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It is absolutely essential, that knowledge must include the dimensional parameters of government; to attain peace or harmony in society. That knowledge must then be accepted in ways that will create and provide a future for every child.

       The critical cause that destroys peace and harmony in society is:  one of three basic things.

  1. The environment is destroyed, and life or death looms large for each member/ or many members/ or simply a few members; who must now decide: “if this is me or you, that is going to die/ then I choose”! The result is a need for governing.
  2. The resources are gone, which means there is no job here. There is no future here, and we must leave or die. Immigration results, and when large masses of people must move, whether their own fault or not: it results in an army. “can’t pay/ must take”. Again, “its me or you”.
  3. Reality states: some have much more/ and some have far too little, to be happy. Therefrom anger erupts against the “rich”. They respond by hiring or creating an army to control the poor. The poor fester inside and find hate to comfort themselves. One day a mob forms, finding “any cause will do”/ they seek revenge. Destruction follows, for all.


Within these three BASIC realities of human existence, are the fundamentals which must be addressed to conceive of a society at peace. Peace means:  I recognize, that anger will NOT improve my life/ therefore I seek justice.

    Harmony means:  being accepted for who I am, I understand as best a human can be; “that I am not, or need not fear, lonely anymore”.

    Society that finds happiness is:  no cause for fear exists here, we are free to experience and express ourselves, without finding ways to disguise, “what is my truth”.

    So, lets search the basics of environmental:  that means nature, climate, chain of food, and all the things which humanity does not do for itself are  balanced/ disciplined/ and orderly. Thereby no need to fear!  In contrast to that environmental destruction is the opposite. Or more distinctly all the things which life on this earth has provided without cost, have suddenly disappeared;  making this earth, far less habitable, even unfriendly. Society sees this as chaos, and it erupts in fear. Men destroy environment, to be rich; and win the game called pride.

     That brings us to resource:  which means, by using what men can manipulate, harvest or control. Society finds its work, by using anything that has value in nature, ocean, or environment, to trade for something they want for themselves. When those resources are gone, they literally have nothing left to trade, except war. Thereby forced so they believe to kill.

    The rich, are a different seasoning to one or both of the above. To become rich: it is absolutely essential to make the others poor. The richer you are/ the poorer you have made many others. Even so, when men are without boundaries (the rich say no)/ they attack resources without end, and destroy more relentlessly in an effort to be “the rich”. Destroying along with their lives, those who just simply demand “a living; while hoping for peace and love”.  Or, “if I let up my drive/ these others will consume me, or take from me; what I need to survive.” The rich then are not a necessary evil/ they are a fact created by extreme want in men; and the women who push them. The rich are as history proves; the lesser of two evils: let the few control the resources and environment/ OR the many will destroy them all, and end in war. It nonetheless results in various forms of mayhem, with include nearly all crime/ depressions/ and environmental catastrophes as the rich try mercilessly “to become richer (I am the superior one)”.  

    Where leadership has proven to be nothing more than criminals trying to take everything: so they can be rich. The law is revoked, and armies arise:  “to get or take, mine”.  Without reprieve as in the end of war; bloodshed is a way of life/ which means agriculture or any of the means to “make a living, by providing food and water for yourself”; has been abandoned or killed. That intensifies the war to take what I need for myself/ and GET MORE. That functionally does not need a woman or a child; so they are discarded. That functionally leaves the women and children unprotected, in an area of men who are angry for sex. That means rape. That means the women must try to create food for themselves and their children wanted or not/ and the men come to steal it:  “because we got to eat, or we die”. Anything that can be stolen is stolen; because nothing less will buy weapons.


