life lives there

Examining the dimensional traits, of human existence;  leads us, to the eloquent exclamation “wow”!

        Nothing in life is more developmentally engineered, than the human body. Nothing is less OBVIOUS, than it was not an accident. The whores of university, cannot be that blind:  therefore the deception/ fraud/ and disgrace called evolution; is for real, a decision. To destroy miracles, to play pretend with life.


        Nonetheless, the essence of humanity itself, is more than just the single dimension that is, the body of time: what is measured. Time lives or dies within its definition.

Living creates the second dimension. A dimension is:  the boundaries and limits which create an environment;  separated from the outside influences/ so as to “conceive within itself, as freedom called; my life”. Living is an environment called experience and expression, which separates itself from the time. By defining the boundaries, called a body. By defending that body through decisions. It is the essence of identity.

 Thought constructs a third dimension, which limits the definitions of reality, by allowing participation beyond the limits of what time calls real, as assessed or assigned by measurements.

Spirit lives as an identity, with love:  or dies within hate; to produce the framework of law. Law exists,  so as to elevate the relationship of energy with life, into a new fourth dimension without time, by assembling truth.

Truth eliminates everything false, which does conceptualize eternity. Because what is true, remains true forever/ even if, it can be covered up by   GOD. A fifth dimension.

Soul which means a relationship with your CREATOR, gives definition to the word “translator”. The critical link between what can be, and what is. Conceived as a sixth dimension;  of its own within life; the passage is without end. The reality is assembled as “doors”.

GOD IS  the seventh dimension, and you must enter and pass through the other six without true death, to participate.


The critical question is:  what, does it mean to participate with   GOD  ?

The answer is very simple:  by giving us the freedom to choose love, and live with respect for life/ those who achieve this decision and live within the dimensional framework of an identity which has proven that reality is true.  Become partners in creation itself.  Love decides the parameters of what you can or cannot then do.

As to the question:  IS LOVE ENOUGH, to sustain an eternity of happiness, with life?

The answer is:  if not for you/ then you can simply “extinguish yourself”.  No one will do it for you, that is forbidden.

The journey is then where, will true joy be found? The critical truth assembles this statement of value.  That within the essence of individual life, every love has its own value, its own true desire, and its own contribution to the happiness of others. When joy inhabits your soul, it is because life lives there with you.