The reality of experience, that is divorce; in all ways is a tragedy. Without judging anyone, because that is necessary for your own personal survival. The consequence of rebuilding a life begins with 7 steps. These either rise or fall, in the grace and truth of your own love or hate;  dependent upon your own decisions.

  1. To understand, is to know “that I have but one life to live, and as time proves old age will enforce that”:  everyone then makes decisions about what they want, OR what they desire more than anything else for their life.
  2. LIFE is:  at its essence, the fundamental decision to be free/ OR, the critical truth to be responsible, where love decides the way. Hate is a death trap.
  3. LOVE is:  at its core expression, the decision we will make this journey together, bound by the trust we have built within each other. The truth we honor through our respect for each other.
  4. Respect is:  as the value we place within both heart and soul reveal,  a destiny sought, through the desire to repay. To dignify with grace, truth, and honor for what you did do.
  5. Children are:  the blessing of love shared, the courage of time woven into the fabric of our lives/ not just mine. The common task of letting truth be our guide and theirs. The discipline of discovery as we bind ourselves together; because love knows this is true.
  6. Husbands are:  the measured relief of someone who cares enough, to belong here. Proven through the value of a shared life, rather than the distance some prefer. Sharing reveals the time I treasure with you. Passion understands, the blessing of our lives together; unites us by what is real.
  7. Wives are:  a desire that lives within the knowledge of what we give to each other is real. For only truth is fair in love/ and nothing is fair about war.


To live and breathe is a miracle, that can never be measured/ unless hate destroys you. To choose love as the intensity of your own life, is the heart proving the rhythm of my time, has opened a door for you.

      In the consequence of divorce, are the realities of order gone wrong! The disciplines necessary to bind any relationship as one, are built upon respect. When respect fails, regardless of the cause/ so does the relationship. When trust fails, the relationship that did exist, has died.  

      Balance demands:  I MUST have my life back/ but reality will refuse;  because each gave that life away, and it is gone, just like the time you lived it in. The consequence of that is “people blame each other”; a reality that forms hate if you let it. Hate destroys life, and should never be;  unless it is severe/ let the law decide. When you measure someone, you are dying inside, and so are they to you. NEVER do that, your life is far more valuable than judgment;  don’t throw yourself away. To do that, you must not throw someone else away either:  as is “do not judge”.  Accept what is true, because truth determines the future. Want is the basis and foundation of every lie/ just as every lie is formed upon the basis and foundation of a want. Without want, there is no lie. Therefore be very cautious about anyone who has “great wants”. A want means:  “I will make you pay for me”.  Whereas desire means:  “I will pay for the values and search of my heart, to find and bind myself to love”.

      Whenever anyone must “start over”:  the reality is, I must first put myself “back together”/ so that I have something to offer both to me, and to you. To accomplish that decision, the value assigned to life and living must become disciplined in ways it has not been.  Truth survives, therefore truth must lead/ never want again is best. Truth identifies the beginning of a different life, by assembling what can or cannot be done; to achieve a new me. Religion DOES offer discipline; and that fact is why it has remained throughout the ages. It is one way.  GOD IS TRUTH, therefore eternal, is another.  Believe it or not.

      When there is discipline, there will be humility; because wrong or right no longer matters. The value of life itself, and the essence of truth defined:  becomes dignity. What is true cannot be changed/ but it can be “covered up” and forgotten, when your purpose is beyond yourself. To abandon humanity (time), and search for life which is grace (life and love are gifts which adhere to the heart). Means:  what is now important to me, is everything life can be/ NOT everything time and its race for trophies can become.

      Order assembles from the beginning of truth, to the end of life itself in this human body. Order recognizes truth as “the leader” here. Where so ever truth goes, life follows:  is a description of balance. Because  truth never lies. Therefore the question is:  by removing want, does truth arise? The answer is yes and no.

      Want begins the journey to hate, because if you want something badly enough:  you will begin to sell, or throw away the other lives around you, to accomplish your goal. Life is then a game, and every game is about pride:  “either a winner/ or a loser”. Take that away, by refusing to play the game; and life becomes a journey, that lives or dies based upon truth.

      So the question of every heart (I care) is:  “what is truth”? This is where destiny arises, because while truth remains the same for all/ life itself, as is soul (I will share, I cannot do this on my own) becomes a distinction that includes your own truth as well. Consequently every destiny is different, unless you are truly joined as “one soul”.


      These are some of the elements, that arrange a different life in time; by altering the basis of every decision, by searching for your own truth:  within the limits and dignities of love/ NOT hate. These are some of the essence that is required, for an identity built upon truth, rather than want. What can or cannot be done in assistance to anyone else is based upon reality. Reality is, what reality is:  no fantasies allowed.