation or world is at war.  Because that, is what they truly did for you. As to all other claims of superiority:  the universities DO NOT invent much of anything/ rather a few individuals do, and the universities refine that a little, and then claim it as their own possession.  Common thieves.

        The list is long/ your obedience to their whim, theft, and stories;  is catastrophic.

        You CANNOT simply discard reality to change this picture of humanity:  TRUTH MUST LEAD YOU, or you die.  What is true, will prove itself, as this cannot be changed/ it must be respected as a boundary or limit to life and your choices.

        Bankruptcy is the only cure for currency fraud.  You must do that together by vote/ or they will enslave and destroy you and the planet; because it leaves only war, if you fail to be fair.

        The question of life and a future, is very simple:  STOP DESTROYING THIS WORLD, AND FIND RESPECT FOR LIFE,    AND    GOD  !   because miracles are true, and life itself is an absolute miracle which no human decision ever played a part in;  other than murder and hate.  Nature can no longer sustain you as you are/ nor can this environment with what you do.  Which means;  REAL CHANGE MUST COME NOW, or you’re dead;  because you killed this world;  without regard for life.  Because you believed in              failures/ liars/ thieves/ and above all TRAITORS;  as is a university diploma.   Got trinkets and trophies?   Go ahead EAT THEM/ and get ready for cannibalism:  because we grow at over one billion more human mouths to feed every decade now!  Not a problem:  your brain is dead!

        this is not an attack on college education/ this is an attack on university arrogance, disrespect, and failure with extreme consequences;  which they continue to do, even though they know better.  its called being a FOOL.


Reality proves as well:  that followers cannot be made to accept a leader’s demand/ UNLESS they desire to go along that road (together we are strong), with them. Which means:  you the public citizen; have participated in all the universities have done, to both life and planet. Which includes the counterfeiting of your own money, so as to elude:  WE DON’T WANT to pay what we promised to pay “later”. Your values are as simple as:  I WANT WHAT I WANT/ and don’t tell me NOTHING, I don’t want to hear. Therefore you have truly earned your reward, and sacrificed your children intentionally;  to take all you could get/ stealing, mutilation, desertion of duty, and failure is a social disease precipitated by the universities/ but accepted by the rest. As in TO HELL, with this world!   I WANT, what I want. should you not receive what you chose/ what you earned?


      I have used the term:  “I am   GOD’S  messenger to you”/ which means, “I have been helped, educated by alternate methods, and established by evidence, with a value that can be seen in the writing (distinctly not perfect, just doing the best I can).  A reality you deem to be at the very height of insanity, due to university influences and outright arrogance of your own. Instead of that however:  it simply means, OUR CREATOR is giving you one last simple chance to understand the consequences of what humanity is choosing to do is death for this world. And for whatever reason, which I do not know:   the evidence of that truth, we are going to be exterminated, by the consequences of human actions:  is clear and certain  to me.  Which means there are only two choices:  fight for this world/ or let it die.  I fight, and over forty years later, the elements or disciplines of knowledge, through understanding gained by balance and order established from truth;  have led to a wisdom placed in view for you to see. That gives me the right to say:   I have seen the future, and earth is dead, because humanity refuses to change. Only dramatic change can conceive of any other outcome:  to the cult of university knows, rules over you!  As with all religion (we don’t need no damn evidence) cults;  every believer is absolutely certain, “they know” all they need to know.  As with all cults, the reality of their belief, which simply totals the quest of their wants:  will end in tragedy for all lives involved.

      While I have tried to stop working, because you are useless;  refusing to abandon your want:  EVEN IN THE FACE AND THE FACT, of people trying to ignite atoms on fire, just like the sun.  Proving beyond insanity, traitor, or even terrorism/ which leaves only satan. A reality which proves you threw your heart and soul away.  Leaving only want to decide.  A reality of arrogance, which needs no further war to save this world:   your children are assassinated, by you/ because you just didn’t care enough for fight for this world.

      If you absolutely won’t fight for life on earth, not even an entire planet, nor its future, nor its life in every form:   then I abandon you too.  I will pray for you anyway/ but without proof of substance inside of you, there literally is no further purpose.  I truly wish it was not so; and spent a lifetime proving that is true in me.  Regardless, nothing is more true than the fact:  I am NOT your savior.  Simple as that.

      If you find the honor, courage, and respect needed to fight for this world;  BEFORE it is past the point of no return/ then I will still help you. As has been the purpose of my life, from its beginning on this journey. Otherwise, we are done; you failed life, and I no longer participate in that. I will do whatever I will do, that is in my own interest or desire. Until the university ending takes us all, or an alternate ending arrives for me. That, in and of itself; is not fundamentally or functionally a choice/  rather these are the facts, and I cannot change you with an education. Your brain died, the cult owns your soul.  “it must be so”/ your house is burning, and your choice is to hide in the closet, and pretend this is not so.  Letting those who are fanning the flames, continue without even being questioned.  Oh wait, I know:  “you can’t defeat their foreign languages/ you can’t defeat their armies, the propagation:  university is god”. Oh wait, I know:  “only the counterfeit numbers are important/ after all, when the earth is on fire, or cannibalism is all around you:  they make the difference,  RIGHT?”  But alas, truth knows:   truly, you never even tried to fight for life. Truth knows:  you understand ignition of sun fire here, is the end of this world/ as is overpopulation by humanity/ and so much more. You have no excuse!

  So you choose to let your children be destroyed/ you sacrifice their future:  so you can pretend “I didn’t pay” for what we did.  Alas, eternity holds your debt, and it will NOT be free.

      Your life is a miracle, no male or female or existence on earth can build:  that fact is enough to prove the possibility of an eternity exists.  The reality and testimony of   JESUS as written of in the bible:  is enough to add security to the claim,   “we, who abide in that love, and share the relationship called soul;  are NOT forgotten”.   Believe whatever you like/ but do understand this:   TRUTH does not care.  It is literally,    whatever it is.

      That is true for whatever threat you face. That is true for what happens, when your body no longer holds the keys, for your life. Only truth survives. You have lies.

      What is true threatens you and this entire world of life.  Biblical prophecy also threatens you; and that should not be taken lightly.  Even so, the evidence of our reality proves:  soon we are to be extinct. Dramatic change is beyond your want, even if it costs the entire planet.


functional change

Functional, in terms of society/ as in WHAT can improve our public lives?


        There are five distinct fundamentals, required of every society and its citizens.

  1. Every citizen is required to participate/ your life is not free, and we don’t owe you: so work.
  2. Every citizen needs to be happy, realistically secured in their living; and thereby at peace with life and environment.
  3. Every citizen has healthcare issues, and will require assistance from time to time; even if that is for someone else they care about.
  4. All wealth (thereby freedoms and opportunities) are built from resources and the ability to use those resources without endangering the future.
  5. Every society hires and constructs government; so as to engineer the law, and enforce participation.


Beyond these five rules, in order to maintain peace:  society must also govern its employees/ and establish the future for its children; by maintaining a policy of “least damage possible”; to life, environment, and nature.

    None of that is done in America today, because the poisons spewed by a university diploma, only know what their own fantasies and delusions are. What is life/ nature/ environment/ sanity/ respect/ value/ love/ happiness/ truth/ trust/ reality or anything else that is a fundamental of our survival in peace or harmony:  COMPLETELY ESCAPES THEM.  They are “without a brain”.

    The consequence of that is:  that we must put down their rebellion against reality and its truth/ fighting for LIFE SHALL BE SACRED;  fighting for NATURE SHALL NOT BE TAMPERED WITH;  fighting for, NO EXPERIMENTS THAT CAN CAUSE ENORMOUS GRIEF OR THE COLLAPSE OF LIFE, NATURE, ENVIRONMENT, PLANET AND EVERYTHING ELSE THAT IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL TO SURVIVAL OR HAPPINESS:  shall not be done!

    The university doctrine is:   KILL IT ALL/ then they will have to worship us!  Because they can’t put it back together again.  Alas, NEITHER can the university or their greed. The critical mass exploding and destroying the possibilities of our future:   IS ARROGANCE (they believe they can be gods).

    The critical truth is:  arrogance is a “blind, deaf, rat or parasite”, spewing pandemic disease everywhere it goes.

    So the cause of all my work is:  to remove the arrogance that desperately invades life, nation, and world to destroy it by playing god/  and REINSTALL RESPECT for life, nation, planet, world, and everything   GOD  CREATED   on this planet.  Not a religious statement:  a matter of fact clearly identified in all the miracles of our existence.  YOU cannot build a single blade of grass, YOU cannot even conceive of yourself, without the grace that is your gift of a brain (if you use it, for more than a trash bin). The universities do not, as is so clearly proven by the state of our existence:  threats of extinction “behind every closed door, locked by a university diploma”.  They say believe/ while reality proves what they are really doing is exterminating all life, and even the planet itself. Still a believer:  even a damn fool, such as yourself;  CAN UNDERSTAND the cost of being wrong, from the terrorists that are trying to ignite SUN FIRE here on earth.  Wrong is our entire planet becomes another SUN!  Because there is no doing it over/ once SUN FIRE ignites, there is no extinguishing that fire!  IT BURNS THE BOND IN ATOMS, WHICH MEANS EVERYTHING IS FUEL!  As is so clearly proven by simply acknowledging the sun itself (burns your skin in summer, from 91 million miles away:  GOING TO BRING THAT, here)!  Claiming not enough gravity here to sustain the fire/ so it will just extinguish itself.  Its called a DEAD BRAIN, and the university diploma is rampantly infected, with that disease.  Toys and trinkets be damned.


    To illustrate an appropriate knowledge or understanding:  thereby cause to do not less than investigate the facts, and prove the evidence is true or false. A wide variety of suitable educational materials has been used. It’s up to you, to acknowledge them; either good or bad, by the proof of your own wisdom. Let reality decide!

