leadership is this

LEADERSHIP is this;   to understand the difference, between knowing “as best we can”; the problems we face/ identifying those problems for a decision by all affected/ and creating the future by design.  ESTABLISHING LIFE COMES FIRST.

       Instead of as in America for the last fifty plus years, and MORE:  hiding from reality/ destroying the nation with corruption/ and terrorizing the world, WITH THREATS;  just because people with extreme arrogance and greed;  want to play god with life.


       Leadership then begins with investigation for the realities and relationships that identify what is true. That leads us, into all directions associated with LIFE MUST COME FIRST.  To accomplish that, every effort must be made to insure, that what we believe can or cannot be true: is in fact the evidence proven by reality, which then becomes the basis and foundation of what we can or cannot depend  upon for our future.

       Discipline forms the boundaries of what can be know. Discipline admits:  IF WE DON’T know enough/ THEN we cannot make a decision which will endanger life or environment: because we cannot be wrong!

       Order shapes our world, because it understands:   such things as, life will not survive without water or food. Therefore DO NOT go, where these things do not or will not exist:  as is our current and probable future for life on earth.

       Balance asserts:  IF WE DO NOT ACCEPT, the limits of our environment or our bodies, or its life/ THEN we have no respect for our living or its desire. Without respect there is only destruction coming. Consequently respect is the fundamental that must live within every classroom, and every life to attain peace or harmony with each other.

       These three basic elements of leadership confront us all:  because there is extremely little discipline/ order/ balance/ or respect throughout the governing of America;  or this world most likely. They failed us all:  because instead of these nature is mutilated/ experiments threaten to destroy the planet/ there is no future for any child/ and they have bankrupted us all, which means war will come.


       Therefore the decision particularly for Americans is very simple:  get your head out of your ass (no more university knows cult worship)/ get off your lazy ass (yes you do have a responsibility to life)/ stand up for life (pay the damn price):  OR finish digging your own grave, and DIE; by continuing, with killing this world forever.  It is not, “hard to comprehend”/ which means you have no excuse. “NOT EVEN YOU”!


       The critical decision for leadership is:  NOTHING from the past matters more, than what is to be done in the future. The past is over, and we cannot change it:  which means continue on as best you can.  Or more distinctly:  CHOOSE TO FIGHT HONESTLY,  FOR LIFE TODAY;  even if you were wrong in the past. Because we need every single one. RESPECT each other, and do the best you can. Whatever happens with your work is irrelevant/ do the best YOU can.  You, like me;  cannot do more:  it is that simple. Communicate and try; until the evidence proves “we are lost”.

       The critical decision for religion is:  what you want most is dead. Therefore what is true, must replace your existence with reality, and the value of miracles: without question a truth! That leads to respect, and respect leads to eternity. Don’t judge/ or you will be judged. Protect this CREATION, as best you can. To date, all but the tiniest few have failed life completely/ and that means “hell”.

       The critical decision for politics is:  do what must be done, to enable a future/ and keep all war, including civil war from coming true, to destroy what can never be rebuilt. The resources are too few. It is not a game, and there is no compromise with less than life comes first.

       The critical decision for business is:  stop greed, or die.  Share because unless we all find some happiness/ shared responsibilities;  only war, followed by cannibalism and “hell” will follow.

       The critical decision for industry is:  UNLESS we share with the future, every child will die/ and you know that is true. Which means the choices to be made are not about money.

       The critical decision for agriculture is:  stop poisoning/ or there won’t be any water; and war will be extremely violent.

       The critical decision for the fishing industry is:  DON’T destroy the future.

       The critical decision for the mining industry is: least environmental damage possible.

       The critical decision for the military is:  surrender power, and choose the grace of keeping world peace/ BY ESTABLISHING LAW, NOT weapons.

       The critical decision for education is:  reality must be served.

       The critical decision for the poor is:  fight without the law, and you lose.

       The critical decision for the rich is:  eternity is watching you/ FIGHT FOR LIFE, not greed.

       The critical decision for the police is:  peace is not an army/ it is a decision, to respect before there is a need to fight.

       The critical decision for the public citizen is:  without responsibility that includes the protection of democracy, and the fight for justice/ there is no tomorrow. You cannot want (we are too many people/ nature won’t survive):  you must let truth decide for life first.

       The critical decision for the university is:  NO more stories, to cover what you don’t know/ NO more fantasies (you can’t have trophies or toys)/ NO more evolution (a fool’s lie)/ NO more extreme experiments or threats to life or planet (no one gets to gamble with life itself)/ NO more stealing (equal, not superior)/ NO more cheating (no more counterfeiting or disrespect)/ NO more manipulation (as is propaganda through media)/ NO more tempting (stop threatening life). Or more simply, the cult is over/ get down off your pedestal & let truth decide, according to what is best for  all life on this planet.  THAT ALONE, determines what is left, that you can or cannot do.


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