an education

It is fair to assert and describe:  that an education is a good thing/ so long as you use it to protect, defend, identify, and create the values that give existence a blessing, from your knowledge, understanding, or wisdom.


        An education is consistent with, the ability to be free/ as reality;  unless it is very simple and easy because nature provides everything without work:  demands, either do it correctly or suffer the consequences.

        To know the difference between a decision that will become a blessing or a curse; is in fact, a very valuable wisdom.

        To know through the existence of evidence, the realities we do or we will face in our future/ gives us that right to prepare and change what we can in fact change:  to achieve a better tomorrow.

        To understand respect, so that we can achieve a balance to our lives and our society;  grants that there will be peace and harmony for all.  If we remove the hatred, discard the want;  and choose to let truth decide.  Only truth conceives of wisdom, and only wisdom precipitates harmony or peace, through respect.

        Discipline constructs a system of values, by which we create the boundaries and limits we set for our own individual lives.  Without distinct boundaries, it is possible to be drawn into temptations that will then confront you with tragedy and disgrace.  Without distinct limits, that you accept as your decision:  there will be failures, that can only be endured, if possible.

        Order is the translator of why, how, when, where, who, and what. Because order achieves the steps from which we deliberately act, and fundamentally behave:  all other transitions through the living of time are about want or hate/ and they will lead you into chaos.

        Balance conceives of life, by distributing the grace of everyone is important/ even every life, that is not consumed by hate. Given that truth, the foundations of an education must recognize:  when we take more than we need/ we remove those possibilities from someone else;  causing grief or unhappiness, because they have needs and desires too. The arrogant will say:  “I don’t, & I won’t care about anyone else/ those who do ARE FOOLS”.

        REALITY says:  every time you fail to share what is honest and true, thereby contributing to the love that builds a society, and creates the harmony we would have achieved/ you then do the opposite, and create hate. Every love lifts another life, so they can lift another life.  Every hate destroys another life/ so they can use violence and tragedy to influence more.

        An education is, the value of life itself, understood as a gift:  because all knowledge grasped, and led by reality,  proves life is  a miracle. ANYONE discarding that truth, is a born liar/ that lives only, to discard life itself into a tomb.

        An education is:  the fundamental assertion, LIFE EXISTS because of the laws which sustain it. The truth which guides survival itself, into the ways that give us comfort and time. A catastrophe is:  the lies which form an abyss of want, into which people fall, because they can never get enough of anything for long.  Causing life itself, to be degraded into “something measured, and failed/ or too arrogant to survive, or achieve love”. 

        An education is:  what we earn within ourselves, IF the value of what is being taught, is real.  An education that is not of value, seeks only to steal from you, and make you worship & obey them. 

        An education arises from the inside, because nothing less than your own commitment to acknowledge and then share what is true;  becomes valued/ unless you are a thief.  An education arises, because the disciplines learned, give life its opportunity to become even more than it is today. More means:  an ability to help. Less means, an ability to entrap, cheat, corrupt, destroy, disease, or fail life.

        An education is:  the passage beyond self, from which we learn to identify thought, rather than judgment or want.  Thought constructs the essence of life, and it exists only for those with heart or soul. Thought identifies the elements which give us hope, and heals the distance we are from our eternity.  Thought surrenders want, because it is without justice or fair play.  Justice brings peace.  Fair play grants harmony. Love establishes happiness that will not die, unless we share much more than we receive. An education includes the critical truth:  give your soul to   GOD   first/  so that the very best of love and life that is within you cannot be stolen.

        An education is, life meets death:  but time alone claims the body.  What then is life, elevates itself beyond time:  because thought is not consistent with a body, it lives within the soul.  Thought is our translation which says:  I AM ALIVE.  It is not body, which forms the house from which we live in time. A house is not a life, it is merely the place we reside, as we learn to choose.  A life is:  the freedom to choose, because we know, this is more than our humanity presents/ we know, that miracles mean the potential of an eternity.  The critical element:  the heart which is our ability, and desire to care;  forms the transition between a life measured in time, and a life that is sacred (beyond all that humanity can be or do), therefore a gift.


