life order

       The question is:  how old is life? A question that is demanded by humanity; because they want to be “god”; rather than respect   GOD   our CREATOR.  People want to be god, so they can make every other human:  DO, what I want you to do, or be. Do you see the conflict arising? Even so, this entire Creation depends upon human change; or it will all disappear forever!


       Critical assembly of the materials to determine that, exist entirely within the dimensional distance called “what is thought”. Because thought does constitute life, whether its most basic form or a complexity we cannot even conceive of. Thought constructs life, because without recognition of existence; there is only mass, space, darkness, or energy. these are then the four directional developments which attest to life, by the elements of their own existence.

       And yes, I have chosen to risk this entire creation by allowing:  more information, that can now accelerate your demise/ unless you stop the insanity and choose for life comes first. NO more, “let the universities or hate” do whatever they want.

       We have examined the development of mass through the big bang evidence, that describes the beginning of this universe as we know it. To go back before the big bang, to conceive of a predecessor universe:  similar to this one/ beyond what has been done; has no particular purpose. The evidence available is too sparse.  Therefore we take what we have been given through the evidence of thought, and apply it to the creation of life; here in this time.

       Space, darkness, and energy are the primary contributors to existence. Which means mass or its counterpart anti-mass arises from the combination of those three.  Without heat, there is only cold. Heat is movement generated by energy. therefore in the initial creation of mass, there must be energy and something which moves. So we ask of both space and darkness:  what consists in you, that will move? Existence of “anything consistent with mass” will push space aside, to occupy an individual environment. Therefore that anything can be moved. We ask of darkness, can you be moved into something else? With light, we get our answer:  yes the darkness will move. Therefore we gain a critical understanding:  darkness HAS an intrinsic ability to occupy space/ just like light has an intrinsic ability to occupy space. Giving us the development of what can or cannot be called either mass or anti-mass:  as is consistent with a functional energy to cause change.

       Change in the environmental relationship means:  there must be an initiating factor. Something real, that can then be identified as true. Truth constructs everything real, that is not disguised as something else by human decisions. The question is then:  WHAT can be real, which causes a change, that becomes a vital law called truth?

       We begin with energy as a law generating truth. Where there is energy (the expressions of force), there is both the potential and reality of change. Consequently, to create a beginning understanding of life: there must be energy. Cold, has an intense amount of energy/ more potential energy, than anything else in this universe. Therefore we know energy existed. So the question is:  HOW can cold: the existence of force, without mass/  be moved?

       Here begins “the internal question”:  nothing is moved, without thought. Because existence is designated as true, by thought. Therefore we ask, _____________________________________ {realities I am not willing to divulge}. Humanity is insane.


       We then begin again, with what can you know: without “opening the door”, to destroying even more than life on earth is trying to save?

       I am going to discard this discussion from this point on:  you’re insanity is too extreme.  I will however add:  as defined by the definitions above/ life as is the existence of thought; begins before mass! You can accept that as fact/ or discard it as useless:  I literally don’t care.



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