more complex

Let us consider something more complex! The question to you is:  what is life? The common answer is, when deprived of things more frivolous:  “I am life”. But reality says, that is not entirely so.


       The argument arises instantly:  “I am not dead/ therefore I am alive”;  that is the truth. However in a more complex understanding: the reality is you have time, through a body given life (the freedom, to expand beyond yourself).  As you would say to me:  the living body proves I am alive. I would say to you:  the fact time ends for your body proves, this is only time given the opportunity to conceive of life.

       So we begin with the obvious:  which is a body of life has the freedom to use energy, through direction, to achieve an experience or expression that makes life visible. Or more distinctly, the directional influences that move the body and mind in one direction or the other indicate an overriding discipline. There is a purpose or desire to this movement, and these decisions.

       Less obvious is the order perceived: that encourages your direction MUST form an opportunity either for love or hate. Because these are the only true choices, apart from simple survival that exist. Survival is not a true choice/ it is a necessity; unless you are willing to surrender freedom in death. So then we construct what does truth, have to do with order?

       Without order there is no structure or foundation upon which to build a relationship with life. Therefore what is the proper order defines and creates “Miracles” of existence. Miracle means:  “balanced to achieve” the essence of all this is intended to be. Therefore the laws which govern existence itself, must be born within the participation of both function and form. These are only found in truth. Giving truth the very first substance that is life itself.

       We will NOT “consider that truth” in discussion. However the question of life is a participant in other realities of time.  WHY are we free/ WHAT is the basis of truth/ WHEN can participation become a relationship/ WHO decides fate or destiny/ and HOW are the methods which become an identity achieved?

       Freedom is the essence of elemental thought, which then produces by conclusion;  I am alive (something beyond dead: imprisoned).  Truth then exists, by the purpose to continue being free. That truth then becomes a participation within the relationships that give notice: I have a choice. The question of fate arises as the critical search for a future. That future is then determined by the order which you can achieve: truth decides, even if lies produce a momentary barrier. Destiny is different, providing the values, rather than the purpose/ which give life its meaning; rather than its time: your decision.  

       We now question identity, as an altered state: neither life nor body/ it is the methods by which you choose to conceive of self. Method means:  I have taken apart this truth of existence;  for my purposes, and filled its meaning with my desires; for self. There are a wide variety of methods used by humanity.

       Nonetheless, we return to the altered state of existence, which is neither life nor body.  Questioning:  WHAT could that possibly mean?

       This begins beyond the elemental, a second stage as is a beginning relationship with thought. That is constructed only through the disciplines necessary to achieve order and balance in your dimension of life and its living. Dimension asserts:  set apart, as different than the boundaries this sits within. Or in human terms, every body is different, and dimensional only by its own traits of identity. Discarding body for this discussion:  the critical question is desire!  Desire means, “I will build”/ because this has value to me. The critical passage is:  “with care and concern for what is true, I will open the doors to my heart”.

       The third stage of a beginning relationship with thought:  relies upon the distinction of heart, to prove what time has or will do within you. Heart then means:  “I have within my possession, the intensity of care that grants I may share”.  Here begins development:  because without sharing, there is no transition into thought. Thought exists, because we share/ and you will NOT be invited inside “this Aurea”, unless you care.

       So the question begins:  beyond the elemental boundaries/ what are the limits without time? Discussion ends here as to greater developments in thought/ but returns to the initiating question:  time gives the opportunity to conceive of life.

       The human body lives and dies in time; it has no potential or possibility for eternity/ because it is made of the participants and possibilities which begin and end in time.  Eternal means:  “made without the elements called time”. They are not the same.

       That means:  life, NOT body has the potential for eternity/ because life comes from what is eternal; as a gift formed by the opportunity to care.

       We then ask:  WHY is CARING important? The answer is plain and simple, and proven throughout human history:  “nobody truly desires, to live with those who don’t care”/ they have little if any value to a life with joy! So the invitation does not arise for those who fail this distinction.

       When we ask the question WHAT IS eternal? The answer returns as an energy which cannot be denied its existence, because balance achieved creates the dimensional authority to refuse change. Consequently what exists as eternal (within its primary element), CANNOT allow that which would create change. This is a fundamental truth, and cannot be questioned:  because it is the foundation of all truth.

       Therefrom dimensional means:  truth holds the only boundary, on what our limits can be.

       When we ask:  WHAT ARE the definitions between energy, thought, and life? The answers become too influential, and you are NOT going to be allowed.  Simple as that.