Heartbreak, the pieces which prove:  the life we believed in, no longer exists.


        Heart is the identity of a human being, separate and completely different than the body itself. Heart is; the significant definitions that allow artificial intelligence yet another blunder into creating the death of life on earth.  Consequently we CANNOT discuss the reality as it should be discussed/ as even more tragedy, disrespect, and disgrace associated with a “university diploma” will simply continue to attempt poisoning our existence with another functionally “venomous parasite”. The endless threats of an arrogant, diseased, greedy, fanatical anarchist to life, will not be aided or abetted further than what had to be done already.

        That leaves us with the potential, that is binding the pieces back together again; from all the destruction so consistent with “university rules life on earth”.

        We must first identify the pieces, so as to create the disciplines necessary, to allow order its truth, and give balance back its trust in the relationships we define as friendship. There are seven basic pieces of a broken heart:  the essential definition of love/ the critical loss called hate;  and the five steps in-between these opposites.

        Love is the ascension of respect, into the grace and truth that becomes trust;  thereby creating the values of existence by expressing the disciplines which become the fabric of our lives. Our experience with love is outlined in 4 separate developments.  We begin in the middle as the miracle of life, our hearts know is a gift we can never repay/ even if your brain is filled with the sewage of a university deceit ;  your true existence knows better. Thereby lies or truth determine your next decision.

        To ascend into the second step of love requires your own specific decisions:  to acknowledge the experience of order. Is to understand, that values granting truth and grace, are to be respected. Which means the lies must be removed, and reality conceived by the sense, and sanctity of living itself.

        To ascend into the third development of love:  there must be balance to your life, by its assertion, we are true miracles no human being can match. Within that truth, there is an ultimate respect that will not die, because it is without doubt; therein faith, that proven by the evidence truth, is truth and can never be proven wrong. From the boundaries that limit all of life as its own version of truth greater than we possess:  the existence of love, beyond what we can know, emerges as a value given to each one of us.

        The true destiny of love lifts us beyond this world of time, when we encounter a love within ourselves, that can be honestly shared;  as if we created this measure, for the same purposes that  GOD  gave us HIS LOVE.  To honorably care, about your life too, same as mine. To encounter the treasury of a life equally shared, is to understand the grace of love itself.  To bind ourselves, as if nothing else could intervene. Love is never blind, nor deaf to the reality of existence. Love is always nurturing, so as to give the greatest truth in this universe, the environment we each will need to survive.

        IN CONTRAST to that elemental development, are the stages of descent. The reality of hatred that forms from the battleground you refuse to surrender. The quest of life, is to understand living and its value to our existence. That cannot be done without happiness/ therefore whenever someone or thing endangers our happiness, the result is potentially hatred. Love works to limit that damage/ hatred surrenders the value of a life, to judgment. Thereby demanding:  I HAVE a right to hate you/ the first descent.

        The second stage is:  having measured a life, the question that erupts is:  of WHAT value are you to me? That answer determines exactly how this other life will be treated by you.  Those considered a trophy, will be treated politely;  until the trophy (I am the winner here) is considered to now be worthless/ as no one else wants it anymore (game over).  Once a life, or other form of object becomes worthless and without value/ it is then conceived of as the trash.  Once trash, “ANYTHING you can think of” becomes the right to violate that object, and commit violence against it.  “because it is now the trash, and nobody cares about the trash; it is worthless”.  Thereby the Lies have functionally  increased, through judgment.

        Hate itself, is a definition of fundamentals. NOTHING ALIVE, nothing is a miracle, nothing has value to me forms the basis for this decision:  to remove all relationships with life, and assert, “I am god”.  “god because”, nobody can make me turn away from destroying whatever I please.


        Heartbreak occurs whenever hate, in even its lesser forms enters our lives to prove:  those I trusted, can no longer be trusted. Which then becomes:  the love, I built my life upon cannot be trusted either;  because a liar, or a tragedy, has been found.

        Binding the pieces back together again, requires that all lies, are subject to removal:  therefrom a more accurate and true relationship with existence itself will be formed. But the heart cannot be put back together as it essentially was, unless trust returns to your life.  Therefore we build a new life, by understanding the only possibility for a safe destiny begins with truth.  Therefrom, with truth, the essence of trust gives rise to the beginning of a new relationship consistent with balance, order, and disciplines which allow for the honesty of acceptance that turns one life, “into the possibility of two”.  When properly shared, the values of being male and female nurturing each other as reality allows;  becomes the caring necessary for two lives to become as one.

        There is no value in hate. Hate forms the foundation upon which all other tragedies of human behaviors arise. It is a cancer, and does not belong within the life of anyone who loves honestly.

        The value of love fills our lives with happiness/ together they form both peace and harmony through the existence of time to appreciate everything “alive can be”.

        The heart lives within our soul (a relationship achieved through the acceptance of miracles).  The heart accepts, “I can never be more, than the miracle given to me/ therefore each is equal, and cannot be judged; but by the law that is necessary to life itself.”