    Separated from those facts, we again elementally discharge the responsibilities of participation:  as an educational parameter designed to give credence to the value of my work.  Because fools, failures, and those who can only be called “SATAN” on earth:  are trying desperately hard to exterminate and destroy your lives, and the future of life/ EVEN the planet itself, with sun fire.  While reality suggests, this is useless:  you are a cult, that cannot question its leaders/ therefore just as dead inside as are they. Truth insists:   NOBODY, is excused from fighting for an entire planet of life/ until the day comes when reality proves there is nothing left to do.


    So we begin again, by examining the relationships which give our existence & a future for all life;  an honest value/ and a place to be free within ourselves, with each other.  As this world is now a very crowded place:  existence itself, has in fact changed.

    LIFE, in society is determined in part; by the work we all need to do, and participate in. the reality of resources, and how to use them;  makes us all “rich or poor” accordingly.  America is not the land of the rich/ it WAS the land of resources NOT previously destroyed by humanity;  until almost total genocide removed nearly all those inhabitants. America is the land of those who immigrated here/ but that does not mean every new immigrant is entitled to believe, they do not present a cost to those already here. They do/ but humanity is growing BY A BILLION MORE per decade;  so get used to it, until cannibalism and thirst;  takes over!

    Back to work, means there must be a job, that someone else is willing to trade their work for.  In turn that job must produce something considered of realistic equal value.  It’s called FAIR TRADE… The WORK value of an individual is determined by their ability to define and understand what will or will not benefit society. That gives us an almost complete definition of the university diploma:  as a fraud without value/ and in fact constructs a level of traitorous acts against society and life, akin to:  “hitlers blitzkrieg”.   Tiny benefits aside:  the extermination of life, nature, child, planet, water, food, extinction coming everywhere, governmental purposes of corruption (by our employees):  ETCETERA, ETCETERA, ETCETERA;  proves that statement true.

    Regardless, the critical factor in determining what is fair, comes from justice:   “what is good and fair for you and yours/ when substantially that, is equally the same for me”;  is justice.

    Thereby we come to limited capitalism:  our vote as a society, determining the limits between both least and most ANYONE in this society can earn from us per year.  That includes industry (beyond personal income, the rest belongs to society itself for use in that business) and foreign investments (you will not earn more than we)/ as well as property holdings (fair means, we WILL share with you/ and YOU will share with us).

    Critical truths arise as:  THERE JUST ISN’T ENOUGH JOBS FOR US ALL!  It is that simple, and it will never be more complex again;  because the resources have been plundered/ and humanity itself has invaded its own living reality. Not as free anymore;  because we are SO MANY people.

    That fact grants there must be change.

    So we ask of ourselves:  WHAT can we do? Because if you don’t include the vast majority, as many as possible equal:  THEN ALL THAT WILL be left is WAR, HATRED, AND    CATASTROPHE!

    We can do this:  which is beyond limited capitalism, and changing the money supply to represent more diligent equality.  The elemental rise begins with an opportunity.  The most simplified opportunity is:  society can set apart some of its businesses, to operate differently. That begins with:  these businesses shall be defined within society, by its participation, and its approval rating as granted by the various realities involved or affected.  When the business is rated:  then the employees shall be paid accordingly.  Therefrom removing the assumption of “riches”/ and replacing that private enterprise with the reality of workers who receive not more than an “average wage” for the area.  Maintenance and all other aspects in these city enterprises will be treated likewise, as will all city employees.  To increase participation and establish what society itself needs:  ANY private business that fails or goes out of business, leaving behind a “suitable building, or other”.  SHALL allow a new business to move into that enclosure or other, using the tools, etc:   by paying the rent required for sustaining the property (the tax) in its current condition or improving it if desired by the owner; if agreed six months later.  This shall occur until the building is sold and a NEW BUSINESS is at the door ready to move into it. The owner loses nothing (so let it be)/ the new business gets a chance to try, with the least possible investment/ private business retains its position, to take over from the interim business, within 30 days: or be evicted.  Participation means:  no more excuses for welfare.  The weekly hours of employment must be adjusted accordingly. Those who fail, WILL “get an attitude adjustment”/ or be moved into an area, where no one supports them:  “just for them, do it all yourself”.

    The foundation of happiness is built upon two distinct realities:  friendship equals acceptance, the value of a life is enhanced by any and all possibilities of love.  The reality of happiness is constructed around the consequences of freedom:   because unless I can be free, I cannot “be me”.  Therefrom EVERY aspect of building friendships for life, should be undertaken and improved over time to begin at the earliest possible time, and never stop.  The realities of love should be examined for truth, enhanced by trust, and bound together by respect. Beyond that boundary, what is male and female must give rise to “purity of heart”.

    The reality of letting “healthcare in all its forms” create its own pricing:  has proven to be nothing less than organized crime, whose only objective is extortion.  Therefore the pricing of every form in medicine shall come under social design and enforcement.  WE DECIDE the price. WE DECIDE how many competitors SHALL BE EDUCATED for this purpose. WE OWN the pharmaceuticals, as a nation. Social security is a percentage of gross domestic product:  divided equally among all participants/ to be used as they decide.  There WILL BE:  health needs that cost too much/ to be determined by society itself.  NO MORE FANTASIES, NO MORE DEMANDING “let the children pay”.  You will pay as a society/ you they and you will not receive, whether rich or poor: unless you do.  Simple as that.  Identify your choice.

    The future has needs, and you will respect their lives, by respecting:  YOU CANNOT DESTROY THEIR RESOURCES.  But you may take what is necessary and valid for your own existence;  WITHOUT wasting or destroying everything; just because you can.

    There is no such thing as “government”.  There are only employees of government, hired to do a specific job.  That means:  when dealing with an individual who holds a government job, there is no fundamental authority other than the law itself.  WHOSOEVER MAKES THE LAW, CONTROLS SOCIETY.    AS IS, WE MUST INDIVIDUALLY MAKE OUR OWN LAWS, BY VOTE!  Whosoever enforces that law equitably, decides what justice shall be.  Which means the purpose of a JURY:  shall be returned to determining IF THIS WAS FAIR, and the direction society must go.

    REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES a first amendment law;  providing the right to take our government employees to court/ and JUDGING THEM according to their oath.  MUST BE ENFORCED.

    Establishing the reality of life and society, MUST be evidenced in our grasp of what is or is not both necessary and true. That does cover all suitable decisions, and is properly orchestrated by a true “free press”.  Which means discarding the US supreme court, for corruption & most of its decisions.   Which includes the destruction of the free press:  tear down a tiny few voices control ALL THE PROPAGANDA.  And begin by becoming an honest and true democracy (we the people rise) again.


time applied

Time, as applied to everything:  is the difference between what can, could, or will be/ what has past simply is the truth.


        So the question is, to every human being:  because we are given the consequence and the ability to determine our own future, or affect the realities of another.  WHAT can you become, what could you become, and what will you become because of the truth you chose?

        Developmentally the measure of a human being, is determined by the choices they make/ regardless of the outcome. The direction you choose, becomes the purpose of your heart. That desire illuminates the truth inside of you. Therefore want assembles an identity based upon your lies/ OR desire illuminates the values accepted, which grant an ownership to the basic relationships truth can sustain inside of you. Ownership identifies reality.

        So we ask of ownership:  what does reality truly mean, in terms of possession?  Foundations reply, where-so-ever the value of a substantial truth can be identified:  there the law will be found as well. Ownership is then the possession of law, by its own reality. Discovery responds with the question:  does this law “condemn or justify”? The answer is, entirely dependent upon you.

        Discipline suggests:  that what we become is based upon the path that we search, for the truth about life!  Those who do not search, find no path that leads to life beyond time.  But the question is, strictly for those who value being ALIVE:  what is a path, that it becomes your participation within law?  The answer is:  desire is a definition that applies direction, to the purpose of our heart. Within that response to desire, the elemental rise of heart  lifts us into soul. Therefore the path is desire, and the value of that desire is its search for life.

        We then return to time, and ask what can “I/ we” become?  That reality assembles into the order we grant, within ourselves, as our value granted to life. Both the things which we CAN accept as valued/ and the things we have given as value.

        We return again to time, and ask:  what could “I/ we” become?  That reality searches beyond the boundaries and limits of time and humanity to seek what is true, by discipline. What is true and accepted as worth the price;  then determines what you COULD become.

        We return to time asking:  what will you or I become? The balance of that statement conceives of an opportunity either taken or lost;  because the decision which grants your participation in time, only knows the reality which forms it.  Therefore reality, as in the foundations of you:  identify the laws which you have formed inside.

        LAW is the elemental source of discipline/ balance/ and order in eternity. Without each of these three, it is impossible to survive. Therefore truth owns the value of each, and gives it life. Even so, eternity “is a destiny far beyond this momentary life”.

        The question becomes, is our past for or against us:  because we do, as human beings;  live a momentary life? The answer relies upon the distinction of what was the differences you can, could, or will choose?  Those who had no true choice, are remembered simply;  because survival has only limited friendship. Even if you love, reality can only be what truth will allow.  Therefore the difference between what could be/ and what will be as to survival;  falls short of truth, because the decision is not simply voluntary.  It is life or death.

        In contrast to survival, is every decision that is voluntary, because each such decision leads life, even every life:  into a destiny that is guided either by love or hate. Therefore the guide you choose, is illuminated by the values you seek! The reality of your own purpose, feeds life or death into your soul.

        Eternity is at its core:   your participation in soul (life as created by   GOD ).  If your desire is not to achieve that participation/ then your purpose is not sufficient to become law. Law is eternal, just as truth is the foundation of every law that exists. Therefore existence is based upon truth. The question of life beyond existence:  lives within the inheritance of everything life can become.  An inheritance stands for the difference between what can, could, or will be taken/ and what will be left behind, for those who remain alive to accept. We then ask of eternity, what is life/ if not an existence?

