Democracy is the distinction:  WE, THIS PEOPLE;  shall NOT let the few rule over us. Our decision then, is to instigate and protect ourselves, by demanding the contract we sign and seal as our rights and our legitimate ownership of this nation: as is a constitution.  SHALL NOT be denied! In order to protect this form of government, which is OUR DECISIONS, by contract between ourselves and our employees/ SHALL BE OBEYED, so you shall swear, under penalty:  if you fail us, by refusing the rights and realities and protections against “rulers” we have built into our nation/ there will be a cost that we decide against you.  That decision, that reality of evidence as must be collected and defined:  is then called redress of grievances.  The demand of this people against their employees:  TO PROVE what you have done, or to defend what you have not done;  that the constitution provides as our leadership of this nation OVER YOU.

        Such is the distance, and the realities of a nation which governs itself by law/ NOT weapons. Every intent of an employee to rule, is followed by their decisions to corrupt the purposes of our contract with them/ as is hide the truth.  Deny our ability to oversee and know by removing our free press (let a tiny few of the most powerful and proud decide), with let them “believe only this (question nothing), and become a mob”.  Because a mob (we love only, OUR ANGER) cannot think for itself, therefore it is a beast rather than a human thinking life.  And that gives those who want to rule, the right to say:  SEE, WE MUST TAKE POWER/ because there are fools among us.  When in fact, it is the powerful who made the mob, by conspiring to destroy the democracy:  through removal of its constitution.

        The enemies of democracy, then collude to deny access, and remove the authority of freedoms:  by creating the excuse “we must/ we must”. The most lucrative of these is “a life is at stake/ we can’t be wrong”. THEREFORE WE MUST TAKE THE POWER, TO ENFORCE WHATEVER WE WANT YOU TO DO.  By enforcing the expenditure of money, the public is reduced to poverty and protection of itself/ rather than the defense of their own government. And the human rats and plague of insolence, arrogance, and disrespect for the rights and dignity of personal freedom.  Multiplies in failure, until an insurgency of rebellion against the nation itself:  by those hired to protect and guide it through the simple everyday realities, of just get what we need;  done. Cannot be denied anymore.

        Discovery is conceived by the evidence of what can be proven true. It is not “what you believe/ NOR is it whatever you want to be true”.  REALITY DECIDES what is true, and from that evidence:  the future, as well as the past is determined by the facts of what we can depend upon:  by what is proven to repeat again and again and again.

         Distance is a measurement. The critical component is time. During the last fifty years:  nothing but a university diploma, has led this world, and in particular this united states. During the last fifty years:  EVERY FORM OF DESTRUCTION AGAINST THE PLANET/ EVERY TARGETED ATTACK AGAINST LIFE, the literal assassination of its future/ and EVERY FORM OF OPPRESSION (we are the most incarcerated people in the civilized world)/ EVERY FORM OF PROPAGANDA, (nothing of importance is news;  because only the tiny few get to decide for a nation/ and with that nation, they play power with a world). All of it, has been the result of letting a university diploma rule the nation/ INSTEAD OF PROTECTING THIS DEMOCRACY, by insisting the constitution is our government, and they are merely employees.

        The LIAR lives by making others do their bidding/ stealing that work/ and then leaving the debts they achieved in criminal pursuits behind; as a lasting payment, to the failures of believing what is not true.  This nation is bankrupt, because liars found a way to rule:  “they only needed a university diploma”/ and enough new words, to insure nobody could defend against their foreign language;  “why ain’t they smart/ listen to all those words, or funny math”.  Yet the reality was:  with these new weapons, the anarchists stole our nation; and have delivered NUMEROUS AND TRUE threats against this world, to exterminate our lives;  should we complain.

        By this cause:  We then face:  the horror of fools, the religious (just believe) cult (we can’t question the leaders) that is “the universities know”. As all liars do, they stole every penny; leaving us with debts that cannot be paid:  which means the money is worthless. So now to stop them, and save your children:  you lose. So the elder masses say, “we can’t/ we can’t/ I won’t”; and the children will die.  In crisis then, when it is too late;  the children arise, only to cannibalize themselves/ because life on earth has been thrown away by university delusions, fantasies, bribes, and fools.  Such is the immediate future, of “the university is your god”; as is consistent with the evidence of our time/ and the distance we have traveled wherein the universities did whatever they pleased. Never in the history of human existence, have more done less for life/ destroyed the very fabric of survival/ nor stolen so much from so many lives.  All of it, because the parasites burrowed in, and the corruption spread like a disease, intent upon death to all it touched.


        FOOLS discard freedoms, as if they didn’t matter.  COWARDS & addicts;  discard democracy “our right to control our own destiny as a nation or individual”;  because they prefer to die a little every day/ than fight for life.

        Stand up and be noticed/ or be extinct, both as a nation and a world of life no more! Because that is the price of failure.

