eternal life

There is literally NOTHING more important, than what happens when you die. NOT because death is important/ it is not. Rather because whatsoever your eternity is going to be arises to become the truth of you, at that time.


        What you build your life into, or why you caused its destruction;  are the elements of that truth. The functioning question is then:  why do you build what you build/ OR, why do you destroy what you destroy?

        Answering that, relies upon truth. That is then a reality only you can provide/ unlike the arrogant and proud, who believe they can anticipate “anything anyone else is thinking/ to prove how smart they are”:  the undead must think for themselves, and no one else will fully understand, because no one else has lived your life. Discarding the “intellectual”; as merely a nuisance to life itself/ the reality of our existence in time is about purity. Those who can and do identify themselves, by their own truth;  become at least somewhat pure to the composition of what they can or cannot be to eternity.

        The critical question of death itself relies upon the dimensional elevation of thought:  as in “do you rise into the light/ or fall into the darkness”? Answer:  WHERE does the relationship which ties you to life or death live:  “in light (so that all can see)/ or in darkness (hidden so none will find)”!   

        Thought exists as the translucent definition of what anything and everything can be, within the boundaries that are set:  by your own relationship with life.  Therefore boundaries become the environment, and soul becomes the relationship with energy that transfers your life, into “your world”.

        Thought is then a freedom to identify the possibilities that let your soul live within you/ or die by passing beyond your grasp.  Soul means:  to accept (to respect reality) the relationship (you made me alive) a miracle (without any true comprehension, I exist)  has, with their own Creator (by grace alone, I have freedom and value).

        Thought conceives of time, the body lives it. Thought constructs love, life, sharing, caring, value, desire, purpose, courage, dignity, respect, identity, freedom, discipline, order, balance, and all developments that are beyond time.  Time lives within the boundaries of self, greed, want, need, death, fear, tragedy, war, hate, violence, and destruction. The difference being:  thought expands the elements of life through living/ while time restricts the realities of life, through existence.

        The question is:  WHY must these differences alter the quest for knowledge about life or death? The functioning answer is:  beyond the scope of time (the body, and its environment alone), there is another world of reality that does not succumb to the primitive relationships a body offers. Nonetheless, beneath the realities of thought, are the elements which align to demand disciplines/ order/ respect/ and balance MUST be accepted:  or there will be chaos.  Consequently we live in both experiences, and thereby learn to express the values or mayhem which depict our heart.

        Understanding exhibits itself as heart, the values we place upon our existence as a life worth living/ among the treasury that is love. Love identifies itself by living the experience “beyond our bodies, we need not time”. Or more simply:   to meet in soul (a place GOD designs); encompassed by the truth of life itself, there is no time. A reality that can only be experienced in human existence, by love!

        Wisdom examines participation in love, as the essence of everything pure (untouched, by the realities of death).  In human existence however, death touches us all/ therefore we do then understand the truth of what that value was, to me or to you. Consequently our wisdom is lacking, and our love is less than pure. Humanity contends:  “how can I be more”/ THIS is where I live!

        The question presents:  every element, where humanity tries to be “MORE”/ ends with the rest of humanity must accept LESS.  Therefore, it is the quest of time:  to be selfish. It is the reality of living, that becomes GREEDY. To alter and abate these things;  requires participation in balance, discipline, order, and respect.  No generation of humans, have met these requirements: throughout all of history. The answer is then:  you, as “the masses” are not worthy. Consequently the search for truth, love, and all that has value: is an individual experience.

        The question:  what does individual life, truly mean?  The answer is:  entirely up to you. So the repeated question is:  WHAT is the purpose, defined by your own desire/ that you give to your existence in time? People who worship guns say:  “I CAN make you pay”! People who worship violence say:  “I CAN make you fear”! People who hate say: “YOU, are the cause of my pain, my loss, my failure”! People who say, I will be a terrorist:  “are demanding, I WILL make you all pay”!  So the purpose is simple:  “you are my excuse”. But the question is: what is your desire, that you chose these things?  The answer:  “nothing in my life has meaning, or value to me”.  Or more simply:  since it is clear “some are truly happy, and find love”/ I HAVE NOT, and all the rest of what comes with the expectation of failure looms large.