        That answer will not be given.



Let’s talk reality.


        Reality means:  you cannot avoid this/ unless you lie, and the consequence of that is;  whatever threatens to change, will increase.  The reality of America is:  “LIE/ LIE/ LIE TO US; we don’t want to pay”; as in “don’t let the truth get us”!  so the traitors, liars/ cheats, thieves, failures, terrorists, whores, diseased, betrayal, anarchy, satan worship, and all the rest that is bad; has not only continued but increased.  The cancer (university knows/ university rules) which is the greatest organized crime syndicate ever created; has continued to grow, continued to hate, and continued to destroy.

        The common thread in American public is:  “the university is our savior/ they would not hurt us; they are our protectors, etc”.  So nothing they do is questioned, and nothing they do is regulated, and nothing they do can be stopped; because they and you believe they are gods. Given that the extreme extortion which is:  “I got a diploma/ THEREFORE, I get a ton more money than you;  for doing nothing, in a majority of cases.  They are the nobles of our time;  which means “because I have this, I am superior/ I make all the decisions/ I have all the authority/ and I can make your life hell, just because I want too”.  As history has proven, will always lead to war.  Don’t think so?  Just go get medical attention! Doesn’t stop there.

        Money is, and is intended to be:  the fair exchange between workers and life. I work for you/ you work for me:  what we exchange is then of fair and equal value to us both.  But alas “nobody gets RICH”/ when all things are fair. So the endless disgrace of man is:  men don’t want to be fair with each other/ they want to win, and prove themselves to be superior. So they make games/ pretend money is the authority/ and use power to take whatever they can get.  Today instead of just weapons and how to use them/ the weapons have grown to include a university diploma.  Which does include the women who use them, not to be fair.

        The critical question is not a diploma:  that is just memorization of someone else’s thoughts methods and ways.  The critical question is:  HOW did this happen?  The answer begins with, their assertion “we know everything/ we are like gods compared to you”. That increased with we made weapons of mass destruction: that CAN BE RELEASED UPON YOU/ thereby creating fear. Both of the university, and for not allowing the university to create them; in turn giving your enemies an opportunity. They then found (not created) antibiotics, and vaccines;  which made medicine as we know it today possible.  Which in turn created over-population, and threatens extinction for our entire planet.

        The critical question is:  WHY, do men in particular NOT want to be FAIR, with each other? The critical answer is:  power/ pride/ greed/ superiority/ jealousy/ hate/ lust/ insanity/ violence/ loneliness/ betrayal/ women/ and want.

        Fair means:  I have treated you as an equal, and given as well as received, the values of freedom with rights to be as each of us desire to be:  within the limits of justice through desirable law. That brings to society peace, allows for harmony and hope, translates time into happiness for all, and governs society within the desires that we should all be honestly participating in “the best we can be”.

        Want in contrast to being fair asserts:   EVEN IF, I have to lie, cheat, steal, or whatever is required/ I WILL TAKE,  whatever I want from you or them!

        Therefore the question is more deliberate when asked:  WHY IS WANT, more precious to you/ than FAIR JUSTICE, with all life being rewarded throughout happiness and time for each other?

        We return to the plague of dysentery that is human behaviors above, and begin with power.

        Power means:  I can manipulate and control your behaviors, so that you have no power to refuse;  thereby I get to play “Human god” with you. As is: To do anything I desire, which includes murder, etc.

        Pride means:  I am the winner/ BECAUSE I made you the loser. And I have a trophy to prove it.

        Greed means:  I want yours too/ mine, what is fair; IS NOT enough for me.  I will take yours anyway I can.

        Superiority is:  I have a trophy you will NEVER have, therefore you CANNOT be equal with me. The actual value of it, is irrelevant/ what matters is “you CAN’T have the same.” Therefore I need never accept you as an equal.

        Jealousy lives in the consequences of superiority;  as in “I accept” that I cannot compete with this one/ and it makes me have “wants I cannot control”. It makes me believe, if I kill, abuse, or use you/ then I am superior to you.

        Hate then erupts as:  the cause and consequence of why, I get to believe:  you are better dead to me/ than alive.

        Lust attaches to hate:  with the simple construction,  “I will make you the object of my want unleashed”.  Thereby I will own your body, and use or abuse it according to my own will. Rape is not real, as I own you like property.

        Insanity means:  without the ability to make a decision based upon the facts, as are in evidence by reality assumed.  The unfortunate truth is, most are insane, as they avoid the reality of truth in their lives or world, as if it were a plague out to get them.

        Violence means:  fear owns me, and I use it to provide the excuse, that I can or will destroy whatever does not make me safe.  Including my own body.

        Loneliness is:   the barrier between my life and yours. The reality of “you DON’T accept my life, and even refuse me the opportunity to know why”.  Cast adrift in time, without an anchor;  because want has taken that away.

        Betrayal means:  even though I gave you my love, it did not matter to you. Proven true, because you stole that love, even though it was a gift/ you proved I or we were not valued enough.  The reality of love is entirely different than truth:  which is even though love existed;  I do still have a right, to choose my own way.  This is, “I loved”/ but I did not give up my own life or choices to you: not betrayal, reality.  Betrayal is also:  to lead someone into trusting you/ for the deliberate purpose of using that trust to defile or destroy. Unfortunately betrayal exists in many forms, to varied for this discussion.

        Woman to man means:  I will try for you. Man to woman means:  I need you to be “everything for me”/ and that will include telling me when I am wrong. And keeping us both, from making big mistakes. But then comes freedom, and the absolute right:  TO MAKE CHOICES for myself. Always be fair, and trust will remain. Where there is trust, there is a life that can be shared.  Even so, if truth does not lead:  the future can easily turn bleak for both.  Troubles come, for life, society, and marriage;  when the options are few!


        Want returns again as the primary motivator of all things lied about.  Lies are the beginning of a critical construction:  YOU CANNOT BE TRUSTED.  Which easily morphs itself into THEY cannot be trusted. Which becomes:  I won’t trust anything. Which breaks down all forms of justice, because YOU ARE NOT worth my time or effort to defend.


        Therefrom the cause and consequences of all primary human behaviors, revolve around the assertion:   that you have betrayed me, and I will never trust you or yours again.  It extends dramatically when environment proves “we CANNOT all survive here, as we are”:  CHANGE has become UNAVOIDABLE.  Which then erupts as, there is no justice, and I will fight for no one else/ because they won’t fight for me.

        A tremendous amount of social grief, begins in “kindergarten”;  because I wasn’t treated fairly/ because they didn’t love me, because they weren’t my friends.  While the next group is;  “you betrayed me/ you chose against me, and for them”.

        The college expansion of that is:  “you damn people DIDN’T CARE about me enough”.  THEREFORE I WANT SOMEONE ELSE THAT IS DIFFERENT, in my life; “bring me the immigrant”.  I  will fight to remove all those whom I did know:   from their power to afflict me.  By stealing their money, their nation, their everything forever.  Because I learned to hate them, even if it didn’t show!



PROPORTIONING government; the realities of change.


       Even though I have no regard left for you, due to the fact; you refuse to defend this planet. Instead of letting you continue to fall into complete dismemberment of society, and “war to end all wars/ by exterminating yourselves”.  In the last couple of years prior to the probability; of biblical prophecy predicting the ending to life on earth. Reality states:  time/ my time, would be better served helping you remain stable enough to at least give whatever life that is living a bit more time to appreciate the miracles of our existence.

       The insanity of leaders/ the compulsion of university to play god/ the propaganda of media; and all the rest who worship themselves as “great”. Who could be greater than us;  be damned/ no concern for you exists.

       Nonetheless, it is consistent with our time to reapportion government; as a means to consolidate the possibilities of peace in the short term. You cannot survive what you are doing, so it is irrelevant apart from “every life deserves better than this”.  The liars/ traitors/ terrorists/ thieves/ fools/ whores (only money matters)/ etc will never understand.

       So let’s begin

  1. You cannot rage against government and expect change/ you only get war, and destruction, and whoever wins simply does little different or even worse; with extremely rare exception. So war is not an answer/ only an excuse. War is a decision for the entire society, based upon their law/ NOT an individual.
  2. Proportioning government means: to dismember its existence, removing all parts that are not functional to our own betterment of society.  They are merely “welfare jobs” for the university diploma/ and therefrom consistently using position by counterfeiting to increase their power through control.  Who would argue it is better for one person, or a tiny few:  to “create the rules or laws for millions to obey”. Not true, it is better for the whole to decide what they need, and tell the one what they can or cannot do. That is the fundamental truth intended for democracy to exist.
  3. While it is true that all government (we together need this, because alone it is too great for anyone to do for life or society)/ needs taxes to operate. It is equally true, that ALL tax collection MUST BE LOCAL, and never an institution that cannot be simply controlled. All the various elements of society that are business related: must then create their own tax forms for that portion of business.  The failure to be fair, WILL result in penalties.
  4. The definition of finding a solution for the problems that confront a society: REQUIRES A PYRAMID OF KNOWLEDGE.  That means:  there are four sides to every definition of a problem and its solution.  “what is the problem starts the discussion:  what is your solution to that problem (side one)/ what is their denial of that problem or your solution (side two)/ explain the details of who, what, when, where, how, and why this is going to affect life or planet by making this decision (side three) and what are the consequences of being wrong, either for or against life itself;  should reality prove you did not know what you were doing (side four).   Each side is detailed into its most simple form; so that all can agree, this is what we are or are not willing to do; with regards to the problem perceived or real. The mob: is simply people wanting an excuse (no consequence for me) to “go insane, and attack what they conceive of as their enemy”.
  5. Without resources, there is no business or industry. Without MANY THINGS all threatened with extinction/ there is no future.
  6. Basically “everything” the university has led you to do, is catastrophic. They don’t like the people who have been in control of any nation/ they want that control for themselves, so they deliberately, and intellectually undermine every part of what makes a nation what it is, or has been. Like the demolition & destruction of everything, mutilation of everything, poisoning of everything, simple minded “throw it all away”;  the reality of university control is, “we are the king/ queen”. By extreme counterfeiting (hiding inflation)/ they have been terrorists, and traitors, clear/ simple/ and true.
  7. The greatest university disgrace would be hard to identify, as there are so damn many. The complete disrespect for an entire world however is not: to gamble with this entire planet, by bringing sun fire here, is that fact.  The intent;  even to destroy our solar system, by creating another sun.  who cannot see:  “they must be gods” to do that.  Proven true;  “satan it is”.


