Hello world!

The fundamental of every society is:  that together, we can make a difference to our lives, our work, our future, and our environment. In today’s world; the functional reality of that intent/ that description of democracy in action is:  we the people need NOT prove the worst can happen. Rather those who can be described as gambling with life or planet MUST PROVE:  the worst CANNOT happen. By valid and clear evidence, which holds NO possibility for being wrong. Anything less, is the distinct decision to gamble with life and planet, without regard to the reality of being wrong. Being wrong, has no “reverse”/ no second chances:  like cutting down a tree, you can’t be sorry now, and put it back together! Same is true of the water, food, global warming, ocean life, igniting sun fire here (a fire that makes you blind from looking at it: from 91 million miles away:  right here on earth).  Gee, what could go wrong with that theory:  as university machines try to make it so?  Including much more!  Only a cult cannot question its leaders/ or its religion as in,“university knows”.


The question is:  WHY, are people dedicated to the things they memorized, and were told “this is true”?  Answer, they believe/ because they were told to believe. The difference between truth and belief is:  the evidence and understanding, that represents wisdom. Wisdom is not a belief, which means:  I accept this/ because I want to accept this; even though I have no proof of anything “other than a book, or a leader to tell me it is so.”

       Given the state of reality in our world today, which is contrary to the expectation:   “basically everything is ok”. Truth says:  we stand at the edge of extinction as a world/ we stand on the edge of complete insanity overtaking our world/ we stand at the beginning of mass extinction, and complete chaos in nature itself/ we stand on the edge of no drinking water, no food, and no chance to survive as life on earth/ we stand at the edge of biological meltdown, as all the weapons of mass destruction about to be used comes true; and there is MUCH more.  Even so, a cult believer CANNOT believe the evidence;  because the evidence has no meaning to a believer.

       Given the assertion, that this world is in grave danger! Our reality then becomes:  to survive as a world, it is absolutely essential, TO MAKE TRUTH more valuable. Or, more simply:  NO you cannot simply have whatever you want, or believe whatever you want/ IF you belief’s fail life on earth.

       Consequent to that, are the elements which participate in confronting what is believed, so that we can get beyond what is simply want:  and confront reality, by the evidence, instead.


