change begins

Reality proves, a change must be made!  Decisions that affect this work, are included;  because I don’t pretend it is not so. What is true is true.


        The value in any life, is defined by whether you choose for love/ or fail and fall into hate. There is no other true distinction.

        What people call “the middle ground (where anger resides as well)”/ is simply the distance between what you want (as a participation in lies (let not truth decide), which can then include hate).  OR what you desire inside, which is the treasury of all that life can be blessed with. A value that originates in love, and expands to become, the identity of your soul.


        My reality proves to be:  as strictly male, an essence of anger, that I realize cannot be displaced anymore.  This world is threatened with extermination of everything;  a provable fact. Yet humanity, refuses to care.  A reality of decision, that I absolutely cannot accept as “man”. The consequence of that is anger/ and anger represents “what can be changed”. Anger that grows or will not fade;  also represents the potential that could result in hate. That is ultimately a death cry.

        So the question is:  how do I change, what has become my expression of male/ into what I can absolutely trust, within my desire for love? YOU refuse to participate (no sign visible) in saving this world;  that is your choice. It is not mine, and the divide between us is so large, man cannot discard life/ for such a tiny response as are you:  “humanity itself”.  YOU didn’t even try to fight for life, YOU are just willing to let our whole world die/  which means the cult owns your soul.

        Your excuse is:  “that I cannot possibly know anything”/ because the university is your god, and they have not ordered you “to think for yourselves”;  so that is your life.  Nobody thinks (no cult allows it)/ they just want;  the easy excuse.  No one cares, why should I!


        As is consistent with the, “battleground” posting on this site.  Male in me has been at war with the consequences of your reality, established by the decisions of “a university knows” cult. FOR FORTY YEARS, more or less.  And it is time to make a change/ because strictly male in me, cannot discard the anger.  That is a warning, the journey beyond this point:  is to war/ and then to hate;  because you chose to crucify life and planet.  I refuse, as the life inside is neither male nor female; but lives for the desire that is love.

        It is necessary to construct boundaries, since you cannot think for yourselves/ and search only for revenge or other forms of destruction to your own lives.  My life fights for this world/ you do not, with only rare exception.  So you and the planet will die, reality proves it is so.  When anger began to surface, some thirty plus years ago, my life was changed to include “tinnitus (what can be a very harsh squeal in the ears)”.  With that, anger was easily suppressed; because survival comes first.  Some: Physical limits were added;  and my life became strictly about what can I do, to change you?  The answer proven today is “nothing”/ because you won’t do anything beyond “you want what you want/ DON’T tell me nothing else”.  That never changed.  If I had known, I would have stopped, or something else.

        Nonetheless, this topic of conversation is about me.  When anger again rose beyond what tinnitus to control completely:  I searched spiritually outside of “male”/ just a question to female.  NEVER intended more.  But she invaded spiritually and took over. Yes I know, you can’t understand, even if you could think for yourselves;  because you have no reference for, in, or of this reality.  Just accept it or discard it; I don’t care! Simple as that.

        Believe it or not, it is a prophecy indicated by Revelation 12;  that a spiritual woman “would visit” at a distance.  That occurred in me.

        The summary is:  she took over control from male, a reality of years, one tiny bit/ by one tiny bit;  until she owns the result. But that has been a blessing:  since strictly male cannot diffuse the anger anymore. There is no substantive peace, without her;  simple as that.  But It is not without a price:  I know more about female, than any man ever desired to know/ and still know nothing of importance.

        It is nonetheless true:  even though man in me “rises outside the limits of peace” on occasion.  I am absolutely tired of his war/ it makes no difference, if the world is to be lost anyway.  That makes him a fool, not to walk away;  even with an entire world of life about to be exterminated.  There is a time, when truth must be accepted/ and reality must be left to those who can make the difference. I did do, what male in me did do, for life. That simple.

        So the question is:  WHAT can be done, if anger cannot escape being male? The obvious answer is:  to loosen the anchors that are strictly male, a little;  and be  “enough female”; to remove the grip anger holds.  A reality of decision that might have consequences beyond what I expect/ as that HAS happened before. Even way beyond.  The critical question is:  can this be worth the risk? The critical answer is:  I have seen the future as man, and it includes war/ which could potentially become a hate.  I absolutely abhor hate:  therefore I refuse the journey, and must back away from the fight; before I sink into a reality that is not “me”. Decisions determine the future, not excuses or fears.

        So my decision is:  strictly male MUST release the anger, that is already decades old/ and failed. Just like he failed this world, “it didn’t help”.

        So my decision is:  spiritual female, has been of great value to me; enabling a different path, that resulted in the message that came later on these sites:  largely without the anger.  I choose “to get a little closer” to female;  because it is a true path away from hate, which I will not accept. That is my decision.  Whether the reality of doing so, has consequences beyond what I can control; as has already occurred in the last time I approached “spiritual female”;  is just a risk that will be taken. Hate is rejected/ anger MUST be diminished, because it has the potential to threaten life itself/ so the risk is simply “to be less male”. Who knows how that will end.

        Regardless, there is nothing in me that is “homosexual/ transgender/ or whatever other name”, that you associate with people not      “mentally sound”.  A warning is added:  ANY male intent to use or abuse me sexually, WILL result in eternal consequences, that begin in HADES. DON’T, you have nothing to gain, literally everything to lose! That will NOT change.  No male on this earth is allowed here; for anything other than “normal, strict male behaviors”.  You must not intervene in this life, no matter what the cause:  only women will decide. So says the spiritual woman inside;  believe it or not:  is irrelevant, she has control, for love and life and the future of this planet, as best I can contribute today.

