global warming

It seems fitting, to answer “why is it cold on April 29/ and yet claim global warming exists”?

       As has been illuminated before:  global warming is not simply a localized event/ the reality includes our entire globe. Therefore cold or hot here, makes absolutely no difference.

       But let’s examine the reality of weather change/ and recognize it is not the planet that has changed, in terms of heat by the sun or orbit or similar.  But the reality of human behaviors, times 8 billion people all attacking this planet so they can have more. Or even simply enough/ these are no small event, when 8 billion people have needs.

       Even so, the absolute certainty of global warming is without doubt:  determined by the factual evidence of ice now missing on the poles. Even apart from water levels in the sea rising/ drinking water lost/ and weight transfer across this globe due to water movements. The change in weather patterns resulting from human use of fossil fuels:  is more distinctly a reality of atmospheric alterations.

       As is consistent with every other planet in our solar system:  the winds of an atmosphere on a planet move in connection with that planet/ OR, they get left behind, and try to catch up. Jupiter is said to have wind speeds of around 700 mph for instance. That is because nothing sustains the atmosphere, to turn in connection with the planet. Our planet is roughly 25,000 miles in circumference at the equator/ our planet turns one revolution every twenty four hours. Which means the land surface of this earth at the equator turns at just over one thousand miles per hour. That is unnoticeable when the atmosphere turns in a direct and equal connection with the land. That becomes about 700 mph wind speed; due to frictional losses:  should our planet lose its connection with the atmosphere.

       The difference between this planet and all others in our solar system regarding wind is:  living trees primarily. The leaves allow for the wind to lose their energy/ and sustain the atmosphere on land, at an equal speed with the land.  Dependent upon a variety of factors which are determined by “hot or cold” variations particularly with the poles.

       Not only is there extreme amounts of fossil fuels burned/ there is also extreme amounts of forest being lost:  the two together focus on the collapse of atmospheric balance, which governs our earth. Without that balance, there will be substantial increases in straight line winds. Hurricanes and tornados are essentially the rise or fall of heat and cold in any particular area. That is due to ice or sun shine; and their effects.  Ice pulls the hot winds upward to the poles, which give the entire planet cooling. While sun without relief from clouds, grants an overheating effect:  which causes air to spin around it/ until that air takes the spin along with it.

       One of the major changes in global warming is the increased concentrations of moisture in the atmosphere itself. More heat causes more evaporation/ more evaporation increases the concentration of the atmosphere with water. Water has weight, which then gives the wind its force. So winds increase. The more weight being pushed into the system, the bigger the weather pattern (storm) will be; it spreads out.  The more wind we cause to be generated the greater the distribution of warming over the entire planet. Because of circulation pressures, these winds end in the polar regions; and destroy ice as a result.  

. Other than the frictional losses from planet rotation:  wind is the direct result of weight in atmospheric water pushing down and back out of the atmosphere. Weight that does not relieve the atmosphere of its condensing water with rain, becomes wind. Heat causes water to rise and evaporate/ cold causes water to condense and fall. It is that simple/ although after it comes close to the land surface, obstructions and cold or warm masses in the earth focus a final effect.

      The weather event of 4/ 29/ 17, as well as its aftermath:  because of extreme size/ is a primary description of wind sheer:  as a description of the atmosphere losing its grip on land surface.   On a less notable scale, are the pockets of heat that reside outside the temperature norms for the atmosphere; such as are above large cities. That immense alteration of climate area, injects a reality of weight, that separates itself by pressure and temperature. Or more specifically the atmosphere that is traveling with the planet interacts in these areas; as if they were obstructions in a stream of water. The air flows into or around them/ because they are not traveling at the same rate with regards to the planet.  Because an additional weight requires more energy to move/ therefore it lags behind. This causes more repercussions as the planet moves them with the atmosphere out of step.  Wind sheer creates a gap, that allows for high altitude cold air: to be sucked down onto ground level. Which establishes why the air you feel is unexpectedly cold; during this limited episode.  Soon it will be more dramatic and long term:  the cost of burning extreme amounts of fossil fuel.

       Ice is our major temperature regulator for keeping this planet from overheating at the equator. Without it, temperatures of over 120 degrees are certain to become normal. That will increase the weight and transfer of air pressures to other parts of the globe:  and increase the wind speeds.  An expected twenty mile per hour greater average is expected within 25 years or so;  even though you won’t make it that far. Because insanity rules human existence/ and the brain failures of a university mind have caused ruin to occur.

       Nonetheless you do have a right to know.


       It is of some interest, that the mixing of upper and lower atmosphere air (call it A); to create thunderstorms, and major weather events.  These are precipitated by wind sheer at levels between the climate atmosphere and higher elevations (call this B): where the jet streams originate. It is a “bloom of heat” rising through the lower atmosphere A/ that invades the cold realm B, and creates change in the jet stream. A significant rise  creates a roller coaster ride in the buffer zone that separates what we call climate A, from its neighboring “climate changing zone B”.  When a strong enough heat column rises in A;  it creates an obstruction in B. Movements in the jet stream then occur.  As is consistent with weather predictions, the jet stream influences all major weather change.

       What is not as visible is:  “like you can view in a stream of water flow:  an obstruction causes turbulence in the water at top and more at the bottom of that obstruction. Turbulence is the circling effect, when flow is forced around an object, and then experiences a dramatic decrease in flow rates directly in front of and behind that object.  So the issues of tornado the easiest to identify; begin at the edges of a jet stream: if the bend is sharp enough/ to fully engage or create the  turbulence necessary. A funnel effect allows for cold air to enter within that upper tornado. Cold is heavier than hot/ therefore it pushes the funnel down, and elongates it. If it reaches the ground, the same forces that create lightning:  take control over the funnel, and direct it to where the tornado will then go. It does take some degree of wind sheer, to open the area necessary for a tornado, or more, to drop. Wind-scaping (developments in air created by land shaping):  affect where major heat rise in the climate atmosphere will occur. That can be reshaped by human intervention: which is the release of fossil fuel/ pollution/ greenhouse gases; cities and so on. What we do on one side of the world, does influence the weather on the other side of the world.