four pillars of society

The four pillars of society, and its survival.


  1. We must have a job, to sustain ourselves and be happy.
  2. We must organize ourselves, so that life and living can be free.
  3. We must protect our resources and our lives from threats, or we die.
  4. We must conceive of the future, by law, without lies/ or there will be anarchy.


Of the four, the most elusive is to conceive of the future/ because want discards truth; the righteous discard law; and the desire for more leaves a trail called violence.


        Survival is about happiness, because without happiness, and its wellspring of hope; desire for life and living will fail. To be happy, we must be free. To be free, we must identify ourselves by the securities which allow that freedom. They are:  a foundation called truth/ a relationship called love/ a value called courage/ a discipline called law/ a purpose called order/ and a desire to express life through the experience of our own decision; “without being attacked”.

        We begin the definitions of our existence in society by encountering a job. You must support your own needs, that is a reality, a security, and a design called upon by body/mind;  to succeed. So the question is:  what is fair, in the relationship between an individual life, and society itself? Since we all have an equal need to succeed in this venture called a job/ we all have an equal right, to a job. Therefore by the cause and consequence of society itself:  which is to sustain ourselves by sharing the work required/ the possibilities we can earn. It is fair to say, society does owe each one a job.

        But alas, then comes the competition; and the reality, if everyone is equal, and everyone has the right to a job/ THEN NO one has more than the rest. Thereby a portion of society will always be unhappy:  because they believe themselves to be superior, and want trophies. Trophies are obtained by removing the competition so you can have more/ because “you took their rights away”. Even so, just because you have more does not mean:  a failure to share. More likely it means, you worked harder. Just because you are poor does not mean you didn’t work harder than those who have more/ rather it means, they could do something you could not. Regardless, the competition has now increased. Through factories, and the endless attack on resources:  more is available for all to get/ just look in the garbage. Big stores are more efficient that little stores;  because they hire less people.  Robotics are more efficient than workers, because they don’t have human needs.  Computers are more efficient than people, because their memory is better.  Massive population increases multiply workers, and that leaves the rest fighting for their job.  Welfare buys out, whosoever will leave the workforce, and “live small”.  Universities inundate students with debt, and flood the market;  in order to make them slaves. Universities control the hiring and firing; thereby who gets a job and why.  Universities control “everything, including the news, so the powerful stay in power! Their Counterfeiting (hidden inflation by false asset increases) has replaced reality;  because numbers don’t matter (in the bank) “so long as no one tries to cash them in for resources”.  Healthcare steals! Government employees corrupt. Policing is about fear. Religion panics, “we are being left behind”. And the military grows, because whosoever has the better weapon or strikes first:  WINS.  The leader who has a big military declares war, to keep the people in line/ to be POWERFUL means, “the people get their job, and lose their rights” in the military.

        So the question is, what can we do for life in its every form:  that will return us to happiness/ and stop the march to war, cannibalism, and hell?

        The answer is built, rather than expressed. Which means words won’t fix anything/ you must work for a better future:  by letting truth decide the path. When you make a positive decision about where you choose to go, for a valid reason built on truth itself:  THEN, you begin the journey that becomes your life.  So this method takes your decision, and applies your truth:  to build your future.

        WHAT in terms of a job;  then would truth do for life in society, the securities of this world enhanced?

