To the landlord association, along with a note particular to tenants.

From James F. Osterbur




            Sent to the Urbana city  and news gazette, is an “unchecked slap in the face”/ as a direct response to the demand:  a fifty year old duplex must now have thousands of dollars spent for escape windows:  because employees who behave like traitors have invaded this democracy and pose themselves as “government officials”.  

            The critical demand is:  prove by the evidence that this is not only necessary, but fundamentally worth the price that will be added to the rent. A reality that will;  Functionally be adding more homeless to the streets. Nothing is free! To prove that tyranny, and absolute arrogance;  is attacked as the enemy.

            Discipline searches constitutional law:  to recognize, NO EMPLOYEE, is a reality of government/ they are literally “merely employees of the people”; and without any LEGAL authority that the constitution does not give. Therefore compliance is determined by three things.

  1. Only if EVERYONE DOES THE SAME, by their own decision.
  2. ONLY if the evidence is so convincing, that none can doubt the need. Which requires proof, that significant individuals get stuck in a window when trying to escape a fire. Panic does not know how to disengage locks.
  3. ONLY IF THE CONSTITUTION ALLOWS, that individual employees can ransack and rape the electorate, by playing “kings or queens” without regard to reality:  as is true for every single citizen. Is consistent with what is needed to be done.

Literal failures described:   in conjunction with the cancer that is employees in government/ corrupting themselves, and destroying constitutional law to make themselves “King or queen”:  conceive of CHANGE IS NECESSARY.


      The constitution states:

  1. First amendment:  the right to redress of grievances, a legal guarantee;   the first line of defense for the people, in defense of their democracy.   Established by:  we take our employees to court, and demand the evidence which will prove “YOU DID OR YOU DID NOT adhere directly to the constitution”:  which is our government!  Any employee who claims to be the government:  IS IN OPEN REBELLION AGAINST US ALL.
  2. Third amendment:  “no soldier shall be quartered in any house without the consent of the owner…”  there is a threat against each owner of the house in this city called Urbana. A claimed combatant, whose purpose is proven to be, as  declared:  “they will be god, over this house”.   That is clear and proven tyranny, and it is in direct denial of democracy and constitutional law.
  3. Fourth amendment:  “the right of the people to be secure in their houses, persons, papers, and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures shall NOT be violated….”  The insurgency against the united states of America, by its arrogant diseased employees who believe they can do better than “the constitution” in governing us!  Have denied their oath of office, and betrayed the nation itself.  Thereby forcing oppression as is consistent with every tyrant, and every flagrant criminal act that is felony assault.
  4. Amendment seven:  “in suits at common law, where the value in controversy  shall exceed twenty dollars, the right of a trial by jury shall be preserved….”          There is NO AUTHORITY granted in the claim of “life safety or imminent health”:  WITHOUT CLEAR PROOF. The demand for evidence, and the assessment of   “reasonable actions”:  BY TRIAL. The oppressor demands immediate and complete submission/ or they will punish as they see fit.  The consequence being:  EVERY TYRANT, and every fool, shall be removed from their work as an employee:  FOR OUR DEMOCRACY.


These are some of the elements assembling in defense:  to determine “are there traitors” in our midst?  




To city of Urbana inspection dept/ community service.

Re:   pin  93-21-21-378-008     the latest sewer eruption of authority,  that is the consistent failure of an unearned right.

From:  James F. Osterbur   2191 county road 2500 E  ST. Joseph, IL 61873

Dated 4/ 18/ 17


            With regard to the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors you reference. These were in the apartment and working when the current tenants moved in: what they do with them is their own responsibility. As we are NOT their handmaidens, nor their prison guards. In contrast to that statement are your assertions that now, no less than two smoke detectors shall be inside and outside of each sleeping room. A clear OVER extension of your authority/ and clearly unnecessary. Prove the need, because a nuisance alarm with multiple noise makers, will cause an even more abrupt removal of all such devices/ particularly since they don’t come with appropriate  muting devices. Your failure, the tenants failure; anyone you like except the landlord failure. Other than the fact one must exist to insure all normally sleeping tenants are informed of smoke or gas.


