7 base level decisions

7 base level decisions, that are required to live your own life, and create your own identity.


  1. YOU must decide what it is that YOU will NOT do/ not for anything in this world, or even beyond. That is your accepted & protected boundary, and it is up to you to insure it will not be crossed, by any decision that you will make. Acknowledging, there are also limits within myself; as no one here, is god.
  2. YOU must defend your own integrity, the essence of your own participation in this world: by choosing never to give in/ “when any form of voices or other, are trying to make you change”. This is done, by remembering;  even if very tired, “I will stand guard over myself”. I will not fail myself, and will do my best. I will think for myself, by accepting the lessons of my own reality, and searching for more HONESTLY, and without expectations.
  3. YOU must remove YOUR want, because want will control your life, and cause you to lie, cheat, or even steal. Staying away from those who do not make the same decision as you: “TO LET TRUTH DECIDE”.
  4. YOU MUST make the decision to love/ because anything less, will not keep you alive in eternity. Anything less, will just cause trouble and pain. The treasure of this universe is LOVE; “nothing else, is so rare”.
  5. YOU MUST RESPECT LIFE, because anything less causes or allows you to judge life or planet/ and that in turn becomes a measurement which allows for violence and hate. Even suicide, depression, and arrogance as well. Let the law decide, and accept nothing less as a society than justice, freedom, and the right to make my own decision.
  6. YOU must value the reality of miracles, that are clearly in evidence upon this earth. Nothing compares with life. Nothing is so gracious and kind to the living, as is the reality of this planet; apart from the consequences of men. Without it, life here is extinct.
  7. YOU MUST RESPECT GOD   !  Without HIM, there is nothing else. Without HIM,  there is no life, not even in you.


Discipline is the nature of our existence/ order is the foundation of our lives/ balance attests to the reality of every decision that we make:  as the consequence of that becomes, the future we chose, or were cast into.