Enough already, I AM tired of you.



WHISPERING, into the wind!  The reality of explaining a catastrophe beyond comprehension, to those who just won’t care/ even if they understand.


       Shouting won’t help, because the cause of catastrophe is inside, where only the discretion of an individual decision can make a difference. Fear won’t help, because humanity and in particular men are programmed to believe:  “kill this, or that first/ and then parade around to proclaim, WINNER”.  Even though what is to be feared, is your own decisions. Learning does not stretch beyond the cult:  “memorize what we tell you, and NEVER think for yourselves; or you will be abandoned”. Consequently teaching is a frivolous use of time, apart from searching for the very few; who still have an independent mind.  “can’t raise the dead”/ can’t reach the frightened/ can’t touch the cult/ can’t degrade the want, or arrogance; because it will only rise again; to devastate life on earth, and extend extinction to everything. Got a brain, to measure what you want. Lost your life, because without a planet, resources, nature, water, food, population control, and all the rest: you cannot survive!  Which does mean: you chose to assassinate your own children/ because the day comes when it is too late to change, and life will simply descend into the chaos created by a university mind. Not their fault? Well, reality proves they have been trying to play god with everything on earth/ and never once truly making any sort of decision that is honestly:  LIFE ITSELF MUST COME FIRST.  They play god, believing “we will just go get more/ nothing can go wrong, evolution won’t fix”; etc/ etc/ etc.   Greater fools have never been born!

       Discipline knows that evolution is strictly a religion of fools. ORDER knows that nothing is built out of chaos.  Balance knows, it takes more than chemicals to make a body, or give it life. Wisdom knows, nothing complex is built without truth; and nothing that is true can be conceived of or used without thought. Which makes thought, through its abilities;  the elemental CREATOR of our lives. Not the identity of that CREATOR/ but one of “his tools”.

       The brain measures, but a fool cannot see the forest because of the trees; so to speak.  Anyone with a mind does understand:  MIRACLES, the reality of every life, from a blade of grass to a human being and much more, exists as a truly complex reality that lives due to the laws which govern it.  None of that conforms with the theory of/ religion (no proof, only belief, stories of) called evolution; the abortion of a university desire to control everything, and claim everything;  as if they were god.

       It takes no great mind, to understand:  resources on this planet are limited, and without them we die or war first. It takes no great mind to acknowledge the human population rise is greater than this planet can survive. It takes no thought whatsoever to know:  we eat life/ therefore if we destroy the other lives that we depend upon for our own survival:  then the future is dead. Or without water, a true threat;  we all go extinct. The list is very long, of threats we simply cannot survive. Even a five year old can understand/ why not you?

       But every adult tells me:  “I don’t want what I don’t want/ and I will believe whatever I want to believe; and CLEARLY, throughout the decades:  NO amount of evidence will ever correct that.  Because I want what I want TODAY;  AS IN “TO HELL” with the future!  Let the children pay; as does every generation for what their elders do.  Today however, the elders killed the future/ and payment will be extinction of life on earth.  To which every adult says to me:  “NOT IN MY lifetime”;  regardless of even threats such as people trying to ignite atoms on fire/ which will turn this entire planet into a sun.  nope, CAN’T be bothered:  got trophies to win, toys to accumulate, and counterfeit pennies to buy with their sacrificed life.

       Religion throughout its various incarnations, all say:   GOD  won’t let us die/ won’t let this planet be destroyed;  we are absolutely certain, and cannot be swayed with anything. Not even the threat of sun fire here on earth:  because they believe in the university as their gods.  Demanding if they don’t get that right the first time/ then they will just do it over until they do!  Discarding entirely, a ten million degree fire, with flames “instantly miles high”/ that burns atoms for fuel:   cannot be extinguished (so you can try again, or say bad decision stop).  Once ignited time soon ends throughout all life on earth/ there is no going back.  Even so, religion is devote to their gods at the university; after all, every leader has a diploma, and they worship themselves, as greater than you “gods too”.  The worshipers, alas “just sheep to be slaughtered” as they cannot rise to protect themselves, with truth. Liars love lies. The people of  GOD  OUR CREATOR   love only truth as it blesses and proves the miracles which life is.  “see the difference”?

       This is a world betrayed, and all the public knows it; even though they cannot grasp why:  because they are a cult/ and cults cannot question their leaders. So they become a mob, yelling and screaming until the gunshots, fire, and bombs are released.  Each is yelling “THE LAW BE DAMNED/ which then becomes our gun is the law/ which then becomes bloodshed and mayhem and catastrophe everywhere”.  While the people in charge of pretending they can be gods:  continue to demand and create more rules/ so they can defeat the “public predators” at their door.  The common solution throughout the history of man:  declare war on someone else. 

       I did my job/ but you refuse to accept any form of reality by its truth; and demand “THE LIES ARE WORKING FOR US/ LEAVE US ALONE”.  Even though the consequences of your acceptance of those lies is extermination from the planet itself.  “oh well”, can’t stop what you want/ or its consequences.  Simple as that!

       So I whisper, just to pass the time; and prove you did have your chance:  this is my testimony “that is true”. One after another, each decided:  “we don’t need to investigate or examine any truth, or think for ourselves/ what we want is enough;  simply BELIEVE what you are told.  “after all, he is a nobody”!  I will grant that as true, however the information that is life or death to an entire planet IS ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT TO YOU/ even though I am not.  Consequently to focus on me, is to be a complete fool (one who knows better, the price of being wrong “TO DAMN HIGH”/ but does so anyway) without any sense at all.

       Nature mutilated on purpose/ poisons dumped everywhere/ global warming/ oxygen depletion/ food chains broken/ oceans dying:  etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.  And your leaders, your media, your universities, your religions, your everything all say:  ONLY WHAT WE WANT MATTERS, don’t you dare listen to anything else. So your children die, and you go to hades, for an eternity:  why who could possibly be smarter than you.  “god for sure, its called SATAN/ destroyers of a world”.

Just so its clear:  I could have “bought your attention” in more than one way, over the decades. The problem being:  helping you in any way, would only have made you believe “things are great enough/ we have what we want, and we want more than this earth can give/ and the constant we don’t care, about nothing, but what we want”; would never go away.  Confronting you directly would never have helped either:  because all you do is believe whatever you want to believe/ truth itself not only does not matter to you, you conceive it as a threat. Blindly walking into hell; because the day is coming soon, when you go “to the well”, and there is nothing more to get. The end result is:  you failed/ but at least I tried. The fact you disrespect that and discard it as the trash; is your fault, not mine.


       It is also worth mentioning:  that at various times throughout the decades, life has decided to invade my purposes and insure that greater steps could not be taken. When asked “BUT WHY”/ the answer has always been:  “it is not time yet”. Your work is not done yet; there can be no distractions until it is.  The reality of that statement cannot be conceived of by me; as I am certainly not your savior.  Rather I literally cannot even make a difference, unless  “GOD  grants that to be so”.  Within that statement however, there is also the spiritual woman inside now:  which entered “to save me from myself, or save women, or both/ as male gave up, and said all that is left, to fight for this world, is war”.  And even that won’t help: you would just assume I am the threat/ instead of the reality by its own truth, you are the threat to this world.

So I Opened the door “to the spiritual essence of woman”;  to ask “what would you do”?  That has held MANY surprises, including the opportunity that is now informing humanity simply:  “change or die”.  And living within the reality;  what can be done, Will be by her decision, not mine.  Believe it or not, “the spiritual world exists”!  life is not so simple as, “whatever you want to believe”.  I am a worker, that is all. You are:  “life or death” for this world.

You believe in media, and their entire purpose has proven to be:  to insure you do not recognize what the future, or the consequences of being wrong;  is going to be. Without question, their participation with you is:  simply believe in the universities/ and don’t question nothing. “fantasies, are great”. You believe in courts, and their primary purpose has proven to be:  DON’T let the ruling class be questioned. You believe in “government (save us)”/:  yet their reality is, once the currency is destroyed, they literally have nothing but war left. You believe in medicine:  but medicine participates in the reality “every three seconds or so” another human being (over deaths) is born that must be fed. The life which feeds us, is now facing extinction by any and all means humanly possible to destroy them. You believe everything is fine “look at me, I got stuff”. But the money is a complete delusion. The reality of “eating the seed necessary for another crop” horrendous.  And even the endless threat of mutilating nature itself, fails to congeal into a threat inside your brain (we cannot return it, repair the damage, or in any way survive what is being done);  yet you don’t care. You won’t even share the fact we are threatened, and in no conceivable way, secure in the future.  So you hide, and run away from reality. Like hiding in a burning house;  when you know this won’t save you/ it will be too late.  Too bad, earth was “a wonderful creation”/ and everything humanity believed was great;  and the “universities took credit for”;  has proven to be BAD. Because the consequences are now grim.  Like it or not, that is true.

Religious leaders are like religious leaders have always been:  “DON’T do nothing, to upset our good times”!  biblical JESUS died,  because HE began to threaten their power, and in particular their money.  Nothing, or very little, has changed in religion, other than worshiping the universities. Religion in particular holds tight to:  “you can’t change us”/ not even with truth. They are of course “like their god (whatever we want)”.