            The sewer eruption of fools in government:  continues with the demand for egress windows in a fifty year old duplex. NOT A LIFE ISSUE/ NOT A SAFETY ISSUE/ NOT A HEALTH ISSUE:  clearly proven so.  Because you offer no evidence of trouble in this regard:  WHERE are the people who failed to exit the window in a fire/ just dying in an apartment fire has no meaning; as panic determines the reality of what will or can be done; NOT a window.  IN CONTRAST TO YOUR DISEASED EXCLAMATION OF STUPIDITY AND ARROGANCE;  are the realities of rapists and burglars who do use these very windows that you demand as their means of entrance. Because if the window is opened just a little/ they can and do break the hinging arrangement and attack.  We did have one tenant raped/ do to this very type of window that was demanded by the city.  Consequently you are accused of criminally conspiring to aid and abet the enemy of life and society:  NOT protecting it, in any form whatsoever.

            THIS IS SNEAKING IN THE BACK DOOR, TO PLAY EXTORTIONIST: as is consistent, with the criminals,  who demand pay what we demand, or we burn your business. There is no difference. Your claim is insufficient. Your assertions are unwise and failed.

            IF EVERY APARTMENT IN THE CITY OF URBANA is to be refitted with these windows in the next few weeks.  THEN I DEMAND TO SEE A FULL PAGE AD;  establishing that fact/ along with the compliance of every single unit within this city. Along with a ten thousand dollar fine to be collected from the city by the landlords for your failure to make EVERY SINGLE UNIT IN THIS CITY COMPLIANT.  If you don’t make every single unit in this city of URBANA accept the very same demand for thousands of dollars to be spent:  SIMPLY because you demand it.  THEN you WILL be SUED;  AS A CITY/ for making only the few landlords you selected as your personal slaves;  bow down for their individual beatings. The constitution says:  we own the property, NOT YOU/ your rights are very limited, and never extend to just a few must do whatever you say.  That is tyranny formed with the stench of sewage you produced, & the vomit of your whoring ways.

            You have no authority, UNLESS EVERY SINGLE UNIT IS CHANGED. 

            YOUR DECISION; MEANS, that the apartment rents WILL GO UP DRAMATICALLY;  as the cost to  landlords:  will be established as an expense potentially multiplying by thousands of dollars per unit.  THAT, will be redistributed to the tenants themselves.  Their rent/ next lease renewal:  increase, should be expected as one hundred dollars per month more; each unit. They live there/ they pay; the cost of doing business, BY YOUR demand/ FORCING their payment.

            They will move, but the next one will pay/ and as the entire city MUST be burdened with the same:  your URBANA tenant occupancy as a city will drop; and landlords will evacuate as best they can. And every form of tax collected, will drop. A reality of Discarding URBANA in its entirety:  as the constant disgrace, of university sewage (you cannot think or protect yourselves/ only we have brains) it is. 

            Fools claim:  “you can’t put a price on a life”; without presenting ANY evidence in proof of a claim:  that none can escape, or all can’t escape without this window. Are not private owners the same/ and deserve the same protections:  as citizens in apartments?  Means your decision to enforce this style and kind of window extends to ALL single dwelling homes. IF YOUR JOB IS:  to protect every citizen/ THEN EVERY citizen must have the same protection. FACE YOUR PUBLIC, and make them accept your brand of  communism:  “we are gods”. OR, your decision is to engage in criminal behaviors:  upon just a few.  Your failure, is then governmental corruption:  and their must be retribution in a courtroom of law/ is that not so.  Isn’t that your job, to insure those who act criminally/ and cause grief on society,  be punished:  should you not then go to prison? 

            I CAN put a price on a life:   it’s the price of your increase in rent, that forces people onto the streets, and into the winter to die:  because criminals invaded their lives, and stole their money;  forcing them by a city employee:  which thinks only of how damn superior they are. You are their criminal conspirator. You are their worst nightmare, which throws them out “to the wolves”, of human disgrace. Few if any:   of which you did NOTHING more,  to help;   than throw them in jail.