        Therefore we ask:  WHY, did you fail?  By avoiding any and all excuses, the true answer resides in the assumption:  “I did, or I did not, get more”.  It is an assumption, because more of anything is not a guarantee of happiness or love. So the question is:  WHAT BRINGS HAPPINESS AND LOVE, into our lives?  The answer is a journey!  Every journey is a decision (I will do this), to participate as best you can, within an environment (my life lives here) that achieves your own personal search “for heart”.   The real quest of every journey, is then “for home”. Hate never journey’s, they live only in self.

        HEART means:  “within me, I know; something greater than I is alive”!  To ascend from “I” into life itself, requires:  that your search shall be “beyond all things self”. By asking the question:  what does life, when truly ALIVE;  “feel like”? Here both male and female join, because nothing less can truly allow the participation that is more than the human experience called self. Together we become “the lock and key” for the elemental first,  doors “beyond me and you”.  More simply;  when love steps beyond the gate, that divides humanity from time itself:  we get our first glimpse of “being truly, ALIVE”. To achieve that requires a purity seldom found. Consequently people begin to slip beneath the experience of life, as it was intended to be;  and descend into failure (I cannot have what I want).

        Failure is:  the defeat caused by want and the consequences of pride or power.  Each is a horrendous enemy, and the cause of death for so many throughout all of history.  Want is the basis of every lie;  because you won’t lie, if you don’t want something.  Every lie is a failure to achieve the inner passage between life and body. Every liar then seeks “bodies for sex, to prove I did not fail”. Body means “I am going to die”/ while life means:  everything inside of me is governed by thought, therefore I am thought and life is then me. That life is a gift, because I did not create it/ I may only accept its presence and grace.  Consequently sex proves only a desire to own, or even damage:  but NOT the right to participate within the grace of everything life could be.

        Pride is:  I CANNOT be “a winner”/ until I make you the loser!  Therefore time is a competition/ making the body of life a game/ and the experience nothing more than a trophy to be won “again and again and again”; because time, or someone is always trying to take that trophy away. The end result for a winner; is “enemies”. The end reality is every loser becomes jealous/ plots revenge, and becomes an enemy of life in time.  So the game is “fool”/ and the trophy is “liar”(because it has no real value, to love). Love is the treasure, that brings happiness therefrom the value of our existence as life.  None of that will be found in pride; the proof is “nothing matters but me”.

        Power is:  “I can play god with your life”.  Therefore “fear me”. So the purpose of power is then to create enemies. The alliance of power is to create an army to defend the purpose of power. And the discipline of power is to control, manipulate, tempt, or consume the existence of others by proving they can be made to slave for you.  The proof is “I have more: I stole their life”.  The reality is:  time ends, for you too! The liar says “dirt to dirt (as is true for the body)”. While life itself says:  destiny lives within thought, and thought lives within soul. Soul is a participation with GOD; and GOD  is eternal.

        So we ask:  WHAT, is the true difference between a body, and its life?  Freedom identifies a body that lives, and measures its time/ death is the loss of that freedom, the end of a body called time: it functions as life no more.  LIFE is the elemental treasury of what freedom can and does mean to you. It is translucent, which means without a clear view from time/ but perfectly clear within thought.  Life (a gift) is then the translator of every desire your thought can portray or hide. WHERE there is desire, there is life. So the question is:  does desire live or die without a body? 

        DESIRE forms both the boundary and the bond which unites the development of your identity.  But the question is:  does desire itself live or die without time? Therefore the search is:  can your own decision, which is the basis of desire, live only in thought? To do that your individual identity must be completed:  without boundaries life escapes. Without the bond which created your existence, life has no value.  So the precipitation of value identifies life which is then bound into an individual truth.

