functional change

Functional, in terms of society/ as in WHAT can improve our public lives?


        There are five distinct fundamentals, required of every society and its citizens.

  1. Every citizen is required to participate/ your life is not free, and we don’t owe you: so work.
  2. Every citizen needs to be happy, realistically secured in their living; and thereby at peace with life and environment.
  3. Every citizen has healthcare issues, and will require assistance from time to time; even if that is for someone else they care about.
  4. All wealth (thereby freedoms and opportunities) are built from resources and the ability to use those resources without endangering the future.
  5. Every society hires and constructs government; so as to engineer the law, and enforce participation.


Beyond these five rules, in order to maintain peace:  society must also govern its employees/ and establish the future for its children; by maintaining a policy of “least damage possible”; to life, environment, and nature.

    None of that is done in America today, because the poisons spewed by a university diploma, only know what their own fantasies and delusions are. What is life/ nature/ environment/ sanity/ respect/ value/ love/ happiness/ truth/ trust/ reality or anything else that is a fundamental of our survival in peace or harmony:  COMPLETELY ESCAPES THEM.  They are “without a brain”.

    The consequence of that is:  that we must put down their rebellion against reality and its truth/ fighting for LIFE SHALL BE SACRED;  fighting for NATURE SHALL NOT BE TAMPERED WITH;  fighting for, NO EXPERIMENTS THAT CAN CAUSE ENORMOUS GRIEF OR THE COLLAPSE OF LIFE, NATURE, ENVIRONMENT, PLANET AND EVERYTHING ELSE THAT IS ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL TO SURVIVAL OR HAPPINESS:  shall not be done!

    The university doctrine is:   KILL IT ALL/ then they will have to worship us!  Because they can’t put it back together again.  Alas, NEITHER can the university or their greed. The critical mass exploding and destroying the possibilities of our future:   IS ARROGANCE (they believe they can be gods).

    The critical truth is:  arrogance is a “blind, deaf, rat or parasite”, spewing pandemic disease everywhere it goes.

    So the cause of all my work is:  to remove the arrogance that desperately invades life, nation, and world to destroy it by playing god/  and REINSTALL RESPECT for life, nation, planet, world, and everything   GOD  CREATED   on this planet.  Not a religious statement:  a matter of fact clearly identified in all the miracles of our existence.  YOU cannot build a single blade of grass, YOU cannot even conceive of yourself, without the grace that is your gift of a brain (if you use it, for more than a trash bin). The universities do not, as is so clearly proven by the state of our existence:  threats of extinction “behind every closed door, locked by a university diploma”.  They say believe/ while reality proves what they are really doing is exterminating all life, and even the planet itself. Still a believer:  even a damn fool, such as yourself;  CAN UNDERSTAND the cost of being wrong, from the terrorists that are trying to ignite SUN FIRE here on earth.  Wrong is our entire planet becomes another SUN!  Because there is no doing it over/ once SUN FIRE ignites, there is no extinguishing that fire!  IT BURNS THE BOND IN ATOMS, WHICH MEANS EVERYTHING IS FUEL!  As is so clearly proven by simply acknowledging the sun itself (burns your skin in summer, from 91 million miles away:  GOING TO BRING THAT, here)!  Claiming not enough gravity here to sustain the fire/ so it will just extinguish itself.  Its called a DEAD BRAIN, and the university diploma is rampantly infected, with that disease.  Toys and trinkets be damned.


    To illustrate an appropriate knowledge or understanding:  thereby cause to do not less than investigate the facts, and prove the evidence is true or false. A wide variety of suitable educational materials has been used. It’s up to you, to acknowledge them; either good or bad, by the proof of your own wisdom. Let reality decide!

    Separated from those facts, we again elementally discharge the responsibilities of participation:  as an educational parameter designed to give credence to the value of my work.  Because fools, failures, and those who can only be called “SATAN” on earth:  are trying desperately hard to exterminate and destroy your lives, and the future of life/ EVEN the planet itself, with sun fire.  While reality suggests, this is useless:  you are a cult, that cannot question its leaders/ therefore just as dead inside as are they. Truth insists:   NOBODY, is excused from fighting for an entire planet of life/ until the day comes when reality proves there is nothing left to do.


    So we begin again, by examining the relationships which give our existence & a future for all life;  an honest value/ and a place to be free within ourselves, with each other.  As this world is now a very crowded place:  existence itself, has in fact changed.

    LIFE, in society is determined in part; by the work we all need to do, and participate in. the reality of resources, and how to use them;  makes us all “rich or poor” accordingly.  America is not the land of the rich/ it WAS the land of resources NOT previously destroyed by humanity;  until almost total genocide removed nearly all those inhabitants. America is the land of those who immigrated here/ but that does not mean every new immigrant is entitled to believe, they do not present a cost to those already here. They do/ but humanity is growing BY A BILLION MORE per decade;  so get used to it, until cannibalism and thirst;  takes over!

