fools die

Survival is dependent upon the ability to think/ without conceptual realizations, there are no developments in what can or cannot be done:  to aid in the realities of life or death.

        In contrast to that statement, are the current blind, mute, deaf, insane, and deliberately buried realities of our situation as a world, or a nation. Making even the fundamentals of survival impossible to sustain. The propagation of university fools and their fantasies, are the substance by which media controls, manipulates, tempts, and defeats life on earth.

        So, we must ask the question, WHY:  are the people declared to be smart/ so clearly bereft of anything called intelligence:  that they literally participate in the death of all life, and even the planet called this earth?

        The answer cannot be less than, an arrogance so strong, they believe themselves to be “god”. Their conception of god is:  “nothing can defeat us now”.  Yet reality knows, their power is nothing compared to life or death/ and the definitions of their pride, merely attribute success to making someone else “lose”. The summation is then:  fool, completely without the sense “of a tomato”.

        I use the term tomato to indicate the billions of elements used in the genetic development of the plant by “nature”; that must be balanced/ disciplined/ orderly/ and functionally possible within its environment.  Or its life cannot survive. Humanity offers nothing as complex as the singular rise of a simple vegetable:  comparatively speaking, your ability to make decisions which result in anything as intricately beautiful, as any plant on earth/ does not exist. And all the world, and specifically the university diplomas all scream “we are gods”/ the plants are nothing. Because they exist without human interference; and are now dying because “university” by human manipulation of genetic instructions. Nothing could be more blind! Prove that is not so.

        So we ask, HOW can the endless numbers of human beings on earth:  be so mute, as to let these few diseased individuals as do represent “the university elite”/ continue to spread their cancer, and manipulate or infect the minds of children, and others:  with their failures? The answer becomes:  “you can’t question a god/ they won’t let you”. The reality becomes:  by changing the language into endless chatter, or irrelevant characters, without substance, or value/ the people lose their ability to defend themselves, and become silenced. So it is the spread of “manure” that makes the vomit of a university brain so vile. It is the control of propaganda, that functions to communicate:  EITHER FEAR, BE ANGRY;  or be silent. Because fear needs a leader, and propaganda gives the follower his or her pride. While being angry, gives the righteous their rules:  which makes the army of disgrace, the weapon of their arrogance. There is a cause for anger:  justified, by failure in others or yourself. Reality says, rather than a weapon, when treated properly;  it is the seed of change. The foundation of those who play god however is:  “we will change you/ NOT you will change us”.  Thereby the disgrace becomes: let society learn nothing, and keep the discontent SILENT. Let no reality come here!

        Here begins social deafness:  the disease of arrogance has spread, into the cavities of all things stupid and vile. Therefore delusions erupt, and such fantasies as “we can play with sun fire, here on earth”/ the mutilation of nature/ the complete discarding or destruction of resources/ the literal rape of all life:   begins to arise, because in their delusion “we are gods”. There is no reality! REALITY KNOWS each of these decisions are extermination of life on earth.  Within the human brain are the measurements which know:  these decisions are the extermination of life on earth.  LIFE itself understands, these decisions are the extinction of this entire planet, and all future life which would have existed.  Yet the delusion of playing god, is supported by toys (looks real, but is not: pride), trinkets (get me a damn temptation, and I will own you: power), and trophies (you damn loser you:  hate).  So the people remain silent, because they all “want, what they want”; which is MORE of everything they want. Including the hate, which gives them the delusion of right:  to take power, and destroy another life.

        Insanity is the playground of a fool. Righteousness is the war, against freedom. Religion is the battle, to make MY version of DISCIPLINE/ your god. Power is the delusion, death has no eternity/ therefore, I am free to measure and destroy what is not important to me. The foundation of university is:   NOTHING is important/ but ME! Thereby their work can be summed up, as a war to remove CREATION from the miracles that give us life, and make every form of freedom possible.  To do that requires complete INSANITY; because there is nothing more foolish in existence/ until they start playing god, as in trying to control an atomic fire/ destroying nature itself/ removing every possibility for life to survive/ ETCETERA.

        SO, we ask how did the rest of humanity become so insane, as to let fools who believe themselves to be “god” take life on earth, and throw it in the sewer?  The answer becomes:  WITH FEAR, the world of human beings collapses upon itself, and they all grovel “save me now”. With television and mass communication at all levels, “to tell the masses what they think”:  the word zombie comes into view.  As in “too dead to respond/ to slow, to move out of complete and utter stupidity;  before extinction comes into view as an inescapable consequence of choosing to play god.

