basic development

Basic developments, the question of our future.


        Time recognizes certain things in humanity.  Men want what they want, and are driven to fight for what they want:  because other men who realize, “this is how to control those men”/ find a way.  When push comes to shove, the focus of men is resolved to be “just one thing”/ because that is what it takes to survive, or attain what is wanted;  even though those who have taken power, made that life into a game. The universities want:  to make life a toy. Every action, every reaction, every purpose in 90% or more of what they do, can be recognized as making the others a toy;  you can only do or be what I want/ when I want/ if I want.  Women want, to be wanted;  therefore they do what they do. When that has pasted, they want other things.

        Given that, it then becomes simple to deduce that want drives our world, to be what humanity believes they want their lives in time to be. The second part of that is “winner, as in pride/ the game to determine who gets to rule, or slave”.  When not treated fairly or with justice, we do become slaves to those with the power to refuse us “realistic equality”. The purpose of a game is:  to make yourself superior to them. So we gain behaviors, from the trial and tribulation that is pride;   competing for a purpose that is little more than fantasy.

        Power is the alteration of life, into a game of thrones. Wherein “the little people” have no say/ and the armies of men or money or diplomas or courts or “pretty” or whatever it is;  exist to insure that remains so.  Governments form around the money, because the money is the easy way to keep the slaves in line.  Governments become by and of the people, therefore not slaves;  when they themselves control the laws. Because laws give us the right:  “to look inside the armies of men” and say THIS ONE, has done us wrong/ and the law must be observed or you the armies of men, are merely criminals instead of warriors for peace. The policing power CANNOT tolerate:  “cowards (their fears rule them, not lawful conduct)/ haters (Nazi “SS” formed here)/ thieves (surrounded by threat)/ righteous (we are gods, we KNOW we can’t be wrong:  which makes you “the trash”)/ or fools (every fantasy has a right).  If they are allowed, there can be no peace; because harmony and hope is removed.

        Harmony exists as “I know, there is room, and acceptance for me here”.  Hope is:  if I am disciplined, and orderly/ then the balance of what my heart desires reality to be, should surely be mine.  If I do my best!

        The future is built, upon every decision that you make. There are consequences to the decisions that the others will make. The sum total of what we do as a world, then becomes the potential of our world.  But nothing exists without a resource to make it so.  Consequently our decisions make the children pay.

        People want life to be easy/ and all leaders want to lead:  so they both agree in principle “just do what has to be done/ and leave me alone”.  Unfortunately the world has changed, and what the public does can destroy this world or nation or state. And what the leaders do can destroy this world or nation or state. And the children pay;  which does remove their right, to a life that is fair or justified by what could have been.

        At death’s door/ which is our current reality given the list of true threats we all face equally:  those methods are no longer to be tolerated.  Because we cannot be wrong;  anymore!

        So the questions are:

