Energy Dimensions / Building Time.

February 13, 2018

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Energy Dimensions / Building Time, a new book by James Osterbur. Download and enjoy.

BUILDING TIME/ SECRETS OF THE ATOM, a developmental journey; plain language, without the math to distract. Foundations:  Examining truth for its relationship to the existence of atoms, electricity, solar gravity, gravity, black holes, revealing an extreme threat against all life one earth: and more. If you truly desire to learn, you will.

This quest for knowledge, requires thought. The existence of thought within you, requires your complete attention/ thereby it is necessary “to stand alone” for understanding. This is not a simple minded lecture; you must attain critical focus in order to follow the path that is true.  If all you can do is believe in your book/ then you cannot understand; and will waste your time here. Unfortunately this cause of knowledge, by the elevation of truth; can be misused. So I give it to you; abandoning the relationship and destruction; of what might arise from it. From here, as a final effort for life on earth: I surrender you to your own decisions. This is: as far as I go, in these discussions! It is extremely unlikely I will revisit or change my mind.

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