Reality states, that I suppose I could conceivably be “the biblical son of man”:  IF, you grant that telling you, as is promised in the bible things you have wanted to know; is that proof.  How the whole thing interrelates with  “Jesus himself”; is beyond me. My life is entirely tangled up with “the spiritual woman inside”/ I cannot escape her. Even so, she rescued my life and my work “to help save this earth”; and I am grateful! Alas, I now have tits, that can no longer be hidden; NOT my choice. Parts that no longer “belong together”; ugly (doesn’t belong here) or not, they are not my choice. Life is strange, I feel like a “pepper shaker”; whereas she has deliberately shaken a little bit of male out, every single day;  my life changed. That is the truth. No clue what the future holds for me. It is however true:  forced to learn about women, at least a little HAS made a true difference in this message. Blessing for the work/ not so much “for male”. My life is about this work, so it does not truly matter; besides I am old now, “easier to accept”.

 Threats of extinction for and against our world however, are quite clear:  nobody survives without true change. That will be determined entirely by the choice:  LIFE MUST COME FIRST/ and money is nearly irrelevant to all.  I can help you find solutions to your many problems/ so long as I am alive.  I cannot lead you, as leadership implies making choices for you/ and taking your blame. YOU WILL make your own choices/ I can only help you understand the consequences.  Whether one person or 8 billion people read this work; Is irrelevant: I am NOT your savior. All that matters, is if the earth itself, and every life that can:  survives. That is the summary of time in me. But make no mistake, even if I am not “special enough for you/ or just plain trash in your mind”. Reality clearly states:  I am not threatening this earth or its life/ YOU ARE.  Which means, I cannot be your excuse;  I merely warn you of your own realities. Explaining change or die.  Everything else is an attempt to inform or teach, so you can perceive “these threats do exist”.

I do understand:  “tits are the physical evidence, of a woman inside; to some extent at least”;  she won’t be denied true involvement, and that is fair. Its complicated. After a “moments reflection”:  reality states “my tits” do belong here/ as I could not have completed this work, as is the purpose of my life without her. She has earned “her evidence”/ so I will refine the previous statement, and allow “apparently they do belong here/ along with pretty enough for me”; they earned the right. Although it has been a “true battle”.  A touch irritable simply because;  “I always thought, there would be time and the possibility to return to simple “male and female relationships”, for me.  A changing body “tits, even more”/ kind of hinders that.  Changing means: these tits are NOT male in any possible way, I KNOW what male is; and they are incomprehensible to me. They utterly refuse to stop pushing out, “they have feelings”, and I have lost all control. Tits produce very powerful invasive chemicals completely unfamiliar to men, seriously; “these take control”.    They drive me a little crazy, and there is no running away, fighting, complaining, or other. Simple as that. WHY, you need to know, is beyond me; but it’s required.  Time for all life, is running out anyway!  Not a blog for me/ not intended an entertainment for you:  just how it is.

 I do understand:  that I am spiritually taught, allowed the freedom to explore, and even kept alive PRIOR to the spiritual woman invading my life.  A reality that requires both an invitation to participate in, and a commitment to the work. The reality of my work, and life;  does indicate that as true. Not perfect, but proven to be;  committed to the single truth:  LIFE for this planet,  MUST SURVIVE.  Not your enemy, not your excuse, not your savior;  “just a messenger”:  change or die! The evidence available to you, proves this is so.


biblical 666 means

 The biblical “666”, literally means:  the time given for the destruction of this world. Because humanity said no, we won’t change/ not during the time law could have intervened. Nor during the time mercy was available for this world.

       That number is found in Daniel 12:  after the great abomination rises (nothing could ever be a greater abomination than trying to ignite an atomic fire, just like on the sun, here. NOTHING could be more arrogant, than to believe “we can control a ten million degree fire, with flames said to be one million miles long, that burns your skin from 91 million miles away in summer”: and risk all life on this planet/ even risking the solar system itself.  That sun fire burns the bond in atoms/ and will not be extinguished).  That machine, which could ignite this fire;  began,  or this decision rose into a reality on 4/1/2012. At the “national ignition facility”;  Lawrence Livermore laboratories, San Francisco.

       Once that reality started, with the clear intent to bring nuclear fire onto this earth:  according to prophecy there would be 1290 days until the first death:  the time law could save you has pasted.  And 1335 days until the second death:  the time allotted for change by the intervention of mercy by   GOD  .  it is in Daniel 12 verse 7;  that the inference creating the number 666 arises.  “a time, times, and a half time” refers to the length of days given to each phase of this descent into chaos (hell).  The first time is by law you could have saved yourselves, but failed. “the second, times” equals the time allotted for change by mercy, all indications are you will again fail; before its date July 8, 2019.  Then the “half time” occurs:  which arises because neither law nor mercy provided a change in human behavior.  Therefore the consequences of your decisions come to pass.  Half of the second death, as is time allotted by mercy equals 667.5 days. Or more distinctly, death of this world is scheduled to occur over 666 days/ leaving the last day for judgment, and the final half day for removing any and all life that will not be consumed. Presumably in some form, to another “beginning earth perhaps”.


       In consideration of that reality, comes revelation 13:  11-18.  The question erupts:  what is a beast?  The answer is:  an creature without law, that does whatever it wants/ because it can.  The first beast of revelation 13 is the universities, their war machines/ and their complete disrespect for life and  GOD  . as well as your worship of them.

       The second beast represents a ruler that appears to be “rather harmless/ but speaks:  with the intent to bring fear”. The fatal wound of the first beast “is inflicted by these words, which disavow:  the university knows”. Humanity continues to worship the university; even though they now know, “these are liars, doing great harm”.

       The fire coming down “from on high” is a nuclear bomb:  at this moment, likely to be on N. Korea. Thereby making the whole world tremble;  because what starts destruction/ cannot bring peace. The mark on the hand to buy or sell: is the end of “independent money”; as is being done today.  No more “I own this (without their number infused with your skin)”.  Only those in charge of these “Infused numbers”;  decide if you can buy or sell anything (no freedom):  because the counterfeiters have destroyed currency.  Clearly true, and coming. The calculation is:  that with these final steps, the destruction of man is now complete enough for those in power, to declare themselves to be  “god”.


       Of the various questions that occur, in consideration of why, “does humanity allow” critical failures in their lives/ their nation/ or their world, so that liars consume them?

       The answer is:  with VERY few exceptions, each human being “simply wants what they want/ and anyone who promises you get what you want; regardless of the cost to any other life: is who they follow as a mass or herd”. When forced to take responsibility for their own decisions: what happens is, “I want what I want/ and among those things I want: is to believe that I can trust myself or those other leaders that I trust/ because that makes me in charge of what I want”.  Even when confronted with “this is a lie/ or a clear understandable mistake”;  the vast majority will believe whatever they want to believe/ so as not to deal with the consequences of what is in fact true. It is not “hating truth”/ but the fact instead:  they did not know the truth, and must admit to accepting or creating lies, if they are wrong.  Being wrong, is then more subtly the cause for what they cannot accept as right.

       The foundation of that is:  I want what I want/ and I want to be superior, or at least equal and able to prove equal by my own decisions as the others. To believe, requires only that you retain or find “one tiny truth” upon which to rely. Like all religion, that truth can be anything you like it to be; so long as something exists, to anchor your belief too. It can be anything, just like all gossip is!  The clear contrast is:  only truth is a decision that can be trusted, that fact NEVER comes down to a human being. Truth is truth, humanity is humanity, and they are not the same. Truth cannot be changed. Humanity is “a fluid mechanism” by which we learn how and why to change; if desiring truth to lead our lives. Religion is; the distinction searching beyond time:  to assemble something which gives us hope, life will be better/ or life will be fair in our future!

       Truth creates the environment of our lives; even though humanity lies and worships lies to change that truth into what they want instead. Lies NEVER survive into the future, even if they remain undiscovered in human time/ lies destroy eternity, and are not permitted in life beyond time, only hate. Even so, the truth of our existence at this time in history, is very simply this:  we cannot survive as we are/  extinction is certain.  Change is required, because want is irrelevant or deadly.

       That brings us to reality:  men brought us here, are they not leaders? The universities decide, manipulate, tempt, and control governments;  and create numerous threats so extreme, we have no chance to escape/ unless we make them stop. This is the best men did do; after thousands of years of history to prove they will not change. Only the weapons change, the ability to attack nature and environment:  everything else about male human behavior;  remains essentially as it has always been. Except for the university ingredient of extreme  arrogance/ that has brought change. And our world can no longer survive their consequences.

       The reality of that truth is:  we must have different than this/ and the only fundamental truth of “different”;  is let women try to rule.  Not better, but quite honestly they are DIFFERENT;  and that exists as proven true.  Different means change. Different means:  the entire construction of male control over society, industry, universities, medicine, and governments WILL collapse by making women;  as an independent group (together we define the law, and the direction of society;  that will be “our change”) be in charge.  Men will not know how to interpret or control them without fear.  So give them room, and let them try: to conceive of a better world than this.

       No possibility of survival exists, without this change. Because we do stand at the very edge of complete chaos; and it is because of the decisions that men did make, under the influence of university knows.  The problem with making all nations interdependent upon each other is:  “they will all fall together, at the same time”/ leaving war, the only solution of men. As history has proven time and time and time again. This is the truth, because every decision points to the same reality of evidence:  you cannot survive this world, by the decisions which you made;   to destroy every foundation of survival, life itself needs.


       So, let’s examine for a brief moment, the human assertion:  “I DON’T have to think for myself/ so long as the others do that for me, I can just follow along. THEN whatever goes wrong is entirely THEIR FAULT. Whereas if it goes “good for me”/ I CAN take all the credit for myself, as if they didn’t exist. The herd, the cult, government, etc;  all exist, as a human endeavor;  on the basis of this simple premise.

