HAPPINESS, lives and breathes as a relationship to life itself. Happiness is influenced greatly by the relationship we share with our bodies, because time requires these bodies to exist.


        Happiness is:  “life touches me, and I respond by inhaling the truth, that I exist”. Happiness lives within that touch, as the presence of love beyond myself. Therefrom existence states:  what is true defines me, and I am therefore ALIVE. The reality of that statement becomes the freedom to participate in love. The essence of that statement, is I am loved/ therefore happy.

        Happiness in a relationship with body, recognizes that existence has needs, pleasures, and desires. Therefrom what is more of what makes me contented with life, grants the idea, that if only I want more, and attain more:  THEN, I will be even more happy with my existence than I am today. Unfortunately want is an abyss, because it never ends/ and because it uses lies to attain what you are not honestly entitled too. Which is more, than the physical world can allow. NATURE, PLANET, & OTHER LIFE, has needs too. What we then understand is if you can sustain your contentment without infringing on the others with your want/ a realistic happiness does result from “having more” than you do truly need. If your honest needs are not met, then it is very hard to be “happy”.

        True happiness can never be measured, because it has no room “for more”. Rather true happiness constructs the essence of my soul, and lives within the descriptions of my heart:  to become its participation with love. Love values truth, because it possesses the treasury beyond time;  that grants trust through thought. Thought translates. 

The values beyond this point aid and abet “the baby diaper” that is a university brain fighting to call itself  “god”. Their abyss has become “satan on earth”.