I have delivered the message I came to deliver:  that this entire world can die, because of what the universities have done. Threatening all life, with their intent to play god.

  1. To ignite sun fire here on earth, fully knowing it cannot be extinguished.
  2. Deliberately trying to destroy nature itself through DNA mutilation.
  3. Deliberately trying to “create evolution” by removing disciplines, balance, order; and demanding chaos must control life; through DNA manipulation. BY MIXING species together.
  4. Deliberately altering every food species, and attempting to alter every livestock form: no food.
  5. Deliberately trying to recreate the “big bang”; single most destructive event in the history of this universe; right here on earth.
  6. Deliberately destroying resources through their leadership, ending the future for all life. Quote “humanity uses more resources in ten years/ than throughout all of human history preceding these days”.
  7. Deliberately endangering all drinking water supplies through their leadership
  8. Deliberately endangering all ocean life through their leadership.
  9. Deliberately causing extinction of species, due to habitat destruction.
  10. Deliberately causing global warming with absolute refusal to admit to wrong doing in their leadership.
  11. Deliberately creating weapons of mass destruction to end life on this planet.
  12. Deliberately inviting “even the public” to mutilate life and create biological weapons of mass destruction along the way.
  13. Deliberately invading the oxygen supply for this entire planet, with failed leadership.
  14. Deliberately destroying the ozone, our only protection against sun fire radiation; through failed leadership.
  15. Deliberately refusing the propagate communication that could allow for change.
  16. Deliberately conspiring to deny access to the courtroom, thereby seeking change legally was thwarted. By destroying democracy.
  17. Deliberately removing common sense (life lessons) from education; to imbed fantasies, stories, and delusions.
  18. Deliberately corrupting the money supply to bankrupt nations with “debts don’t matter”.
  19. Deliberately inflating the currency by declaring its “asset increases”; thereby hiding truth.
  20. Deliberately choosing war, rather than installing justice with law.
  21. Deliberately bankrupting the nation itself, thereby preparing people for maximum bloodshed; as they enter into civil wars or more.
  22. Deliberately pouring extreme amounts of toxic waste in every form onto soil and water.
  23. Deliberately destroying with pollution, a wide variety of habitat.
  24. Deliberately allowing the destruction of habitat itself.
  25. Deliberately allowing antibiotics to become useless to humanity and livestock as well.
  26. Deliberately creating “super diseases” with antibiotics.
  27. Deliberately destroying the pollinators, as are responsible for “one bite out of every three” taken for food.
  28. Deliberately destroying justice, through a wide variety of ways; particularly the extortion of medicine/ which kills an entire lifetime of work, for a few minutes of their time.
  29. Deliberately creating billionaires (one billion people owe one person one dollar of their time or resource each) completely unfair.
  30. Deliberately destroying governments with counterfeit money, endless fantasy, and complete collusion to cover up the truth: we are bankrupt, and must start over.
  31. Deliberately making the children pay for your failures; with their future.
  32. Failing even what can be done/ what must be learned/ the information critical to life itself.
  33. Last but certainly not least; the people themselves failing with over-population of the planet with humanity. Another BILLION, in less than ten years. Another million more than deaths, every three to four days. COMPLETELY UN-SURVIVE-ABLE, in and of itself.


The bible does have prophecies that should not be ignored. One is Armageddon:  nature in chaos. One is the apocalypse:  a gun in every hand, bloodshed everywhere/ hell begins.  One is the second death of this earth will be by fire (no survivors, earth becomes a sun) instead of  water“Noah’s flood”(a few survivors, proven true by the realities of fossil fuels). Revelation which is divided into two categories:  first eleven (the planet ignites on fire)/  second starting at 12, humanity changes, and women lead; life survives. Daniel 12  predicts a great abomination will determine the end of days. There is no greater abomination than to gamble this entire planet and all its life:  by igniting sun fire here. This is the great abomination, which destroys the entire planet and even changes the solar system. It is the starting point of the end of days, when the first machine begins its first actual operations to make sun fire here. April 1, 2012

    The prophecy predicts a first death at 1290 days which has pasted. It is consistent with the bible in that the old testament is “the law” will save you:    failed.  The second death which ends in July of 2019, and is “mercy will save you”;  IF, you choose to change properly. No sign of change/only belligerence, arrogance, and a blind cult of believers the university can be “god”.  They are, its called “SATAN”.  The half a time is the period following ignition of the fire; which is enabled by the first part of Revelation, to be as predicted therein.  Ending either life or the planet; in all probability in half the time as is the first death by law  645 days; after ignition.  Judgment follows/ or you change and survive:  by removing all these threats.  Simple as that.  Plain as every threat listed, and there are many more.

    Or more simply:  university leadership has led you into an abyss, of want and want and more want.  Reality says:  only truth survives time or life, therefore choose what your own truth will be. Choose what your world truth, as humanity on earth will be:  LIFE FIRST/  or death, forever.  It’s a choice, that every single one will make.


    WANT, is the basis of every lie/ but you worship it anyway, as your ability to search for a different life, than what you were given! The value of any life, begins with an appreciation for who and what you are; even if someone may have more. You are reminded, that your parents/ grandparents, etc chose that. To discard it, is to discard them.