  1. Of the many lies, which permeate this society and world: by university corruption. Is the assumption, or more correctly religion;  of evolution. Its basic premise is: that life came upon this earth out of chaos/ that life was built one piece at a time/ that a brain came last/ that mutilation, engineered and became the separation of species. None of that is true, not one piece of evidence or truth adheres to this simple minded religious (we can believe anything we want) claim. The only thing they have correctly stated is:  adaption is real. Adaption is merely the evidence of “perfect design”; as in “I the creator, knew this would be needed and valuable:  so it was designed within to be so.”
    1. We evaluate the evidence: CHAOS, is in fact the destruction of everything complex/ down to its most simple form. Certainly not life.
    2. Life cannot be built one piece at a time: you need “everything” within your body at once/ or you die.  Got a heart but no blood/ got a body but no lungs/ got a complete body but no brain:  etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Which means you have no life:  we need it all at once, NO “just go to the store, and pick it off the shelf”.
    3. Without a brain (control over the functions/ processes/ and tools) there are no actions or reactions: it is that simple. You can equate it to a robot without software or a computer. Whether completed in every other concept:  without instructions or sensors, etc; it’s just mass, without movement.
    4. The boundaries and barriers of individual species, are fundamental to our existence as life on earth. Not only are they “a great asset” simply for our minds to consider. They are functionally necessary to build the chains of life, that became this world of existence. Every species contributes some type or kind of element: to the manufacture of complex chemicals, that in turn keep the bodies of life in other species alive. Or more simply the chain of food, which grants life from its base level organisms to its complex life forms called humanity:  are all manufacturers of chemicals, which the next species on the chain of food needs to grow or survive. Every plant, and every organism of every kind:  is a chemical manufacturing factory, in and of itself. Those chemicals arise by genetic purity, and when eaten, produce the next level of chemical complexity that is necessary to keep the next step in that chain from becoming extinct. Or more simply:  instead of every organism making every chemical it needs to survive. The reality of shared work in chemistry, by composition: produces the sacrifice or slavery of one version of life/ grants the existence of the next life in that chain.
    5. More distinctly: every educational relationship to truth, identifies these examples of reality: as evidence LIFE IS A TRUE (we cannot do this, NOR did any other organism on earth) MIRACLE/ not an accident. NOT a hard concept;  simple as rain equals water.
  2. With evolution as “god”; the university devil (nothing matters but me) gained access to genetic instruction called DNA; and said:  we can mutilate this/ we can destroy the order, balance, and disciplines in this:  so that evolution will again arise. And make new versions of life, to make living more exciting for us.  And humanity said:  “just leave me alone/ or make my life better; because I don’t care about anything other than me”.
    1. With reality in charge, evolution is nothing more than the sewage running out of a university wounding disease.
    2. Genetic instruction is NATURE ITSELF, as these instructions build every: bodies of life on this earth. We know, that process includes timing by chemical triggers/ and we know those triggers include chemical concentrations of less than one billion to one. Timing is absolutely essential, and with a trillion or so complex calculations and deliberate functions required to complete a human baby:  WE KNOW, that order, discipline, balance, “instructions wired in” and all the rest contains extremely little “by chance”.  Only the composition of looks is different: allowing the integration of “by chance” in that simple section of what does or does not become a value to life itself.  Tearing this apart by mutilation, removes all aspects of survival/ and tears apart even the body, ending species and time for the living on earth.
    3. Altering the bodies and processes and fundamentals of life in a chain of existence dependent upon complex chemicals arising in order so that the discipline of the next level of bodies can survive:  is satan (destroyer of a world) at work.  Religious or not, it is the word used in this humanity of existence to describe a destroyer so extreme: NOTHING SURVIVES.  As is mutilating life on earth.
    4. Humanity being burdened with words created by the university TO KEEP THEM OUT! Has obviously given up their control over society and nations. “can’t speak the language”/ can’t defend yourselves.  It is that simple.  As to the language university creates:  it’s like having ten thousand new words just to describe a hair on your head. Nobody needs it/ but it does limit or remove anyone who tries to intervene in their conversations.  Giving authority and control over that conversation; and like a pandemic disease; over anything that words can defeat you with.  Even so:  the mutilation of life is understood/ ask any soldier without a limb. Ask any parent or  child,  born “without bodily or mental completion”.
  3. That brings us to: medicine proves we can play god ourselves! Or more distinctly to the claim, that doctors, etc;  are “the saviors of life”. They are not! Instead they are workers, using tools created by mental development in deliberate order to form disciplined searches for what is or is not balanced in this particular chemical body of    When they find an imbalance or other type of recognizable “something went wrong with nature here”. They then try to reinstate nature as best they can, and nature brings the body back to life; if they were  correct/ and nature agrees to do it. Antibiotics make this possible because without them:  opening the body to infection, can easily result in death.
    1. So let’s begins with death; an integration with life, because without death/ overpopulation of any species causes the loss of habitat and then environment for a world. As is so obvious today. Without death life does not go on/ because the planet is finite, and so is it’s ability to recreate nature, thereby the food chain.
