Let us count the ways, “just a little bit”.


        The reality is:  university leadership is responsible for, a wide variety of threats that can easily result in our extinction.  For example:  weapons of mass destruction/ deliberately mutilating nature for the purpose of releasing chaos in nature as a direct response to their own cult worship of evolution.  A fool’s paradise; because they believe therein, that nothing they do has a consequence.  They are wrong; as is so extremely well proven with all their claims.  Such as:  biology is the result of chaos, and therefrom endless fairy tales, that life results entirely from “trillion to one chances” happening over and over and over again;  “winner”.  Or the delusion, “we just built ourselves/ went shopping, and picked whatever we wanted to keep for ourselves. It is literally HORRENDOUS, and taught to every child:  because idolatry is easier, when you control everything; as is the constant of media representing the universities as “god”.  Their  god means:  “we have no rules/ the laws can’t touch us/ we will do whatever we want, without consequences”.  But to establish their fantasies, they have built armies; and attacked all humanity to be their slaves.  Slave means:  without significant rights/ forced to work, for what is nothing in reward (as is the theft, of currency in the form of hidden inflation;  a reality that cannot be done without the consent of government/ media/ law enforcement/ and others).  So they took our work and our resources, by counterfeiting claims that are pure fantasy;  and they played games with our lives. One of those games is the ignition of sun fire here on earth/ by building machines which focus energy into tremendous consequences which will not be reversed once the point of no return has passed. Sun fire burns your skin from 91 million miles away; bringing it here is then NOT hard to conceive of as wrong; even an insect can do that. Their claims:  “not enough gravity here to sustain a fire that obviously burns the bond in atoms for fuel”. The sun is entirely engulfed from the inside out at the core:  WHICH MEANS ALL THE FUEL is on fire at once. Their claim: Hydrogen is the fuel, by turning it all into helium/ BUT THERE IS NO HELIUM, in any possibility this is true, and they know it:  therefore a direct and deliberate, LIE. Their claim “a fantasy element 15 times heavier than lead” makes the sun possible;   a more religious FAKE THEORY, as has become a mental disease has never been postulated.

        But not to worry, the trillions of gallons/ tons of poisons produced and dumped upon this earth every single year:  CAN’T possibly have consequences/ ISN’T THAT RIGHT?  Nor destroying the insect populations as is consistent across this globe with poisons and mutilated crops:  HELL WHAT could possibly go wrong with that?  OTHER THAN  INSECTS ARE A BASE LEVEL FOOD SOURCE for nearly all life in one form or another/ GUESS what happens when you destroy the link that feeds or pollenates, fifty percent of the rest of land and water life.

        Hell you don’t have to worry:  TV hasn’t told you what you think today, “DAMN, got to turn that on”!  Ain’t that so.

        Livestock farming has become factory farming, and it won’t survive without antibiotics/ which means one or more pandemics are going to wipe out your meat supply.  While the mutilation of crops across this world,  is GOING TO KILL YOU directly with plant poisons.  As it THIS AIN’T FOOD NO MORE.  But who cares right, after all;  just go down to the hospital and get an antibiotic/ oh wait, your gods, threw them away on “everything”. Which of course led to “super-diseases” coming as one endless pandemic nobody will escape.

        Its ok though, cause you will get all your food out of the ocean:  aint’ that right.  Sure it is, you and eight billion more just like you/ adding another billion every decade.  HELL, WHAT COULD GO WRONG, with 8 billion people starving to death.  Well not to worry, with all the habitat being destroyed, and rampant extinction on the way;  “just because you eat other life to survive” doesn’t mean anything.  You can just go beg “the government”/ and they will give you bribes;  “like always”.  Ain’t that right?  Or go beg the universities; after all, nothing they do can survive of its own/ WITHOUT ENDLESS COUNTERFEITING, AND RAMPANT DESTRUCTION.   Well shit, who gives a damn about that;  “they are gods/ cause they have an endless list of words (about nothing), they made up so nobody can contest with them about what they say”.  Fantasies live forever right/ just like lies, right?

        The sewage of university leadership has surrounded us all with true threats of extinction. Biblical prophecy points to our own extermination from the planet/ and no threat is more clear than trying to ignite sun fire here on earth.  A reality that is clearly woven into the book of revelation.  “its religious” so it can’t be true?  Not so, it is a prophecy that is woven into religion; and what matters is the evidence which translates that prophecy into the combination of evidence that will be seen as consistent with our own reality.

        It is however unfair in many ways to do more than let the words speak for themselves, so the effort to be bland in the video that represents that prophecy here in this work is dedicated to:   THINK FOR YOURSELF. Because its necessary.  Unlike the universities which demand:  MEMORIZE whatever we tell you, and question nothing/ INSTEAD, pretend our fantasies are true.


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