    These are at the forefront of what must be dealt with in order to create a society at peace. A society that can be governed. The failure to attain enough food, work, and water for the people themselves: and society collapses upon itself. So where that is in jeopardy, groups of the rich who govern: hire more and more policing. Granting “Just keep the poor and discontent, away from us”/ and we won’t care how you do it. As society lessens, because resource and environmental  destruction causes fear:  those who have something to lose/ fear those who have nothing to fear, just like the rich. The divide between policing, the courts, and the poor grows deeper. The rich man controls the courtroom; and he hires and particularly promotes ONLY those who do what he wants to have done. That further corrupts government. Leaders then build armies to “contain the violence”. That gives the poor a job and some money, which eases pressure on society. However armies are expensive, and they make society bankrupt;  so then leaders must incur debt. When that fails, the begin to counterfeit (hidden inflation: asset creation that is not more than a lie) or use inflation directly. That ends abruptly:  because society learns, “they have been made into slaves (not paid)”. The money they were paid with, the currency of the nation:  has no value!

    This is at the forefront of what must be dealt with, in order to create a society with harmony. A society that can be governed, because it is happy.


    The dimensional parameter of a working government means: what must the structure used to control;  this “piece of the earth” / to keep humanity from making war on itself or this earth?

    Quite simply:  once people have destroyed their environment with ONLY THE MONEY matters, or  with over-population (nature can’t take this):  producing the decision/ the only thing we have left is war or immigration.  Therefore the search for outer boundaries is extremely simple. DON’T DESTROY the environment (what nature gave us) or “this piece of earth;  its natural processes and means of creating, the chain of life called food” OR water. That then is the structure of government:   protecting the sustained boundary between life and death, which causes the failure called war.  The reality of international protection is then DON’T allow nations to destroy their environment, not even by over-population which means they must war, or immigrate to survive.  Bringing their troubles; their decisions:    across boundary lines, to inflict the same on others. In a world that is FULL of people:  each group must literally take care of itself. To emphasize that reality; consider this. If we take the current population of 8 billion people and put them into one million individuals to a group. Then there are 8,000 groups, each one million individuals strong.  Ultimately, it is likely that nations should be divided into “one million individuals each”. More, is harder to control with international policing. Extreme groups think of themselves as above the law.

    So let’s consider resource destruction:  as is I WANT MORE, than this place can provide for me!  Which means:  I HATE THAT.  The fight for anything that can produce “a dollar”, is constant and harsh; particularly as competition climbs into its current reality:  only the rich get to be richer. The poor get nothing. The more desperate men get to have something they want/ the more destructive they get, to everything or anything they perceive to stand in their way. Such as a future! The common refrain is:  future be damned, I NEED MINE TODAY! So they take every last one, if its worth a penny. And if they have been a bit successful/ then they throw resources away, just to prove they can. Producing garbage instead of a future, shared for life.

    The foundation of government as is protect the resources, then is:  to quell the uprising and insurgency of the rich against all the rest. They must be held back by the construction of laws, and a government controlled by all the people. NOT just a few/ regardless of the method used to employ that few. That is done with a constitution:  the written instructions of we the people, which force our employees BY;  “swear you will obey OUR GOVERNMENT IS THESE INSTRUCTIONS:  IN THIS CONSTITUTION”/ or we penalize you, based upon what you have  or have not done. The rich or those they choose will ALWAYS be in charge of governments; because they can and will seek to do that, with money! NONETHELESS an employee, is never the owner:  rather he or she is told, what they can and will do for “we the people”. The constitution must then be known as THE LAW, and protected clearly and deliberately, to keep that constitution clean and forthright. NO misunderstandings. NO UNCERTAINTY:  whosoever makes the law, (few are necessary) CONTROLS AND OWNS the government of “this society”.

    The critical earnings of government (the future we create) are then:  HOW do we keep the poor, from destroying their own jobs and environment/ IF, the rich are controlled?   That answer revolves around two distinct additions to government by constitutional law:  limited capitalism, as is we the people by our vote/ decide just how rich any business, etcetera;  can be in this society. We are the owners/ we make the laws/ we enforce those laws on each one: simple as that!  More importantly, if the wealthy refuse to share, we the people can reduce their income: by recurrent vote., The second is TRUE democracy, rather than the construct that has been taken away: democracy by depending upon others.

