The abyss, that is a human want:  now stares at us all, in terms of two small groups, who believe that thermonuclear war has no real consequences for them. Leaders believe they have a right/ while society itself says:  there is never a right for you, “to risk or kill my life, my family, my future, my home, or me”.

       But people want what they want, and when leaders believe what they want is superior to what the other leaders want:  as is constant with men, they all threaten war. But war makes only losers, because a true winner cannot be found. Reality then asks:  WHY, would you do this? and men answer:  because they won’t give me what I want!

       The problem is of course:  that men in particular “want everything for me”/ and that leaves nothing for the rest; so they war. To stop you, from taking everything I want or need. And if they gain ground, taking more from someone else so they are in need/ then that group now arises in war to stop them. So the circle of human disgrace:  which is greed “I want yours too”. Revolves around the battleground:  because history proves, if a man can take it/ then he will! What women would or would not be or do, has never been tested;  so we don’t functionally know, what happens if they were truly in charge. We do know however, that it is, or has been the primary role of men:  to keep their own families alive/ and to do that, they must attain the necessary staples to sustain that life for each one.  Consequently, when your greed endangers me and my family:  the cause to say, “I will kill you, for trying to kill me and mine” does arise.

       In the current test: between the tragedy of people who have spent their entire nation for the purposes of war/ and the people who have believed;  they are “the bully which cannot be beaten” in a grade school scenario.  When both say: “we must because they threaten us”! The critical test is:  CAN PRIDE be beaten back down into reality?  Because NEITHER has the right to threaten all in either society, or the rest of the world.

       The constant that is a threat in this time of life on earth is very simple:  no one escapes the threat of what universities have done!  It is literally that simple.  Even if the leadership for USA as an example was to attack N. Korea:  the end result would be, that other nations would come into the battle/ and our world would end. Even if N. Korea leadership would strike first, thereby inflicting as much damage as possible:  they would all die/ taking S. Korea with them, and spreading death throughout China, Russia, and many more including the USA from nuclear fallout.  Because that would be “the summation of war” in this scenario.  Even if, the leadership of this USA BELIEVED;  the threat would end when N. Korea existed no more/ that reality does not exist.  Those who believe “you had no right”:  would find ways to make you pay. That includes “the suitcase bomb” which needs no intercontinental missile to deliver it.  Or the biological bomb, which can be delivered, completely undetected:  in a tiny little envelope. Or the chemical bombs released, which already reside in cities around the world. And that is only the beginning the universities are “full”, of people from around the world learning how to make weapons of mass destruction of all types and kinds”. Some of whom will become terrorists!.  So the concept of removing threats, or eliminating threats with large armies no longer exists by any true description of reality. The only true solution is WORLD LAW, wherein the leaders are warned:  this law is for you/ and we will take you to court and enforce our laws, as a world.

       But alas men with pride, all like power/ they worship armies/ and they don’t share their plunder:  because pride knows, only the winner gets the prize.  So I will tell you a story about my dad.

       Back when I was 6-7 years old, we had a large bull on the farm; dad got him cheap and we were somewhat poor; because the bull was mean.  That led to numerous confrontations with the bull and my dad. One day, by his own description:  my dad decided to teach the bull a lesson. The bull is in the lot head down, snorting and pawing at the ground:  which is a sign of ready to charge. Dad took a pitchfork walked slowly up to the bull “head to head”: and thrust the pitchfork into the bulls face/ “going to make you fear me”!  a bad plan all around, but the pitchfork ended up with two tines going directly into the bulls nose, all the way. And the bull NEVER FLINCHED, still pawing at the dirt, head down, ready to charge!  DAD, backed slowly away, and declared he was never so relieved as to get back over that fence. 

       Of course that only made things worse/ and in a few days we had people over for dinner, so dad locked the bull in the barn:  so as to protect the guests. The bull was even more angry at that; and kicked against the ten by sixteen foot wooden door hard.  So dad parked the tractor with loader up against the door, which made the bull even madder. Mad enough to kick the door off the tracks and on top of the loader; and out he came. Dad then had to confess, what on earth was making this bull so mad!

