different money

We should talk a bit about money, a reality of exchange that allows each to earn what they want, from whosoever offers that reward.

        Money exists to make things easy, to construct a reality of exchange that is simply more fair, “than giving too much for too little”.  But it is that same reality that allows people to demand too much;  for too little/ and the game of social delusions, and unfair play begins.

        Money simply means:  to exchange. That is all it is/ not wealth, not security, not a trophy, or any other assertion common to society:  it is only an exchange.  What people do with that exchange, alters the concepts and realities of society and life to become the fantasies or catastrophes’ that are its game. It is the fantasies, and their collapse that are the tragedy of society, not fundamentally the money.

        So let’s discuss fantasy:  the obvious example is a university, where fantasy is the illusion of “everything they can touch”. Where the catastrophe assigned by everything they do touch, has literally become horrendous, and leads only to the “road to HELL”.  Paid for by counterfeiting, lies, propaganda, theft, traitorous acts, and betrayed by terrorism hidden behind closed doors:  the worst that society can be, is a university diploma. Because these are the soldiers, who turn life into a garbage dump of decay, corruption, and injustice. Their weapon apart from counterfeiting, political control,  and lies:   we build the weapons of mass destruction that will destroy your whole world!  “so don’t make us mad”!  Counterfeiting lets them hide, in the delusion that “everything is OK”/ until the entire world is lost.

        So the quest for a future for this earth is:  “a fight”/ between those who base their lives in reality, truth, respect, courage, and values.  In direct opposition to those whose only purpose is to take all they can get; and play games with or enslave the rest, in an endless effort to enslave humanity itself. Brainwashing is an unfortunate reality/ the consequence of a public so afraid, and burrowed in cowardice: that they refuse to understand or accept any part or evidence of truth.

        We return to money:  as the exchange of life/ for a bribe to look the other way, and let life die. The constant of American society today;  the absolute end of our world, “tomorrow”.  The evidence cannot be wrong.

        The reality is:  take away the counterfeiting/ destroy the bribe, and return to reality and truth;  or face extinction as a world.  Not a game, and the price is high/ but not nearly what your losses will be, for failure.


        Regardless that is a decision only you can make, and as always cowards cannot make that decision:  because their minds are inundated with endless delusions, fears, and tragedies they believe will come IF ANYTHING;  is changed. No evidence matters/ no truth can be found, because the brain belongs to a cult  (NO, you can’t blame me anymore/ I LET THEM DECIDE).  Alas the cult can’t save you, and letting someone else decide just means they led you into HELL/ and you let them do it:  so you agreed.

        Even so, let’s assume that in your billion to one reality of probable failure;  you actually “win one”.  Unlike evolution delusions:  that does not automatically lead to “another win”.  THOUGHT must intervene, and truth must lead, or reality will die.  Just how it is.

        IF YOU SURVIVE, then we must look at what could be changed to recreate a different world;  with justice, peace, harmony, and hope leading the way forward into happiness.  Money must be accounted for in that process/ but not as it is today, wherein money can become what it should never be allowed to become.  Instead of fate (lies decide the future) in control:  we must assign to money, the very different controls that let society choose for itself/ instead of leaders.

        Government control over money and debt will end:  they have proven “they cannot” choose correctly!  So by vote, the percentage of taxation will be divided into the various categories that people accept as their cost to pay:  for the benefit of all society/ not just a few.  No pensions except social security/ no control over social security, unless it is by the people who receive it themselves. No benefits:  everyone receives an income for their work, and absolutely nothing else/ so that it  is clear.  No assertion this must be done, unless fifty percent of the money required is collected in advance, and reality proves the rest will be paid in time.  So ends the power of government, because without money to spend:  they only make laws. By removing their laws, and making our own as WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND THIS for ourselves;  with broad simple laws (not more than one hundred):  we become a true democracy and take control.

        Money to society is determined by who has it/ who spends it/ and who wants it.  Given these parameters, society can then choose:  the level of value money will have.  Reality states:  IF the consequence of your work is to receive money/ then the reality of that money can be:  NOT ALL MONEY buys the same thing.

        More specifically:  YOUR pay for your work:  can and should become what society designs as the elemental truth of what we want to become. What we all benefit from/ what you benefit from/ what business benefits from/ and what the future will benefit from.

        We all benefit from HONEST AND FAIR government/ not the corruption of this day:  but taxation that is “truth in action”. Not lies buying our own extinction, committing treason and terrorism,   as is today.  That can be simply one part of the money;  as is taxation.  But more distinctly if our money comes in four different categories or types that can only be used as each for a distinct purpose. Then society does take control, as each voter:  deciding what is best for our own nation.

        The freedom to make your own decision is paramount to the value of a life.  Thereby this foundation of existence, requires a fair and justified reality.

        A third form of money:  would be only used by business, “can’t spend this” on anything other than entertainment for instance, or rent or whatever designation you give it.

        And a fourth form of money is only described as for the payment of a pension, or healthcare or as otherwise would be described.


        So the question is:  can we change the money supply to recognize.  Yes you will work/ yes you will be paid/ but no, unlike the bills of today;  you cannot simply discard what you owe, because the money beyond what is designated as “free”;  cannot be used for anything else. You have to spend “business money” on business expense.  Pension money on the future, of your own existence. Taxation goes to its chosen programs by the employer, largely as it does now.

        What is electronic money can easily be so designated. But it is a very bad idea to be a “cashless society”!  The reality of that is “to give the power of your own life to someone else” who can then take it away in an instant.  Your leaders have already made you bankrupt/ but changing government will remove that threat. An electronic account, can simply be erased, and you have no say, or no access, or no possibility to survive “by choosing to spend your own money” if they say no.  Understand the problem?  So cash MUST continue to exist, or you will be very sorry; and destroy yourselves. Humanity cannot be trusted, as life proves every single day. Unless you find a friend/ and university leads you to discard friendship in every possible way;  which becomes even more traitors, liars, and thieves encircling to discard you like the trash. Be involved, protect each other from a bad idea/ but accept value, by its own potential. The difference is, “don’t use leaders:  THINK for yourself”.

        Cash can be designed with “like a silver certificate” of old, that was designed into the money. Four different emblems and you’re done. These will be exchanged (one type for another) between people, but that will cost you; and most won’t.

        More simply:  the questions of how do we take an earth that is now over-flowing with people. Threatened in every way with competition for survival:  and make it more fair for every single one?  Perhaps a category of money that is “just used for food”:  same to all, would begin that process.  Because a billionaire which should immediately go extinct with limited capitalism;  has no greater right to the food supply, than does any other. We all need the same to live, the value of it by those willing to sell “their food money excess”/ can simply be used to defend the poor against those more successful.

        The composition of these things, is left to you. This simply constructs “something different” for you to consider.  Add in, whatever you wish:  because it does require a true democracy, and a vote, and limited capitalism to implement anything different.


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