Examining Money

Examining money in America


       That begins with this simple statement:  nothing is real, about the currency of the USA. It is not a relationship with anything, that can be found as real.


       The problem is:  all the money was spent, primarily on the military, up until the Carter years.

       The history is:  Initiated by the atomic bomb, and world war 2, the cold war with USSR (make them fear us with atomic explosions)/ the Korean war;  spending by the military saw no reprieve until the end of the Vietnam war. Particular to this road to financial destruction was the Kennedy years:  whose fundamental description of America (within the speeches) was “we should prepare for world war 3”/ and defeat the USSR. That largely stopped with the Cuban missile crisis.  BUT the money was transferred to “let’s go to the moon”; whose ONLY legitimate (although hidden) purpose was to BUILD A MISSILE to deliver atomic bombs to the USSR. Then came Johnson, who simply left the Vietnam war to the military:  whose purpose became to use Vietnam as a weapons testing facility; due to the advent of guided missiles and electronics of all kinds. Nixon had little choice but stop the war. Finding an economic crisis, he opened the door to cheap labor in China.

       Carter tried to stop the landslide of economic ruin/ but failed, because with high interest “everybody suddenly thought they could get rich; and borrowed more than they could afford”. Reagan ended paying for the debt, and then gave over the currency to “the university graduates”. Who instantly gave each other a ten-fold increase in pay, throughout all who graduated from college/ adding million dollar bonuses and benefits (anything they could think of).  They then formed an army, by including those who had lesser graduate titles, such as teachers; and the race to a university education began.  As always the landslide of humanity goes wherever the money can be found/ regardless of why.

       Simply giving control over the money supply to the university organized crime syndicates/ was not enough to return America to wealth. But Reagan found two answers:  he raided fort knox, and sold all the gold that did belong to this nation, in order to pay for his trophies/ and the university fantasies he then funded. The second:  WE WON’T pay no damn debts.  The economy rebounded:  because counterfeiting (hiding inflation in asset inflation) was kept hidden by the media:  they knew, I told them, as did a few others. Greed (I can steal, with this) won.

       Then comes the first Bush, who did what he realistically could/ apart from subjecting those who failed him to the disabilities act as punishment for them. The first Iraq war, was a bandaid that kept  the economy going for a time (war, costs money).

       Then came Clinton:  who suddenly fixed the budget by declaring “the social security fund” is money the people owe to themselves; so its NOT part of the federal budget! He then orchestrated the removal of that debt from the budget, with congressional approval, and media silent/ but kept the money paid to social security in the budget. Providing an “IOU”  as in pay later to social security. The media said almost nothing, and kept silent in every other aspect so as to keep the people quiet. They then began spending again!

       Then came the second Bush:  9/11 changed his position, and the money did not matter, “going to war”. Fear overtook them, in congress too, and they attacked Iraq without cause; doing extreme harm. University decisions and delusions; “such as debts don’t matter”;  all along the way, threw out American currency by the trillions. The economy is nothing more than numbers, and we have AN ENDLESS supply. But reality refused, and then came Obama

       Obama was faced with an almost instant depression:  so to recover and claim “its OK”.  The counterfeiting OF US CURRENCY, increased to a reported “$90,000.00 dollars of inflation per each and every worker, per one hundred million workers.  Hidden in asset appreciation, & the people said “we are great”. Even though at the end of his terms the asset claim was over $200 trillion dollars in American currency “printed” & available throughout the world. Roughly $30,000.00 per human face on the planet.  Immigration exploded; “we have the money/ lets go get more”.  Along with a debt line of over $153 trillion dollars:  which comes out to 1.53 million per each of one hundred million workers of citizen debt. Only workers pay, because money is either labor, or resources & the environment. That, is what money means:  someone to do my work/ or someone to grant me a resource I cannot otherwise have. That debt of course includes an endless round of plane rides and whatever other desire he wished to have the people of America pay for; contrary to constitutional law.

       Trump now intends to make the environment pay again; even though it cannot. Funding infrastructure in a nation that has no money whatsoever;  adds more debt. The end result of it is simply this:   without reality attached to the money/ it has no substantial value. It is in fact counterfeit;  or more clearly although printed by a nation. It is the inflation that was NOT reported by media/ it is the debts which CANNOT be paid, that keep funding everything. Until the day when it all falls apart; as all lies do.


