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I return to the participation of women, in determining what the future might become. Because believe it or not, “this is, the best men did do/ and we stand on the edge of HELL, AND EXTINCTION”.  No amount of excuses can overcome that reality/ as a consequence “different must be found”. No greater possibility of different exists, “than woman”.  Not as leader/ but as women united to achieve a different world, by law.


        So the question is:  WHAT can you do? The only true answer to that is:  women will decide their own truth!

        Which means:  if you believe you don’t have anything to contribute “to a better world that can survive”/ then this entire effort, and a lifetime of work was for nothing.  A reality established, because no matter what anyone thinks:  men cannot change for any length of time, because they always return to the exact same results that led us here.  Life on earth has changed very little, “other than trinkets, trophies, toys, and war”. Antibiotics changed the biological response, but they will soon be gone;  therefore discarded as no longer significant to life. We don’t need trinkets/ trophies simply get thrown away and forgotten/ toys are irrelevant in a world threatened by extinction/ and war will not let our planet or its life survive, so it is useless to the future. These are the things men do. The universities simply play god, and destroy all life; because they are insane.

        So the constant is:  knowledge is neither friend or enemy of its own accord. However considerable knowledge as attested too by university knows; is either wrong, a lie, a tragedy, a disgrace, or a disease. The end result of fantasies in charge of a nation or world:  is extermination of life.  As is testified too;  by the evidence of this day.

        That leaves us with:  understand the disciplines that determine “friend or enemy”/ protect the order that sustains the living and the planet/ balance reality with truth, so that the best we can do; is functionally and fundamentally real. In that day, the possibility of a future for life and planet might return:  if indeed you choose it honestly and work for life on this planet first. NOT like the universities, which are constantly trying to kill our world and all of its nature, by mutilation/ poisoning/ arrogance/ violence/ fear/ etcetera.

        In that construction:  a university diploma is welcomed/ BUT NOT granted superiority over any other. The value of knowledge is LIFE COMES FIRST, a reality the university as a development by its leadership;  over the last decades, has proven does not exist from them. They are destroyers first/ thieves second/ liars third/ failures fourth/ and insane beyond all measure of existence.  NOT ALL university graduates are to be held as “this kind of tragedy”/ many have value. But NONE are granted “expert”;  because reality proves a very limited value, and generally without life;  in this.

        So we come to the general category of all women as one/ equals without exception:  unless true hate is found. There is no room for hate, destruction has had its day, and must be removed.

        Value asks of women:   “given the stage” to determine what can then be voted upon as a value shaped for the return of life to its future on earth.  Identify, decide, determine, and isolate the values which will improve all of society, and world! That is your job, in this conception:  if you accept it/ then you must prove what the law can do. By defining change, and its progression for our futures together. Bearing in mind, as is true of democracy itself:  that men shall have a vote just like you.  Even so, if you all agree;  there will be an edge granted to women.  That will change your world/ this world.

        The comprehension of a choice, lives or dies with you. As to me, I have tried to organize you, with no success:  I am too literal, “too simple”; and you don’t trust anything you can’t manipulate. The world itself is at stake, change must come or we die. But I surrender, with the statement:  I never tried/ intended/ expected/ or by any other effort;  “was interested in sex”.  My effort was strictly “for the planet, and all its life”.  I failed, simple as that;  if you ask with a valid purpose for my help/ then I will help. Otherwise you may rest assured:  I am done, with all attempts to organize you other than this simple statement:  “someone must help this world to change”. Men cannot change, thousands of years prove that;  so it’s up to women. I searched through the heart of man for an entire decade; demanding an answer/ but there is none in man. Believe it or not:  this is the best he can do/ and while things may look OK at this moment. The evidence proves beyond any doubt: catastrophe is coming from all sides. You can lie/ but you cannot prove truth wrong.


        Find a way to organize. Find a way to communicate with honesty about our world, and its future. Find a way to understand and accept what being WRONG about any threat will mean. Find a way to believe you can make a difference. Find a way, and make the time:  to save our world. Simple as that.



