extreme stupidity

        Consistent with this work is:   NOTHING IS SO PLAIN NOR SIMPLE, as the fact/ those who are trying to ignite sun fire on this earth; having built machines for this exact purpose.  Cannot be wrong, or this entire planet dies (burns like the sun), changing the solar system with it.  No second chances, because a ten million degree fire; that does honestly burns (releases) the bond holding atoms together;  as the sun does prove, each and every day. IS NOT, GOING TO BE EXTINGUISHED OR CONTROLLED!

 There is no such thing as fusion:  which is the claim, “the sun makes helium, with every btu”! The clear and certain reality:  helium is one of the rarest elements in this universe. Which does in fact prove, fusion is a fantasy lie.

        The critical lie, established by university scientists is:  “we don’t have to worry about the fire, because there is not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”!  That IS the plan, and there is no other.  However their assumption is based upon demanding the sun is made not only of hydrogen/ BUT GETS ITS GRAVITY, BECAUSE OF A MAGICAL  ELEMENT THAT IS FIFTEEN TIMES MORE MASSIVE than lead.  Giving it an atomic number of about 3,000.  There is no such element in the known universe (nothing even close), which means it is entirely a fantasy.

        The reality of solar gravity is made from the fire. The burning (release) of the energy bond that holds the proton and neutron together:  IS WHERE the solar gravity comes from.  WE KNOW this is true, because we know the kind of energy that is released when this bond is broken by an explosion. WE KNOW that an atom of any size is contained in a balanced state of energy/ THEREFORE WE KNOW, that within that balanced state:  THERE IS, an equal or greater opposite inward force (neutron) to contain the outgoing energy. If that is not so, then the outward force simply disappears, and is not contained in an atom:  so it is there.  You can visualize it as a pendulum on a string being swung around in a circle.  Without an anchor center-point, the pendulum energy and string simply disengage and fly away.  The release of that energy causes two distinct effects:  what is outward radiation energy, “burns our skin from 91 million miles away in summer”.  What is inward energy (dark energy), becomes not only solar gravity, but in effect cools the inner mass of the sun.  because balance means an equilibrium exists.  So if the sun produces extreme energy with the release of the proton as heat/ then the release of the neutron (back into the center mass) must by the evidence of balance; and the stability of the sun:  “be cold”.

        The extreme stupidity of believing in “magical elements” that do not exist/ and then gambling with an entire planet of life:   in an effort to prove you can play god over this sun fire.  Literally has no other word for it than   “satan on earth”.  Which means the intentional destruction of everything, by lies.


        The extreme delusions, that are human society choosing to let the delusional rapists imagine they can play god:   prove you are nothing but their cult followers. Who have completely lost the will and ability to think for yourselves!  It is that simple/ and you should be completely, ASHAMED! You are believers, “that the universities can play god”/ and you are extremely WRONG.  Which means unless they are stopped prior to ignition, you and yours WILL BURN;  “just like being thrown into the sun itself”.  Because that literally is, the price of being wrong about anything, with regard to sun fire. No second chances/ because it will not be extinguished.  “steel melts at 3,000 degrees”/ which means you can’t come within one hundred miles with anything. 

        A ten million degree flame MEANS:  THERE WILL, be a tremendous updraft, as the entire atmosphere of this planet is ejected into space:  vacuuming up everything that surrounds the flame, within hundreds of miles.  Congratulations, religion is half right/   people will get a free ride, but not into heaven. 

        Can’t happen, GOD  won’t let it?  Well biblical prophecy disagrees with you.  The most easily identified is  DANIEL 12  it predicts “once the great abomination arises”:  which means something so horrendous now exists;  that nothing like it has ever been seen, nor could even have been imagined. Igniting atoms on fire, just like the sun IS THAT ABOMINATION. Gambling with every life/ every future life/ the planet/ and even the solar system itself:  on the university can play god.   NOTHING could be worse, therefore this is the great abomination.  It rises as reality:  on the first experiment, with the first machine, than can in fact ignite that sun fire here.   April 1, 2012.

        The prophecy then goes:   the first death is like the old testament which demanded “salvation comes from the law”:  but like the past, humanity refused to use the law to stop them. That time 1290 days, has pasted.  The second death is like the new testament:  “humanity can be saved by mercy, if they will just change, and accept the values and respect required”.  That time ends 1335 days after the first death, which is  July 8, 2019.  The prophecy then concludes with “there will be a time (1st death)/ times (2nd death)/ and a half a time (half the second death 667.5 days more)”.  Which translated will become by biblical prediction:  as of July 9, 2019, CHAOS AND HELL will begin, it will be unleashed for 666 days; the last day being judgment day/ and the half day being whatever shall in fact happen to life after that, because this planet will be lost. 

        But hey:   “YOU, don’t care;  right”!  You are, way too damn smart, to conceive of anything other than   “the university is your god”;   reap your reward, because being wrong DOES have consequences.  Can’t question the reality of it/ can’t question your leaders/ just believe:  IS A CULT.  Accept it or not, its true.