        DEMOCRACY MEANS:  BY THE LAWS WE WRITE TO CONTROL OURSELVES, we rule our liberties and our rights; by giving freedoms to all. Through justice, and fair play for all! When you surrender the law to someone else/ they make rules to control your freedoms, and give themselves more power over you. They call themselves the righteous (we know better/ we are superior), because that makes  YOU always wrong, and should be punished in their eyes:  unless you do exactly as they say. That is the basis of tyranny and its oppression.

        The path beyond oppression is:  to make our laws for ourselves/ and only so many as we the people can memorize, educate, and literally control;  as a people.  In that way we own the court, when we judge the judge and its lawyers to prove:  you ARE obeying constitutional mandate/ OR you are not, and shall be not less than removed from our employ.

        YOU CANNOT change direction with war or weapons:  kill a billion people, and there are still 7 BILLION left/ and they will replace those numbers within ten years. YOU CANNOT rebuild a nation, because the resources have already been plundered. Which means destroy it, and it may remain destroyed forever/ particularly since this USA is legally bankrupt, and without any money whatsoever.  By federal reserve documents:  every penny is proven, a pure fantasy.

        YOU CANNOT SURVIVE THE THREATS against this world or its life; and there are many/ NOR can you survive once these points of no return have passed you by. NATURE will simply continue to die, because 8 billion people GROWING AT ONE MILLION MORE TO FEED, every three to four days:  won’t just die. They will consume it all, leaving nothing for the future:  just like you are doing today.

        YOUR WORLD AS IT WAS, IS OVER!  That is the price of changing nature to say “let no person die”:  our humanity now threatens EVERYTHING.

        YOUR FAILURE to address and prove what is true: is without doubt, causing such consequences as people who literally do intent to ignite atoms on fire to destroy this planet.  Therefrom your disgrace; that is to accept the reality of limitations so as to protect the future/ has proven to be ALL LIES!  Causing you to be truly RESPONSIBLE for assassinating your own children, and this earth with all its life. That is your current destiny:  so says ALL the evidence.  ETERNITY WILL remember you!

        Or you will truly and without returning to the vomit of a university cult controls the world:   CHANGE YOUR WAYS/ or go EXTINCT.


        the dead fool, asserts:  “we have nothing to fear”/ because they refuse to look at the evidence or comprehend the consequences of being wrong. The blind religious zealot claims:  “the university is our god/ they know everything”.  BUT THE REALITY is simple and plain:  everything the leaders did do for the last few decades, WAS CRIMINAL TREASON. The facts do not lie, only your leaders do.

        The foundation of life itself, IS ON TRIAL:  are you/ or are you not, going to do WHAT LIFE NEEDS YOU TO DO!

        These realities need not even be investigated/ they are already, PROVEN TRUE: 

  1. The university scientist is trying to ignite sun fire here on earth/ without the slightest possibility of extinguishing that fire, unless it extinguishes itself: NOT going to happen/ so this whole planet burns like a sun instead.
  2. Idiots and fools control nuclear weapons, so they can play powerful games: BY THREATENING AN ENTIRE WORLD.  Either take that away, or die soon.
  3. We cannot survive, nor can this earth or its nature: THE MASSIVE INCREASE IN HUMAN POPULATION/ no food, no water, no rights, ONLY WAR;  IS COMING.
  4. WE WILL NOT SURVIVE MUTILATING NATURE. The reality of a university swill, whose diseased and putrid brain believes they can make evolution come true, by destroying the very foundations of life itself. YOU WILL STOP THEM FOREVER, or terror itself will consume you throughout eternity itself. FIND RESPECT FOR LIFE, or enter HADES (never ending HORROR); because you earned it.
  5. YOUR LEADERSHIP has led you to attack everything we need to survive as life on earth. They have deliberately denied the future exists, and must be met with discipline, balance, wisdom, and order. INSTEAD OF LIFE COMES FIRST: you are Following in their delusions, the extreme apathy of arrogance, the blind disease that is a cancer called “university knows”.  THAT  has literally led you to the edge of extinction. Has led you to the edge of  WAR! Therefore, either resurrect your democracy in America/ or prepare for an apocalypse:  “because you bought the guns, didn’t you”! and there are many, who want to use them.
  6. RESOURCES ARE LIMITED, and humanity is extreme: which means your world HAS LITERALLY CHANGED.  Because even war won’t help stop the environmental catastrophe of too many people. It will just hasten your end.
  7. DIFFERENT means different. That fact puts the future in the hands of women/ BECAUSE THIS IS THE BEST that men did do, after thousands of years of recorded history:  they won’t change themselves.  Which means they lead no more, or we all die.  Women cannot control by themselves, which means shared responsibilities but not direction. Direction is nothing UNLESS BASED IN TRUTH; or you die.


Simple and plain, accept your new reality or you won’t survive your own truths.