business and taxation

Employed rose by 11%, Not-in-Labor Force by 37% and U6 Unemployed by 57%.  Since the end of the Great Recession in 2010 through 2015, Unemployment dropped by 40% but voluntary workforce departures continued a steady exodus reaching a high watermark of 94 million able-bodied adults who choose not to work.  If this trend remains unabated, Jobenomics forecasts that America’s able-bodied, not-working population could equal its working population by the mid-2020s, or sooner if the United States slips into recession.


       That is a fair assessment of American realities; although it assumes the government statistics are not inflated, and thereby lies. Or more distinctly:  even though people file a tax form/ that does not make them a worker.  Worker means:  I did do something for someone else/ in exchange for money, which is then exchanged with someone else for what I want or need. Instead of that:  tax filers include all people who directly or indirectly, such as social security recipients; who get money for not working. That functionally includes those who invest, and let others decide;  as well/ because they are not contributing, they are using what was taken in exchange, or by theft and corruption; at an earlier time. While you can argue, they are causing others to work/ they are not exchanging that work with their own physical response. Life or death is determined by physical realities, mixed in with mental decisions that are appropriate for survival or happiness, as this is the will to survive.

       Regardless of the little things as are above. The reality of business in any economy is very simple:  EACH form of business provides what I want or need/ in exchange for what you want or need; both to survive and be happy. That is economic reality; and it cannot be serviced to any extent without resources. Therefore the resources and not any other description such as governing:  determines whether the nation or community, will be rich or poor. It is that simple, so long as the possibilities for work are known. It is that simple, until the resources are lost/ thereby the future destroyed.

       There is no labor shortage, consequently the competition is grim. There are robotics and computers gaining on every potential labor front;  consequently the competition for a human job is grim. There are enormous factories taking control over every form of production/ thereby driving resources into the garbage dump; while destroying even more jobs because higher efficiencies and wider distribution: end jobs. There is international trade, destroying the need for a wider variety of workers:  which ends their jobs. There are a billion hungry people around this world today, which makes them hungry to take any job/ at any pay:  increasing competition with venom (one of us, is going to die). There are enormous machines being built to remove jobs, and end entire communities/ because there is nothing left for us here. There are people determined to prove how smart they are:  by deliberately trying to think for you (extreme arrogance)/ so they can prove how important they are; and as a result, how worthless you are (we don’t need you at all, NOW). There are university graduates who have stolen every important job, and keep it for their group, which is “we are the superior ones/ I have a diploma:  I memorized the book”. There are leaders who say we need MORE competition. There are university fools in charge of governments, who spent our money (the effect and products of our work) on their own fantasies and delusions; failing on all accounts, what the future for life actually needs.

       The money launderer called the stock market; hides a large portion of the counterfeiting in America/ it will soon collapse;  because lies cannot support themselves. The thieves who stole all the value out of American currency:  the university diploma, whose planning and deception created 9 trillion dollars of increased asset; in the US accounting statement for each year of the Obama period. Are just following the trend for decades of “university driven expenditures”. They bankrupted us with their greed/ they made us indebted without the opportunity to pay that debt, with their fantasies/ they took over government, destroying the constitution from the courtroom (I have proof). They failed life; assassinating the future. The end summation is:  NO HELP HERE.


       So let’s look for what would help us to survive, the tragedy of where we are:  and the world says, “it’s not that bad/ WE DON’T have to do NOTHING”!  THE BRIBES (free money: works don’t it) are working for me.

       Lets review:  “so, if America continues: it’s because you want Russian style communism”?  Didn’t work for them, but lets review.  Only a tiny few people get to decide anything. Only a tiny few people actually have a job, the rest are slaves (you get whatever we choose to give you or nothing). Only a few people own everything (whether on paper or not, its true). There is nothing to buy, because there is no incentive to work (the few take it all)/ little incentive to learn (it’s a closed casket: nobody is allowed in, but us). That ends in tyranny and the overrunning of other nations:  because now we have to steal to survive.