       The second premise is:   nothing can go wrong, so long as we all believe the same thing/ our numbers will prove us right!  And if it all goes wrong/ then we are all in “the same boat” (you CAN’T blame me)!

       The third premise is:  I can and I will make you suffer too/ or we can and will make you suffer because, “you aren’t one of us”. And if you are, then we will treat you badly. This is applied throughout the generations as competition removed. In grade schools, it’s get out or be bullied; and that never truly changes over time;  because a mob is a mob, although weapons vary. Mob means:  I don’t need a reason, just an excuse!

       The fourth premise is:  I never have to care/ because you don’t have to care either. That makes us equal, that makes you an enemy rather than a friend;  and I can do to my enemies anything I want.

       The fifth premise is:  money is god/ and god is whoever has the most money. Thereby the slaves must slave, and the fools must beg, so the nobility (I got the money/ or the excuse of a diploma) can prove they are “god”.  As in;  I think/ YOU beg; “its your job”.

       The sixth premise is:  “I can” escape, regardless of reality/ by simply removing your influence with drugs; depression; avoidance; disrespect; violence; religion; or fear.  The assumption being, “truth will change itself”/ when you avoid it.  It does not!

       The seventh premise is:  If only I was rich too/ THEN, I would be happy, and everything would be grand! Alas happiness cannot be bought, and it fails in short order, because truth does not allow participation unless you share its journey. Happiness constructs family, and family then shares its journey with each other. That journey into expression and experiences, achieves the excitement necessary to understand, “I am, a miracle alive”;  wherein happiness does truly live.

Every premise (a promise you don’t have to keep) is an excuse to pretend, this is enough; or I am excused because I can’t change this.  Every reality however, is the reaction to what truth has already been done.  Thereby it exhibits the future, by your own choice. Unless someone cheats.  In America today:  the lies/ cheating/ thieving/ traitorous acts/ whoring/ terrorists/ failures/ and fools have made it certain:  every premise you believe has become your enemy released.  Like it or not:  you will think for yourselves, by examining truth through our reality;  or die as all simpleton’s do!  Destroyed by people playing god, with their lives.


The reality of president Trump, and his threat (others in congress as well) against N. Korea “because they should not have a missile or nuclear weapon that can reach the USA”.  Means the likelihood of a preemptive strike, by the USA is very possible.  “we only hit the nuclear and missile sites”/ but that move will almost certainly undermines and destroy, the fabric holding together all other nations which have the same things. . Even more critical is:  they want to take out all capability to create a nuclear bomb, as well as missiles. Which means, even a less than nuclear warhead hitting a pile of nuclear material; will spread that radiation both far and near N. Korea is certain to retaliate, “Just like the USA, China, etc would do. The end result even if N.KOREA does not retaliate is:  NO ONE trusts any other nation again. And plans, and preparations;  to do the same to this USA will almost certainly arise. The biblical prediction is CHAOS/ CANNIBALISM/ AND ALL-OUT WAR;  after the end of mercy to change (we refuse) stops for life on earth;  as of July 8, 2019.  Just another detail, in the long list of consequences, being wrong about realities that can exterminate life on earth.  WORK HARD, AND FAST;  to bring world order through the disciplines of world law; and BY, a policing force made up of every nation on earth.  IT IS your only true choice, for survival! Believe it or not.


the sewer

The critical truth is:  that I am surrounded by mice (we can’t fight for our world, even if it means extinction)/ fools (we believe anything we are told so long as it is accompanied by a university diploma)/ failures (we are the superior ones, the rest CAN’T think for themselves; therefore we have a right, to make them slaves)/ and whores (nothing matters but the money; even though that is proven to be counterfeit, thereby worthless on any given day or time).  Extreme arrogance is a disease that does plague human society. Extreme hatred is a cancer that will continue to grow; because overpopulation means, “there is no more/ so you can’t share”.  Extreme extermination of species is our reality, and it will accelerate badly; because humanity now takes too much:  and are in the process of making each other extinct.


       Given those truths, and so many, many more: the reality is, I am not fighting with you or for you anymore/ not even the children. Because your decision is to assassinate them;  so you can pretend “winner”/ while you throw their future in the garbage along with your trophies, that lost their glow;  3 seconds after you claimed them.

       Those facts concentrate the truth:  you have no right to continue living on this earth. YOU WON’T even fight against those who are literally trying to ignite this planet, with the same fire as is on the sun! a fire that burns the bond in atoms, as is so clearly true:  just by looking at the sun, and feeling its heat (from     91 MILLION MILES away). Fusion is just another lie; easily discarded by reality .

       So then “you are worthless to life”/ a reality that convicts you to eternal hell.  Seem harsh? Lets review:  if someone took away everything that you built over a lifetime of work/ and just lit it on fire, or threw that in the garbage; including killing every child and every future child.  THEN WHAT WOULD BE APPROPRIATE JUSTICE, and fair play?  Answer the question:  because this is literally what you choose to do.  Not a measurement of individuals, as every individual has their own intrinsic worth or hate. Rather this is the demonstration of what “the university knows everything” has done to you, and your world/ and your eternity.  We all live or die:  because of the decisions being made by humanity on earth!  That fact makes us all guilty as human beings without respect befitting a gnat. Individually we are whatever it is we are; and that then becomes our truth/ regardless of the rest, who simply would not care!


       Truth dictates:  even though you are not worth my time anymore/ having lost a lifetime, through this effort to inform and define the consequences of being led by people who are so plainly proving themselves wrong.  Even though your entire participation has been:  WE JUST WANT THE DAMN MONEY/ EVEN IF IT IS COUNTERFEIT; so just shut the fuck up, until this collapses.  When in fact your contribution to my life at that point, without doubt:   will be;  “I, should have done more”!  To your eternal shame.


       This world is dying/ not a single child has a valid or real opportunity to survive your choices for their  future/ every living thing on earth is being destroyed by humanity itself, including every chain of food on land, ocean, and everywhere. Poison everywhere/ failure everywhere/ terrorists and treason everywhere/ fools, everywhere. And liars, traitors and thieves beyond number particularly in government throughout all its possibilities. Threats including the intentional mutilation, IN EVERY FORM of NATURE ITSELF/ through DNA, and more poison. A population growth of another million mouths to feed over deaths EVERY THREE TO FOUR DAYS. War is certain/ weapons of mass destruction are certain to be used/ complete anarchy across this globe will arise/ total devastation of the earth itself requires just a few days for the military of this world to unleash. Cannibalism is coming; the food is mutilated intentionally, and there will be consequences. Absolutely everything that can be done to cause our extermination from this earth is being done:  “because university knows/ and humanity worships them for creating toys”. Humanity worships them discarding what they don’t know; about the medicine they want so badly:  a criminal organization extorting what only fantasies can pay/ and slaves must endure.


       Biblical prophecy gives human life on earth the mercy to change its ways until July 8, 2019;  after that the prophecy is all dead/ the earth destroyed by march of 2021. Whether you believe in the bible or not:  it is fair to say, a prophecy created thousands of years from the past/ that can predict anything in this day.  Requires the respect to hear it!  That prophecy is in Daniel 12, and its primary theology is:   when the great abomination rises. That great abomination is:  the intent, the machinery, the money, the universities and governments, which have all chosen to ignite the same fire as is on the sun here on earth.  A fire they say will simply extinguish itself “not enough gravity here”!  but if it does not extinguish itself/ then our world becomes a sun. The earth will then explode due to proven principles of thermodynamics/ and this solar system will change.  YOU CAN’T be a greater abomination than that/ NOTHING can;  not even mutilating all nature through DNA, by human decision. Not even destroying the food chains of life. NOTHING is a greater abomination than intentionally risking our planet, and even this solar system:  with ABSOLUTE ARROGANCE, by human decision.  That abomination rose, when the first experiment that could ignite the burning of bonds, that hold an atom together did occur. That was April 1, 2012.  The first death is “you can stop this by law”/ it shares a relationship with the old testament. The second death is “you can’t stop this on your own/ but mercy can save you if you change”: that shares a relationship with the new testament.  The half time indicated; refers to how long world extermination will take.


       So then, by biblical prophecy OR OUR RELATIONSHIP TO THE EVIDENCE of your lives, and your “university gods” is:   truth demands on any given day, this planet can ignite on fire (we know the fire exists, just look at the sun/ SO IT CAN be brought here).  Our nature can suddenly disintegrate into chaos:  THE INTENTIONAL decision of universities everywhere, as they try to “bring back evolution” in their words. Religious perverts and assassins:  using terrorist tactics, right under your nose. Every life on the planet in jeopardy, and YOU, CAN’T do nothing by your own words/ and absolutely won’t try;  “CAUSE THE UNIVERSITY is your god”.  Shame on you, for destroying your own brain, with their sewage.

       BRAIN DEAD, because evolution is only a lie for fools/ you can’t be that stupid, as to believe chaos builds anything. Which does make you a cult, worshiping idiots and satan (destroyer of our world).  Shame on you.


       Oh wait, I know:  you need university controlled media, to tell you “what you think”. Well hell coming;  that sure as truth declares this world will die, by the evidence that is absolutely certain/  they led you into an abyss, and didn’t care about nothing, but their own greed, power, and pride. And that, is what you want too:  isn’t it true? Indeed it is for the vast majority, without the slightest doubt/ you chose to kill your world, and destroy your own children.  Look beyond this moment, and the future WILL horrify you;  because you did or you did not do;  everything that enlarged or created, true THREATS OF EXTERMINATION against all life on earth.