       What is important regarding these developments is:   that a tiny few men primarily, EVERY SINGLE ONE of which has a university diploma/ throughout all the true participants in organized crime. HAD OR TOOK OVER THE POWER, to destroy an economy, and make American’s fail their own nation.  Because Americans did not want to pay;  for what their leaders did do. They gave up, and said:  LIE TO US, we won’t look for truth.  And so it was.


       So let’s examine the end results: 

  1. The first world war, provided impetus for a stock market rise (war costs money)/ which then collapsed. Because as it always is: people fight to get EASY money, and when the people have no more money to spend in the stock market “to get rich”.  THEN the wealthy sell their stock and collect all the “poor man’s money”; because panic at the reality of wealth gained with lies and the consequence of counterfeiting value in business or industry collapses.
  2. That set up world war 2, which destroyed a great deal of property that had to be rebuilt, along with a long list of things people wanted to have; and America got rich.
  3. The American military was SO PROUD, they could not stop trying to intimidate (exploding nuclear weapons) and make the world fear them: REAL POWER now.
  4. With Reagan an entire new philosophy of spending occurred: let the universities BUILD OR DO ANYTHING they want/ they are gods. And the universities were allowed  to counterfeit;  all they could spend; as was  continued into this day.
  5. Nothing was spent for the future, that was not a university toy, or a military weapon.
  6. Finding no money available for spending, throughout decades. All forms of government created debts, they would not be paying “with real money”. Just inflation NOT reported, if they must/ apart from themselves. LIE AND KEEP ON LYING! The consequence being NO REAL governing was possible causing it to fail and fall apart.
  7. Finding no money available for business, banking, or industry: the federal government employees sold off that business and industry to foreign countries/ in return for very cheap goods. Transferring wealth to them, while corrupting every form of business or economic welfare here.
  8. The function and fundamentals of allowing a university diploma the opportunity: to spend and create counterfeit money, is very simple.  They get to ransack and steal every form of ownership in America by buying title to property and the rest of business in its entirety.  BECAUSE NOBODY can compete with a counterfeiter. So they own it all in the end. To insure the stock market does not crash again entirely:  congress made the stock market banking system a member of the currency creators.  Now they can print their own American money/ whenever they get into trouble.  To make sure the extreme collapse does not happen today. The stock market is always governed by:  when the poor quit pouring money in/ the rich will take their winnings, and destroy the wealth of those who aren’t “rich”.  It’s what they do:  to be rich.


So the question of money in America is:  being totally bankrupt, by what a university diploma did do in creating organized crime to dissolve the nation itself. The reality of rebellion is absolute. The result of a nation being brought down from the inside, first by war/ then by a university delusion of “being gods”;  has stolen every penny from its citizens who work.  While redistributing their money to those with a diploma who could  and did, take it all. They then bought any toy or trophy their heart desired, altering and playing with a world besides.  Having done that, to keep from being discovered and required to pay:  they became terrorists. Presenting this world with threats that will exterminate us. “Who you going to go ask for help”?  Why the universities of course:   “we are gods/ fall down and worship the ground we walk on, or die”.

       If you can’t see that truth/ then recognize this one:  those in medicine collect not less than ten thousand dollars per citizen in this nation. Behind the doors of healthcare, are the racketeers, monopolizing even simple and less efficient:  organized crime (I might need them).  In case you missed it:  that is a yearly debt of about $30,000.00 per worker in America/ before taxes.  Still think the money is real?



       We must identify what an economy actually is!

       That is done in a very simple framework of knowledge. An economy is:  the trading of labor, and its associated available resource that belongs to you/ for whatever someone else is willing to trade, that you in turn want or need.  It is literally nothing else, until we get to crime.

       Economic crime is:  altering trading by the injection of “separate people from the trade”;  who then benefit from someone else’s labor or resources;  without adding their own realistic trade or resource. They simply gain, and pay little or nothing; as is the assertion “You must slave for me/ because I say so”. A common reality of governments and others, throughout time.