        Of the various elements described by an education are “what/ where/ who/ when/ how/ and why”.  All but why are aligned with order. Why exists within the disciplines of law, and is thereby different. Balance adheres to the bond which completes the question between two distinct possibilities.  Just like there is a bond which holds the opposing energies of an atom together. There is a bond that holds the elements of a life together, called thought.  Thought thereby elevates life beyond time, because it exists beyond the state where energy rules life. The question is:  if thought stands alone, as significant only to itself/ then what is to be conceived of as “everything else”?  The opposing existence of time, conceals the value of thought, by creating or allowing what is not thought, but measurement, thereby judgment standing alone. Yet we live within the confines of time, and sustain an ability to think beyond measurements if we have soul.  Thereby human existence is a participation in-between the extremes. The question is why? The answer is:  love is the most treasured reality of this universe, it makes all life worth living. But love is a true choice, that can never be ordered or caused to exist:  because it is entirely “free-will”.  Within our freedoms, we have the right to choose love; and thereby become within this universe something truly valued for life.  The consequence of free-will is, that the opposing force of measurements thereby judgment is also a choice.  The unfortunate reality:  most humans prefer “to play god, and judge”.

        LOVE requires a distinct truth called purity to sustain itself. Love that fails life, results in “heartache and chaos” for the rest. Therefore love is tested here in this humanity, and given its choice where the consequences are far less dramatic:  to be, or not to be “true”. The values of experience, and the rewards that are expressions of love, mimic the relationships we will share beyond this time. What you can be “within eternity” is determined by your truth.  Where you shall exist beyond time, is determined by your own decisions. Who you shall become, lives or dies with the love you have agreed, accepted, and chosen to share. When we leave this time,  we do enter the purgatory of every truth shall be refined/ and every lie shall be removed. How we complete that journey, is a relationship with soul/ if you do not share that, you will fail life.  As to why life exists, the answer is found within the law. Laws rule reality, therefore reality is determined by the laws which control it.  To change and live according to the law of life, not of men:  is to understand only truth can determine a peaceful and harmonious future. Want never will, that is the basis of every lie. Pride is the seed of every judgment. Power is the alteration of time (as it would be), to play god over the rest.


Within the discovery:  how can life exist “within the light”/ as is consistent with an assertion of;  energy forms the basis of experience and expression.  The question becomes instead, what is the bond that forms a boundary from our own distinctions?  Values limit the translation of time, by testing where would we hold that boundary to be? Love explains who can be loved, within our own grasp of desire. The question of when arises by our own “opening of doors” into the spiritual world, by what will interest you the most. The reality of how, is not to be conceived of within time. But a question of why acknowledges the desire, “to be the best you can be”.  That is a formation which gives breathe, to your soul;  when truth lives with you.

        An education means:  you have achieved the desire of thought, and formed an alliance with thought to achieve far greater things than time. An education is not memorization:  which is simply the preparations to serve or slave. An education is: the shared possibilities of what freedom can mean for you. The proud, the powerful, and the greed called want NEVER share: they want what they want, which is you serve me.  The consequence of that is:  “memorize what we tell you/ and question nothing”. The reality as is proven in this day:  a society built on lies and fantasies which will not survive.  Leaving your only choice, other than death:  accept the price required, to change for:  LIFE COMES FIRST, and don’t look back.

        We approach the gate of HELL in this world, as a consequence of choices that have already been made.  Which means the whole world is involved in this catastrophe; and IT WILL take an entire world of human decisions, to change the future that has already been decreed.  IT WILL    “take    GOD  “  to grant the mercy, thereby time we require to change, and fight for this world.  Anything less is futile.    Love does not sacrifice the children!  You however chose:   just because you said,  “let’s all pay later/ but never did”. A world that can no longer survive.  That, by the reality of the evidence, the decisions not to care; but let university do anything they wanted:  is the truth.


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