        If you think “the world is fine/ nothing bad can happen/ nothing has changed/ nothing can defeat this planet or its life”. Then consider this:  “a monster is on the loose”.  It kills, it mutilates, it destroys, it rampages and leaves nothing, it poisons, it causes extinction, it rages in war, it even believes “we can play god”, and evolution will fix everything broken.  The monster is humanity, the reality is 8 billion people growing at between 100-120 million more mouths (over deaths) to feed every single year.

        Your “great saviors, as Is university worship”; are like the advertisement “robbers in the bank, with guns/ but the authority figure only monitors; he fixes nothing”.  Or your “great rescuers” of sea or land:  attach monitors to track life, claiming to save. Yet all they do, is make it easier for the fishermen which say “YES, YES tell us exactly where they are” (we want every last one). Or on land, watch everything die/ and pretend making measurements is enough. Or in the public:  “what we need to do, is destroy everything they want/ that will stop them”. But of course “you destroy everything” so how does that make you better than they!

        Igniting sun fire here, “pretending not enough gravity so it will just extinguish itself”/ deliberately mutilating life/ intentionally trying to destroy nature by causing genetic processes to lose their discipline, order, balance and more/ raping resources/ changing the earth/ and in every conceivable way:  deliberately making the future extinct for every child, everything, and that includes even the planet itself. Because turning this earth into a sun by igniting that fire/ will in the end change this solar system as well, and maybe more.

You won’t eat (another billion people will require 365 billion more pounds of food per year @ one pound of food per day) FOOD IS, “OTHER LIFE FORMS”, which also require food, water, etc! You won’t find anything to drink (there is a shortage around the world, and it will soon be severe)/ no resources equals no job for anyone (look again at your garbage: for a future)/ the money entirely counterfeit. “they even counterfeit US CURRENCY GOLD COINS made to look exactly like the real thing”:  because their purpose as leaders, is to remove reality altogether.  Let a cashless society, which gives the few who believe they are kings and queens SPEND YOUR TRILLIONS” ON whatever they want;  “toys, trinkets, and trophies as fantasy desires.  All of that means, over these last few decades:  you were slaves, not paid in reality;  and the consequence is:  now want revenge, with a gun. Weapons of mass destruction, “not our saviors anymore”; a world filled with them. Cannibalism/ rape/ and realities of horror that cannot be undone (mutilating nature everyday);   yet the universities, governments, and policing all discard reality (the sun burns atoms) by pretending the evidence does not matter.  Fantasies rule, and propaganda consumes YOU (the university is god).  No way out soon/ no matter what you then choose;  because TOO DAMN LATE, is plainly TOO DAMN LATE. End of our story, because you didn’t care enough, not even to try.  Truth did not matter, will be your epitaph. Or, the cult of university knows, has won its reward: life is exterminated, because you refused to respect realities you could not undo.

        Even if I cannot lead you, as that leads only too, “kill him and it ends”.  The quest to save this world depends upon you, an entire humanity fighting for our world/  not me.  The reality of evidence declares itself true:   life is in jeopardy of extinction/ even every life on earth. Not a game, a reality of university knows changing nature.


        The list of nations, governments, etc that have tried to silence this site, and my others;  is long. The realities of people who are trying to silence this site is long:  they want what they want, NOT what the evidence will prove. In America, an increasing intent to “strangle the internet”/ and keep it BETTER  controlled;  is continuing. That leaves you to find a way, and communicate a need:  for clear and true change on earth, by humanity. EVEN IF you don’t want change/ without true change, you too, will be exterminated:  so says the evidence of our reality. Not a game, search for yourselves:  because WRONG means you’re dead, and your child, everything you hope for too.  Even greed.

        You’re entire support of my efforts:  to communicate WE ARE THREATENED AS A WORLD;  even though very many people know, is zero.  THE CONSEQUENCE OF THAT IS:   I won’t be going further/ if you choose to die, to assassinate your life and your child by worshiping “university”. Then so be it.  Just know, you did have a choice/ because you did have the opportunity to learn:  this is not a game.



        I have focused on women for change, because men are heavily entrenched in leadership. Which means no matter what the majority would choose/ the reality is, “powerful men and women” are hiding behind closed doors to destroy that change. Because they do know how men think, and can manipulate them with war if nothing else.