    Back to work, means there must be a job, that someone else is willing to trade their work for.  In turn that job must produce something considered of realistic equal value.  It’s called FAIR TRADE… The WORK value of an individual is determined by their ability to define and understand what will or will not benefit society. That gives us an almost complete definition of the university diploma:  as a fraud without value/ and in fact constructs a level of traitorous acts against society and life, akin to:  “hitlers blitzkrieg”.   Tiny benefits aside:  the extermination of life, nature, child, planet, water, food, extinction coming everywhere, governmental purposes of corruption (by our employees):  ETCETERA, ETCETERA, ETCETERA;  proves that statement true.

    Regardless, the critical factor in determining what is fair, comes from justice:   “what is good and fair for you and yours/ when substantially that, is equally the same for me”;  is justice.

    Thereby we come to limited capitalism:  our vote as a society, determining the limits between both least and most ANYONE in this society can earn from us per year.  That includes industry (beyond personal income, the rest belongs to society itself for use in that business) and foreign investments (you will not earn more than we)/ as well as property holdings (fair means, we WILL share with you/ and YOU will share with us).

    Critical truths arise as:  THERE JUST ISN’T ENOUGH JOBS FOR US ALL!  It is that simple, and it will never be more complex again;  because the resources have been plundered/ and humanity itself has invaded its own living reality. Not as free anymore;  because we are SO MANY people.

    That fact grants there must be change.

    So we ask of ourselves:  WHAT can we do? Because if you don’t include the vast majority, as many as possible equal:  THEN ALL THAT WILL be left is WAR, HATRED, AND    CATASTROPHE!

    We can do this:  which is beyond limited capitalism, and changing the money supply to represent more diligent equality.  The elemental rise begins with an opportunity.  The most simplified opportunity is:  society can set apart some of its businesses, to operate differently. That begins with:  these businesses shall be defined within society, by its participation, and its approval rating as granted by the various realities involved or affected.  When the business is rated:  then the employees shall be paid accordingly.  Therefrom removing the assumption of “riches”/ and replacing that private enterprise with the reality of workers who receive not more than an “average wage” for the area.  Maintenance and all other aspects in these city enterprises will be treated likewise, as will all city employees.  To increase participation and establish what society itself needs:  ANY private business that fails or goes out of business, leaving behind a “suitable building, or other”.  SHALL allow a new business to move into that enclosure or other, using the tools, etc:   by paying the rent required for sustaining the property (the tax) in its current condition or improving it if desired by the owner; if agreed six months later.  This shall occur until the building is sold and a NEW BUSINESS is at the door ready to move into it. The owner loses nothing (so let it be)/ the new business gets a chance to try, with the least possible investment/ private business retains its position, to take over from the interim business, within 30 days: or be evicted.  Participation means:  no more excuses for welfare.  The weekly hours of employment must be adjusted accordingly. Those who fail, WILL “get an attitude adjustment”/ or be moved into an area, where no one supports them:  “just for them, do it all yourself”.

    The foundation of happiness is built upon two distinct realities:  friendship equals acceptance, the value of a life is enhanced by any and all possibilities of love.  The reality of happiness is constructed around the consequences of freedom:   because unless I can be free, I cannot “be me”.  Therefrom EVERY aspect of building friendships for life, should be undertaken and improved over time to begin at the earliest possible time, and never stop.  The realities of love should be examined for truth, enhanced by trust, and bound together by respect. Beyond that boundary, what is male and female must give rise to “purity of heart”.

    The reality of letting “healthcare in all its forms” create its own pricing:  has proven to be nothing less than organized crime, whose only objective is extortion.  Therefore the pricing of every form in medicine shall come under social design and enforcement.  WE DECIDE the price. WE DECIDE how many competitors SHALL BE EDUCATED for this purpose. WE OWN the pharmaceuticals, as a nation. Social security is a percentage of gross domestic product:  divided equally among all participants/ to be used as they decide.  There WILL BE:  health needs that cost too much/ to be determined by society itself.  NO MORE FANTASIES, NO MORE DEMANDING “let the children pay”.  You will pay as a society/ you they and you will not receive, whether rich or poor: unless you do.  Simple as that.  Identify your choice.

    The future has needs, and you will respect their lives, by respecting:  YOU CANNOT DESTROY THEIR RESOURCES.  But you may take what is necessary and valid for your own existence;  WITHOUT wasting or destroying everything; just because you can.

    There is no such thing as “government”.  There are only employees of government, hired to do a specific job.  That means:  when dealing with an individual who holds a government job, there is no fundamental authority other than the law itself.  WHOSOEVER MAKES THE LAW, CONTROLS SOCIETY.    AS IS, WE MUST INDIVIDUALLY MAKE OUR OWN LAWS, BY VOTE!  Whosoever enforces that law equitably, decides what justice shall be.  Which means the purpose of a JURY:  shall be returned to determining IF THIS WAS FAIR, and the direction society must go.

    REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES a first amendment law;  providing the right to take our government employees to court/ and JUDGING THEM according to their oath.  MUST BE ENFORCED.

    Establishing the reality of life and society, MUST be evidenced in our grasp of what is or is not both necessary and true. That does cover all suitable decisions, and is properly orchestrated by a true “free press”.  Which means discarding the US supreme court, for corruption & most of its decisions.   Which includes the destruction of the free press:  tear down a tiny few voices control ALL THE PROPAGANDA.  And begin by becoming an honest and true democracy (we the people rise) again.


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