a valuable lesson

A valuable lesson;  includes the truth:  nothing is more important, than what happens when you die!


        Religion uses that as fear, love, or whatever you want it to be/ as does all other forms of human intellect, with a wide range of expectations, “from nothing, to playing god, without any price associated”.  So the critical question is not what you know/ because you know nothing, or very little.

        We must begin, by recognizing what is, or is not true! Because only truth can survive beyond time, and time itself cannot exist without truth.

        The dead brain among you begins with “in a sudden instant called the big bang” all mass was created from nothing.  Even a first grader would know better:  where did the energy for that big bang come from, if there was “nothing” as they say. Delusion after delusion, followed by every conceivable fantasy and story telling lie the dead brain can come up with;  most likely by stealing it from the others.  As to the reality of that event, you will begin with understanding the information that has already been given to you from my sites.  If you cannot comprehend even that little bit/ then no further teaching will help you. So if you want to learn more about energy “go search the past here”.

        The dead brains call life an accident, that just kept reoccurring until:   we got it right- by choosing what we wanted to keep/ and letting all the chaos in life without a brain;  before “value” die.  Without a brain means:  NO POSSIBLE DECISION can be made/ NO POSSIBLE comprehension of value, can be deduced.  Because you have no connection with reality or its expression or its experience or its life. Even a preschooler should know this/ but not “your cult”. To their & your shame;  “you follow them”!

        The dead brains tell you nothing matters/ there are no consequences to anything they do:  “because evolution will fix it all, in a billion years or so”.  Let’s review:   they destroy life, and mutilate it into extinction/ and you let them, because they promise “in a billion years or so;  EVERYTHING will be back to the same as it is now”.  But you can’t think:  proven true, so you say   “OK”.  DUMBASS, even a fool knows better/ so what, does that make of you? Answer the question, do it now piss head.

        The dead brains promise:  sure you can pump poisons in & around/ up & down/ through the water supplies or any other possible way to contaminate it all;  so there is nothing left for life to drink.  Because they are certain, “we can be your gods”. And the leaders DEMAND (as with all things university):  “believe in your gods”/ they CANNOT be questioned!  And you believe them;  even an infant, if he or she could talk knows more than you.  The diarrhea surrounds/ start digging out or die.

        The dead brains give you medicine; and the whole world gets sicker:  so says the evidence of your healthcare bills!  Yet you call them gods, and worship them as saviors, even though they bankrupt you all:  read the evidence, and tell me what that means? Go ahead:  TRY.

        The dead brains say:  the world has not changed/ over-population by humanity will be no problem at all.  Yet reality proves, there are already a billion people hungry; everyday.  While complete disrespect for the truth of our new existence continues to add another billion mouths to feed in less than a decade.  Cannibalism is coming, and only “devils” hide that truth:  so you can be HORRIFIED!

        The dead brains say, “we can bring atomic fire here/ and it will be GREAT”!  NEVER ONCE admitting, there is no possible way to extinguish that fire “just like the sun” once it is ignited.  Not to worry, “it will just extinguish itself”:  says satan, as reality of arrogance so defiled, they are willing to gamble every life on this planet, even the solar system. On a theory filled with absolute fraud.  More information about sun fire, is on the front page of www.justtalking5.info   everyday they try to ignite atoms; even if they call it fusion:  an absolute LIE!  Just look at the sun “like they do”/ and prove that is anything but atoms being burned!  Answer, “you CAN’T”/ and neither can they.  So they literally,  intend to kill our world, on purpose (its impossible to be that STUPID):  and that includes you too.

        Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera.


        IN CONTRAST TO A DEAD BRAIN/ the living brain conceives of life and planet as a miracle, by examining the evidence of life and planet to conclude NOTHING SHORT OF    “GOD”   ;  can do this!  That is not religion, it is, just plain truth.


        Given that certainty, with absolutely no possibility of error:  every associated relationship that begins the journey to a relationship with CREATION ITSELF, aligns through the existence of thought.  Or more simply:  the elements of what is true, all point distinctly at an understanding so eloquent and valuable, that nothing on earth can equal it. Every aspect of knowledge, every underpinning of wisdom as is evident throughout this creation:  SAYS “CREATION EXISTS, BY THE HAND OF A CREATOR”.    So the first question is why, are we here?

        The value of that question is somewhat infinite, as life has no essential measurement. It is ultimately “alive by thought alone”/ even if, our bodies of life give us the recognition called time.

        Because thought cannot be quantified, human reality cannot conceive of truth beyond self. UNTIL you choose, to ascend beyond self, in the search for life itself/ as is intricately woven within thought. Few care to try, and many of these are found dead;  because they could not discontinue their own wants.

        Nonetheless, the question returns to what happens when you die, as the immortal understanding (this is not up to you):  WHAT IS THOUGHT/ WHY DOES THOUGHT EXIST/ WHO PARTICIPATES IN THOUGHT/ WHEN DOES THIS OCCUR/ AND HOW DO WE GET TO AN ETERNAL “ELEMENT OF LIFE”; that is obviously, without a human body?

        Thought is the binding of energy, which gives existence its very mass. That makes creation a participation from all things “energized”. The question then becomes: if thought is in all things/ then what is life? The answer replies:  what comes from the existence of energy released, yet bound into a dimension of its own;  is a source of reality by law, through a different truth. The fundamental value of a life is then formed by this variation of truth, into the foundations that become its own reality. As is an identity which can be shared within existence, as a universal trait. The complexity of where can “I go”, as an independent life beyond body:  consists as to the environment of doors. Where every door opens to your own truth. A dimension that lives or dies by your own experience. Love shares value:   GOD shares life, with those who love, and respect HIS own boundaries.  The value being:  without love, there can be no eternity! Which makes the treasury of your soul, “love alone”.


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