       According to dad, still couldn’t get rid of the animal, because he needed the bull to impregnate the cows. Mom however offered “ain’t no cow going into heat with that violent thing around”. Luckily for all, dad decided to weld some galvanized metal together; and the poison made him sick enough to be put into the hospital for a few days. During which time mom called the local delivery service to come get this bull and take him away (regardless what you get).  But alas, the bull would not get into the truck:  more help arrived, and the bull would not cooperate until one man climbed into the truck. And when the bull charged at him all the way into the truck, two other men closed the door on him while the first escaped over the top of the enclosed truck. To the slaughter house.  Worst animal the professional service ever handled; so he said.

       I think this is probably where my grandmother first voiced the idea:  “dad has two angels looking over him/ one just ain’t enough”.  He always did what he felt he had to do/ but that did not mean, he was always right.

       In terms of leadership between N. Korea and the USA; at this moment in time:    the reality of who gets to be the bull, and who gets to be the man are rather interchangeable. . Both, were trying to prove: “I am in charge here”!   Neither is right/ but unless they get separated; one or both goes to the slaughter house. And they may take our world with them. In their causes, it is pride undermined by fears.  In dad’s cause:  he was just trying to make a living, as best he could.  So while the story applies, the reality of duty does not.

       The duty of leaders is to defend, in a way that does not cost society their freedoms, opportunities, or lives.  That, is always a reality of justice, applied by honest and fair law!

         The failure to adjust, and deescalate a situation with no possible “good outcome”/ IS CAUSE for impeachment.  Again;  it is entirely probable: that bribing a few members of the electoral college/ buys an election. Regardless, IT IS absolutely certain:  there are members of the electoral college, “that are for sale”!

The critical task of doing anything else:  is limited to reviving the boundaries. DO THIS, and THIS WILL be our answer. Demanding risks taken:  is reduced too, either remove the program in question/ OR we will permanently establish nuclear arms “same as yours”;  in S. Korea. Take your pick.

       Summation:  it is completely unfair to demand, scream, threaten or whatever “that YOU, cannot have the same weapons as us”. That goes for intercontinental missiles as well as border grounds. THE ONLY JUSTIFIABLE SOLUTION IS:  OUR WORLD TURNS TO LAW, PROTECTED AND DEFENDED BY ONE POLICING AGENCY, made up of every nation. And EVERY NATION, therefrom surrenders its entire arsenal of weapons of mass destruction/ and ANY leader who reinstates that program:  will be terminated from existence.


        Men of course never want to surrender what they deem as “their power to control the others”/ consequently history is full of wars, mutilation, disease, tragedy, destruction, chaos, religion (help me escape this), and endless politics. Because politics is not about finding solutions, they are about winning the games of men, for us. And if anything is found that does not “make our group have more than you”/ THEN it is failed policy that must be erased so that we, the people of our group;  can have more (winner)!

       But today, the world has to kill about 350,000 people a day; to retain its current population level. There are no more winners;  our planet cannot tolerate that reality. Which means every game particularly of power: produces only losers. The destruction cannot be undone. Our planet itself, is threatening to die; and that does not even include the people trying to ignite an atomic fire:  just like the sun fire.  Same fire/ same result;  how is that not so!  While the universities say:  “the sun has magic; and is made of an element 15 times heavier than lead”. Reality states, they have absolutely no proof of that whatsoever; nor of any other important claim about the sun either.  Just stories! www.justtalking5.info will help you understand.

       As to the current “fools parade”:  “I am king of this hill”. The reality is quite simple. If you leave them alone to do whatever they want for themselves; pride will make this escalate into war. No other reason of substance:  just pride will make this escalate into war/ either side is just as likely to start it.  Pride is a horrific enemy; as it has no soul, therefore it cannot care! The humanity (we can make different choices) inside sometimes fails completely. So the reality is:  GET UP AND START MAKING REAL NOISE, that this fight is unacceptable. Or it is just as likely world war 3 will start as not;  no coming back/ no second chances. Take control over the situation by removing the concept “we must”/ when that is clearly untrue. And as people across this earth:  BEGIN THE DEMAND,   LAW AND NOT WEAPONS, shall be our future. For every nation on earth!


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