love lives

The measure of love;  it is no calculation/ no assertion of time.


        Love lives within the heart, and heart lives within your soul. Therefore the quest to fulfill each of the three, lives or dies with the values you place upon yourself.  Time has no dimension within value, it is only a measurement; therefore irrelevant to the discovery of what is truth.

        Only truth survives, therefore everything that has value, must also be true; not only to its existence, but its destiny. Destiny means:  I have come, to the gate where life knows me, and I have faith truth will define my soul as a place I would indeed call home.

        To live means, I have created or found, the dimension which grants an opportunity to express and experience “my world”.  So we ask of a dimension:  what do you mean? The answer is:  my search for expression, exceeds the boundaries of time/ while my quest for experience, knows the understanding of spirit. Within these a heartbeat learns to sing.

        The development of an opportunity, is the wisdom to discard want, and all the tragedy it brings to life:  so that the values of being alive can be conceived. The heart honors life, by committing itself, to the rhythms that come alive within our thought; as the blessing called love.

        Soul is the distinction, that we are not alone; not a single one. Because our Creator is true, to his decision:  not to abandon the miracles HE CHOSE to create. That does not attempt to imply that humanity is not free to choose its own road/ even discarding life itself.  Rather the constant of humanity is that.  But nothing human can in truth, displace the miracles of body, environment, and all that life can be. Therefore truth remains in all who will accept the reality of evidence: life is a gift, granted through love.

        Love is a passage, that lives through the rhythms of our hearts, joined as one. Love is, a distinction:  honored by respect shared, because there is no need to ask, if I, or you:  care. Love is the relationship born from the intimacy of what we can be to each other, in the essence of our true choice:  to be all that we can be as one.  Love is, a miracle that leaves the body behind, to share destinies within the realities of thought;  as the body of our truth; granted its reward/ not our time. Love is, a blessing:  the acceptance of faith, the reality of a miracle born in ourselves as one with GOD;   to whatever degree truth itself will allow.

        Disciplines create the possibilities of life as a body, but they also create the potential to enter within the miracle of thought; to participate eternally.

        Order grants that substance will know its boundaries and limits; so that we do not die. But understand life, within the miracles which let us survive; and even thrive with time and beyond.

        Balance is the single strand of our experience, proving what we can or cannot express as a relationship with heart itself.  Those who have an opportunity to share that value, earn its reward. Those who have not the opportunity, to prove their relationships with time and humanity;  will search harder for soul, and find   GOD   .  If they so choose. Those who have failed to learn the value of existence, or even the potential called religion which is a stepping stone into far greater experience:  must find love, or accept love is a destiny that will not be encouraged OR corrupted by time.  Therefore neither can be considered greater:  UNLESS truth makes it so.

        We give to thought its adventure:  to identify what can or cannot exist, through the participation of energy with life. Energy is neither friend or enemy; it merely exists. Thought is friend or enemy, as the direction of your heart will lead you to love or hate; by your own choices.  Do not let the others lead you;  CHOOSE only for yourself, to define your truth/ rather than participating in their truth. To be “YOU”; is elemental in the search for life and living.

        Values expand the dimension of a human existence, from elemental:  to a quest for miracles beyond conception. This search can only be found in love; and love can only be found in values, that honor the reality called “I am ALIVE”.

        TO BE “alive” means:  I have become “environmental”. Or more distinctly, there is room in my heart and soul, for every living thing. Everything but hate, IS granted respect.  Because these are the balance and wisdom which gives the world itself, “time for me too”.