Leadership, is equivalent to “one grade” over toilet paper/ you will miss it, if you don’t have a replacement. But that does not make it a truly valuable resource.

        Leadership functions to replace thought and understanding, by transferring that responsibility to someone else, who then leads. Truth is not a leader/ it is a reality born from the evidence that exists to support knowledge. Knowledge is not a leader, because it is nothing without truth and understanding. Understanding lives or dies, by its relationship with wisdom. Therefore wisdom is a friend/ while leadership can be friend or enemy and fluctuate between them as if it did not matter. Friends NEVER make decisions for a friend, that they do not have a legitimate right to make. Which means leaders are never truly friends.

        So the question of discipline is:  are we better off with leaders/ OR friends? The common male answer throughout history is:  leaders/ because they can then be blamed, for a reality of intentional destruction.  Even though the leaders are many times pushed to make that decision; and accept, by  failing “respect for life”. Even so, humanity at large simply “wants what it wants/ regardless of the consequences”; and that is all there is to the primary mass of humanity on earth. Alas, with 8 billion people wanting what they want on this earth today;  your ability to survive that want no longer exists. Because nature cannot defeat your ways, “somewhere” anymore.  Congratulations, humanity is what it has always wanted to be:  “god” over its own future. That future is HELL on earth, and then extinction;  but hey, it’s some leader somewhere;  “fault”. Now ain’t that right? Alas, truth disagrees!

        You want what you want, and you don’t want nothing but what you want;  and this entire earth is nothing more than whatever it will give you that you want:  TO HELL WITH IT ALL/ if you can’t have whatever you want. Sums up the vast majority of people, given the opportunity to make a decision for themselves. So they want leaders to lead them into getting whatever they want;  regardless of the consequences to life, earth, someone else, or child (not even their own):  you just want what you want, period. Because nothing else matters to you. Which all people deny, because they lie to themselves constantly, and with vigor.  “no, I am not like that:  I have values”!  but let’s review:  did you ever do anything for someone else without a cost/ did you ever choose because a living miracle needed your help, without a cost/ did you assign to your leaders anything other than what you want, even helping them attain better for this world, “instead of just you”/ did you refuse to participate in realities that intentionally destroyed the future for a child/ did you choose for this earth, over anything you wanted; or is it just “nothing”?  The desire for money overruns you; because you want to escape the powerful/ or you want trophies to prove you have bettered your neighbor and won. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

        So when I talk about the future, as being extinct; as a result of your own decisions. The question of why, is never encountered from the public at large:  they want what they want, and it absolutely does NOT matter why. They want what they want:  be damned to the rest, “give it to me NOW”.  THIS IS, the summation of your lives, as the decades of dealing with you:  identifying real world crisis after crisis by the evidence;  has proven to be true. You don’t care, and rarely will you share. Simple and plain. The best among you will probably fail over time; because the money will invade/ the power of money to control, will attack. The values earned, will be swept away; by a need to protect either self, or the ones you love.


        I could quit/ I have quit, from time to time:  but extinction for an entire planet moves me back; every single time.  The price is too high!

        So the question returns, time and time again:  HOW, can truth be used to replace your want? The answer is, it cannot:  because you want more than your own truth will allow. Or more simply:  truth is far less important, than you want;  because lies are more powerful than reality, as in “fantasy rules, instead of life”.

        So the question is:  if truth, even with the evidence undeniable;  is not enough/ WHAT then? The answer is:  “different leaders”!  But alas, like all leaders of every version:  IF I GOT IT GOOD/ THEN I AIN’T NEVER going to let this go;  not even for an entire world!  So the money rules, or what consorts to be money by a different term:  “such as a beautiful body”.  The demand is:  WHY THE HELL, would I change something that is good for me. OR, what did you ever do for me/ that would cause me to surrender anything “just for you”? and of course, in a world filled with want:  nobody gives you nothing/ not even when they give you something. Because what they give has little or no value other than:  RESPECT ME/ IDENTIFY ME/ WORSHIP ME as the “giver of trinkets to you”. So a gift, is not that in truth. Or it is a religious, “I am buying my way into heaven” one way or another:  which is of course an attempt to BRIBE  “your god”. A bad plan if ever there was one.

        So the question is:  if truth by the evidence or different leaders will not assemble an alternate path/ THEN WHAT or who could have an impact upon saving this world? The cost of another million mouths to feed in less than a decade (every decade)/ is more than enough, all by itself to prove extermination comes.  Even so, the brainwashing by people in powerful positions who do understand they will lose something:  if life fights for survival/ rules this day, and this world. “they won’t surrender NOTHING”.  Because they are certain, no eternity exists/ or lies construct a delusion they are willing to worship instead.

