for a better world

In a better world, the foundation of government would be:  NO, you can’t play games with our lives! NO, you cannot make us war! NO you cannot take more than reality needs to protect, so that every life can be happy and at peace.

        In this world, now that we are threatened from every possible horrendous government and university way:  we have no choice but to fight with law, to recover the future from extinction. Or it is all life that dies.

        Given that state of affairs, a reality without true compromise:  “we must/ or all life dies”. The opportunities for change are limited.  


        We begin with government itself, to recognize:  that it all goes bad, when people take control over the others by declaring themselves to be “the government”. It all goes bad when the people themselves turn to “the government”, and demand everyone has to pay for what I want; except me. It all goes bad when the people who can, take too much, and leave all the rest without. It all goes bad, when greed controls the future;  as has occurred in  America, and other places, which brings:  today.

        The foundation of government is law: simple as that. We need law to establish a boundary, so that one “species does not invade the other species”. Or more distinctly:  some people have a want, that becomes predation on other people who then become a prey. So boundaries are “good things” when used with dignity and the values of shared respect.  Dignity means:  I have attained the age, accepted the power, to make my own decisions and pay for the reality I did chose. That is my right, and that is my duty to life.  Whereas shared respect identifies the truth:  everyone who contributes to life with peace, truth, love, honest courage, discipline, orderly process, happiness, decent participation; or basically all that makes life worth living/ is entitled to be considered an active and valued member of society.  Those who deliberately lock people out, or intentionally make them sad; ETC:  Proving hate/ have no respect.

        The discipline of government is then law:  the ability to make a boundary enforceable, primarily because the price is too high:  for people to refuse. But that comes with a very delicate reality:  IF YOU MAKE THE WRONG LAW, or fail to enforce, {which includes corrupting the courts, or policing} the right law/ then society will lose its justice, and peace will die. The law is elemental to harmony, without it there is no distinction of the responsibilities we owe each other. Therefore the law is up to the citizens of each nation to declare:  what we believe will be true to peace and life, for us. To do that the law MUST BE LIMITED/ to what can easily be understood, memorized, and taught to every child; so that they become adults prepared and ready to defend society itself. The hater’s will always try to intervene and corrupt. Which means the law CANNOT be changed unless society itself does so. Which does again require:  that society itself, SHALL write its own law into existence. Which does include critical and true control over the courts themselves/ along with the fundamental right to remove a judge by vote.  Which does include: that the policing agencies SHALL provide their own insurance (no more suing the city, etc), which comes directly out of their own paycheck. To cover the costs of mishandled or inappropriate police actions. “when its your own money, it is far less easy to keep those officers which take your salary, because of their failure.

        The order of government is based upon the power that is given to it. Or more simply: you cannot do more than what we give you the right to do for us. That is the foundation of democracy:  we have established the boundaries for our employees/ BEFORE you were allowed to act for our government, we made you swear to OBEY OUR GOVERNMENT.  Which is the constitution itself! Or more critically the constitution holds the power of law/ while the employee, remains exactly like the rest of us “simply a citizen, with a job to do”. The only difference is:  you swore, which means a punishment is inherent with failure/ to obey our government, which is the constitution. The value of that statement, or more correctly that form of government is:  the employee has no right to make decisions that are contrary to our agreed upon acceptance of these limits and duties and rights, that are applied to every single citizen, and more. It is these rights, limits and responsibilities that make us united;  that make us a nation of our own, thereby it is functionally declared in time “as sacred”.  Sacred means:  without this, everything we need to survive, falls apart. As is sacred: the body of life/ the environment/ nature/ resources/ water/ oceans/ life/ peace, love, and value of existence and beyond.  Consequently when the rebellion, whether that be a university that plays god intending to destroy everything so they can “be god”/ or, (greed is a rebellion) tries to destroy the very constitution that is government. The foundation of it is, open and deliberate anarchy against the nation itself/ even the world of life.

        With “one hundred” short, clearly understood, simple to memorize laws created and enforced by the citizenry:  WE THEN OWN THE NATION, and it is ours. NOT theirs! More simply, the value of a democracy is not in its voting for someone to vote for me.  But in its own individual vote on the law itself. When we know the law/ THEN WE CAN enforce the law. When we create the law ourselves, we WILL know it as our agreed truth. There is nothing that a fair and legitimate boundary cannot hold out:  or stop, or control in the course of fighting for life. What must be decided that is not clearly within the laws that have been chosen: MUST WAIT, until the next election of laws. A time declared;  when we the people decide if changes must occur.