    The value of living, is happiness, hope, courage, love, respect, thought which grants these things, and a body of life (miracles clearly in evidence of fact) which allows the freedom to encourage the potential which understands, even a tiny part of eternity. Passions, desires in truth, and purposes which are honest and pure, that prove the value of love, is not bound with time.

    I have searched, for a lifetime (work, life, truth); seeking soul, the essence of life itself. I have spent decades searching for the means to inform humanity, that the road you are on will fail/ and the tragedy it brings will be extinction. You refuse to learn, that want is not enough to survive/ that realities which clearly threaten to exterminate life on earth, cannot simply be ignored. That is your fault; many have been told in a wide variety of ways/ you prefer to believe those who brought you into all these traps, and all this trouble; “are gods (protectors, who will never let you down)”.  If that were true, no threats would exist.

     The future for life on this earth is very simple:  you/ not a single one of you, can survive the threats created by university leadership or your own choices to follow them “just like a cult (can’t question the leaders, just believe what you are told)”. Even though they have set roadblocks to keep you quiet, tempted, and controlled. Reality states:  humanity itself does not wish to pay for truth, and live accordingly.  Therefore it is you too, that threatens this entire creation. Or more simply:  the enemy of this world, is humanity itself/ which means to save yourselves, the only possible way is to change yourselves.  Life must come first, in your every decision from now on/ NOT money, or you the individual. Simple as that,  established by, & with RESPECT.  Failure will be extinction. No second chances. It is absolutely true:  I am NOT the decision you will make/ nor will I be accepted as your excuse. The reality of threats and the consequences of being wrong:  qualify as your decision to make, no one is excused.

    I have purposely tried NOT, to be like your preachers or leaders or others are. No temptation/ no manipulation/ no assertion, follow me/ no assumption of I can’t be wrong/ other.  Rather again and again I have told anyone who listens or reads or hears:  investigate and learn what is true, establish the foundations of that reality, and decide what being WRONG will mean to both you and life on earth.  MOBS are NOT welcome here/ THOUGHT is required.  Which means leave your want behind, and accept the relationships you have with life:  that must NOT be destroyed.  That requires knowledge, understanding, and wisdom:  the kind, that life itself teaches/   NOT the university. Cults cannot do it/ so you lose your life, if they are not disassembled into something true;  or simply dissolved.  

    I AM aware change is hard. To my great surprise, change has been required of me too! Oddly enough, it seems “me first” to some extent. Biblical revelation predicts a spiritual woman, will be seen in the distance/ standing on “something foreign”:  turns out that is me. Believe it or not. It is actually a “good sign” for you. It has been absolutely necessary, to this work; as male alone, could not present a single hope:  that man could fix these problems. This is, the best men did do, the answer of men, to any change; is war: simple as that. Spiritual woman presents:  “with man and woman united and woman in charge” there is hope. THAT is what happened to me; and truth through this message “change or die”;  reveals, there can be hope. CHANGE IS HARD, forced to see life “from the other side”;  really is, a different way of thinking. Forced to endure “even more” offers proof to you, that we live together, and she is in control; some things are not a choice. She is determined to prove:  WOMAN fights for life with me (thankfully, or there would be no hope), for you/ and she will NOT be cast aside or refused participation. Certainly true for me! “It’s complicated”/ don’t know why me.  I do know: without change immediately, there is no hope for life on earth:  ALL THE EVIDENCE OF OUR REALITY, points to extinction, and very soon. Whether you like that or not/ whether you believe that or not; has absolutely nothing to do with what is fundamentally true. NOT A GAME, we are: every single life, and future life;  literally threatened with extermination. Because of what humanity chose to do.  If you cannot see that in anything else, or simply refuse to accept it.  YOU CANNOT ignore the truth of machines and men trying to ignite sun fire on earth. No matter what they call it:   THE PHYSICAL FIRE, is very plain to see/ and your universities declare it to be 10 million degrees F.  with flames one million miles long.  Burns your skin in summer from 91 million miles away.  And your gods are trying to bring that here on earth, every single day:  declaring “that fire, will just extinguish itself:  not enough gravity here”.            Think about it:  WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THEY ARE WRONG!          WAKE UP, shake off the damn cult: OR DIE!

Humanity believes:  “with a book or a rule/ then I CAN play god, because I KNOW what is expected or to be done”. That is the basis of every religion; a reality that does move this world, in a variety of ways. So, I wrote you a book/ and give you this rule:  without true different change than what men can provide, there is no future for life on earth!  UNLIKE religion or arrogance, you CAN’T play god. Instead you must let the realities of truth decide direction and value, the essence of every decision you make. Even so, their interpretation is left to women; because women are different, and men have only war. Take another CLEAR AND REAL LOOK AT WHAT A GUN MEANS: TO, Syria or Iraq;  you CAN’T survive the war. YOU CAN’T survive bringing a sun here, or mutilating nature, etcetera:  as men have been doing with leadership! Which means women must decide (with help from men), what truth in reality will become;  if life should have any hope to survive. What is true survives, make that your rule.


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