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Even though you don’t accept it as true, the foundation event of our lives is: “the religion, university knows everything. Therefore it cannot be questioned/ it cannot be denied/ it cannot be less than superior to all, but itself.”


       The unfortunate truth is:   none of that written in quotes; is true, except belief in “the university” is nothing less than a religion.

 What is a necessary truth: identifies the fact, that university decisions are threatening our lives/ our world/ our nature, and everything else including the assassination of every child, even every life on earth.

The critical truth begins with what YOU CAN UNDERSTAND.  No one is unfamiliar with the sun shining upon this earth. No one is unfamiliar with fire on this earth. No one is unacquainted with the truth that fire can become out of control and do   great damage. No one is unaware, that people can be wrong. Few don’t understand:  the university professor, is little more than the awkward kid you knew in school/ and does NOT earn the category of trust beyond questioning.  Wherever there are EXTREME UNIVERSITY EXPERIMENTS/ the opportunity to be WRONG, is catastrophic.  Which means, we the people of this earth CANNOT let them be wrong. Because they want their jobs/ their pride/ money/ etc. the reality of that is a refusal to admit it when they are wrong/ a refusal to be truthful, when they know being wrong has horrific consequences to life or planet, even everything. Their ARROGANCE, and GREED; is simply too strong.


We begin again with truth:  machines are built to ignite sun fire here on earth! A fire that burns your skin from 91 million miles away, or will permanently blind you, if you look at it on a clear day at noon.  That fire, which clearly burns atoms for fuel:  is their goal/ with trillions of dollars spent to achieve that goal.  Their only conclusion once the fire from atoms ignites is:  “it will just extinguish itself”/ not enough gravity here.  If that fails, our planet turns into a sun, with you on it.  YOU DO, in terms of death, by fire:  understand the consequences of that.

So then we MUST question the authority and wisdom of the university, and remove their cult following:  so that truth might just save your lives, and mine too.

We begin with gravity:  the university has no clue. Their knowledge is limited too “a larger mass attracts a smaller mass”. grav·i·ty



  1. 1.


the force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth, or toward any other physical body having mass. For most purposes Newton’s laws of gravity apply, with minor modifications to take the general theory of relativity into account.

  1. 2.

extreme or alarming importance; seriousness.

“crimes of the utmost gravity”


They changed their word & definition with “graviton”

In theoretical physics, the graviton is a hypothetical elementary particle that mediates the force of gravitation in the framework of quantum field theory. If it exists, the graviton is expected to be massless (because the gravitational force appears to have unlimited range) and must be a spin-2 boson.

Like all force carriers, the graviton is a boson. It is presumed to have an indefinitely long lifetime, zero electric charge, a spin of 2, and zero rest mass (thus travelling at the speed of light). The graviton has never been detected. See also supersymmetry. See Table at subatomic particle.

Both words & definitions simply reflect an intentional delusionary attempt to hide the fact:  they don’t know.  So they tell you a story, and hide it in “fancy words or math”, so you don’t understand:  “can’t argue with me now.”


We then begin with simple elements to assemble the disciplines necessary to conceive of gravity and identify the basic principles aligned with how gravity works. Other posts on  & other sites; have established most of the work for this purpose.

We will simply touch the necessary parts.

  1. An atom is made of mass (an object that occupies space, due to its physical ability to move or be moved). That is called the proton, or positive energy.
  2. An atom contains a massive amount of energy in motion, because the atom bomb proves this is so. Releasing that motion in an instant produces the explosion.
  3. An atom contains an anti-mass or “dark mass”/ because something MUST retain that energy in its environment as an atom: thereby BALANCING the energy of motion, so it can retain that energy in place. It’s called the neutron. Or negative energy.
  4. An atom contains an outer space dedicated to electrons; that are dependent upon the weight, and the spherical nature of the atom to hold them in place. The electron can be either created from the spin associated with a breaking anti-mass when it joins the mass to become an atom. Or in rare cases, it can be debris associated with the proton breaking off “a piece or two”, which then gets trapped in orbit. If a proton is not sufficiently spherical, the electrons produce a decay in energy associated with the necessary orbit deflections; as is consistent with radiation.
  5. Atoms form molecular bonds to create complex chemicals instead of simple elements. Those molecular bonds burn off when a chemical fire is initiated here on earth. Those molecular bonds are associated with shared electron orbits, and the ability to share space, or deny it; between different elements. Because the outer orbit electrons are mixed between the shared orbits of the atoms in different weight ranges: which constitute a different element. They occasionally  become lost, making the atom or molecule:  more or less balanced. Losing an electron causes the proton to become slightly more agitated, which adds to the fire.
  6. We confront space between atoms and molecules as a dimensional existence: therefore the question is, “how much space” exists in an element or molecule/ and how much distance will be traveled, before a stray electron is picked up by an alternate atom or molecule? Denser materials (more atoms/ as is more mass; per cubic foot) weigh more. That does not answer weight however.
  7. The critical factor is defined by electron capture; or more distinctly, when an electron traveling at speeds greater than light is captured by an atom or molecule. The energy of that capture must exert a force onto the atom or molecule. “like catching a ball”. That capture of electrons, is then the force assigned or associated with gravity. Even sharing electrons contributes a slight force as orbits are shifted.  Anything that moves, requires a force to maintain its position/ requires a force simply to absorb the frequency: that means weight is transferred. Anything that is captured, proves force has been applied to make it move.
  8. This is weight added, at the atomic level; an attraction that holds one mass to another, because of movement made/ which then requires a response from atomic structure (building the disciplines of mass) associated with order in that movement.

