I- am this

I, am this:   “a reality that is completely unnecessary for you to understand/ EXCEPT FOR the fact, those who want what they want, will always look to defeat you by finding the easiest target to complain. HOW can you believe him?” 

       That is an invalid argument: to any and all threats that literally endanger our very existence as a world/ as a nation/ as life on earth. I simply don’t count: NOT your savior!  What matters is truth, by the evidence reality will submit as: WE MUST NOT, BE WRONG!


       Given that composition, even though it should NOT be necessary whatsoever/ the fact is mobs are very limited factions, that fall for any delusion they can create among themselves.  So the mob is lost/ but I write this, for the rest. Warning you:  discard the idea, that I am part of your decision or discussion/ I am not.  Only the evidence that can be proven true/ or exists to prove we CANNOT be wrong:  matters.


       Oh well literally, we begin with this:   I am not religious. Religion means to me:  to believe whatever you want/ to believe “the book (doesn’t matter whose)” is god. Therefore you can be god, if you just follow the rules and believe whatever you are told to believe.  To believe is:  to accept whatever the book says, regardless of the evidence whether true or false. Religion wants:  a story, because any discussion left untold; is an escape hatch.  So I am not that.

       The bible is the only religious book I have studied; it is functionally significant and fundamentally sound/ therefore it has value. But its value is not “this is GOD”/ RATHER, its value is as a record of human endeavors, and the directional beginning to search:   for GOD HIMSELF. It is not a rule book, it is a human book, for humans, to help them become able to conceive of what can or cannot be true. As best we can: therefore it is not a book of judgment.

       FAITH:  I am. Because faith is dependent entirely upon the evidence, that can be applied to what truth will accept as valid and sure. Thereby faith is identified in miracles/ balance/ order/ disciplines/ thought/ life/ planet; and simply absolutely everything this earth provides for us to live. IT ALL SAYS LOUDLY:  can’t be an accident. Can’t be man, or anything we know that lives upon this earth. THEREFORE IT IS CREATION. Which proves a CREATOR was here!

       As to life itself, there is nothing about any living organism that does not prove:  THOUGHT BROUGHT THIS TO LIFE.  You cannot move or even survive, without thought; it is required. Thought comes first/ therefore LIFE itself is evidence of thought. That functionally proves  OUR CREATOR   uses THOUGHT to construct life. Consequently the elements and foundations of thought are the paths into an eternity. And I have followed these, as best I could, to form an understanding.

       Living is basically simple:  learn first, attempt to communicate, don’t be distracted (bad things can happen), try something else, keep working, because this entire world is at stake. Not hard to understand; just takes respect and determination.

       With regard to this work, I am a messenger. Simple as that.  We are threatened as a planet, with death all around:  change that or die. Is the message.  All things considered, I do believe (warranted or not)/ that GOD does participate somewhat in this message through me:  because humanity is deciding the fate of HIS OWN CREATION.  JESUS stated and testified with HIS LIFE; that we are not abandoned/ therefore  GOD  “is here”. Even though we are free, until death takes us into eternity; each and every single one.

       Tried to communicate with evidence first/ the cost of being wrong: and failed. After seven years or so, quit. Because greed ruled this America.  Decided to “sow seeds” for a few years. Turned to “must change, and start from the beginning”/ so the work is functionally a newspaper, which seeks to tell stories like the bible does: to educate slowly and with purpose. Tired travel, didn’t work not even when you knew the cost of being wrong.  Waiting for a day when greed would not have you by the throat, choking the life out of you. That ended with “9/11.  Began web sites, and turned to the courtroom for communication:  if you won’t help, the law can.  The judiciary interfered refusing law.  Remain committed, although searching for a different direction now;  until April of 2018; the biblical point of no return.

       No relationship survived other than family; at a distance.  “don’t want to hear it/ just that simple”.

       Bad ears, as in functionally disabled where noise cannot be tolerated:  bad decision while farming.