        So the key to economic stability (we protect our future) and peace in society (this is fair):  is eliminating what is unfair.  Nothing more disciplined or orderly than that. Except for the truth, without resources that can be used by men or women, there is no work. We cannot survive here.


       The simple equation to making society economically fair is:  LIMITED CAPITALISM.  Whereby we control the greedy by our own “we the people” vote.  Limiting how much, or how little:   income or property ANY INDIVIDUAL can own or claim/ thereby gaining the opportunity to control our own future, and create harmony as best we can, for ourselves.  This is balance in life and work, as determined by the majority.

       We then turn to bankruptcy, as is the only way to restart for life and stability; in something so destroyed as is American currency for instance.  The failure to stop the insanity of letting thieves control the future;  is an end to life on earth/ civil war/ world war, and a wide variety of other factors which can easily include all of the above. Letting someone intentionally steal your entire working life, is not sane. That goes for medicine as well:  there is only so much money available, and they get a percentage of income/ while we the people adjust that reality until it is fair.

       Bankruptcy means:  NO MORE GAMES, reality decides. That functional reality is:  those who have a debt on property, will retain their percentage of ownership;  regardless of the end result of “American first amendment redress (we have rights) trial”.  With limited capitalism controlling the numbers:  the public will decide their own basic number for the median income (now you know, where your salary should be) in america (keeping it simple). Then NOBODY gets more than the maximum, regardless of their current numbers. NOBODY gets to own more property, than a realistic evaluation of the facts will grant the maximum income possible. It is dependent upon area and zip codes for instance. Everything beyond those numbers is returned to the public trust.

       The stock market has betrayed humanity long enough, and will be dissolved:  the small investor gets first claim. Because the large investor has already received his or her “return”. 

       A return to investing is possible under this single condition:  NO ONE, NO COMPANY, NO TRUST;  LITERALLY NOTHING alive or dead or corporate or other/  is allowed to own or invest in any conceivable way, in more than one “stock”. You can buy one stock, and you can sell one stock, to buy one other stock. As in you will protect the business or industry instead of destroying it.  That opens for sale, ONLY under the condition:  all bidders given ample opportunity to decide beforehand/ are given equal amounts to buy. That do not exceed a true value to the  “stock”. If you misrepresent:  as a broker, and selling firm;  you will pay so be careful what you claim.

        Pensions are dead forever/ social security is the same for all, no exception, and no additional funding for a single one:  all get the same.  A percentage of the GDP.  “Want more”;  well reality says your government employees ransacked every penny, and left you with nothing.  So take what you are given, or receive NOTHING instead;  because that, is what is left for you to receive in truth.

       There are NO DUTIES, to be demanded of business, in terms of benefits, insurance, or any other type of compensation:  there is ONLY INCOME, and each is responsible for their own/ although you will report the income paid for each one; if you have over ten employees.  Get your own/ business is not your “mother”. No more demanding to be “nursed, as an adult”.

       The reality of government is determined by constitutional law. The reality of constitutional law is determined by the vote of WE THE PEOPLE. Therefore the question is:  WHAT, are you going to allow your employees to do, from this point forward? The answer is:  taxation is collected ONLY at the local level, with a few supervisors contracted to keep it fair.  The answer is:  all taxation will be delegated to a specific purpose, and SHALL NOT be diverted under any cause. That includes war:  which means if you declare war/ then taxation IMMEDIATELY goes up to the percentage you have committed in the constitution; until the war ends. NO MORE TAKING OUT LOANS OR DEBTS by our government employees.  Where long term investments must occur:  there will be a tax forum, and work shall not start until fifty percent is collected. Unless it is absolutely urgent, and cannot wait/ in which case, the people most affected will participate to get this done. ANY EMPLOYEE participating in hiding inflation or theft of any kind: SHALL GO TO PRISON. If it is severe theft, you will die/ because you have taken enough from the rest of us:  your time is up.

       INTERNATIONAL THEFT, by a tiny few, who have strangulated American citizens, ripping out their dignity/ must be balanced against what those nations have received, or need.  In the case of China, a primary reality of payment will be:  the direct participation and reduction of all things pollution or conceived of tragic environmental realities. Nobody is going to be “happy”/ and that includes the people most at fault for getting this nation and this world into trouble.