The value of a religion is very simple:  when confronted by realities which cannot be stopped/ thereby requiring a change in you.  The disciplines necessary to achieve a new beginning are formed in religion/ the order that is required to realign your life with “the truth” you have learned/ and the balance essential for that work, is granted by accepting “the religion” has value.  What you believe in that specific religion is determined by what you want for your future.  Regardless of that lessons in discipline, order, truth as created by knowledge formed in life, and the balance necessary for change are all “good things”; if in fact your religion looks at love as the blessing and purpose of life.


        In complete contrast with that, is the religion of university:  it begins and ends with evolution, at that opened the door to mutilating all of life, nature, and believing “nothing matters, about what you do”.  Evolution throws in:  you are all animals, and will be nothing more;  a reality too many people accept and prove today by their actions. But that does not make it true. Evolution ultimately says:  life built itself out of chaos, by picking “off the shelf” whatever they wanted, that turned out good. However nothing in life admits that is more than a very simple lie; other than adaption.  Adaption is a development of change/ and change is an acceptance of knowledge that leads to an understanding which cannot be denied.  That takes mental participation/ and evolution admits:  the brain was last.  Which means all of life was chosen and created without a brain to aid, or a brain to operate the tools, or a brain to construct the instructions of what and what not to do, or a brain with regard to reproduction;  OR ANYTHING else.  As in chaos builds life:  even though the very definition of chaos is the destruction of everything complex:  down into its most simple form.  Fire is one form of chaos/ therefore if you believe in evolution “fire is your god”.  Congratulations, all those who worship evolution are about to meet their god;  its called sun fire/ and the machines men have built, I predict shall in fact ignite that fire on earth.  Your gods will laugh/ until they realize, their brain was DEAD too.

        Regardless, only the most damaged, insane, and deluded of individual life can find a cause to believe in such vomit as is evolution.  Take an HONEST look at your body, accept the basic premise that there are about 6 billion instructions necessary to complete a human body/ AND THAT, does not include the combinations of genetic instruction which are required to complete the task.  Now who in their right mind, can conceive of that as an accident?  Answer, only the dead inside/ all others must be taught in their religious schools:  which destroy truth so as to be gods themselves.  Lies by liars, for the sake of producing more lies and liars. Isn’t the university great. Toys and trinkets aside;  not a brain among them;  about ANYTHING pertaining to life itself.  Not even the value of a dead animal, rotting in the sun:  in terms of energy experimentation.  But hey “SATAN, the destroyers of a world by their arrogance and hatred of others” has proven to be real:  as in “here they are”.

        The universities claim to be so superior, that they not only must think for us/ they must make machines to think for us;  because we are just too damn stupid to be free.  That is why they believe they are justified in trashing democracy/ corrupting the courts/ destroying the currency/ building weapons of mass destruction, and spreading that around the world;  intentionally trying to engage as many people as possible to MUTILATE LIFE/ AND MUTILATE FOOD/ AND DESTROY THE WATER, THE OCEANS, THE OXYGEN WE NEED, THE PLANET, AND A LONG LIST OF OTHER REALITIES WE CANNOT SURVIVE.  All hail satan, so says the university the most prejudice places on earth:   as if you are not one of them, then you are worthless;  is that not so?  Ask them again.

        You accept the university as rulers “aren’t they so great/ their propaganda teams (media) certainly think so”.  Nothing is allowed to dispute that, or question that; and that includes the courts. The constitution is thrown out of the courtroom; as I have many trials to prove that true. But of all foundations in failure:  the one most prevalent and destructive is the counterfeiting of currency. Hidden inflation is counterfeiting; and it allows the tiny few to create whatever numbers they want; and make the others pay with their lives, and their life’s work.  Because you do expect “a dollar, to mean it is worth a dollar”/ and yet the currency rise as claimed assets,  in America is over $200 trillion dollars  or roughly $30,000.00 per human face on this planet.  Without counterfeiting, the university is dead; and the nation or world is at war.  Because that, is what they truly did for you. As to all other claims of superiority:  the universities DO NOT invent much of anything/ rather a few individuals do, and the universities refine that a little, and then claim it as their own possession.  Common thieves.

        The list is long/ your obedience to their whim, theft, and stories;  is catastrophic.

        You CANNOT simply discard reality to change this picture of humanity:  TRUTH MUST LEAD YOU, or you die.  What is true, will prove itself, as this cannot be changed/ it must be respected as a boundary or limit to life and your choices.

        Bankruptcy is the only cure for currency fraud.  You must do that together by vote/ or they will enslave and destroy you and the planet; because it leaves only war, if you fail to be fair.

        The question of life and a future, is very simple:  STOP DESTROYING THIS WORLD, AND FIND RESPECT FOR LIFE,    AND    GOD  !   because miracles are true, and life itself is an absolute miracle which no human decision ever played a part in;  other than murder and hate.  Nature can no longer sustain you as you are/ nor can this environment with what you do.  Which means;  REAL CHANGE MUST COME NOW, or you’re dead;  because you killed this world;  without regard for life.  Because you believed in              failures/ liars/ thieves/ and above all TRAITORS;  as is a university diploma.   Got trinkets and trophies?   Go ahead EAT THEM/ and get ready for cannibalism:  because we grow at over one billion more human mouths to feed every decade now!  Not a problem:  your brain is dead!

        this is not an attack on college education/ this is an attack on university arrogance, disrespect, and failure with extreme consequences;  which they continue to do, even though they know better.  its called being a FOOL.


