To:    “a medical facility”

From:  James F. Osterbur

St. Joseph, IL.

Dated 7/22/17

RE:  Your letter July 19, 2017:  a billing dispute. Your returned billing  7-14-17 is not welcomed here.


          The parameters are:

  1. I called your department of dermatology indicating a potential melanoma mole. Being aware of what this looks like due to my dad dying of melanoma after many years. In this case a mole which changed colors textures, and shapes.  A clear indicator, no further examination of specimen necessary.
  2. The standard and only procedure that you have available is to either burn the mole out/ or cut the skin and remove that piece of tissue from the body.  As this is the only true treatment for this potential disease/ it needs no further determination of specimen:  because there is only one treatment. Which was done, in less than ten minutes of your time. For which you were paid handsomely by insurance and me. End of story.
  3. It is consistent with reality to then demonstrate that you having no other true options that would be considered under the circumstances presented.  It was your decision to use this test for the simple procurement of a billing:  to collect, as an excuse; even more money.  Without any intent to present an alternate treatment: as there is none.  Which means “without my consent, and consistent with my knowledge as provided by you”/ it is an irrelevant, cost to me. In trial, should the burning out of a mole as was done:  be equivalent in all categories to skin removal. THEN YOU will be charged with attempted malicious billing/ a reality of organized crime.  If they are not equivalent/ then I will be demanding why was skin removal not the first line of treatment;  simplifying the process and eliminating the need for specimen.  Or more distinctly:  how dare you risk your patient lives without “first rate care”. Healing is roughly the same/ risk of infection is higher with skin removal. My choice, not yours; but you presented no option to me/ no clear understanding of this choice you made at my, intended expense.
  4. Consent to remove a mole/ DOES NOT constitute:  “do anything you want”!  My body/ my right.  My money/ not yours:  I have a choice. You have a clear responsibility to inform on all purposes, and their cost: that is consistent with billing properly.
  5. The cost of the specimen test does not reflect the reality of your work. Your test does not reflect or remind anyone that the treatment, regardless of its outcome/ shall not change to any degree.  The mole is either cut out or burned out/ same result for both. Which makes your test, not a quality of care/ but an attempt for more money: because it is irrelevant. A cost which I have then refused; as it gave me nothing of value.
  6. True quality of care would have included an entire body search for other  moles, to assemble “candidates of melanoma”:  which was not offered.  Consequently true quality of care is moot/ or proven to be “absent” from your work.
  7. You are free to take me to “jury trial in court, at your convenience” should you believe me wrong. That is your option. This warning is to assure you, I won’t play/ as the reality of organized crime in the courtroom, and in the form of lawyer extortion will be presenting itself, in a direct attempt to steal from me. The conspiracy to deny justice to a nation of people/ and keep them from fighting for justice among themselves is obvious; asserts as part of this trial.  That along with medical billing crimes, will define a collusion to destroy the United States of America. From the inside insurgency, which holds by theft;  “we the people” from defending ourselves through the law.  As is consistent with your intended threat “we will take the money”.
  8. My option is to take you to court: should you attempt ANY form of collection or consequences I deem unwise. Trial will immediately go to “class action status”/ where the war begins.   Wherein that trial shall be to declare:  that healthcare in America is organized crime for the sole purpose of extortion/ not care:  so says the billing of the American citizen.  That will be enhanced:  by examining the current cost of healthcare in America as a whole:  which is  roughly $3.5 trillion dollars.  Which is in a nation of roughly 350 million people;  presents a total of $10,000.00 per year per citizen. Of which I doubt:  that includes the insurance, or social security, and does not cover the military.  Examination of that evidence will reveal:  either a very sick nation, the consequence of chemical contamination and more.  OR A DELIBERATE attempt by medicine to make the public fear. Fearful people are an easy prey (just like a criminal mob uses bodily harm to force its collection and crimes):   the result,  to ravage, rape, and ransack their working lives. As is the intent and purpose:  to own slaves! THIS REALITY OF EVIDENCE (cost beyond reality of care), PROVES a deliberate insurgency has been operating to destroy and defeat this entire nation;  “from the inside”.  We will then turn to the legal reality:   that because this area of medicine affects and threatens the entire nation (see the cost)/ the entire nation must judge. The examination of evidence is WHY.   In support of that constitutional cause, are terms:  that law granting we the people LAW to assemble the evidence in protection of ourselves, already exists as first amendment redress of grievances.  The collection of evidence through trial has been completed:  the reality of courtroom treason a prepared participant in what this trial will be. Medical billing threatens the nation and this people, and it will ascend into trial:  costs prove it is so. That is a small sample, as we proceed from this potential beginning through trial and appeal.  I suggest you visit some of my sites, most recent  before making any decision. Or any assumption that I will not carry through with these purposes.
