march to death

The march to death/ the descent into chaos.


        Reality not fantasy or delusion or “fairy tale stories”/ decides what the future will be.  To an small extent, that is not critically accurate:  because those things which are delusions, fantasies, or outright lies;  DO influence what the future will be. Because they change the path of humanity, and cause chaos in and of themselves. More specifically, until the recent past, when men became more in control of life and planet:  reality decided the future, with only limited total destruction by men/ or the women who join them, in tearing apart life.

        Alas not today:  the universities take credit for “conquering nature”/ mutilating nature/ creating the tools for destroying nature/ weapons of mass destruction/ poisoning nature/ killing the oceans/ raping the environment/ ravaging the planet/ crucifying habitat/ causing extinction/ multiplying humanity into chaos/ and of course “playing god” with everything they can touch.

        Not to worry:  with universities in charge, there is no fantasy that remains unfunded;  after all, “the salvation of this world” comes from their delusions;  according to them.  Not to worry, the fairy tales told about how the sun is made entirely of hydrogen gas/ except for some “fantasy material (15 times more dense than lead)” at its core which does not exist:  will surely all turn out to be true;  cause that is what the university gods tell you. After all, did they not take great care of the USA?  Eating out its core/ corrupting its courts/ conspiring to destroy the constitution so they could rule/ giving away the entire nation/ throwing out its business and industry/ corrupting its banks, by making the money just a game/ never funding infrastructure/ never looking to preserve the future/ never protecting the food or water supplies/ never protecting the resources/ never protecting the people or their children of this world.  Just for starters.  But hey “you can’t question gods”/ the cult protects them.

        So lets just ask the question anyway:  what did you do for us?

  1. Weapons of mass destruction, “saviors/ yes sir”. With a whole world full, what could go wrong?
  2. Antibiotics are great, and so they are/ but complete arrogance, and total disrespect; led to the current situation which is:  DISEASES are not ten times stronger/ and what presented no real danger 60 years ago, is now deadly, and growing. Threating all life, instead of just a few.
  3. Sterilize all the food plants/ mutilate all the food, into poison/ destroy the disciplines of nature/ poison the water, literally; and protect nothing/ dump garbage on the water/ pump toxic materials above, below, and on every side of the water. Dump trillions of gallons in poison on the land and water.
  4. Kill every insect/ and destroy not only one in three bites of food you eat; through pollination; essentially all the diversity. KILL every life form that depends upon this base food supply;  which includes birds, rivers and lake fish and reptiles, small mammals and more.
  5. Destroy the forests, and let the atmosphere go free; to accelerate like on other planets: most atmosphere’s turn at around 700 mph.  “it will be great”.  Well except for extinction of species, and the fact nothing survives.
  6. Change the planet: with endless release of heat/ consumption of oxygen, by all things not life. The destruction of everything that releases oxygen for our use.
  7. Completely devastate the oceans, in every conceivable way. Emptying that world/ because they have needs too:  not one of which is being protected.
  8. Let’s over-populate the world like “cockroaches”: until we all go insane. No one should die.
  9. Prepare for war, BECAUSE I WANT MORE, everything/ and there is NOT enough for the others to survive. But no one cares!
  10. Only the garbage is important, it proves I got a trophy, for me/ resources be damned.
  11. Educate fools, and enslave them.
  12. Pretend reality is a game, truth has no place here: and nothing has meaning or value, unless the university says so.  Which means only their elite control:  pride, arrogance, disgrace, and disease should be worshiped:  BOW DOWN, you damn insects, sums it up very well.


Well we obviously can’t let that control us, so what is a university to do?  Let’s ask, other than the obvious reality above: what will you do?