        Those same people do not understand women, nor what they would do:  consequently, they can only guess.  The reality of our day on this vastly over-populated earth is:  we have the numbers, to be a true democracy;  IF you can find the discipline required. If not we go extinct; so there is nothing to lose.  Even so, I remind women:  in democracy everyone has one individual vote where truth rules. That means with women organized to vote together, on a law that benefits men too:  that law will pass.  Whosoever controls the law, controls the nation, state, or world. By vote:  women CAN change this world.  By the reality of “men don’t understand women”.  The possibility of changing this world in ways that women want or need, does in fact “loom large”.  This world must be changed, or we die, every single one in catastrophe and HELL. So says the evidence/ prove truth is wrong!  Or accept its conclusion, because things like human population growth;  produce an unmistakable consequence.  NO ESCAPE/ and NO second chances, beyond the point of no return.

MY WORK IS FREE, to the world;  which means you can do with it whatever you want/ there will be no complaint.  You just can’t refuse someone else from doing whatever they want. Take it to your site/ use it to communicate, advertise, teach,  complain or whatever. Donate and I will do more; as best I can.  Or more plainly put:  DO SOMETHING FOR YOUR WORLD.

Still can’t believe our world is in trouble? Well how about this:  we burn a tremendous amount of fossil fuels, that we sell for that purpose/ so we know how much. Heat additions due to forest fire, building fire (insurance statistics); can be calculated with some certainty. . “Don’t forget to assemble the statistics for oxygen consumption/ or, don’t you want to breathe”. The bio-sphere 2 project will help you calculate.   Heat additions due to air-conditioning add more than just the electricity. Heat absorption due to human activities adds more.  Given that reality, to counteract the heat additions we make which are causing all global warming/ we then know:  it takes a cube of ice, several thousand, if not hundred thousand miles thick.  Make your own calculations/ and then add in green house gases.  THEN CONSIDER THIS: once the ice on this planet is diminished to the point it cannot counteract the warming we establish/ the whole planet gets hotter very rapidly, as winter disappears, and so does life.

        Oh wait, I know as zombies (no brain) in reality:  you can’t think without a television, “and their university gods”  glued to your eyeballs, telling you what you think.  Alas, “too bad”.

       Some would argue, that you should add in the heat produced by the bodies of an additional 4 billion humans on earth, as produced by human intervention/ but that has probably been balanced by extinction and death of everything else.



Just for clarity, the term:  “too literal” in me means, why hide in anything/ we can’t escape hell without true change. Why run away, when the whole planet is involved:  there is NOWHERE to run.  So, I am literal, without remorse: which makes me plain and simple to understand, in nearly everything.

        In contrast, “you don’t trust:  means you expect something to go wrong, some detail to entrap. “You, as women expect to manipulate men”/ thereby insuring your safety; rarely works. People lie/ tragedies occur when manipulating people/ people who are manipulated learn, and then refuse to be manipulated later on:  etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera.  You cannot control anyone, without consequences, that are just as unfriendly: it is that simple.

        The fact:  that I need women to organize themselves in a method and fashion that allows for CHANGING THIS WORLD/ that we may all survive.  Makes me trustworthy, believe it or not:  because the reality of understanding our very world is going to die/ is MORE SIGNIFICANT, than anything else in this world to me.  I am not out to “do anything” to women. Changing the lives of a billion people, does not allow for games. Their subsequent changing the lives of the rest of humanity as best we can:  determines life or death for the future. So says the evidence/ prove it is not true.  Remembering this:  WRONG MEANS WE ALL DIE, AND THE FUTURE AS WELL. The biblical time line is:  HELL begins on July 9, 2019/ /without critical change to intervene. The reality of our time is:  on any given day, this world can end, because that is what the universities did choose.  I prefer to believe in the biblical time line, as that adds days.

        There is no middle ground:  university is trying to ignite atoms on fire/ mutilating nature/ mutilating food/ dumping trillions of tons in poison on the water supplies/ humanity adds another human being every 3-4 seconds, over deaths.  Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera, and none of it is a game. None of it will be escaped, without true change.


