Month: August 2017

spiritual developments

It is of note, to include the development of more disciplined examples of life, than are found in time. One such conception is:  that existence is life found/ like time after a fashion.  When we find life inside as a human being we have time. When that time is lost, the life inside remains an existence without a home.  Because the formation of controlled energy,  retains its identity even without a mass. So the question becomes:  WHAT can be “a home”/ beyond the elements of time and body that represents our motion, our mind, and our participation in humanity be? Can the existence of an environmental energy (disciplined within these borders) be something else, if not a human identity called body or mass?

       The obvious answer resides in thought; as thought is the existence of a reality accepted. Thought is, the foundation of all “motion/mind/ and participation”. So the critical question is: if the mind does not hold thought as the existence of life inside/ then what does establish thought as the existence of life in a human being;  beyond the mind?  We begin with without a human body/ you are not a human being; simple as that! Herein value comes forward as the relationship discovered which brings life into its own individual being; we call it love. That value struggles inside the fabric interwoven by life itself; to become reality itself. Eloquently it is conceived as “what can we share”?  Because life does not exist alone/ it needs a boundary, and a balance accepted by order.

       When we accept, that life is a fabric disciplined/ ordered/ and balanced:  three things are required to participate in its beginning. As is the constant to common cloth. One strand must go up/ one strand must go down/ one strand must come across:  They then reverse. Each contains the base element required for survival; equality among all strands/ or at least harmony through peace. We conceive of the elements of humanity;  by male/ female/ and life itself.

       Beyond the body, thought remains within the fabric which brought life into your existence as time. That is not for discussion!

 Energy conforms to an environment through the conception of disciplines necessary (are not rocks potential energy/ held together by the interweaving of atoms as energy?); or energy has many possibilities.  Thought as conceived by the potential of energy; is then “the new body, if it is an identity of its own”.  IF you can sustain an identity/ then you can sustain an order and create a boundary within yourself. To do that you must create an identity that will survive in time, and then beyond time:  it is your individual decisions that accomplish this fact, or lets it die.

       Humanity is, elementally speaking:  a two dimensional existence/ based within a three dimensional reality.  Life and male is one existence. Life and female is a parallel existence. To establish discipline as order & to survive spiritual space. Beyond being human, reality says you MUST become three dimensional without time, as spiritual essence.  Three dimensional here means:  life plus male plus female as one.  There is no environment without a three dimensional object/ no elemental boundaries or the disciplines which form because of them. Because there is no substance inside the form. Substance is the creation of character, an identifying reality, defined by its own truth.

       To achieve order in this realm, there must be justice (the law will rule, and you must participate):  as is the existence of balanced achievement. Without balance any test of strength to retain that environment will fail. Without order the demand we will face to build our own destiny beyond time, crashes in disorder. Consequently all participants must be equal, for stability;  and accepted by their own truth. Value then becomes:  the passion of what we own as our belief, that hope can come true.  What you hope for is formed in time, as the basis of your form within the living created for or by you. Those who have more are confronted with pride. Pride leads to the assumptions that truth can be defeated; so that you can take what truth does not otherwise allow. That is want.


       It is noted:  that pride is a murderer, a bully, and a thief; it is also “the creator of want/ which is the mother of lies”.  Beyond body, where death demands you will face your own individual truths:  pride will destroy you.  Where want owns your soul/ that want will lead you into a door, “a truth environment”. Every spirit is a truth. Every truth does not conceive of love, mercy, or things which have value.  That means:  a spiritual door can appear as whatever your want demands/ but want  is always a lie.  The result is:  you will die a second death; without escape. The spiritual world has no mercy:  truth is truth.

       LOVE is a living existence, shared with life.  GOD IS LIFE SHARED! 

 Because love is an individual response to existence:  we chose to care/ we participate in mercy.  Caring presents the value called mercy, and mercy identifies those who can participate beyond time.  GOD  can then choose you; according to your own truth.