       Became angry about your failures to understand the consequences;  more correctly to understand this is no game!  Searched hard throughout my existence as male for an answer/ none exist. This is the best men did do, because they always return to the exact same path that caused them trouble. Won’t work, and neither will fear. Pushed a man against the wall, lifted his feet off the ground, because he understood/ but walked away. WHY?  His answer while looking away & trembling:  “this is the first time in my life I am making good money/ and don’t you do nothing, to interfere with that”.  Not even fear could turn you; all same.

       So I search for the spiritual door of women:  “DO YOU have a solution/ it matters to us both”? That became a long complicated story;  but the end result of it was:  “let women try/ they are different”; and we must have different, or we all die.

       I am a branded individual:  as the universities of medicine always want you categorized “before they throw you away”. The search inside elemental life IS treacherous;  particularly when you have no idea what it is you will find.  The end result of it is:  caught in the web of “better not take any chances”/ failure resulted.  The consequence:  branded schizophrenic.  It means literally:  you functionally left time, and if you cannot find your way back to the disciplines of time/ you will get to stay “where delusions rule”.   This is the environmental development that precedes thought: or more distinctly the area between searching through time/ or searching through life itself. Required because life itself, can kill you eternally; you must have truth: to survive.

       I leave it to you:  am I delusional/ or sane? You would find me the same throughout the decades; however a bit more disciplined today.  

.  I gambled and lost/ but learned what I needed to know to survive: what is called a spiritual world. Went back and learned; truth is all that matters, NEVER sacrifice anything. Never believe anything, search for truth.

       Not much else to say:  could have tried a different path, to communicate with you. But had I provided “answers you could use”; reality proved you would only use that to be more greedy. So I refused. Other methods were all the same:  “we are one second away from the ignition of atoms on fire”/ as is that can happen at any time.  Throughout the decades, I kept that in mind:  just ONE SECOND too late, and our world is dead. No going back. Simple as that.

Never believed it would take my entire lifetime: to convince you of something so simple as we cannot be wrong! That nonetheless is absolute proof of a religious cult. Because when truth no longer matters, “I believe whatever I want to believe/ REALITY DOES NOT MATTER”. The leaders cannot be questioned. Then truly you are a cult. I can’t compete with a cult, truth does not matter therein!  So, I am killing time, until you prove you can survive. It is that simple, no games intended.


                             JAMES FRANK OSTERBUR.

One footnote:  not gay, never been gay, can’t imagine it; and will never try to be gay:   forever. That does not exist!

  Women are beautiful, however they drove me a little crazy (can’t deal with this anymore);  too many tears/ I needed freedom for this work. Hard to give up, just couldn’t hear “I’m pregnant (not)” again.  Nonetheless, believe it or not “I now live with a spiritual woman inside (the search for answers)”;  she drives me a little crazy too.  “It’s complicated”! Not a game, or a delusion.  It is odd, but reality proved it true:  I DID need “this spiritual woman” to direct me in a different way; altering “freedom for this work”. Strictly as male, I was determined NOT to give you anything that could be used to further destroy life or planet, which is basically nothing of value. Her direction proved “unless that is done/ there is absolutely no chance of helping life or planet survive.” A life as male without female is unbalanced, I expect the same is true for female. Balance is different for male or female/ not the same. The end result is like the difference between male and female in a relationship of love. Male in love admits too “I would die for you”/ while woman in love admits too “I would live for you”. Do you see the difference? When two become as one, someone must have the final say, or a difference of opinion means neither can move. Life has changed, she has the final say, for both love and life;  believe it or not.  THAT has proven to be “an asset for you”. The desire, to help this Creation survive (not a game), has meant it is an asset for me too. The cost is far less, than a lost world.