Solar gravity is different, it is assigned by the “burning of bonds” that hold atoms together and release then,  the anti-mass which balances the atomic environment.  It is releasing the anti-mass or dark mass, of an atom;  that causes solar gravity. It is burning the proton (bonded material), and releasing the bond which held the energy of motion  in place;  that causes sun fire. Atoms are the fuel powering the sun/ and you can’t remove atoms to control the fuel source; so the fire burns until the fuel source explodes.

OUR ENTIRE EARTH DEPENDS UPON THEIR DECISION TO BELIEVE:  A TEN MILLION DEGREE FIRE, WITH JUST EXTINGUISH ITSELF;  “because not enough gravity here to sustain the fire.” WRONG is our world dead, along with every living thing. Including YOU.  What is in fact:  wrong or right, THEN MATTERS A GREAT DEAL.


We know look at what it means to contaminate the energy environment of an atom with “university caused” failures in discipline, balance, and order.  As is the reality in both particle accelerators at CERN ( the world’s biggest science experiment,)/ and extreme lasers such as the exa-watt (energy released = one million of the largest lightning bolts all hitting, the same spot, at once).

To grasp the conditions being thwarted with human conditioning, we must first understand electricity.  These are the university definitions.




  1. 1.

a form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons), either statically as an accumulation of charge or dynamically as a current.


power, electric power, energycurrentstatic

“cabins with no electricity”

  1. 2.

a state or feeling of thrilling excitement.

“the atmosphere was charged with a dangerous sexual electricity”


The collection of physical effects related to the force and motion of electrically charged particles, typically electrons, through or across matter and space. See also circuit, conductor, electric potential. Electric current, or a source of electric current. A buildup of electric charge.

Both words & definitions simply reflect an intentional delusionary attempt to hide the fact:  they know little.  So they tell you a story, and hide it in math you don’t understand:  “can’t argue with me now.”

So we begin again with the fundamentals

  1. The atomic proton (mass in motion) spins at extreme speeds (kinetic energy)/ but not nearly at electron speeds. Therefore when it catches one, the proton becomes agitated; and reacts with either rhythms (slight shaking of the orbit) created or a movement in the dimensional framework, which holds the atom itself. The electron keeps the proton spinning at a constant rate. Energy decay is related to speed reductions in either state.
  2. Atoms CANNOT be organized into close proximity, unless electron orbits are shared. Therefore the closer those orbits can be, the denser the material is. Weight is further determined by the size of the atom itself/ as bigger brings a different dimensional state.
  3. We again look at the atom itself: to recognize energy in motion DOES NOT stay in one place/ unless it is forced to do so. That means an anti-energy (reacts only, to remain still) equivalent to the anti-mass (not moving, in relation to the proton itself: glued together) reality must exist. That forces balance, therefore the atom proton and neutron; to retain the energy captured, which is opposite of each other.  Functionally defining what is “positive or negative” by charge. A greater movement is positive/ a demand to “stand still” is negative.
  4. Electricity is formed by funneling into an atomic dimension such as elements joined, commonly the atomic nature of the wire:  the force called heat. Electricity is found by creating opposing forces (one is positive/ one is negative), which can then in common application;  be rotated against each other to produce heat, because of the work done.  Heat is movement. Movement in an atomic state of electricity is:  electrons being forced into a higher state of excitement (a larger orbit)/ because the proton has enlarged (mass occupying a larger space), due to heat. Heat is motion that has not remained balanced or uniform in its spin or orbit.  The neutron, is then stretched to oblige the proton, and that releases heat itself into the dimension beyond a specific independent atomic orbit. That then interacts with the nearest atom comprising the structure of the element or molecular dimension itself.
  5. To increase speed and attain higher kinetic energies in the proton, a particle accelerator uses extreme cold to condense the atomic structure of the host electrical materials. They become close together, with less movement or agitation. Each experiment uses a tremendous amount of energy. When cold voltage is applied to the carrier lines, extremely high voltage last reported at 13 trillion volts: makes the electron orbit immense. Effectively destroying their effect on the proton/neutron assembly. The proton/ neutron   will slow. With the heat removed by cold; the proton/ neutron remains stable enough to push down the wire. By bumping it until a tunnel in the atomic dimensional structure of the material is achieved. That tunnel inside the carrier material allows for movement of the proton wrapped with a neutron. The force applied to the atomic dimension by a power plant, makes it accelerate.
  6. So now we have an adulterated state of matter. The proton is enlarged, by heat; stretching the neutron surrounding it. But the cold reduces that effect, by forcing slower rotational speed in the proton itself (it has to give up something/ an action results in a reaction). The neutron remains stretched, and the spherical shape is altered in both, because of extreme force applied.
  7. The explosive chamber (cern uses a one hundred ton door to enclose it) of a particle accelerator, then switches the opposing tracks so the proton/ neutron atomic elements of energy will crash into each other. As the explosion at cern proved;  my previous  prediction once the head-on collision was precise and the energy extreme enough. The explosive power of proton hitting proton was sufficient to stop the line of proton/ neutron portion of the atom in its tracks, or slow it significantly;  and all the atomic nucleus  particles following, crashed into them causing a “backdraft meltdown” like event.
  8. CERN states, their forced speed on an atomic nucleus is essentially the speed of light; which is a great deal of energy. they discard the explosive event, as something simply to tear apart the nucleus of an atom itself.
  9. We now look at what happens to the electrons that have been trying to capture their own atomic environment, during the explosion.