        Order is:  by its own definition the ascension of values, or the need for deliberate disciplines to create the structure by which we rise; to a life intended.

        Order is:  the development of what we accept as true.

        Balance is:  the need to assert and make true, that every individual DOES OWN, a right to the freedoms which life itself has promised, by simply understanding “I have a choice”.  That is not your choice/ rather it is my choice.

        Liberty understands:  that together we must accept the responsibilities required to sustain and discover what we need as a united people;  to believe the future will never be taken away. That we are literally “we the people”/ NOT just whatever you want, for you.

        These are foundation principles, and they begin with limited capitalism:  the right to limit every individual income, to a maximum, and a minimum per year/ for those who work.  By periodic vote, we make it true:  that we are “in this together, and no one has the right to play “god” over life.

        The second principle is:  everyone who chooses to work, is owed a fair and legitimate income; through a job. Because a job is functionally required to survive in peace, and with realistic harmony. The price of a job for everyone is:  nobody gets rich, to any true degree. The unfortunate reality of humanity is:  nearly everyone wants to be rich.  What happens in a world governed with grace (we share), is a reality of time being given to all participants for whatever they wish to pursue.  What happens in a world that wants to be rich is:  a war, with ever growing competition fighting to gain “it all”/ which means, I have no room for you; unless you make me rich. It is a choice.  But it is not without a rule (to control the individual, even though a law would not be right). That rule is: while I rest or pursue my own values in life/ NOBODY gets to sneak in and try to steal my life;  not with competition or other.  As a reality that becomes:  every business, and employee gets graded according to what they do.  So that those who are “the best, or somewhat less” can be known to every individual employer (as does include all those who need work done).  The listing of work to be done, shall then be described by the community itself:  open to all.  The realities of a contract to do the work;  shall be open for all to see, and every part or purpose shall be as clear as possible: with no misinterpretation accepted.  The realities of people who are worked for, shall be graded as well.  Summarized, this becomes “if you are within the top tier of people who do the work well”/ then your ability to  get a job, is relatively stable:  your grade proves you can do the work, and will. The community provides opportunities with the work that comes to them for distribution and controls the contract for what will be done, and how this will be paid. They can choose as is done today; freedom is important/ the courtroom can be used. Through the community however must be:  we the people, do establish:  THE REALITY of justice, consistent with FAIR PLAY for us all. That is functionally different than the legal definition of courtroom justice; it is a choice.  The people who pay shall be identified (graded) for their contribution to a peaceful society and a pleasant helpful and realistic participation in the work we shall do, for you. Those who deserve each other/ will get each other.  Limited capitalism keeps everyone “within the limits of shared competition” {dependent upon resources} selected by all of society.

        The third principle of society is:  when resources have been plundered, humanity must do something else. That presents one of the three causes for war:   WE DON’T have enough for ourselves to survive, let’s take theirs.  (2)  WE WANT MORE, let’s make them slaves to our want.  (3) POWER, is useless;  unless I can make someone else cry or fear!

        Removing war thereby means:  to reduce or remove these causes, by confronting their reality and resolving with world law and policing;  what those others can or cannot do to us. World law is controlling the leaders, with law, declared as a world;  NOT warring against the nation itself. This functionally removes the power of leaders, when enforced for a legitimate cause. The reality of slavery (I don’t want to work myself/ let them) is a desire for wealth, or just plain laziness and a thirst for power over you. Limited capitalism controls the majority of this, because it enables justice by the simple means:  if you don’t share the work and blessings of society and life with us/   then we will take some of your income away (making YOU, more like us).  The protection of resources is always the first thing to go, whenever greed overtakes reality. It is then, of the utmost importance, that every child should be educated in the realities of what their own futures will need. Given the power to rise as “protectors of their own future”/ by that education. Establishing to every elder: YOU MUST, answer these questions/ YOU MUST, identify these costs.  The possibilities will be met with the certainty:  “you CANNOT take ours, for yourselves”. This ain’t fair!

        With world law (we the world have made this law), and international policing (we the world will provide, defend, and support this enforcement of our law).  THEN no further weapons of mass destruction need to exist/ and that includes all forms. Militaries will decrease, and the money and excuses they use will be distributed to life, rather than death.  WAR cannot be decided by leaders (you defend, the border/ not advance);  only by society itself.

