HumVee Protection

There is also, the modification under the floor structure:  of “v” structures, situated underneath the seats of a Humvee.  Releasing the center section of the human compartment;  to strictly for explosive gas release. A removable device, for non-threatening situations. 

By placing “plastic water bags” within the V structures/ and drilling the plates of those V structures with small holes:  you create an hydraulic effect spread out under the Humvee floor section.  Small Holes relieve the impact and release the hydraulic pressures as the V itself collapses under the pressures of a large explosion/ without greatly reducing structural integrity.

       To accommodate a six passenger vehicle, by extending the cab just a bit:  two individuals can face each other on each side/ behind the front seats.  An appropriate shaped funnel (gas escape) in the center gives all individuals a sight line across.



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