       Unfortunately for the children:  there is no future.  Unfortunately for the elders, there is only war coming to end all life on earth:  because you failed life itself!  So the American leaders and others, are trying desperately to avoid EVERY HARD CHOICE/ and find a fantasy to make everything all better. Because this is exactly what they chose:  to be traitors, and fail life. Alas the lies are dying, and there are no more children to claim “LET THEM PAY”. The excuse “they don’t want to be bankrupt either”! But the facts are buying a reprieve based upon their lives:  DID NOT CHANGE ANYTHING, it just allowed the university leaders (only a diploma decides) spend more on themselves.  OR MORE DELIBERATELY:  THE PEOPLE WHO DEMAND THEY ALONE CAN THINK/ THEY ALONE CAN LEAD/ THEY ALONE HAVE A BRAIN; ETC/ ETC/ ETC.  have failed entirely, proving their “big brain”;  was entirely a lie. Just more sewage underfoot.

       The summation:  CAN’T survive by accepting communism. It won’t work/ never did. Can’t survive by letting others think for us/ we must make our own decisions.


       What will work?  Your leaders say:  MORE TAX/ we must have more tax/ taxation of the poor, that is the answer.  Because the rich have to be rich, or nobody can pay the poor! Now ain’t that right?

       Well lets review:  unless the poor have money, which are the multitudes of humanity/ there are no rich either, because when they can’t pay:  no business will flourish. That means ALL BUSINESS lives or dies based upon how much money the masses, which does include the poor have to spend. NO business, of value to society;  is dependent upon the rich/ that is a lie. Alas however, even if everyone suddenly had the same amount of money to spend: those who are destined to be poor, “would either spend that money instantly (look at me)/ or hide it away forever, failing society by being afraid”. Or, “I can’t lose this/ I just can’t (hide, hide)”. Those who are destined to be rich:  let what is true, decide where the money shall be spent. Reality teaches with common sense (life lessons, about what is, or is not true). Those who are in the middle classes, simply know:  “we can’t spend it all on today/ tomorrow will come, or we die”. That gives them options to explore the future “of me”.

       The summary:  money has no substantive value in the determination of an economy. Resources decide; and then the people who are willing and able to let truth determine what should or should not be done, create a society.  Those who are unwilling to let the honesty of  truth decide:  fail us all/ not less than themselves.

       Real Taxation is:  we all use things, which all of society helps to create. Therefore we all owe a distinct amount of tax, in support of these things. We all need a courtroom; even a poor one is better than nothing:  or guns and crime will rule. We all need a military, to defend us/ not attack others. We all need roads, education, etcetera. That costs money: somebody has to pay (do the work).  BUT we don’t need lies/ cheating/ stealing/ corruption/ treason/ rebellion/ collusion/ anarchy in governing/ terrorism supported against us/ fantasies/ delusions/ HORRIFYING DECISIONS; such as mutilating life or igniting the planet on fire or assassinating the children or military excessive failures. Etcetera.

 We don’t need the lies of taxation:  EVERY political contributor wants a tax loophole.   Apr 15, 2016 – As they rush to file their taxes by April 18, Americans are rightfully frustrated with the complexity of the 74608-page-long federal tax code

The largest source of compliance burdens for taxpayers – and the IRS – is the overwhelming complexity of the tax code.1 The only meaningful way to reduce these burdens is to simplify the tax code enormously. Consider the following: „ According to a TAS analysis of IRS data, U.S. taxpayers and businesses spend about 7.6 billion hours a year complying with the filing requirements of the Internal Revenue Code.2 And that figure does not even include the millions of additional hours that taxpayers must spend when they are required to respond to an IRS notice or an audit. (For a breakdown of hours by tax form and information reporting document, see Table 1.1.1 at the end of this section.) „ If tax compliance were an industry, it would be one of the largest in the United States. To consume 7.6 billion hours, the “tax industry” requires the equivalent of 3.8 million full-time workers.3 „ Compliance costs are huge both in absolute terms and relative to the amount of tax revenue collected. Based on Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data on the hourly cost of an employee, TAS estimates that the costs of complying with the individual and

More distinctly; as is seen in the 1040 long tax form for most US citizens not simply given a paycheck.  The clear intent of that form is to run the citizen through a “rat maze”. As there is absolutely no cause nor reason for the disgrace that it is. It is intentionally, and with clear purpose in mind:  MAKE THEM RUN THROUGH THE MAZE/ to make them trip, and be entrapped, so we can treat them any way we want.  That is a demonstration of criminal contempt. A judiciary in clearly in support of criminal fraud (no NOT necessary).

       So, let’s look at taxation itself. Government employees say:  The most recent Census Bureau data showed that median household income — what people in the exact middle of the American spectrum earn — is $53,657.