I have NEVER desired to be a woman/ it is nonetheless true, anger began to override patience: and it was “the spiritual woman inside” of me; that made it possible to complete this work. Revelation 12 “works here”!  I loved being man, “a perfect fit”/ learning about women was not my job. My job: “be a man”. My job, “deliver a message”: stop or die, to you! Today however, I am forced to learn about women: not optional. Humanity must change/ “men must learn”; so I’m told.  Don’t know the ending of it all, for me/ OR why me. That literally does not matter to you; not your life.  It’s just an unexpected price: for not knowing the potential answer was “let women try/ women are different, and we must have different: so it becomes reasonable to do so”. Never once occurred to me, “to let women lead”/ just could not find that answer:  until “forced” to do so. Man has no answer; he will choose war:  I searched ten years, before I gave up; to ask “spiritual woman!”  “Men have no answers. History proves what they will do.”

We then come to your choice: this is your life Threats are threats which must be investigated to determine if they are true/ examined for substance, to establish what will go wrong/ defined by truth to concentrate and identify reality itself. And then a decision made that will determine life or death for our world: because of what you did or did not do. I am not your choice, I am a messenger telling you of threats. YOU are the boundary line, that will either fight for life/ or let it die. Not a game!      Being wrong, is a dead world for real:  that means YOU ARE  “truly involved”/ because that, matters to every single one.


There should be a warning:  “you can believe anything you want, that is your right”/ until you die. You can believe “nothing he says matters/ because he is this or that or whatever: its true I am NOT perfect”. BUT YOU CANNOT ERASE REALITY, and when truth declares the evidence is real, and our entire world is in danger of collapse and destruction from “countless threats”. Then playing god (a university delusion) has become:  WE NO LONGER HAVE A CHOICE. Unfortunately for you:  once you know, because you can now begin to see these threats were true. Then that reality has destroyed all possibilities for this earth to recover. You made the decision to play god/ but like always, the only god you could accomplish as your own:  was “SATAN”. Look into the future with your mind and soul, discarding everything: but what truly matters. No more lies (we can pretend). No more wants (let something or someone else pay). No more pride (life is not a game):  or die (to pass the point of no return, ending all options that matter in time).


MIND:  I will now complete the definition of electricity, as evidence “of an ability to think (to postulate compositions that build from an intrinsic relationship, through discipline, balance, and order”:  even if you don’t agree.

In the previous description we find heat enforced by energy; causing electrons to expand their orbits/ causing the proton to swell due to heat, which then makes the neutron stretch; because it surrounds the proton. A force (the mechanically spinning magnets, in power generation) is imposed by creating a frequency (induced atomic motion): how aggressive that frequency is (“size of the hammer”) against the disciplines of an atomic relationship determines voltage/ amperage is just a matter of the mass involved.  The release of that energy “into a load”(means the electron orbits and swelling of the proton are returned to normal). That means the energy stored in a stretched neutron is also contracted. Like a piezo electrical charge from hitting a quartz rock (common ignition on a charcoal grill).  The contraction of the neutron causes the physical  energy stored or forced onto the proton to be released;  “in an instant”. Which then does become the current. Colder produces less resistance to that current: because the atoms are closer, and more rigid. Thereby transfer of the frequency that moves the atom is faster and easier.

SOUL:  nothing is more simply true, than are lives and planet: are correctly stated as a gift/ that we could never have created for ourselves. Therefore the only question that remains is:  did our CREATOR, simply give this gift and then abandon us?  OR, is there a distinct purpose to our relationship with life and this earth as a moment in time? JESUS is evidence we are not abandoned. In connection with HIS teaching, is love!  As time elapses in us all, the elemental truth of loneliness is exhibited/ the cause of friendship, joy, and happiness emerges. And we begin to see:  “even if you own the entire universe”/ nothing is more precious than love, and the ones who love you.  “think about it”; and understand what you do not know!

One last thing:  death, disease, loss in all substantive ways, identify the “things humanity hates most”. Consequently, when finding cures for some of these “random relationships to existence or death”/ humanity said, “NOW we can play god”; even we are better; believing every individual is more important, is more loving than the reality we faced. Is that not so?