        The translucent door between life and its time on earth is fundamentally “spiritual”.  Spiritual means:  truth purified enough, to become a universal law. Consequently only what is “pure enough” can enter within the spiritual world, anything less will be destroyed or cast out. In addition:  if you enter into any door in the spiritual world/ the law it creates, will control you;  unless you become a true participant in that development of law.

        The question is:  can the purity of truth, as is the essence of law governing time and the universe itself;   be eternal?  In the three universe’s known:  “that which is anti-matter conceived by a black hole in space”.  Time itself, as is measured by distance and orderly disciplines. And the “initiating universal light” that preceded the effects of the explosive event called the big bang”.  DO LAWS GOVERN THESE DIMENSIONS?  The answer is yes, WITHOUT law creating a dimensional existence (the boundaries of energy, within and without):  all of it would be lost.

        So then we know that law is as eternal as each “dimension”. Consequently, the truth that governs those laws remains eternal as well. Therefore the difference between life and death for a human being is:  traveling through the translucent door, into a state of purity that allows your own individual truth to become a participant in the greater relationship of what controls the universe itself. The body cannot enter, it is only time. What is true cannot simply be lost;  because it is a reality created by energy. That energy is controlled by life. Energy is conceived as:  bound within the environments which control it, until released. When the energy is released from our body, the question is:  will you control it, as an existence beyond time/ dissipate, because the energy giving life is freed/ or be displaced as energy, into something else?

        We begin with energy itself, the reality of force unleashed in a specific directional state. To contain that energy there must either be “a structure or an opposing force that balances the whole into a harmonious state”. Beyond time then means:  to be locked (mercy) within an environment which cannot be changed “earth is an environment which cannot be changed without time”.  Noted: disrespect will evict you!  OR when seeking GOD :   to participate in HIS freedom, it is then absolutely necessary to know “I or you ARE NOT  god”.  Simple as that. 

        Dissipation is “ghosting”/ or more simply, the loss of energy removes the identity of life itself, and you become forever lost or simply gone.

        Being displaced into something else;  constructs “recycling”. The recycler of time is a black hole!


        The critical questions of energy, thought, and life itself, are NOT “for today”.


        Just because it seems necessary; the primary difference between “you and me” is simply, you live by a “thousand rules”/ and I live only by this one.  Every decision is a choice:  between love, hate, or survival/ the values which create our truth.  Or, in time that has no impact on life;  it is simply removing time, to wait for eternity.                                              James Frank Osterbur           4/11/17


Just because I desire it:  my teacher, my savior, even after a sense “my friend” has been JESUS, as written of in the bible.  Not by any “extra-terrestrial” conception/ but rather the existence of HIS TRUTH (as written), that leads to the development in destiny,  of all who follow; including me.  Passion is the embodiment of desire.  The honest  Desire for life,  is the purpose that leads to love.  Wherever life gives hope/ truth will grant trust. Such are the disciplines, taught to those who are “saved, for a greater order than time”. Life has been balanced, even though the vast majority of living:  has been without the benefits of a critical personal “love”. As with all who love:  discipline will turn to  GOD, when life offers “not enough”.  Friendship is then knowing “the love of   GOD”. 

        I pray (to ask with true respect) for our world, and ALL its life!

                                          Simple as that.


Just because you need to understand it:  every single person MUST make their own decisions, throughout all of life itself. There are no excuses for what the others do/ there is only the decisions that you make for or against love and the survival of everything called Creation. You CANNOT “pray your way out of trouble”/ it is unfitting, to say the least. You CANNOT buy your way into eternity, it is a blasphemy. You CANNOT judge; only the law is allowed to do that/ because if you fail, then you will be judged. That price could be extremely high! Be FAIR, with your laws.

          DON’T sacrifice, it NEVER turns out well.


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