  1. They say: lets ignite atoms on fire just like the sun, “but we must pretend its something else”/ or the people might just say no.  it will be great/ THEN, we can release way more heat. What could be wrong with that!
  2. They say:  artificial intelligence is the answer. Nope people aren’t smart enough, so we need a machine to tell us all what to do. Alas you failed at being a slave/ so now the masters need an army.  It’s just for murder.
  3. They say: robotics are the answer: they will replace workers/ THAT is what we need.  After all we need them to clean up all the major environmental catastrophe’s we cause; and go to war! As if there was room for one more catastrophe. Nonetheless:  war machines, are “everybody’s answer” for what to do in a slave uprising.  Not a slave:  well apart from taking counterfeit US currency;  YOU have not been paid.
  4. Counterfeiting THAT IS THE ANSWER: we can have anything we want.  Because so long as nobody is spending the numbers; and as long as the resources hold out:  NUMBERS DON’T MATTER.  Cause you can have as many as you want “in your bank account”.  Go ahead add a trillion dollars/ just don’t try to spend it, and all will be well.  “it’s great”.
  5. Let’s build a wall, that will keep life out/ even though they will starve if they obey your demands. Sure, no problem here.
  6. Mutilating life is certain to bring “great rewards”/ after all men are so much smarter than nature or its CREATOR. What could go wrong?
  7. Let’s replace religion with evolution: anything to tear the disciplines of humanity down/ and throw them into chaos. So we the few can rule. Chaos brings war, and war brings slaves:  who will do anything to survive.
  8. Let’s go to mars; that will fix everything, because it avoids the reality of life,  
  9. Make every complex chemical you can and blanket the earth with them; so biology can change itself.  “what could go wrong”? Answer, nobody cares.
  10. Run the military with traitors: such as load a trillion dollars worth of equipment onto one single ship. “gee, what could go wrong”! Blow up islands with atomic weapons, just to make the world fear.
  11. Reduce all business, industry, and choices; to only a tiny few control EVERYTHING. 
  12. Destroy capitalism by saying “let the government pay”. Destroy democracy by saying, “the constitution has no further value”. Destroy the vote, by using “a trillion dollars in counterfeit money”. Destroy free enterprise, by controlling all forms of advertising so only the rich can play. Destroy the schools, by claiming the teachers “should be treated like gods, and allowed to lie, cheat, and steal”. Destroy media, by giving control to just a few. Destroy government, by letting the insurgency claim “they alone, are the government/ & NOT the employee”. Destroy education by teaching fantasy and delusions. Destroy healthcare, by preaching “let the insurance pay”. Destroy a nation: as follows.
  13. LIE/ CHEAT/ STEAL/ BETRAY/ TERRORISE: make them fear, what the universities could do; if we challenge them. To insure they don’t:  take away their brain (use media) “so they won’t attack us”. Leave them destitute, and without choices:  so they surrender/ so they know, we are their gods.
  14. Destroy justice, truth, and equality by allowing extreme extortion by lawyers, through absolute corruption: “NOTHING matters but us”. Who are then able to control the courts:  entirely for the rich or   Let the judge be damned….”no one cares”.  THROW THE CONSTITUTION OUT! And take over democracy itself, “with bribes.

    1. Lest we forget, then throw in the human animal, with “I HAVE a gun/ and I WILL make them sorry”! Take another damn look at Syria, or Mosel in Iraq: and recognize “that is all you get/ even less with fire”.  ONLY THE LAW, CHANGES THINGS FOR LIFE.  Not a gun, the reality:  “you are not in charge/ only the law is”. By making the law ourselves:  WE THE PEOPLE rule ourselves.  It is that simple.  Not a vote for someone to vote for me/ MY VOTE on the law itself:  OUR CHOICE, not theirs.  We are 8 BILLION PEOPLE;  and without weapons of mass destruction/ they don’t have enough bullets to stop us!   COMMIT to life/ COMMIT to freedom/ COMMIT to values for us all through justice;  and let truth decide. There is no other way to survive our reality.  BECOME “HUMAN; for life we live”/  rather than animal, “I have only time”. 
    2. Tell all the people: FEAR EVERYONE, hide/ hide/ hide/ run away before the predators get you. Because isolating people into “solitary confinement”; does drive many insane [no happiness here; “make a different decision”]. So make your own murderers, and hide your children from the decisions you have made.  “Let them eat cake”!