       NOTHING proves that more so than allowing your university gods;  to ignite atomic fire on earth. NOTHING proves you a horrendous cult of satan worshipers MORE than their attempts to ignite atomic fire here on earth. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU KNOWS WHAT FIRE IS.  Every single one of you knows the sun is engulfed in a fire we CANNOT survive.  Every single one of you UNDERSTANDS THE CONSEQUENCE OF LETTING “SATAN” IGNITE THAT FIRE, here on earth!   Every life dies/ even the solar system itself will be forever changed.  And yet you haven’t got one shred of courage per million individuals/ and all indications are there aren’t that many to be found.  Because you love sitting in a university pandemic of stupidity and failure;  they taught you to fear/ and they took over your brain. OR, we would NOT be facing extinction over this entire planet.  One second too late, and a ten million degree fire/ WITH MILLION MILE LONG FLAMES (as is on the sun);   will not be put out:  AIN’T THAT SO.   There is no such thing as fusion:  if it existed their claim is great abundances of helium are created by fusion/ BUT HELIUM IS A RARE ELEMENT, and nowhere to be found in reality; proving LIES! 

       Go ahead, “sleep in your shit/ dig a grave for your child”;  after all,  “only the money is important”. Now ain’t that right.

You don’t need to be smart or stupid or young or old, or anything more than alive inside:  TO KNOW, what allowing sun fire here on earth will do to every living thing on this planet.  Even a five year old child can understand, and draw the same conclusion that I have. Which is WE CAN’T LET THEM BE WRONG!  Or we are all dead.

       To ignore that warning is INSANE.  WHICH DOES MEAN:  HUMANITY IS EITHER COMPLETELY INSANE (a diseased brain)/ OR,  they are CULT WORSHIPERS.  Because only a true religion can create followers who are SO DAMN DEAF & BLIND/ “they just drink the damn koolaid and die”. Taking this entire world with them, means eternity in hades for you.  Because you earned it.

       Call me anything you like, but remember this:  truth will decide your fate/ NOT LIES.  I tell you the truth, this planet nor its life; can survive what humanity is doing. The end comes soon, whether you believe that or not/ because truth does not care.  Simple and plain.  


This is like everything else:  IF YOU DON’T TAKE A STAND FOR LIFE/ THEN who will?  It’s YOUR JOB, even if you don’t like it/ because life on earth is MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU.  Past the point of no return on ANY EXTREME THREAT, which can no longer be stopped:  IS OUR EXTINCTION.   “you too”!  WAKE UP OR DIE.

Reality says, “you can be just like the members of my family:  I CAN’T STAND THIS/ I WON’T DEAL WITH IT, NOT EVER”!  After all, you cannot accept the evidence “university knows” is in fact killing us all with their arrogance and failures; without changing your life.  It is a fact, and realistically “nobody wants to be me”/ because I don’t have all the things you want. They consider the examination of evidence “just crazy talk”:  as in REALITY PROVES NOTHING.  Simple as that:   want money/ want pride/ want power/ want greed (I can too take yours) {I CAN’T RISK THIS/ I WON’T BELIEVE UNLESS THE OTHERS DO};  and of course, I won’t care unless its about “me, or something important to me”! Nobody can stop you, it is that simple; we all get to believe anything we want. BECAUSE that way, this does not cost a single penny, not even a single word for life!  Unfortunately for you:  truth does not care what you believe/ and reality only survives based upon what truth decrees this environment and this time shall be. You are killing your food supplies/ your water supplies/ destroying your oxygen supplies/ poisoning the entire earth/ igniting the earth itself on fire/ destroying nature/ destroying life in the oceans;  AND MUCH MORE.  So the evidence will prove. All you have to do: IS INVESTIGATE/ PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ AND CHANGE ACCORDINGLY to save your world. 

       Alas, “you only want what you want/ and you don’t want nothing that ain’t what you want/ and you are willing to believe any lie media or university tells you;  regardless of reality or evidence.  So you have dug your own grave, and destroyed your own child:  because the future is dead.  So says the truth!  You did not care enough, plain and simple.

You want what you want and more than you can honestly have; because someone else got it first; and “that ain’t fair”! isn’t that so? Alas you will have nothing soon.

       Absolutely ignoring, just like your university gods:  that everything you want and more, is literally being destroyed or gambled with;  “to the extent of extinction for our entire planet”. So like your desire “to get theirs too/ so you can be the superior one”:  you are aiding and abetting; even worshiping, the criminal terrorists who are literally killing you, and yours. What is more insane than that?  Does that not make you one of them! Congratulations, “you win a diploma”. Like the sun fire/ same is, as  same does.

       I am tired of you, forty years+, is enough.  So I write, or even video; as my testimony to you:  that want is not enough/ truth can be understood by you/ and eternity is real.  If you fail to do any work/ as is the constant of my lifetime with you:   then your extinction is absolutely NOT my fault. This day is yours/ I spent my time, and you said NO, without respect.   Good luck or goodbye, because want is not enough to survive; not even for you.

Your reality of course is, as has been told to me repeatedly over the years:  “WE ARE doing great, even if they are bribes NOBODY CARES.  Which became we are doing just fine;  NOBODY wants something different from you/ unless it is more for me. Which became “even if things are going bad for many/ ITS BETTER than what you offer:  REALITY BE DAMNED, the lies are working.  Which became “I have a gun/ and I am going to take what I need, or want; even if someone dies”: when this fails.   So it’s all good,  “right”!   nothing bad is going to happen to me. After all, it’s not like all the rest have a gun or something. Or the consequences of Syria could come here;  right?

       THIS WORLD CAN’T DIE;  it’s that simple. 

       But alas only truth survives, and truth does not care what you believe. The evidence is:  Noah’s flood DID EXIST/ because the reality of fossil fuels; which could only accumulate and be buried;  as found, can be done through a flood.  Which proves beyond any doubt:  that did occur.  Or, in Noah’s day;  every life but a few were lost, on this entire planet/ because fossil fuels are found “everywhere”.   Igniting an atomic fire will leave not a single one of anything! Who could possibly be more blind than you!

“excuse me”, I left out religion:  the people who say, “we are like GOD”/  we get to escape all trouble and consequences, for free!  Because we are superior to them.  But reality proves, you are nowhere to be found in this battle for our entire world.  You are not lifting a finger to protect or defend   “GOD’S  ENTIRE CREATION on this planet”!  which brings us to the reality:  ARE YOU NOT FREE? Do the religious never get murdered or raped or whatever:  WHERE exactly is your “anything but what we don’t want; get out of jail free card”?  Because you are believers, and prove to worship the universities as your gods/ endlessly telling me, “they are your saviors/ they would NEVER hurt you”.  Not even verified and proven lies are enough to convince a single one: beyond what you want to be true.  Alas;   beware of what you believe. WHERE IS YOUR PROOF?  Truth and belief, ARE NOT, “the same thing”.  So the people say:  if I was correct the media would tell us,  what we are to think:  so there!  After all:  the universities can’t be wrong (the herd moves together).  Which of course means:  they aren’t human beings after all/ or, the universities,  must be like “gods”. The most certain fact of a cult is:    “our leaders CANNOT be questioned”.  A reality proven throughout every class of courtrooms in this nation/ and by its every leader.  NOT EVEN when being wrong is death to our entire planet of life!  They think “we will just do this again and again until we get it right”.  Discarding completely:   the reality of a ten million degree flame, the universities say:  “reach a million miles long on the sun”.   steel melts at 3 thousand degrees.  THINK ABOUT IT!

       I know, “you don’t want to spend your life doing anything you don’t want to do”/ and you DON’T want to pay for your life or your world or your choices; OR ANYONE ELSE’S. Just leave me alone! Isn’t that right?  Me too, but alas:  today, the university has taken control over governments/ and they spent all our money, resources, and time:  “to create THEIR FANTASIES/ by making us pay for their toys”.  Unfortunately what THEY WANTED, was realities so threatening to every life on this planet! Because they want to prove “they can be gods”.  They want to prove they can play with extreme energy. they want to prove they can play god over life. They want to prove they can control you “like toys”. They want to prove:  they will make you beg them as if they were gods/ by taking away everything you need to survive. So says the evidence/ there is no other true cause! The reality then is: that NOTHING ELSE MATTERS. But to stop the insanity as is THEIR every threat so extreme:  OUR WHOLE WORLD GOES EXTINCT.

       Which means we cannot let them be wrong!  Which means, absolutely nothing else is more important, than what,  you or I can do:  other than stopping the consequence that is, “our world DIES”/ before it happens.   Go ahead, try to prove me wrong, DUMBASS!

I have proven every single theory the universities have about “sun fire/ their claim called  fusion”) wrong. down the homepage a bit. Absolutely nothing stands up to scrutiny, by the knowledge we do possess. Prove the evidence is wrong. Prove your cult worship is not so damn grave and disassociated with life or reality;  that you cannot even look to be sure.  The fact you CANNOT EVEN identify truth and reality FROM A FIRE THAT BURNS YOUR SKIN FROM 91 MILLION MILES AWAY means it is worthless, to attempt to make you understand ANYTHING else.  your brain is diseased, your life is discarded due to disrespect: due to the arrogance and your religious worship, of “university knows”.



Lessons is a developmental look at the basic relationships between male and female.




So, let’s talk about relationships! Not a question of entertaining you or me.


       Everyone gives or takes a little bit, throughout every possible relationship that exists: those who love each other share that request. Those who do not, simply take whatever they can get; and demand more/ until you refuse or have nothing left to offer them. Since somebody has to pay, the reality is, whatever is not shared is a loss. That loss erupts into unhappiness; and the world itself becomes whatever the sum total of every experience shall be. Because we are, the reality of our choices.

       The critical composition is, refined by the word “caring”! Because when you care for someone else, the price they need you to pay is simple and easy, if it is possible. Whereas if you don’t care for someone else/ then they are or become a burden, which is not desired within our realm of time.

       The critical question is then:  WHY do we care for someone else/ WHY, do they care about us/ and WHAT does it mean, when we share our lives?

       Caring means:  I have understood the value intrinsic to your life, and its importance to our world of existence.  People who accept that as valued by them/ then treasure us, for our contribution that says:  they have value to us. Or, to lift one up as important/ gives rise to the other if both care. To share that gift, “life treasured”/ is to share the miracle of our experience and expression for the purpose of expanding the desire called love, beyond our own lives.