  1. The first question is value: can society (all of us together as one) value the individual (each one of us, standing alone) more than its trophies?  The answer is plainly no, it will not:  “you don’t want too”. So the alternate question is:  can you fear the consequences of your own failure enough, to make a decision that will bring justice to society? The answer to date is NO:  you want what you want, and refuse to surrender the idea of being rich/ even among the poor. Even when a far greater happiness is the reward!  So you have failed, and cannot get back up, as the lies have accumulated enormously.
  2. The removal of lies is then intrinsic, to the reality of change in society. Or more distinctly before truth will be accepted: the reality of fantasy, delusion, lies, stealing, cheating, traitorous acts, terrorism and so forth.  Hidden by the propaganda of arrogance and intentional deceit. Until truth comes forth, failure will continue: because the onslaught of criminal organizations, throughout society,  is massive. When you understand what is true/ THEN you can decide the direction of your lives, and create a future with your decisions. Until that date, and its acceptance of evidence that is proven real occurs;  nothing will be done to better, or even let the future survive.
  3. Assuming that somehow, you find the courage/ or reality forces you to comprehend what is true occurs soon enough to let you make a choice. The value of a job, is given this assignment: to be its truth.
    1. The critical message to every human being in society is: you are not only worth a job/ entitled to a job/ you are required to accept a job, or you will lose your place in this society.  Your existence as a body, requires work:  it’s your existence/ therefore it’s your duty to do that work.
    2. Society owes each one, the opportunity to accept duty, within a fair and realistic distribution of what is, and what is not valued by each citizen. Therefore it owes an education for that purpose, to all who accept it, and provide the truth, “yes I can”.
    3. Limited capitalism describes the primary method:  NO you may not take more/ if you already have considerably more than the rest.  Educating your competition, as described by society/ may allow you a bit more; as they design.
    4. The competition must not be allowed to win (way more than you). Business and industry must not be allowed to win (way more than us). Government employees must not be allowed to win (we took control).  That leaves the law we create for ourselves to govern what does or does not happen, in terms of society and its work. “if the machine is too big/ or the business is too pervasive/ or the government employee cannot obey his or her oath:    We make a change by vote, to create our own law.  After the initial phase, it becomes harder to change the law we make, each individual time:  to insure no back tracking shall occur.  Make the law, as if your own life depended upon it/ it does.  By our own choices then, we distribute our own jobs, and create our own peace, harmony, & happiness;  or not.
    5. Immigration is: “we are unhappy here, because there is no room for us/ or we cannot get more here”. So they move, to invade the lives of others/ because population increases, and resource destruction have overwhelmed that society. It is a constant throughout history and earth.  America has escaped that resource loss until recently:  because the Indian nation did not assault resources. Therefore the resources existed/ and genocide removed those Indians to create this USA. War comes next, because if you can’t move/ and want MORE; the only method left is “genocide”. The excuse of religion hides or removes the reality:  “we will murder, rape, & steal, if we must”.  Even so, it is what it is!


We move on to happiness, which is the opportunity to share oneself, without judgment. To care for others, because they are valued by us, and we to them. To find joy through love, an expression of binding, the experience that removes all loneliness from our heart. And find in friendship, the cause that is a life earned in peace, harmony, and kindness. With these things we are happy.

Unhappiness is formed by the opposite:  judgment against us by others/ loneliness without relief/ cast adrift by the failure to find friends/ destruction of hope/ cowardice/ constant harassment/ undeserved entitlements/ arrogance/ pride/ want/ power/ theft/ cheating/ betrayal/ corruption;  etcetera.

So the question is:  CAN YOU accept the price for being happy and work to that end for the benefit of all society.  Because the happier we all are/ the happier our society will be. The opposite is equally true:  unhappy breeds unhappy throughout. Simple as that


To organize:  a value expressed as our decision united by a common cause. Criminal organizations have only a few causes:  power/ pride/ want/ greed/ lust/ money/ theft/ corruption/ conspiracy/ violence/ and murder.

To organize by a value expressed as our decision to support, enhance, defend, and protect society as our common cause:  is a very different effort.  The unfortunate reality assigned to each is “organized news”.  The tragedy of organized news is:  criminality intervenes in most anything of interest to them.  The common link:  “just leave out by omission; the information most valuable to society/ or replace it with something that serves just as well as a lie.  To organize for life then means:  TO REPLACE “THE NEWS”/ with real news, instead of propaganda news. That occurs by these methods.

