examining democracy

Examining democracy!

        NO, there is no such thing as “government”.  There are only employees, hired to obey our constitution which is the government.

        NO, there is no such thing as a vote; when its, to vote for someone who then votes for me. A vote counts, only when you vote for the law or the rights or the reality of society itself:  as one person equals one vote for that purpose. WHOSOEVER MAKES and ENFORCES  THE LAW, RULES THE WORLD, or your society.

        NO, society cannot rule itself by force; not even through laws/ because a law is not necessarily JUSTICE.  Justice is:  the values we set to govern ourselves, as we would be governed if this “purpose or desire” was created by ourselves. In other words, justice is: “do unto others, as you would have them do unto you”.

        NO, society cannot make peace or harmony for itself, unless your vote EQUALS the purpose called “FAIR PLAY” FOR ALL.  That does not mean, everyone gets the same. It means:  no one is judged or dismissed without true “constitutionally legal” cause.

        NO, society cannot tolerate “lawmakers” anymore/ tragedy (a refusal to accept the reality of evidence), disgrace (USA creates war), disrespect (only the diploma has the right to control “everything”), destruction (never for life, not even infrastructure), terrorism (lets bring sun fire here “its just atoms on fire”), traitors (the constitution has been removed from the courtroom), failures (poisons everywhere), fools (only the money matters), liars (“we are being threatened by N. Korea”/ when in fact we are being threatened by all weapons of mass destruction), thieves (let the children pay), cheats (“ten thousand dollars per year per citizen in healthcare costs), whores (buy every election, and make the people slaves; by fucking the law), bastards (put every life in jeopardy;  do nothing about a thousand world ending threats), the insane (adding one billion mouths to feed per decade) , the criminally corrupt (the courtroom is for keeping the powerful in charge), the organized crime (keep the competition out;  educate only a few doctors), blatant corruption (discard the masses with prejudice; for those who mimic and memorize the university religion), common conspiracies (take over business and industry/ destroy private enterprise), absolute tyranny through counterfeiting (over $28,000.00 in US currency per human face on this planet), complete disregard for honesty (not a word about the consequence of university failure in anything), the assassination of life (take every resource/ LEAVE NOTHING), the mutilation of nature (destroy discipline, order, balance and more:  so evolution the liars religion can consume), Satan worship (fail life on earth, just let it die), cult worship of university (they cannot be questioned:  they are gods), propaganda media (BRAINWASH THEM ALL); and a long list of more,  all contribute to the clear and certain:  THIS CANNOT BE TOLERATED ANYMORE. Do you not see why?  OF COURSE you don’t,  “the television didn’t tell you to think that”! Delusions don’t allow for truth or reality.

        IF you could think/ THEN you would know:  “every form of power MUST be removed from the employee of government hands”. Creating for ourselves a valid form of democracy that defines life by determining the law, and the decisions,  that rule our lives, for ourselves!

        NO, society cannot be free anymore:  the debt-makers/ those university decreed rulers, who have made themselves “the new nobles”.  Have in fact created more debt against this society, than you can repay in ten thousand years.  Having destroyed resources these rulers have insured:  LIFE ON EARTH will die.  Having initiated horrendous criminal fantasy experiments:  “they chose, to insure no life can escape their extermination”.  Because once the consequences of what they have done begin to surface:   they refuse to face their own truth/ you must be distracted, or they die.


        The list goes on for a great deal of other failures, tragedies, insanity, and just plain DAMNED TO DEATH realities;  all produced by the people who believe they are “gods” on earth.  “cause they are so smart”;  after all, they built you a propaganda machine “you, are too damn stupid to think”/ a brainwashing device “your friend”/ weapons of mass destruction “your saviors”/ evolution “die brain die”/ and a world living on lies “who can stop us”.  Now who could be smarter than that:  “CONSEQUENCES be damned”?


        Redress of grievances, a first amendment constitutional edict:  which means CANNOT be denied by law or democracy.  Stands ready to change what needs to be changed.

        Redress requires:

  1. You don’t ask/ you simply begin, by assigning to the court: THE LIST of realities, to be examined: that are functionally and fundamentally NOT within GOVERNMENTAL  “constitutional law” REGULATIONS.   
  2. The government is: THE US CONSTITUTION FIRST, and then state constitutions as do apply. Only these words, as applied and accepted by WE THE PEOPLE;  are “our government”.  Those employees, who have not kept their oath of office, are then subject to penalties as defined by the people themselves.
  3. No one gets to hide/ no employee gets to refuse testifying: there is no “fifth amendment to hide behind”: for an employee of the people.  Your oath to obey the constitution takes that away.
  4. We are the government/ NOT our employees. As a government, WE HAVE AGREED as one people:  to adhere to constitutional decree. We are the final say in interpretation of what that means as one people by vote:  because this is our government, not theirs!
  5. We are the military, we are the policing, we own the courtroom, and we determine the future/ NOT “THEM”.
  6. So the decision is: recognizing extreme fraud, lies, terrorism, tyranny, traitorous acts, corruption, counterfeiting and more are all standing in the way of life on earth. These are all standing in the way of our existence as a nation; and must be resolved:  by whatever cost they bring/ THAT DOES NOT include war or violence, beyond the slightest possible means.
  7. All of that, and everything life needs to survive: HIDES BEHIND THE MONEY.  Because the money is your god/ and your god is dead:  counterfeited into delusion, and spent almost entirely on fantasy and university greed. Fail to let the money fall/ and you fail life.  Fail to accept we must begin again, and remove the lies so as to return both life and nation to TRUTH;  and you die.  Fail to do it yourselves; and you become slaves forever.  So reality says:  CHOOSE, a life fighting to survive by accepting the price of truth.  OR, “let’s all continue to lie, the university is god”.   It is a choice, with extremely different outcomes:  EVEN if you can’t see truth.


You establish constitutional redress on the money supply, by using democracy “we the people will now rule this matter”.

    Democracy established is:  “limited capitalism”. Which means by our vote we will determine the maximum income and the minimum income for all working people;  periodically so as to maintain control. That includes a limit on property ownership, corporate realities, etcetera;  so that all can be included, in the rights and realities of a nation declared to be   “WE THE PEOPLE”.

    Given that discipline, order exists as:  US CURRENCY is determined by “strictly limiting currency to so much per citizen”.  Which then gives every citizen the power to see and understand “where they stand” in terms of what is fair. International currency is limited to:  what is real, simple to understand, valid and fair.

    In determining “the new rule of money”:  you take the numbers decided by vote, or you simply use “the average income number for the nation” to supply the number. Then you divide the new currency among the poor first, giving every layer of wealth what is left from what the poor did not need to survive and be realistically happy.  The vote to determine what the levels of wealth are going to be:  occurs within two years beyond that time.

    Democracy GIVES THE RIGHT to govern:  to the people themselves!  Not a group, not a court, not a congress, not an employee.  Democracy means, WE THE PEOPLE made these laws to govern our employees and design our future/ and we called it THE US CONSTITUTION. And we identified its purpose with the “Virginia bill of rights, and the declaration of independence”. No university/ NO expert decides:   that, is why this is called a democracy, as in we the people get one true individual vote, to determine what our justice will be. One true vote on every law we must obey. One critical time:  to change our world, for life! Democracy is NOT voting for someone to vote for me/ it is voting on the laws and rights and realities that become society itself, and our future.  As best we can.


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