       While this sounds like it has no price, it does:  because when we give anything of ourselves/ we literally do give that away to the other person. If they do not return our love/ then they retain that love within themselves; at our loss!  You CANNOT call it stealing/ because this is your “free will gift”. Therefore it is their right to keep it/ even though it is your loss, and that makes it unfair.  Even so, love is not a measurement of what you receive in return. Love is a desire that fills your own heart with life, the essence of everything called “BEING ALIVE, with joy”.  You cannot experience that alone/ therefore we must all take chances with our love.

       What is important to remember is:  WE CANNOT save a single soul from themselves/ it is their choice.  WE MUST NOT give away the last little bit of love to anyone else:  ONLY TO GOD!  Or the day may come, when you have nothing to rebuild with inside of yourself.  This is a potential tragedy of unknown proportions.

For every value we assemble within our heart, we do achieve a treasure that can be shared. Value is:  a desire that accepts another life, or law beyond what simply benefits ourselves gives grace and mercy to me!  To assemble this, accepts the foundation:  “isolated and forever alone”/ gives nothing, and takes everything of value that life is. The heart then comes to mean:  within the rhythms of my time, I have the opportunity to share/ to care/ and to contribute honestly, to the expressions and experiences of my world.  We achieve this, within a purpose that is love.  Love represents the single greatest treasure in this universe:  because it is the true value of life shared,  within the value of self! Love searches beyond self, and therefrom expands within the limits that give us thought. Thought expresses grace:  the single experience known to grant “what you cannot earn”. Thought expands the concept of mercy, into an essence that lives inside, to share the soul life is! Time begins “same” for all/ in the very first heartbeat. Life begins, with a single breathe of “fresh air”/ to explain, that we have arrived in “open space”. The difference is:  confined by our reality, we can only truly conceive of a rhythm within a place defined by strict boundaries. Whereas life, speaks for destiny, by designing the potential that is without limits.  Each conception requires an identity.


       We now examine society itself, and assert the human equations. Society limits itself to the human equations:  if I give someone anything of value/ I THEN EXPECT something even more valuable in return.  Humanity conceives of the boundary if I give you my love/ then you owe me, what I want!

       We begin with society by its measurement:  “nothing is free”!  Even though your own life was free to you. The value of existence is happiness/ therefore what is lacking in society is that happiness, or there would be many who feel, “I can give you something/ without charge”. There is not; which establishes, the majority are not happy. We then ask:  what is happiness/ and why is it lacking in so many? At its core expression; happiness is a freedom that cannot be taken away. Time is a freedom measured, by the certainty it will be taken away; by death. Therefore each life contributes its participation within the limits designed by measuring experiences.  To measure or explain  experiences, society uses money/ humanity uses expressions. The difference is:  society is not personal, it is indifferent to you. Humanity is individual, and nothing is personal, unless it affects me!

       The cost and the consequence of a measured life is:  each individual wants “all the good living” they can get. To conform and participate in society: that requires money. Therefore money becomes the target, of most human existence/ or society will abandon you, and sweep you away as indifferent to its own existence.

       So then we ask:  WHERE is freedom? The answer is:  turn away from want, and live the best life you can live/ by participating as necessary; but remembering love is a value that can never truly be measured “until you die”. In those moments, the ones who knew you:  will recognize your worth to them. In that moment: your life will tell you, the value within which you did exist.

       The relationship of humanity to society is then:  bordered and bound together by money, society gives its keys (government/ banking/ etc) to all happiness;  only to the people who fight for, and win control. Humanity then suffers or benefits by the measurement of that money:  to buy its freedom.

       The question is then:  WHY does control fail the great majority of people/ when only a few decide the future? The answer is:  those few get greedy, arrogant, create fantasies and delusions to gain toys and trophies for themselves; and use the rest for slaves. In America those few all come with a university diploma:  so we will call them the “monkey rulers”. In open tribute to their evolutionary god:  “imaginary chaos built us from monkeys”.  Alas then, the monkey’s were greater/ and didn’t even need a brain!

       Control is the spreading of disease, a wide spread cancer then causes the pandemic of fantasies and delusions to be created:  just before the collapse (nation/ money/ environment/ etc), as is constant throughout human history. The monkey rulers let their pride confuse them into believing they are “special people”/ who alone can make decisions, for all the rest. To insure control: they then contaminate the courts/ illicit injustice throughout all forms of government conception/ build up the military and create wars out of nothing to support:  “BE QUIET”/ we are the important ones, by submitting this is life or death; and it can affect you too! Thereby “monkey’s rule”.

       The relationship that is humanity to society:  lives or dies in three distinct phases.  (1) the powerful discard the laws which control them, to enforce their delusions. The constitution our contract with our employees is functionally destroyed in every courtroom in the nation. Unless the monkey rulers want to use it against democracy with a trap. (2) the intellectual then creates traps and employs a fantasy to insure the capture of slaves for themselves. The stock market; is not free, and works only to entice the gambler. Once in the money men let the price rise, until they suddenly harvest all the public wealth, in a cascade of financial violence. Another is pensions, etc. (3) the public is saturated with propaganda so as to confuse, and deliberately destroy all forms of unity;  so as to disrupt the possibilities of common sense by confronting those who rule.  One of those methods is to employ evolution as their god:  destroying reality, and proving that fantasies can control society. So long as media and education enforce it continually.  The end result is:  “the people functionally all say, I HAVE a gun”, in one form or another. Yet reality has proven again and again; in Syria and others:  that a gun only harms the people themselves. Nonetheless, the people scream:  WE HAVE NO CHOICE!


       The question is then:  HOW do we the people create our own choices, and remain free?

       The answers rely upon truth:  those who control the law/ control the nation or world.  Those who control the courts/ control justice and fair play. Those who control the assertion of knowledge; deny all other knowledge or questions, by propagating these answers exist, and CANNOT be questioned.


  1. Society must create its own laws, by one individual vote, per citizen; on the laws themselves.  Discarding all other laws made by the foolish. Less than one hundred one page laws are sufficient, and need little concern once implemented. Thereby we rule ourselves!
  2. “Government” does not exist! Rather employees hired to do what our contract as a nation of people accept for our future to be:  MUST obey their contract, to be employed. Or face punishment by the people through redress. The legal investigation of:  did you obey us by our constitutional rule, you swore too/ or not?
  3. NO COURTROOM, or its judge belong to anyone but the people through their constitution. That means the constitution rules the courtroom and its judge/ and by no means is a judge allowed “to decide if he or she stays behind the bench”. We the people will demand: every trial/ lawyer/ judge/ etc shall be graded. The open courtroom shall rule; and a failing grade is expulsion.
  4. By taking away the money, government is reduced to what is important and wise. That means: the currency is tied to the population/ so many numbers per citizen.  International currency is tied to something tangible as is gold. All participation as is government:  becomes contractual/ which means no central government. Rather the accumulation of need constructs an educational pyramid. That pyramid aligns all the possibilities conceived of by a question. Each layer that rises above conception must be accompanied by truth in evidence. Every truth that cannot be defeated, then becomes the foundation of law, that will not be denied. A finite group of leadership then presents the cost of implementing that law, and confronts the realities called “how to do this”. society itself constructs constitutional guidelines:  to determine if war must occur. No more president/ commander. We decide instead, by our law!
  5. Money is a number only for the sake of measurement/ numbers have no meaning or worth. Therefrom reality dictates: the value of human work and resources “which are actual money”. Must be created without measuring the individual:  only the resource or the work. Everything measured, can be manipulated. So the question is:  HOW then? Every resource decides the future/ therefore every conservation of that resource builds a life for each child. If you save a child from extinction, by choosing wisely/ they owe you a chance to retire. So your resource evaluation equates to your chance and opportunities in your future retirement/ they are united. Every work, entitles someone else to benefit now. Respect entitles you to an equal/ but separate, as you desire, benefit now. So the question of money becomes transient:  and dissolves with time. The future is determined by remembering a child/ so they remember you. The present is determined by what you can spend today/ because simply dropping out of society, or failing to work: is not an option: no more hoarding. “limited capitalism” is another method.
  6. The body represents our personal freedoms, and cannot be underestimated in value. The consequence of that is: an immediate and serious demand for healthcare/ same as the rest. There is never a reality, where the body by nature; is not considered the best it can be. Removal of parts, etc; should be considered only as a last resort. Mutilation of nature in its every form should be considered:  a terrorist act. Therefrom healthcare is:  the valued assistance required to return to balance and disciplines as the body designed with order ruling its existence. The reality of death is:  “this cause is too great”/ as chosen by society;  means you have lost your say. Unless you survive on your own.
  7. The value of knowledge, is within itself. The value conceived by understanding, is potentially worldwide. Wisdom constrains both elements of design, by the decision:  WHAT will this truth bring into our future?  That cannot be correctly ascertained:  UNLESS EVERY POTENTIAL QUESTION, is given full access and critical release within society itself. To release the conversation of where shall we go from here. Our decision, as we the people/ NOT “yours”.


The value of freedom is simple:   we are then, whatever we choose to be.  The cost of freedom is equally simple:  having chosen whatever you wanted, or desired to be/ the price you will pay, is given to you. Not us! The value of mercy is:  the relationship we share with life is, “no one is perfect/ and we all get stupid, from time to time”.  The consequence of that becomes “can or will a jury save me from myself”.  Rules are a reflection of happiness. Those who are unhappy, “scream; he or she BROKE the rule”.  So as to make the rest, as unhappy as are they. Justice replies:  the journey of life has many turns. Hate alone seeks death for the rest.

    Society as we the people arises for change: NOT WITH  a gun or violence. BUT WITH THE DEMAND, OUR LAW SHALL BE THIS!  Because we seek justice, democracy, and fair play for ourselves.


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