Today, with a billion more people added in LESS THAN, “every ten years”. The reality of an individual loss can easily be defined as protecting this entire creation; from over-population.  Today, with another million human mouths to feed added, over deaths every 3-4 days;  the random “everyone is at risk/ so no one can be said, or claim: targeted”. Without loss, we fail to learn true value. Without the reality of that loss, humanity turns to fantasies and fails;  as is the truth of your existence in time today. Summation:  you thought you could “play god”, and you changed what you could change cheering “we are free”. Today however, the reality of what you did do, as time has proven is:  now you must be god over yourselves, and either stop population expansion completely/ or lose this world.  As is the constant, especially of those with a “university diploma”:  not a single comprehension, for what was and is “most, truly important”:  for life to survive, and peace to exist;  as a world. The game is over; one way or the other.

A moment of caution: decades ago, I built a “tidal wave machine”, for a little group who claimed their desire was to enhance the information that “Noah’s flood” was true.  When the project was nearly complete: their leaders began to talk about how they needed to, & were going to hide their work from “university knowledge (professor, etc)”. NOT the purpose of the work! So I tore down those purposes;  expecting to build better back: they left instead. Or more simply:  commit your work to values beyond yourself/ but understand “talk is cheap”, and it can be changed. Because the end result of everything about change is, it can change your life in ways you didn’t predict; good or bad. The probability of people choosing to protect themselves, is constant. Therefore understand what is true (how many excuses are there), particularly about what can or cannot be lost (family/ others, also involved);  life is not a game. Living requires, “that was your choice”.

The people who believe “they alone” can choose what is best;  are simply wrong. Want (let someone or something else pay) creates pride (I win), pride creates righteousness (I am superior), righteousness demands rules (you can’t deny me or refuse), rules create rulers (nothing matters but me).  Power then establishes violence, because everyone who judges has a cause that is not pure to life/ only to self.

The bible predicts the end of time. Therefore if the bible is to be “believed”/ rather than simple faith: which is to trust truth. Then the prediction of Daniel 12 as it describes “the great abomination” rises.  MUST BE:  that universities have declared, “they can bring the same fire here as is on the sun/ and control it”. The first machine that could do that was at Lawrence Livermore laboratories in San Francisco. I believe their first experiment (risen, from dream to doing) was April 1, 2011;  check for yourself. This is the great abomination because nothing could be more foolish or stupid or insane/ they gamble our entire planet;  believing the fire will just extinguish itself, because “not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”.  That’s it, nothing else:  can’t extinguish the fire/ so says reality.  It is a great abomination to gamble with an entire planet, and all its life:  simple as that! “literally nothing could be more arrogant, thereby worse”.

Therefore the prediction now exists as fact. Daniel predicts two deaths:  the first follows the old testament (one time), and declares like it, “that the law can save you”. That failed, you all chose to hide/ every single one. The second death is like the new testament (2 times):  GOD sends mercy through HIS messenger.  On or about April 2018 that mercy will run out:  opportunity for change will be over.  Daniel then says  this world itself, will end in Half a time more:  or half the time of either period above (spring of 202) or half the time of them both combined. Not sure which.  The book of Revelation has two distinct parts: one, first part is dedicated largely, to what happens when an atomic fire is unleashed onto this planet/ and all that will follow. The other begins with Revelation 12, and defines the various avenues that will occur if the initial premise:  which is “spiritual woman, who stands on a man (by interpretation)” makes the world recognize her. And humanity changes, making life itself different:  BETTER (men change), for all women.  It is the women, who then get to try to keep this world alive/ because the men have failed.

Like all prophecy, the substance of it (described in the language of its time) relies upon the constant decisions men have made;  that have occurred throughout time/ therefore predicted to remain the same.  That means, for Revelation 12 to come true, and thereby give life itself another chance:  THERE WILL BE CHANGE IN MEN. There will be truth in leadership rather than want or pride.