       It is of interest to understand:  pure freedom, does not exist unless you have accomplished the three dimensional, goals of reality.  “To be ALIVE, which is beyond the scope of anything human related”/ then transfers the possibilities of a universe to you.  To be male:  which is the development of disciplines that lead to order. And to be female: which is to balance order, and accept the disciplines required for life, by earning the values which make love, beyond self, possible.  They must then be combined as one, to achieve spiritual identity, & justified by equality and care, to earn freedom.


       Many argue “there is no life after death of the body/ just look inside the grave”!  While there is certainly no “after-life” for the body/ the body is not your life.  Thought equates as the conception of life, because without thought, the body is worthless.  Which makes or proves the body is only  a house. 

       We then come to energy; and by the terms of physics recognize:  energy does not die when changed, it is merely transformed into something else. So the question is:  can thought be consistent with energy as its home/ can thought in fact create an environment within energy? The first question,  demands this answer:   what is consistent with life or thought about the gray matter that is your brain? We then begin the secondary question, as in  the true question is:  if life can be transient (able to conceive of motion without a body)/how does it sustain itself?  The question is:  what else can it be; what else can it participate as? Or more distinctly what else, can an individual identity become, if not a body?

       I leave that question to your own heart, a reality of expression, that gives meaning to your own soul. Any such information given would only infect the university cancer worse/ and they would threaten life even more!

 The search, is a distinct part of being an individual;  “good for you”.  Time is your journey, use it for your eternity.

 Time is the eloquent means, to become “yourself”/ by your own decision! Time is the space we need, to understand the blessing life can be, and participate with value. Time is the elemental definition of what change can become, in you or because of you. Time is a participation within yourself, as love that includes all life, even you: it is a choice. Time is the dignity, to make your own decision/ to understand the consequences of that decision and adjust. Time is the truth you assemble as your own identity, proven true. The value of your life/ is the value you accept, as the passions or desires you defined with care. Simple as that.


The unfortunate reality is:  if you have substantial pride, then you must face your pride, and discover what you have believed, that is untrue. The search for your own truth must occur:  Because if you don’t; your eternity will die. My dad was a great man (better than most) in his younger years:  kind, generous, loving, even if not overly so. When he inherited money however, that all changed immediately; and he became proud. It was his tragedy, and I made him face it, at the end: because there was no other choice, for his own eternity. The change came with more time and less stress: “he wanted more people to play with”. So he adjusted his attitude and statements, and then beliefs;  “to fit in”!  That “did not make the others bad”, there is no cause to judge/ their reality is their own; it’s called freedom. Same is true for my dad, no judgment; because it was his right to make his own decisions. It is also true, my dad and mom had to fight to survive “the money” in the early years of marriage. No doubt it may have made him feel a little, like “a loser”, as so many do; undoubtedly someone helped that. So when you get money, that is not needed;  It is very easy to feel proud, “winner”.

I should also indicate, that due to this work; I did not have much time to spend with my dad;  simple as that. and I did what he hated:  continually going to court/ having a long parade of police out to see me/ challenging leaders in government/ proving his money was counterfeited/ challenging “America the great”; and more. Such as challenging his entire group of friends with: “the noise of grain drying MUST be lessened, (tortures me)”, and made a court case out of that: which could cost them money. That would also include, not being like him anymore, and so on. You never know, what life will bring. In the last couple of weeks of his life “he came back to me”; and I know he survived, the essence of death.

Nonetheless: What you believe matters, because lies will force you into an eternal grave. It is then better to face your truth, and remain alive!  So say I. Money is not evil, “it did some good”. What is evil is arrogance, and believing in your own superiority. If asked: was the inheritance good or bad? The answer is:  what you accept as your own decision is either good or bad; the reality which enables it, is not. YOU are the owner of your life! You are the creator of your own decisions.

My advice is:  “don’t be a teenager” at any point in your life. Teenagers believe:  “if I am like them/ then they will accept me, and be friends”. Not true, unless you change you. A reality that is reserved for your own decision, not anyone else’s!  Be yourself, always;  or the price can be very high!

The lesson is:  beware what you wish for/ because the consequences are real. A friend is a friend, because of who you are. A value, is the love that makes life happy, including yours. Learn the lesson of time:  nothing is free.


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