            The failures who ransack and rape a house as is the fire department;  are city employees. Causing extreme destruction, when only a little is necessary;  breaking every window, when a fire is tiny and contained:  cost every owner and every insurance company money then did not need to spend. The fact they break every window means:  they can’t use or in only the extremely rare case:  use these windows open. They break them/ just like they break with their axe a window exactly like what currently exists in this apartment with one stoke of the axe, the dividing line is gone/ and the entire window opening is cleared. Which makes this claim mute as well. The list of university driven failure in every single aspect of life, throughout this nation: is beyond question a tragedy of fools in charge, without “their damn big brain”; apparently it does not exist. As is the common trait consistent with liar, traitor, terrorist and thief:  regarding all things LIFE FIRST. You fail, as always.


            YOU WILL, resend an apology for discarding the legal authority of your job/ and assuming tyranny instead; without a cost to you. Not true.

            Or you will create and enforce a one page ad in the newspaper/ along with information on broadcast television/  and with advertising plus IN CLEAR LINKS ON your websites:  informing all citizens and owners within this city that they SHALL INDEED, replace every single window that does not meet the exact specifications you state for our property in their units and housing:  WITHOUT FAIL. That completion date will be no later than the end of 2017;  for every single window to be replaced.  Failure asserts a penalty upon the city, and removal of its authority figures. You have claimed the right:   to demand of the landlord clear penalties and time limits/ they are now applied to you. In accordance with the number of units you fail to comply with.


            While I stand alone today:  among mice in every description, from every part of society. If I so choose:  I will be assembling whatever landlords and citizens shall choose to be available for a legal suit.  Not only to reclaim any and all money spent by each/ PLUS FINES ON YOU.  But ALSO,  the legally demanding the reduction or removal of “The community development service” within this city”. While it is true, the sacred fool worshiping his pennies will cry “my money/ my money”, and end his or her life there:  the reality is, unless true change comes. You will eat those pennies, because that is all that will be left, from the fantasies and delusions of a university brain.  A dead planet;  offers nothing to life. Just like a fire that obviously burns atoms for an atomic fuel; HAS NO MERCY for you. Or a body of life so mutilated, it literally cannot be recognized as human:  will rise to suck out your souls, as terror screams “YOU DID THIS”.  Comes quickly now!  None of this writing is hate/ it is reality! None of this writing is directed at any individual:  it is directed at all of humanity, and in particular the anarchists who believe they are “kings or queens” and did do anything they wanted. DEMOCRACY is:  the constitution is our government/ NOT the employee.  Just a few of Your constant failure:  Bankrupting us all/ threatening us all/ blindly worshiping fools/ and preparing this earth for extermination;  even threatening the solar system itself.  As a fire “Just like on the sun”/ will become another sun on this earth.  Not a delusion, a matter of “science unleashed”/ and proven to exist:  proven to be deliberately intent upon igniting a ten million degree fire here on earth; that obviously burns the bond of an atom for fuel. Once ignited, there are NO second chances. Should we not include; the complete & utter idiots who believe thermonuclear war is a game? ONLY WORLD LAW, and the policing of all leaders by that law; is an answer. NOTHING else will do!

            Prove the evidence warrants the price placed upon this entire city, and all its citizens:  or back away; and never approach me again.

            Corruption is a parasite, that invades just below the skin, to multiply out of sight until the host is dead. There is no difference, between a parasite and you. An unfortunate reality, throughout all of government, and many more institutions, organizations and other.

            While you ponder that and laugh, because that is what the dead do.  I remind you the university “dead brain” is trying to ignite sun fire (ten million degree fire, with million mile long flames) here on earth/  our entire world dependent:  GAMBLED upon the single theory “that fire, will just put itself out, not enough gravity”.  Or more simply, YOUR gods, HAVE prepared your HELL. [terrorists]

While every possible destruction of life itself, is desperately proceeding, from the university brain:   trying to destroy nature itself, by mutilating DNA “which is nature”/ [traitors]. Resource destruction beyond the possibilities of a future for any child [thieves]/ weapons of mass destruction [devil]: and what is quite simply summed up as the truth.  “Satan (destroyer of a world), is literally here on earth. Masquerading;   as a religious cult (we can’t question our leaders) called university knows”. Religious or not it fits, as the dead brain/ the black plague of university leadership;  has chosen to violate every law of life, every foundation of survival that keeps us all, EVEN our world alive.

            If you want respect, you must earn it! You fail, as in even hitler the vile curse that he was/ did not threaten all life on earth;  as does “university knows”. As protectors of HELL coming;  you earned your reward/ OR, YOU WILL CHANGE DIRECTION.