an insane generation

       Leaders worry about power, politicians and military men worry about pride, people worry about want:  but reality knows, by the evidence of truth. At one hundred million+ more human mouths to feed added over deaths every single year:  NOBODY survives the future, without true change.


       Like 90 percent of all male leaders throughout history:  the first few days of authority are given to believing that the people should be helped. When that proves to be harder than expected, or more expensive than desired, or destroy the power demanded. Then they all turn to war, with someone else:  because the only true purpose of power is to play the game, “I can be god (no one can challenge me)” here. What is more powerful than killing people, or sending them to their deaths by your command!  The power of every people is in the law/ that your leaders cannot refuse:  because all the people agree, “this is justified”. To achieve that requires communication. To deny that requires propaganda. To become more than “the mice who cannot think for themselves”/ requires the demand to express yourself for peace. We give that to each other, when we refuse to take the government’s money, for our work. When society stops working, the military stops getting “bullets”! In other words:  the arbitration is, “WITHOUT US, you have no power”/ we have legal rights!  The answer to every conflict among men is law. The critical reality of men and society is:  without women long enough, they lose themselves/ and want change enough, to bring women back. So the legitimate answer to changing a nation is:  let the women gather together in one large city that is then protected from their men. Until those men change, by the demand and desires their own women shall define.

       All propaganda is entertaining at some level:  because the people won’t listen if it is not.  all propaganda is threatening at some level: because the people won’t feel a need to participate at some level if it is not. therefore the reality is:  give me what I want, and I will accept your lies! So what do people in a threatened nation want? The answer is:  GIVE ME MORE, and I will believe!  OR, do not threaten what I have:  and I will believe. But alas to believe is to trust whatever it is you want; and want is the basis of every lie!

       In America like in N. Korea:  the leader lacks social power for a wide variety of reasons/ so they turn to military power:  because that they believe cannot be taken away.  N. Korea stands prepared to do what they have been practicing for:  for the last fifty years, pride said FIGHT.    America stands prepared to prove what they say they are:  “gods over this world/ the big bully no one dares to fight”;  because pride demands it. So two bulls stand facing each other;  because sanity has turned away.  War is very easy, “everybody follow me”/ until you lose.

         If you let the tragedy of men which is war; engage in Korea:  if confined only to that peninsula, UNLIKELY. Millions will die:  not to worry ten million are replaced every month. BUT WITH THE GROUND DEAD, from nuclear radiation:  YOU, ARE NOW even more crowded, with less food. Not to worry though, with biological weapons released:  the crisis and    tears of an entire human race, will likely realize “we could all be dead soon”.  But hey, with a few left over, and spread all around the world:  why not use chemical weapons too?  “you, didn’t stop them”!  But then not a sound comes from the public at large anywhere on earth:  because they all want what they want/ and they don’t want this.  But they all refuse to be targets, because the media will make them fools. Just how it is.

       I honestly thought, once indisputable evidence of people trying to ignite sun fire (atoms on fire) here on earth WOULD BE ENOUGH:  to make even the most stubborn and vile stand up for life comes first.  I thought the courts could be made to obey the law. But I was entirely mistaken, and not one came to my aid, or even made a noise throughout society that I am aware of.  You want what you want/ and of course you ain’t no damn fool:  “the universities are god”/ they know everything.  Even though they were your classmates, and nothing about them then could prove “without mistakes”. 

       The reality is, although you call yourselves the “smartest generation that ever lived”/ you are indeed, the most insane generation; and will not survive the future you prepared. Sad or not/ children, even all life assassinated or not:  only you, can stop your own insanity, to accept a better way. That divides us entirely; as I do not participate in the death of an entire world.  WAKE UP AND CHANGE, your time is very limited on earth if you fail. Just how it is!

       There is no going back; once you kill every possibility of surviving the threats you chose to create through your leadership; particularly the university diploma. There is no going back, just because you believe there is nothing you can do as followers:  dead is dead, simple as that. There is no going back from propaganda that results in the tragedy of our extinction has arrived; too late now. There is no going back to a religion, that no longer matters:  you let the world die, because you were afraid to become extinct:  “now you are, or will be”. Can’t stop fighting for pennies?  Its counterfeit, all the evidence proves it’s so. That means:  in an instant, you go from a billionaire-to nothing. Even though you assert UNFAIR/ it will not matter. Losing this earth will matter:  ain’t that so?

       The value of life is simple:  look at a dead body/ which do you want? The value of eternity is simple as well:  “love/ hate/       or ghosting (to slowly dissipate into nothing).  Which do you want?

       The evidence of Creation is a MIRACLE OF LIFE surrounding us all.  The evidence of SATAN is:  a tragedy of destruction with every encroaching horrors;  as is the mutilation of nature/ the ignition of atoms on fire/ loss of resources ending the future:  ETCETERA/ ETCETERA/ ETCETERA.  Which do you want?  Because Satan is here:  so says all the threats, and all the destruction set to make you and this earth EXTINCT.  Not a game, just the facts of our existence.