        Justice is a decision by all of society, to enforce a law that is fair. Justice is not consistent with laws that are unfair. Therefore whosoever makes the laws and understands them:  determines the life society will live. The purpose of a jury trial is very simple:  YOUR JOB, is to prove this is, or this is not what we the people have declared to be “our rights”, as a free society, with responsibilities to the rest. The job of the judge is to determine the law, and apply it to an honest purpose that is justified by the decision of society, under the direction of the constitution. All are judged at the end of trial, so as to prove to the society at large, “we did do, the best we could do”.

        Education is access, therefore it is important and valued by every individual who accepts:  their life, will be determined by what they are able to do for themselves or someone else.  It is not money, which is a description of what I can get others to do for me. Rather education is about the preparations necessary to do for myself. Therefore what is to be taught: shall be confined to this description, and not dedicated to an assumption of “university knows”/ worship them. Primary to every society, is the ability of the people to BE FRIENDLY AND RESPECTFUL to each other.  Therefore a major concern of every educational parameter must be dedicated to establishing that opportunity and duty:  as is RESPECT demands acceptance rather than judgment. Primary to every individual, is the ability to know and accept the values of family, the ascension of love, the purposes of truth, the disciplines which teach us order, the miracles that are life, and the  potential that is eternity itself. Not religion/ but the investigation that lives in truth, by examining everything that went “right” for life on earth. Little of that is human caused, in this day. The reality is primarily defined by what is sacred:  which means without this we die, or never lived. Without this, our world would be a very different place;  RESPECT ALL LIFE/ and everything life needs to survive.


Discipline requests:  that I remind you of this very simple truth, excess money does not make you happy/ it only makes the vast majority very proud; a fact that can destroy your own eternity. Or more simply, consider the truth:  even if you had “everything” you can imagine, would you be happy in a world that contained no life? If you had a billion dollars, and not a friend in this world/ would that make you happy? We live, and we die on the inside alone:  unless we own love. To own love means:  “my heart” lives through you/ my soul knows, this is my destiny.

In an orderly world, everyone knows:  that the addition of, another one of us, protects a species/ but the realities of death, regardless of the cause, protects a planet and its environment. It is not more complex than that.

        Balance states,  without the integral need of called HONEST questioning, of everything asserted to be “true”/ there is no protection from lies.  The consequence of that is, where lies rule life/ life fails truth, and everything lied about dies.  A liar demands:  “you must pay for me”.  While truth commits, if you obey and learn from this law: there will be a path forward, that refines life to become a greater destiny than what you are today.

        Life or death for this world, becomes the questioning of what is or has been done/ taught/ chosen for the future/ or created from the past. That fundamentally requires of the vast majority of humanity:  that you question everything the universities have been teaching you. That critically recognizes:  IF YOU DON’T stop the lies from consuming our relationship with this planet and all its nature:  WE THE PEOPLE, will soon be extinct. Because the cycles of our existence, cannot survive a lost world, or a complete crisis of extermination, caused by university delusions.