        Our situation as a world is:  SURROUNDED BY THREATS OF EXTINCTION, which are literal and true/ sustained by critical evidence, and the absolute warning of what truth can be/ and what the cost of being wrong WILL BE.  The children who have had their brain removed (YOU can’t think: BELIEVE only us) by “university knows”;  remain silent. They want what they want, and what they want is to not be wrong;  by believing those who flashed toys to the world, can make them happy.  Yet happiness has nothing to do with toys, and it cannot be bought, particularly with counterfeit money. Hidden inflation is counterfeiting/ and it is hidden inflation that buys your silence.  The world of fools cannot sustain themselves, so they depend upon LIES!  With lies, your leaders have succeeded; by hiding reality, with endless theft and bribes. With lies, and by counterfeiting:  less than parasites have invaded the body of life on earth, and stolen its truth/ by corrupting EVERYTHING they touch. You can’t be god, unless someone lets you be god. THEY WON’T, unless they need something from you:  therefore the means to continue to play god, is by destroying EVERYTHING these other lives depend upon to survive.  Because that makes them entirely dependent upon you;  “when you believe, you can play god”. And they do!  Indeed they have proven to be gods:  its called SATAN, as is the word describing those responsible for destroying a world.

The extreme failure of humanity today however, is not simply a university delusion controls them. They led you to where you wanted to go! But more directly found in the delusions of personal want and pride;  selfishness has arisen to become nothing less than pure adultery (fuck the world, kill the bastards/ I WANT to be rich).

        Your excuse is, even though you KNOW the cost of being wrong is extermination from the planet of all life:   “he is not this, or that, or not one of us, or whatever the excuse is”.  Thereby allowing and pretending, the focus on “nothing more than a messenger”;  will let you escape the realities you have formed in your quest for GREED.  They will not, as I have nothing to do with your situation, or how you got to the edge of extinction or why you choose to sacrifice your own children from nothing more than a trophy, “which WILL be thrown in the    garbage”. Just as soon as “nobody notices me” anymore. CHANGE MEANS YOU MUST CHANGE PERSONALLY, to remove the selfishness, greed, and failures from your decisions.   Examining life with RESPECT, investigating for truth for survival, and deciding NOTHING can keep us all alive, unless we let LIFE LEAD US WITH TRUTH GUIDING THE WAY;  or simply LIFE IS FIRST/now and FOREVER. Money, as is the intent of selfishness;  completely irrelevant or nearly so.

By definition of the current realities,  that literally means:  YOUR PRIDE is more important to you, than life, your child, or even an entire living world.  That literally means:  your power to hide the evidence, or refuse the consequences of what reality will prove the cost of being wrong will be. Is the horrendous truth:   selfishness is your only true god.  That literally means, religion is just an excuse to you/ so as not to search for truth, but simply believe whatever you want to believe;  as all fools do.  Life is not a game/ I am not your excuse. The failure of this world/ this nation/ our literal existence as a living world:   is yours alone!  For an eternity, believe it or not:  truth alone will decide. Your truth is:  YOU DIDN’T CARE, which is the certainty called “devil”. It means:  nothing matters, not even life or a world;   but me!


        The constant excuse of cowardice; simply hides the reality, “you refuse to surrender your dream of attaining endless wealth/ so as to ridicule THE LOSERS, and proclaim yourself as THE WINNER”.  Cowardice is fear/ and there is no greater fear that extinction of our world, with no possibility to escape:  as is the reality we are facing.

        Your excuse:  that there is no time for you to participate or examine the facts, or think for yourself/ because “you got needs”. Is refused, life or death for our entire world:  holds precedence as the only thing which matters.

        Your excuse:  the universities will save us/ discards the fact, it is the change they brought, or the change they claim to have brought. Which threatens our very existence as a world. The argument:  “the universities will just keep doing it over until they get it right”. Is a fools prayer, to a god that does not exist.  Igniting atomic fire as is trying to bring the same fire as is on the sun here/ DOES NOT have a second chance. Atoms on fire, will not extinguish themselves, the entire planet is fuel; and you know it. disputes every claim “university knows” with reality. Go search, because being wrong exterminates life.  Likewise, mutilating life, is mutilating life:  GO ASK A VETERAN, if being mutilated is better!  You want their metal sticks instead of your legs:  go ask them which is better! You want evolution to decide for you:   all life built without a brain, or the ability to use a tool, or a reality of miracles engineered without question just an accident?  How pathetic can you be.  Etc/ etc/ etc.

        Go ahead, HIDE IN A BURNING HOUSE;  why hell, now how could that be “a bad idea”?  really, WHAT could go wrong!  Answer the question. Just remember your children along with every life and every future life on earth:  live or die because of you.   That is LITERALLY the price of   “university knows”.                No second chances, they play with fundamentals of life, energy, and survival itself.  NO MERCY COMING/  choose better or die

        Discipline states:  the common assertion, “I should do better, I should tempt or manipulate or control you; so you have no choice but to surrender to the evidence of truth.  That,  I should be SUPERIOR/ THEN we would listen”. Has no foundation, because I have nothing to do with your decisions to let life itself teeter on the edge of extermination/ that is your decision alone, I have not participated in your failures.