        As to women (nothing personal;  not leading you/ not tempting you/ not betraying you/ not begging you:  etc), this is simple:   I have completely lost control;  the spiritual woman decides. She is determined, that man should know “how it feels to be woman/ from their point of view”.  A reality with consequences to me;  maybe that’s over/ but I doubt it.  Not a clue, why me?  Perhaps, without too much anger;  “life will be more normal”/ after all, why should it not; even though we wait for extinction.  What cannot be changed, needs no further explanation or work. Why continue, what is dead/ is dead.

        Quite honestly:  I still would not trade my life for yours.  Fighting for this world, by law;  is my identity. Choosing love instead of hate:  is my destiny.  I surrender it to no one, not even “strictly male in me”.   Unfortunately any cause, that turns life from “I will care”/ into I will fight!  Has lost its way, and must be reborn into something better than war. That war, is of course “the male way”. And there is only one other choice called:  female, on earth.  NOT “dress up fantasies”/ but the reality called “different choices”.  Not a game, but hate is not welcome here;  so “like it or not”/ change is required. Simple as that.  I have no prediction for the outcome.   It is literally beyond my control.


It has literally been just one day, since the above decision:  my ears have attacked me horribly, worse than in years/ just short of the point where deafness arises. Which may or may not become permanent. And my tits which have been more trouble for over a decade than you can imagine:  have doubled in size, in just one day. It is NOT going to be a “pleasant journey”. Even so, anger does not survive the intensity of either reality.

        Life has then reminded me, again:  this earth CANNOT be saved by force. Even if that force is justified, because of the value this creation is. Humanity must change itself, by choice, accepting the price of survival:  or the world dies. Simple as that. Whether I return again to the work of these sites, will be decided later.



        The summary is:  there are no other solutions in man than force, which is why he returns to it as the leading edge called anger. Even though it will not work:  the argument is “we CAN’T, just let this world die”!   

Women have not revealed themselves, with any solution, or any reality that presents a possibility. Which leaves this world as lost. To find the solution “called female”;  only the spiritual world can then assist. THAT has a price/ it is NOT a game.

Life knows:  NEVER an attempt to save this world/ ONLY  a respect for the value given as my own life, & my own existence in time. It is owed!

48 hours later.

Changed; the reality of proven failure accepted. What is male cannot continue, what some consider to be aggression; and is aggression in some instances/ due to the intensity of what is at stake.


        Therefore, I will anchor my life and my work “just ever so slightly” on the female side of things. Refusing to surrender/ refusing to fight/ but remaining committed to life on earth.

        So the question is:  HOW?  The answer begins with realities already taught. Male initially refused to teach/ “the spiritual female inside” insisted you must. Male is aggressive, ready for war. Female is not, and is sustained “almost entirely” by non-aggressive, non-violent, and non-threatening ways.  Male was too busy fighting in various ways to consider answering questions.  Female ways, must then be the opposite. Male could not let this world die without a fight. Female ways, are then subject to the reality of these threats; but understands there is no possibility force of any kind, including law:  will change this outcome. Female ways, then suggest:  the foundation of their world, is to organize themselves as best they can. In life or death situations, the human constant is:  “we must let the best leader(s) among us, make our decision for us”.  I do not accept that conception:  and will remain arguing, “only truth based upon reality and the evidence/ the cost of being wrong” can decide what we should all do.


        So the development is:  that I will start a new site at some point in the future. Dedicated to answering your questions rather than telling you what I demand you should or must know.

        If there is an interest, and a reasonable respect;  it will continue/ if not, I may write from time to time as I see fit. I am through being angry, as best I can be.  I am through placing the blame on leaders/ cults/ and those who follow, without thinking for themselves.

        Change has come to mean:  DIFFERENT, without excuses. Changed “not for the sake of this world/ but for me”.  If you have compassion and a desire to add value to your world, then you must do, whatever it is you can do:  for life.  Man has stopped the war.  Whatsoever a “female approach: to life or death for our world”   might include;  is still a mystery beyond these few points.

        As is consistent with being female:  the outcome of our destiny as a planet, or an individual person;  will be determined without force. The law can help. The law is a force. But the law cannot change humanity itself; and nothing less will save this planet.  So everything that can be done for ALL life on earth, or its future:  resides inside of you.


It occurs to me, in today’s world; that I need to clarify one or two things in this development of change.  First:  that gender is not a decision of the mind/ but a reality of  the soul;  because every form of spirit is built upon a distinct, and undeniable truth. Therefore the construction of a change in me, used to protect myself from the potential called hate. Is not considered a physical element of life, but the enjoining of a spiritual life with “the spiritual woman I have described, in many earlier writing”. Or more distinctly, that reality is highly complex; and cannot be reproduced in you, under any other circumstances: than the life I have lived. What is or is not possible with my life is in fact “a bit different”:  I offer the evidence of writing past, to prove that could be true. Even the addition of female “tits”, are a piece of evidence:  as I guarantee, nothing was intentionally done by male to receive them. I am not going to try to enlighten you any further; let time prove whatever it will prove.

        Some argue, that “I have tinnitus too”; and it ain’t that bad. Nonetheless, you are not me; and my experience with the disabling reality is:  at its worst, the reality is literally like having a smoke detector alarm going off in each ear at about three quarters volume:  for hours, days, or weeks continuously “night and day”.  If you think that is not bad, go ahead and try it! Be beware, it can harm you.  I regard it quite honestly as essentially being raped; if I were female.  A violent invasion, deliberately forced on the inside:  certainly NOT welcomed/ which I cannot stop, but must simply endure until it is over;  and then continue living after that.  I assume, “that would be similar”. Not a game, simply a personal tragedy to me.