   $37,950 to $91,900

$5,226.25      plus 25% of the excess over $37,950




$18,650 to $75,900

$1,865    plus 15% of the excess over $18,650









city taxation

primarily sales tax “10%” and

county tax

primarily real estate taxation, for education “5-10%”


then we get to social security taxation at “15.3%”

add it up, and everyone, with a realistic income, in America pays over 50%.

       Real taxation, allows the taxpayer to CLEARLY UNDERSTAND; every penny of tax he or she pays. The federal government under Clinton removed social security from the federal debts/ BUT KEPT the income from social security in the budget:  thereby declaring “problem solved”; or now we have a surplus. Declaring social security is a debt the people owe to themselves/ not the federal government problem.  Which means they chose to steal our money, when they did not separate the income as well.

       Real taxation:  is very, very simple. You earned this much /minus true costs of doing business= what you have left that you can personally spend. That is all there is to it:  doesn’t need a damn maze.

       Real taxation: is very simple. Business, industry, etc can write their own tax forms, making it as simple, and as fair;  as is possible. Those industries vote on the forms they will file. IF WE find them trying to steal or cover up anything: their tax for that division of the economy multiplies.  So do it right, or be fined!

       Real taxation: is simple. Charities are not allowed to own property (your contributors own it)/ are not allowed to earn more than the median salary for the area they serve. YOU are a charity, if you want money; go elsewhere!


       We then look to LIFE IN SOCIETY, and determine by those facts; what our economies can be!

       The first step is: what did you gain by working very hard/ “rarely a college graduate”? The answer is: I or we, are not living on the street; and I or we have some stuff/ which includes extreme debt. A slave forever/ but, most of society respects you. Unfortunately working hard leaves you physically tired;  women hate that/ even though they are pushing hard “bring more money”.

       What did you gain by not working hard, and accepting welfare? The answer is: I or we are not living on the street/ but we have little options, and no future outside of welfare. Welfare has come to mean:  no husband here! A reality of anger, that easily turns into hate and crime.  No respect: “you” are costing me money! Not working hard, with few options: means unfortunately;  the majority will concentrate on “finding women to fuck”.  Women not satisfied with their husband; just too damn tired/ can be found. Divorce ensues, and the children cry.

       Immigration, what did we gain besides more competition? The answer is, their lives matter;  but so do ours.


IF I SHARE THE WORK WITH THEM/ THEN I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY FOR MYSELF; OR WHAT I WANT!  Even the resources fail, because more means more.

       So, let’s review this story, as a lead into our truth.

       I grew up in agriculture, with family ties. 50’s & 60’s lot of work, but everybody happy, even the old. Average Farm size roughly 200 acres, with livestock:  lots of life around, most owned. In the late sixties chemicals came; ending lots of work for everyone/ just pour it on. Nobody loved chemicals more than my dad:  “hell no, we can drink this stuff”. But chemicals changed everything in agriculture: now the rich man was in control. Average farm size doubled quickly; which meant someone else had to be thrown off their farm. Most farms rented. Didn’t need livestock anymore, it disappeared along with other life, because every bit of ground was now used for seed crops. Didn’t need rural community  America anymore:  because the work was cut to less than half; bigger equipment. Carter administration came:  we will pay this debt and get back to reality/ it will take a long time; but its worth it. Interest rates went high; and there were an  endless parade of people who claimed:  BUY NOW, or lose everything because the interest will pay you back. Many did. Reagan administration came:  “we don’t need to pay no damn debts”/ the interest rate fell; wiping many farmers out/ ending business for rural agricultural communities.   He then gave the currency to “the university diploma: which instantly began counterfeiting, & gave anyone with a diploma a ten fold raise in income, with benefits”. Failing Reagan attacked and sold the gold reserve, bankrupting all americans. Nonetheless, agriculture continued to grow by reducing farmers who now inherited “you can take all the risk”. Average farm around 2500 acres/ and every farmer knows if you don’t go big;  nobody will rent ground to you. Going big requires a million dollars of equipment, plus expenses:  now you get to farm, but earn little in real money terms/ unless you own.  Government employees produced:  tell us everything we want to know/ and we will keep you from going broke. Now these few, control the pricing for nearly all of agriculture. Some went to factory farming:  entirely dependent upon disease control, and will go bankrupt when antibiotics fail entirely (coming soon, for you too).

