Let’s talk trust!  Trust is:  a very personal expectation, that what I have accepted as truth/ can in fact order and direct the disciplines of my life to create a destiny, balanced by what I know shall occur.  Destiny does not give incidentals; it presents foundation realities upon which the understanding achieved by wisdom can create the environment which then becomes “our lives together”. Because destiny exists as more than one life shared!


       Given that set of circumstances, boundaries, and its conception of limits;  the laws which create a trust identify three distinct things.  There must be truth upon which to build a future/ no fantasies allowed.  There must be caring and sharing to construct the elements of our ascent into a life we choose to be “our world”. There must be personal limits: within which we accept truth alone decides, so that our world, and our experience and expressions within it can be pure enough to sustain the desires and purposes which love grants by creating JOY, HAPPINESS, AND HARMONY throughout.

       We begin by constructing purity as the design of a life; beyond which only thought can travel. Purity is: the essence and intensity of a desire that gives meaning to the words, “I AM ALIVE”.  Therefrom we ask:  “what does this truly mean, to be alive”?

       This fundamental that rises above existence, shares the critical purpose by design:  of entering within the truth that we seek.  Alive then shares the experience of that truth, by expressing its intensity within the disciplines and order of our own truth. Because we truly do seek a truth to direct our lives/ when we find that truth, we then share our identity with that truth:  because the primary purpose, is truth itself. Alive understands, only truth survives beyond time.  Alive acknowledges, every truth is a law we cannot defeat. Alive accepts:  if we cannot then escape the truth we have entered as our purpose identified/ then we cannot go beyond this destiny, until we do. To escape means:  to understand so eloquently, that we can construct our own door:  to come and go as life released. Therefore truth substantially creates a new environment that can survive/ while understanding gives that environment its life, to proceed in freedoms released. To be alive, accepts “the endless miracle” of our own existence/ is nothing less than a beginning into worlds beyond our comprehension:  if we achieve “a door”.

       To understand truth, is then the first step in creating an eternity beyond our “simple humanity”. That does not discount mercy:  the fact without   GOD   we can do nothing on our own. But it does allow, that everything we do as human beings is a path created by our own life:  to define the destiny we would, and do choose to create. Purity aligns our decisions:  to a purpose that does present the destiny we chose.  Purity is then a path, and that path cannot sustain anything which is not pure to the purpose of love which allows for a destiny to be assembled. Therefrom everything you have or have not done in its conception from love;  is a burden not easily removed. Or more simply:  every single thing, that you within your life as a human being did or did not do in accordance with the realities of what could have been done for love:  identify the lack of purity in you. Thereby a burden to you, on an infinite path beyond time.

       Eternity conceives of “the universe as your environment”/ rather than “an earth”. The consequences and concepts of time, are then “dropped out” of expression. So the experience of a shared expression:  the ladders which give each life in the chain for rising beyond self, the reality of connecting one which each other:  can form. Or more simply “Hand in hand so to speak” we extend our grasp of this universe, by sharing the experience with those who connect us back within our love.

       Love is then “the home” where family living in truth, can share souls. Or more simply, when we share the same experience, as if we were the same life/ then we can all traverse the universe. Those who are more adventurous travel the farthest, but those who connect them back to their home; are the anchor. A chain of life;  rather than a chain of food, as does sustain life on earth.  If you cannot be trusted, you cannot participate. If you are not pure enough/ you contaminate the whole.

       Thought is an elemental vessel, the means to transport living existence; into the participatory channels which become identified by truth. Humanity is an elementary vehicle; that allows the existence of time, to participate as a vessel. The question to every human being is:  WHERE do you wish to go/ because WHY you wish to go there, is a fundamental that will distinguish your own hidden truth. What is true survives, “even if its journey is to hell”. What is fantasy, delusion, and lie; cannot survive into eternity/ because it exists only in your mind. The brain measures, but it knows no   GOD  .

       That means:  while being human allows you to recognize a miracle and be in awe/ if truth is in you. Since it cannot “measure  GOD” ; the brain can never understand eternity, or its CREATOR.

       Soul intervenes as the participation of life, rather than measurements in time. Thereby when we conceive through thought, we become elementally aware:  life is more than we can comprehend.  Like an infant, thought will let you grow in truth.