Reality proves as well:  that followers cannot be made to accept a leader’s demand/ UNLESS they desire to go along that road (together we are strong), with them. Which means:  you the public citizen; have participated in all the universities have done, to both life and planet. Which includes the counterfeiting of your own money, so as to elude:  WE DON’T WANT to pay what we promised to pay “later”. Your values are as simple as:  I WANT WHAT I WANT/ and don’t tell me NOTHING, I don’t want to hear. Therefore you have truly earned your reward, and sacrificed your children intentionally;  to take all you could get/ stealing, mutilation, desertion of duty, and failure is a social disease precipitated by the universities/ but accepted by the rest. As in TO HELL, with this world!   I WANT, what I want. should you not receive what you chose/ what you earned?


      I have used the term:  “I am   GOD’S  messenger to you”/ which means, “I have been helped, educated by alternate methods, and established by evidence, with a value that can be seen in the writing (distinctly not perfect, just doing the best I can).  A reality you deem to be at the very height of insanity, due to university influences and outright arrogance of your own. Instead of that however:  it simply means, OUR CREATOR is giving you one last simple chance to understand the consequences of what humanity is choosing to do is death for this world. And for whatever reason, which I do not know:   the evidence of that truth, we are going to be exterminated, by the consequences of human actions:  is clear and certain  to me.  Which means there are only two choices:  fight for this world/ or let it die.  I fight, and over forty years later, the elements or disciplines of knowledge, through understanding gained by balance and order established from truth;  have led to a wisdom placed in view for you to see. That gives me the right to say:   I have seen the future, and earth is dead, because humanity refuses to change. Only dramatic change can conceive of any other outcome:  to the cult of university knows, rules over you!  As with all religion (we don’t need no damn evidence) cults;  every believer is absolutely certain, “they know” all they need to know.  As with all cults, the reality of their belief, which simply totals the quest of their wants:  will end in tragedy for all lives involved.

      While I have tried to stop working, because you are useless;  refusing to abandon your want:  EVEN IN THE FACE AND THE FACT, of people trying to ignite atoms on fire, just like the sun.  Proving beyond insanity, traitor, or even terrorism/ which leaves only satan. A reality which proves you threw your heart and soul away.  Leaving only want to decide.  A reality of arrogance, which needs no further war to save this world:   your children are assassinated, by you/ because you just didn’t care enough for fight for this world.

      If you absolutely won’t fight for life on earth, not even an entire planet, nor its future, nor its life in every form:   then I abandon you too.  I will pray for you anyway/ but without proof of substance inside of you, there literally is no further purpose.  I truly wish it was not so; and spent a lifetime proving that is true in me.  Regardless, nothing is more true than the fact:  I am NOT your savior.  Simple as that.

      If you find the honor, courage, and respect needed to fight for this world;  BEFORE it is past the point of no return/ then I will still help you. As has been the purpose of my life, from its beginning on this journey. Otherwise, we are done; you failed life, and I no longer participate in that. I will do whatever I will do, that is in my own interest or desire. Until the university ending takes us all, or an alternate ending arrives for me. That, in and of itself; is not fundamentally or functionally a choice/  rather these are the facts, and I cannot change you with an education. Your brain died, the cult owns your soul.  “it must be so”/ your house is burning, and your choice is to hide in the closet, and pretend this is not so.  Letting those who are fanning the flames, continue without even being questioned.  Oh wait, I know:  “you can’t defeat their foreign languages/ you can’t defeat their armies, the propagation:  university is god”. Oh wait, I know:  “only the counterfeit numbers are important/ after all, when the earth is on fire, or cannibalism is all around you:  they make the difference,  RIGHT?”  But alas, truth knows:   truly, you never even tried to fight for life. Truth knows:  you understand ignition of sun fire here, is the end of this world/ as is overpopulation by humanity/ and so much more. You have no excuse!

  So you choose to let your children be destroyed/ you sacrifice their future:  so you can pretend “I didn’t pay” for what we did.  Alas, eternity holds your debt, and it will NOT be free.

      Your life is a miracle, no male or female or existence on earth can build:  that fact is enough to prove the possibility of an eternity exists.  The reality and testimony of   JESUS as written of in the bible:  is enough to add security to the claim,   “we, who abide in that love, and share the relationship called soul;  are NOT forgotten”.   Believe whatever you like/ but do understand this:   TRUTH does not care.  It is literally,    whatever it is.

      That is true for whatever threat you face. That is true for what happens, when your body no longer holds the keys, for your life. Only truth survives. You have lies.

      What is true threatens you and this entire world of life.  Biblical prophecy also threatens you; and that should not be taken lightly.  Even so, the evidence of our reality proves:  soon we are to be extinct. Dramatic change is beyond your want, even if it costs the entire planet.


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