biblical 666 means

 The biblical “666”, literally means:  the time given for the destruction of this world. Because humanity said no, we won’t change/ not during the time law could have intervened. Nor during the time mercy was available for this world.

       That number is found in Daniel 12:  after the great abomination rises (nothing could ever be a greater abomination than trying to ignite an atomic fire, just like on the sun, here. NOTHING could be more arrogant, than to believe “we can control a ten million degree fire, with flames said to be one million miles long, that burns your skin from 91 million miles away in summer”: and risk all life on this planet/ even risking the solar system itself.  That sun fire burns the bond in atoms/ and will not be extinguished).  That machine, which could ignite this fire;  began,  or this decision rose into a reality on 4/1/2012. At the “national ignition facility”;  Lawrence Livermore laboratories, San Francisco.

       Once that reality started, with the clear intent to bring nuclear fire onto this earth:  according to prophecy there would be 1290 days until the first death:  the time law could save you has pasted.  And 1335 days until the second death:  the time allotted for change by the intervention of mercy by   GOD  .  it is in Daniel 12 verse 7;  that the inference creating the number 666 arises.  “a time, times, and a half time” refers to the length of days given to each phase of this descent into chaos (hell).  The first time is by law you could have saved yourselves, but failed. “the second, times” equals the time allotted for change by mercy, all indications are you will again fail; before its date July 8, 2019.  Then the “half time” occurs:  which arises because neither law nor mercy provided a change in human behavior.  Therefore the consequences of your decisions come to pass.  Half of the second death, as is time allotted by mercy equals 667.5 days. Or more distinctly, death of this world is scheduled to occur over 666 days/ leaving the last day for judgment, and the final half day for removing any and all life that will not be consumed. Presumably in some form, to another “beginning earth perhaps”.


       In consideration of that reality, comes revelation 13:  11-18.  The question erupts:  what is a beast?  The answer is:  an creature without law, that does whatever it wants/ because it can.  The first beast of revelation 13 is the universities, their war machines/ and their complete disrespect for life and  GOD  . as well as your worship of them.

       The second beast represents a ruler that appears to be “rather harmless/ but speaks:  with the intent to bring fear”. The fatal wound of the first beast “is inflicted by these words, which disavow:  the university knows”. Humanity continues to worship the university; even though they now know, “these are liars, doing great harm”.

       The fire coming down “from on high” is a nuclear bomb:  at this moment, likely to be on N. Korea. Thereby making the whole world tremble;  because what starts destruction/ cannot bring peace. The mark on the hand to buy or sell: is the end of “independent money”; as is being done today.  No more “I own this (without their number infused with your skin)”.  Only those in charge of these “Infused numbers”;  decide if you can buy or sell anything (no freedom):  because the counterfeiters have destroyed currency.  Clearly true, and coming. The calculation is:  that with these final steps, the destruction of man is now complete enough for those in power, to declare themselves to be  “god”.


       Of the various questions that occur, in consideration of why, “does humanity allow” critical failures in their lives/ their nation/ or their world, so that liars consume them?

       The answer is:  with VERY few exceptions, each human being “simply wants what they want/ and anyone who promises you get what you want; regardless of the cost to any other life: is who they follow as a mass or herd”. When forced to take responsibility for their own decisions: what happens is, “I want what I want/ and among those things I want: is to believe that I can trust myself or those other leaders that I trust/ because that makes me in charge of what I want”.  Even when confronted with “this is a lie/ or a clear understandable mistake”;  the vast majority will believe whatever they want to believe/ so as not to deal with the consequences of what is in fact true. It is not “hating truth”/ but the fact instead:  they did not know the truth, and must admit to accepting or creating lies, if they are wrong.  Being wrong, is then more subtly the cause for what they cannot accept as right.

       The foundation of that is:  I want what I want/ and I want to be superior, or at least equal and able to prove equal by my own decisions as the others. To believe, requires only that you retain or find “one tiny truth” upon which to rely. Like all religion, that truth can be anything you like it to be; so long as something exists, to anchor your belief too. It can be anything, just like all gossip is!  The clear contrast is:  only truth is a decision that can be trusted, that fact NEVER comes down to a human being. Truth is truth, humanity is humanity, and they are not the same. Truth cannot be changed. Humanity is “a fluid mechanism” by which we learn how and why to change; if desiring truth to lead our lives. Religion is; the distinction searching beyond time:  to assemble something which gives us hope, life will be better/ or life will be fair in our future!

       Truth creates the environment of our lives; even though humanity lies and worships lies to change that truth into what they want instead. Lies NEVER survive into the future, even if they remain undiscovered in human time/ lies destroy eternity, and are not permitted in life beyond time, only hate. Even so, the truth of our existence at this time in history, is very simply this:  we cannot survive as we are/  extinction is certain.  Change is required, because want is irrelevant or deadly.

