four definitions of control

        The four definitions of control, that are “WE THE PEOPLE”.


  1. Controlling wealth, eliminates the elemental essence of power over the other people/ by demanding YOU, no matter who you are: shall NOT take more than we allow.  This is done by limited capitalism:  to vote as a nation on the maximum and minimum income limits any working person is allowed to make, in the period of a year/ each year.  This is extended to the maximum property assets, considered to be wealth;  allowed as well.
  2. Controlling the military, and all aspects of threat against a nation or a world; is established by world law/ and the enforcement of that law by “we the people of this world”: making the law/ and then bringing our leaders into court, to be judged by our laws for this planet and all its life.  That removes the authority to hold or maintain or spend upon large military forces/ because there is no further claim:  “we must”. Rather the law applied equally to all/ SHALL be enforced by ourselves.  Policing from every nation, FOR THE VERY SAME LAW; upon every leader/ and as needed upon every attack against the planet itself.  Literally within the framework of the laws you make by your own vote:  “one for all, and all for this earth”. NO exceptions/ NO weapons of mass destruction/ and NO authoritarian rule:  only the law decides! Only the people of this world, for themselves can make or change that law.
  3. Controlling the future means: there is nothing more elemental, than NO ONE gambles with our world, our nature, the resources required for survival of your children, or any other aspect of life and living that has given this world:  THE LITERAL ABILITY TO BE ALIVE! Every extreme experiment of every kind shall STOP. Every failure to put life first;  which means to make any other decision REQUIRES, a complete and true definable exact statement of and by truth; the examination of all facts which can be known, which isolate what can or cannot go wrong;  and make the clear purpose in any choice allowed to men or women the defense of nature and planet and life, without exception.
  4. Controlling governments means: the power of change SHALL NOT be within their grasp. Those employees hired to provide the necessary work of implementing and supporting the foundation agreements of society;  shall in fact produce the investigations that examine and prove what society has chosen:  is being done. Society chooses government by three distinct demands:  we the people shall make our own laws, and they shall not be more than what can be realistically memorized and known by all the people; so we can protect ourselves and our nation with law.  We the people shall direct our future as a nation by implementing constitutional rule:  which literally means, the constitution itself is our government as these are the agreements we have allowed for ourselves & the demands we are making upon those who are allowed to be our employees.  We the people, are justified by the law:  ONLY when the courts are justified by what they do. Which means we shall grade and oversee every courtroom, and every policing of our laws:  with a clear purpose to remove those who do not do “the best they can” to sustain and protect the life we have chosen for ourselves.  That functionally means to remove any judge or lawyer;  that does not actively sustain and protect our laws with FAIR play. That means, to actively participate in all aspects of law enforcement: with the purpose of truth for all involved.  The jury has only one purpose:  IS THIS, the nation we chose to be/ or, is it not?


3 more things produce peace, harmony, and happiness.


    They are:   the opportunity to participate as an equal, without being judged.  Without rules that are distinctly to remove freedom, rather than accept liberty, which means “for us all”;  is enough.  Living is not a game;  conceives of everything that peace can be. Which means literally:  RESPECT THE MIRACLE, life truly is!

The reality of employment, without extreme competition:  which means we must establish shared work and rewards that are functional, and desirable within limited resources.  As is the future of this planet. The honesty of a life known to be “fair to all”;  is the basis for harmony.

The discipline to understand:  those who hate, and have clearly chosen to hate as their own decision for life/ MUST be separated from all the rest. Because hate and love are complete opposites, and they can never truly live together. Love brings happiness.


                                      James Frank Osterbur                 4/ 14/  17