medicine is this

Medicine, in America, exists as this


Data are for the U.S.

  • Per capita national health expenditures: $9,523 (2014) which means each/ every single citizen:  receives that debt in 2014, for healthcare; babies and all.    US population 318.9 million (2014)
  • Total national health expenditures: $3.0 trillion (2014) one trillion dollars= $10,000.00 per each of one hundred million people= $30,000 dollars each
  • Total national health expenditures as a percent of Gross Domestic Product: 17.5% (2014) Feb 2, 2014 – The combined total was effectively $3 trillion. … Annual U.S. Healthcare Spending Hits $3.8 Trillion ..

GDP PER CAPITA    THE INCOME:  $53,O41.93  each person, babies and all. another lie.  consider this:  if a person is a billionaire/ then one billion people owe him or her one dollar of work or resource, each.  Is that fair?

GDP AS A NATION     $16.77 TRILLION DOLLARS (2013)  employees of government are claiming the workers of this USA  150 million (not all joint filers, are workers); have generated this amount.  That equals money generated;  in resources used or sold, work done:  per worker $111,800.00 EACH ONE! a lie.

per cap·i·ta

pər ˈkapədə/

adverb & adjective

  1. for each person; in relation to people taken individually.


So, discarding the lies, liars, fools, thieves, and all the rest; the question of healthcare comes down to this.

It does matter how much money is spent on healthcare/ and that means:  YOU, the individual or me;  CANNOT claim the price does not matter. Because everybody expects to get paid for their work.  “just like you”!


       THAT MEANS CHOICES MUST BE MADE; about who lives and who dies. About everything healthcare can or will be:  because life is not free! Somebody does the work.  NO MORE WHINING/ no more trash; reality wins.

       This produces the single exception to “human generated” reality:  which is the money DOES NOT matter, with regard to who can or cannot pay their healthcare debt. Or more simply; even if you’re rich/ you are NOT entitled to better healthcare or more sympathy than the rest.  The value of a LIFE IS far beyond money. It is that simple.

       IF EVERYBODY GETS THE SAME HEALTHCARE (no exceptions)/ then everybody pays the same percentage of income to receive that healthcare:  as in taxation will be applied, along with a maximum percentage, income based healthcare debts for you personally.

       The second part of healthcare is:  HOW DID A TOTAL OF TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS, SPENT PER CITIZEN (babies and all), become our reality?

       The answer is SOMEBODY IS CHARGING TOO DAMN MUCH!  IT IS simple as that/ or the whole nation is nothing more than a house of invalids.  IF NOT THAT, then the court system and leadership, is so broken:  nobody gets justice in accord with medicine.

       So let’s begin with personal experience.  I have encountered the medical system at various times. Most recent backwards is:  “I, fell over backward/ hit toilet with back”. X-rays taken, bloodwork tested, sonogram of heart; plus pain reliever.  Stayed in hospital overnight (after signing contract), the charge would be about $70.00 per hour.  Don’t remember the exact amounts in first billing  3-5 thousand I believe. Second  BILLING:  $12,685.90 

       We argued.

       2015;  after handling a new glue product for a day; body reacted badly. pancreas affected (chemically induced); Gallbladder taken out;  3 hour operation/ unnecessary due to the interference of glue product.  I chose to examine the cost of healthcare.  Otherwise beyond the emergency room visit, nothing was done, but laying in bed for 4 days.  Around $45,000.00 “ten thousand dollars for the room, per day”. A significant part of our health cost; is directly related to new chemicals in every aspect of our lives. Even tiny amounts/ particularly as medicines which are used because they have an affect. Not all of which are known.

       Legal argument begun on price; interfered with.

       2005 or so:  badly overcome with mold inhalation/ returned to site too quickly.  Needed oxygen to survive. Medical staff assumed heart attack/ and would have so treated (wrong diagnosis); if not time required before arriving at emergency room. Nonetheless, oxygen revived me within an hour. Cost roughly $7,000.00  for oxygen, short visit at out-clinic, ambulance ride, short visit at emergency room.  After the fourth or fifth billing, I took them to court:  where the judge threw me out/ because the power of medicine cannot be questioned.

       The stated question is:  WAS THAT FAIR?  Issues with treatment aside, as I asked for assistance. The question is strictly financial:  is this fair?