    To vote for someone to vote for me: is NO LONGER necessary. We do have everything we need to vote on the laws and realities of government;  for ourselves. But be careful:  LIARS, TRAITORS, AND THIEVES are everywhere due to the university diploma.  They all believe, “I AM worth a billion dollars”; and when they don’t get it, the plotting and planning to deceive begins.

    To let those who are not going to pay for what they chose, by vote to make me pay. Describing for themselves what they want:  at my expense, is NOT democracy. Therefore stopping those raiders, and the rebellion against order and discipline: as is consistent with the poor.  Who are intent upon taking/ rather than earning for themselves is required. You will know, where you stand in terms of money (limited capitalism); makes a difference.  The primary development of order in an economy is the currency control. That means to achieve order, currency numbers SHALL be tied directly to the population count (so much per person): the number does not matter, society will adjust.  That means to achieve economic discipline:   international currency SHALL be decided upon resources bargained for/ NOT NUMBERS, but realities of exchange. Where numbers must be used, the exchange will be valued in gold or other types of physical evidence you did not lie!

    The government called a true democracy therefrom:  refines the structure of society, by hiring employees who then investigate for truth;  refine and define by examination what our reality is; and report or defend the laws we the people DID MAKE FOR OURSELVES.  No more “lawmakers”/ except for us.  Once the law is done, you will learn It in schools. Therefore true democracy insists:  NOT more words, as law:  than can accomplish that reality. The courts refine questions, and present the decision of what needs to change: to the people themselves for their vote. The judge is judged for each proceeding/ as is the lawyers: and graded for justice and constitutional adherence. The jury decides: is this the society we paid for? The failure to uphold “your grade (the jury says yes: this is the society we made)”; means you will be replaced forever.

    Policing is: “individuals who say, YES I will, stop those who are believed to be doing what society by law;  says, you shall not.”  That does mean, a police officer must face repeatedly offenders who want to do what they are doing/ and commonly resist being forced to change. That can institute violence and hatred/ which then forces “an army of policing”. Every army discards the individual as expendable. Consequently we lose our grasp on policing as a society, when violence and hatred become imbedded in the response:  our laws can be broken. By both sides! 

Hatred is:  “you made me do this to myself, you did this to me; you are the cause/ you are my enemy for life”. True or not makes no difference:  hate discards heart, and chooses revenge. Violence is:  “I have measured you, and found you worthless to me/ THEREFORE, I can do anything that pleases me, with the trash”.

So the question of policing and enforcement, thereby justice and security: is entirely dependent upon whosoever is willing to hate/ or is willing to judge and condemn. The righteous are critically important to this effect of society on its citizens. As the righteous are constantly trying to make rules; “to control those OTHER DAMN people”. As in everyone, but me! The result is rules destroy freedom. Freedom destroyed ends happiness. Without happiness or freedom or opportunity HATE grows. An authority born out of manipulation and controls that cannot be justified by truth: gain violence, and control society by deception. A rule is not a law (to govern us all equally). Rather a rule is:  to govern you/ instead of me; and it makes enemies, causes harm, and fails life!  Choose rules very carefully, or they will harm not help.

We end with education for the masses:  which means, IF YOU ARE NOT giving me something I can and will use in my life/ options to do other things in my future. THEN YOU TEACH ME NOTHING, and control/ manipulate/ tempt/ and prove I have been judged less than these others. Do better! The reason better is not done, is very simple:  those in control DON’T WANT MORE COMPETITION.  “you don’t want more competition for whatever you want/ neither do they”. So they keep competition out, by educating with “only a few matter”/ keep the rest out of the job market as long as possible; and destroy the potential of the masses anyway you can.  Because “we CAN’T all be rich”.


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