        I reiterate

  1. We cannot survive the ignition of atoms on fire, as is the sun fire; universities and governments are trying to create. No matter what they call it, their decision is to ignite a ten million degree fire, with flames ONE MILLION MILES LONG/ right here on earth. Depending entirely on the theory, that fire “will just extinguish itself”; because there according to them:  there, is not enough gravity here on earth, to sustain the fire. So it will just evaporate into spaceWRONG IS THIS PLANET BECOMES A SUN!  for real/ no gimmicks, and no second chances. Because we cannot remove atoms as used for fuel.  Clearly fuel on the sun, because nothing else could release the energy or sustain the fire longevity we know to exist.
  2. We cannot survive the destruction of nature itself, by mutilating the instructions which build every body of life on this planet. Which is exactly what universities around this world are doing. As religious zealots, they literally do proclaim:   we are just going to bring back evolution, to prove it is so! By DELIBERATELY,  injecting CHAOS into the bodies of life.
    1. CHAOS is destruction of everything complex, down to its most simple form. That is the definition of chaos.
    2. Evolution asserts: the body builds itself, and separates itself from all other life forms, and feeds itself, and reproduces itself, AND FORM AND COMBINES  “SIX BILLION instructions” to make just one human body:   WITHOUT A BRAIN, OR A TOOL, OR ANY VERSION OF INTELLIGENCE, or food supply;    “its magic”, as their witchdoctors dance and use masks to declare it is so! TAKES A DAMN FOOL, does it not. because not one shred of evidence exists, TO PROVE evolution in any form or reality.  Adaption is merely proof of perfect design “I knew it would be needed, so the mechanism was in place (a bit like adding a spare tire, for your vehicle)”.
    3. Geneticists world over, are deliberately crossing species boundaries in a deliberate and concerted effort to create “a new species” thereby proclaiming themselves to be “god”. CROSSING SPECIES BOUNDARIES, IS THE MOST CERTAIN WAY, TO CREATE A PANDEMIC THERE IS; a proven fact, already in existence.  The failure to stop them is without doubt, the reality they will become “god as in destroyer of this world”. It’s called SATAN, religious or not, it does fit perfectly.
  3. The reality of this time on earth is VERY SIMPLE; your great brains, so they call themselves, with a university diploma.  Have declared this world extinct decades ago.  Because human over-population will consume us all, and that is true; not a game/ it is reality.  Some tried in the early sixties to stop that rise, created by antibiotics and other methods of change which the universities all claim as “they did it”/ even though much they did not, or it was just an accident noticed; as antibiotics were.  Nonetheless, it was absolutely true:  PEOPLE WOULD NOT LISTEN/ WOULD NOT CHANGE/ WOULD NOT RECOGNIZE REALITY FOR OUR FUTURE.  And the university graduate GAVE UP, AS DID many others:  and they all chose to TAKE EVERYTHING THEY COULD, as fast as they could /discarding the future as lost.              THE REALITY OF THAT HOWEVER IS OUR OWN EXTERMINATION FROM THIS LIFE AND PLANET/ THE ASSASSINATION OF EVERY CHILD, AND EVERY FUTURE CHILD;  because of what we did, and did not do. 
    1. Reality now states this game of I won’t care/ IS OVER! Or the reality of what you, and so many others DID CHOOSE, which is the end of life on earth; is literally going to erase us from this entire CREATION. 
    2. NOTHING can be so certain as is: this life, and this planet, and this everything other than what the freedom of humanity has caused:  IS A TRUE MIRACLE.  Which means, “it ain’t no accident/ and we certainly did not build ourselves or anything else that is life, by one piece at a time”.  You CAN’T survive without all the pieces your body needs at the very same time:  think about it!  What good is your heart, without blood, or muscles, or a brain.  What good is your bones without joints, or the critical links which tie them all together;  the list is endless, literally!  Yet your “big brains” at the university can’t see it/ because they want to be god over you. So to do that, they have literally tried to destroy everything but themselves as god. What better way to play god, than to make you entirely dependent upon them FOR EVERYTHING.  What better way to do that, than to remove all your options in life or survival.  QUICK go beg them, “for a breathe of air”.  It’s called DAMN FOOL!

PLAY TIME IS OVER;   LIFE OR DEATH FOR THIS PLANET NOW LOOMS CLOSE, and forever.  Your ability to choose for life, will soon pass the point of no return. Which means “cry, pray, beg, fight, kill, mutilate, plead,  worship rocks or whatever it is:   WON’T MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE WHATSOEVER/ this world is dead.

And to all that, this world of humanity says:  I CAN’T QUESTION THE UNIVERSITIES, cause they are  like gods, (they can talk better than me, and win). Or more distinctly, THEY ARE AN ARMY OF FOOLS, whose only purpose in life is to protect their EASY existence;  from anyone who claims, “they aren’t god”.  By controlling communications, they propagate “we can’t be wrong”. By controlling governments, they counterfeit money, to produce any toy, weapon or trophy they want. By discarding education, and making it  “BE LIKE US”/ THEY PRODUCE SLAVES, not individuals. By threatening:   WE CAN kill this world, with just the release of one biological weapon/ they are SATAN.

               And who can defeat satan, right?


               The critical choice is:  WHY, should HE?   Are these not your choices, did you NOT follow them, refusing life choices/ the destruction of everything, IN FAVOR OF MONEY!  And so much more, under their disguise of lies.

  CHOOSE BETTER, or you will die, and all this world with you. This moment in the history of this earth:    is literally, that simple and plain.

               In case it ain’t clear:   YOU CANNOT SURVIVE THIS TIME ON EARTH,    WITHOUT    GOD  HIMSELF!  Because the reality is:  your universities have in fact created doomsday machines, any one of which can end life;  because just a few conspired and made a decision to destroy our world.  You literally CANNOT stop them all.

               Which means every single one of us:  IS ENTIRELY DEPENDENT UPON     GOD    intervening on our behalf/ while WE literally attempt, to resurrect our future.  That is our job.  Keeping us alive, while you try to do it:     can only be done by      GOD HIMSELF.

 It is that simple.  Our reality is that plain.  “look at the evidence”!

i am just the messenger, reality proves it is delivered:  YOUR CHOICE begins.

NO second chances allowed, this is it.



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