       In accordance with that reality:  the traitors will be found, and if not directly associated with weapons of mass destruction/ will be immediately available to any nation that wants them in reduction of the debt.  Feel free to do “whatever you desire” with them/ they made us all, their slaves, now its your turn to decide.

       More specifically:  the foundation of very serious crimes against the United States of America, and this world by terrorism and more. CAN BE LIMITED TO A VERY FEW, who actually controlled the realities that made this possible.  They stole, and gave that life work, by others, away. Therefore, a quest to identify WHO EXACTLY DID DO, whatever it was they did do or failed to do:  that became an act of treason against our world, and this nation.  WHO IS DISTINCTLY RESPONSIBLE/ WHO SPENT THE MONEY OR GAVE IT AWAY/ WHO FAILED TO COMMUNICATE THE REALITIES WE NEEDED TO KNOW/ WHO DID NOT CARE;  and so on.  Until the root of this problem can be discovered and removed forever.  By foundation constitutional laws which will close every door possible, so that NONE can do this again. NOT EVEN society itself!


       THE QUESTION is then, after over forty decades of avoiding reality, and pretending the money has some type of intrinsic value:  WHY STOP THEM NOW? While EVERY older person says “NOT in my lifetime”.

 Every younger person WILL PAY, regardless of when the inevitable collapse begins/ it is not an option, assuming the world itself survives. That can only occur with dramatic and forever change. So the question becomes:  DO THE YOUNG desire life and time?  Because the future is not coming, if you don’t fight for it, immediately.  Simple as that, NO second chances, even though it is not directly your own fault:  “just how it is”.

       THE QUESTION IS:  can this be wrong/ can our reality really be so extremely threatened:  that the future of our planet itself, is in true jeopardy?  

       The disciplines of www.justtalking5.info might make it more clear, or a different site I provide.

       More distinctly, even apart from the constant biological mutilation of nature which is DNA. The reality of trying to ignite sun fire here on earth, CANNOT BE MADE MORE CLEAR.  Their theory proven Wrong, is the planet itself becomes a sun. the sun is  a physical fire/ you see it everyday, and you know it exists. Your scientists declare it is a ten million degree flame, a million miles long:  and it does not take a genius to understand. If the fire does not put itself out/ this planet itself will burn just like the sun:  SAME FIRE/ SAME RESULT.

       Your scientists and governments are deliberately trying to ignite sun fire on earth in machines which exist in several different nations. Every single one of them:  IS DEPENDING upon the theory, “not enough gravity to sustain the fire”. Every single one of them is depending upon the fantasy that our sun is made up of an unknown element that is fifteen times heavier than lead. And not one of them can tell you what gravity actually is. They won’t stop:  its their job/ their pride/ their pension and benefits/ their power/ their work, etc;  and they lose it all, if they don’t continue on. “So to hell with the world”/ now ain’t that right? Would not you? Governments spending trillions on these machines would also look like complete fools, and even terrorists:  so they won’t help.  Universities are certainly NOT going to admit wrong. While communication merely exists to worship the university, and every zealot priest of any religion NEVER gives up their belief;  just how it is/ THIS IS OUR money, job, power, etc.

       That leaves SANITY;  are you willing to gamble this entire world, every life, and every future life:  on their absolute arrogance.  OR WILL YOU ARGUE:  WE HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT TO PROTECT OURSELVES. THEREFORE YOU MUST ANSWER THE QUESTIONS, AND PROVE WHAT HAPPENS IF THIS GOES WRONG.

       It is that simple. It is that plain. This is, ONE SECOND too late; and there is no tomorrow for this entire world of life. That is the truth, and it is only one threat of many; each of which can exterminate our world.


       So as to money, the reality of trading work and resources in support of survival or more.  WHAT IS TRULY IMPORTANT, trying never to face the inevitable, and letting fools spend your life on their toys and trophies:  while they strip you of every potential freedom there is.  OR STANDING UP FOR LIFE ITSELF, EVEN OUR WORLD.

       Unfortunately, there are no third options left for you/ time has run out.  Either you will fight for this earth/ or you will let it die. Just over population by humanity is enough to get that done:  another billion in less than ten years.  None of it, is a game! Fail to understand, and your life is dead/ as is all life and every future life assassinated with you. Because you chose to do nothing.

       FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD, or it will be “to HELL” YOU GO!  One way, or the other.

       Soon the war in the middle east will be over/ isis defeated. But those who don’t die, (one in a million/ is 8,000 individuals in this world of 8 billion people) WILL come here to inflict all the damage they can; because american’s stole their dream, by interfering. So, many will be convinced, to believe; a mob doesn’t need truth. They believe “something must be done/ we are losing control”: MAKE them fear us. Want to bet on “world war 3”, and all its weapons of mass destruction?  Does not someone have to pay, for tragedy expanded to horror; in America? Perhaps they will fail/ but even if they do, this world is overcrowded with humanity, and they all want more. While those who have say “we don’t have more for you/ GO AWAY”. And the whole world, becomes JUST like Syria. Take another look, at “your gun”; before you begin what you cannot stop. Truth is irrelevant to a mob:  are you a mob (demanding someone must die)? Take another look at America;  MANY very unhappy people/ after all the college diploma or medicine stole their life’s work; make the masses bankrupt/ enslaved or fighting to survive/ or just plain angry. But hey surely that wouldn’t make them kill; no, “not men” right? Just one bullet, and the world is on fire; “maybe”? just let the stock market collapse and steal their life’s work; one more time/ “surely they will be good little slaves”;  right!

       When you lose your fantasies too, as is bankruptcy for this USA;  those who hate you in foreign nations, even here;  will retire, “to watch you cry”. It is that simple. As will nations, that now exist on US currency. Risk is everywhere/ EXTINCTION IS CERTAIN, if you fail.  That is the reward for “university knows”/ as did train every leader.  Fail life first, as did they; and this world dies.  Believe it or not is absolutely irrelevant; truth will decide.

       Take your pick: their fantasies are long past the ability to survive, all their lies. Or investigate our reality, as is the true NEED to understand and define, what does or does not threaten us all:  WITH EXTINCTION FOR OUR WORLD.  Not a game.

       You get ONE LAST DECISION according to biblical prophecy, which ends the possibilities of change; for all life on earth in July of 2019.  Not my prediction, its from the bible, Daniel 12.  The great abomination is:  trying to bring the same fire here as is on the sun/ nothing could be more insane. Therefore when the first true machine starts deliberately trying to ignite sun fire:  that is when the abomination rises.  April 1, 2012 the first machine that could/ did start, at NIF.

       This is the day, and this is the time:  that world law shall take away all weapons of mass destruction/ or they will be used, because the numbers are massive; and they won’t die, “for you”;  without a fight. This is the day, that life itself arises to become “free”; by controlling those who have controlled us, “with limited capitalism (we decide your maximum income or possessions), and world law” (we enforce our law on leaders).

       Consider the consequences of being wrong, before you scoff.  Every biblical prophecy is coming true.  Armageddon is nature in chaos (DNA mutilation/ species boundaries crossed). The apocalypse (a gun in every hand; blood everywhere). Predicted life will end in fire (our entire planet threated with sun fire);  and more. In fact most of the entire first eleven chapters of Revelation predicts a sun fire ignites on this earth. Imagine that, all of them potentially coming true at this time in history. War on the edge across this globe. Cannibalism waiting as well, because the ocean is dying/ and war will take all the food and water away.  So you can drink blood.

       So what if you are wrong; what if the threats are real; the consequence a dead world/  HELL, “you don’t care” right! You only want, what you want; and to hell with everything and everybody else; ain’t that so?

       I am not a “dissident (one seeking to be noticed), it literally does not matter if one or a billion are reading this:  what matters is if the world survives. Nothing less counts for anything. NOT a revolutionary (the demand for war); this is a demand for law that justifies LIFE, for the planet, COMES FIRST; just so you know.  Instead of fantasies;  I am fighting for truth (no fantasies or lies). I am fighting for true democracy (we the people not our employees rule). I am fighting for our world to be ruled by law, and reality:  as in (kill a billion people; and their numbers will be back “within a decade”). Making war useless!  I am Demanding, THE REALITY of THREATS which have invaded our time;  MUST BE DEALT WITH,  or we die!