  1. Truth is identified by knowledge. Knowledge is understood by the consequences of what is real. Wisdom shares the existence of that reality, within the conception of what the future will then bring.  A decision follows, that will be determined; according to your understanding of what is distinctly TRUE, that you did indeed choose as your direction.
  2. Communication requires someone to direct our attention to this! Knowledge requires, the evidence of this claim comes from here. Understanding illuminates the claim, as identified by these constructions;  both for and against the assertion of “bad or good”. Communication requires you to think for yourselves;  because there is no value greater, than a society which protects itself, WITH TRUTH BY REALITY.  Or more directly, the assertion is liar/ when want takes control; because to simply believe (this is what I want it to be) is not enough.
  3. Reporters of real news, which provide a distinct benefit to society itself/ are worthy to be paid, for truth. Discarded for lies.  Therefore any story regardless of its originating source, that clearly and honestly reports NEWS WORTHY information to society:  shall be paid by society itself.  In other words all true reporters will be free from the influence of others/ because society makes them free to do their work. DO THEN, what benefits life and society; for a reporter:  so that we know too.  Reality states:  the biggest news story in the entire history of this world, is in fact the people who lie constantly, while hiding the fact, “they are indeed trying to ignite sun fire here on earth”. They hide the fact, THIS IS OBVIOUSLY “THE BURNING OF ATOMS”/ which means upon ignition our planet burns.  Did you hear that in your news? It is the truth, and every life is involved:  yet the only thing reported is propaganda “won’t this be great/ free energy”!  not a word, about the consequences for being wrong! Or the fantasies and delusions being used without a “thread of truth”/ or a reality of sense:  which means the media, university and government employees currently  surrounding this world with threats of extermination, is more than just another traitor to us all.  they have become “SATAN”.  as is “destroyer of a world”.
  4. . It is the biggest story, because even though JESUS changed humanity itself. Igniting sun fire here will change this solar system, and destroy every living thing.  “another sun”! “down the homepage a bit” helps you understand the risk, and the reality.

It is of note, to identify and correct:  merely being free to do whatever you please, is NOT enough to be happy.  If you live entirely alone, on a deserted island;  you are free to do whatever you wish/ but it is entirely true, “happiness” will not join you there.  So freedom is not a measure of happiness, it is a path to the discovery of what we can be together. Consider that true, and then accept the composition of happiness begins with friendship, enlarges through respect, and conceives of romance, when the heart lives for life.


        Everything on planet earth is a miracle, except for hate.  Given that level of excellence, and the fact our lives are indeed a gift, to experience and express what life can be here.  Sadness comes through want, so remove the want/ and you can be happy, or at least content with being alive;  so long as survival is not harsh. Failure comes through pride;  because life is not a game/ pride makes life a game, and then judges each player as “winner or loser”. Which does have consequences.  Power is a disease, it invades without permission, and takes control whether you like it or not.  greed destroys life, because it will not care. Lust refuses to share (only your body is important to me). Hate consumes, because it cannot stand your happiness/ so the purpose is, to take that happiness away, as in “now you are like me”.  The consequence of that is an assault on everything we need, to destroy happiness for a world. The more who hate/ the more destruction that results.  Where life cannot be attacked (because I can’t win)/ resources are then attacked:  SO YOU can’t have them for yourself.


        The discovery of democracy is:  “we the people can control ourselves by law, through constitutional edicts which we require our employees to obey.” That is the summation of its purpose/ and the reality of its power. The failure to protect the constitution as “WE THE PEOPLE DECLARED THIS IS OUR GOVERNMENT”.  Results in traitors, in our midst; as employees who are in fact an insurgency against us. Because their proven mission is to destroy constitutional law (by court cases I provide), and take over the power to make us do whatever they say.  THE LAW CONTROLS SOCIETY.  AN OATH OF OFFICE controls the employee, when they know: their own failure will result in a penalty to them.  That level of authority over our government officials:  is implemented by REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, a first amendment law. Which gives us as a nation or state the legal right to examine what our employees have done/ and compare those facts, to what our interpretation of constitutional purpose allowed for them to do. To understand, and implement this:  is to begin, as “free, as we have chosen to be”.

        Failure means:  we are attacked.  Counterfeiting means:  an army is marching against us.  No escape, unless we demand truth!


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