Our relationship with change is:  either a reaction to what has already been done/ or a diligent developed understanding of the evidence to then order and balance our future by making decisions that are appropriate to our reality  and truth.


        Given that as the substance for which more work should be done. The reality is even though we stand literally on the edge of extinction itself/ because you are so stubborn and foolish, as to not accept anything you don’t want:  we must take the time to discover what you should already know. Depending entirely on  GOD  OUR CREATOR;  to keep life itself alive on this planet, while you fumble and wait for someone to tell you what to do. A truth, that has virtually killed the man inside of me. He would war, and that saves no one from extinction.

        I grant to the man I used to be, this statement of why:  no evidence was enough/ no understanding of consequences/ no removal of theory by truth/ no biblical knowledge/ no evidence of national bankruptcy/ or more simply “absolutely nothing” would pull you back from following your leaders into HELL, that now comes quickly. You wanted what you wanted/ you didn’t want what you didn’t want/ and the only thing desired was greed. Those few who could listen:  ran away to hide;  never once offering “I am here/ I will help/ I will tell the world that is my decision too”. So, the courtroom was depended upon/ and it proved to be filled with liars, traitors, thieves, and terrorists whose only purpose was to protect the powerful, in all matters of true importance.  By discarding democracy and pretending the constitution did not exist. The only true distraction allowed, throughout forty years: was a need to create a tax burden that then forced an opportunity for court. Family nor even pain removed me for long. The endless delusions of a university;  such as is igniting atomic fire here on earth (still no brain)/ or claiming with evolution, what is obviously an outright lie (still no heart).  Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, along with raiding the nation and the world to create their toys, and create their delusions of grandeur;  that are merely enemies of life. Have proven to be too much to endure;  when an entire planet can be lost.  You now know EVERYTHING, you need to know about me!


        CHANGE MEANS DIFFERENT;  so everything that male had been doing, is discarded:  for the purposes that he just could not accept.  Which is to take the time, to begin teaching:  even though this planet and all its life can be lost at any moment in time. That must be set aside;  because you cannot handle the truth.


        WE NOW BEGIN, by the methods more gentle and kind;  creating one last moment within which life or death for this world will occur;  by your decision, not mine.

        TEACHING IS MANDATORY, because you have learned little of anything important to life. Fantasy and delusion is not welcome here. Neither is:  the assertion of leadership, as in “follow me”/ will not be tolerated either. This is:  you must learn to think for yourselves, by NOT listening to your television/ by NOT listening to your universities/ by NOT assuming the group will be right:   but by understanding the evidence, and balancing the reality of that evidence with the true cost of being wrong.  Thereby wisdom may erupt.


        We then need the following elevation of ideas and assertions to be evaluated with dignity and disciplines in an orderly and kind description:  which includes your own solution/ description of a problem to be resolved/ your own position on the consequences of being wrong/ and the potential of evidence that brings you to these conclusions.  That given, we then proceed to the best understanding life can create in people.


        Answers depicted to any problem presented must align with:  “stop this/ start this/ or we need to become acquainted with this reality, and understand its consequences”.  Therefore answers are divided into categories;  which you continue to examine.


        Every definition presented requires clarity.


        A law to be identified as needed by you must be    verified as to why.


        Statements made and the basis of a new discussion:  to demand time, requires substance, “make it so”/ or leave it behind.


        Purposes must include the examination of HOW?  No fantasies or delusions allowed;  reality rules.  The future must be included.


        NO acknowledgment of assumptions such as evolution/ or theories such as fusion shall be expanded. INSTEAD clear disciplines such as I have given already, along with the order of life which proves thought created are allowed. Instead of assumptions and theories:  THE REALITIES which include the consequences of a dead and mutilated world shall be discussed. The propaganda of a delusional media leading society into chaos expanded to inform:  THINK FOR YOURSELF.


        The cost of being wrong IS MASSIVE, and forever. Therefore the primary element in all discussion is to understand:  WHAT IS the cost of being wrong, in these decisions that we make!


        The descriptions of resources being lost and  its effect on the future of life and child;  is a relationship born under the certainty of evidence which will not be denied. That includes:  you cannot assume, or assert something exists which does not. an example is the graviton element theory (an element with an atomic weight over 3,000)  has no basis in fact. It is merely delusional. The assertion of “endless fish in the sea” is equally delusional, and shall stop.


        WHAT, we the people can do with democracy/ the law/ and by actual vote for ourselves;  organizes the journey ahead.  With the values you create beyond simply yourself. Identify and create!


        JUSTICE is the eloquent solution, which brings peace, and builds harmony:  thereby it takes courage, and requires your commitment.


        Education is a job we all participate in/ do it well, or the future can die.


        This begins the search:  for how to bring you “back to life”/     from the tragedy, of a brainwashing cult.  If you cannot participate, its because you don’t care enough to defend your world/ or you are too far gone, to fight back, and regain your mind.  Either way, your decision then becomes:  death to our world.


I remind every single one again:   that “unless you are willing to put your name on it; and do the work involved with that decision”/  reality says, that you are not truly involved. Employment for this purpose, is appreciated: but it is then, a job. NO intent to belittle ANYONE, who has contributed anything to my efforts or this need to inform the world, as was made.  Even so, what man demanded was “fight, with law and democracy”/ has been removed. No longer exists!

 Leaving this decision to “accept the price” as a far less consequential action:  than indicated above.  TODAY that commitment: “is the limited, will you at least discuss, the consequences of being WRONG”?  Communicate the realities of what does threaten our world?  NOT DEMAND I lead/ but discuss:  which applies the truth;  that you must participate to arrive at your own answers/ and then implement them, if that is your choice.  Want is not enough, truth decides; that is the purpose of this work.  If that is too much for you/ then I surrender you to your fate, children and all. Because you did not care enough!


        Considerations for how this is to be done, “with a new site”/  will continue until an answer is resolved.


I WILL add the first two question to be discussed:  from that point, you may take the discussion where you wish/ understanding I am NOT obligated to answer;  this is strictly at my own discretion.  I will keep up my end of this bargain/ but it is by my choosing, NOT your demand.

  1. Can you extinguish a nuclear fire, as is so obviously the reality on the sun? What are the consequences for being wrong?

       2.  Can you return genetic disciplines “to nature”/ because like a disease:  does not once released  spell doom? What are the consequences for being wrong?


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