    2. The massive resistance to “CREATION” itself is: if GOD were here as a loving GOD (stipulated by JESUS)/ THEN why is their pain or death, because THAT HAS HURT ME?  Bypassing religion, without death there can be no new life/ because overpopulation is real. Thereby death must occur:  which brings us to the question of WHO must die and why? The old must die to make room for the new; it is that simple. All those between old and new which do die, represent a reality of “chance/ commensurate with gambling odds”; for lack of something better.  More simply disease for instance can attack anyone/ which means NO ONE IS CHOSEN, for death. You can call it luck or loss of luck; but the end result is to contain population/ IF IT IS NOT DONE, with decision as in direct population control by man and woman. Something else, to limit population:  must intervene to keep the earth itself alive/ to keep all life alive. That is the random reality of disease or accident or other. It is as fair, as death can be. Like it or not is irrelevant/ because without that death, YOU would not be here either. The world would have been overrun centuries ago.
    3. That brings us to the “do-gooder” who wants to keep every baby and every life alive:  WE CAN’T let them die! SO, let’s review:  if everybody  lives/ then everybody dies. Because we run out of water/ run out of food/ cause massive extinction in other life/ deliberately destroy environment; and so on.         Therefore what is important being life is:  that if we all must work and sacrifice to keep that life alive/ THEN WE MUST work and sacrifice to limit childbirth effectively. So that the population can be maintained or decreased. Because there is no other solution to keep our world of humanity itself alive. You must participate, you must accept your contribution, and theirs;  to our world/ or we all die. It is that simple.
  4. Then comes medicine MUST keep everyone alive/ and to do that: they will mutilate genetic structure throughout nature. Throwing every possible concoction into the genetic instructions of life, by body; as they go. And all society says:  YES, LET THEM DO THAT/ in case I need to be saved. DON’T tell them no!
    1. We again come to the purity of genetic instructions are entirely what has brought OUR LIVES AND OUR WORLD into existence as a living work of art, so extremely well designed: that we can as human beings do amazing things of both grace and beauty/ strength and endurance/ life and love. And the world of human beings say:  “lets gamble with all that, in case one person might be saved from death”.  Or more simply TRUE INSANITY RULES! By creating a university curse.
    2. Even the simplest organism is formed by roughly 250,000 genetic elements, inside the form of genetic instruction called DNA. It is not a “23 and me (529 possibilities)” set of instructions.  It is a 23 and 10 x one billion+ set of instructions;  which create a living body that works. DNA is constructed by four chemicals used in combination with each other to form one element of DNA structure, or more specifically instruction. That DNA is held within its own specific environment, and to attain ANY level of participation within the process of chemical manufacture as is a living body:  it must exist within a distinct purity/ thereby lacking contamination. It must be joined to the next segment, so as to be ordered. It must identify and align the different biological entities that make of different organs etcetera in a living body; and make certain those organisms can form independent environments, hung in place, so as not to interfere with the companion biology which occupies the next space. EXCETERA, AND SO ON.  Complexity is an inadequate word.
    3. “creatures with less intelligence than a monkey” believe throwing garbage into that arena of time is a good idea. Or more correctly: like the Roman’s of old/ they have created the new coliseum: in which they throw life, just to watch it die. They know they are too ignorant to create life/ so they mix the ingredients of life, into a cauldron; and crucify;   “claiming to be god now”!  ANYTHING that does not die immediately, must endure what does not belong here. “imagine what that might be”/ when reality knows:  the cursed take parts from insects and put it into human/ or fish or snake or whatever:  WHO THE FUCK CARES, right:   “its science”!
  5. Human behavior is:  I WANT TO PLAY, if I don’t have to work to survive! The consequence of that as a reality in this discussion is:  IF WE CANNOT continue doing whatever we can do/ THEN THE GAME IS OVER, and we must limit ourselves to what we know is true.  Which means NOBODY gets to be the hero/ or even the heel. WE DON’T LIKE THAT, we want to play our game, and pretend one day “we will be gods too”. Therefrom a wide variety of human factors begin.
    1. As in;  “I HAVE A GOOD JOB/ and I won’t give it up for anything”. Not even if I endanger the world of life itself.
    2. As in; “I HAVE POWER AND PRIDE”/ with this job, I am superior to the rest, and can prove it because I make things happen.  REGARDLESS OF BEING WRONG/ I won’t give it up, this is the value of my life to me.
    3. As in:  “I WANT TO BE GOD”/ with these experiments, I intend to not only play god. But find a way:  TO REDUCE THE OTHERS, to mere toys for me.
  6. IN AMERICA, the corruption and conspiracy to destroy a nation; is all but completed by the universities. With words, by controlling mass media communications, and threats which include weapons of mass destruction: they have succeeded in bankrupting the nation. They have succeeded in corrupting the courtroom. They have succeeded in a conspiracy to remove the constitution from democracy; thereby ending democracy, because it is intimately tied to a constitution. They have succeeded in hiding inflation so as to claim “assets which don’t exist”/ to build numbers out of pure fantasy and delusions of grandeur. They have succeeded in creating slavery:  with debts, that can never be paid. They have corrupted a world with ideas shared in conjunction with universities around this world:  such as “debt’s don’t matter/ to the elite (nobility)”;  only the slaves.
    1. The evidence I have provided on numerous web sites and trials; will prove this so.
  7. That brings us to the composite realities of today. In order to hide from the consequences of “numbers are the biggest liars of all”. This nation chose to “let the children pay”. Not enough, “let the grandchildren pay”. Not enough; let all life on earth and environment pay. Alas coming to an end/ and there is nothing left to pay:  BUT YOU.
    1. TO HIDE from reality;  people  accept lies/ believing the cost of truth is   JUST TOO HIGH!  “I WON’T pay”.
    2. TO HIDE from reality: the universities have devised a wide ranging delusion of experiments so extreme/ no one can doubt, there only true intent is to kill a world; before the world kills them, for      “draining the life out of existence”.
    3. TO HIDE from the fact they failed to be “god”:  the universities have united in an effort to prove “YES WE CAN”.  By playing with the same fire as is on the sun/ TRYING desperately to bring that here. To justify, what they could not do. Ignition of that fire will be the earth burns just like the sun.  Because arrogance, could not be bought:  with mere truth!  They worship, their game.

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