       That brings us to reality:  men brought us here, are they not leaders? The universities decide, manipulate, tempt, and control governments;  and create numerous threats so extreme, we have no chance to escape/ unless we make them stop. This is the best men did do; after thousands of years of history to prove they will not change. Only the weapons change, the ability to attack nature and environment:  everything else about male human behavior;  remains essentially as it has always been. Except for the university ingredient of extreme  arrogance/ that has brought change. And our world can no longer survive their consequences.

       The reality of that truth is:  we must have different than this/ and the only fundamental truth of “different”;  is let women try to rule.  Not better, but quite honestly they are DIFFERENT;  and that exists as proven true.  Different means change. Different means:  the entire construction of male control over society, industry, universities, medicine, and governments WILL collapse by making women;  as an independent group (together we define the law, and the direction of society;  that will be “our change”) be in charge.  Men will not know how to interpret or control them without fear.  So give them room, and let them try: to conceive of a better world than this.

       No possibility of survival exists, without this change. Because we do stand at the very edge of complete chaos; and it is because of the decisions that men did make, under the influence of university knows.  The problem with making all nations interdependent upon each other is:  “they will all fall together, at the same time”/ leaving war, the only solution of men. As history has proven time and time and time again. This is the truth, because every decision points to the same reality of evidence:  you cannot survive this world, by the decisions which you made;   to destroy every foundation of survival, life itself needs.


       So, let’s examine for a brief moment, the human assertion:  “I DON’T have to think for myself/ so long as the others do that for me, I can just follow along. THEN whatever goes wrong is entirely THEIR FAULT. Whereas if it goes “good for me”/ I CAN take all the credit for myself, as if they didn’t exist. The herd, the cult, government, etc;  all exist, as a human endeavor;  on the basis of this simple premise.

       The second premise is:   nothing can go wrong, so long as we all believe the same thing/ our numbers will prove us right!  And if it all goes wrong/ then we are all in “the same boat” (you CAN’T blame me)!

       The third premise is:  I can and I will make you suffer too/ or we can and will make you suffer because, “you aren’t one of us”. And if you are, then we will treat you badly. This is applied throughout the generations as competition removed. In grade schools, it’s get out or be bullied; and that never truly changes over time;  because a mob is a mob, although weapons vary. Mob means:  I don’t need a reason, just an excuse!

       The fourth premise is:  I never have to care/ because you don’t have to care either. That makes us equal, that makes you an enemy rather than a friend;  and I can do to my enemies anything I want.

       The fifth premise is:  money is god/ and god is whoever has the most money. Thereby the slaves must slave, and the fools must beg, so the nobility (I got the money/ or the excuse of a diploma) can prove they are “god”.  As in;  I think/ YOU beg; “its your job”.

       The sixth premise is:  “I can” escape, regardless of reality/ by simply removing your influence with drugs; depression; avoidance; disrespect; violence; religion; or fear.  The assumption being, “truth will change itself”/ when you avoid it.  It does not!

       The seventh premise is:  If only I was rich too/ THEN, I would be happy, and everything would be grand! Alas happiness cannot be bought, and it fails in short order, because truth does not allow participation unless you share its journey. Happiness constructs family, and family then shares its journey with each other. That journey into expression and experiences, achieves the excitement necessary to understand, “I am, a miracle alive”;  wherein happiness does truly live.

Every premise (a promise you don’t have to keep) is an excuse to pretend, this is enough; or I am excused because I can’t change this.  Every reality however, is the reaction to what truth has already been done.  Thereby it exhibits the future, by your own choice. Unless someone cheats.  In America today:  the lies/ cheating/ thieving/ traitorous acts/ whoring/ terrorists/ failures/ and fools have made it certain:  every premise you believe has become your enemy released.  Like it or not:  you will think for yourselves, by examining truth through our reality;  or die as all simpleton’s do!  Destroyed by people playing god, with their lives.


The reality of president Trump, and his threat (others in congress as well) against N. Korea “because they should not have a missile or nuclear weapon that can reach the USA”.  Means the likelihood of a preemptive strike, by the USA is very possible.  “we only hit the nuclear and missile sites”/ but that move will almost certainly undermines and destroy, the fabric holding together all other nations which have the same things. . Even more critical is:  they want to take out all capability to create a nuclear bomb, as well as missiles. Which means, even a less than nuclear warhead hitting a pile of nuclear material; will spread that radiation both far and near N. Korea is certain to retaliate, “Just like the USA, China, etc would do. The end result even if N.KOREA does not retaliate is:  NO ONE trusts any other nation again. And plans, and preparations;  to do the same to this USA will almost certainly arise. The biblical prediction is CHAOS/ CANNIBALISM/ AND ALL-OUT WAR;  after the end of mercy to change (we refuse) stops for life on earth;  as of July 8, 2019.  Just another detail, in the long list of consequences, being wrong about realities that can exterminate life on earth.  WORK HARD, AND FAST;  to bring world order through the disciplines of world law; and BY, a policing force made up of every nation on earth.  IT IS your only true choice, for survival! Believe it or not.


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