  9. While there are conflicts to be dealt with inside a courtroom/  one such irritation:   will be any attempt to refuse the jury information regarding “cost of trial to me”.  That is a deliberate part of any trial, and it is absolute corruption not to include that information. Therefore the judiciary: Will be met with contempt charges lodged against the judge, where corruption or collusion with the medical industry indicates treason. Another extension of trial.  As this will then become, “a trial, set out to describe rebellion;  against the nation” by controlling the court through conspiracy.  Interference in redress,  will be treason:  against “we the people”. The open insurgency against our democracy, by the refusal of constitutional law, or its omission.  Realities to be dealt with in media, will cause them grief/  but should they fail the public.  I suggest to you:  that this case will get attention with or without them, as medicine has bankrupted the nation itself. Media failure means:  I will push, which means there will be consequences/  because people will understand, they have rights. And if national trial, with or without the power media:   I predict your business will then become the image and name assigned:  of exorbitant billing, by the medical industry in this nation. A reality you won’t like, or be able to discard.  Not a threat, just a reality.
  10. Reasonable and customary is no longer accepted: the healthcare industry has formed a monopoly against society itself/ a reality anti-trust laws broken. Which were written to destroy and contain this very thing.  Which puts our governmental leaders on trial, joined to trial as well/ an enlargement of case.  Because they chose the medical industry, instead of “we the people”. As with all “university diplomas”,  their power is, to demand from society: “we shall earn a billion dollars more” than you. When the clear consensus is:  “the university was the best years of my life”.  Which establishes the reality, and enlarges trial as:  WHY should the rest, who had to work, and fight for a living;   pay you extra, for that?  We are enslaved, by counterfeiting US currency (hidden inflation)/ because reality does not warrant your greed.
  11. The place where evidence decides, examines the truth: THIS ENTIRE NATION has been attacked. The summation of medical expenses:  proves it is so! The reality of medical billing proves a conspiracy to enslave by constructing fear:  which is an insurrection (kill them with poverty/ take away their nation and their lives).  That fraud, attacking an entire nation, for the purposes of greed established by medicine:  is an extension of trial. Make your own decision, and proceed accordingly. Bearing in mind, that I will be asking in return from you:   WHATSOEVER you are seeking in court from me. Not a game.  We can however proceed in a courtroom:  for the strict purpose of justice/ and participate in a legal definition that removes all inappropriate billing by your entire industry together:  at no charge by me or you.  Strictly for justice, and public weal. Your choice, this is my preference, and I will not intend to attack you with the law.. [which means to enforce, the VALID RIGHTS, and WRITTEN INTENT;  which the constitution provides.  By extending trial to the constitutional demands, or critical treason against this nation].  Therein limited to: Simple “healthcare justice”.
  12. With regard to my own reality in this matter: I have no interest in going to trial/ as it is too late in so many ways to make a difference in whether this world lives or dies.  But I will, if you insist:  as I see fit.  This letter will appear on my web site above;  without your name. I remind you plainly:   I PAID, at your price/ for the work I requested to be done for me.  I REFUSE your assertion, that you did in fact do anything of value for me;  beyond that amount.  No value equals no right! So begins the prelude to trial:  the direction we will proceed, is now your decision to make.

Do as you wish, but I do recommend simply “leave me alone, and do nothing you will regret”. This world is too far gone, to make me care.  But I will fight legally, if that is your wish. I will push society to be involved, as well.


By extension of the clear definitions set out in these parameters of trial. Your decision to participate enables and agrees to all terms established herein. Should you choose to incur, and accept it/ by your own decision; “to go to trial”.  Otherwise:  back away from me/ but make no decision that adversely affects my life or options in the future.  Or I will make my own decision in this matter.


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