every want

Every want, is the foundation of a lie. NOT a passion/ but an excuse to demand, “I am more important than you”! In the reality of human life, the endless want, is cause;  for the endless tragedy, that is humanity itself. War is the foundation of tears, because it buys nothing but more failure; even if it is necessary, when hate rules life.

        There is no value in hate, its only purpose is revenge or destruction:  “to prove you can, is power”.  To prove they could not stop you, is hate; assembled by violence. To prove you could rampage, rape, and ransack the others is pride:  because you made their lives nothing more than a game. Because you fell into the abyss, “of trophies in time”.

        Love is a destiny, which means this will be earned. The value of love is “everything, that makes life worth living/ anything that nourishes I AM alive, in happiness, through peace”. The legacy of love is a passion to share, a purpose to care, and a desire to bind ourselves with joy:  because we can.  Love recognizes, the only truth that has meaning above the rest is:  loneliness shares existence, unless we learn the value of being together as one. Within that journey, there is hope beyond time;  because love is not simply a value, it is a truth joined to eternity. Love is the binding, that makes life possible/ love is the gift, that makes life valued! The treasury of existence is then, a passion for love beyond ourselves. A foundation for truth, beyond time.

        Human existence is about the body of life, which we inhabit/ UNTIL the day when you are willing to accept and recognize:  “life itself is not a body”. Rather a body is little more than time identified by its own creation, through nature. Nature is, everything thought can become. Nature is the evidence, as truth declares these miracles of earth:  did not originate here!  Thought, and its associations with energy, then arrive as “the value of this destiny;  beyond ourselves, is more than we can understand”.

Energy is the power to change. Order, is the foundation to build. Discipline, is the law, which makes destinies, as is the essence or purpose of order, possible. Balance is the fundamental function, that gives a relationship its truth. Truth becomes the framework, upon which an identity arises. Thought is the creator, thereby “GOD of our soul” {do not be simple}. Humanity does not “think”/ humanity measures; until the day when they rise above want, to conceive of miracles. Love redefines Creation as the treasury of being ALIVE. Passion defines purpose. Truth creates desire. Desire forms the decision that becomes the reality of “You”. The possibilities of our existence arise and fall, based upon the relationships you share, & the value of your care. What is true, determines every future. What is true defines every eternity. What is thought arises to understand:  I am, “a miracle”!

While it is easy to abandon “a life measured by the insanities of men and women”/ the reality of miracles as is proven to be so by nature itself:  knows no “ultimate bounds”.  Therefore understand, the blessing of life is to arise beyond self, and acknowledge “everything you have been given”; is more, than any other will ever do or accomplish. Which makes you equal, regardless of your circumstance (color, gender, etc) and never less:  until hate destroys your soul. Find your passion, even if it fails to be accomplished;  reality will prove, “this is the best I could be”. Because this, and not some measurement of humanity, is my reality! Beyond existence in time, an identity knows only its truth.

You did not build yourself/ therefore you cannot destroy the future, or its eternity;  unless you so choose, by hate.  Life, is more than you recognize. Make your own decision, or you have no truth inside of you;  your identity has been given away. Learn/ repent/ rebuild, and begin again. That, is the path to your own soul!

 The question called justice, comes from the integration of values into living with truth, courage, acceptance, and dignity. The passions of a life worth living. The constant of humanity is:  “I will judge”. The constant of pride is:  “I will win”. The constant of war is:  “I WILL NEVER learn”. The constant of life is, every relationship of substance, shall prove its worth. Only truth survives time. Only love survives eternity.



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