        To control you, removes your choice:  your choice is personal, CHANGE YOURSELVES or you die. None are allowed to make your own personal decision for you/ YOU ALONE must do that!

        To manipulate you:  assembles the purpose of leadership, which is to make you follow me. Thereby your claim will be:   “its all HIS FAULT, that we are unhappy/ he led us here”.  Which means the reality of your failures, becomes something you may now blame on me.  I UTTERLY REFUSE.

        To tempt you:  asserts I must buy you with toys or trinkets or trophies. An entire world already saturated with toys and trinkets and trophies that have no value to life itself.  I CHOOSE VALUE, not trash. Even you, are more valuable than that;  even though you are sacrificing your own children and this entire world.  “but just  barely”.

        You have your choice:  CHANGE OR DIE.  Nothing could be more plain. Nothing could be more simple for you to understand. Nothing true life allows gives me the right, to control another life. Or to be or do makes it possible for me to control you.  You will surrender to what is truth, or you will die/ because the lies have failed, and if you wish to survive, ONLY TRUTH can save this world.    Open your damn brain and flush out the trash/ so you can find LIFE WORTH LIVING, a world worth respecting.  Because your insanity, and the failures of university knows took that away from YOU.   CHANGE or die.

        The expectation, that I should be superior in some functional way, is mute:  because you claim to be superior human beings to those who came before you.  Demanding through university knows, that “you are like gods/ compared to them”. Yet you, as “superior human beings”;  have literally built extinction by design/ machines to burn the planet/ mutilation through complete disrespect for life/ and the endless threat that is human delusion.  I therefore choose to be plain, and simple:  and without your delusions of superiority/ which do not exist as true.

        You do not listen, because you believe you can attain EVERYTHING your brain desires. We will go to planets/ we will build ourselves/ we will play god for real, without restraints.  “we will play king or queen”/ and no one will stop us.  Because fantasies rule your lives.  You will never go to planets alive! You will never build “life” in any form; other than ENEMIES HAVE SURROUNDED US. You will never be gods other than destroyers, as is so clearly proven by today. Your failure to obey the laws of life, and accept order through truth: has already stopped you from living. You just don’t know it yet;  but you will soon!  Playing king or queen means you reduced ALL the rest to slaves;  YET you cannot comprehend the WAR, that is so clearly coming.  How stupid can you be?  Answer, just enough to remove life and planet from this universe;  so says the  evidence already proven true.

        CHANGE OR DIE, this ain’t no game.


        Reality proves, that I must remove the last layer of excuses:  which is, that I attack a university diploma without cause. The opposite is true, I attack ONLY:  the extreme arrogance;  the long list of proven  threats that are intentionally making our world extinct;  those who pretend they can be god;  and are traitors to this world and all its life;  the complete sacrifice of every child by resource destruction;  the counterfeiting of money,, which is an insurrection against the USA and human world;  the treason which is to destroy constitutional law, and replace it with university is ruler; threatening this entire solar system by playing with sun fire, clearly the burning of atoms;  without room for any doubt (terrorism).  And all the rest that is a university delusion of “better”.

        I discard the notion that weapons of mass destruction make us safer. Construct the realities of human population expansion beyond the limits this world allows:  which will be cannibalism and war. Identify the consequence of antibiotic misuse that will end in NO FOOD/ because the factory farming CANNOT survive without those antibiotics; a known fact. Point to the oceans, and label them soon extinct; particularly because of overfishing and environmental tragedies which include the removal of ice:  a place where base food groups for the ocean originate. Remind humanity itself, NO ICE means NO COOLING the planet in summer; etc. Instruct you to investigate the water sources, or you won’t be drinking anything but toxic waste. Examine the reality of economic destruction that is America today, and the invasion of computer aided robotics to insure;  NO JOB for you. The extinction of species. The end of pollinators. The destruction of ozone. Radiation poisoning, toxic waste dumping, garbage EVERYWHERE. Lying, cheating, stealing, traitors in government and business extorting and criminalizing our nation and world. Complete distortion in medicine;  you ain’t god/ and you don’t deserve to be paid like one. The destruction of forests and everything else on earth.

        Now, if that ain’t you;  or a part of the organization you commit too or worship as god over you:   then, I am certainly not looking at you.

I am:  Merely the traitors, terrorists, and anarchists deliberately trying to make us all extinct.

I am:  noticing the prophecy of Daniel, which is the end of the world by numbers;  comes soon. While religion hides, and runs away; to believe like the rest  “if we don’t acknowledge this, even though it is true/ THEN we don’t have to believe anything we don’t want to believe!”  alas, you just have to die, and take all life with you/ because, that is what you chose!  So no, I am not against the universities/  BUT I AM AGAINST KILLERS, LIARS, TRAITORS, TERRORISTS, AND FOOLS. A university degree by itself, is none of these things:  BUT, the person who employs whatever they learn to the destruction of life or planet:  absolutely is!