  1. HOW do we change governments so that we can survive? The answers are simple:  take away the money from government officials, along with the power to make war. Take the law away from government officials, by establishing not more than one hundred “one page” laws that are chosen and learned by all the people themselves. Judge the judge, and fire those who fail you. Pay the lawyers as a society/ at a rate determined by who proved justice was fair. Educate reality, and prove what happiness can be. Extremely limit the university. Make medicine fair to all;  it is not a game. Choose world law, and govern the leaders as a world. Remove weapons of mass destruction/ no exceptions. And so on.
  2. The next step is, HOW do we change social structures to include everyone as best we all can together? The answer is:  NO you may not make any unnecessary rules/ YES you may zone categories of life style in your cities.  NO you may not pollute excessively/ YES you must recycle as much as possible.  NO you may not submit “charities are the answer”/ YES you must include all the people have a true reality to find work at a living wage, plus a little more. NO you may not risk or gamble with life, planet, or resources/ YES YOU DO OWE YOUR CHILDREN THEIR OWN FUTURE.  And so on.
  3. The power and filth of money is: the accumulation of greed beyond, or by removing all rights to the rest.  Therefore limited capitalism shall rule the world of humanity; giving rights to all the rest. By letting them vote periodically;  on just how much income per year, or property holding;  is fair to any individual or group.  As in “we the people   HAVE RIGHTS AND NEEDS TOO”.
  4. REALITY will govern healthcare NOT doctors; nor the real thieves which are the administrators who make the rules and choose the price.  A realistic education for the purpose shall replace the current situation. Society will pay for the education/ but the medical professional will then return work in accordance with their skill.  All patents for medicine shall be owed by the nation/ no exceptions;  however the individuals responsible shall receive a fair and deliberate compensation defined by its results. The production of Medicine shall be BID contracted by governments/ and then distributed by need. No more free enterprise in healthcare:  society shall “get bids” in its various cities and so forth/ and society shall pay, giving access to all those who need it through these bids. Society provides “the expensive equipment”/ proven skill sets define who can or cannot do the work; and a diploma is not the determining factor.  If you can do, what we need to be done/ then you can be hired. That is true for all categories of work/ but if you lie, and cause harm: there will be consequences you don’t like. KNOW your limits/ ALL, must be fair.
  5. The greatest degree of social happiness, is determined by the greatest degree of personal choice, that is only limited by what you can or cannot do. To achieve that reality:  extremely few large places of employment are allowed. No stock will be issued/ the stock market is closed;  because greed and gambling cannot resist rape/ ravage/ and ransacking society (a proven fact).  Agriculture shall change back, into the day before chemicals, or antibiotics were spread EVERYWHERE. Agriculture will be granted a fair market value:  by asserting there will be only one price on any product, given per working day throughout the year. If you want to gamble on the board of trade you can. But as to the reality of agriculture:  change has come.
  6. The greatest degree of personal happiness is determined by friendship and romance. Nothing is more limiting, or conducive to depression, hatred, etc; to the average person than isolation.  So the critical tool which is to identify hate:  MUST BE cultivated/ that these enemies of life can be removed.  Then peace exists dependent upon your own choice. Your own acceptance of others, as they become “the elements of your time”. Instead of trophies or toys to be thrown away as if it were dust.
  7. The greatest degree of religious happiness is defined by, understanding what is true/ rather than whatever you want “life or eternity to be”. So you will gather that information together as a world, constructing the   test of evidence   wheresoever possible;  and then become a unified world, by granting “this is, the best we did do”/ the best we can do, at this time.
  8. Communication is critical: therefore you will assign the language of the deaf/ as the “necessary words and methods” to be learned by all of humanity.  Thereby replacing the foreign language of men:  with our own words, as selected through every nation;  to become the best we can do.
  9. Weapons of mass destruction are the purpose of leaders, not men. Any leaders who will not comply, shall be assassinated or brought to trial. Any nation that lets its military release these weapons, in any form: shall be dissolved, or destroyed.
  10. WE CANNOT depend upon medicines to protect us anymore, that day will soon be over/ and the diseases the universities have produced, are going to be   Reality then states:  keep your distance, and don’t let anyone move;  so as not to infect the rest.  The easy days are over. You can do this/ or you can face many more A.I.D.S. realities.  That initial case was left to do whatever he pleased/ instead of insisting NO YOU CAN’T;  so that every effort to contain it could be found.  And millions have died/ billions affected.  Make your decision now, because too late/ is just too damn late.  Realities must be confronted.
  11. The list is so long, and your failure is so large; unless you are willing to prove the possibility of life exists in, at least some of you/ this discussion is over.




The critical factor of basic development is:  human existence revolves around two distinct realities.  “I want more than I have, or the others think I can be/ and I need more than I have, or the others will  let me attain.”  Which means unless you can defeat this reality, you will never survive long:  our world is dying/ and you do have to save it from yourselves.   THAT, requires deliberate human change in yourselves.  No excuses allowed.

        The cure is “be friends honestly, and with respect”/ then accept the boundaries of truth, and live within the disciplines nature and earth will allow.  Everything else, can be dealt with realistically speaking;  “as best we can”.


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