MAKE YOUR DECISION;  fight for life comes first, NO more gambling with OUR world!  Or we die, as in “threats be damned/ continue to risk it all”; the university is god!

       Just remember:   there are NO SECOND CHANCES;  our reality is too bleak, the experiments too extreme.


       The means of changing direction as a society or a world, is very simple:  NOBODY can refuse “a billion people” standing at their door. Proving, Simply “YOU ain’t god”!  Demanding YOU WILL OBEY OUR LAW. YOU WILL STOP THREATENING ORU LIVES.  Demanding YOU WILL ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS.  Declaring WE HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS!

       Those constitutional LEGAL rights begin:

       “we the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.”

       THIS IS, the most important piece of the constitutional contract,  which UNITED this nation; as one people.  This is the description that controls EVERYTHING our employees are allowed to do:  in obedience to our government. The description that unites us into one nation/ because it says our employees can only go this far. Our individual freedoms, or duties;  follow as “the amendments”. Within those amendments are the legal right for any individual to call for REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES:  given substantial evidence that our employees have failed their sworn duty to obey and protect the constitution itself.  As they have done.


       The constant here is very simple:  we don’t need a leader, because changing humanity is done one person at a time. Unless each individual sees a need, and accepts the truth:  CHANGE must come, in them as well as you. There is no hope.  If you individually do accept the need to change our world, and protect all life first/ before your own want, pride, power, etc. THEN this world can be saved. If not, nothing can bring us back from the edge.   Not a game, the garbage dump is full of your trophies, trinkets, and toys;  CHOSE FOR LIFE, or you will lose your world.

The graveyard is full; resurrect yourselves from extinction; or all life as you know it, is over.  Mutilating nature/ trying to ignite sun fire here/ destroying every resource. Another million people more than deaths;  to feed, to share resources with, to fight with; are literally,  born every three to four days. Oceans dying, ETCETERA.  It is NOW or never!  Simple as that.   YOUR LIFE, YOUR CHILD, YOUR FUTURE, AND EVERYTHING YOU VALUE:   ARE INVOLVED, plain as that. “forever cannot be undone”.            Like it or not, you literally have nothing to fear;  except the failure to keep this world of life,  ALIVE.     Change or die;  not a hard concept. Can you survive living on the sun/ can you heal yourself, if the body literally “falls apart” from biological mutilation.  WAKE UP, you world is dying!

Fight for life, or finish digging your grave; its over! The only god your universities proved to be:  was SATAN.  It literally means “destroyer of this world”.  Can’t believe it? Well you believed, when fools told you life was nothing more than an accident/ as in a new-born baby, is nothing more “than a little dirt” mixed together with water.  They were wrong/ as were you;  and you know it on the inside. You, were a baby; are you nothing more than a little dirt! USE YOUR BRAIN, it ain’t a damn doorstop.


Remember this:  the foundation for all life, is thought/ fantasies don’t exist. Thought builds/ chaos, tears it apart. THINK, or die. Accept what is TRUE. CHOOSE what is balanced, disciplined, and orderly for peace through law;   or be exterminated. Our world is dying. Because humanity refuses to accept reality, by the evidence of its own truth. The literal facts of our own survival.

You CAN’T war yourselves out of this (push them out, or make them die, or let them slave for us)/ “the historical way of men”.  Alas for men;  it is the weapons which changed that; NOW, just a few, can do enormous harm! The earth itself can’t survive;   any of that.  Which means change must be serious, permanent, and true. Different requires a different way, let women try:  DIFFERENTLY.  Not, like men.  They too must change:  the human population explosion MUST STOP; that is their decision!

 “Together we will go;  to life or death”/ one way or the other, the middle ground is dead.  The evidence is true:  We must change, what you don’t see: is literally like a bomb waiting to go off.  “It’s there, and past the point of no return, the results are forever”, so says the evidence.

 Prove the evidence is wrong:  or change humanity, for the sake of life itself on earth! 

 Prove a ten million degree fire, as is the sun:  is not an atomic fire/ which means, the energy is from tearing apart an atom.

       WRONG, means everything you value IS GONE/ including your own time.


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