        The foundation answer to saving this world, is then realized as:  eternity itself must come to the forefront as a valid purpose NOT to exterminate this world.  You don’t respond to anything else/ and your own set of lies, protect you from the development in understanding “of miracles”.  Thereby you hide well, in a sea of want/ so as to remove reality from life.  Remove the fact you won’t accept what is true/ and then potentially, at least the possibility of survival for this planet and its life comes to the surface.  But you will look for leaders, and leaders cannot save you:  because they simply do, what you want them to do/ or they are, what you do not want them to be.

        No leaders’, means:  truth and law (as defined by the people themselves) will decide. That is the foundation of life itself, because truth and law is “an eternal foundation for conception”.  Conception creates a “new beginning”. Therefore with each new beginning an existence has arrived.

        So let us begin with time. Time is a force, because it requires your presence to exist. Existence is a measure, because it conceives of the potential called “I” and the possibility of your freedom, “called thought”. Without thought there is no life, therefore thought conforms as both the beginning and the end of existence itself. We then ask:  how does thought begin/ and why would thought end?

        We ask, IF A FORCE is required to make you exist/ OR, is a presence required to make time be known? These are some of the, “summation particles” assembling the elements of life itself. The human experience is a presence of time, that time is a force presented by body, the expressions of life give the existence of thought its measurements.  So the freedom to participate begins within these things. We ask:  “what is the freedom to participate”?  Is it just as time, or is there something more intrinsic and far more intense than time, called life beyond this moment? Discipline identifies thought as the primary element involved. So the question of living, is surrounded by the development of freedom. The definitions of freedom, are conceived by the boundaries applied in thought. The complexities that arise from this moment; extend beyond what can be measured in time.

        Order elevates discipline to achieve the value of a specific purpose or desire. Balance shares in that complexity, or it fails to limit by definition:  what can or cannot be survived.  So the question of thought becomes, at its core:  what can I survive? That is an individual element of reality, as is constructed by the definition of “I”.

        Let us then look beyond the curtain of death; as if it were a question/ rather than an ending. The beginning question is:  IF FORCE initiates life/ then what happens to that force in death?  Life did not exist prior to that force/ therefore life itself is dependent upon that force, as an initiation OR as a distinct relationship with life itself;  commonly called soul. We ask of time:  are you, or are you not the existence of life? The answer is:  no, because life is the existence of thought, and once force has been applied, that life has an elemental freedom; as exhibited by body.

        So the question is:  time ends body/ therefore since that freedom is taken away, does not life  itself end too?  The reality assembles:  time is a measurement of existence/ since mass is also a measurement of existence, does life measure in the same way? Here reality asserts NO, mass and life are not the same/ but while the body is a mass in time;  its life commands “not the same as a rock”. Thereby existence is limited to measurements, while life is recognized by freedom.

        The question demands:  FREEDOM IS LOST TOO?  How does that not make them the same, in death? So the relationship is tested, what can “being alive” as a mass, truly mean? Discipline says:  mass is an elemental assortment of particles which have aligned themselves in a pattern which then balances itself by order through the laws which govern their existence.  Order says:  life, is a participation in directional stability, because anything less than a true defined decision (consistent with thought), becomes chaos.  Consequently It is the decision, consistent with thought, which moves the mass;  that makes life a participation in that mass. If the mass won’t move/ that does not indicate death in the possibilities called thought. It only proves the organized existence of that mass alone has failed, because the force that made it move no longer functions to that purpose.

 So we return to force, and examine organization. The values of more than “self”! The question is:  WHAT are the participants, which make life alive?  The critical elements are:  “self, life, body, mind, survival, eternity, death, and  GOD  “!

Self is the essence of a freedom to decide direction/ what happens beyond that decision is determined by truth, and the universal laws which do apply. This fact asserts identity. The participation of that identity in the form of time and body are recognized as life;  it portrays the development of disciplines. Body itself is a designation of order in time, which illuminates the value of existence to you:  it is the development of time by commitment. Mind measures, and presents a problem to be solved/ or an experience to be desired. Survival is determined by the value of that desire, and its treasury of “memories with meaning”. Eternity results from “the values recognized, in a heartbeat”; that are desirable:  without a purpose, life itself has no force. Death removes time.  The force which presents time to become life, ascends through thought.  Thought constructs miracles, and miracles identify   GOD  as our CREATOR.