Quote: With increasing temperature, the medium becomes more and more ionized: electrons lose their binding to individual atoms or molecules. In the extreme case, of a white dwarf burned-out star, the electrons completely decouple from the atomic nuclei forming a continuous Fermi liquid. The properties of white dwarfs are governed by this electron plasma which is a perfect conductor even though the initial constituents of the star were perfectly neutral atoms. In modern terminology, the electrons are completely deconfined in this plasma from their low temperature atomic bound state

  2. Electrons amass at the explosive chamber. An atomic nucleus traveling at the speed of light, misses the explosive event (like nascar; vehicles collide, get pushed out of the way, and another car immediately following goes through the hole). That accelerates the proton/neutron to greater speeds, and frees it from all disciplines. Except the “electron cloud” that has formed around the event:  which are now freed as well to follow that escaping nucleus, no doubt devoid of a neutron. The result is a wormhole (upside down funnel effect, in this atomic environment).  The proton races out, and the massive amount of electrons (along with the effect of various neutrons now freed from their proton environment) are following it. They in turn, pull that proton back into the earth; like a spring effect/ that will not stop, if it has achieved an equilibrium. The mass of a proton, crashing into atoms of this earth; causes chaos. Will small effects at first/ they will grow larger.


Disciplines within extreme lasers are similar:

  1. They force proton/ neutron nucleus apart from their electrons with electrical power plants.
  2. They create greater forces by using plasma as an accelerant (greasing the wheels, so to speak).
  3. Their track to increased speeds while funneling force down into a smaller diameter ricochet’s that nucleus freed from its electron regulators back and forth inside the laser itself, until it is lined up like a particle accelerator just before the explosive event.
  4. The particles which shoot out of a laser at extreme energies, can do a great deal of damage to the natural environment. Potentially igniting atoms on fire; to make this earth a sun.


In either machine, the natural balance of nature and planet have been tampered with:  for a purpose that is nothing more than a “university toy”. Nothing usable, or desirable for life will come from either one. They are merely toys EXCEPT for the fact, each can do extreme harm, and could potentially be fatal to this world.

       WHEN WRONG IS A DEAD WORLD/ then those who gamble with all life on earth NEED TO BE STOPPED!

Religion is:  “whatever those who want to believe, want it to be”. Nonetheless, the reality of biblical prophecy is somewhat more. There are elements of religion that can be substantive and true. The book of Daniel 12, has a prophecy for the end of this living  world. It goes something like “when the great abomination rises”;  which starts the countdown. That occurred on April 1, 2011 if memory is correct: when Lawrence Livermore laboratories conducted the first experiment that could have resulted in ignition of sun fire (atoms on fire) here on planet earth; burning all life. Even threatening this solar system. Nothing could be a greater abomination than that/ by a man who lived thousands of years past, and had absolutely no idea of what he was truly predicting. Even so, that great abomination has occurred. The prophecy predicts a first death (you could have used the law to stop this); which humanity did not do. The prophecy then predicts a second death: which by biblical standards is (GOD could choose to stop this with mercy upon us/ IF HUMANITY is sorry they did indeed fail life on earth). If not as of April 2018 time for change runs out, according to the bible. {Biblically; the point of no return}  It then goes:  beyond mercy failed:  half the time allotted for change in either one of these events (less than 700 days) will continue for this earth. Which gives this earth until 2020 before it is dead.

       Beyond failure to change, the second death:  the book of Revelation in the new testament bible, depicts a wide ranging reality of consequences MOST of which are directly related to what will happen, if you let people ignite atoms on fire (sun fire) here on earth. No escape.          Choose better or lose everything, even your world!

       Change and put LIFE FIRST, no more anything else. Life, nature, planet, ocean, etcetera:  FIRST IN EVERY DECISION YOU MAKE. Nothing else will keep you alive but truth. Our world has changed, we are 8 billion people;  taking.


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