       Based upon an hourly rate of one hundred dollars per hour per person deliberately working for me and building maintenance, cleaning, etc.  I am dramatically overcharged beyond this rate.

       Am told, you have to pay for those who can’t! End of story.  My statement is:  UNFAIR BILLING CAUSES people who can’t pay. End of story.


       Let’s begin:  the literal cost of healthcare is! 

  1. Cost of building, transportation, utilities, maintenance,  and tools/ along with medicines and labor.  
  2. Cost of education as is needed to do the work. That is based in “university charges” to the student. It is also based in required courses, that have absolutely nothing to do with this job.
  3. Cost of failing to address problems that can be fixed in a timely manner/ which then leads to far more severe health issues.
  4. Cost of administration and its desire to make money.


These four costs are the basic framework of healthcare.

Let us review:

  1. The cost of a building can be extremely high or extremely low dependent upon what people can afford. It has no other relationship to expense; because the building itself, is relatively unimportant. 
  2. The tools necessary for the work must be replaced or repaired from time to time. Their cost based upon their expected “life expectancy”: versus their usage per patient; determines that cost to healthcare.
  3. The cost of an ambulance or other base level need; can be determined by the public. It should be contracted by the public on bids. The community decides, the community pays. As is true for maintenance, utilities, and so on.
  4. Medicine is NOT a business. Rather it is society trying to mediate bodily dysfunction in those who face trouble. Medicine can affect us all: therefore it is a “government bought subsidy” based upon contractual manufacture for government purposes. It is NOT business/ BECAUSE it can be life or death. But that does not mean:  extreme costs in medicine don’t matter/ they do.
  5. The labor market in doctors and others involved in healthcare is determined by how many graduate, and are thereby enabled to compete for jobs for the healthcare of society. The current university graduation rate in America, when last checked: WAS THE SAME RATE OF DOCTORS GRADUATING AS IN 1960.  Thereby the control over the competition in America/ led to foreign doctors coming to fill the void.  Because the medical industry, led by university degrees;  in America:  HAS BEEN ORCHESTRATING A MONOPOLY, over society.
  6. The medical student, particularly the doctor candidate; has no control over the situation. Extreme debts create slavery:  YOU CANNOT complain, or we destroy your financial life. Slaves cannot complain: being called upon night or day, because no one else is available.  The universities won’t graduate more:  adds years to “you can’t compete here”. Or more distinctly:  the entire education process for doctors in particular,  is to hold them out of the business of medicine;  as long as possible. To make them dependent/ which means they won’t complain, even though they have a right. Extremely UNFAIR, to all affected including patients.
  7. Stupidity with regard to all conditions of medical realities borders on insanity. There is a need to identify such things as AIDS/ and inform the public, (don’t have sex with them). Apply law to anyone who infects another.  Intentionally gambling with their lives by sex or other. And that applies to every aspect of disease, that is easily communicable. It is not a game;  we need to know.  That conforms with:  a patient needs to know, regarding all conditions of medicine. That includes doctor statistics. That includes all pharmaceutical statistics:  with statements by the patients themselves OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.
  8. That brings us to GREED. The primary cost of every hospital is:   WHO GETS THE MONEY, and why?  People do deserve to be paid. People with specialized training can be essential; but that does not make them “hero’s or villian’s”. they are workers like the rest. It is “just a different job”. Even so, those who prove to be valuable:  deserve to be paid better than those who do not. it is simple capitalism.
    1. What is not simple capitalism (everybody works for themselves): is the fact medical realities are NOT CHOSEN by the patient.
    2. What is not simple capitalism: is the fact, when you are not free to determine the cost PRIOR to accepting its price. Nor will the body let you, refuse the price or cost of the work; because it is life or death or the potential of harsh realities even worse than cost.  NO FREE ENTERPRISE EXISTS. Which means capitalism does not exist either. In democracy as is “we the people” decide this: that means, we must choose to remove the business itself.
    3. What is not business is:  the decision, those involved in medicine “can make any amount they can collect, bankrupting without mercy/ or describe their billing, as government pays”.  
    4. What is not business is: investments intended to create more money for me/ based upon someone else’s pain.