Organizing the levels of discipline, reveals a summary. That the quest to conceive of life after death of a body, results from the acceptance that there is a   GOD  !  Because unless there is a GOD, “being lost in space” so to speak/ would be a never-ending tragedy; or a complete dissipation of energy.

So the question arrives:   does   GOD   exist?  Miracles prove it is so, at the point of Creation. But they do not prove, “  GOD  remains so” to this day.  JESUS as written of in the bible, supports the values of life called love through respect, and the decisions that define a desire, held together by love, that is true.  Verified by miracles, that we do indeed have more in a body and a world than “what had to be”/ love is in evidence along with those miracles.  Therefore the element arrives:  time constructs a journey, that will end. The understanding develops:  beyond measurement, there are values called love. Beyond time the recognition is:  the force of life, is thought/ and thought becomes the vessel of our soul. Therefore the question that sustains life is:  can we enter into thought, and proceed by its own energy to attain a relationship with   GOD  ?

The element most critical is:  what is energy, because without energy (the force applied), no freedom exists. We begin with energy as a force that exists, but can be changed, controlled, or even rearranged. Therefore strictly as an elemental environment, so long as energy exists:  in whatever form, the potential to live within its boundaries also exists as is proven by life in body itself.  Time ends for body, because the energy controlled to move it fails. But reality proves it fails to move the body itself/ rather than the thought processes or organization that lives. Thought or the recognition of life, is an alternate existence;  even though both thought and body arise together. Life is determined by thought/ body is determined only by time. Do you see the difference?

The question arises:   if life is a participation in direction; as energy released is a force applied to direction/  then what is the direction your life decisions would go? A simple question really;  because life is either to love or to hate/ whereas everything in between is  functionally discarded as unworthy to the soul.

What is soul? The answer is:  the path that leads back into the moments when life itself entered you.

The question:  where did that life come from?  Establishes the question:  is life an elemental creation, initiated from its own expression.  Or is it a participation within something greater, than any individual expression can be?  Since we cannot “keep ourselves alive”; it is fair to say, life did not arise from its own expression:  or it would control its own creation & destiny. We do not, as disease for example will prove. Therefore it is conceptual to accept:  we participate in something greater than ourselves. The question is HOW?

SOUL delivers life.  Therefrom soul is connected to the life which generates existence.  For lack of a better word,  “this is called    GOD” !

Where there is   GOD   / there is eternity as well.  The question is:  WHY?  The answer is:  love is the greatest treasure in the universe, but it is a free will gift to each other.  Which means the reality of conception does not establish love;  ONLY an individual decision does that.

We then return to disciplines:   energy is a discipline, ordered by laws. Thought is an existence created by truth. Life is a reality constructed by balancing all participants so they can survive together. But love is an independent decision between the values you care about, the “vision” you share as a future to be desired, the courage established by the price you will pay, and the respect you have earned or given.

The question of time is irrelevant, because the value of life is not governed by a measurement/ only by peace, love, truth, harmony, respect, happiness, and joy.  When time provides these things to us, we desire life and wish to survive. When it does not, “suicides, hate, violence, etc;  occur”.  Even so, time is not life/ rather time is a measurement.  Life is the independent decision that   recognizes freedom. That is a development of thought. Believe it or not “thought binds energy together”/ which means, life can find its home within that binding reality. So long as energy then exists, life can go on.

Discipline asks:  when the boundary of energy that is the composite of a human body dies, and the energy escapes/ as is obvious by a dead human body:  THEN does not the energy of life escape as well? The answer becomes riddled by the reality of what your true identity is.  IF YOU have not bound yourself together with the honesty of a creation within yourself, as is necessary to become an identity.  Then you cannot survive the escape of time.  If however you have accepted the task to build an identity, by its own truth as is your own decision to make.  Then you inherit the energy you accepted to participate in thought, and it lives for you, in contrast to a body;  as an element capable of eternity.  GOD  determines the rest.  But even so, the spiritual world MUST be dealt with.

Spirit means truth, and truth is determined by law. Therefore the law of your own truth will then judge you, as either worthy of “purity”, thereby acceptance into the choice you made with your heart/ or abandoned as impure, and unable to survive.  Mercy intervenes,  where  GOD   allows/ because it is    HIS RIGHT.

You are now “an infant”, with the potential for more.