        As to me, the fact is:  I am being manipulated and controlled, by the spiritual women inside of me (even though that will scare you, because you don’t understand)/ it nonetheless is true. That was a prediction of Revelation 12, in the bible;  believe it or not, is irrelevant.  I simply tell you, in terms of women and their fears:   I cannot harm you/ in fact looking down, there is no escaping “growing tits”;  literally means “woman on top”.  It’s complicated, but not threatening to women.  This came from finding NO answer to keeping this world alive in man, or men/ which became opening the spiritual door to women:  “just to ask a question”.  Trapped! But her reply was:  “let women try”.  As simple as that was;  it was an answer I could not find; until opening that door.

        Regardless:  reality states, with every life at stake/ every future life of everything/ the planet/ and even the solar system itself.   NOTHING ELSE, other than    GOD     .   I have literally given my lifetime, and everything it could have been:  to this work.  “Matters to me”.  Certainly not threatening women in any context.  Revealing to you that we are as a world surrounded by threats/ is not ME threatening you.  It is your own gods, “at university knows”/ your own reality of decisions to follow, or fail.  No second chances, choose your fate.

        I am not looking for a job/ I am fighting for our world; as should you.  BY LAW, and through democracy!  There is no other way.


One last thing, even though I am sure you believe you could have done better;  particularly over the last forty plus years. I remind you of this:  first you must learn, and educate yourself/ then you must communicate to achieve any form of respect for what you say. That done, the result was:  HELL NO, don’t tell me nothing I don’t want or don’t want to hear/ I only accept bribes.  NOT truth, nor its consequences/ NOT evidence by “scientific proven” fact/ NOT what it means to be wrong, not even death of a world/ NOT cannibalism/ NOT mutilation of life/ NOT mutilation of nature/ NOT a human over-population crisis/ NOT ATTEMPTS TO IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE (a reality that cannot be disproven under any true conception) in an attempt to bring the same fire here as is on the sun.  NOT biblical prophecy. NOT the loss of water. NOT consequences to the planet. NOT what it means to lose the food source we get from the ocean. NOT loss of insects which are responsible for one out of every three bites of food you take. NOT RESOURCES LOST FOREVER. NOT habitat destroyed, or extinction of species. NOT counterfeiting your money. NOT corruption in the courts, and a war against democracy itself. NOT death of every child. NOT even threatening the solar system with this planet turning into a sun;  and more.  NOPE, ABSOLUTELY DON’T CARE/ get out of my way. Not even fear for your own lives; you just ran away to hide.  The constant instead:  WE WANT BRIBES!  And that is the truth.

        Given the fact, that I was able to adequately deliver that message in its various forms; in various ways;  all of which were subsequently accepted by many/ but reality suggests, “it just faded away”; because you didn’t have the courage, to proceed on your own.  So what would you have done?

        I decided like religion I have to build, from the very beginning:   a little at a time; looking for the few who would be able to hear, and attest to what was, absolutely important. Can’t start with important/ YOU COULD NOT hear it. So I started “throwing bread upon the waters so to speak”/ looking for any foundation I could find. Waiting for a moment to appear, when you would not be “so damn arrogant or afraid”.  The end result:  “university knows” owns your heart/ the media control your brain:  and this world dies, because you didn’t care enough to even understand the cost of being wrong.  Given the reality, state of revelation regarding threats that can be found and is known. The only choice left is:   you are a cult/ and university is your religion;  “EVEN believing the delusion of evolution”. Which has no basis in provable fact at all.  Shame on you.

        I remain working:  because this is about LIFE OR DEATH FOR OUR ENTIRE WORLD FOREVER/ and every child, everything that is alive.  Which means NO ONE, has the right to quit/ until it’s over. Simple and plain.

        Yes I do use a lot of words; because you’re deaf, blind, and dumb/ OR, we would not be so threatened.  Shame on you.  And everyone says “he’s just a fool”.  So be it!  But make no mistake, even you can understand:  NO SECOND CHANCES.

        But hey, as the university graduates told me many times:  NOT to worry, “evolution will fix anything they break or destroy, IN A BILLION YEARS OR SO”.  Now isn’t that comforting?

        OR, how about this one:  don’t worry about igniting sun fire here/ there isn’t enough gravity to sustain the fire, so it will just escape into space”!   that is their plan, and there is no other:  WRONG means this planet becomes a sun!    now, isn’t that comforting!


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