    5. That does mean: the administrative costs should be abandoned and removed/ contracted by public bids only. Under a contract designed and approved by the public to be served. The cost of a building, its costs and its tools: owned by the community. Massive increases in those who graduate for medical purposes. Deliberate teaching in high school or before:  making every child a paramedic.  Critical decisions regarding:  IT IS YOUR TIME TO DIE. Participation in pharmaceutical costs;  as is we own the patents, the research, and all manufacturing rights for medicine and its tools across the nation itself. Letting research, and who does it:  be merit based only.
  9. Greed includes: the intent to make money as described by lawyers. The critical failure of medicine for an individual patient: is limited by reality itself. More simply, three things determine what can or cannot be in a courtroom of law.
    1. The law itself which shall decide and determine the monetary price associated with critical failure to the patient. Same for all, who experience a similar situation.
    2. The criminal aspects: was this intentional, etcetera. Penalties which describe what happens to the doctor, hospital, citizen, or staff: as in same for all.
    3. Was the situation dire, which means:  taking the risk to do what could be done, NECESSARY at that particular time. Because if it was critically necessary: then you do have to take whatever you get. In accordance with what reality can realistically offer.
  10. The listing of side effects for medicines or operations DOES NOT negate legal responsibility. Rather thoroughly understanding the risk; REQUIRES, that all those who were badly affected shall be known. They will as is possible give their own statements. The statistic realities of a drug or other shall be set out for public view:  EXACTLY HOW MANY TIMES, AND IN WHAT WAY, did this go bad. Or is aligned with, or believed:  to contribute with consequences other than expected.
  11. The current situation with medicine is:  extortionists rule our reality. Criminal monopolies confine us with corrupt courts. Leadership lets genetic mutilation threaten all our lives. Universities enslave and fail society. “the government pays”;  contributes to our bankruptcy.  AND INSURANCE fails, because reality as to the individual is removed.
    1. REALITY BASED HEALTHCOST, is determined by the clear truth:  THIS IS, what we can afford to spend. Because life and its survival NEED all the rest. That is determined by a percentage of income per individual;  same percentage of your income, dependent upon severity of treatment; for all.
    2. REALITY BASED HEALTHCOST, means if it costs more than reality itself will allow; “because we this society won’t pay”/ then you die.  Reality proves WE WILL pay, for “no one should die for little things”. Whereas we all die, when faced with critical cause; no exception unless the public allows it, on an individual basis. EXTREMELY FEW.
    3. REALITY BASED HEALTHCOST, no risking the lives of the vast majority; to potentially save a tiny few. NO experiments on children:  so they die “a thousand times” instead of just once, with love hopefully.
    4. REALITY BASED HEALTHCOST, is allowed to retain insurance on “the percentage of your income” at risk. Making reality expected in payment: assigned by truth instead of fantasies. Those payments for healthcare costs SHALL go to a state sponsored distribution center:  so that rich or poor, you are treated the same.  Dividing the money collected as determined by the workers;  among those who did the work.
    5. There is no Medicaid: when you can work, you will work/ OR THERE IS NO HEALTHCARE for you. Society will find you a job, or it will pay.
  12. MEDICARE AND SOCIAL SECURITY cannot bankrupt a society; the game & the deceit, is over!
    1. Medicare and social security are combined into one program. Which will be divided as fairly as possible;  into community based situations.  NO government institution. A percentage of GDP in real terms shall be divided up, the same amount to every recipient. And given to the community solution.  In that group, those recipients shall vote to decide HOW MUCH money will be given to them for the purpose of living/ and how much money shall be left, of their own paycheck:  to pay for the services of a nursing home, healthcare, or other. For those who need it.
    2. The community recipients shall decide who is or is not allowed: early participation. But if they choose to install someone who has no legitimate right to collect:  they will lose three times more than that person has received from their income.  Legitimate only!
    3. REALITY BASED HEALTHCOST, INCLUDES:  THIS IS ALL WE HAVE/ and it has to pay for everything else needed for life for the rest as well.


Living in a fantasy world;  MEANS THE CHILDREN HAVE TO PAY!  Reality proves, they will be truly “lucky” just to survive. Because those who could, DID NOT CARE ENOUGH. And played games with life itself. Sought the destruction of democracy and this nation;  even  threatening an entire planet, with cult worship of a:   “university knows, religion”. To their shame!


           THE FANTASY IS OVER; OR THE GARBAGE DUMP IS READY. because like it or not reality determines the future for us all.

A footnote:  when artificial joints are put into a body, bone marrow is taken out. People who need a bone marrow transplant, “should benefit”/ without permission required. If it is not already being done.



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