       Summary:  lots of people unemployed initially. Then lots more affected by tragic government decisions. Then those who were left had to incur debt, and accept all risk;  to stay in farming, making it impossible to be truly economically free.   Then government employees began controlling the price (believe it or not). Then bigger and bigger/ became fewer and fewer; older and older. Then demands for help became ethanol:  a complete failure to life/ and will end without drinking water: thereby war.  We add in mutilation of all seed and livestock as best they can.  There are causes for autism, and more!


       The first lesson being:  bigger is NOT better!

       The second lesson:  government employees SHOULD NEVER, be allowed charge of the currency. Only the constitution can control it.

       The third lesson: change means change, and it is NOT always good.

       The fourth lesson:  life lives in its association with happiness. Happiness lives in its association with freedom, and friends. NOT money.

       The fifth lesson: once the rich man does not need you; regardless of why/ he will undertake to control more. Causing extreme grief in the community from greed (I want yours too).

       The sixth lesson: when faced with reality, employees of government will search to steal/ lie/ cheat/ and commit treason.

       The seventh lesson: you can be forced into situations controlled by others, when all other options are blocked.

       The eight lesson: depending upon a diploma for your future, will cause you to fail.

       The ninth lesson:  too much information in the hands of those who want to control you/ will end up, as they own you:  obey or be economically destroyed.

       The tenth lesson:  running to any government institution for help;  will rarely end well.

       The eleventh lesson:  you can’t make a living by destroying the resources you need for a future. It is insane.

       The twelfth lesson: fear anything the universities give you. The day is coming, when you will know this is true.


       NOW WE BEGIN, within the constraints of our own realities!

  1. WE HAVE AS A WORLD, in all developed areas: TWICE AS MANY WORKERS AS JOBS!
  2. WE HAVE, taken all the easy resources available, and you have thrown them away!
  3. VAST realities of life and living, have been dismantled or destroyed; and must be rebuilt for LIFE COMES FIRST.
  4. Abundance is dead/ and we must repair: which means what you want will be discarded;    because what WE NEED, must be FIRST.
  5. There are no solutions for a future without HUMAN population control.
  6. WE CANNOT allow a few damn idiots fail us, or control us anymore: which means we must take control over our lives and government.  By creating our own laws/ throwing the rest away.
  7. Either you will fight for your future/ or it will die.


Given these fundamentals, realities state:  in similar ways to the “NEW DEAL” created by Roosevelt. To plant forests, clean up the tragedies, create what the future needs for us to do. There is work.  But it is NOT work, that let’s ANYONE; become rich.

    We must fight, to create the tools of our future; which does include redesigning society into much tighter structures so they; as an independent group:  can take care of themselves. Just like life did do, for thousands of years. That requires substantial change throughout society/ and that does mean work. But it is NOT work, that let’s ANYONE; become rich.

    We must end dependency: and that means an education THAT WORKS FOR ME! INCLUDING what aids the life of family, friend, nature, and environment. The list is long; a primary beginning is the insulation required, means taken: to drop energy requirements to less than half. But it is NOT work, that let’s ANYONE; become rich.

    We must save our world, or it will die. That requires world law:  let the leaders be advised OBEY OUR LAW, or we the people; will take you to court, and punish you with our policing as a world. Thereby ending the excuses for weapons of mass destruction/ and endless military spending. But it is NOT work, that let’s ANYONE; become rich.

    We must save our nature:  NO MORE MUTILATING ANYTHING, OR YOU WILL BE KILLED YOURSELF.  No more poisoning the water, which means labor in the field. No more chemical manufacture in urban areas or dumping. What is necessary will be done only in the most desolate of area’s:  if toxic substances are created in any part of the process. But it is NOT work, that let’s ANYONE; become rich.

    We must save our oceans;  or we starve and the world will war!  That means LIFE FIRST. That means like it or not; that dead human bodies will be “prepared for ocean life food”/ as we have nothing else to give them. And we absolutely need, that source of food.  CHOOSE life or death for you too! But it is NOT work, that let’s ANYONE; become rich.


    In other words:  there is plenty of work to do/ but there is no money to do it with. America as are most nations;  is bankrupt/ and you don’t get to play anymore. Reality will be addressed as MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR FANTASIES AND UNIVERSITY DELUSIONS;  or truth will not let you survive/ not even as a world. Limited capitalism will make it fair. Constitutional change and true democracy will solve your problems in society. RESPECT THE MIRACLES OF THIS WORLD;  OR LOSE THEM ALL, including your own life, and every child you see.  Simple as that.


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