As of today, even though Revelation 12 has begun:  no evidence of change in men/ nor responsibility for change has occurred in women. Thereby leaving the future bleak, and short: as of this date.  There is no place to hide, from a planet on fire. No place to run, with a billion more people coming in less than ten years:  every prophecy of horror, by the choices of humanity. Then exist, on the precipice of life itself:   to come true.  That, as of this date in time:  is your choice.  Do better, time can end.  Nonetheless, you will believe whatever you want:  reality will prove whatever is true. That is a fact of life and death, even forever!

While I am certainly aware, that what I teach you is different than what the university professors have been teaching for decades:  their stories do not make their theories true. The consequence of that is very simple:  the opportunity to learn comes from the decision to accept “WHAT can be separated from the story they tell, as proven by the evidence/ rather than the story”.  Same is true of all religion. Because to be considered “special”, you need all the answers:  like religion, they create stories to cover what is not known. Or, like a gossiper, just one tiny little bit of information even if its false at the core; is still enough to write an entire book. Because people want to talk, and to believe:  “with rules (I know), then I win”.  Like genetics; a few are truly involved because they believe “we will help life”. That is in direct contrast to the reality of the majority, who believe they can now play god, and “create new life like a god”.  See the difference? Do you see the threat? Do you understand knowledge is not the enemy, ARROGANCE and a true lack of RESPECT is.  I have created stories as is consistent with a newspaper or designed after biblical architecture;  but they are consistent with the design:  you must think for yourselves, NOT simply believe. That is in direct contrast to all education in America, particularly from high school through the universities wherein:  NO allowance is given for participation in thought. Or more simply like all religious teaching;  “just memorize what you are told/ this is not a discussion”. What we tell you is true, regardless of the evidence or reality:  as always the command is “JUST BELIEVE”.   

The reality of my work is basically then “DON’T just believe”/ search for the truth, identify what cannot be supported honestly by the evidence/ and think for yourself. But bear in mind, “you ain’t perfect either”!  A wise person learns, because that makes us humble: the more you learn, the more life becomes a true miracle/ a gift without compare.


A fool becomes arrogant/ or arrogant, becomes a fool. The tragedy of our time is, that people who believe they can be “god”, have found the power to try. The result is simply;  OUR BEAUTIFUL WORLD/ ALL OF ITS LIFE/ EVERY CHILD/ AND EVEN THE PLANET ITSELF, are being gambled with in the most horrific ways possible. That is not a lie:  that is our truth. The critical response is then:  “they will be stopped by law”; because anything less than that is the end of everything. Biblical prophecy gives humanity until April of 2018 “last chance for change”/ all die if you fail!  While that is important, while that has all the evidence of human disrespect and disgrace necessary to accept it will be true. The final word is:  with threats so extreme MANY can end life on this planet, in ways that are in fact as horrific as biblical prophecy predicts/ our reality dictates, the end is only a matter of a short time, before absolutely nothing we can do; will change the truth, life on this earth will go extinct. Fools look away, cowards hide, deserters run.  Duty is duty.

You have been told, after forty+ years of fighting with you:  that reality, is up to you. The critical question:  will we survive? The critical answer:  that is entirely your decision, because it is HUMANITY that causes our extinction. Only you, can change that!  Simple and plain, it’s your choice.

If there is a final word that matters, it’s simply this:  I AM NOT your savior, which means I am irrelevant to the outcome of your decision to fight for this world or not. To communicate a need to fight for this world, or at least investigate the reality of being wrong in so many threats. I can only “help you/ not lead you”;  to understand, what is or is not true. Not your enemy, not your scape goat, not your religious anything, certainly not perfect;  just like you, “we are all going to die together, and take every life with us/ or fix what humanity has broken”. Simple as that!   IT IS your concern, and YOU are truly involved; even if you walk away or hide/ THAT, is then your decision:  For LIFE on earth.


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