       Life comes first, or it ends for us all!

       As always, and with every single threat:  if you wait until N.Korea or the USA initiates a war. Reality will prove:  YOU CAN’T stop this now! Same is true of an atomic fire. Same is true of nature mutilated into terror exists. Same is true of resources and everything else. NO SECOND CHANCES.  This, is all you get;  make the most of it, or simply go extinct! Not a hard concept, you do understand; and no university will dig you out/ they, in large part;  put you in the grave. That is not harsh, it is reality:  but the vast public majority at large, said  “YES YOU CAN”;  because you believed in them. Today the evidence will prove, that was your worst mistake. DO, what you can do {no one can do more than that};  life or death is that simple.


      You can tell Trump:  “you are threatening millions of babies, if not more”. Therefore did you choose to become “Syria”?  You can tell N. Korea:  the military will cease to exist, as will all other power & pride; gaining you, and your people nothing but death and complete destruction. NOT America is stronger/ rather, fools with tools, can destroy much. Arrogance is not an answer:  LAW IS, because that will effectively make you equals:  when the whole world holds every leader,  to the same rules of behavior! The world courtroom is for leaders, NOT countries; let the people themselves as one world united:  decide what is fair.


       8 BILLION PEOPLE CAN TELL a tiny handful of leaders:  what they will or will not do. Are we not the armies, and the human power of every nation! Indeed we are.

                            James Frank Osterbur


       Stopping America is as simple as:  identifying their currency has no value. That is the price. If you think not, I will remind you:  America has been at war for roughly 80 years out of the last one hundred. They were the people roaming around the world setting off nuclear explosions to threaten them all! Another cold war is not likely. That is why they are bankrupt, and let the universities play games!  Very little different than N. Korea (America has, “highest incarceration” rates); other than resources or a bigger nation. Propaganda done!

       Stopping N. Korea is as simple as:  world law, thereby it is known:  our world is now one, against only you and the failure called “your leaders”.  With law for society, world, and nation, even you shall win a better life.  It is your choice.

       Stopping Afghanistan: is as simple as removing their women to a safe place/ and letting the women tell them what they must change; to get them back.

       Stopping Isle: is as simple as “let them have a dedicated place (you and yours stay only here)”/ so they can prove to the world, exactly who they are.

       Stopping Syria is as simple as:  world law establishes this leader goes before the world to decide his fate. These who supported, have no money: they spent it all.  And are now completely dependent upon world relief.

       Stopping conflict in the Ukraine:  requires a deliberate decision.  Which means there must be a well defined statement of points, which prove what are the advantages to every citizen:  when we remain united/ or divide into pieces.  Only when each knows the law they are fighting for; can there be an end.  Not a leader, or even a nation:  BUT THE LAW WHICH THEN GOVERNS THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES.

       Stopping the continual crisis in Africa:  requires population control SHALL be accepted; with every shipment of food.

       Stopping the terrorists:  requires, the feel respected/ rather than cast aside.  To do that, they must realize a future for themselves. To do that, in a vastly overcrowded world:  demands real change, and a humanity that is willing to put our world first.  Rebuilding/ recycling/ reusing/ and doing everything we can for life to survive the threats university minds did create.


A footnote to America:  it is without doubt, that N. Korea will do whatever it can to encourage participation against America if or when a war begins. While americans believe “its just N. Korea” we are much stronger.  The reality is more clearly proven as:  IF YOU WAR with N. Korea/ then you will become far more vulnerable to any other nation that wishes to attack you later. As you spend the military:  you lose your defenses. Leaving only weapons of mass destruction left.  While you may believe that is enough.  Reality states:  China/ Russia/ and others are going to be affected by any use of atomic weapons; and any expectations you have for their non-involvement will then disappear. Besides, as the previous Korean war proved: “it won’t be as easy as you believe”! and S. Korea has far more at stake, and must lead the way to de-escalation. “think of the children” ain’t that so?

I will offer S. Korea one more option:  IF the N. Koreans, WILL REMOVE EVERY weapon of mass destruction, which includes either military reductions or a build-up of military options in S. Korea first.  THEN THE USA SHALL remove itself from the peninsula, and interfere no more. Everybody wins, if the summary on both sides is:  you value peace.


In contrast to that option: should N. Korea in particular believe they can then war against S. Korea. The critical truth is:  a hungry nation CANNOT sustain a moving army. Therefore the food supply will determine the outcome: in a non-nuclear war. Biological weapons have no friends. Chemical weapons can be returned to you. Because as they remove the food, from non-critical members of the military:  they will make enemies of themselves. And those who consider themselves “same people”; will choose for the south.  For peace:  demand the armies shall divide their weapons, to be        EQUAL/ or surrender their significant weapons to be friends.  TREATIES BETWEEN Russia/ China/ USA/ and both Korea’s;  in particular will bind each:  to non-involvement, or the others have a right. Making Korea, simply Korea: let them find their solution.





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