It’s such a good plan, that the threats surrounding us all, clearly prove:   “won’t need to worry much longer”/ as in everything will be dead.


    Happy now?  Go worship your gods;  after all digging your own grave should have a headstone. Here lies a fool.



    Why?  Because the university elite just don’t like you.  

Supported by asking the question:  JUST WHAT DID THEY DO, for this world of life and its future? The university is in charge of everything; you know its true!  Therefore the Answer is:  absolutely nothing.  To which some reply, “the medicine it’s the medicine”.  But then you don’t know how many died because of the medicine/ and you don’t know how many are sick strictly because of “university knows”. It’s make your own work day!   Reality proves plainly:  “healthcare in all its methods:  is an extortion ring/ run by criminals in collusion with each other. to take all they can get!   So it ain’t much of a gift, now is it!

    So how do they prove they hate you? They give away your future, by stealing all your money, and giving all your property over to immigrants. Thereby making your children beg for a job. They kill your world, and make war inevitable by refusing all efforts to stop the invasion:  with truth.  But hey, “its ok” cause nobody wants to go back to a world like agriculture for example:  was before chemicals!  90% more employment/ thriving communities/ clean water/ happiness; and damn-it “more work”.  it was “terrible; the university cannot be gods/ when everyone is happy”. just a fact of life.


    Nonetheless, let’s look at what happens when pretend debts, and counterfeiting of currency no longer works outside the nation?

    The university answer is:  let’s bribe them, with whatever they want/ so they don’t tell or reveal the lies!

    So what did other nations want? 

  1. They want jobs and industry. No problem, with counterfeiting a raid on every foundation of economic security was no problem: “its all yours”.
  2. They want property. No problem, “sell off the nation in secret”/ and open every door so that the counterfeited dollar can come back as foreign investment to remove these citizens.  “its all yours”.
  3. They want trade, let us take all the money, and you be slave. No problem;  “just pass a law”/ and its all yours.
  4. They want “you stomp out our military problems”/ and train us to build weapons of mass destruction. Well its just a few trillion dollars, and American lives:  so its worth the price to keep them at bay.  BESIDES, we get money for training people to attack us. “so its all good”.
  5. They want resources, because that is where the jobs are found. So load them up, and deliver everything you got.  Fools deserve what they get in exchange.  Ain’t that so?
  6. They want an excuse for war, as does America: because war doesn’t need a solution/ it just needs a command; and all the people  are required to obey.  “its great/ we, the elite;  are gods”.
  7. They want religion to prove them “right”/ regardless of reality: so just do what we think is wrong.  That is our excuse, to believe “they are all bad”.

So what happens when this all begins to add up, as a tragedy for this nation and this world?

  1. Got to find an enemy. To keep the people off-balance: “without war, people blame leaders.”
  2. Got to teach the children nothing they can use, so they have no options. Let them die.
  3. Got to keep the people “filled with food”; so they don’t realize catastrophe is here, and will soon be plainly visible. Just sacrifice agriculture in all its forms.
  4. Got to destroy the electoral process; so they believe there are no real options or success in democracy. Buy the electoral college/ claim “its them, as in enemies are invading”.
  5. Got to corrupt the courts/ to keep all potential solutions out. Thereby insuring control: “can’t change leaders in a war”.
  6. Got to corrupt the policing, by accepting violence as better than the alternative: just fear instead.
  7. Got to destroy justice, and remove reality; by proving only the university has rights.


So we come to the summary event:  congratulations, the university wins, “YOU ARE, the greatest traitor in all of human history”.  WINNER by accepting your  great reward;  and it’s trophy,  the end of life on earth!